The Game – 3 – Combination Fight

by Aristocatch


You probably won't be unduly surprised to learn that my 'friend' from the game, who is actually called Carla and I swapped phone numbers before we left the site of the game. We both agreed that we would like to develop our combats together. We both had the feeling that we could have a hard and painful fight amicably, and we wanted to see where this could lead us.

Initially it led us into meeting in my flat one Sunday afternoon. Just in case, I had brought my first-aid kit up to date as you cannot control everything when you are fighting. We had both booked Monday as leave from our work – well you never know!

During the fight we had only had limited contact on a one-to-one basis, but it had been enough to suggest that neither was significantly better than the other and that we could expect any combats to be evenly balanced. We agreed that we wanted to develop the 'hitting each other between the legs' that we had briefly attempted at the fight, but decided that we should do this as a second activity as it could well put paid to any desire to fight on after.

We were both in agreement that we were not interested in finding who could pin the other in a classic sense. We wanted to accept an enhanced pain level and see what we could battle through, so we drew up rules that gave a structure to our tussle. Quite simply in order to score you had to have hold of the others pussy and one boob for five seconds – preferably causing them pain at the same time.

I described Carla earlier as 'comely', which on further viewing proved to be rather an apt adjective. She looked like a nice person, had attractive tits which would (as I soon found out) fit nicely into a hand – which is probably why one had been in my mouth during the brief sexy tussle, she was not overweight, but had a small tummy on her. Her bum was shapely, but her legs were no matchsticks. Weight wise we were probably similar, although I was a fraction taller, with slimmer legs. My tits were of a similar size to hers.

I had thought to try to make space in my tiny flat for us to be able to fight there, but on closer inspection that was not possible. Fortunately my aunt lived a short distance away, was abroad and had given me the keys so I could water her plants. We timed our schedule accordingly. I drove Carla there and we quickly removed the bed and chest of drawers out of my aunt's spare room. She had a thick soft carpet in the room with loads of underlay. Provided that the carpet didn't burn our skins it was ideal.

Shedding our clothes caused us no embarrassment, and we moved into the room ready to begin, having given a target of first to ten to win, provided that this didn't make us fight for too long. We decided to have a short break after five, to review the situation.

I wasted no time starting after we had exchanged tentative breast slaps, catching Carla in a neck hold and taking her to the floor. My thought was to subdue her and make her use up energy trying to defend herself. I rather underestimated her. I fought to get her in to a helpless position where I could do as I wished. I used up quite a lot of energy while she fought merely to keep a hand free and grab at my anatomy whenever she could with much relish and not a lot of gentleness.

This was not how I had seen the fight developing; me getting hurt and her staying virginal (pain wise).

I persisted in my attempts and was finally rewarded by sitting across her shoulders, immobilising her arms. It wasn't really a face sit, but it did tie her up, though it didn't advance me towards scoring a point.

I was sitting on one of her breasts, but the other was just clear of my body. Before doing anything else I just had to return a little of the hurt I had suffered, which was when I discovered just how well it fit in my hand as I, none to gently, crushed it a bit. She remarked that it was game on, while making little or no effort to free herself.

To score I had to change positions and so I tried to spin around from where I was sat. No doubt she had been expecting this move for some time as she easily tipped me over as soon as I was no longer weighing her body down and the little beast gave my pussy a grab, just for good measure.

We were now facing each other, on ours knees and we tried to tip each other over. She went down first, grabbed both of my tits and used them to haul me off her. A game of cat and mouse ensued as she continued to grab tits, or pubes, depending on how she was placed, while I tried to get her into a hold which would leave me free to grab both at the same time. I was still the one suffering.

Finally the suffering was not all in vain. I managed to get her on her back, on top of me. My legs clamped around hers, holding them open. My arms were over hers and, initially, I was content to take both her perky boobs in hand and remind her that we were both allowed to hurt each other. I didn't prolong this however. Having made my point, and with minimal effort, I reached down with my right hand to grab hold of her pubes, all the while holding her left tit squashed in my other hand. I counted slowly to five and declared the first point won.

I released her, expecting her to pull away from me. Instead she spun, grabbed me between the legs and seized a boob – quickly equalising.

I pushed her away, to give me time to think, but she followed me and almost added another point, before I tore her hand off my chest. She was clearly in the ascendancy, and she now took the initiative to turn me face down, laying across my back. She forced my legs apart, grabbed my pussy from behind and slid the other hand under me, until she found my boob.

Two-one down I threw caution to the wind, but so did she. We found ourselves with handfuls of pussy and tit, creating a stalemate which proved painful, but unproductive, as neither could clearly claim to have started the hold first. There was a competitively satisfactory test of resilience, as we maintained the painful hold, challenging the other to quit first, even though there were no points to be had, but not really daring to break the hold, in case the other didn't and then claimed a point.

Reason finally prevailed, and we mutually agreed to move apart, getting to our feet.

Resuming battle she quickly increased her lead, even while we were both standing, by ducking her shoulder into me, snaking an arm around my body to seize tit and then having clear access between my legs. I quickly got a point back, slipping behind her, initially seizing both breasts, and then lowering my right hand to find its target.

That was five points scored and so we took a breather to evaluate the situation. We were both breathing heavily, and feeling some discomfort from where we had applied holds that were none too gentle.

Carla announced that this was just what she had hoped for, but that maybe first to ten was a bit much. We settled on seven as a more realistic target, given that we hoped to have a second, different, contest after.

The restart was different, in that we advanced on each other and placed hands on shoulders, there to push the other backwards. Periodically a hand would drop to nip at a tit, quickly to be hauled off by a defending hand. The pushing reduced and attempts on breasts increased but, having already suffered quite a lot of pain from previous assaults, we were more wary and defensive hands began to dominate. When tit in hand did come, it was generally treated in an unfriendly fashion (rather than just held), keeping us on our toes and reminding us that we hadn't met up to just pussyfoot around.

Something had to give and it was Carla who took the initiative. Dropping suddenly to her knees, she grabbed me between the legs with her left hand, reaching up to take tit in right hand. I pulled the right hand away before the count of five, but she still had me between the legs. Pulling my legs out from under me, she plunged over my body and renewed breast contact. I tried to fight fire with fire and mangled both her boobs, but she was already at three by then, and I couldn't create enough discomfort for her to break her hold. Four-two down and sore between the legs.

I spun her over, so that she was underneath. Seemingly instantly she found a way to get hold of my sore pussy again but my boobs were squashed against her body and although she was hurting me she couldn't score.

To keep me guessing she jammed a finger or maybe even fingers into my pussy. I managed to turn her, so that she had to remove them. I put two hands under her shoulders and, sitting on her back, pulled her shoulders up. Once her breasts were free of the ground, I transferred my hands, to start with one at a time and then both, to give those lovely handfuls my full attention and try to ensure that she was hurting as much as I was.

Catching her, for once, unawares, I scissored her upper body with my legs and then lay back, taking my time to wriggle into range to firstly show her how a crotch hold could hurt (she had made me suffer enough to know!), and then to get breast in hand. There didn't seem any way she could escape and so I took my time counting, the better to make sure she really felt the joint attack. Four-three.

Released from this hold she hurled herself back into the fray, even while we were on our knees. Her aim was clearly to sap my strength, rather than seek an immediate result, and so we grabbed away at our targets as and when we got a hand through the defences. There was no real wrestling involved, but it was actually quite fun and it continued once we moved into fuller contact, rolling around and grabbing as soon as we could. Neither was dominant and we gave each other equal pain.

Luck was on my side as she slipped, giving me the opening I needed to even the score.

A real whirlwind met me as soon as we got to our feet, pushing me back hard into the wall. Even as my back met the wall she had a hand gripping my pussy lips and another squashing one of my breasts flat. I tried pulling her head, but to no avail and she was once more ahead.

The fight continued against the wall. Each had one arm around the others neck, leaving one hand free. We grit our teeth as we tested out the others staying power with our free hand, there being no defence to stop it reaching whichever target it aimed for, but mostly breast.

Carla slammed her body in to mine, and I reciprocated. This continued as we more or less spun along the wall. Mine was the back that landed in the corner at the join between two walls, making me lose my grip around her neck and, given her rapidity at exploiting the slightest opening, she added another point to regain a two-point lead. She only needed one more to win.

The wall didn't seem to be helping me, which meant that I needed to take Carla down to the floor and see if I got one better there. As usual she pre-empted me, but a little too well as she projected me out of her reach and so we once more approached each other on our knees.
In seconds I was on my back with Carla held between my legs which were wrapped around her waist. My pussy was under her and out of harm's way. She flailed around, trying to get free, but initially I held on tight, with one arm around her neck. When her flailing diminished it seemed absurdly simple to reach a hand between her legs and then release her neck to add a breast. Why had I struggled up to then?

I was five -six down. Only two consecutive wins and the contest would be mine.

The end proved typical of the rest. I did the work and Carla claimed the prize. We thrashed around on the floor, both holding a boob in hand, seeking to add the second target. I was sure that I had stretched her away from danger but, somehow, she managed to find my pubes with her free hand and our bodies were so tangled there was no way I could break her hold or counter within the five seconds it took to lose the game, seven to five.

As we had a drink and cooled down after Carla repeatedly said how she had enjoyed fighting hard, but in a friendly manner (if our very sore boobs and pussies could be called friendly). I knew what she meant as, despite losing, I too had enjoyed the chance to dish-it-out (which is why I joined the game if you remember), but in a controlled amicable manner. We could have been content to merely hold boob or pussy, but we had added giving pain that being clearly what we had talked about after the game, where we had both enjoyed the chance to be very rough, legally and within bounds.