A superhero themed six woman tag match kicks this latest PV extravaganza off with a number of debutants in the Federation facing off in a DC versus Marvel face off. For the main the encounter is a face versus face match up, though on occasion Aussie Margot bends the rules somewhat, tripping her opponents when not the legal woman, pulling hair, low blows but who could hate the erstwhile Harley Quinn? Certainly not the crowd when the mischievous Margot leaned in on a trapped in the corner Scarlett and laid in a long, wet, slobbery French Kiss that the crowd (and apparently Scarlett) approved of!

Besides Margot Robbie’s antics the match was also a showcase for Gal Gadot’s strength and power (including press slamming both Bennett and Lilly), Melissa Benoist’s high flying and the Marvel girls tenacity and toughness as they took a beating but hung in there until the closing moments, whereupon Cobie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan made their presence known by coming through the crowd and attacking Johansson and Lilly and brawling with them whilst the legal woman Chloe Bennett succumbed to a running powerslam from Gadot that nearly put her through the mat.

The winners in 11:33 are the DC triumvirate of GAL GADOT, MELISSA BENOIST and MARGOT ROBBIE.



This tag team match is a continuation of the Young American’s versus English feud that has been simmering for the past few months, headed up by Jennifer Laurence and Kate MIddleton leading the factions on either side. The two Game of Thrones English actresses are looking to make an impact on their debuts against the Modern Family babes.

The English girls are vicious from the first taking over on big chested brunette Ariel early on with Maisie in particular taking glee at stripping off her bra top and tormenting Ariel’s boobs. She spends agonising minutes clawing and scratching, twisting and squeezing, slapping and punching at Ariel’s oversized tits before finally walking her around the ring via having the underside of those tits being burned across the top rope all the way. But Maisie was enjoying her torture too much and got a little too close to Ariel’s corner and the literally crying 18 year old managed to just stretch out and tag in Sarah behind Maisie’s back.

And for a while the senior member of the Modern Family team took over, bouncing Maisie around easily and hitting dropkicks, clotheslines, backdrops before going for a leaping bodyblock from the top rope. However, Sophie ran across the apron to knock Sarah down and she took a hellacious crotch first drop right down onto the ring corner bolt. This allowed Maisie to tag in Sophie legally and the tall redhead took over from there. First stepping up to the corner, hooking Sarah’s head and delivering a brutal superplex, then lifting her up to drop her over Sophie’s knee in a cruel looking backbreaker that saw Sarah bent right over Sophie’s knee. That then led to a bone shaking powerbomb in centre ring which Sarah somehow kicked out of at the last moment. That didn’t halt this English wrecking crew though as Sophie turned to tag in Maisie before turning back to the limp Sarah Hyland and lifting her for another high powerbomb as Maisie climbed to the opposite turnbuckle then as Sophie smashed Sarah down to the canvas back first, Maisie leapt from the turnbuckle with a legdrop that landed right on Sarah’s face in a move they call the guillotine, and from there the three count was simple.

Your winners in 6:32 are SOPHIE TURNER & MAISIE WILLIAMS, but they aren’t finished and go to beat Ariel up some more and set her up for a guillotine too when Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez rush to the ring and sent Sophie and Maisie scurrying away, unable to completely destroy Ariel too. Still they’ve made their mark and added heavily to Kate’s team.


Next up is out first visit backstage where we find World Heavyweight Champion Jennifer Aniston relaxing in her dressing room. Her personal slave and servant Jennifer Love Hewitt is naked and on all fours whilst Aniston rests her feet on JLH’s back and casually sips from a champagne glass. Backstage interviewer Kate Upton asks the Champ for her thoughts on her latest defence of her Belt.

“My thoughts bitch? I’ll tell you what I think. I think this’ll be my easiest title match yet. Yeah even easier than beating up that poison dwarf Melissa Rauch last month. Angelina Jolie is a fucking has been. No scratch that! She’s a never been and I’ll make an example of her tonight so that everyone can see again what happens when you cross me. Just ask Kaley Cuoco, or Rauch or even ask this dumb bitch down here (pointing at Love Hewitt).”

Then in the background the dressing room door opens and in walks Megan Fox and Jennifer Aniston smirks at the camera.

“But you know me, leave no stone unturned, I’ve got information from close sources of how to really hurt Angelina, isn’t that right Megan?”

Angelina’s former tag team partner nods.

“Now slave, I think we should greet our guest with a foot job.”

And with that Megan placed her right foot in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s mouth and enjoys the tender mercies of her tongue as the camera pulls back and a clearly disgusted Kate Upton retreats too.


Now from the modern arena that the Federation has rented out for tonight’s events we travel to the Deep South for an outside broadcast match that will see two former tag team partners clash in a falls count anywhere, anything goes Trailer Park match. This sees Britney Spears take on Miley Cyrus in a real Trailer Park, with real residents (who have been warned not to interfere).

Britney emerges from one scabby looking mobile home dressed sexily in a loose white wife beater top and tiny denim Daisy Duke shorts and across the litter strewn road Miley emerges identically dressed from a similarly run down trailer. There is a bemused looking referee there but he’s only there to count pin attempts, anything else goes.

The two bottle blondes glare at each other before they both charge across the tarmac and collide with a scream apiece and both digging their fingers into the other’s hair and starting to tug and rip at it. There will be little to no wrestling here, this is just a low down, dirty, nasty catfight as is shown by the first advantage being gained by Britney scratching her nails into Miley’s eyes, causing her to break and allowing Britney to boot her in the gut then grab Miley’s head and hold it down while lifting her knee right into her face. That dropped Miley to her knees where Britney kicked her in the tits to knock her over and onto her back. From there Britney took real charge stomping her boot down her prone foe several times before hauling her up by her hair, dragging her off the road and towards a trailer and slamming her face into the back of the car that sat outside it.

This brought a local out onto his porch in his shorts and shouting at them, to which Britney shot him the middle finger and pulled Miley’s head back to slam it into the metal work again but Miley blocked it, elbowed her in the gut then returned the favour planting the older girls face right onto the back windscreen. She then went up to the ranting white trash guy, grabbed the bottle of cheap beer from his hand, took a long swig on it the smacked it right across Britney Spears head. It didn’t smash open but hit with a terrible thud and Britney fell to her face on the care grass lawn.

That set a dog barking at the trailer next door and gave Miley another idea, but first she ripped off Britney’s vest top to reveal her big, surgically altered tits before dragging her towards the barking dog by her long, dirty blonde hair. On the way Miley spied a little pile of dog shit and pushed Britney’s face into it and rubbed it in there laughing as Britney screamed in horror only to realise that opening her mouth wasn’t a clever idea. Miley was too busy enjoying herself to realise that Britney’s hands, which were scrambling in the dirt and grass had alighted on a discarded old dog chain and collar and she swung it blindly up and caught Miley in the face with it. Making her release Britney and stagger back with a cut on her lip. Livid Britney wrapped the chain around her right fist and before MiIey could react she got a hard, chain assisted punch to her face which instantly opened another cut above her eye. Britney was on her now and backed Miley right up against the nearest trailer and rained in punches, first at her face, when she covered then into her gut and then she slipped the collar over Miley’s head and yanked on it –it was a choke collar and instantly cut off air to Miley’s head.

“Wanna play with dog shit do you bitch! We’ll see how you like this!”

An enraged Britney led the choking Miley over towards the barking dog and lifted its tail and rubbed her nose right across the dogs arsehole!
As utterly humiliating as that was for Miley it ended up backfiring on Britney because the dog was none too amused and ended up snapping backwards and nearly catching Britney’s wrist, she dropped the leash and fell backwards and Miley could finally get some air into her lungs. And the dog was pissed at Britney and barked wildly at her as Miley scrambled away, unwinding the collar and chain from her neck and then winding the chain around her fist. So that when Britney bypassed the dog and went to pull her opponent up by her hair she got a chain assisted punch to her gut for her trouble and that doubled her over just perfectly for an uppercut to her chin that sent the older girl sprawling on the asphalt. That led to the first cover of this wild encounter but Britney kicked out at two.

It was a hot and humid day and the brawl was already taking its toll on these two bitches, Miley complaining to the ref that it should have been three and Britney puffing and struggling to get up. That effort was not helped by a kick to her ribs and then Miley rolling Britney over so that she could rub Britney’s face back and forth on the road surface, when she finally relented Britney’s face was a bruised and scraped mess and Miley laughed as she dragged her up by the hair, moved into another Trailer’s yard and Irish whipped her so that she slammed back first into the side of the trailer. As Britney slid down the side of the mobile home Miley grabbed her and went to whip her towards the swing that stood amongst the long, untended grass of the yard but Miss Spears reversed it and Miley took a hellacious bump and flew into the swing, fell over it and flew up and landed with a crunch almost on her head. There was an intake of breath audible from the crowd in the arena watching this chaos on the big screens and a couple of the yokels in the trailer park shouted “Holy shit” at Miley’s wicked bump.

Not that Britney cared she marched over to the prone Miley and mounted her chest and slapped the hell out of her before ripping off Miley’s vest top then pulling off her denim shorts and leaving her nude and still not showing much signs of life. Britney didn’t care though as she lifted Miley up by the hair and dragged her over to a pile of wooden pallets between two trailers and bodyslammed her atop them, then climbed up there and hoisted her up for a piledriver before dropped her right on her head on the top pallet. That may well have done for Miley but it was a dumb move as Britney went down too and the pile over balanced and Britney went sliding off and smacked onto the ground while Miley slid off on her back and both Southern Belles looked pretty much done.

We were treated to a near minute of split screen camera on both as they very slowly came too and slowly pulled themselves up. Not surprisingly it was Britney Spears that looked the better off and it was she who dragged her opponent down the side of the two trailers and into what amounted to a back yard. There were empty bottles and cans spread over the yard and Britney summoned her energy to slam Miley down on them, loving the smash of glass and crinkle of can that came from under the younger girls pain wracked body. Then Britney picked up a beer bottle and roughly forced it up into Miley’s pussy and sneered at her before kicking Miley’s crotch and smashing the glass inside her. Miley screamed and Britney stooped to goad her further and just at that moment Miley’s right hand flew up with a wine bottle and smashed it right on Britney’s skull, sending glass spraying everywhere and knocking Britney Spears spark out before her body even slumped to the ground.

Somehow a pain ravaged Miley Cyrus rolled Britney over and the relieved referee counted the three count on this crazy, wild, dangerous brawl.

The WINNER in 10:52 is MILEY CYRUS, but she doesn’t look like any kind of winner as we are returned to the buzzing arena.


Where, for perhaps the first time the referee in a match is being roundly booed as she struts to the empty ring. It is, of course, Emma Watson (who looks good in tight black shorts and a black and white striped bikini top), the former Junior Heavyweight Champion who has been allowed to referee the new champion’s first defence. Perhaps another example of owner Kate Middleton using her influence unduly?

Next out to a neutral response is the challenger, making her Federation debut, Emma Roberts. The American actress looks good in a white one piece bikini with a gold trim but gives nothing to the fans, instead concentrating on the ring and getting in and staring at Emma. The crowd explodes though when the Champion, Ariana Grande appears on the ramp and acknowledges the fans and walks to the ring while blowing them kisses and reaching over to slap their hands. She’s a very popular champion, especially as she unseated the hated Miss Watson to get there.

Ariana is in a pink string bikini with fluffy bits lining it and looks extremely cute. But her big smile disappears when she hits the ring and has to hand her belt over to Emma who snatches it from her aggressively. That sets Ariana off and she starts arguing with Emma and so is taken completely by surprise when she is punched in the kidney by Emma and drops to her knees. Seeing her enemy in strife Emma chucks the belt to ringside and signals for the bell to ring.

To a resounding chorus of boos Emma Roberts tees off on her opponent, kicking her behind the ear to send her to the mat then stomping the hell out of her. She then hauls her up by Ariana’s long hair and whips her hard into a corner, following up with a big splash that segues into a flawless bulldog that plants Ariana’s face to the canvas. That gains Emma a two count that looks a little too fast. Emma picks Ariana up again but in a flash the brunette hooks Emma’s legs and rolls her into a pinning cradle that Emma Watson counts fairly for two before Roberts kicks out. She then reaches out and rakes Ariana’s eyes as they rise and gives Emma Watson a glare for counting fairly that gets a returning glare – no love lost there.

The next couple of minutes see Emma Roberts take complete control, really working over Ariana’s back with bodyslams, Irish whips to the turnbuckles and finally a backbreaker over her knee that she holds in place and bends Miss Grande like a paperclip demanding a submission. She doesn’t get one though and again when Roberts goes to lock her in an over the shoulder backbreaker Ariana escapes and grapples down her opponents back and rolls her up for a two count.

Getting increasingly annoyed Roberts gets a little sloppy and when she whips Ariana to the ropes and then drops her shoulder to flip her on her return she’s open for Ariana holding onto the ropes then coming back with a leaping legdrop right to Emma’s neck that drives her face into the mat and gains her a two count that seemed a little on the slow side from Emma Watson. If that was doubtful then there is no doubt a minute later when Ariana hits a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle and goes for a cover, it’s like Emma’s counting in tar so slow she goes and again Emma Roberts kicks out.

At that Ariana shoves Emma Watson, who shoves her back and Emma Roberts behind rolls her up and a very nearly gets the win with a very fast count from Watson.

At that a figure storms down the ramp, expecting back up for Ariana the crowd cheer as newcomer Daisy Ridley runs to the apron wielding a long stick in her hands and gets Emma Watson’s attention. Watson argues with her but this is swiftly shown to be a subterfuge as Daisy turns around and nails Ariana right on the skull with the stick! Clearly Daisy is the newest member of Kate Middleton’s group and as a young English Actress perhaps we should not be surprised.

With Ariana laid out Emma Roberts crawls over and covers her but this time Emma Watson refuses to count and instead leans out of the ring and instructs the bell to be rung and the announcement given.

Your winner by Disquailification due to outside interference in 7:06 is ARIANA GRANDE. This infuriates Miss Roberts who grabs Watson’s shoulders and spins her around to berate her. For that she paid dearly as Daisy swung the stick again and smashed it off her skull knocking her to the canvas beside Ariana. With chaos in the ring Emma Watson cockily takes the microphone and elaborates on her plans.

“You see bitches, I have got my re-match at the next PPV, Summer Slut Slam, and as per The Duchess’s commands we’ll both be able to pick a stipulation for the match. My pick Ariana is that it’s my favourite type of match - a ladder match, surely you recall how I destroyed your little friend Sarah Hyland in one?”

With that Emma dropped the mic on Ariana and strutted her way up the ramp, but just as she got there Ariana managed to pick up the microphone and respond haltingly still suffering from that skull shot from Daisy’s stick.

“OK bitch, fine, my stipulation is that if you lose you never, ever, get another shot at this belt!”

A surprised looking Miss Watson takes a moment to take this in before nodding and looking confident as hell.

Backstage and Kim Kardashian is with the challengers for the World Tag Team Titles, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora and is asking them about their chances in the upcoming title match. It’s a Double Dog collar match and Iggy and Rita have the collars already on and have lengths of solid steel chain in their hands and are swinging them menacingly.

“Our chances Kim? Our chances? You should be asking what chances those two goodie two shoes have? Rita and I are gonna use these chains to shred those two bitches. I’ll lick the blood from Katy Perry’ s forehead then walk her round the arena like the dog she is!”

“Yeah, that’s right Iggy, and Rihanna? You call me and imitator? An imposter? Won’t be a problem ‘cos after tonight people will be saying you’re an imposter for the elephant man after I wreck you face with this!”

On that point Rita smashed the chain down hard on the ground.

So the World tag Team Championship match is up next and it is one of the most anticipated tag team encounters of the year. All the combatants are stars in their own rights and all are sexy as fuck, however, both teams absolutely hate the other and as well as Iggy and Rita’s vicious beat down of Katy and Rihanna after their defence at the last PPV there has been a stream of harsh comments back and forth in the media and social media in the build up to this encounter. It’s the challenger that come to the ring first. Rita and Iggy are both wearing revealing white string bikini’s and as evidenced in their pre-match interview already have their collars around their necks and the long, hard steel chains connected, which they are swinging menacingly already. They look sexy as fuck but also pretty angry and mean. They glower as their Gangsta rap theme dies down and is replaced by a poppy number and the champions skip out to the top of the ramp in matching red string bikinis and with the belts around their waist and saluting the vocal support from the crowd. They skip down the ramp but come to a dead halt at the apron as Iggy and Rita lean over the ropes and swing the chains at the Champs and prevent them getting into the ring.

This potential stand-off is eventually halted by the referee who finally gets the challengers to desist and allow the champions into the ring, where they take off their belts and stand as the referee connects the chain to their silver collars too. As soon as they are clipped in the challengers charge forward and the four singers start a wild brawl!

As had been intimated earlier, Iggy Azalea is chained to Katy Perry and Rita Ora is chained to Rihanna. Their chains are about ten feet long, so plenty of room to manoeuvre. The rules of this match are that pretty much anything goes, there are no tags, no rules, no touching of corners just pinfall or submission, with falls counting anywhere. From the off Iggy is on Katy like white on rice, raining in punches and slaps, backing her into a corner then trying to use the chain to swing into Katy’s face. She ducks that but gets a kick to her gut for her trouble and Iggy gets behind her as she drops to her knees and wraps the chain around Katy’s head (above the collar level) and starts to choke her with it.

Meanwhile, hated rivals Rita and Rihanna are embroiled in a wild catfight, the chain, for the moment not playing any part. They are quickly on their back and rolling back and forth, clawing at the other’s face and pulling at their hair. Eventually they roll right out of the ring and it’s Rita that takes the brunt of the drop onto the hard concrete with Rihanna landing atop her. The Barbadian beauty takes advantage of this lucky break by straddling Rita and delivering a series of stinging slaps to Rita’s face before getting up and pulling Rita with her by the chain then using it to whip Rita along the ringside area and smashing into the metal crowd barrier. Rita lay against the barrier dazed and Rihanna followed up by charging at her and clotheslining her right over the barrier and crashing unceremoniously on the floor at the feet of the front row of the crowd. The crowd are loving that and cheer Rihanna on as she loops the chain and then uses it like a whip to lash it hard acoss Rita’s Ora’s back. She follows that up with three more swipes that put a pained Rita down on her front in the crowd.

Back in the ring Iggy uses her position of standing behind Katy to drive her elbow down onto her forehead a couple of times while Katy is gasping for breath. Worse follows for the brunette as Aussie Iggy wraps some chain around her fist and measures a flurry of chain assisted punches to Katy’s head and before too long she’s busted open and a trickle of red blood is dripping down her forehead. Loving that Iggy bends down and starts to bite on this cut but that’s a mistake as Katy times it right to drive her head up and catches the blonde right on her chin.

That move stunned Iggy and finally allowed Katy to get to her feet and get some offence in, starting by levelling the Australian blonde with a lariat style clothesline that sent her spinning onto her back. From there Miss Perry dropped onto Iggy’s chest, wrapped the chain around her fist and proceeded to deliver a barrage of punches to Iggy’s unprotected face that by the time the tenth (the crowd counted each one) landed had returned the favour of busting the blonde open and creating a big cut on her forehead.

Both champions were dominant now , as outside the ring Rihanna was busy rubbing and grinding Rita’s face across the concrete floor, really scuffing up her pretty features. Done with that Rihanna dragged her foe up by the chain and hooked her arm over her shoulders and went to lift her up then drop her gut first over the metal railing. But trying that in a crowded area backfired and Rita managed to hook her leg on a fan to block the move and in a surprising show of strength reversed the move and ended up suplexing Rihanna herself dropping her back first across the rail! It was a horrific looking bump that drew a sharp intake of breath from the fans, a yelp of agony from Rihanna before she slid off the rail and lay in a crumpled heap next to the ring.

From her mount position Katy Perry was able to watch in horror at her partners landing and got up and moved over to the ropes to try and go out to check on her. But as she stepped through the ropes Iggy recovered enough to tug back on the chain to prevent her and by the time Katy had figured out what was holding her up Iggy was on her feet and charged and her and hit her with a clothesline that saw Katy knocked over, get her feet trapped in the ropes and then fall over and be left dangling from the ring by the ropes upside down.

Careful not to get tangled by the chain Iggy moved through the ropes and stood between the helplessly dangling Katy and the unmoving Rihanna and proceeded to stamp the hell out of both of them, dishing out a stamp to one then to the other until Rita Ora was up to her feet at which point Iggy dropped to her knees and wrapped the chain around Katy’s face and stamped on it like that. Rita climbed over the rail, still in some pain but very much on top of her opponent now and Lifted Rihanna to her feet before Irish whipping her viciously, right on her back into the guard rail

Things had assuredly turned around now and Iggy Azalea looked to compound that by taking a folding steel chair and using it to bash Katy Perry while she dangled, getting in three hard shots before the brunette dropped unceremoniously on her head, her feet finally free of the ropes. Not that that helped greatly as Iggy just took her new position as perfect to ram the end of the chair into Katy’s gut a couple of times before choking her with it.

But as desperate as Katy’s predicament was Rihanna’s appeared worse as Rita hoisted her up onto her shoulder for a powerslam but instead of slamming her down on the mat or the floor Rita dropped her back first once again across the steel guard rail then managed to hold Rihanna there in an impromptu and cruel looking backbreaker that had Rihanna literally crying in pain. Eventually Rita tired of this form of torture and flipped Rihanna back into her arms in a bear hug and turned then rammed Rihanna, back first into the steel corner post, and literally dragged her back into the ring by the chain and collar. At this stage Rihanna looked in bad shape and only just managed to kick out of a lazy pin attempt at two. Rita just rolled her foe onto her front, sat on her back and hooked her arms over Rita’s knees and wrapped a length of chain across Rihanna’s face and pulled back with all her strength in a chain assisted brutal camel clutch!

Rihanna’s partner was faring little better, although Iggy had discarded the chair and was now attempting to humiliate Katy Perry rather than further damage her. She was doing this by pulling off the brunette’s bikini top and once she had freed those voluminous tits she yanked off Katy’s bikini briefs leaving the mega star singer lying on the floor completely nude other than the silver collar round her neck. This however, served to enrage Katy and give her a few moments of not taking physical punishment and this allowed her to recuperate slightly so that when Iggy stooped to pick her up she was able to fire a punch right into her gut. Followed by another, then another, making Iggy stumble away from her. Ignoring her nudity Katy Perry pushed herself up and as Iggy came back at her launched herself at her and nailed her with a spear on the floor that left both combatants down.

Back in the ring things were looking grim for Rihanna, the chain wrapped around her face was bending her nose obscenely but really the problem was her spine. As limber as she was it was getting bent in ways it shouldn’t be tonight. And Rita was exerting a lot of pressure, determined to hurt her hated rival as much as she could and to humiliate her into submitting in the centre of the ring. Despite the excruciating pain Rihanna was a determined woman herself and was not, as yet, for quitting.

Outside Iggy was struggling to her feet whilst Katy got to her knees, but that was perfect for Katy as she swung a doubled over length of chain and swung it up hard between the blonde’s thighs smacking her hard in the pussy and dropping her to her knees where Katy completed the assault with a hard right hook that sent Iggy reeling onto her side. Then seizing the moment Katy got up and rolled into the ring, still gripping her doubled over length of chain. She was directly behind where Rita Ora strained to pull back on her camel clutch and she only just had enough chain to do it but Katy swung the chain with all her strength and crashed it into the back of Rita’s unsuspecting skull. It did the job, completely stunning Rita and forcing her to break her crippling hold. Rita slumped to the mat on top of the unmoving Rihanna and Katy lay on the mat behind them catching her breath while Iggy lay motionless outside the ring. It had been quite the battle already!

Katy Perry was definitely the best placed to go on the offence despite being completely nude and she decided to try and help out her partner, she dragged Rita over to her then lifted her so her head was trapped between her thighs and flipped her up and slammed her down with a ring shaking powerbomb that left Miss Ora spark out right beside Rihanna.

However, when Katy rose to her feet she suddenly found herself being pulled back quickly by her collar and chain – Iggy had got to her feet, picked up the loose chair and got to the ring apron before pulled Katy towards her and using the chair to crack it across Katy’s skull as she hit the ropes. Iggy got a short leash on the chain and made sure Katy stayed standing despite being dazed and then wrapped the chain multiple times round her neck and using it to choke the life out of her with each standing on either side of the ropes. Katy’s complexion had almost turned a shade of purple by the time Iggy released it and unwrapped her and hopped over the ropes into the ring where she pretty much landed onto a superkick Rihanna. It was picture perfect connecting right on Iggy’s chin but the wince and hand to her lower back that Rihanna gave told its own story and she was in no position to follow up.

This brutal contest had taken its toll on all four combatants and they were all in various states of pain in the ring now and this time it was Rita Ora first to recover, getting in behind the struggling Rihanna and driving a forearm up between her thighs from behind for a nasty looking low blow before laying in several chain assisted punches to Rihanna’s spine. Then she Irish whipped her as hard as she could across the ring to smash back first into the turnbuckle. The impact of that brought a pained grimace to Rihanna’s face and she slumped in the corner. This allowed Rita to stand on Katy Perry’s hair whilst Iggy gripped her big nipples and yanked up on them with all her might. It made for quite the sight as Katy Perry’s huge tits got painfully stretched upwards and Iggy taunted her and demanded a submission.

Seeing her partner’s plight Rihanna made one last effort and tugged on the chain, managing to pull Rita away and off Katy’s hair. Annoyed Rita came over and started stamping the hell out of Rihanna before slipping out of the ring and then pulling Rihanna back so that her spine lay across the steel corner post. From there Rita wrapped some of the chain around Rihanna’s ankles then took carful grip of both ends of chain ( at Rihanna’s collar and her ankles) and fell back bending Rihanna obscenely against the post in an impromptu bow and arrow style manoeuvre.

Her last chance at escape lay with Katy who watched in horror as her partner was so cruelly tortured in the corner and moved to rescue her but Iggy slammed her from behind then swiftly tossed her over the top rope but grabbed hold of the chain just a foot or so from Katy’s collar, neatly hanging her over the ropes her legs dangling helplessly. As Katy tried to get her feet back on the apron Rihanna could hold out no longer and with tears in her eyes she cried out her submission.

Your winners and new WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS are RITA ORA & IGGY AZALEA in 18:29.

But the new champs are not done yet and Rita keeps on bending Rihanna for another thirty seconds or so and Iggy continues to hang Katy for a similar time before they both release the defeated ex-champions. But they are still not done and they throw the beaten team back into the ring, along with stripping Rihanna nude on the way, and with the chains taken from their collars the new champions position the old champions in centre ring in a perfect 69 position before Rita and Iggy are finally presented with the Championships belts and they pose with their feet on the writhing, nude flesh below, it’s certainly one of the most humiliating losses in recent times.


Backstage the Duchess Kate Middleton is unusually all but alone (her bodyguard Eva Green lingers behind the ornate throne Kate sits on). Catherine Zeta Jones enters and curtsies before addressing her boss.

“You Majesty, you called for me?”

“Yes Catherine, I did. I just wanted to re-affirm what I said last month. I want you to squash Jennifer Lawrence, I want you to beat her to within an inch of her miserable, American life. Then after you have humiliated her in the ring I want you to drag her back here to me and make her kiss my feet.”

Yes, Duchess, I’ll try my best.”

Not the right answer from the Commissioner as Kate’s voiced went to an angry shrill, screech.

“TRY!? TRY?! You better do better than that Catherine, anything less will be very bad news for you. As I said if you fail you’ll be sacked as Commissioner and I will kick you out of the Federation too, and I’ll turn the full strength of my Court into making sure you don’t get any other job anytime soon.”

There was a flare of anger on the Welshwoman’s face as Catherine looked up but by then she was aware of footsteps behind her and turned to see Elizabeth Hurley, Keira Knightley, Victoria Beckham, Pippa Middleton, Kelly Brook, Emma Watson, Daisy Ridley, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner all staring at her.

“Go and get ready! Do not fail me!” demanded the Duchess and Catherine left flanked by all the rest except Eva. Once they were away Kate turned to Eva and said to something so quietly the cameras didn’t pick it up but the Frenchwoman nodded to whatever it was…


Elsewhere Kate Upton stands with Jennifer Lopez, having asked her thoughts on the upcoming triple threat match involving Lopez, Nicki MInaj and Beyoncé. Miss Upton looks implausibly hot in a white string bikini and before she speaks Jennifer casts a scornful glance at the bimbo interviewer.

“Beyoncé. Bitch. I got nothing against you. But you are in the ring in the wrong place at the wrong time. You’d do well to just stay out of my way. Nicki, me and you got issues to settle and I intend to settle them tonight you fat, nigger piece of trash. And I promise if you put you fat ass anywhere near me tonight you will regret it.”

With that definite threat J-Lo stormed off, leaving Kate Upton staring at the camera for a second before she is assaulted from behind. Hit with a hard forearm to the back of her head then stomped mercilessly as she curled up on the floor. Her attacker? Her fellow backstage interviewer Kim Kardashian who evidently did not take well to this newcomer to her job. Kim marches over the backstage area and picks up a rubbish bin and lifts it then empties its contents all over the downed blonde’s body, before finishing up by smashing the bin across Kate’s back several times then spitting on her.


Beyoncé is the first participant in the three way dance to come to the ring and she looks serious as she descends the ramp in her chain mail, two piece bikini. The statuesque beauty looks angry at the racial slur J-Lo made and all the fiercer for the scars that are still visible from Beyoncé’s bloodbath victory over Pink at the last PPV.

Second to the ring is Nicki Minaj, who has no problems with Beyoncé but is still nonetheless determined to win this match. The short, big assed and big breasted black rapper is wearing luminous pink bra and panties and looks pneumatic. She slides into the ring and knocks fists with Beyoncé as a show of respect.

Last into the contest is the controversial Jennifer Lopez. She arrives to a chorus of boos from the crowd who think she is so up herself, while being a fake and a down right nasty racist. In a snakeskin one piece J-Lo could care less what the plebs think and sniffily descends the ramp ignoring them but she’s in no hurry to get in the ring. In fact she slowly circles the ring while the other two glare at her and she grabs the ring microphone and addresses the arena haughtily.

“You know what, I know just what you two filthy niggers will do, you’re going to double team me because you know neither one of you could beat me on your own or in a fair three way. So I am refusing to get in the ring until you two prove you’re not in cahoots!”

And with that the Hispanic singer plonked herself down in a metal chair at ringside and stared at her opponents. For a moment it looked like she’d get what she wanted as Nicki faced up to Beyoncé and they locked up before Beyoncé whipped the smaller woman into the ropes, but as she returned Beyoncé moved to the opposite ropes and acted as an impromptu step that Nicki stepped on then launched herself over the top rope and flew over and slammed into the stunned Jennifer Lopez as she rose from her chair, flattening them both outside the ring!

The crowd loved that and roared its approval. They got even louder as Beyoncé then ascended to the top turnbuckle in the ring, waited until Nicki and Jennifer were to their feet then launched a flying bodypress at them that flattened all three on the outside!

As would be expected it was Beyoncé first to her feet and she pulled J-Lo with her by her hair and Irish whipped her across the floor and face first into the outside of the steel corner post. But any thoughts that this was going to be a 2-on-1 handicap match were dispelled as when Beyoncé went to pick up Lopez Nicki charged from behind leapt on the taller woman’s back and wrapped her arm under her chin and hooked in a sleeper hold. Beyoncé stayed on her feet and struggled to dislodge Nicki, they reeled past the groggy Jennifer Lopez and staggered for a few minutes at the bottom of the metal ramp entranceway. It was enough time for J-Lo to recover and realise her chance. As Beyoncé turned towards her Jennifer sprung at them with a spear that gored Beyoncé’s midsection and dropped both her and Nicki hard on the ramp.

The Latino superstar knew she had to alienate one of her foes so wasted no time in lifting Beyoncé up then powerbombing her hard on the ramp. She went for a cover but Nicki managed to weakly shove her off. That brought a stinging slap and then a hard knee to the face for Miss Minaj before Lopez led her back to the ring, flinging her in under the bottom rope before following her in. Jennifer then strove to create a definite advantage whilst Beyoncé was laid out, she slammed Nicki several times on her back and on the last one planted her large bottom squarely on Nicki’s face. Nicki struggled and used her hands to try to dislodge this humiliating move but J-Lo caught her wrists and held her at bay as she sank her ample backside further down.

Of course Nicki and Jennifer’s ongoing feud has been about who had the better ass smother so it would be pretty humiliating to lose this match in this way. And it looked like she might until Beyoncé rolled back into the ring and staggered over to nail her with a clothesline from behind. So with Nicki out of things and gasping for air Beyoncé took the fight to J-Lo, backing her up in a corner with a vicious series of knife edge chops, then grabbing her head, twirling round and nailing a perfect bulldog headlock that planted Lopez’s face in the canvas and garnered a two count. Beyonce was on a roll though and lifted J-Lo up before dropping her right on the front. But as she went to roll her over to go for a cover Nicki slammed into her and fell atop J-Lo for a cover herself!

Jennifer again kicked out at two and Nicki went for an immediate cover again but found herself lifted up, by the hair by an infuriated Beyoncé. And then the two black stars began trading blows in centre ring, punches, slaps, chops you name it for nearly a minute they went at it until Nicki nailed a hard right hook right to Beyoncé’s jaw that staggered her and sent her to the corner. Unfortunately just as it hit a recovered Jennifer Lopez was kneeling behind Nicki and rammed her forearm up between her thighs for a groan inducing low blow that dropped Nicki to her knees too. J-Lo shuffled over to where Beyonce leaned in the corner and rammed in another hard low blow before pulling herself up and stamping on her two opponents repeatedly first one then the other before virtually kicking Beyoncé under the bottom rope and dropping hard to the concrete floor.

Having gained, for virtually the first time in the match, an advantage Jennifer Lopez looked to take it as violently and viciously as she could. She pulled Nicki over so she was on her back, grabbed the ankles to split her legs apart and drove the heel of her boot right into Nicki’s groin repeatedly before finishing by jumping up and landing with her knees right on her hated enemies cunt. Nicki’s torso and head came up in a pained howl only to be met with a hard punch to her face from Lopez. From there she hauled Nicki to her feet roughly by her hair before lifting her up and dropping her down hard on her groin atop J-Lo’s outstretched knee and then bounced her up and down on it a few times to hammer home her move. At that point from the corner of her eye Jennifer saw Beyoncé pulling herself up the ring ropes to get back in the ring and dropped Nicki, charged across the ring and smashed into Beyoncé which saw her fly off the ring apron and crash through the announcers table at ring side. It shattered and fell apart and an unmoving Beyoncé lay in the middle of the debris.

As she turned her attention back to Nicki Jennifer stooped to pick her up but got quickly cradled by a hurting Miss Minaj into a small package and an ultra near fall two count that Lopez only just kicked out of. She did though and got up and stomped the hell out of Minaj when she was back to her feet. Then she carefully picked up Nicki and hoisted her up for a suplex but instead dropped her on the top rope crotch first leaving her uncomfortably straddling the top rope. Jennifer grabbed the rope and bounced it up and down causing Minaj to ride it upa nd down a few times before finally overbalancing and tumbling back into the ring. Jennifer was in complete command now and loving it, she smirked at the audience as she dragged Nicki up by her hair the whipped her low into the corner so that her legs flew under the bottom rope and crotched themselves on the steel ring post!

J- Lo was especially cocky now and sauntered over to where Nicki lay jammed under the bottom rope and tauntingly placed her ass over Nicki’s face, in an act of desperation the black girl just had enough about her to bite Jenny on the ass cheek, eliciting a scream from the Latino but then a series of hard stamps to Nicki’s unprotected face. Then Jenny slid out of the ring and grabbed both of Nicki Minaj’s ankles and paused a moment before pulling as hard as she could on them, crotching her enemy viciously on the post. Lopez then did the same again, grinning cruelly at the anguished cry that Nicki gave, in fact the notoriously tough rapper was actually crying as she lay helpless in the corner by now. Not that Lopez was going to stop and she went to deliver another crotch crushing move when suddenly Beyoncé was behind her, grabbing her hair and flinging her face forward to smash onto the steel post.

Jennifer Lopez’s nose exploded in a shower of blood and she immediately forgot about tormenting Nicki to clutch at her face, Beyoncé though was ahead of her and kicked her in the gut before nailing her with a DDT to the concrete floor. Then she dragged Jennifer into the ring and delivered a jumping DDT on the mat and made the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The bell rang and the crowd celebrated as the referee lifted Beyoncé’s hand in victory. The winner in 13:01 is BEYONCÉ and she’s earned a World Title shot at the next PPV with the hard fought win. Sportingly Beyoncé helps Nicki pull herself off the pole and helps her to her feet where she sees Jennifer Lopez laid out face up on the mat and goes for some revenge and plants her big, black ass right on the Latino superstar’s unsuspecting kisser. Jenny doesn’t realise what’s happening until its too late and she uselessly flailing her limbs under Nicki’s ass. After a minute or so those limbs stop moving and it’s clear Jenny’s out but Nicki’s not for moving until the newly crowned World Tag Team Champions Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora run down to help their friend but even that save isn’t immediate as Beyoncé holds them off for a while until Nicki finally peels her ass off Jennifer Lopez’s face having gained a measure of revenge for previous humiliations at Lopez’s hands (and ass).


Backstage and with the chaos of Kim Kardashian’s unprovoked assault on Kate Upton over there is just Carmen Electra left to do interviews and she’s with Angelina Jolie to ask about the upcoming main event.

“Angelina, we saw earlier that Jennifer Aniston was seemingly using Megan Fox to give her hints at to how to beat you later tonight, can you give us your thoughts.”

The sultry Angelina burns a stare into the screen before answering.

“It stands to reason that Aniston would turn to a back stabbing cunt like Megan Fox for advice. But it won’t be any use to you Jennifer because I am not dumb enough to turn my back on you or trust you like I did with Megan. And I promise you that nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, will prevent me becoming the first ever person to have held the World Tag Title and the World Heavyweight Title tonight!”

As Angelina moves away to go and start her final preparations another figure draws close, it’s new signing with the Federation, Lady Gaga, suitably weirdly dressed in black latex she’s looking very happy to be here and is positively gushing over how good Beyoncé was in the previous match when the woman herself arrives and Gaga give Beyoncé a big hug and a kiss and congratulates her on the win and says she’s sure she lift the belt at the next PPV. Beyoncé is only glad to hear that and welcomes a new ally to the war.


Next to the ring is the crowds’ most popular current star, Jenifer Lawrence. The way she has stuck up for the fans and American teenage wrestlers against Kate Middleton’s Queen’s Court has really got the fans on side with her and as she emerges on the ramp clad in a sexy, scarlet two piece bikini the crowd go wild, she acknowledges them and waves to them as she makes her way to the ring for this showdown with the Commissioner Catherine Zeta Jones which will determine the 46 year old Welsh actress’s future. Duchess Kate has laid down the ultimatum that Catherine win here and humble Miss Lawrence or she will be fired this very night.

Catherine’s entrance is notable for two things. One how good the raven haired beauty looks despite her age in a one piece bikini that shows a hefty dose of cleavage. Two she is alone, usually when members of the Queen’s Court fight they are backed up by one of the many other members but here Catherine Zeta Jones is on her own, Kate Middleton having decreed that no one was to help her tonight. Despite this Catherine looks determined enough as she stalks to the ring and enters, glaring at her opponent until the bell ring to starts the contest.

It became evident early in the bout that CZJ was completely outgunned by the faster, younger and in fact, stronger Miss Lawrence. Catherine lunged at her to begin with and Jennifer neatly sidestepped and hit a drop toe hold to saw Catherine slam face first on the canvas to howls of laughter from the crowd. Annoyed she tried again and again Jennifer avoided it though this time hit an arm drag that sent the older woman spinning across the ring on her butt. Further enraged Catherine got up and charged at Jennifer again and this time walked square into a superkick right to her chin that knocked her spark out! She collapsed to the canvas and Lawrence jumped atop her for the cover, hooking her leg and getting the three count!

The winner in 1:24 is JENNIFER LAWRENCE, but before she can celebrate a gang of women from the Queen’s Court appears on the ramp and runs towards the ring. Alive to this Jennifer exits the ring and into the crowd who part to let her escape and she heads through them to the exit stairs.

As Emma Watson, Elizabeth Hurley and Victoria Beckham hurl abuse at the fleeing Lawrence, Kate Middleton is carried out to the top of the ramp on a large throne, she’s flanked by Eva Green and her sister Pippa and gives a message to Kelly Brook who hurries to the ring to pass it to Miss Hurley and her mob. Message the received they proceed to drag the slowly coming to Catherine Zeta Jones up the ramp and dump her at Kate’s feet. From there The Duchess berates Catherine as a failure and pathetic whilst Catherine begs for another chance but it’s not coming and Kate finishes by snarling a “YOU ARE FIRED!” before signalling with her hand for Eva to clear her out of the way and Eva smashed Catherine in the back, then hoisted her up for a powerbomb then drops her over the high edge of the ramp, sending the Welsh beauty slamming down over 10 feet to splatter into a catering table and from there to the concrete floor where she lays unmoving.

The cameras head to the back where Jennifer Lawrence is making her escape backstage and Carmen Electra tries to grab a word with her but as she stops her suddenly a figure emerges from a door and slams it in the unsuspecting Jennifer’s face. Stunned and staggered Jennifer reels back but the figure is on her and swings a steel chair to smash it on her skull, driving her to her knees whereupon a choke collar is produced and slipped over Jennifer’s head and tightened on her throat. And it’s only at this point that the camera is able to pan back and reveal the mystery assailant as English actress NATALIE DORMER. She drives kicks into Jennifer and simultaneously drags her like a bad dog through the backstage are and eventually out at the top of the ramp where the Queen’s Court are still congregated looking down at the immobile form of their former colleague. Natalie leads /drags Jennifer on her knees in front of Kate Middleton and there Jennifer Lawrence is forced to kiss the bare feet of her ultimate rival the evil English leader who is tormenting the young American contingent in the Federation. And it’s them that mount a rescue as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter and Selena Gomez storm out armed with chair and chase the English off enough to rescue Jennifer and release the choke collar just as her face was turning a horrible shade of purple. This mega feud looks like it’s only going to get worse.


And so to our Main Event. And what a match we have headlining the biggest event of the Summer in the Federation. The most hated Champion in history on a hell of a roll in terms of winning big matches, Jennifer Aniston versus her lifelong enemy Angelina Jolie who is aiming to be the first woman to have held both the tag belts and the World Heavyweight belt.

Angelina, the challenger emerged first, to a strong fan favourite reaction. She looked amazing in a simple silver two piece bikini and despite some scars remaining from her barbed wire war with Megan Fox at the previous PPV she still looked strong going into this match. Once she’s in the ring the Champion is announced and Jennifer Aniston emerges to a chorus of boos and catcalls, she’s easily the most hated woman fighting in the Federation today. She’s wearing her trademark denim shorts and white wife beater vest and has the huge Championship belt around her waist too. She’s trailed by her ever present personal slave (though the time limit on that forfeit is due to run out in a few weeks) Jennifer Love Hewitt dressed, also as ever in a very sexy French Maid’s outfit and very high heels. Then, as the two Jennifer’s are half way down the ramp, a third figure emerges and follows them, Megan Fox, dress in a sharp business suit, complete with her hair tied up and wearing glasses and carrying a black briefcase. Angie is in the ring with a face like thunder as she watches this third person come down the ramp, she knew she was up against it here but it seems the odds are really against her now. Despite this she wasn’t backing down and stood in the ring glaring out at the threesome as they made their way towards her.

Aniston stripped off her belt and handed it to JLH telling her to look after it, then rolled into the ring. Meanwhile Megan was standing outside the ring looking at her former partner and Angelina couldn’t resist clearing her throat and sitting on her. The gob landed right on Megan’s disgusted face but it cost Angelina too as Jennifer Aniston took the chance to charge over and chop block her in the knee and like that the match was underway.

Jennifer Aniston was like a pitbull faced with her opponent down and feeling at her knee. The World Champion stamped the holy hell out of the knee, before a couple to Angelina’s face to allow her to lay the injured limb on the bottom rope then jump up and drop her own knee right into the side of the joint eliciting a cry of pain from the challenger. From there Aniston drags her to centre ring, away from the ropes but in a flash Angelina reaches up and pulls her over into a cradle and sneaks a two count that nearly ended this match that early! After kicking out Jennifer redoubles her fury and straightens Angelina’s leg out then drives her own knee into the joint time and time again Then she lifted her up and drops her down on that knee, ramming Angelina’s kneecap into the mat spitefully before quick as a flash wrapping her own legs into Angie’s and hooking on a figure four leglock

The crowd came alive urging Angelina not to give in, not to let the hated Champion leave the arena with the title belt yet again, not to lose so humiliatingly early and give Jennifer Aniston yet more material to gloat over. But it did not look good. Aniston was sitting up in the move, pushing as much pressure onto her opponent’s legs all the while hurling crude insults at her foe. At the same time Jennifer Love Hewitt leaned her impressive cleavage on the canvas under the bottom rope and shouted for Angelina to quit and Megan Fox leaned under the rope at the other side and called her former tag team partner a loser and a quitter. That more than anything seemed to bring Angelina to life. She glowered at Megan and slowly, powerfully pushed herself up off her back where she was in danger of suffering a pinfall and the more she pumped herself up , energising herself, the more the crowd encouraged her on until she was able to somehow turn on her side to reverse the painful leg hold so that it was Jennifer Aniston feeling its effects. Then the rolled along the canvas and under the bottom rope and took a hard bump to the floor that managed to untangle their limbs.

There was a pause before Aniston got to her feet and leaned over Jolie and went to slug her with a punch but Angelina managed to reach up, catch a hold of the white vest and use it to pull Jennifer forward off balance and crash unceremoniously head first into the ring steps. Then with Love Hewitt and Fox coming round Jolie managed to get up and roll back into the ring, flexing her injured leg.

Jennifer Aniston was furious, she was embarrassed by the pratfall she had taken, had sustained a cut to her eye that was bleeding slightly and worse still her vest had been ripped in the incident and her pert tits were on display now, she ripped off the vest and threw it at Jennifer Love Hewitt angrily before rolling back into the ring and charging at Jolie. But Angie was waiting and ducked her head and back flipped the Champion up and over for a bump on her back then pulled her up by her hair and Irish whipped her to a corner and charged in behind with an avalanche splash. Then she stood Jennifer up there and laid in the most vicious, hard series of knife edge chops imaginable, making the Champion’s exposed, bare chest turn an angry shade of red before she was done. After that she leapt up and athletically monkey flipped Aniston right up and over onto her back. From there Angelina climbed to the top turnbuckle and was about to deliver an elbow drop when Megan Fox called out to her and held up the briefcase. As a distraction it was enough because with Angelina and the referee watching Megan Jennifer love Hewitt hopped onto the ring apron ad shook the ropes causing Angelina to crotch herself painfully on the ring bolt in the corner. She balanced there with an open mouth from that sore drop and offered nothing as Jennifer recovered, climbed the turnbuckle herself, flipped Angie’s arm over her own shoulder then lifted her up and fell back for a ring shaking superplex that gained the her first two count of the bout.

Annoyed at her own toplessness Jennifer then spent the next minute or so tearing off Angelina’s bikini, leaving her naked in centre ring before she went back to work on her injured knee, wrapped the leg around her own leg but out of nowhere Angie leaned up and rolled her over in a small package that got a two count herself. It was a brief respite as after kicking out Jennifer stamped hard on the knee and ground her feet on it then dropped her own knee once again on the damaged area. Then, making sure she was a bit further away she wound the leg around her own again and jumped up to drive Angelina’s twisted limb into the mat.

There was a calm cruelness to the next couple of minutes of action as Jennifer Aniston deliberately targeted Angelina’s right leg and pounded it, twisted it, stretched it and just generally tortured it, seemingly setting it up for the inevitable return to a figure four leglock. She was indeed going to go for throat, having Angelina standing before her and holding her leg u with her hand and about to hit a leg sweep that would transition into the submission hold when in a last, desperate defence Angelina jumped up with all her energy and slammed her other foot into Jennifer’s head with an Inziguiri kick that saw both collapse to the mat. That move brought the crowd back into the match and they cheered the challenger up (barely) to her feet before a groggy Champion. It was enough though as Angelina was able to catch Jennifer’s head as she rose and spike it down into the mat with a brutal looking DDT, followed by an ultra close two count.

Following the kick out Angelina straddled Jennifer’s naked chest and just rained down a barrage of hard punches to her face, then slowly lifted her up with her head between Angelina’s thighs and dropped her down with a piledriver that again got a close two count. But when she looked up she saw the referee’s attention elsewhere.

Megan Fox had taken her briefcase and moved onto the entrance ramp and was loosening her hair, throwing off her spectacles and stripped off her business suit to reveal a tiny, black, string bikini. And then she sexily opened the briefcase and pulled out a large black strap on dildo, obscenely large really. She had Jennifer Love Hewitt help her into the harness and tighten it and then, once she was sure she had Angelina’s attention she pressed a button and a visible and audible crackle of electricity sparked from the tip – it was an electrified strap on cock and Megan made sure to point right at her former tag team partner with it.

Distracted, the first Angelina knew of Jenifer Aniston’s comeback was when her left leg completely buckled under her when Aniston speared into it at pace. Jolie cried out and was in to position to prevent Aniston hooking on the figure four and wrenching on the joint before falling back to stretch Angelina’s leg grotesquely. The brunette fought the pain for a short while but it was clearly going to be an impossible task and with tears of agony rolling down her cheeks Angelina Jolie cried out her submission to her hated rival.

Your winner in 11:09 by submission and still World Heavy Weight Champion is JENNIFER ANISTON.

And while Jennifer poses in the ring with her title belt, behind her Jennifer Love Hewitt is helping Megan Fox pull a straightjacket onto the distraught Miss Jolie. Eventually they managed and tie her arms behind her back rendering her virtually helpless. Megan then rolls her onto her front, gets down behind her and takes a sick glee from ramming her huge, electrified dildo into Angelina’s asshole. The PPV fades to black with Angelina jerking and jumping while being ass raped in the middle of the ring and Jennifer Aniston goads her with the Title belt she’s missed out on winning.