By Christopher Elieson

Sarah Sagabaen sprinted down the aisle, keeping her eyes on the wrestling ring ahead of her. All around her, all manner of chants came from the crowd. Among the chants, she could make out catcalls such, ‘little wimp’, and “loser”.

Sarah was taken aback by such words, but she tried her best to keep her composure. She had a job to do and she could not afford to let her emotions get in the way now.

She climbed onto the ring apron and held onto the top rope. She looked down at her white wrestling boots and sighed. She was understandably nervous, this was her first match and she was barely out of high school. She became a wrestler only because she wanted some excitement out of life, and here she was, ready to start. She hoped that she could put on a good show.

She took a deep breath and made a quick bound onto the top rope. She crouched and looked to her left, and then to her right. Once she was sure that every eye on the crowd was on her, she slowly rose up to an upright position, holding her arms up in a wing-like fashion over her sides. She looked down at her feet and smiled. She looked forward, and with a look of determination, she dove forward into the open air. Mid-way into the air, she flipped her body around to land gracefully on her feet. Sarah heard gasps of wonder and clapping. She smiled, thankful that her gymnastics training had finally paid off.

The ring announcer called out her name and, feeling a small surge of confidence, she waved to the crowd. She then removed her white ring jacket, which revealed a rainbow-coloured one-piece bathing suit. She scanned the aisle in her mind, wondering who her opponent was going to be.

“And her opponent,” cried the ring announcer.

At that moment, a massive middle-aged woman stepped through the curtain, dressed all in black. She got a mixed reaction from the crowd, but the large woman did not seem to mind all. There she was, dressed in a bodysuit, boots and, gloves. She glanced at the crowd and snarled at them.

Sarah’s heart skipped a beat. She heard about this woman, who was known as Queen Kong. Queen Kong had a reputation as a sadistic wrestler who enjoyed making her opponents suffer. Sarah turned white and froze with fear as she stared at Queen Kong.

Queen Kong slowly climbed into the ring and posed for the crowd, while at the same time sneering at them. She then turned around and shot a contemptuous glance at Sarah. Sarah withered under her gaze. Queen Kong stood over Sarah by at least one-and-a-half-feet and outweighed her by a few hundred pounds. Sarah cringed as she thought about the weight of such a person crashing down on her tiny body.

Sarah felt her heart beat faster as she considered running back to the dressing room for safety. That thought quickly dissipated as she told herself that she had a job to do and she must do it, despite her fear. But, she had no idea that Queen Kong would be her opponent, let alone her first one.

With a look of determination on her face, she ran towards the Queen, full steam ahead. After a few steps, she performed a couple of handsprings, making it quicker to approach her opponent. Sarah then crouched and aimed for Queen Kong’s legs. She threw herself against her thigh and held on tight. The Queen did not budge an inch. Queen Kong laughed derisively as Sarah tried fruitlessly to at least lift the Queen’s leg off the ground.

Sarah felt a hard blow land against the back of her head, forcing her to loosen her grip on the Queen’s leg. Queen Kong then lifted her leg up and pushed Sarah back with it, driving her to the mat.

Sarah quickly got to her feet and again charged to wards Queen Kong. This time, she threw punches at her massive gut, but they had no effect on Queen Kong. Without seeing a movement, she felt something hard slam against her gut, knocking the wind out of her lungs. She then felt a sharp blow across her back, driving her to her knees.

Sarah felt her hair get pulled by its roots, forcing her to get to her feet. Queen Kong forced Sarah’s face against her waist and wrapped her arm around her head and pressed it firmly against her own body. The Queen took a small walk along with ring with Sarah in tow, who was now trying to stay on her feet. Sarah noticed that her breathing became labored so she flailed her arms every which way and even gave small weak scratches on the queen's arm. The queen did not even notice so Sarah now had no choice but to wait for the queen to release her grip and stop walking around.

Sarah felt the queen stop and she was finally released. She fell on the mat near the ring post and panted, trying to get her breath back. She did not have time to recover as she felt herself pulled to her feet by the back of her bathing suit and her head pulled back. Sarah looked at the top turnbuckle in horror and she felt dizzy as her face got rammed into it.

Queen Kong turned her around and slapped her face twice, calling her, ‘little girl’, and ‘wimp’.

Sarah held onto the top rope in order to prevent herself from falling. Sarah started to regret signing up for pro wrestling as she felt humiliated from her opponent’s mistreatment. Sarah’s head began to clear as she noticed that the queen’s feet were no longer near her. Painfully, she lifted up her head and, to her horror, she saw the Queen rushing towards her. Queen Kong leaped into the air towards Sarah and crashed into her. Sarah cried out as felt her ribs contract.

Sarah fell down to her knees, barely grasping the second rope while at the same time gasping for air. Slowly, Sarah tried to crawl away, but she felt a strong grip on the back of her neck. Sarah tried to fight it, but it was useless as her opponent held her down.

She then felt one of her arms get draped over the second rope, then the other arm. Sarah then felt the grip release after she had her head draped over the top rope as well. What did Queen Kong plan to do with her now?

Sarah had an intimidating feeling that the Queen stood behind her and she felt her head being lifted up, being forced to look up at the crowd. In the front row, she saw a group of teenagers, just like her. She did not recognize them, but she did not know which was worse, the pain Queen Kong was putting her through, or the humiliation.

She heard Queen Kong scream, “Now this wimp is gonna smile,”

Sarah whimpered as she wondered what the Queen meant by that, but she did not have time to think about it as she felt two fingers being inserted into the corners of either side of her mouth. To her horror, she felt the corners of her mouth get pulled back, stretching the lips as far back they could go.

Sarah screamed and screamed in unimaginable pain. This was the worst pain that a young girl like her had ever experienced. As she screamed, she looked at the teenagers. Some of them cringed, while others laughed. Now, she had more humiliation to deal with. Good thing she was out of high school. She would be the laughing stock of the whole school.

Sarah, still screaming in pain, flailed her arms about as she began to worry about her face literally being ripped in two. To her surprise and relief, Queen Kong released the hold. Sarah weakly placed her hand on her sore cheek, hoping to alleviate the pain, but that was not to be as Sarah felt a kick to her ribs, causing her to roll off the second and onto the mat.

Sarah was drained at this point. What was the point of trying to fight back anymore? Her opponent was much bigger and stronger than her, not to mention older. Her ordeal was not over yet as she was pulled to her feet and hoisted onto the Queen’s shoulders.

Sarah then felt herself being walked to the centre of the ring. Once there, her opponent spun her around and around, with Sarah still on her shoulders. She could not keep her focus but she could hear some people in the crowd cheering and laughing at her misery. Thankfully and suddenly, the movement stopped and now she was unceremoniously dropped to the unforgiving mat below, now barely conscious and with the arena spinning in many different directions. Even the chants from the crowd began to fade.

The last thing that she remembered before she totally lost consciousness was her opponent’s weight crashing down on her back.