The Game – 2 - Final Release

by Aristocatch

The organisers decreed a break, as it was clear that we all needed a bit of time to come down from the high we had been on. As they said after, despite all that we had done to each other in the last couple of rounds, there was no underlying animosity; no one losing their self control or temper.

A 'silly' game was organised whereby we were put together in fours. There were six valid players left from each team and so this made three groups. One from each group was blindfolded and, using only her mouth, she had to lick, suck or whatever the breasts of all three to try to guess which one was her teammate. If she won the two winners got to smack the bums of the losers. If she got it wrong she and her teammate got smacked instead!

The game had clearly shown to my mind that we had all come to have a good fight. I didn't feel that anyone had come with sexual intent, and we were probably all hoping that the forfeit for losing wouldn't be sexual either. On that basis teasing the others nipples and breasts was good fun and I think most continued trying to tease nipples to greater lengths, even when they had made up their minds.

I had noticed that one of my opponents had a small mole under her breast, and so I played licking all over the breasts until I found it (on the second girl I licked). After that choosing my teammate from the two remaining was harder, given that they had similar sized breasts. One had much longer nipples (after I had sucked them) and I went for her hoping to choose right. My teammate and I were then gratified to indulge in a bit of light spanking! Mind you we lost two of the remaining three goes, and got our bottoms spanked as well.

The winning captain got to throw a dice to find the extra-time options. She didn't seem too pleased with what she saw when the results were produced. The audience, such as there was one, made it clear that they wanted to see some sex. The captain consulted with the organisers and announced a compromise.

She announced that it was clear that the participants had not come for sex, but that the audience and indeed the options pointed that way. She therefore proposed to start with a 'forced sex' fight including powerplays, that would then develop into a free-for-all where we could choose how to molest (her word) each other, but perhaps not as violently as in the last round. As they had won, their powerplays would be twice the length of ours. There was to be no win or lose.

I was told by one of the organisers after that the winning captain had been quite generous towards us, in order to get to have a further chance of rough fighting.

The object of the fight would simply be to force your opponent to have a sexual reaction to what you were doing to them. Not only to touch their sexual parts, but to do so in a manner than caused them to have sexual feelings and, who knows, maybe even an orgasm.

All six of us started this time, including our two subs. There was a five minute starter which basically involved a bit of wrestling, but mostly some fairly clumsy groping which made sure that everyone had been touched sexually by the first powerplay.

Three of our players, including myself, left the ring leaving the remaining three to cope against six opponents. This was obviously a bit different and our opponents very quickly got organised for one to restrain our player, while the other finger fucked them. This powerplay lasted two minutes and was clearly very much to the liking of the audience.

A quick change saw we three return and three opponents leave. We had ninety seconds to do all we could to sexually excite our victims. A further change made sure that our three had two minutes of sex. As much as I was against this becoming sexual, the atmosphere was highly charged and the two girls working me over were very enthusiastic. To be fair the one fingering me seemed to know what she was doing and I have to confess that there was some pleasure to be had from what she was doing.

The last powerplay of ninety seconds made sure that all twelve had been 'sexually assaulted', some showed signs of it more than others.

The next five minutes all twelve were involved and this time the amount of sexual stimulus given to each was considerably higher than it had been earlier.

This being the case not all the girls got through the second and last powerplay without being driven to orgasm. For a couple the result was very noisy, for a couple of others probably only the two girls working her over would have been aware that they had achieved the desired result. I didn't orgasm, though I was feeling decidedly more open to sex (pun intended) than I would have believed when we were told the nature of the extra time.

The last powerplay was followed by a final five minutes. Word went round our team that their captain was very close to orgasm. Instead of sex fighting, four of us formed a block to keep five of their team at bay, while the two members of our team who seemed the most at home fucking another girl, went to town on their captain in a particularly blatant way. The result exceeded all of our expectations. To the accompanying cheers and remarks of the audience she was taken over the edge fairly quickly and very noisily.

For some reason this seemed to take the stuffing out of her team and all six of my team soon had an opponent in positions where we were able to finger an opponent at will (and with considerable gusto) in a manner where the audience could see and revel in all that we were doing. Extra-time came to an end with the game winners literally shagged out!

No-one had counted orgasms, if indeed they could even be counted. Logically we suffered more having to endure longer powerplays, so it could be argued that, starting the final five minutes we were losing. From an audience point of view the last five minutes had titled the balance our way, maybe even to the point where our opponents felt they had been humiliated.

I had rather been expecting that the final free-for-all would be a slightly rougher continuation of what had gone before. I had (almost) accepted that I would be forced to have an orgasm as I felt it unlikely that my body be able to resist what might be done to it. Now I began to wonder whether if our opponents were feeling humiliated, would it affect the way they would treat this final fling?

We were reminded that there would be a final free-for-all, limited to fifteen minutes. This time nothing was said about it not being too violent.

We were sat down by two, back to back. Against my back was the second sub from the other team who had been well involved for some time now, and so not caught unawares as the first sub had been.

We were told to reach behind us and take our opponent's boobs in hand. The start was announced. I waited very briefly to see whether she would caress or not. The answer was quick in coming and my response immediate!

Our position allowed us to access our targets, but in a limited way that could be frustrated with small body movements. I asked her if she wouldn't prefer to continue face to face and releasing tits we spun to face each other. Both had clearly had the same idea as our right hands shot between the others legs. Her left hand went for my boob. That was where the difference came in. Mine pushed hard against her shoulder, making the most of the oily mat to ensure that she slid and went over backwards where very quickly mine was the only hand in contact with pubes.

She didn't leave me too much time to test her resilience, twisting away. I tried to confuse her by plunging my fingers into her moist and open pussy when next I got into position, and she even briefly frigged me, while clearly waiting for me to make the next move.

Squeals from around us suggested that all manner of fight was going on, sexual or violent. I had decided that I wanted to maul her nice pair of tits, though not as viciously as the mauling had been earlier so we thrashed around on the floor squeezing boobs and pulling pussy lips, or sometimes fingering. When she tried to finger my anus the pain I induced in her pussy no doubt convinced her that she should target someone else's bum, and so we moved apart with a brief tit slap to seek new victims.

The nearest to me were four girls who were certainly not hurting each other! Why not I thought and slid over to join them. With no thought of teams they were caressing each other all over, making full use of the oil that remained and, I suspect, a renewed application. Among them was the opposing captain who seemed now to find sexual pleasure acceptable. Hands caressed my boobs, teased my nipples, rubbed my pussy, fingered me and teased me. I have to admit that the feelings were nice, as was using my hands and even mouth on other bodies. We all slid back and forth in the oil, adapting our administrings to the nearest bodies, friend or foe.

I began to wonder whether, after all, I would be given a public orgasm. There is a first time for everything. Someone found a particularly nice way to rub my clit, even while someone's else's finger stroked within my pussy, and another hand teased my nipple. I had two fingers inside their team captain and my mouth contained oily tit. This was pretty good and I was getting more and more sexually excited.

A voice shouted 'five minutes' and broke the spell. All caresses ceased. The opposing captain uttered an expletive and slapped my pussy. I slapped hers back and then seeing a rather comely opponent whom I hadn't much tussled with close at hand (whose tit had been filling my mouth), I launched myself at her.

We both seized handfuls of tit, which we squeezed in a robust, but not malicious manner. We were on our knees facing each other, hands grasping boobs and we began a game of trying to force our knees or thighs into the other's pussy. Being on an oily surface the force of our attacks caused us to slide and, although odd blows did land home, the result was almost amusing, the pain hardly crippling.

In other circumstances I think we could have had a mutually satisfying fight, but there were only a few minutes left and we both felt that the time wasn't right for what we were, almost playfully, doing. Without speaking we felt that we didn't want to attack each other in a more savage manner.

We both tried a last knee to the pussy, which caused our legs to collide and us to fall to the floor. We gave each other a wave goodbye and turned to seek someone to savage.

A small group around the opposing captain were involved in violent sex – there is no other way to describe it. The others were in a pile. My new found 'friend' and I headed there, but to opposite sides of the fray. This was mayhem, a savage any body part you could. It was very quickly painful, with all parts of my anatomy being assaulted, in some cases by person or persons unknown. As you would expect I wasn't idle and my hands were doing very unpleasant things to other people.

It was such mayhem that I am not even sure that there wasn't any collateral damage with people from the same team hurting each other.

This was not a time to be squeamish and when my arse was digitally penetrated I could not complain, but merely squeeze the life out of a clit that found itself between my fingers. My right boob was on fire, even as my fingers tried to wrench someone's nipple off.

This was very painful, probably because everyone knew it could only be short lived. I remember getting a clear shot into a pussy with my foot as I suddenly found my leg freed, but mostly the pile of bodies limited such things.

It took a while after the whistle signalling the end, before anyone realised that it was time to stop, and hostilities continued as everyone tried to get the last blow in.

A well directed foot to my pussy projected me clear of the group and left me trying to roll up in to a ball. Someone came over to where I was lying and I almost hit them in self defence before I realised that it was my 'friend', come to see if I was really hurt. She helped me to sit up where I could see that virtually nobody had escaped from the scrum unscathed.

It took a while to realise that the audience were cheering wildly – they at least had enjoyed the spectacle. The opposing captain encouraged the players to shake hands and hug each other, which quickly caused any remaining animosity to die away.

We had separate dressing rooms, but the two captains quickly arranged for the two teams to be split between the two sets of showers – so that we could wash away any remaining anger or violent intent.

Of course we mutually soaped each other and I was amazed to find sexy feelings flowing as soapy fingers ran over my breasts. I was surprised when the other girls pushed my 'friend' and I together and told us that we had some unfinished business to see to. I wondered whether they wanted us to begin kneeing pussies again, but one made it explicitly clear that it was considered that we hadn't had the sexual release that others had. Did we want it? Apparently my 'friend' didn't seem hostile to the idea, and so I decided not to be churlish and cooperate.

So it was that I did get to have a sexual release in public brought about by the fingers of my 'friend' and the wandering hands of the other girls sharing the showers with us. Being the ever-competitive, I should relate that I brought my 'friend' to climax before I had mine, but those competitive thoughts were soon lost by the waves of pleasure coursing through my battered body.