Nora the Explorer (Nora Ch. 3)
Barton Hollow

I came home on Tuesday night to yet another amazing situation, this time in story form. My wife had been gradually changing in recent weeks, and now had two titfights under her belt. After the kids were down for the night, Nora started in with her latest escapade.

"I took Brandon with me to an infant childcare place today. They were doing a bit of an open house for prospective new kids and I decided to check it out."

"We can't afford something like that."

"I know, honey, I wasn't there to check out the facility. I've been trying to think of another place to find a busty mom that still has her milk, and this seemed like as good of an idea as any."

I just nodded dumbly, and she continued.

"Most of them seemed like they either didn't have the goods or weren't going to be willing. One of them, a blonde named Heaven, seemed like she might have some potential. At the end of the little tour, they told us that there were only 4 open spots, and 5 of us had expressed interest. Luckily enough, they let us know who the 5 were and told us they would be in touch with us later. I caught another lucky break when Heaven's son needed to be changed and waited a minute before I followed her into the bathroom."

"Did you fight her right there?"

"No, Scott, I didn't do it right there. I walked in right as she was grabbing an extra diaper and sat Brandon's chair down. She looked at me and I was able to just step right in and press my boobs into hers. You should have seen the look on her face."

"Well yeah, that's probably the last thing she expected from some strange woman who looks like the stereotype of the ultra conservative housewife."

"As I was pressing in on her I said 'Mine are better.' She looked down at our boobs pushed together then looked up at me and said 'You're dreaming.' I asked if she still had her milk, and she does. I asked if she had ever been in a titfight, and she hasn't. I then challenged her to one under the pretense that the winner's kid gets into the daycare."

She sat there smiling at me until I was able to ask, "Did she say yes?"

"Of course she did. How cruel would it be to build it up for you and then not have a payoff. We agreed on two Saturdays from now. I'm going to call her and finalize everything tomorrow. Then, in another 10 days you're going to get to see these boobs you love so much milk another pair."


I thought nothing could beat the surprise of the first two titfights, but the anticipation of waiting on one that I knew was going to happen had me ready to burst. I was thinking of what the other woman actually looked like. I kept asking for details that Nora wouldn't give me. Finally, the day of, she spilled the beans a bit more about how things were going to go that night.

"We met for coffee and talked over the details. I told her about my first two fights. I asked for some changes. The style will be a little different and the winner is the one who milks the other one dry first. Same stakes as before. I've got a babysitter for tonight and they're expecting us around 8."

The drive over was excruciating. Nora seemed like her usual self. Long, concealing skirt, and loose shirt that only gave a hint as to what was under it. Minimal makeup on her face that looked like we were just out running some random chores. There wasn't any kind of nervous tick, like tapping a hand or foot, or anything else I might have expected.

I, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck. With the first two, I was bombarded with the event so quickly that I didn't have time to process everything. It still seemed almost like neither happened. Being at home also helped. The idea of driving to another part of town to watch my wife participate in another titfight, against an opponent I hadn't even seen yet, was obliterating my sense of calm.

After the eternity of 15 minutes that it took to find the one story ranch they lived in, we approached the door. The husband, John, was there to answer it. I don't know what I expected, but what I got was a scrawny, wispy little guy with glasses and a hairline that had surpassed receding and was in full retreat. He was too excited, like I was, and stumbled through inviting us in. He showed us the spare room to put Brandon in and told us to make ourselves comfortable in the living room while he fetched his wife.


John and Heaven walked in and every image I had of the woman was wrong. She was obviously full of herself, but not without reason. She had on a little too much makeup. She wore designer shorts and matching tank top/halter top that stopped just above her bellybutton and looked like she was trying too hard to appear wealthy. Her nails, hands and bare feet, looked like she paid a fortune to get them done, but not recently. She moved like she was hoping to be a stripper some day, with everything a bit too exaggerated. I couldn't tell for sure, but her chest seemed like it was definitely big enough to belong in this contest with Nora. If I had to come up with a term to describe her, it would be trailer park hot.

"Beat her for me honey." John nearly yelled these words as the excitement was clearly too much for him.

"Don't worry, baby, my jugs aren't losing to some closet freak who looks like a nun." Heaven reached down and grabbed her husband's crotch, kissed him passionately for a few moments, then turned around and said, "Okay, I'm ready."

"Rules, so the men understand and you don't cheat, go like this: We face off on our knees, bear hug with one arm under and one arm over, and squeeze, slam, slap, and do whatever with our breasts until one is completely milked. Winner keeps the loser's bra and feeds both kids tonight."

Heaven just nodded. John licked his lips while staring at Nora as she spoke. I tried not to flash a look at my wife when she mentioned the different approach tonight. Before I had another thought, Nora had quickly slipped out of her shoes and removed her skirt. It looked like both members of the other couple caught a glimpse of the strong thighs and shapely butt of my wife, her lower body now only covered by the same red thong as last time, before the oversized blouse fell and covered her to mid thigh.

An expectant nod from Nora sent Heaven into action, quickly shedding her designer shorts to show thighs that appeared as powerful as my wife's and several small, tacky tattoos that she probably thought were tasteful around her sequined gold thong. She turned to give us the full view, complete with tramp stamp and an bum that could rival Nora's in every way. I had to give her credit, and if her rack was on par with her tush, I wasn't sure how my wife was going to do.

Noticing my stare, she winked at me and pulled off her top while still facing away from us. Her bra matched her thong, a gold number that looked like someone bedazzled it in 1986. Making sure she had our full attention, the blonde mom slowly turned and revealed the rest of her dynamite body. She was fit. Much like Nora she was more solid than ripped. The real highlight was the bursting boobs that were overflowing her top. I still wasn't sure how she would measure up against Nora once their bras were off, but I was anticipating the fight a little more with every passing moment.

Nora didn't wait long, turning away from the other couple and dropping her shirt, giving them both a look at her matching red bra and the butt that was every bit as good as Heaven's. Opting not to be as overt a tease, she quickly faced forward again, her cleavage as exquisite as ever. Seeing Heaven not react, but John lean forward slightly in anticipation, Nora completed her routine by unhooking the front clasp on the bra, arching her back and shrugging the bra off with her shoulders, leaving her perfect globes standing out as far as possible, her big, thick nipples already at full erection.

Heaven didn't waste any time matching the move. Her tits came fully into view and looked every bit the part for their soon to be activity. They were completely tan, adding to the trashy hot aspect of the other mom. They were big and full, though they seemed a bit smaller than Nora's. They were perky and high for their size, suggesting they would hold up to the battle. The only real disadvantage for Heaven was her nipples. They weren't small, by any means, but they also weren't on par with Nora's or Megan's and were even a bit smaller than Chantel's.


If John's reactions were to be trusted, this really was his wife's first titfight. Or, at least, the first one that he had seen. The moment the women met on the floor and pushed their racks together I thought he was going to cum. It distracted me a bit, and I was surprised to see the ferocity that the women started with. There was almost no feeling out time. No real allowance for getting used to the feeling. They brought their boobs together, let them compress, then pulled their torsos back and began slamming head on into one another with some serious violence.

The yelps and moans quickly started coming from both women, their breasts red from the contact in just a few minutes. The strength advantage that Nora had used to bull her first two opponents around wasn't there. Instead, after maybe 3 minutes of clashing this way, Nora fell back on her haunches and pulled her arms loose to cradle her boobs. Not willing to let her have this respite, Heaven quickly pulled my wife back up and the women continued their tit slamming contest.

It only took another minute or so before Nora slumped back again, cradling her chest and glaring at her opponent with tears in her eyes. Heaven didn't need any more encouragement to start needling my wife. "Are your tits going to run away from mine all night? I thought you were going to be tough. You acted like you wanted this, now bring your weak boobs back up here and let me finish milking them." With that, the blonde reached both hands behind her head and demonstrated the strength in her chest muscles by making her boobs dance up and down, both at the same time and independently of each other, clearly trying to intimidate her foe.

Nora, however, wasn't to be dissuaded. She rejoined the fight and quickly changed tactics. Responding to the first head on blow, she quickly started swinging her boobs from the side into the opposing bosoms. Heaven clearly wasn't ready for this and it wasn't long before my wife was taking control of the fight. She was using the bit of experience she had to aim the fronts of her boobs at the insides of the blonde's on each swing, forcing the tanned tits out as far as possible while taking very little damage herself.

A few minutes of this had the blonde's whole upper body shifting in response to each blow. First she was knocked over to her right, an impressible shot from the darker haired woman forcing her boob out so far that it took the body with it. After Heaven rejoined the fight, Nora immediately continued her approach, this time knocking the other wife down to her left, a grunt of frustration and pain coming from the blonde as she hit the ground again.


While both women were doing significant damage to their counterpart, and both sets of beautiful breasts were clearly loosening up and hanging lower, to this point no milk had been seen. That was about to change though, as the new fighter changed her tactic and caught my wife a bit off guard. When Heaven came back up to her knees, Nora went to swipe another sideways blow, but the blonde pulled back far enough to avoid contact. As my wife went off balance for a moment, her body following her tits, the other woman slammed forward, and plastered herself up against Nora to constrict her movement.

The result of the move left the full breasts of the blonde to get under Nora's and, much like Chantel's had done from a similar position, start digging into the deeper flesh of the pale breasts and cause some milk to be expressed. Nora's left tit opened up first, followed by her right shortly after. Heaven roared her approval before yelling to John, "See honey, I told you I was going to milk this bitch. It won't be long now and you're going to see her flat and dry with her weak bags scraping the floor."

While the other husband smiled, and cheered on his wife's currently winning tits, I tried my best to encourage Nora to fight back. For the moment, however, she was trying to endure a beating and a milking at the hands of her inexperienced opponent. Heaven was strong, and Nora wasn't able to use her own strength to break free. The blonde poured on the pressure, squashing a significant amount of milk out of my wife's boobs before tiring a bit and slowing down. The moment she did I noticed Nora wriggling around enough to get her own boobs under the other pair and clenching tightly to try and return the favor.

And return the favor she did, at least for a while. It didn't take long for both of Heaven's tits to open up as well. Nora was strong and her boobs, while leaking down the stomach of the other woman with each squeeze, were still firm and fully capable of drilling holes in their targets. I know it is ridiculous, but in the moment I couldn't help but wonder whose milk tasted better. This was the first one of these I had seen with both racks leaking, and I was impressed that the blonde seemed able to produce as much milk as my wife's always overflowing pair and that she looked unconcerned with the fact that her own rack had expressed roughly the same amount as Nora thus far.


I wondered how long it could be before the end would come, and it ended up not being that long. One more change in tactics was the deciding factor in bringing about the end of the fight. Nora was once again the one to take things to another level. Apparently feeling confident in how things were going now, my wife pulled back and fired a slam into the other boobs before resuming her grinding. The blonde titfighter's head went back at the feeling of the slam and she gasped when it was followed by more milk steadily coming out of her with the accompanying grind.

Nora repeated this new move, the slam to try and open things up more before grinding in to force the milk out steadily, two more times with great success. When she went for it a third time, Heaven beat her to the punch (or slam), and started her own grinding assault again. Heaven then did the move herself, pulling back for a slam and then holding it while grinding away at the pale orbs that dared oppose her fantastic pair.

The next few minutes were more of the same with one woman, and then the other, gaining the advantage before having it ripped away by her opponent. The blonde's talking was over for the time being, and the stoic confidence on my wife's face was gone as well, replaced by tear filled eyes and a whimper or yelp with each new contact. From my perspective it seemed like Nora was getting the better of these exchanges and getting the position on her opponent more often than not. My suspicions about the fight nearly being over, and about my wife having the advantage, were both revealed shortly.


On one pass, the pair of tits that was being grinded into from below didn't express any milk. It happened to the same rack a second time. Then, those boobs got the better position and forced milk out of their counterparts while not leaking any down the stomach of the other woman. Finally, the empty pair ended up on top once more and again produced no milk.

"Uh oh, it looks like somebody is all dried up, doesn't it?"

The loser could only meekly nod her head as the tears started streaming at her realization of her loss.

"Tell me who won."

"You did."

"Why did I win?"

"Because your boobs are better and they milked mine dry."

"Whose tits are so good that they're going to feed two kids tonight?"

"Yours are."

"Honey, toss me my shirt."

With that, John tossed Heaven's shirt to her and she quickly wiped the milk off of her boobs before continuing.

"I'm not letting you go until you taste the best milk from the best tits."

Nora didn't hesitate, quickly taking a nipple in her mouth and sucking a mouthful of milk before stopping, never once looking at the woman who beat her. From there it was much the same as the first two fights. We all went to where the kids were and Heaven fed both to contentment in front of everyone.

Adding a little more humiliation before we left, she put Nora's bra on and said, "Damn, even after all that my tits still look better in this than yours do. Feel free to try and take it back any time."


We didn't even get out the door before we heard the other couple humping like wild animals somewhere behind us. Once we were home, Nora was all over me the moment we go to our bed. It's clear that this turns her on and I'm not complaining about it one bit. After an intense love making session, where she let me handle her sore, milked boobs without restriction, Nora asked a question that I answered as well as any I've ever answered before.

"Do you like it when I lose?"

"I like it when you titfight, no matter what the outcome, but I like it better when you win."

"Good, I'll make sure I win next time."