Carpool buddies, no more

Dave Alan

It took nearly an hour and half to get to work, damn I hate traffic.  I'm in the kitchen getting some coffee and hear two women arguing in the hallway.  The door to the kitchen opens and in walks Angelina and Jeannette still arguing.  Angelina was telling Jeannette the next time you do something like that I’ll kick your ass.  Jeannette walks up to Angelina and throws her arms back and pushes out her chest and says "you and who's army bitch!"  Jeannette has some really nice tits, in fact both women have huge breasts.  Angelina turns me to me and asked "if you were driving and your passenger reached over and honked your horn at another car what would you do?"  Before I could say anything Jeannette said "that idiot cut us off and you were not going to do anything about it."  Angelina screamed back "when I'm driving you keep your hands to yourself, got it bitch!" and stormed out of the kitchen.  Jeannette looked at me said "she's just afraid of confrontation."  I got my coffee and went to my office.
later that day I started thinking the two of them would be a great catfight and I had to find a way to make that happen.  The two women had been carpooling taking turns driving for a few years now and they've had some friction before but never like this.  I knew I had to strike fast.  I went over to Angelina said that Jeannette told me that she was just afraid of confrontation, which is true but I added more.  I told her she also said that if she didn't need her to drive she would have kicked her ass a long time ago.  I could see Angelina's face turning red, timing is everything.  I could her Angelina whisper "I'll fuck that bitch up."  Of course I had to tell Jeannette about this and again I stretched the truth just a little bit.  I told Jeannette that Angelina said kicking her ass would be a pleasure and then called her an old fat bitch.
I started working here about 15 years ago and at that time Jeannette was one of the sexiest women in the office, that was then.  Both Jeannette and I are about the same age, mid-fifties.  There's a big difference between thirty and fifty, but I have to admit for mid-fifties she looks good.  Jeannette is about 5'5" and has gained some weight in the last few years.  She knows to dress to cover that up, tight dresses and skirts and very high heels.  she has long reddish brown hair and like I said very large breasts which she gladly shows off with a push-up bra.  Angelina is probable in her mid-thirties about the same height and weight as Jeannette.  Her breasts are not quite as big as Jeannette but still very good size.  She has long dark hair and a very pretty face.  I've done both of them plenty of times in my dreams.
I went back to Jeannette and said that Angelina said she wanted to kick her ass and challenged her to a women to woman fight, anytime anywhere.  Jeannette stood up and said I’ll fight that bitch right now.  I had to calm her down and suggested we setup something for this weekend, any fight at the office would most likely get both of them fired.  She looked at me and said "anytime anywhere?".  You tell that bitch I'll gladly beat the shit out of her.
Again, I went back to Angelina and told her about my conversation with Jeannette.  To my surprise Angelina said "set it up".  I've wanted to kick her ass for a long time now.  I think Jeannette found another way home that night.  It took some doing but I got both women to agree to duke it out at my place on Saturday.  They would both arrive at my place on their own, just the three of us.  I was just there to make sure no one got hurt to badly, they both made me promise not to get involved no matter what. 
Saturday finally came around and man I was excited.  I had been fantasizing about this all week.  Both girls were supposed to show up about 6:00 PM.  I was clearing a large area in basement for them to fight when the doorbell rang.  I almost tripped going up the stairs I was so excited.  Angelina was at the door and ready for a fight.  Without saying a word she walked in and went straight downstairs.  I showed her where so could get dressed.  A few minutes later Jeannette was here, I took her to another room so she could do the same.  Fifteen minutes later I was standing between them explaining the rules, which were basically none.  I did explain that what happened here would stay here and I would not interfere unless I thought someone was in danger of getting really hurt or if one of them wanted to give up and the other didn't stop.  Angelina was dressed in very tight white leotards and a white sports bra.  Her breasts, although not as big as Jeannette's were about to pop out.  Her long straight black hair was pulled back into a single pony tail.  Even in a ponytail her hair went down to the middle of her back.  Jeannette had on black tights with a black bikini top, her long brownish red hair flowing over her shoulders.  After I was done explaining the rules the two stood face to face, Jeannette was wearing 5 inch heals so she towered over Angelina.  She pushed her huge tits in Angelina's face.  I separated the two and sent them to opposite sides of the room.  I went to Angelina and asked if she was ready.  I whispered to her that Jeannette only looks big with those heals and I knew she could beat the shit out her.  I then went to Jeannette who had taken the heals off and was now just as tall as Angelina.  I whispered to Jeannette that I wanted to see her humiliate the younger Angelina.  To tell the truth I didn't care who won I just wanted to see them in a catfight.

I yelled “fight”, each took a step towards each other then all of a sudden Jeannette ran at Angelina and slammed right into her knocking her on her back. Jeannette ran into her so hard she rolled right over her and banged into the wall. Angelina go to her knees just as Jeannette came back and smacked her right in the face. This stunned Angelina and Jeannette took advantage. She grabbed Angelina’s long black hair and pulled her to her feet. Then threw a beautiful upper cut that landed in Angelina’s gut. I wouldn’t call either girl thin so Jeannette’s fist disappeared into Angelina’s soft belly. Angelina gasped and doubled over, Jeannette held both fists high and slammed them down on Angelina’s back. This knocked the wind out of Angelina and she fell to the floor.

As Angelina laid on the floor trying to catch her breath Jeannette walked around her slowly with her hands on her hips. Angelina got up on all fours and Jeannette stepped over her and sat on her back, she bounced up and down until Angelina went down on her stomach. Jeannette grabbed Angelina wrists and twisted her arms behind her back. Then she let go of Angelina’s right arm and grabbed her by the ponytail and snapped her back. With one hand free Angelina got up on her knees and elbow and bucked Jeannette off. She stood quickly and backed off to catch her breath. Jeannette got up slowly too. They circled each other slowly both breathing heavily. This time Angelina went on the attack first. As they got closer to each other, Angelina shot out a left jab that caught Jeannette right on the chin. She followed with a right cross grazed Annett’s head as she ducked but as she came back up Angelina connected straight left to Jeannette’s nose. Jeannette’s head snapped back and blood trickled from her nose. Angelina rushed Jeannette swinging wildly. Jeannette ducked and dodged most by covering up and backing up. She backed up against the wall and Angelina kept her there. Jeannette covered her face and head and when she did that Angelina went to work on the body. Jeannette double over and Angelina turned and put her in a side headlock. Then she threw hip out and flipped Jeannette over and onto her back. Angelina came crashing down on top of her still holding Jeannette in a headlock. Angelina’s tits were pushed into Jeannette’s face. Jeannette reached around and grabbed Angelina’s hair and pulled her head back so she could breath. Both women were sweating right through their tops and their nipples were poking out. Angelina rolled over and sat on Jeannette’s stomach. She grabbed Jeannette’s arms and pinned them above her head. Then she moved up and sat on her giant tits, then she let go of one of her arms and slapped Jeannette in the face. Angelina yelled “ready to give you fucking fat bitch?” Jeannette roll over but Angelina was in control now. With Jeannette on her side Angelina punched her on the side of her face smashing her head into the carpet. Jeannette was fading fast and Angelina knew it. She got off Jeannette and as soon as Jeannette started to get up Angelina kicked her right on the rib cage just below her tit. Jeannette grabbed her side and Angelina walked behind her and kicked her right between the legs. Then she jumped on her back and wrapped one arm around her neck pulled back as hard as she could. With the other hand she unfasted Jeannette’s bikini top and those beautiful huge tits fell out. Jeannette’s tits were so big her nipples were brushing against the carpet. Angelina yelled “you give?” “Come on Bitch tell me you give up or I’ll punish you even more.” Jeannette got her knees with Angelina still on her back. She reached over her head and grabbed Angelina’s hair and pulled her over her shoulder. Then with a big kick she rolled over and was now on top of Angelina. Angelina was on her back with Jeannette on top of her but she had her in a choke hold now. Jeannette raised her right arm and came crashing down elbowing Angelina in the stomach hard, twice. Angelina had to let go.

Both women rolled over and got on all fours facing each other. They were both sweating and breathing heavily. Their giant boobs were swinging wildly with nipples erect. They got to their feet slowly, Angelina’s ponytail was all messed up and she pulled her hair band out and ran her fingers through her hair to straighten it out. Jeannette brushed her hair from her face and flipped her head back to get the rest of her hair out of her eyes. Jeannette rushed Angelina screaming and pushed up against the wall and started swinging wildly. Her hands were open so it was more like slapping. She hit Angelina in the face a couple of times but didn’t do much damage. Angelina pushed her back and raised her leg and straight kicked Jeannette right between the tits. This knocked the wind out of Jeannette and she fell to her knees. Angelina grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the wall and smashed her against it. Then she picked Jeannette up by the hair and with Jeannette facing the wall Angelina punched her hard in the kidney. Angelina still had a handful of hair so she pulled Jeannette’s head back and then smashed her face first into the wall. Jeannette slowly fell to the floor. Jeannette waved Angelina off saying she had had enough, Angelina raised her hands in excitement and screamed “I won, I beat you bitch.” Then she turned to me and said “I told you I’d give her an ass whooping and I did, didn’t I”. “Yes you did” I said.

I helped Angelina get her things and walked her to the door. I reminded her that what had just happened here would stay here. She gave me a soft kiss on the cheek and said thanks. I went downstairs and Jeannette was sitting on the floor leaning against the wall still sobbing. I went and sat next to her and put my arm around her. She leaned into me and without saying a word passionately kissed me. I softly touched her breasts and kissed her back. We made love on the carpet floor for about an hour. After that we laid there holding each other. She finally said “is that all I had to do to get your attention?” “If I knew that all I had to do was get my ass kicked I’d done it years ago.” I confessed that I always fantasized about making love to her but thought she had no interest in me.

Jeannette get herself together and I walked her to her car. Before she left she said she wanted a rematch and wanted me to set it up. I said I would see what I could do. As she drove away and walked into the house I was already trying to figure out how I was going to do this. I had no idea how Angelina felt about another fight. I went downstairs to cleanup and put the furniture back when the doorbell rang. I opened the door there was Angelina, she said she waited until she saw Jeannette leave, “what took so long” she asked. This was turning out to be an epic night.