After a run down of tonight’s card set to some beautiful classical music the classy setting continues as the cameras come into the arena and a regal fanfare announces the beginning of this final PPV before the promotion celebrates the start of its second year of existence with Bitchmania II. The ring and its environs are looking especially classy and regal tonight to fit the theme of the show.

When the intro music dies down a louder, more modern tune hits and out strides Scarlett Johannson to kick off the action. The babe has her hair straight and red as on the movie The Winter Soldier and is wearing a skin tight black catsuit that she strips off on the ramp to reveal skimpy black bra and panties before she slides into the ring to a loud ovation. Scarlett has been making noises about getting into the World Title hunt and a convincing win tonight should springboard her in that direction. But what a challenge she faces tonight in the opener as Pink’s hit song “Trouble” hits the speakers before the singer herself appears on the ramp accompanied by Cameron Diaz and Charlize Theron and the trio who were so successful at the previous War Games PPV march to the ring and force Scarlett to bail out of the ring while they stand in the ring and soak up the crowd’s boos. Pink hauls off her leather jacket to reveal she is topless and will only be wearing her denim cut-offs for this fight.

Eventually the referee clears Cameron and Charlize from the ring and Scarlett can re-enter and we can get this opening match under way. They lock up in centre ring and each tries to overpower the other, Pink slowly seems to be getting the upper hand when quick as you like, Scarlett hooks and delivers a snap arm drag that sends the short haired blonde skidding across the mat, much to her disgust. She beats the mat in annoyance before nipping up and rushing her foe. Well that’s a dumb move as Scarlett easily side steps it and hits a drop toe trip that sends Pink face first into the mat whereupon Scarlett mounts her back and rubs her face mockingly into the canvas. The Klan do not like being made to look foolish and Cameron and Charlize are up on the apron remonstrating with the referee, distracting him as Pink bucks Scarlett off then nails a solid punch right into Scarlett’s crotch that drops her to her knees.

However, clearly it wasn’t a finishing move because as Pink backs up then goes to kick Scarlett in the face the red head grabs her ankle, flips her over and begins to twist the fuck out of Pink’s ankle in an ankle lock and the tough blonde’s face is etched in pain and has to be dragged by her hand by Cameron Diaz to eventually reach the ropes and force a break. Scarlett goes to force the pace and pulls Pink up by her hair but Pink instead grabs the waistband of her opponent’s pants and uses that leverage to send Scarlett flying head first through the ropes and crashing to the floor. Of course that’s the signal for Pink to distract the referee and for Charlize and Cameron to stomp the holy hell out of Scarlett at ringside, before hauling off her bra top and whipping her into the crowd barriers. The crowd isn’t pleased with that but suddenly they come alive as two figures charge down the ramp, all in black, it’s Cobie Smulders and her tag partner Alyson Hannigan. Of course Cobie co-stars with Scarlett in the Marvel movies and it looks like she’s out to aid her despite being something of a heel.

Seeing them arrive on the scene Charlize and Cameron roll into and through the ring and while the ref is admonishing them Cobie picks Scarlett up then swiftly rams something into the underside of her large tit while Alyson does the same to the other one! When they finally relent and Scarlett falls to her knees we can see they were holding Tasers and just zapped the hell out of Scarlett!

Scarlett’s head lolls on her shoulders from that double electrocution and offers no resistance as Alyson and Cobie roll her into the ring where Pink lifts her up then drops her in a ring shuddering powerbomb then scores an easy three count.

Your winner in 3:05 is PINK.

The three members of the Klan celebrate and head up the ramp while Cobie slides into the ring and snaps on a pair of handcuffs on Scarlett’s wrists behind her back. Before lifting a microphone and sounding off.

“You know, Scarlett everyone thinks you’re such fucking hot stuff. Like you’re the only female star in the film. Well you’re not so fucking hot now are you? Aly, the chair!”

Scarlett looks up groggily at the angry brunette, struggling to clear her senses. Alyson Hannigan passed over a folding steel chair to her partner that she had been collecting while Cobie delivered her bitter diatribe. Cobie dropped the microphone, grabbed the chair then swung it back and absolutely smashed it down right on her target’s defenceless skull. Scarlett flopped forward but found her head pulled back by the hair by Alyson who positioned her for a second then a third brutal chairshots that more than knocked the red head completely unconscious as she finally fell forward on her face, drooling.

Alyson lifted Cobie’s arm in mock victory to a rousing chorus of angry boos and the left the ring while EMT’s hurried into it to tend to a completely destroyed Scarlett Johannson.


Backstage World Champion Jennifer Aniston is sitting proudly in one of the large golden thrones that have been brought in to fit with the royal theme of this PPV as Lindsay Lohan approaches to interview her. Aniston is stoking her Championship belt and seeing the interviewer coming near she points to the ground and has Lindsay conduct this interview on her knees.

“That’s better slut, you better get used to treating me like royalty around here, now I’ve got this baby and I’m not going to give it up any time soon.”

“Jennifer, Champ, controversy over your actions at the end of the Championship match at War Games, where after you defeated Jennifer Love Hewitt you proceeded to piss all over her face. Word is she’s not happy at all by that and is seeking revenge in tonight’s re-match.”

“So she’s pissed off? Ha! Get it? Never mind you dumb bimbo. Listen maybe after I beat the big titted loser tonight I might go one further and curl off a nice big shit on her. And guess what? Thanks to that stipulation that if she loses she becomes the winners slave for6 months? She’ll just have to lie there and take it! I don’t care if people don’t like what I do, I’m the Champion of the World and people better get used to it. Now fuck off!”


After listening to the charmless new World Champion it’s something of a relief to get back to the ring for action. And it is the form of Team Trailer Park Trash as Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears storm down to the ring in their wife beaters and denim, fresh off nearly capturing the Tag Team titles at the last PPV. At the same PPV they also saved Selena Gomez from a beat down at the hands of two of their opponents tonight – Elizabeth Hurley and Keira Knightly. The posh Englishwoman are in elegant ballgowns to come to the ring and once it they pull off to reveal very plain red, two piece bikinis.

There is a real bad feeling developing against this particular group of English women (including Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham and Kelly Brook), they are acting like they are so much better than the American starlets they are targeting and it’s really not going down well with the partisan crowds. This one in particular is very vocal with chanting at Miss Hurley from the off but she tries to act aloof and ignores it while sending Keira in to open up with Britney.

Keira and Britney really go for it to start things up, going straight into a slug out with a duel of closed fists that eventually Britney gets the better of and after five unanswered punches she drives a knee into the skinny English woman’s gut before snap maring her to the canvas and dropping a knee right to her skull. Keira takes quite the pummelling for this opening few minutes as, after a couple of hard bodyslams, Britney tags in Miley who leaps over the top rope to drop a legdrop right across the brunette’s throat to get a two count from the resultant pin attempt. At this point Miley made the cardinal error of getting into a verbal confrontation with Liz Hurley and as they jawed Keira pulled herself up and hit an uppercut right between the blonde’s legs to drop her before stretching to tag in a very cocky looking Miss Hurley.

The older woman grabbed Miley by her ankles, casually spread them then stamped down hard right on her injured crotch. She removed her foot but only to keep hold of Miley’s ankles and hold them open so she could drop the tip of her knee onto the same spot. The next few minutes made for uncomfortable viewing for the feisty dyed blonde as Hurley and Knightley treated her crotch to a succession of dirty, nasty low blows culminating with Liz kneeling in mid ring with her knee extended as Keira jumped off the turnbuckles while holding Miley and crotching her viciously on Hurley’s knee. A three count looked sure to follow until Britney interjected herself into the ring and kicked the side of Elizabeth’s head and broke the count.

At that point all hell broke out in the ring as Keira sprang up and began trading blows with Britney and they ended up falling out of the ring and brawling at ringside. Britney was getting the upper hand with a series of hard punches and the referee was trying desperately to bring them back into the ring when Victoria Beckham hopped the rail behind the blonde and pulled a plastic bag down over Britney’s head and proceeded to hold it tight and choke off the American’s air whilst Keira recovered. In the ring meantime Elizabeth Hurley had body slammed Miley to the mat in a corner and made a signal to the back, whereupon Emma Watson and Kelly Brook ran down the ramp and at their leader’s instruction positioned Miley’s legs either side of the ring post, grabbed her ankles and from outside the ring the two of them proceeded to pull Miley’s crotch into the post viciously ten times before clearing the scene.

Outside the ring the hard pressed referee had shoved off Miss Beckham and removed the bag from over Britney’s now purple coloured face only for Keira Knightley to nail her with a running clothesline that knocked her over the crowd barrier and into the baying crowd. Back in the ring Elizabeth Hurley is like a jackal waiting until a pained Miley Cyrus gingerly pushes herself up to her hands and knees before she strikes, kicking a huge field goal between Miley’s legs from behind that knocks the remaining fight out of the peroxide blonde. Liz then makes a leisurely cover and gets and easy three count.

Your winners in 6:16 and ELIZABETH HURLEY & KEIRA KNIGHTLEY.

Backstage Lindsay Lohan has two of the particiants in the Fatal Four Way that will determine the No. 1 contender to the World Title for the main event of Bitchmania II – World Tag Team Champions Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. The champions are in matching snakeskin bikini’s and boots and look like they are purring with confidence and sexuality as they lean on Lindsay’s shoulders from either side of the blonde interviewer.

“Tonight, Ladies you will step into the ring with Courteney Cox and Kaley Cuoco and, of course, each other and one of you will become the Challenger to the World Championship at the biggest PPV in this company’s history. Do you think that being the World Tag Team Champions will give you an advantage, or will it work against you?”

Angelina took the question.

“Of course we’ll have an advantage Lindsay, you’d have to be a dumb, drink addled slut to think otherwise. Those two sitcom bimbos will be easy prey to us and we’ll pick them off and decide which one we’ll pin so that we can main event Bitchmania.”

“But, um, surely you can’t both get the pinfall, so which one of you will it be? Who’s going to Bitchmania?”

Megan took this answer.

“Lindsay, honey, don’t strain your little brain on the question. The winner will be the member of our team best suited to winning the big one, won’t it Angie?”

Angelina nodded smugly at Megan and the two of them grin at the camera as it fades to black and goes back to the sold out arena


A video package plays of the events of the fateful War Games cage match from the previous PPV and in particular the ultimate betrayal by Mariah Carey on her team by taking out Nicki Minaj and then helping the Klan to victory. The image of Nicki being carried from the arena on a stretcher after being smothered out under the pendulous breasts of Mariah is concentrated on followed by a couple of wild, vitriolic interviews from Nicki in which she threatens Mariah’s life when they clash in this No Holds Barred match at Queen Of The Ring.

Cut to Mariah entering through the curtain and slowly sauntering down the ramp looking supremely cocky in a sexy black two piece bikini, covered in bling. Honestly, she has no end of rings, ear rings, necklaces, even a diamond encrusted tiara. She’s clearly flaunting the huge pay off she has admitted to receiving from the Klan for her betrayal of her fellow women of colour at War Games. She does look sexy as hell though and she bends over enticingly to show off her curvy ass and once in the ring delights in shaking her tits at all four sides of the booing arena. And then her pop music entrance song stops and an angry rap takes over and Nicki Minaj emerges and marches purposefully towards the ring. She’s wearing a camouflage pattern string bikini top and shorts and looks fierce. She slides into the ring and before the announcer can even introduce them Nicki has lunged at Mariah and with the two of them fighting like wildcats he bails and the referee signals for the bell!

Nicki is a ball of fire and unleashes a series of wild slaps and punches at Mariah that knocks off some of her jewellery. Seeing this Nicki grabs the tiara in her hand and purposefully jabs it into Mariah’s forehead and slowly scrapes it the full length of Mariah’s forehead, opening up a big cut that immediately starts to leak blood down her shocked face. Nicki shouts in anger and goes to do it again but Mariah gets her hand up and slams some closed fists into Nicki’s face and the line of diamond rings on her fingers act like a knuckle duster and bust open Nicki too above her left eye. Less than a minute in and this war is living up to billing as both bitches are bleeding like stuck pigs and are intent on adding to the damage.

Nicki stumbles back after another hard diamond assisted punch and as she falls back onto the ropes Mariah charges her and nails her with a clothesline that sends the smaller woman spinning over the top rope and crashing face first to the floor. Mariah literally has to wipe the blood from her eyes as she steps through the ropes and hops down next to her foe, she picks up a folding metal chair and waits for Nicki to lift her head up then smashes the flat part right down on her skull viciously. Nicki goes down on her side and Mariah wastes no time in jamming the edge of the chair into the throat and choking her with it against the hard floor.

Again Mariah has to stop to wipe blood away from her eyes and that’s just enough time for Nicki to dislodge the chair and attempt to get to her knees. But Mariah catches her, drags her up by her hair and Irish whips her with huge velocity right into the ring post outside the ring. Mariah is right on her and nimbly undoes Nicki’s sting bikini top and uses it to tie Nicki’s wrists over her head and around the turnbuckle inside the ring while Nicki stands groggily, topless outside the ring.

This is not a good position for Nicki and Mariah demonstrates why by adjusting those deadly rings on her right hand, so they are facing inwards and cupping Nicki’s huge left boob and scraping the length and breadth of her tit flesh. Creating a criss cross of ugly, red scrapes which she then replicates on Nicki’s right tit. Happy with that Mariah leans forward to trash talk in Nicki’s face but as she opens her big mouth Nicki springs her head forward and head butts Mariah right on her nose, breaking it and sending her down to her knees holding it and howling.

With that gap Nicki struggles against her bonds and nearly has her wrists freed when by the time Mariah makes it up to her feet and grabs the chair again and this time looks furious as she marches towards her tied up foe. Nicki’s wrists slip free and she launches herself up and nails a dropkick that hits the chair and rebounds it into Mariah’s damaged face and now both women lie in a heap at ringside. It’s Nicki that’s first to her feet and she places her foot on the back of Mariah’s head and cruelly uses it to rub her rival’s fractured face back and forth on the hard concrete floor before grabbing Mariah’s hair to lift her face up then stomping down to drive her face into the floor even harder.

Nicki rolls a subdued Mariah into the ring and mounts her and then proceeds to deliver a series of hard punches to Mariah’s face, carefully, measuring each one to exacerbate the damage already wrought. By the time she stops with sore knuckles Mariah Carey’s face is a bloody, bruised mess, hardly recognisable as one of the most famous singers in the world. But Nicki isn’t happy yet, she is still haunted at her treatment at War Games and how she suffered in Mariah’s cleavage, humiliatingly smothered to unconsciousness several times, unable to help her team mates. So she slides down Mariah’s body and forcefully rips off her bra top to reveal those massive tits.

Nicki Minaj’s eyes go wide with delight at the sight of her tormentor’s tits helpless and so accessible. She plunged her sharp claws into the soft boob flesh and slashed at it then scratched it then she grabbed Mariah’s big nipples and Nicki literally pulled her to her feet by them, stretching them to an obscene degree in the process before flinging her into her corner where Nicki followed up with a running splash. Nicki was on top now and was focussing on Mariah’s tits, crowding her in the corner she hit punch after punch to Mariah’s chest, bruising up her breasts very quickly. Mariah doubled over but that just allowed Nicki to drive knee after knee up and into Mariah’s tits too until Mariah’s legs gave out and she collapsed sitting in the corner, her head lolling against the bottom turnbuckle.

Nicki stood back and like a cheap stripper she wiggled her hips as she pulled off her army shorts to reveal a tiny G sting. The she began to shake that amazing ass of hers and pointed it right at Mariah’s head in the corner and began to reverse in for a variation on a ‘stinkface’. She was intent on humiliating Mariah as badly as she had been.

Watching Nicki Minaj’s big, black ass about to engulf her at such close range brought Mariah round from her grogginess in a hurry and just as she felt ass cheeks on her head she did the only thing she could – she grabbed a hold of Nicki’s tiny G string and hauled on it for all she was worth. It immediately cut into Nicki’s pussy lips at the front and as Mariah pulled on it began sawing painfully into them until finally it snapped in Mariah’s hand and Nicki staggered forward in pain. That was the break Mariah needed and she got onto her knees and shuffled forward and delivered a huge uppercut from behind right between her foe’s thighs for a nasty low blow that dropped Nicki to her knees.

Tired and in pain Mariah may have been but for the first time in a while she saw her chance and was determined to take it. She forced herself to crawl around to face Nicki both on their knees in centre ring and slugged her in the gut. Nicki’s head rocked forward and Mariah pounced, plunging Nicki’s face between her battered breasts and clamping her hands behind Nicki’s neck and holding her in place with a perfect looking breast smother!

What a sight! Mariah threw her head back and increased the pressure, giving us a perfect view of her blood soaked, wrecked features just as Nicki began to realise the peril she was in and began to struggle wildly, her arms thrashing about. The crowd began to make themselves heard, sensing Nicki’s plight, they began to roar their encouragement but it looked to be in vain. Mariah kept her death lock and her efforts at punches and slaps to escape were weakening. Then desperately she got her right arm up and into Mariah’s face and hooked her fingers into Mariah’s broken nose and began to pull at that for all she was worth and eventually in absolute agony Mariah had to break the hold to escape herself.

Nicki collapsed forward gasping in oxygen whilst Mariah got to her feet and went to pick her foe up by her hair but Nicki came up swinging and a couple of punches to her tender tits sent Mariah back. But Mariah had picked up the remains of her opponents G-string (Nicki was now fighting completely in the nude) and when Nicki came at her again she ducked and got behind her, hooking the undergarments around Nicki’s throat and throttling her. Not for long though as Nicki knew she couldn’t last long in that position and flung her head backwards connecting beautifully with Mariah’s nose and making her break the hold. Nicki turned around, grabbed Mariah and in an instant hit a Pedigree like manoeuvre that smashed Mariah face first into the canvas.

“Wanna use these do ya bitch!” Well so do I!”

Screamed Nicki as she picked up her G-string and used it to tie Mariah’s wrists behind her back. Then she lifted Mariah by her blood soaked hair, held her under her arm before delivering a punishing, unprotected DDT. Nicki rolled Mariah onto her back and squatted over her, taking her time, reaching back to pull her ass cheeks as far apart as she could get them before lowering them right onto Mariah Carey’s undefended face.

Mariah kicked her feet a bit but she was helpless to move Nicki and in no time at all those leg movements went limp and she was clearly out of it. But Nicki did not move, she had been beaten and humiliated in the War games and this was her payback, she was determined to sit on her rival’s face for as long as she could. Which was a while as the referee could hardly check if Mariah was out and just had to stand there and ask Nicki to move, which she did not. Finally, the ref checked Mariah’s legs like he would have done her arm, lifting and letting it fall three times before urgently signalling for the bell to ring.

Your winner in 11:25 is NICKI MINAJ.

With the bell still ringing the referee tried to get Nicki off Mariah but Nicki was not for moving and kept her large arse firmly in place, meaning it was now over a minute since Mariah had passed out under it. Worried the ref had to drag Nicki off Mariah physically and finally drag her one side. There lying on the mat completely unconscious and face covered in blood lay Mariah Carey, and after spitting a big load of phlegm on Mariah’s still face Nicki had her arm raised and was satisfied she had gained a measure of revenge for Mariah’s betrayal at War Games.

Backstage the Commissioner of The Federation Catherine Zeta Jones has a microphone and addressed the watching audience.

“Wow what a battle that was folks, eh? And so much more still to come tonight.

But right now I want to introduce you all to the new owner of the Celebrity Catfighting Federation, Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton!”

A regal tune flows through the speakers in the arena as Kate emerges to a polite applause, flanked by her sister Pippa and on the other side the French actress Eva Green. All three brunettes look stunning but with a diamond tiara on her head all eyes are on the Duchess as she approached Catherine.

“Thank you Catherine. And may I just take this opportunity to tell all the viewers that I intend to maintain the high standards you have been witnessing up until now and that things will get even better. In fact there will be several changes coming up which I just know you will all appreciate. Now I won’t hold up the action any further but rest assured I will be taking an active interest in my new investment.”

The cameras then follow the sexy young royal and her entourage as they make their way to a skybox from which they will watch the rest of the show.


Next up we have a debut as Colombian singing superstar Shakira, makes her first bow in the Federation. The smiling blonde is an instant fan favourite as she emerges to a catchy pop song, dressed in a a tight, yellow one piece and proceeds to dance and shimmy her way down the ramp and takes time to smile at the fans and blow kisses and high five them. The mood swiftly alters when Shakira’s opponent makes her entrance. Jennifer Lopez emerges to a chorus of boos and catcalls, as she has quickly become one of the more disliked fighters in the Federation and the fact she seems to have picked up a sidekick does nothing to increase her popularity. Sidekick? Yes, accompanying J-Lo down the ramp is Australian rapper Iggy Azalea who recently joined her on a song as well. Jennifer is clad in a fierce looking red catsuit while Iggy sports a sleek white one and smirks at the negative reaction they are getting as they approach the ring. They make quite the couple, two of the smuggest bitches you are likely to ever come across.

In the ring Jennifer slowly peels off her catsuit to reveal she has on a red two piece bikini and she poses her hard body before the bell rings to start this encounter. Shakira is not intimidated by her ultra confident foe and steps up immediately, however, more fool her because Iggy hasn’t exited the ring yet and turns and throws Jenny’s catsuit over Shakira’s head and while she can’t see Miss Lopez levels her with a hard running clothesline. The referee ushers the Australian blonde from the ring but the damage has been done and Miss Lopez is on her downed opponent in a flash, dropping a knee across her chest, holding herself there and throwing a series of hard slaps to Shakira’s covered face as she tried to free herself.

It’s up to the harassed referee to finally get rid of Jennifer’s catsuit, tossing it out of the ring once he has dislodged Jennifer. She though, waits at the ropes for Shakira to get to her feet then steps forward, grabs the blonde’s head and nails a swinging neckbreaker that bounces the Colombian off the mat. The next few minutes are a vicious, nasty masterclass in targeting a body part as Jennifer Lopez picks apart Shakira’s neck. Two more swinging neckbreakers, a hanging neckbreaker, various clubbing blows to the back of the neck finished up by a devastating spike DDT that is followed by a pin attempt. Somehow Shakira gets her leg over the bottom rope and the referee notices before Iggy can shove it off, which earns her a glare from J-Lo for being slow.

J-Lo took her frustration out on her opponent though, slamming her forearm into Shakira’s face and slowly grinding it back and forth several times before pulling her to her feet by her long blonde hair. This contest was in danger of being a one sided slaughter but the Colombian beauty found some respite when, upon being whipped into the ropes she managed to snag them and when her opponent charged at her she ducked her head and back flipped Jennifer up and out of the ring and crashing hard to the floor for a big pop from the crowd. Shakira used the opportunity to catch her breath and when she dragged herself up to the vertical with help from the ropes she was just in time to see J-Lo get up outside the ring, which sent Shakira running across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and back to perform a fast baseball slide under the bottom rope that nailed Jenny and sent her flying into the metal crowd barrier.

Shakira is showing some fire now and lays in a few stamps to her downed foe before hurrying to get her back in the ring as Iggy makes her way to that side of the ring and can interfere. Once in the ring she backs Jenny into a corner with a series of uppercuts then unleashes a barrage of harsh knife edge chops that sends the crowd wild and quickly turns Miss Lopez’s chest a beet red shade. Finally, with a war cry Shakira grabs Jennifer by the head and turns and jumps planting her face right into the mat on the end of a jumping bulldog that garners a close two count. Undeterred Shakira hauls Jenny up by her hair and flings her to the ropes and leaps up to deliver a spectacularly high dropkick.but it never comes. Instead Iggy had hooked J-Lo’s ankle as she hit the ropes and halted her momentum and by the time Shakira realised she was already airborne and took a hard bump on her side on the mat.

Seizing her chance Jennifer Lopez scooted forward and squatted over Shakira’s face and lowered her deadly ass onto the Colombian’s features. But, almost on instinct Shakira curled her legs up under J-Lo’s arms and hooked them and toppled her over into an almost sunset flip style pin that got an ultra close two count. But before she could move Jenny was on her feet and this time she stood over her opponent and dropped the full weight of her butt down across the blonde’s chest, driving the wind from her and allowing Jenny to reach down and paintbrush slap the hell out of her face before trying to slide forward to get her dangerous ass over Shakira’s face again. The blonde squirmed out of her predicament though, but Jennifer caught her and Irish whipped her to the ropes and as she returned the Latino turned and jumped and nailed Shikira in the face with her rump, knocking her dazed to the mat.

Smirking now Jennifer dragged her opponent to the corner nearest to where Iggy as standing and left Shakira lolling there stunned with her head supported by the bottom turnbuckle. As Jenny set herself Iggy sneaked in and grabbed Shakira’s hair to hold her in place so she had nowhere to go as Lopez charged at her , turning around at the last minute to drive her ass right into Shakira’s already shaken up head causing a fairly concerning whiplash effect for the Colombian beauty’s head. Jenny didn’t care though and repeated the violent move four more times and after the fifth there was little doubt Shakira had been knocked out. Iggy left the corner as Jenny dragged Shakira out from the ropes to the centre of the ring and easily sat on her face as the referee followed up with a fairly unnecessary three count.

Your winner in 8:41 is JENNIFER LOPEZ. But she’s not done yet and is adjusting her costume for the full face to ass smother cover she so likes to utilise. She doesn’t get the chance though as her most recent victim, Sofia Vergara charges down the ramp to the ring and shoves J-Lo off her fellow Colombian then faces off with her. Jenny smiles and reminds Sofia of the last PPV and being buried in her ass cheeks until unconscious and the two are head to head ready to square off. But it’s just a distraction as Iggy Azalea and, appearing from the crowd with two Singapore Cane’s, Rita Ora slide into the ring on Sofia’s blind side and simultaneously bring their canes crashing down on Sofia’s skull from behind, knocking her down beside a motionless Shakira.

What follows is five minutes of carnage as Iggy, Rita and Jenny use the canes on the two downed Columbian’s and beat the shit out of them pretty brutally. Both get busted wide open from multiple cane shots to the face and both get draped over the tope rope and take a real hard caning to their backs and arse. Jennifer Lopez takes particular pleasure in caning the fuck out of Sofia’s arse then turning her over and caning her big tits into a bloody mess too and eventually breaks the cane with one hard shot too many over her skull.

Finally, Iggy Jennifer and Rita pose to a chorus of boos standing over two bloody, unconscious Columbian’s.


Backstage Lindsay Lohan stands between Courteney Cox and Kaley Cuoco about to question them on their thoughts for the upcoming Fatal Four Way to determine the challenger for the World Title at Bitchmania II.

“Courtney, Kaley tonight you two have to put your friendship somewhat aside to try and get what everyone want’s – the chance to be World Champion at the biggest stage of them all. Courteney, if I can come to you first, what are your thoughts on tonight’s match up.”

“Well first up Lindsay, at the end of the day I still intend to be Kaley’s friend however this match works out and we can be damned sure those two conniving bitches Angelina(Jolie) and Megan (Fox) will double team us at every opportunity so we need to fight fire with fire, after they are taken care of then , who knows?”

“And Kaley, what are your thoughts going into this one?”

Kaley stares long and hard at Courteney before speaking.

“You know I love you like a sister Court. You stood by me when that bitch Aniston turned on me, you helped me. But you know I always wanted to be World Champion and this is my chance. Lindsay, I will go through all three of those women to get the chance to be World Champion. And I will do whatever it takes!”

The scene fades to black with Courteney and Kaley staring intently at each other.


Next up in the ring is a match for the World Junior Heavyweight Championship, pitting the Champion, Emma Watson against the latest in a line of young American challengers, Taylor Swift. Taylor comes to the ring first in a remarkable silver one piece bikini that shows off more skin than she normally does, what with the sides bare right down to her hips and being held in a knot behind her slim neck. The crowd are solidly behind her on her debut, partly because they like her and partly because the Champion is pretty much universally hated by the American crowds. As is proven when Emma emerges at the top of the ramp wearing a black two piece and flanked by her compatriots Elizabeth Hurley, Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley and Kelly Brook. The crowd loudly boos the fivesome as they slowly make their way down the ramp, and get even more vociferous as they all enter the ring with Emma and crowd around the referee and Taylor most definitely trying to intimidate them.

The crowd suddenly erupts with cheers though and the camera pans round to see why and just about catches Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Ariande Grande and Selena Gomez as they charge the ring, slide under the ropes and immediately start brawling with the Brits. In the chaos Emma, who had been mouthing off to Taylor turns her back and when she turns round again gets nailed with a picture perfect superkick that nearly takes her head off her shoulders. With the young Americans battling with the Brits it is easy for Miley Cyrus to hop the cord rail, grab the bell hammer from the time keeper and ring the bell herself. The referee can’t see what happened and assumes it’s correct so when Taylor covers Emma he counts. ONE…TWO…THREE…

In 00:06 we have a new Junior Heavyweight Champion, TAYLOR SWIFT!

The ringside area is chaos as there is an all out wild brawl but gradually the American’s realise Taylor won and is holding the belt and one by one they bail over the crowd rail and disappear leaving Liz Hurley and the crew fuming and shouting threats and Emma Watson sitting in centre ring, holding her jaw and struggling to keep from crying. The crowd meantime is delighted at what has gone down and are openly laughing at the English women.


Cutting away from events at ringside we go to a video package highlighting Jennifer Lawrence who will make her fighting debut at the next PPV Bitchmania II with a match with Kim Kardashian already signed.

From there we cut to the backstage area where Carmen Electra is interviewing Katy Perry literally seconds before she makes her debut.

“Katy, how do you feel about your in ring debut and taking on a member of the notorious Klan, Charlize Theron?”

Katy pretends to think for a moment then leans forward and plants a kiss right on Carmen’s surprised lips and moves to a full blown, tongue sandwich French kiss which the camera zooms in on. It lasts for nearly half a minute before Carmen manages to tear herself away and gasping (and clearly aroused) asks.

“But what about their numbers? Aren’t you worried other members of The Klan will get involved?”

“Baby you know I just love a threesome, or a foursome, bring it on!”

Is Katy’s sexy response before locking lips with Carmen one more time…


Katy comes to the ring wearing a Stars and Stripes decorated latex one piece that shows plenty of cleavage. She works the crowd magnificently as she descends the ramps, high fiving their outstretched hands and given her raunchy activities with Carmen in the interview the crowd love the brunette before she had even set foot in the ring. The same cannot be said for Charlie Theron. After what she and her gang have done to fan favourites Rihanna and Beyoncé in recent events, the South African is not popular at all. Charlize is sporting a pristine white two piece bikini and looks the strong woman she undoubtedly is.

And what a stiff opening few minutes we are treated to as the brunette and the blonde trade hard blows in the centre of the ring as soon as the opening bell sounds, chops, punches and slaps with neither woman taking a back seat. This vicious duel was only halted by Charlize (who was slowly taking the worst of it) reaching out and raking her fingers into Katy’s eyes then taking advantage with a big kick right between the American’s thighs that doubled her over. From there the South African blonde dominated her foe – firing in ten unanswered forearm uppercuts and following that with three powerful body slams.

Charlize employs a real bullying style with very little let up. After slamming Katy she drops down and fires in a series of hard knees to her head and then turns her over and grinds her arm right into Katy’s pretty face and just mashes it brutally before getting up and dropping an elbow right into her windpipe. Then Charlize rolls her over and straddles Katy’s back and wrenches back hard on her head and while doing so talks shit in her ear, telling her to give up and that her looks are going to get ruined in the ring.

Katy proves resilient though and slowly gets the crowd behind her and gets her legs up underneath her and powers up to her feet before turning and falling backward, squashing the blonde between her and the mat and leaving both babes floored.

Despite the blow it was Charlize that was to her feet first, seconds before Katy and the blonde charged at her opponent only to be back dropped up and over the top rope and take a hellacious tumble down to the floor, smacking the ring apron on her way. Much to the crowds delight. Recovering Katy slid out under the ropes and dragged her foe up and Irish whipped her fast, sending her smacking into the steel ring post outside the ring and ricocheting across and over the announce table! The crowd was eating this up and even more so when Katy dragged Charlize’s head up and began to smash it down repeatedly into said table with the crowd counting each blow up to 10!

After the tenth blow Katy raised her arms up and gave a roar that the fans gave a great ovation to and cheered even louder when Charlize groggily lifted her head to reveal she had been busted open above her left eyebrow.
Katy then rubbed her blonde foe’s face roughly across the announce desk before dragging her back, by the hair , and shoving her back into the ring. And now the debutant really got her chance to shine. A hard bodyslam placed Charlize in centre ring and Katy ascended the nearest turnbuckle and nailed her with a flying elbow that garnered a near two count. Undeterred Katy whipped her opponent into the corner and ran in and delivered a whip fast monkey flip that left Charlize lying flat out, perfect position for Katy to climb up again and this time nail her with a flying splash that again Charlize somehow kicked out of at two. Katy was in full flow now though and lifted Charlize up and dropped her across her knee in an agonising backbreaker that she kept on for nearly a minute before dropping Charlize and again climbing up the nearest turnbuckle.

By the time she got there though Charlize’s partner, Cameron Diaz, had come down to ring side and called out to Katy, distracting her. Katy paused, looked at Cameron and then back at the prone figure in the ring. Just as it looked like she was about to deliver a top rope leg drop into the ring she turned and instead nailed Cameron outside with a missile drop kick that sent her flying! The crowd ate this up and went wild as Katy Perry pulled herself up to her feet and moved to slide back into the ring. Whereupon she was met with a hard punt right into her face! Charlize had made it to her feet while Katy recovered from attacking Cameron and was waiting for her and was good and mad. Charlize was brutal, nailing kick after kick to the brunette’s face and skull, stamping on her, punting it and finally pulling her to the centre of the ring and jumping up to deliver a devastating kneedrop right to Katy’s skull that got a two and a bit count. By then Cameron Diaz was back up and Charlize distracted the ref whilst Katy lay on the bottom rope and Cameron reached in, hooked a metal chain around Katy’s throat and throttled her with it until the referee finally looked around. Charlize smirked and pulled Katy to her feet before hooking her head and planting her with a spike DDT that again very nearly gained a three count. Disgusted Charlize lifted up Katy and propelled her headfirst through the ropes to crash awkwardly on the unforgiving floor at Cameron’s feet.

Again Charlize distracted the referee in order to let her partner get her licks in but rather than boo the crowd got to its feet excitedly and began to cheer as it saw fans favourite Rihanna hop the rail behind Cameron, grab her and nail her with a reverse DDT that planted the blonde’s head backward into the concrete floor, knocking her spark out! By the time Charlize has realised what happened Rihanna is standing over a prone Miss Diaz and flipping the middle finger at the South African. Charlize lets fly verbally at her and is almost ignoring Katy who has crawled her way back to the ring and back in and rolls Charlize up from behind for a two count that Charlize just kicks out of. She gets back up and leans over the ropes again to this time spit squarely right in Rihanna’s upturned face and laughs at the look of disgust on her face as she rushed towards the ring. Charlize backs off but steps right into a leg trip that dumps her flat on her back and Katy leaps on her folded up legs and pushes down and despite Charlize’s struggles finally gains a three count.

Your winner in 10:01 is KATY PERRY and afterwards she rolls out of the ring and celebrates with her good friend Rihanna and when the other members of the racist Klan storm towards the ring they flee into the crowd who are delighted to aid their escape from the defeated heels.


Backstage and we catch up to Kate Middleton who is busy discussing matters with her Commissioner Catherine Zeta Jones with Pippa and Eva Green by their sides when all hell breaks out. Liz Hurley and her gang storm into the area crying foul, Elizabeth is as vocal as we’ve seen her in her time in the Federation, Emma Watson is close to tears of anger and is acting like a big baby, Victoria Beckham is pouting whilst Keira Knightley is whining and following up dressed as a dumb French maid, Kelly Brook, is like a big, dumb, confused bimbo. Emma actually get right up to Kate before Eva Green steps in and in a terrifyingly swift move grabs her and arm bars her arm tightly right up behind her back and moves her away from The Duchess. It’s a show of strength that brings them all up short and sobers Miss Hurley’s complaints somewhat and when she addresses Kate and Catherine it’s much more business like.

“Ladies, you saw what happened! That was a miscarriage of justice. Jesus, the bell never even rang properly. There is no way that stupid American should have Emma’s belt. Come on!”

“Eva release Miss Watson please.”

Kate’s voice is cool and measured as she instructs Eva, who obeys instantly.

“Yes I saw what happened. And no I am not happy with it nor going to let it stand. What I am going to do is declare the Junior Heavyweight Title vacant and there will be a re-match between Emma and Taylor Swift at Bitchmania. You will all be banned from ringside, as will Miss Swift’s little group of helpers. In fact to ensure impartiality I shall be the referee, Eva will be the ringside enforcer and my sister Pippa will be the time keeper at ringside. Now is that clear? Good.”

It looks like the new owner is stamping her authority already on the Federation and on that note that scene fades to black.


And back to the ring for the second last bout of the evening. A fatal fourway to determine who will get a World Title Shot at the upcoming Bitchmania PPV, pitting friend versus friend and foe versus foe. First to the ring is one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Megan Fox. She’s wearing a black string bikini with a net top over that and looks incredibly vampish. There’s no sign of her Title belt. With Megan in the ring, leaning on the ropes our second contestant is announced and Courteney Cox appears on the stage to a good hand, she’s in a blue two piece, her long dark hair in a severe ponytail. She slides into the ring and stares at Megan but neither comes to blows as yet. Third in is the second half of the tag champions, Angelina Jolie, smouldering in a silver one piece that evokes memories of her Tomb Raider wetsuit.

The instant Angelina enters the ring Courteney turns to face her and Megan runs at Courteney from behind and clips her knee from behind with a diving chop block. With the referee frozen Megan and then Angelina engulf the downed Miss Cox and stomp the living hell out of her on the mat, particularly her now injured right leg. This bring out the fourth competitor , Kaley Cuoco, to a large ovation and the blonde charges down the ramp as the bell rings and all four women are in the ring.

Kaley lands a forearm to Angelina’s back but Megan reacts quickly and as Kaley turns to her nails her with a knee right between her thighs that drops the blonde to her knees, whereupon Megan throws in a series of punches that puts her down next to Courteney on the mat. The tag champs then kick Courteney out of the ring under the bottom rope and grab Kaley and double Irish whip her into the ropes but whatever they had in mind doesn’t come to pass as the leggy blonde springs back off the ropes and drops them both with a double clothesline that pops the crowd. She drops atop Megan Fox but only barely registers a one count. Realising that a 2 on 1 has no future she tosses Megan out by the hair to land right at Courteney’s knees (as she is slowly getting up), then Kaley grabs Angelina and lays in some stomps to her gut and flings her across the ring to land hard on her back in a corner.

Those two pairings remain for the next couple of minutes with Courteney brawling wildly with Megan outside the ring, whilst Kaley dominates Angelina inside. The Megan / Courteney battle was brutal from the moment they hooked their fingers into each other’s hair and began tugging like a couple of wildcats. They viciously tore strands of long hair straight out of each other’s scalp as they knelt facing each other on the floor. Megan broke that stalemate by jabbing her finger right in Courteney’s eye to blind her and then hooked both her hands around her foes throat and began throttling her. With that advantage Megan pressed on and forced Courteney onto her back and straddled her while still strangling her. Desperate Courteney scrambled her hand around, fastened on some TV cable and whipped them up to lash hard on the side of Megan’s face. That knocked her off and Courteney forced herself to her knees again and wrapped the TV cable around Megan’s throat and choked her right back.

But having gained the upper hand Courteney promptly lost it when she attempted to stand up and her leg buckled under her, that early sneak attack having done real damage to her knee. Which is only added to when Megan recovers, gets to her feet, lifts Courteney up and deliberately drops her right down on that injured knee, sending the former Friends star rolling across the floor screaming agonisingly. Megan grins and stalks over to her, lifts her up and slides Courteney’s leg into the ring at the corner and bends it around the ringpost while holding onto her ankle, Courteney is bend like a pretzel and cries out even more as Megan starts to pull on that leg and twist it wickedly around the ringpost.
While that brutality had been playing outside the rang, inside it Kaley had been dominating Angelina. After whipping her into the corner Kaley had followed up with an avalanche splash, then climbed to the middle turnbuckle and stood and delivered 20 unanswered punches to Angelina’s skull before stepping down and back and allowing her to stumble forward right into a superkick that sent her dropping to the canvas and would have garnered an early three count were it not for the face Angelina’s arm was under the bottom rope.

Undeterred Kaley lifted her immediate foe and levelled her with a series of hard body slams that resulted finally in a close two count. Then she watched as a groggy Angelina made it to her feet before bouncing back off the ropes and ….falling unexpectedly face first on the mat. This was the point where Megan was torturing Courteney’s knee around the ringpost outside the ring and seeing the action inside the ropes had acted by reaching under the ropes and tripping Kaley up. Dropping the immobile Miss Cox casually to the floor Megan then slid into the ring behind Kaley and hooked her head then her legs and snapped on an STF like manoeuvre that wrenched on her two captured body parts while Angelina slowly got back to her feet. Kaley struggled in this unexpected submission move, thrashing her arms and legs as Angelina stared on, eventually her eyes meeting those of her partners. Was there a moment of indecision? Perhaps because Angelina backed up before being called forward by Megan to boot the trapped blonde square in the face. The World Tag Team champions faced off for a moment but rather than squaring off they reached down to drag Kaley up, toss her into the ropes and catch her on her return with a ring shaking double chokeslam. Megan covered her and nearly got the three, Kaley kicking out at the last possible moment.

The heels were in firm control now and cemented it by pouring on the pain to the leggy blonde. Angelina grabbed her legs and stepped over to hook in a deep Boston crab that bent her back wickedly before Megan squatted over Kaley facing in the other direction and hooked in a camel clutch bending her nastily as well. With both brunettes straining their muscles to bend her body Kaley Cuoco was in tears and surely on the verge of tapping out when Courteney Cox came to the rescue. Having dragged herself into the ring she hobbled over and flung herself at Angelina and Megan and made them break their hold on Kaley with a kind of double clothesline. Kaley flopped to the mat as Courteney tried to push herself up.

She never made it though, Megan was up again and nailed her again with a rapid chop block to the side of Cox’s injured knee, it gave way instantly and she screamed out in agony and when Megan wrapped her legs around the injured limb and jumped up then down to weaken the joint then bent back on it there was nothing for it but for Courteney to slap the mat desperately and submit.

The first competitor eliminated in 9:32 is COURTENEY COX.

When Megan finally released her hold she posed for a moment with her arms up but was caught in a sunset flip type move from behind that rolled her up and she only just managed to kick out. But as she got up she saw Kaley still prone on the mat holding her back and realised it was her own partner that had nearly cradled her for a three count.

The crowd (who had been deflated at Courteney’s submission) came alive as Megan stared intensely at Angelina and the two came together nose to nose and the staredown was broken by a mighty slap from Megan Fox to her partner’s face. Stung Angelina took a step back and held her face and looked daggers at her younger partner, before marching up and getting in her face and talking trash. Nose to nose, neither gave an inch. But unbeknownst to them Kaley had made it to her feet and she superkicked the back of Angelina’s head sending it flying into Megan’s face, cracking her nose and sending both Tag Team Champions sprawling to the mat. Kaley leapt atop Megan and hooked her leg and somehow held on to the stunned brunette for a three count.

The second competitor eliminated in 11:50 is MEGAN FOX. Megan looks up with a comical shocked and stunned expression on her face, she can’t believe she’s just been eliminated.

As Kaley gets up though she receives a kick to the gut from Angelina who lifts her up and slams her down hard in a big powerbomb and then folds her up and covers her for the ONE…TWO…THR…No! It’s broken up by Megan grabbing her partner by the ankles and pulling her off the prone Kaley.

Maddened Angelina screams at Megan and they look ready to go at it when the referee gets in between them and forces Megan to get out of the ring and concentrates on the final two competitors. Kaley is still down but when Angelina covers her she kicks out on two and she knows her chance has passed for now. Instead she hauls the blonde up and hits a gut wrench suplex followed by a German suplex that garners another close two count. Kaley is limp now and Angelina stands over her and positions her for another powerbomb that will surely finish this but Kaley somehow blocks it and turns it into an inside cradle that gets the closest of two counts!

It’s a brief respite though and Angelina rains punches down onto Kaley after kicking out before dragging her up and whipping her hard into the corner. She follows up by turning Kaley around so she faces the corner then backing herself in and sitting on the corner. It looks like she’s going to try to finish this with a powerbomb from the top turnbuckle. It’s a hard haul but somehow Angelina gets Kaley in position and manages to flip her over so that Kaley’s crotch is right in her face. But as Angelina sits up to leap forward Kaley hooked her thighs on Angelina’s head and falls back and turns it into a hurancanrana from the top that flips Angelina right over and slams her in centre ring.

Kaley gets to her feet and measures Angelina’s movement, waiting like a snake ready to strike and just as Miss Jolie gets to her feet Kaley steps in and hits a picture perfect superkick right on her jaw and Kaley is nearly covering her before she hits the mat.



The crowd goes wild with celebration and Kaley is quickly out to celebrate with them


Backstage the big story is, of course, the new challenger and what happened between the Tag Team Champions. Carmen Electra runs across the backstage area to where a fuming Megan Fox is pacing angrily waiting on Angelina to come back.

“Megan! Megan, can you tell us what just happened out there?”

Scarcely can you have seen a female quite so angry. It’s like she can’t even speak at first. Her face is scarlet with a mixture of exertion and anger. Finally she grabs the microphone and gives an ear piercing scream of frustration. It’s cut off dead when a hand grabs the mic and the camera and Megan look up to see that it’s Angelina who’s got it and the tag champs glare at each other. It’s unbelievably tense and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife until Angelina lifts up one of the Tag belts and shoves it against Megan’s chest.

“You need to decide right here and now if you are still a part of this. You cost me the chance at the World title, I know I cost you it too. That was the rules Megan. You either deal with it or we split this up.”

Megan pauses and pouts for a moment then takes the belt and leans forward to hug Angelina then leans up to French kiss her, it looks like the Tag Champs are still together. Angelina smiles and finally they part and she heads to the dressing room. But she shouldn’t have turned her back as Megan runs after her, raises the belt and smashes it into the back of Angelina’s skull, sending her toppling forward. A psychotic Megan Fox then picks Angelina up and literally flings her head first down a set of stone stairs that leads to a lower level of the arena. The camera catches Angelina’s brutal descent, smacking her body on several steps and the wall on her way down until she lies motionless on the flat. Megan follows her down the steps and smashes the belt once again into Angelina’s face then rolls her over and cruelly rubs her face powerfully into the stone surface of the landing. Angelina makes no move to block this. Then Megan undoes Angelina’s bikini top and uses it to tie Angelina’s wrists behind her back then pulls her up, gives her a mocking kiss on the lips then tosses her down the next set of stone steps and with her arms tied up there is no protection at all and it is a horrific looking bump as she crashes down to land on the next level of the concourse.

Megan turns and grabs a shocked Carmen Electra and marches down the steps to stand over a totally unmoving and unconscious Angelina Jolie and drops the Tag Title belt on her then casually clears her nose right onto her and storms off. The scene fades with medical attention rushing to aid a prone, topless Angelina.


And so onto the Main Event, a re-match of the last PPV’s World Title change and a bout with high stakes for the two combatants. For the Champion, Jennifer Aniston, there is the threat of losing her World title in her very first title defence. For the challenger Jennifer Love Hewitt, there is the threat of not getting another title shot for a year, and having to spend the next six months as Aniston’s slave wearing an electric shock obedience collar to ensure that.

So with those stakes in mind perhaps it’s no surprise that when Jennifer Love Hewitt emerges to her music at the top of the entrance ramp she’s wearing a shiny red two piece bikini and a slightly worried expression. Not so the Champ, Jennifer Aniston emerges in a pristine white one piece holding the World title aloft and smirking her shit eating grin for the world to see (and hate). She slowly makes her way to the ring, soaking up the hatred coming from the stands for her. She really is despised, from her breaking of Kaley Cuoco’s leg to turning on her former best friend Courteney Cox to just last month pissing on Jenifer Love Hewitt she has done a lot to earn their scorn. Of course Miss Aniston loves that she is so hated.

Once she’s in the ring she makes a real show of kissing the belt and holding it up to the challenger, really rubbing it in to Love Hewitt that she’s no longer champion. But JLH doesn’t rise to the bait and stays staring intently at Aniston. The referee calls the two women together and they go nose to nose as he explains the rules (it’s a no DQ match with the slave stipulation for Hewitt if she loses). And then the bell rings and we are underway. But neither move and continue their death stares at each other. Aniston breaks it by laughing at her opponent, reminding her how she pissed on her last month and telling her what she’ll do to her once she’s her slave.


Angered Love Hewitt struck first with a killer slap to Aniston’s cheek. She took it but came right back with a wicked uppercut right into the soft underside of JLH’s soft right booby, sending her tits already out of their holders! And that was like blood in the water to sharks to Jennifer Aniston. Her eyes lit up and she attached her fingers to Love Hewitt’s nipples and began to twist and pull and squeeze them with a vengeance. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s cute face registered first shock then agony and she tried to back away but Aniston kept a tight grip so that just added to the pain so in the end JLH came forward, running into Aniston and backing her into a corner before letting fly with punches and slaps that eventually loosened the death grip on her tits. She backed off and tried to re adjust her bra top but Aniston reached out grabbed it and after a brief tug of war it snapped and fell away from Hewitt’s heavenly chest. She stood still for a moment and paid the penalty a lariat clothesline nearly taking her head off as Aniston exploded from the corner. Then she straddled Hewitt’s stomach and laid in a series of punches to Hewitt’s free tits, already bruising them up – Jennifer Aniston’s tactic for this fight looks very clear.

Continuing in that theme when she had done punching JLH’s breasts Jennifer Aniston stood up and took her opponent up with her by a grip in her nipples that again had the darker haired beauty squealing like a bitch before it was cut off by a knee to her gut. That left her able to hook Hewitt’s head ready for a DDT but Miss Hewitt wasn’t ready for that and again powered forward and squashed Aniston in a corner and this time followed up with knees and kicks of her own before backing up and taking a run at her and landing a big splash into the corner that burier Jennifer Aniston’s face in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s copious exposed cleavage. Realising her position Hewitt got wrapped her hands behind Aniston’s head and pulled her deeper into the breast smother in the corner. After a few moments of panic which saw the Champion thrash her arms against the challengers sides she managed to ext by positioning her knee and driving it up between Hewitt’s legs, winding her and driving her back and again Aniston levelled her challenger with a hard clothesline that left JLH on her back. This time she stepped up and stood fully on Hewitt’s splayed dark hair and bent over to grab hold of her nipples and then leaned back to pull her up while simultaneously her hair kept her from rising much. Her nipples were stretched to grotesque degree and JLH was back to crying out but she wasn’t ready to quit yet, not with the hell that would surely await her for the next six months.

This tit torture continued for nearly a further minute before Aniston finally gave it up once Hewitt’s nips had slipped from her grasp. So she stomped all over Hewitt’s body until she rolled out under the bottom rope and crashed to the floor. Jennifer Aniston took the time to pose in centre ring before stepped through the ropes and dropping to the floor, straight onto an uppercut right to her pussy from a fired up Jennifer Love Hewitt! Sore tits or not she was angry and having delivered that uppercut she grabbed Aniston by the hair, hauled her to the corner and smashed hr skull right into the metal ringpost. Then again and again and a fourth time until Aniston’s head came up busted open, with her blood dripping down onto her clean white bikini. Fired up Jennifer Love Hewitt the Irish whipped the Champion and propelled her violently into the metal crowd barrier, bending her around it as she landed. The crowd was loving this, they loved seeing Jennifer Aniston get hers. Dragging her away from the barrier JL scooped Aniston up and body slammed her down to the concrete floor at the bottom of the ramp. Then she climbed up onto the ring’s apron and launched a splash from there. But it missed, Jennifer Aniston rolled inwards and under the ring and Love Hewitt ended up splashing hard concrete!

Moments later aJennifer Aniston’s bloody face emerged from under the ring holding up a pair of car jump leads with evil looking crocodile clip ends, and with her opponent immobile on the floor she had nothing to stop her snapping them right onto Jennifer Love Hewitt’s already injured tits. That brought Love Hewitt round in an instant, screaming at the top of her voice an scrabbling to get her hands on the handles of the jump lead s to prize them off. But Aniston is ready for that and stamps hard on Hewitt’s arms to keep them off then deliberately steps on her wrists to keep her hands away. It makes for quite the scene as Jennifer Aniston stands dominantly over her foe, pulling up hard on the cables, stretching Hewitt’s tits to an unspeakable degree while Jennifer Love Hewitt howls and literally is in tears on the deck.

But she doesn’t quit and somehow she’s sharp enough to get her foot up nd lift it and kick Aniston in the crotch to get her off and then desperately prize the vicious metal jaws off her nipples. They have turned a horrible shade of red and she dumps them and rolls back into the ring, hoping for some respite. Aniston is back in after her though taking the jumpleads with her, wrapping them around her fists so that when she faces Love Hewitt in the corner for a fist fight it is a one side slaughter, as with the cables wrapped around her fists Jennifer Aniston quickly destroys any defence and ends up firing nearly a full minute worth of unanswered punches to Jennifer Love Hewitt. Several blows rocked Hewitt’s head but most are aimed at and connect with her bounteous breasts , bouncing her back and forth in the corner trapped and unable to defend herself by the time Aniston finally relents. It’s not much of a break though as she snaps the jump leads once again onto Hewitt’s poor breasts then lifts her up and over the top rope and shoves her off the aron while holding the other ends of the leads so that Jennifer Love Hewitt is left dangling outside the ropes by they tits on the jump leads. It’s a gruesome punishment and too much for Jennifer Love Hewitt to bear and crying out wildly she screams her submission and that she quits.


But the submission and the bell brings no respite for poor Jennifer love Hewitt and Aniston keeps her hanging there for nearly a further half minute before reaching down for her hair and pulling her back into the ring by it. Finally the referee snaps the clips off her tits and the sight of them is horrible, just a red, raw mess. It almost feels unfair that next the referee, as per the match stipulation, fits a metal collar around Jenifer Love Hewitt’s throat and hands a remote control to Jennifer Aniston. It is an electric shock collar and JLH will have to wear it for the next six months while Aniston wields control over the remote. To prove the point Jennifer Aniston waits until her slave is somewhat recovered before demanding she take off her bikini bottoms. Love Hewitt hesitates and the button is pressed and instantly she begins to shake in agony and hurried to peel off her bikini bottoms to stand fully naked in the ring.

“Now on your knees slave. That’s it submit to your new owner. Now I’m going to turn around and I want you to KISS MY ASS in front of a worldwide audience!”

Love Hewitt shakes her head and pleads but just gets zapped again nd when the current goes off she has to pucker up and kiss her mortal enemies ass on live PPV.

And that is the last scene as the PPV goes off the air.



RIHANNA / PERRY V. SMULDERS / HANNIGAN – Scarlett Johannson attacks Cobie before match
SHAKIRA / VERGARA V. AZALEA /ORA – ends in a Double DQ with a wild brawl
WATSON V. SWIFT – REMATCH – Kate Middleton to act as referee, end sin big turn as Royal revealed as heels in league with Hurley, et al


JOLIE V. FOX – barbed wire ropes, street fight

RIHANNA / PERRY V. DIAZ / THERON – Pink interferes liberally until Beyoncé makes her return and helps out

ANISTON V. CUOCO – Cage match, loser shaved bald, JLH helps Aniston win reluctantly