The Game : 1 - the main match

by Aristocatch

Who knows when games get invented, or how long it takes them to evolve to a recognised style? At any rate when I first heard about the game, it may well have existed for a while but it was hardly the type of game to be sold to satellite TV.

I wouldn't have heard of the game had it not been for one of the original participants dropping out at the last minute and the others frantically trying to find a replacement – me! The acquaintance who got in touch with me didn't hide anything. After a brief description of the rules she warned me that it would be painful but, if I liked the idea of “dishing it out a bit”, great fun. The idea of thumping other girls legally (even if I got thumped back) seemed perfect and even the other aspects of the game didn't sound too bad. They had found their replacement!

I duly turned up, well in advance, at the appointed venue to meet my teammates. We were seven in all, including two substitutes in case of injury. Despite my late joining of the team, I was to start, and not simply a sub.

Like most games it was divided into two halves. I had been warned that the game tended to get rougher as it went on, especially if the final result was no longer in doubt.

We were in a room where the floor had been covered by a large tarpaulin over matting. There were roughly thirty spectators, who sat on either side, leaving the ends for the subs and trainers. Changing rooms were available and we all trooped out naked onto the mats there to lavish oil on each other and, inevitably, onto the mats. Both teams kept apart while they did this.

The rules of the game were very simple. One player from each team had a slim dildo. It wasn't her job to use this, quite the contrary. The other team would attack with a view to forcing this far within her recesses, preferably before the other team impaled their own dildo-carrying colleague. Each of the five team members would have the dildo. After five rounds it would be half time. There were very few rules as to what you could do to opponents, beyond all-out blows and strangling. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” was pretty much the motto. You would be facing the same girls several times, so you could expect retaliation if you stepped out of line.

The subs first task was to sexually stimulate their team member, to ensure that the dildo would do no harm if forced within her. Then the two teams took to the ring.

We had decided to start with basically two attacking all out, two defending and our protegee further behind. I was put in attack. Standing was not permitting due to the oil. So we knelt and advanced sliding across the floor.

My job wasn't to engage in wrestling, but to try to get to their dildo holder. The opponent who came to block me was sent spinning across the floor, but I was soon set upon by the second, who got me in a neck hold as a means to immobilise me. Being new to the game I wasn't yet ready to step outside normal 'wrestling' rules to break the hold, and so I tried to wrestle free, encouraging her to hold on tight.

I couldn't see, but their attackers were less scrupulous and there was soon a mighty tangle as their two attackers got to grips with our back two and their target. Aided by the oil it didn't take long for them to score the first point, while our other attacker and I were immobilised.

Our subs began preparing our number two and it gave the chance to our captain to spell out that, if we were immobilised we targeted tits, pussies or anything, to get free.

Our revised instructions didn't stop us losing, but it did show our opponents that we meant business. The round lasted a good deal longer and was more painful for everyone. Our opponents had reversed their attackers and defenders and so I tried to get the better of a different young lady, who proved to be no lady as she retaliated as soon as I broke her hold by squeezing her tit. She squeezed one of mine, which allowed me to break free and at least get hands on to the dildo holder, before I was set upon by another member of their team.

At half time we were losing 4 to 1. I had felt my dildo slide deep within me, but only after having a great time dishing it out to no less than three opponents who, at different times, managed to get close enough. I even managed to get one clamped between my legs so that her head was blocking my sex from attack!

Half time wasn't exactly a rest, as it was taken up with a series of one-on-one encounters, each with dildo. This time the subs also took part. Each contest involved three penetrations with half a point for each. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed tussling with a blond member of the opposing team, even more so that I penetrated her once more than she did me. I should add that there was was nothing sexy about having the dildo slide inside you. It was purely a way of scoring points which differed from say gaining pins, in that it created a target in the middle of the body. There were no sexy antics to go with it, and no sexual stimulus of any kind.

The second half started with a score of 9.5 to 6,5 against us and we immediately lost the first round, meaning we could no longer win.

We knew from our half-time talk that there was what was called extra time after. This was not simply a forfeit for the losers. A series of options existed, paired together. A throw of the dice would decide the pairing and then the winning captain could choose between the two options. By all accounts some were rough and most painful.

Our captain had advised that, once we knew we could not win, we sought to weaken our adversaries by being much rougher on the basis that this could stand us in good stead later.

The second round was so fast that nothing had time to change. Being in attack once again I burst through the defence and impaled the target on her dildo with little apparent resistance. Why had it not been like that before?

A draw was briefly on the cards, but only briefly as we promptly lost the next round. I was filled with dildo long before I had any chance to be rougher with the attackers who quickly got hold of my dildo. Where had our defence gone?

Either the other team had similar thoughts to ours, or else one of them was seeking vengeance. As the penultimate round started our attention was immediately drawn to a loud smacking noise, which turned out to be from hand contact on our captain's breast. Maybe the oil amplified the effect, but it was certainly impressive. You don't stand by and watch your captain so assaulted. There was a moment when everything stopped, as the noise of the slap shook everyone out of their own plans. My neighbour launched a slap between the legs of her opponent and I was only seconds behind her in doing likewise. As we were moving towards each other on our knees the targets were easily attainable. It felt good as my hand hit her pussy, slightly less good as her hand exploded against my breast.

Slaps flew in all directions. The dildo holders were ignored, much to their annoyance. Skirting the other players they began slapping at each other, ignoring their dildos.

My nearest opponent had larger breasts, and it was great fun to watch them fly as upward slaps caught them full on. My pussy stung as I took her revenge powerfully between my legs. Spinning I slapped the face of my opponent to my left even as someone I didn't see flattened my breast with a full on slap.

We were in a melee and there were too many slappable parts to defend. The only answer was to slap and suffer slaps back. I decided to concentrate on pussies with considerable success, though I took many slaps to all parts of my body, which was beginning to sting all over.

Taking a slap to the face I struck my assailant back, and then launched a double handed assault on her breasts with sufficient force to oblige her to try to cover up, rather than merrily slap back. For a minute I was not being hit back but quickly that changed as someone else tried, reasonably unsuccessfully to slap my pussy from behind. It did encourage me to spin in the oil towards the source of that slap who was waiting for me to do just that, and who promptly caught my breast with a real hay-maker, encouraging me to return the favour.

Stand and slap. Like two whirlwinds we traded slaps to breasts and pussies. Fast and furious, but lacking in power as a result. It still stung like hell mind!

The referees whistle caused hostilities to stop. Someone had had enough of being slapped and had scored even as our dildo holder was slapping merrily at theirs.

At least everyone stopped at the whistle. There was still a final round to make the other team suffer!

While we were getting ready for the last round word came to suggest that we deliberately delay bringing the round to an end to allow the two 'targets' to join in. It was also suggested that we leave out the slapping. Clearly both teams were ready for a mass brawl, leaving the game aside for a short while.

When we lined up the usual formations were ignored as girls paired up around the ring. This was now the time to be totally mad, forget the pain and give the others hell.

The opponent who advanced on me was a little too cautious for my liking. We had all added oil to our bodies on purpose and she used this to slide around, rather than lock up as I had hoped. We sniped away at each others bodies, but I wasn't satisfied. I found an answer, plunging two fingers into her pussy and then gripping it tight to stop her moving!

I think she tried to go for a finger in my other hole, but failed. Having got her 'still' I removed the fingers and gave her a real crotch claw. She finally got the hint and, my pussy being out of reach, she grabbed my breasts, squeezing them hard. My free hand pulled her breast towards me, rather annoyingly making her lose her balance and pitch forward. Her pussy was wrenched out of my claw hold and she had to let go of my breasts.

I pushed the back of her head down, forcing her face into the mat and slid down her back. Her arse was in range but I didn't really want to attack that. Her pussy was available and so I pulled at that, the weight of my body momentarily holding her down. The oil however meant that she quickly slid free.

As we turned to face each other both our pussies came into range and she showed me just how much pain can be caused if you set your mind to it. Mind you what she was doing to me was nothing to what I was doing to her!

Two sliding fighters collided with us. The largest pair of tits of the opposition were suddenly right before my eyes and all so quickly within my hands. Partners were switched and the owner of those tits was soon attacking me back. As the pain level rose I stopped just squeezing and pulling those boobs in favour of attacking the nipples.

Someone pulled my arms and I realised that I was up against two opponents. While I was thus held the girl who I had been tussling with put her foot against my pussy and ground it in. Thank God for the oil which soothed the effect.

If there were two on me, there had to be one of their team facing two of mine and so after the foot grinding her torturer quickly went elsewhere and I quickly freed my arms. My opponent was on her knees whereas I was flat on the floor. Two fingers I shot up inside her exposed pussy, there to seek to cause pain. Her response was to slide forward over my back, to jab a digit up my arse and then to savage my pussy. All very lady like really!

I didn't take that lying down and we were soon extending each others pussy lips to obscene lengths when we weren't also trying to pull each others nipples off.

Things were getting rougher and rougher, probably because the overall pain level had rather numbed sensations.

One girl, obviously not content with what was being done to her, literally threw her opponent away. The flying body narrowly missed me, but connected with the head of my current adversary. It was clear that she was knocked semi conscious by the blow and a brief halt was called while she was helped off and one of their subs came on. This poor girl was thrust into mayhem with no time to warm up.

With hindsight I was cruel. My blood lust was full and all I could think of was causing more pain than I received. Get them before they get you. This poor girl barely hurt me as I really savaged every part of her body with a fury that she couldn't match. Her suffering was ended when someone (their captain as it turned out) pulled me off her by my hair and latched fingers into my pussy – giving me a reality check.

It probably takes longer to tell than it lasted, but the short time we fought each other was just pure battle. We were most unkind to each others bodies and not just boobs and pussies. I'm sure that's where the black eye that later appeared came from, and we both extracted small amounts of blood from different parts of each other. I was almost surprised to find that my left nipple hadn't been ripped off. Because she made my bum quite sore, I gave up my earlier reticence to ensure that she also knew what it felt like.

There are many ways to cause pain from someone's tits – I am sure we found them all. It is also a good job that I have shaved between my legs. It was a wonder my labia were intact – certainly no hairs would have remained had I not removed them!

Two people couldn't savage each other like this for long and I was brought back to reality when I heard the captain tell me that she thought we ought to bring things to an end before anyone got too seriously hurt. Stopping our onslaught we found our way to the two targets and watching each other closely harmonised our use of the dildos, thus sharing the point and provoking the loud whistle that ended hostilities – surprisingly quickly all things considered.

What a mess everyone was. I don't think anyone was unbloodied, but only minor trickles in most cases. I hadn't seen it happen but one of our subs had finished the round, to replace a teammate whose eyebrow had been cut open. Once we were no longer fighting the pain started to be felt, and there was still the extra time to come!