Scott and Nora’s Intimate Playdate (Nora Ch. 2)
Barton Hollow

Chantel was enjoying her win over Nora and had stopped in to assert her dominance by feeding Brandon a couple of times. There was a subtle aggression in groups, but whenever they were alone, the single mom was sure to take a dig or two at my wife. A couple of times she went so far as to bump her chest into Nora's and rub her tits across the opposing pair with a sadistic smile on her face.

Nora, on the other hand, had spent weeks going to an aerobics class in town. She had been careful to avoid the one where Chantel worked, and told me she was starting to see some gains both in her endurance and her agility. She had tinkered with spin class and a few other options, but said she really enjoyed the aerobics. She still wasn't ripped or anything, but the change to her already exquisite body was noticeable.

That, though, was the only change I had seen. She still dressed like she was almost Amish. She still was very conservative in her words and actions. She still held out on sex, meaning that the night that she lost her titfight was still the only time we've done it when it wasn't part of trying to have a kid. In most ways, life was back to normal and normal is good.

I was out for lunch with the guys on a Saturday when Nora called me and said that she was dropping the kids at her mother's so that we could have some alone time that night. It definitely wasn't something was expecting. Since our first kid was born we've barely had any real time together, and now that we've got three it seems like it's something that never happens.
When I got home, Nora was sitting in the living room with a couple that I hadn't seen before and their little one.

"Steve, this is Aaron and Megan and their son Jaxson is in the spare crib upstairs. Megan's in the aerobics class I usually go to."

I said hi and took a moment to drink in the other couple. They looked like they were around our ages of 30 and 28, or maybe a bit older, and were pretty similar to us physically. Megan was a real looker with dirty blonde hair and what appeared to be a pretty good body. Aaron seemed like me, just a normal looking guy with a wife that was a bit out of his league.

"About a week ago, after our class, I was sitting in the locker room and started to cry a bit. Megan was the only other one there and, for some reason, I told her everything that happened with Chantel."

I'm sure my jaw was on the floor, and a quick look at Aaron suggested he simply didn't know what she was talking about.

"I told her about how it felt. I told her about how you comforted me afterwards. I told her how you said I could have beaten her if I was more athletic, and that I agreed. I told her that I also knew I needed more experience but couldn't figure out how to get it with our regular social circle. She was so comforting, telling me she also had a young one at home and how angry she would have been in my circumstances."

"That's when I told Nora that I would be willing to give it a try if she wanted me to. Aaron, honey," the other mom said as she turned her head to face her husband, "you know that thing you've always wanted me to do?" He stared blankly, a slight bit of anticipation creeping into his features. "Well tonight you're finally going to see me do it. I'm going to put my big, firm, milk filled boobs up against Nora's and we're going to fight with them until we know whose are better."

I was positively giddy. The wives filled us in a little more. They had decided on this almost two weeks ago, but needed a chance to make sure everything could be arranged. This was Aaron's biggest fantasy, but Megan had never entertained it beyond some foreplay. She couldn't explain why she felt comfortable doing it, but she did admit to being turned on by meeting a regular mom who had gone through with a real titfight. The kicker for me was that both women agreed to the same stakes as before. It's not over until the winner accepts the loser's submission and the winner gets to breastfeed both children and keeps the loser's bra.
With the preliminaries out of the way, the show began. Nora did what she had the night she fought Chantel, and stepped out of her skirt. This time, she was wearing an even skimpier red thong. She quickly pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her in a tiny matching bra that shoved her magnificent tits together, again creating a cleavage that was beyond perfection. Megan followed suit, stripping down to a pink thong and bra, her tits pushed up, looking full of milk, and straining to get out of the bra that was holding them in place. She was more tan than my wife, but that's pretty much the case with everyone and Megan just looked like she had an average skin tone.

Again Nora took the lead, popping open the front clasp of her bra, and shrugging her shoulders to force her tits forward, fully erect nipples straining towards the other woman, while dropping the bra to the ground behind her. Aaron's eyes nearly bugged out of his head at the sight of my lovely wife's perfect breasts.

"Wow, Nora, your boobs really are beautiful. I'm sorry I'm going to have to milk them in front of your husband again, though I'm sure he'll enjoy his wife being second best again."

Megan didn't say it with any malice in her voice at all, almost like she was treating it like foreplay instead of a real fight, but I did notice a very slight change in posture from my wife in response to the taunt.

"Megan, sweetie, this isn't your fantasy time with your man tonight. Your boobs haven't been in a real fight, and now that you see what you're up against I think we both know how this is going to end. Now get rid of that bra so we can all see the boobs I'm going to milk as they droop down to your belly button."

Again, the comment wasn't said with any kind of vitriol, but the dirty blonde shifted on her feet at the last part statement. Nora told me afterwards that they had agreed to a bit of trash talk ahead of time but Megan went off script so my wife returned the favor. Back to the moment at hand, the other wife mimicked Nora's move and unsnapped the front clasp of her bra. She arched her back, and shrugged her shoulders, letting the pink bra fall behind her as her breasts jutted out from her chest without a hint of sag. They were, in a word spectacular. They had clear triangle tan lines, creating a juxtaposition of milky and tan that was quite alluring. The nipples were on par with Nora's, thick, long, and strong looking. And the titflesh itself was high and firm. Visibly the tits looked like Nora's equal, maybe even slightly larger, with no noticeable difference in firmness though the density had yet to be determined.
The two women slowly walked together and inhaled sharply as their nipples met. The initial shock gone, Nora moved forward, pressing in with her boobs. The blonde's breasts mushroomed out slightly at the point of contact as a low, quiet moan that sounded like it was mixed with pleasure escaped her lips.

"Like I said, floppy."

Hearing Nora's taunt, Megan pressed back, her slightly larger boobs regaining any lost ground and possibly taking up a very slightly greater amount of the space between the women. "Who's the floppy one now? How are you going to feel when you get your boobies whipped in front of your adoring husband again?"

With that, the battle finally began in earnest. Nora stepped back slightly and fired a quick shot straight ahead, knocking the blonde woman back a step. She did this three more times before the other mom could recover enough to send a shot of her own into the fray, meeting my wife head on. While the boobs seemed to be on even footing, the boob slams from Megan weren't enough to stop Nora from moving her backward. It wasn't as much with each shot, but it was noticeable. Each clopping thump of boobmeat was preceded by dual squeals of exertion.

Titflesh was rapidly reddening. Aaron and I were cheering on our fighters, careful to not be loud enough to wake the infants upstairs. Nora was still pushing the blonde mother across the room and their tits were still appearing to be on equal footing. As they approached the wall, Megan made the first real change of the fight. Catching Nora coming in, she snaked her arms around my wife's waist and spun her against the wall.

Nora yelped slightly and then groaned as Megan leaned into her and pressed straight on boob to boob. The blonde's torso moved up and down, side to side, and in and out as she used her position to try and push my wife's boobs around. As she began to use her minimal mass advantage, she started talking to Nora as if they were having a conversation.

"You might be stronger than me, but we both know my tits were taking the hits better than yours were. You were right about one thing, this isn't some fantasy foreplay anymore. But, it is what I've been preparing for for years without even realizing it. Aaron and I have talked through so many scenarios that, as soon as I got used to the contact, I took in my surroundings and formulated my plan. I'm going to crush you and milk you, honey, and there isn't anything you can do to stop me. I promise I won't act like Chantel does. You're nice and I think we could be good friends after I'm done here."

Nora surprised her opponent with a quick shove off the wall to create some space. As Megan stepped back up to resume her smothering attack, the chestnut haired fighter caught her with a strong swing from the side, a pale right tit exploding into the side of a slightly larger, slightly more tanned right tit. Megan's mouth went wide as she felt the pain of the initial blow, the pain of her right tit slapping strongly into her left tit, and the pain of Nora's tits dragging across the front of both of them in quick succession. She felt the same pain, just starting with left tit on left tit, before she had even begun to move after the first hit.

My wife began taking control of the fight again, swinging in shots from all angles, occasionally parrying away an attempt by her opponent, and started walking the blonde across the room towards the other wall. As this happened I finally took stock of the full body of this other mom, the circumstances of the night catching me off guard enough that I had barely regarded anything other than her tits. She was shapely, like my wife, with the kind of curves I like. Nora was the more defined and appeared to be stronger. Megan's legs and ass were nice, but nowhere near Nora's. Megan still had a bit of baby fat around her waist, and her hips were definitely what some in the south refer to as "birthing hips." Her face was very attractive, probably on par with Nora just different in shape. I was interested to see what she had looked like before the baby, but I was certain that Nora was the more attractive woman overall.

Nora had definitely improved her agility and quickness with the aerobics training. She also had the knowledge of what had hurt her the most in her other fight to help her understand what would likely hurt Megan the most. While her tits had taken some abuse against the wall, she was showing that experience and determination mattered. My beautiful wife was starting to batter the other woman, clearly giving more than she was taking. When Megan reached out again to grab ahold of Nora, her hands were caught and the paler mom stopped her forward momentum while continuing her swinging breast attacks.

One particular swing from the left caused a yelp from the blonde. Sensing the weakness, my wife began firing shot after shot from the side into the wounded orb. When Megan started to compress her body to protect the left boob from more side shots, Nora changed tactics and alternated with shots to the top and bottom of the breast sending it into a step of perpetual wobbling.

One particularly hard shot to the top of the boob caused Megan to fall to one knee, jerking her arms loose in the process. Nora hesitated for a moment and as she dropped down to join her opponent on her knees, the blonde mom was able to catch her in a bearhug. Despite the damage done to her left mammary, she began squeezing with ferocity, staying close enough to keep their boobs in contact but far enough away to try and use hers to direct Nora's globes around her chest.
Suddenly Nora wailed and threw her head back. I couldn't tell what had happened at first, but it quickly became evident. Megan's movement had succeeded in placing each woman's right breast in between both of the other woman's boobs, but the blonde had the advantage of having her arms on the inside. Using that positioning she was again able to ignore the pain in her left bosom and use her upper arms to squeeze her boobs together, crushing Nora's right boob between her twin peaks.

"That's right. I'm crushing you now. You're really tough, but my boobs are tougher. I'm going to squeeze your milk bags flat, one at a time. A few more good squeezes on this one and it's going to start draining between its betters."

"No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No."

Nora could only manage the one word, softly, as her head had dropped to Megan's shoulder. I watched as it looked like the fight was fading out of my wife and began to think she was going to lose again. No sooner had that thought entered my mind then I saw Nora trying to use her superior strength to drive Megan onto her back, taking away her positioning. Megan stopped the first few thrusts but then realized that Nora was going to be able to push her over and decided to roll with it, swinging my wife's body to the side with the momentum.

The women landed with Megan maintaining her bearhug, but with her arms underneath Nora who was flat on her back. The blonde's position wasn't perfect though, as her legs were both off to one side. She quickly started trying to straddle Nora, realizing that being there would allow her to bomb away from above and probably end the fight quickly. My wife wiggled and squirmed violently, desperately trying to get loose while kicking her legs up to block the other woman from mount her. This battle lasted just a few short seconds before Nora pulled loose from Megan's arms and rolled away quickly enough to avoid being trapped by the still rushing blonde.

The women faced each other on their knees, both breathing heavily, their reddened and bruised boobs heaving mightily with each breath. Nora moved first, raising her hands for a classic test of strength. Megan obliged her and they began what proved to be the final stage of their battle. Boobs swiped left and right, up and down, with absurdly rigid nipples spearing and swiping each other with fervor and softening titflesh plowing into the space that belonged to another.

Here again Nora took the lead. Her experience of an actual fight, instead of just a fantasy, had kept her a step ahead for most of the fight and it served her well again. She began targeting the blonde's areolas, stabbing and swiping them in order to cause the most possible irritation. Whenever Megan tried to mimic the maneuver, my wife would fire off a full tit shot thus keeping her opponent on the back foot constantly.

With no chance to defend herself the way she had done before, it wasn't long until Megan began yelping at the targeted blows to her battered left tit. Nora smartly kept her right one out of the mix for the most part, as it was still smarting from being crushed between the cannons the blonde was equipped with. Her left tit, that was much better off, battered away at its counterpart until a guttural groan was heard. Megan's head went back with the sound while my wife simply smiled and quietly said "Yes!"
I noticed that the sheen of sweat on the women's breasts now had a slightly milky color. Sensing she had the other wife on the verge of quitting, Nora went all in verbally, "That's it Megan. I've started the flow on one of your pretty boobs and when I'm done milking it I'm going to smash the other one flat as well. Fighting back now will only delay the inevitable. My better breasts are going to bash you dry."

"I give up."

"I know you do honey, but like we said it's not over until the winner accepts the loser giving up. I told you my first fight didn't end until I was milked and that I intended to do that to you. I'm pretty sure you said you were going to milk me in front of my husband, but we're both learning whose tits are really second best. Now let's get that other fat girl flowing and make sure we know for sure who has the better chest."

With that I watched my wife launch an assault on the right breast of the defeated woman, targeting the nipple and areola much in the same way Chantel had done to her. It took a few moments, but the big boob lost its shape and started leaking milk. As soon as she got them both going, Nora mirrored the move that Chantel had used on her and speared her nipples just below Megan's while pumping into the partially tanned boobs and expelling every drop of mother's milk that the blonde had brought to the fight.

"Megan, honey, I don't dislike you, and definitely don't hate you, but I need to hear this from you before I accept your submission."

The blonde just nodded her head meekly, a few tears streaming out of the corners of her eyes.

"Who got her boobs milked?"

"I did."

"Who was wrong about her boobs being better?"

"I was."

"Whose kid is going to feed on the best breast he's ever had tonight?"

"Mine is."

"Why is he going to do that?"

"Because your boobs squashed mine flat. You milked them and made them useless. Jaxson would starve tonight if my boobs were the only ones here."

"Who's going to know my boobs are the best in the room every time we're together again?"

"I am."


"And Aaron."

"Why will Aaron know?"

"Because he watched you beat my boobs with your better ones. He saw you milk me like a cow and make my breasts nothing more than useless sacks."

"That's right. Now let's go upstairs and finish the stakes."
It was different this time, for sure. Following the women up the stairs I felt confirmed in my belief that Nora's body was better overall. She's a truly feminine goddess and her tits are world class. I had seen them now go against a pair that was a bit bigger and just as firm, and she squashed them flat.

Nora fed both kids, making Megan hold her son while he feasted on Nora's victorious left tit. She was cordial, not taunting in the traditional manner, but matter-of-factly stating why she was feeding both kids. Aaron didn't seem to bothered by the situation, handling it about as well as could be expected.

When she finished with the kids, Nora led everyone back downstairs to finish with a flourish. While both women were still in nothing but their thongs she picked up Megan's discarded pink bra, looked at the other couple and their son now in his car seat, and smiled slyly as she tried to put the garment on. Obviously her tits were so swollen from the battle that the bra didn't fit, which led to a mischievous smile and giggle from my wife as she rhetorically asked the couple why her new bra didn't fit. The women hugged, despite the tenderness in their breasts, and whispered something to each other before the blonde quickly dressed and left with her husband.

As I hoped for another night of sex with Nora, she started a conversation as if she wasn't standing there in just a thong.

"I'm not ready to face Chantel again, but I'm sure I can beat her once I get good enough. What do you think Scott?"

"Like I told you last time, your boobs are better than Chantel's. Her athleticism was the difference and you've definitely closed the gap there."

"I know, but I was in a couple of bad spots tonight and Megan isn't on Chantel's level that way."

"No, she's not, but her rack is a lot better and you squashed it flat and milked it dry. That was awesome."

"Thanks honey. I still need more practice though before I try Chantel again."

"Okay, how do you plan on doing that?"

"Well, I'm not sure. It has to be women outside of the homeschool group. There are a couple of women I've seen around that look like they would be a good match for me and might be the type to try anything. Oh, and when they left Megan asked me for a rematch and I told her to name the time and place and I'll beat her again."

I didn't even have a chance to respond as Nora pushed me down on the couch and took me right there, focusing on getting her chest in my face and having me compliment her boobs while I was kissing, licking, and sucking all over them.