Old Friends

Dave Alan

When last we spoke I told you about the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. That was my current girlfriend Judy totally dominating my ex‐wife in a catfight. The sight of my ex on all fours, with Judy behind her pulling her long dark hair snapping her head back and those large breasts swinging around bouncing into each other was unbelievable. Judy then reached around slapped her in the face until she was totally defeated and crying. I thought that was the sexiest thing I would ever see, until last week. Judy and I were out having a few drinks when she noticed across the bar sat an old girlfriend. This old girlfriend and Judy had not talked to each other in a year and there was bad blood between the two. Judy told me her name was Karen and they had been best friends for a long time but then all of a sudden Karen just stopped calling and would not hang out with her anymore without any explanation at all. I noticed that the two of them were giving each other dirty looks across the bar.

Now ever since the catfight between Judy and my ex both Judy and I have talked about how much it excited me and Judy admitted that dominating her like that excited her too. Judy also said it excited her more knowing how much I enjoyed watching and if the opportunity came up again she would be happy to fight another woman. So of course I had these thoughts going through my mind watching Judy and Karen shoot each other dirty looks. When Judy excused herself to use the restroom I motioned for Karen to come over to our side of the bar and sit next to me. She came over and I introduced myself and mentioned the fact that Judy had said they used to be friends. Karen told me that Judy was the one that suddenly stopped calling because she was jealous of her looks and was tired of Karen getting all the good looking men when they went out together. By this time Judy came back and asked why she was sitting next to me and I said that I invited her. I ordered a round of drinks for the three of us and we started talking. I made it a point to start flirting a little with Karen hoping it would lead to another catfight. One thing leads to another and before I knew it we all in my car heading back to my place. The two had agreed to a catfight to prove who the better woman was.

Once we got to the house we went to the basement and I cleared the furniture like I did for Judy’s catfight with my ex, this time I was even more excited. Both girls looked great, Judy with now short blonde hair wearing black leggings on her long sexy legs and a very tight white t‐shirt. Karen has long dark hair pulled back in a single pony tail wearing red leggings with a tight blue sleeveless shirt. They both agreed on a few rules first, no punching to the face, no scratching and the final rule was that I would be tied up to a pole I had in the basement so I could not interfere no matter what. I had no choice but to agree. The fight would continue until one woman submitted and agreed to say that the other was the superior woman. As they tied my hands behind my back with the pole going through my arms I could hardly contain myself, as they finished Karen noticed I was already hard and reached down and grabbed my crouch and whispered in my ear “once I’m done with this bitch I’ll take care of this for you”. I thought I was going to cum right there.

They each went to opposite corners of the basement and prepared for the fight. They started moving closer to each other slowly circling around the room. Then all of a sudden they rushed each other. Karen went low and drove her head into Judy’s stomach and wrapping her arms around Judy’s waist. Judy doubled over and fell to the ground with Karen on top of her. Karen quickly sat on top of Judy and slapped her in the face, this stunned Judy for a second and that’s all Karen needed as she moved up and had Judy in a school girl pin. Karen was sitting on Judy’s chest and had her face between her thighs. Judy’s face was in Karen’s pussy. Karen started to grind down on Judy’s face. Karen had grabbed both of Judy’s arms and had them pinned above her head. Judy was kicking her long sexy legs trying to buck Karen off of her. Karen asked Judy how much she liked having her pussy in her face and asked if she want to lick her while she was down there. Judy finally kneed Karen in the back enough times that Karen had to re‐position herself and that gave Judy enough room to turn to her stomach, but Karen was still on top of her. Karen grabbed Judy by her hair and yanked her head back but with Judy’s hair so short she lost her grip. Judy got up on her knees and Karen had to let go. Judy got a hold of Karen’s arm and pulled her off her back. Then she pushed Karen on the ground and got on top of her. Karen was lying on her stomach with Judy lying on top of her. Judy got her arms under Karen’s arms and wrapped them around the back of her neck in a full nelson. She then rolled Karen over on top of her and wrapped her legs around Karen’s waist. Judy then pulled with her arms and squeezed with her legs Karen screamed in pain, she could hardly breathe. Then Judy let go and rolled Karen on her stomach staying on top of her. Judy sat up on the small of Karen’s back and grabbed Karen’s pony tail and yanked as hard as she could. This snapped Karen’s head back, with her other hand Judy grabbed Karen’s arm and twisted it behind her back. By this time I had the hard‐on like no other hard‐on before. The site of Judy in a dominate position over another woman is something I dreamed about for years. Although Karen’s tits were not as big as my ex’s I could still them jiggling as I had a perfect view down the front of Karen’s low cut shirt. Both women were getting very tired and they stayed in that position for a while. Judy finally let Karen go and rolled her over on her back and sat on her chest just as Karen had done before. This time Judy was asking Karen how her pussy tasted, while in this position Judy looked at me and blew me kiss. I thought Karen was beaten, but I was wrong. Karen bucked Judy off and they both stood up breathing heavily, I had no idea how either could keep going. They were both sweating heavily and looked like they both were in a wet t‐shirt contest. That made it so much sexier. I could not believe I was watching this; my only regret is that I did not set up any cameras to record the catfight, maybe next time.

They circled each other slowly trying to catch their breath for a minute or so. Then they came closer and reached for the others hands. Each was trying to get the upper hand then suddenly Karen punched Judy in the side of her stomach. This caused Judy to go down to one knee and Karen charge her and kneed her in the face. Judy fell backwards on her back and Karen jumped on top of her again, this time she ignored all the rules start punching Judy in the face and head. Judy tried to cover up with her arms. When this happened Karen kneed Judy in stomach and grabbed her by the hair and started to bang her head on the floor. This dazed Judy and she stopped fighting, Karen got up and kicked her in the stomach. Judy stayed on the floor moaning in pain and did not try to get up. Karen backed away from Judy and yelled “who’s the better woman now bitch”.

With Judy on the floor still dazed and moaning in pain Karen slowly walked over to me and said “I told you I would kick the shit out of your girlfriend now I’m going fuck the shit out of you.” She started to unbuckle my belt and unzip my jeans. She took one look at my full hard cock and said “I see you really enjoyed that, didn’t you”. I was still tied up and couldn’t believe she had beaten Judy but when Karen put her arms around my neck and started to kiss me I could see Judy starting to get her wits back. Her eyes grew wide as she saw Karen kissing me with my pants around my ankles and Karen giving me a hand job. Judy got up and quickly came over and grabbed Karen by the hair and pulled her off of me. She pulled so hard she almost lifted Karen off the ground. She spun Karen around and punched her in the stomach and as Karen bent over Judy brought her knee up and kneed her in the head. Karen’s head snapped back and she fell backwards on the floor. Karen climbed back up holding on to an ottoman to steady herself she made it her knees when suddenly Judy pounced on her back again. Karen was bent over the ottoman with Judy on her back. Judy then grabbed Karen’s shirt and pulled it over her head exposing those round perky tits. Judy pulled Karen’s her long dark hair causing her to arch her back and pushing those beautiful tits in the air. They were bouncing up and down with each deep breath Karen took, god that was exciting. Then Judy pushed her head into the ottoman and held her there. Judy grabbed Karen’s right arm and twisted it behind her back until Karen yelled in pain. Then Judy moved to base of Karen’s spine and started to lick the sweat off Karen’s back slowly working her way up to her neck. With each lick Karen shook and moaned. When she got to Karen’s neck Judy went to one side of Karen’s head and whispered something into her ear and Karen started to cry. Karen tried to buck Judy off of her but was too tired to do it. Judy then pulled Karen off the ottoman slammed her to the floor laying on top of her then she reached around Karen’s waist and down her tights and stuck two fingers in Karen’s wet pussy and moved her fingers back and forth in a scissors motion. Karen started to moan but it was not from pain, it was more of a pleasure moan. Judy then rolled Karen over on her back and sat on her round full tits. She pinned Karen’s arms to her side under her legs and slapped Karen’s face, not hard but firm. Judy then told Karen to say she was the better woman. “Say it you bitch, say I’m the better woman” yelled Judy. Karen mumbled something quietly and Judy said “I didn’t hear you”. Finally Karen said “Ok, I admit it you’re the better woman”. Judy slapped her again and said “and don’t you forget it”. By this time Karen was beaten, sobbing and stopped resisting. Judy got up and pulled her by the hair to a standing position up against the wall. She leaned against her passionately kissed her and then moved down to Karen’s breasts and started sucking her erect nipples. Then she kissed her one more time and stepped back, Karen leaned against the wall for support. Judy then grabbed her by the throat to steady her and punched her twice in the stomach. Karen crumble to the floor for the last time, she was not getting back up. Judy stood over her and lowered herself onto Karen’s face and placed that beautiful ass onto Karen’s face and raised her arms in VICTORY.

Judy got off her beaten opponent and walked over to me and kissed me long and deep. It was the sweetest kiss I’ve ever had. Then she got on her knees in front of me and took my rock hard cock into her mouth. She started slowly sliding up and down on my shaft while one hand gently caressed my balls and with the other hand she used her thumb and finger to squeeze the base of my penis. I have to admit that I love when Judy gives me head but this one was special. It only took a few seconds and I came as hard as I ever have in my life. Judy stayed on her knees holding my still erect cock in her hand. Then she got up and untied me. She said she was going to go upstairs and get cleaned up. I found a blanket and put it overt Karen who was still sobbing on the floor.

I went upstairs and found Judy, as she came out of the bathroom in the master bedroom she was wearing only a pair of tight gym shorts and a bra I couldn’t believe I started to get hard again. I kissed her and bent her over the side of the bed. I took her shorts off and gently started kissing her back. I put my legs between hers and spread them apart. I entered her from the behind while kissing and licking her back much like she did to Karen while pumping my hard cock into her wet pussy. As she came we both fell onto the bed, me on top of her and laid there for a few minutes. After we all collected ourselves I called a cab for Karen. When it came I walked her out. She kissed me gently on the cheek and said she wanted a rematch someday. I told her I would talk to Judy and see what I could do.