Trish Stratus rebounded off the ring ropes and ran back towards the centre of the ring, lifting her arm up and nailing Molly Holly with a clothesline that sent the hated heel flying to the mat. The crowd erupted (these South American fans had been hot all tour but were the loudest here and Trish especially got a hell of a reaction from them). Ever the showwoman, and loving the adulation, the busty blonde Canadian stood in mid ring and raised her arms to salute the crowd and drink in their acclaim. Behind her and just as per the script the scowling Molly stretched up her arm and tagged in a pumped up looking Miss Jackie.

Jackie, her black skin perfectly displayed in a skimpy red top and shorts, bounced over to the celebrating Trish and kicked her in the butt. To the crowd and her fellow participants in the match Trish sold the move wonderfully, crying out and clutching at her thigh as she sank to her knees her face screwed up in pain. But it was not selling, Jackie had connected very heavily and Trish had really felt it.

Jackie was a pro, an experienced worker but even the best sometimes made misjudgements or mistakes or got caught up with adrenaline, heaven knows Trish had made plenty mistakes earlier in her career. So Trish staggered to her feet as scripted and allowed herself to be pushed into the heel corner where Molly and Ivory grabbed her arms and held her in the corner for Jackie to dish out a scripted beating as the referee counted to five. In that time Jackie managed to land ten unanswered punches to Trish’s model face and each fucking one of them was a potato shot, landing hard. After the first smacked into her face she tried to cover up but of course Ivory and Molly held her arms and didn’t release them. Were they in on this or were they just playing their roles? Trish didn’t know but after the fourth or fifth tried to shout out to them, not worried if it broke the illusion of the match or not. She didn’t manage as the next one crunched her jaw and was swiftly followed by another to her nose. By the time the referee finally broke them up Trish was utterly stunned and instead of trying to crawl quickly over to attempt a tag to the appealing Stacy Keibler she just slumped hard on her ass in the corner having had her clock well and truly cleaned.

Jackie bent forward to pick Trish up and hissed in her ear.

“What’s the matter blondie? Not having as much fun as usual?”

And rather than lift Trish by her arm Jackie took a handful of the blonde’s hair and lifted her up by it, tearing out a clump in the process. The scream Trish emitted was ear piercing though cut short when Jackie drove a fist right into her gut. Sensing that this match was not going to script and threatening to spiral into disaster Ivory reached over the ropes and slapped Jackie to tag herself in. Jackie glared at her but knew Ivory was pretty tough herself and reluctantly exited the ring, taking the chance to empty the contents of her right nostril over Trish’s dazed face on the way out.

Being a consummate pro Ivory dropped on Trish and hooked a choke hold on her in centre ring allowing the blonde to get her senses back, whispering.

“Damn girl, don’t know what you did to piss Jackie off.”

Through a fog Trish did know and cursed herself for it. At the last RAW taping Stephanie McMahon had suggested that to set up their burgeoning feud Trish should lose an I Quit match to Jackie with a stipulation that the loser had to be the winners slave for a month. The TV would be a series of humiliating skits for Trish with her dressed in a sexy French maid’s outfit and doing demeaning chores, like cleaning Jackie’s toilet, pouring her drinks the usual type of stuff when a wrestler loses that type of stipulation but with some added risqueness with the build to Jackie threatening to make Trish strip naked on a live RAW, at that point with Trish in bra and panties Jackie would beat down Trish and deny the fans and from there once the month was up the feud should be red hot.

Trish had shot the idea down, refused to even do a program with Jackie at that point. Trish was mega hot with the crowd but more importantly was Vince McMahon’s favourite at that point (though he was slowly moving more towards Stacy Keibler in the Diva division thanks to her superior blow job technique) and she thought she had enough political power to refuse this angle Worse though Trish had gone on a rant about it afterwards to her friends Lita and Torrie Wilson, basically saying that Jackie was a nigger nobody and no way was Trish going to give her any heat for a feud. Clearly someone had told Jackie of this.

Ivory was snarling at the crowd to get heat before finally allowing Trish to make her comeback and the leggy, sexy Stacy to make a hot tag and clean house on Ivory before she then tagged in Victoria for the face team to finally finish off Molly Holly with a Widow’ Peak. The heels disappeared quick enough and Trish managed to join Stacy and Victoria in posing for the crowd while trying to hide the fact she hurt like hell.



Trish shouted across the dressing room and stormed over right up into Jackie’s face. Jackie may have had a reputation as a hard ass but Trish was more than 10 years younger and fancied that she was far fitter than her black rival. Plus she was livid, Jackie had taken liberties with her in the ring knowing that Trish was unprepared and unable to defend herself.

The other diva’s lifted their heads at this and began watching intently, eager to see what would happen. Jackie certainly did not back down. She stepped right up to Trish and responded.

“Fuck you Miss High and Mighty Trish Stratus! I know what you said and what you did. So you got a little lesson it the ring, what the fuck are you going to do about it bitch?!”

Trish’s hands were balled into fists and she so wanted to take a pop at Jackie right there and then. But at that very moment Stephanie McMahon entered the dressing room and began running down the agenda for the rest of the night and catching their plane out of the country early the next morning. She saw the tension between Trish and Jackie and smiled as Trish backed away not even realising that Jackie had her leather belt wrapped around her knuckles with the buckle up, but the other girls saw and knew just how close the pin up blonde had come to a real beating.


“Miss? Is this your bag? Miss?”

It took a tired and sore Trish Stratus a few moments to register that the airport guard was addressing her. She had sunglasses on to cover the black eyes she had received from Jackie’s hardway punches and was in jogging bottoms and a shirt as she intended to get some badly needed shuteye on this flight back to the USA. She sighed and said it was and reluctantly wandered over to where the tall man stood on the other side of a long counter.

“Ok Miss, I need you to come with me into this room.”

Senses still dulled on painkillers Trish began following him without thinking and was already halfway in the room before realising that she had been towards the end of the queue of wrestlers and that perhaps she should have told them that she had been pulled aside, no doubt for some routine check or maybe even one of the customs officers had recognised her and wanted a picture or an autograph, Trish got that a lot at airports.

She entered a sterile looking room, there were another two officers waiting for them, standing on the other side of a table. Trish’s holdall was open on the table, the contents scatted asunder.

“Look what you’ve done, you idiots! It’ll take me ages to pack that again, I’d better not miss my flight!”

“So again Miss, you confirm that this bag is yours, and that no-one has tampered with it in the airport?”

“What? No! God look you’ve ripped the pages of my magazine. Just wait until….”

Trish tailed off as the officer lifted a plastic bag from inside a plastic lunch box from her bag, it was filled with white powder. Only now did Trish realise the potential trouble she could be in. She stayed silent though as the officer confirmed her worst fears.

“You see Miss as well as all the painkillers and weight loss pills we found in your bag we also found this which we believe to be cocaine. Now Miss smuggling cocaine from our country is a very serious offence. I am afraid I must ask you to submit to a strip search with my colleague Officer Guenard here.”

Trish stood frozen in shock at this and only began reacting as the tough looking Latino officer rounded the table after snapping on a pair of blue latex gloves. It looked like Nidia Guenard was going to enjoy her task perhaps more than she ought to have. Trish did not like the sound of this and turned towards the door and pulled on the handle but it had been locked and that just made her look more guilty as Nidia and one of the male officers grabbed her and manhandled her so that she was bent over the table. Livid and terrified Trish started making threats, telling them they were making a big mistake, her boss would find out about this and that she’d have their jobs. That got no reaction from the officers and soon enough Trish turned to pleading and begging them not to do this, that she didn’t know where the drugs had come from at that this wasn’t right. The officers said nothing and waited for her to calm down. It was the male who had led her into the room that spoke reasonably to her.

“Listen Miss Stratus, your flight is already boarded and will take off shortly, whatever happens you will not be on it. Whether you like it or not you will not leave this room until we allow it . Now please calm down and when we let you up you can either do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is you stand over at the far wall and strip naked and allow Officer Guenard to satisfy herself you do not have any other drug secreted on your person. The hard way? Well let’s just say you really wouldn’t enjoy it. OK?”

Nidia smirked as the blonde bimbo squirmed on the table and wrestled with her thoughts. She was just the kind of bitch that Nidia hated, stuck up, thought she was above everyone else and worse, pretty and knew it. And flaunted it. Not so great now though, was she?

“OK! Alright! Whatever! Just let me up and let’s get this over with!”

Trish was truculent and petulant but there was an underlying fear to her voice and her movements as the officers took their hands off her arms and allowed her to stand. She thought of voicing a further complaint but one look at the three implacable officers told her it was useless and with another deep sigh of resignation she walked (on shaking legs) to the whitewashed wall.

She has teased and excited live crowd and TV audiences in her years in the WWF but she had never felt so tawdry and cheap as she stood there, profoundly aware of the three officers judging her, and reluctantly pulled off her shoes and socks, then her shirt and her joggers to stand there in a white bra top and panties.

“And those too Puta!” spat Nidia.

“What?! You’re kidding!”

They weren’t kidding and just stood there staring at her until Trish realised the futility of resisting their commands and began to weakly unclip her large bra and shyly removed it and dropped it at her feet. Biting her lip to try to keep from crying she managed to pull off her panties and drop them, too and stood with her right arm covering her boobs (or trying to anyway) and her left hand down over her crotch.

“Save the modesty bitch, I’ve seen better than you through here, turn around and lift your arms to your sides!”

Demanded Nidia with more than a hint of malicious relish to her voice. Trish wanted desperately to not obey but was increasingly aware of the futility of any resistance, so she turned her back to them and slowly moved her arms out to either side. She heard the wolf whistle from one of the men and felt like such a piece of meat here. Nidia’s heavy tread moved across the hard floor towards her and Trish jumped as her arms went around her and groped and felt at Trish’s boobs. She was rough poking and fingering at the bottom of Trish’s breasts before feeling under her arms and then behind her ears and roughly running her fingers through Trish’s long, blonde hair before sneering into her ear.

“Turnaround sweet cheeks, and keep those arms up.”

Trembling Trish did so and blushed hard as the two male guards stood, arms crossed openly ogling her. Nidia smiled then pushed Trish’s feet as far apart as she could, fully revealing her completely shorn pussy.

“Hmmm, a slut cut, what a surprise” as Nidia said this she produced a thin tube of lube and squeezed it out onto a couple of her fingers. Trish stared at them in horror and finally found her voice.

“No! You can’t do that! That’s against my rights , I demand….”

She was cut off as Nidia’s hand covered her mouth.

“You got no rights Puta! You are looking at a long, long prison sentence either way but we can make this worse for you if you don’t shut the fuck up and let me finish my search, understand!”

Openly crying now Trish nodded meekly and braced herself as Nidia squatted down and slowly pushed first one finger then a second between her pussy lips. Trish gasped as Nidia went further and roughly pushed the rest of her hand inside and pushed up inside her, effectively fisting her. She squirmed as Nidia opened her hand inside her womb and moved it about before slowly removing it. Nidia held her gloved hand up right at Trish’s nose and said.

“Turn around, one more hole to go.”

Trish gave a low moan of complaint but still obeyed and turned around to face the wall and allowed Nidia to kick her feet further apart again. She tensed up as she felt the guards hand on her delectable ass cheeks and gritted her teeth as that gloved finger poked then pressed into her tight anus.

“Bet that’s not the only thing you take up there blondie, is it?”

Trish tried to ignore the jibe and concentrated on staring on the white wall as Nidia pushed another finger in there. It was painful and stung but worse probably was the feeling of humiliation and helplessness Trish Stratus was experiencing. She had been on such a high this past 18 months or so, felt that she was going to be a superstar, make millions and have the world at her feet and here she was in a non-descript airport room while somebody shoved their hand up her arsehole and mocked her. Finally, Nidia withdrew her fingers from Trish’s tight asshole and spun her around and when Trish went to say something Nidia pushed her fingers that had just been in her arse into Trish’s open mouth and held them there.

“Shut up bitch. Ok boys, nothing in her orifice’s so I guess it’s just the drugs in her hand luggage.”

Nidia finally stepped back and Trish made to reach for her clothes but Nidia grabbed them and carried them to the table.

“Not these, we’ll keep these as evidence.”

At that one of the guards lifted up Trish’s panties and smirked at her before smelling their crotch. Trish was grossed out but knew this wasn’t the time to make anything of this, she needed to get to a telephone, contact one of the McMahons and get them to work on sorting this mess out. Nidia tossed an orange jumpsuit to her.

“Put that on bimbo.”

Glad of that at least, Trish hurried into it only to discover that the zip up the front only went half the way up before getting stuck, leaving most of her considerable cleavage on display. Before she could ask for anything else though one of the men grabbed her by the arm and steered her towards the door at the back of the room and once they were out it things really went to hell!

As they emerged into a yard there was a confusion of officers and a blur of orange struggling, at the last second before she barrelled into Trish she realised it was Jackie. Too late to stop a collision and more shouting and grabbing and general confusion. Trish heard the phrase “trying to escape” as she pushed herself up and was promptly sprayed right in the face with pepper spray then received a shot to the back of her head with a nightstick that knocked her unconscious before her irritated face had planted into the dirt.


Trish came to with a low groan, with even the noise of that making her head thud. Very slowly she opened her eyes and tried to make sense of where she was. It was dark, she was lying down on a most uncomfortable mattress and things seemed unnaturally quiet. Her eyes were raw and her head was pounding and she slowly remembered why as the events prior to her blacking out came back to her in fragments. She tried to pull herself up but her head hurt too much and she groaned and fell back onto the mattress, which she now saw was in a jail cell as the wall in front of her was interrupted by a series of thick steel bars that ran the height of a stone entrance.

She lay there for a while longer, slowly feeling more human but it still wasn’t great. When she felt able to she rolled out of her bottom bunk and crawled to the bars and pulled herself up with them.

“Hey! Is anybody…”

“Shut up you idiot unless you want us in more trouble!”

The voice hissing at Trish from behind on the top bunk was unmistakably Jackie’s Southern drawl. Trish considered ignoring Jackie’s warning but in the end she was in no fit state to shout again so slowly staggered back to the bottom bunk and collapsed into it. She took a few minutes before speaking.

“Uurgh! What’s going on? Have they said anything? Does Vince know?”

“We’re both getting charged with drug smuggling, beyond that they give us food and that is it, they’re keeping us separate from the other inmates which is good but that means we’re stuck in here together for the foreseeable.”

“Fuck! But I didn’t do anything.”

“Yeah well, tough break blondie, now shut the fuck up I need some fucking sleep.”

Trish caught the edge in her rival’s voice and decided she wasn’t in any mood to argue with her but she certainly didn’t get any sleep and spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what the fuck was going on.


“What are you laughing at?” Trish demanded.

The next day and neither Trish or Jackie were in any better mood, both were on edge and getting increasingly concerned with each minute that passed. Plus Trish was making her first visit to the metal bucket that was their toilet in the cell and she was on edge as it was having to pull the orange jumpsuit all the way down to her ankles and exposing herself just so she could take a piss.

Jackie waited until the blonde had carefully placed her ass on the rim of the bucket before giving her answer.

“I’m laughing because even in just the prison jumpsuit you still manage to look like the bimbo, slutty skank you are, yeah sure the zip is broken, any excuse to show off those big white tits of yours!”

“Fuck off you jealous nig…”

Trish never manage to finish her racist retort because anticipating it Jackie nimbly hopped off the top bunk, crossed the cell and delivered a hard kick to Trish’s head mid piss!

Trish never saw it coming and with her jumpsuit bundled around her ankles could do nothing other than to topple over and fall on her side while she was still pissing, the bucket still remained upright though. Jackie had snapped, whether it was the built up tension of the last 24 hours or so, the worry or just her general dislike of Trish Stratus she had snapped and with Trish scrambling to get up Jackie dropped on her and delivered a series of hard punches to her face, snarling threats with each shot.

“Fuck you bitch! Fuck you! Shut your fucking mouth!”

These were hard punches, not pulled wrestling ones and Trish was in no position to defend them, she just lay there and had to take them until Jackie relented and pulled Trish’s head up by her hair and delivered a hard bitch slap the dragged her over to the toilet bucket and before Trish could prepare herself Jackie shoved Trish’s head right into the disgusting pool of piss and shit that lay at the bottom of it. And she held her in there!

Trish panicked as Jackie showed no sign of letting up her hold on the back of her head and eventually, to her eternal shame, Trish had to open her mouth and took in a filthy, disgusting mouthful. That had been what Jackie was waiting for and she finally lifted a spluttering, coughing and nearly puking Trish from the bucket and threw her across the cell until she slammed face first into the metal bars. By now the noise they were making had alerted guards to the disturbance and they were hurrying to the cell and Jackie got in behind the naked Trish (her jumpsuit still tangled around her ankles) and proceeded to bash the blonde’s skull off the bars several times until the guards got in the cell and physically pulled her off poor Trish.

They were separated after that and a physically shaken and shocked Trish Stratus (who couldn’t forget the smell and taste of piss and shit) was moved into a cell on her own in floods of tears.


The next day Trish was led in wrist and ankles restraints to the Prison warden’s office where she found Jackie (similarly restrained) and to her eternal relief Stephanie McMahon waiting for her. Trish made to speak but Stephanie quickly hushed her up and indicated that she needed to be quiet and listen.

“Look Trish, Jackie you realise we have a major problem here, The WWE might be a huge organisation but we can’t do anything when a country’s officials make a drugs arrest.”

“But they weren’t mine. They were planted!” whined Trish.

“Well, be that as it may Trish they were found in your luggage and the authorities want someone to answer for it. Fortunately for us the Warden Senor Gomez (Stephanie indicated the swarthy, tanned old man sitting behind his desk) is a reasonable man and has a suggestion that may minimise the embarrassment to the WWE and perhaps allow you to demonstrate your, ah, ‘innocence”.

The way Stephanie was speaking made Trish pause and look at her questioningly.

“What do you mean Steph, I’m innocent, you know I never do drugs.”

“Yes well. The customs authorities have enough to charge you and likely jail the pair of you for maybe 10 years apiece, and I mean 10 years, there’s no early release over here. The Federation would do what they can but I have to say we can’t really be seen to back drug smugglers either so don’t expect too much aid. But like I say Senor Gomez has a proposal and I think we should all consider it. Hector?”

All three sexy women turned their attention to the old man who smiled at them laconically.

“Thank you Miss McMahon. As you say we cannot allow crime to go unpunished, no matter your level of fame. However, there is perhaps no need for both you ladies to pay the price for this crime. As long as someone is held responsible I think I would be satisfied and I could make sure my colleagues in the police would be agreeable to this.”

He paused and was delighted to see both Trish and Jackie were hanging on his every word.

“Good. Now as I was explaining to the delightful Miss McMahon I am a big fan of your fighting federation, a big fan. So I think to myself, we only need one person to take accountability for this crime and we have two ladies here that this could be, how do we decide which it should be? So I propose that we settle this in a way both you ladies know, you fight for it, and the loser shall be responsible for this crime and the winner she will leave with Miss McMahon.”

“Wait! What?”

Jackie rolled her eyes and sneered at Trish’s apparent dumbness.

“He means he wants us to fight blondie, and that whoever gets the win walks away from this place.”

“What, like a wrestling match” this query aimed at Stephanie who just stood there unmoving.

“Well I certainly ain’t laying on my back doing a job for you this time bimbo!”

Trish had had enough of Jackie’s jibes and tried to struggle in her chains to get at her but Stephanie pushed her back as the Warden took it upon himself to clear things up.

“No Miss Stratus, not quite your normal faked wrestling match. I mean that the two of you will fight, a real fight. I have a caged off area in my exercise yard and you and your black colleague will be put in there and me and Miss McMahon and some of my guards will watch you two fight and if one of you submits and gives up or is not physically able to continue then I will decide they are the loser and as such I will process both drug smuggling charges against them. But of course you do not have to do this ladies, it is only an offer. Instead you can both be prosecuted individually.”

“Hell no, I’ll do it!” exclaimed Jackie.

Trish glowered at her. She knew Jackie had a reputation of being tough out of the ring but Trish was younger, taller and clearly fitter plus she had beaten her in so many WWE matches, that had to count for something. Besides which with Jackie already committing to this Trish felt she couldn’t back out now, not the way Stephanie McMahon was looking at her, knowing Trish’s luck if she refused they would probably just agree to free Jackie anyway.

“OK, I’m in”


Trish and Jackie were led back to their cells while further discussions took place in the Warden’s office. Trish didn’t like doing this but realised she didn’t really have any other option (barring a long stay in a South American prison which she really didn’t fancy her chances of surviving). So she sat on her bunk and started to pump herself up for this fight, thought about Jackie and her style and her strengths and weaknesses. Worried that Jackie would fight dirty and convinced herself that she would too, she just had to win, had to.

Some hours later (it was in fact four o’clock in the afternoon), two male guards came and escorted Trish from her cell and led her down a series of long, stark corridors and doors until a final one led them outdoors.

The exercise yard was a small square area that had been used for special (or troublesome) prisoners in the past so they didn’t have to mingle with the main prison population. A fortified chicken wire fence ran all around it in a square with two doors on either side and space between the caged walls and the prison walls so that guards could stand and observe the prisoners. The ground was dry and hard dirt and the only object in the yard was a picnic style wooden table with a bench joined to it.

The sun beat down relentlessly from a cloudless blue sky. Trish pulled at her jumpsuit, aware she was sweating hard. That wasn’t going to be a problem in the fight however, as she was about to discover. She glared across the area to the opposite door where Jackie stood with a guard and her eyes bulged as she watched incredulously as the black woman stripped off her jumpsuit and shoes to reveal herself completely nude. Then she yelped as the guard behind her jabbed her in the ribs with his nightstick.

“You too bitch.”

“Wha- No fucking way, I’m not…oooffff!”

Trish’s complaints were cut short thanks to a punch into her gut from the guard which prompts Stephanie McMahon to appear on the other side of the fence where she had been standing with the warden and a gaggle of guards and officials. Trish was bent over and trying not to cry as she swept her mane of blonde hair out of the way and glowered at her boss.

“Look Trish, the Warden insisted you guys fight nude. What can I say? He’s obviously a perv, but that’s his deal and as you can see Jackie’s OK with it so if you refuse she’ll be judged the winner and he’s going to pin both drugs offenses on you. Come on, you can do this!”

As bizarre as it was there was something quite uplifting about Stephanie obviously getting behind Trish, she clearly was willing her to win and that boosted Trish’s ego and seeing that she had little other choice she began to strip off the ill-fitting orange jumpsuit. Any boost was short lived though as once her soft white skin was full exposed and she stood there at the gate naked as the day she was born she couldn’t help but think this was a pivotal moment in her life, and she was scared. She had precious little time to dwell on that fear though as just then both Diva’s gates were unlocked and both Jackie and Trish were pushed into the arena and had the gates firmly closed and locked behind them.

Trish Stratus and Jackie Moore stood less than 20 feet apart and glared at each other intensely. To them, right then the rest of the world did not exist. Each moved slowly towards the other and at 10 feet apart Jackie stopped and sneered.

“I am looking forward to this you fake titted, white bimbo, gonna show you who’s really tough now!”

“Yeah, yeah Jackie, I’ve heard it all before, watch that chip on your shoulder doesn’t weigh you down you dumb fucking nigger!”

Trish had said that to get her foe to charge in angrily but Jackie just grinned her toothy smile and approached carefully, like a hunter approaching her prey. At three feet apart Jackie put her hands up as if demanding a Greco-Roman knuckle lock up. Trish, instinctively reached up for it and got a kick between her legs for her trouble Trish gasped and put her hands down there automatically and was treated to a full on punch right to the chin that sent her flying onto her back stunned. Jackie was on her immediately and unleashed more hard punches to Trish’s face, landing several before the blonde got her arms up and protected her features somewhat.

“Dumb white bitch, this ain’t no wrestling match, no booker here to save your ass!” snarled Jackie as she changed her target and began to claw viciously at Trish’s large, milk coloured breasts. And as Jackie had spent the afternoon filing her nails on the metal bars of her cell they were razor sharp!

Trish squealed and screeched as her breasts were torn up and shredded by those wicked nails creating a myriad of raw, red scrapes across her tits before in her wild struggles Trish managed to get her legs up and literally kick Jackie off her. But Jackie was like a woman possessed and back on Trish before the blonde could get back to her feet. She rammed into her, driving Trish’s back into the caged fence, leaving her sitting there as she got to her feet then drove a series of hard kicks into Trish’s tits and ending up by placing her right foot on Trish’s throat and pressing it hard .

“Give up bimbo and save yourself a world of hurt, come on 10 years in a South America jail won’t be that bad will it?”

Trish knew she was struggling and with her own advice to fight as dirty as Jackie would still ringing in her ears she reached her hand up and grabbed Jackie’s large labia and nipped and twisted and pulled it all at the same time. That got an instant reaction from Jackie and she cried out and backed off only to find Trish hanging onto that sensitive bit doggedly and it wasn’t until Jackie balled up her hand into a fist and slammed a punch to the top Trish’s head that she forced her to break that incredibly painful hold. Jackie staggered back against the chain link fence and, ignoring her opponent for a moment, cupped her hands over her crotch as if that could help the pain. That was all the break Trish needed and she forced herself to her feet and threw herself at Jackie, ramming her in the gut with her head and driving her back against the unforgiving fence.

All Trish’s anger, fear and frustration boiled over and had a target as she stood over a winded Jackie and she unleashed a barrage of punches and slaps to the black woman, really rocking her head back and forth. And when she tired of that she hauled an unresisting Jackie to her feet by her hair, dragged her across the yard and flung her face first into the metal mesh that separated the two combatants from the group of watchers, Stephanie and the warden in pride of place. Jackie’s skull ricocheted back but Trish held on and brutally rubbed her forehead back and forth across the rough, rusted metal of the fence until Trish could feel wet in her fingers as Jackie’s head was busted open and bleeding. She pushed Jackie’s head harder onto the fence and snarled.

“How about you give up Jackie? Before I bust you up even more!”

Jackie growled out a guttural “Fuck you” before Trish used her hair to pull back her head then bounced it forward into the steel again before turning Jackie around and driving her forearm into Jackie’s throat and pressing hard on it. Perhaps that was a mistake though as looking at the animalistic features of Jackie Moore and blood dribbled down her face did not suggest she was anywhere near ready to be beaten. And then Jackie’s vicious claws found Trish’s big tits again, sinking her nails into the soft underside of her udders and digging in deep before ripping at them wildly.

Under that assault Trish had no option but to back off and release Jackie’s head from where she had it pinned but a swift kick to Jackie’s gut made sure she released her claws (painfully) from her flesh. They separated, breathing heavily and both in various degrees of pain and glared at each other, the reward for victory forgotten and replaced for the moment by sheer unadulterated hatred for the other.

Between the heat and the exertion they were already aching but still they advanced on each other determinedly, Trish dropped to go for her opponents legs but was caught right on the chin with a beautiful uppercut punch from Jackie that damn near knocked Trish out where she was standing. Through some kind of survival instinct Trish managed to stay conscious but couldn’t prevent her legs giving out on her and dropping hard on the ground. Staying aware didn’t seem so great a thing to Trish as she was powerless to prevent Jackie jumping on her prone body, straddling her arms and chest and then raining down hard punch after hard punch to Trish’s face. They were serious blows and must have been hurting Jackie’s hands delivering them but she didn’t care, she was unloading on the blonde bitch who she hated and who traded on her looks and she was getting to literally destroy them!

It was a brutal two minute spell as Jackie smashed punch after punch into Trish’s model face. After three shots to her left eyebrow she got a cut and the eye almost immediately started to bruise and swell. Another punch splattered the blonde’s nose and caused it to start bleeding as was her lip after another blow and it was only when Jackie tired that she paused, considered her handiwork then dragged Trish up by her tits and repaid the favour of flinging her face first into the steel mesh of the fence.

And if Trish had rubbed Jackie face into the mesh hard then Jackie returned the action in spades, grinding Trish’s beautiful face into the rusted steel twice as hard and twice as long so that when she finally relented and pulled Trish back her whole face was coated in the blood that had been grated from her forehead. Jackie laughed as she saw the mess she had made of Trish’s face before flinging her to the ground face first, then mounting her back and this time rubbing Trish’s ruined face into the dirty, hard ground of the area. When Jackie quit that and lifted Trish’s head up by her hair she was unrecognisable as the model cover girl she had been, her face was a heady mix of blood and dirt, same with her hair which was streaked red and brown now.

Jackie led her by the hair like a dog over to the fence where Stephanie and the crowd were watching and lifted Trish up and smacked her face once more into the fence, then holding it there and demanding that Trish submitted.

What a sight it made for the Warden and his selected team, these two statuesque, contrasting beauties, both bleeding like stuck pigs and fighting for their futures. Trish blurted out a blood soaked refusal, then another when Jackie asked again then gave a blood curdling screech as she felt Jackie’s fingers snake down behind her and stab at her pussy.

The thought of those vicious talons inside her most tender area sparked panic in Trish and she struggled and flailed wildly and as she did managed to drive her elbow back and right into Jackie’s throat. Jackie suddenly released Trish and lifted her hands to her own throat, gasping. For a moment she thought she was dying, she couldn’t get a breath, she dropped to her knees frantically trying to get oxygen and failing. Trish meanwhile was sliding face first down the fence leaving a smear of her blood on the mesh as she went. She was aware that she must have made a decent connection with Jackie but was expecting the assault to re-commence before she could get herself together, but as the seconds passed nothing came and Trish managed to turn and swipe her blood splattered hair from her eyes and saw that the black girl was still on her knees trying to catch a breath.

This was desperation stakes now for Trish, she not only feared that her future may be in a Colombian jail cell but that this psycho bitch might even end her life, she could not afford to just lay there and allow this to happen. So Trish pushed through the pain that was her face and body and forced herself up onto shaky legs and moved over to Jackie and from somewhere found the strength to drive her kneecap right into her opponents face, smashing her nose in the process. Jackie offered nothing as Trish pushed her onto her back with her foot and returned the favour of earlier by straddling her torso and firing in a series of hard punches to Jackie’ unprotected face, though Trish’s punches had nowhere near the power that Jackie’s had they still marked up the black girl badly. The only good news for Miss Moore was that her throat had sorted itself and she was breathing again, though somewhat wheezily. She just had to lay there and take the beating back.

Trish was already convinced that she was unlikely to be able to force Jackie to submit, she was notoriously tough and stubborn so the bloody blonde instead decided to go for a knock out, and with the black woman already struggling with her breathing and where she was sitting it was the easiest thing in the world for Trish to place her hands on Jackie’s throat and begin to squeeze it hard, effectively strangling her foe. That brought Jackie back into things as it suddenly dawned on her that she could, in fact, lose this fight. She wriggled and struggled to escape and it was here that the copious amount of blood that both women had spilled aided her as she was able to slip out from under Trish and that Trish’s hands slipped off Jackie’s neck.

As they both struggled to get to their feet Jackie found the perfect opportunity to ram her forehead right into Trish’s face, head-butting her square on her perfect little nose. There was no break but it was enough for the blonde to put both her hands to her nose instinctively to cover and protect it. This allowed Jackie to get to her feet, grip the back of Trish’s head by her blood stained hair before flinging her backwards so that the back of her head smacked into the hard ground. Jackie got on top of her and laid in a few more punches but her knuckles were swollen and sore from her earlier assault with her fists so instead she settled for bitch slapping the yelping blonde. Then when Trish managed to turn her face away it exposed an unbloodied bit of skin on her ear lobe and the by now animalistic Jackie’s eyes went wide and she dropped her mouth on it and bit it!

Trish gave an ear piercing scream and wriggled wildly, bucking her foe off and she scurried on all fours just trying to get away from Jackie. But she quickly came face to face with the wire fence with Stephanie and the others on the other side. She gave them a pleading look just before Jackie grabbed her head from behind and smashed it into the fence, then proceeded to repeat that act fifteen more times, then as she tired she started rubbing her busted open face onto the wire again and this time Trish offered no resistance as her trademark looks were ripped apart. Jackie pulled her dead weight up and pushed her face into the wire, blood oozing out where the steel pressed in and slipped her talon like fingered from behind up and into Trish’s pussy and began clawing at the insides and then fixed her teeth on that ear lobe again and started tearing at it with her teeth.

In desperate pain and fear and with the Warden and Stephanie right on the other side of the fence (grinning?) Trish had nothing left but to cry out her submission. But Trish Stratus’s pathetic, sobbed surrender did not bring her torture to a finish, instead Jackie kept on scratching the inside of her pussy and intensified her biting until with a guttural howl of anger Jackie’s mouth came away with Trish’s left ear lobe still trapped in her teeth having bitten it right off her ear!

“Jackie! You’ve won.” Stephanie spoke authoritively through the fence to the dark woman.

Jackie snarled.

“I know, but I’m not fucking finished yet, throw be that old garden hoe there.”

The guards looked at the Warden who looked at Stephanie, who thought a moment before a cruel smirk formed and she nodded, which led to one of the guards tossing a long handed, wooden hoe over the fence and right to Jackie’s feet. Jackie lifted a keening, sobbing, almost catatonic Trish to her feet and dragged her across the yard and slammed her into the picnic table until she was bent over it, bleeding all over the surface, especially from her ruined ear. She didn’t move as Jackie retrieved the hoe and snapped it into three pieces. The rounded wooden end she aimed at then rammed it right into Trish’s arsehole, forcing it as far up as she could, the second piece’s jagged and wicked looking but that didn’t stop Jackie shoving it into Trish’s pussy and then using her hands to pound both pieces of the handle to double fuck Trish cruelly and viciously as she lay cross the table screaming and crying until it was all too much and the blonde passed out. That didn’t stop Jackie though as she continued to pound the bits of wood in and out, by now both were blood stained as well until three guards enter the area and had to physically pull Jackie off her defeated opponent.


“Wow that was really something Jackie, I don’t think I’ve been so aroused by a fight in my life!”

And Stephanie McMahon sounded entirely sincere as she followed Jackie into a shower block where Jackie was going to wash off after that brutal encounter.

“Yeah well, she had it coming a long time, I uuuuurgghhhhhh…………”

Stephanie had taken the prison made razor blade shiv she had slipped into her gloved hand and casually come up behind Jackie and slit her throat. Jackie gurgled and looked at her boss as she slipped to the tiles, the life quickly leaving her accusing eyes.

“Sorry Jackie but you’re a loose end and I can’t afford any.”

The business woman stepped over Jackie’s corpse as she exited the showers and moved to the end of the corridor where an unconscious Trish was having the bits of handle removed from her arse and cunt and getting her ear sewn up, she had obviously been sedated. Stephanie placed the shiv in Trish’s right hand and made sure there was a perfect hand print on the weapon before handing it to the smiling Warden. He bagged it up and escorted Miss McMahon away.

“Now Hector, I know you’ll make sure MIss Stratus feels the full force of the law, I mean drug smuggling and murder? What would that be worth?”

“Oh Stephanie, I assure you Miss Stratus will never leave this prison, life, for her, will mean life!”


Trish limped slowly down the corridor, being prodded to hurry up by the guard behind her with his nightstick. It was a struggle given she was in wrist cuffs and ankle shackles that were chained together meaning the best she could do was a shuffle along the dusty prison corridor. And given what was likely awaiting the now disgraced WWE Diva did she really want to hurry? Given she was stark naked and being led to the secret “Private” cell in the prison she thought she knew what to expect.

That cell had come to be Trish Stratus’s own personal gateway to hell. Since she had been incarcerated here then sentenced to live out what in all probability would be the remainder of her life here, she had visited that cell too many times to count. She had sucked and fucked the Warden in there. She had sucked and fucked the Warden’s guards in there. The Warden’s wife in there and even on one particularly harrowing occasion the Warden’ Alsatian dog in there. She had also ‘entertained’ a variety of the Warden’s guests in there. Nobody really put off by the heavy scarring to Trish’s face and head and her half ear. She taken cock after cock in her ruined pussy and her wrecked asshole, allowed them to do anything that want with her, she had eaten shit and drunk piss in that cell, had her body whipped by the cruellest of men and even a few had just wanted to make love to her. And she knew that this was what was keeping her safe in here, that if it were not for her ‘celebrity’ status she would be dropped into the general population and she knew she would not last long in with the vicious, jealous, nasty South American inmates who already despised this fake titted, bottle blonde bimbo and had hissed exactly what they would do to Trish when they got their hands on her.

So Trish did what was expected of her in the cell, hating every minute of her degradation but knowing it was saving her from a worse fate. But how long would that last?

The guards stopped her progress just before they got to the cell and roughly pushed an orange ball gag into Trish’s surprised mouth (generally she was expected to use that particular orifice) then pulled and tightened the leather straps tightly behind her head. She was gagged and incapable of making much more of a sound than a heavily muffled moan. Then the door was opened and she was pushed inside and for the briefest moment Trish’s heart rose.

There stood Victoria (real name Lisa Marie Varon) a fellow WWE Diva. OK she had had her run ins with Trish both in storyline and real life but it made Trish feel for a moment that perhaps here was a way to get her side of thing known, to perhaps, find an ear willing to listen. But even shouting Victoria’s name into the gag came out completely unintelligible. And then the tall brunette turned fully around and stepped forward so she was illuminated under the single bare, lightbulb in the cell’s ceiling and Trish saw the mammoth item strapped to Victoria’s crotch. It was a strap on dildo, black in colour and about the same size as a small baseball bat (and about as wide!). Instinctively Trish cowered backwards but found the cell door being audibly slammed then locked shut – she was trapped in here with Victoria and the more Trish regarded the look on Victoria’s face the more terrified she was.

“Well Trish, you murdering cunt, how are you? However you are it’s better than poor Jackie! I said to Stephanie that you deserved more than just a life in jail and look what she organised for me.”

Victoria had stepped to the side to reveal a small fire burning in a metal container that held a long metal pole in it. Victoria picked it up and showed the glowing, red hot end to Trish, it read “VICTORIA’S BITCH” backwards.

“Now turn around and bend over Trish, or do I have to beat you into position?”

Trish cried in frustration at her inability to speak to her former colleague, to explain what had gone down, that she hadn’t murdered Jackie, that it was all a set up, but it was hopeless and as Victoria bore down on her the blonde meekly acquiesced and shuffled around and, as far as he her shackles would allow, bent over and braced herself.

Victoria made her wait a little while, savouring the tension as Trish waited for the pain then Victoria carefully and strongly pressed the red hot branding iron into the soft, white flesh of Trish’s right ass cheek. Trish screamed into her gag in absolute agony and in fact overbalanced and fell awkwardly on her face on the hard floor, unable to save herself due to her bondage but Victoria kept the iron in place and seared the words into Trish’s skin permanently. And, when Victoria removed the iron Trish was in perfect position on her front for Victoria to get in behind her and roughly force the enormous girth of her dildo into the dry, unyielding arsehole of Trish. An hour later when Victoria was done Trish’s arsehole was nearly double the size it had been, and she had to be carried back to her cell. Only when Trish looked up she saw it wasn’t her cell she had been left in, rather she had been placed in the general population and now shared a cell with three very angry looking Latino’s………….