The bigger they are…
by Dave Alan

By now you’ve read my stories of my girlfriend and her catfight victories over both my ex‐wife and one of her former friends Karen. Since then we both talk about those two fights all the time. Re‐living them in my mind gets me more excited than anything else. The thought of Judy overpowering another woman drives me crazy. News of both these fights has started to spread around our close circle of friends. So when news got back to me that both Karen and my ex‐wife told one their friends about the fights she told both of them that she would get revenge for both of them. When word got back to me that Jennifer wanted to fight Judy, I was ecstatic. Jennifer is a big woman but not fat. I thought my ex‐wife had big breasts but Jennifer’s are enormous. Did I tell you that I love big tits? Judy knows of my obsession with large breasts and although hers are not as big as my ex‐wife’s or Jennifer’s she still has some very nice cleavage and I love to suck on her nipples and kiss the side and underside of her breasts. Anyway back to Jennifer wanting to teach Judy a lesson, I told Judy about this and she asked if I wanted to see her humiliate Jennifer just like she did with the other two. I was of course very excite to see that, but I was a little worried because Jennifer is not only bigger than Judy she’s bigger than both Teresa and Karen not to mention she’s very strong. I have to admit I had my doubts about Judy winning this fight and I wasn’t sure how I would feel if Judy lost. I did know that I wanted to them fight. So through Karen I got word back to Jennifer that Judy said she would be happy to kick her fat ass. So the fight was set, both settled on a date, place and attire. They would meet on Saturday night at our place and they would both be wearing dark nylons and a bikini tops. I have to tell you that the attire was my idea, the thought of two woman wearing dark nylons and bikini tops wrestling around on floor is an absolute fantasy of mine.

We had a few days before the fight was scheduled to happen so Judy and I decided to go on a picnic one sunny afternoon. We found a park where no one else around, spread out a blanket and started talking about the upcoming catfight. While we were talking about it I asked Judy what her fantasies were. She was more than willing to make my fantasies come true I thought I would like to do the same if I could. Judy looked around and saw a swing she turned to me and said she wanted to have sex on a swing in a public place. She described it as “spider on a swing”. She said she wanted me to sit on the swing and then she would sit on top of me facing each other. How could I say no, she is always willing to anything to make me happy. I looked around and didn’t see anyone around and agreed. We both walked over to the swing I heard voices in the distance but didn’t see anyone and by this time it was too late. I had already agreed. She said we both had to be completely naked, I reluctantly agreed. I stripped down to nothing and sat on the swing but because I was so tense and afraid I could not get hard even after Judy stripped down to nothing. But Judy always knows who to get me in the mood. She knelt down in front of me between my legs and gently started kissing my inner thighs and caressing my balls. She took my soft penis in her hand and tugged at it gently. Then she started to kiss the tip of my penis and I could feel the blood starting to flow. As my penis started to grow a bit she took me in her mouth. Just the thought of Judy giving me a blow job always gets me excited, this was no different. When she had me fully hard she climbed on top of me and slowly slid down on my hard erect penis. Because she was sitting on top of me her beautiful round perky breasts were right in front of my face. She has the most beautiful nipples, perfectly round and smooth I love sucking on them and kissing between her breasts. We started to swing back and forth on the swing. With each swing forward and back I could feel me not only going in and out of her but the base of penis was rubbing against her clitoris. That vibration of me rubbing against her was driving Judy crazy and she had goose bumps all over her. Her nipples were hard and erect as I sucking on her tits harder and harder with each swing. To steal some lyrics from a Bob Seager song “they were way up firm and high”. Also, the thought of someone seeing us excited both of us even more. We started swinging higher and higher and the Judy became more excited the higher we went. We were swinging so high that at the top of each swing I almost became completely outside of her and at the bottom of each swing I deep inside of her, man that was exciting. This was one of the few times that Judy came before me, we stopped swinging and she held me tightly until she stopped quivering. She climbed off me and I bent her over the swing and entered her from behind. Standing behind her moving my hips back and forth pushing myself deeper and deeper into Judy was too much for me to take. I came inside of her and feel on top of her back. We balanced on the swing for about a minute, and then I heard vices getting louder and louder. We both got up grabbed our clothes and raced to the blanket laughing all the way. We reached the blanket just as a family of four came out of the woods. We pulled the blanket over still naked but at least we were covered. Both the mom and dad knew what we were doing and directed the kids away. Judy and laughed even more and started to get dressed under the blanket. Once dressed, we grabbed the rest of our things and got out of there afraid they may come back with the Rangers.

The day of the fight I again told Judy of my concerns with her fighting Jennifer, Judy had gained a lot of confidence with her wins over Teresa and Karen. But I explained that I thought Jennifer was bigger and stronger than both of her other two opponents. Judy explained that she realized Jennifer was bigger and stronger but Judy was faster and in better shape. She said that Jennifer was going to run out of steam and that’s when Judy would take the advantage and destroy her. Later that evening there was a knock on the door, I looked at Judy and said “it’s time”. I went to the door and opened it, to my surprise Jennifer was there with both Teresa my ex-wife and Karen who Judy beat-up in my first story. Both Teresa and Karen said that they had heard that Judy was bragging about kicking the shit out of both of them and they wanted to see her get her ass kicked. The four of us went downstairs while Judy went up to our bedroom to get changed. Once downstairs Jennifer used our spare bedroom in the basement to get changed into the agreed upon attire. While the two combatants dressed, Karen asked if I was going to let myself be tied up like Judy’s fight with her so I didn’t interfere. This time I refused explaining I didn’t want it turn out to be three against one. Jennifer came out first and I explained what Karen and I had just discussed, she agreed as long as I promised that I would stay out of the fight no matter what happened. I told her that as long as it was a fair fight, which I described as one‐on‐one with no interference from Karen or Teresa I would stay out of it.

I will admit that Jennifer was very sexy for a big girl. She’s about the same height as Judy, about 5’7” but a lot thicker, probable about 175 Lbs. Wearing very tight dark blue nylons showing a lot of camel toe between her legs, my god that was sexy. Her thick thighs rubbed together slightly when she walked toward me. She had on a small, at least for her bikini top that held her huge breasts up high. The sides of her breasts were falling out each side of her top. Her long dark hair was down over her shoulders and about half way down her back. She also had on ruby red lipstick and dark mascara around her eyes. By this time Judy had come downstairs, she was wearing red nylons with a white low cut bikini top. Judy breasts are not as big as Jennifer’s but they looked great. Her white bikini top acted like a push up bra and showed a lot of cleavage. The top was thin enough that her perfect nipples were poking out, both women were wearing athletic shoes. We went over the rules like we did the last fight, no punching to the face, no scratching especially to the face and eyes and when one girl submitted they would have to loudly say the other was superior and would let the winner do whatever they wanted to the loser. Wow my imagination was going wild with that last one. They both went to opposite sides of the room and we were ready to begin. They walked toward each other and as they got close Jennifer wound up and threw a right hand punch at Judy’s head but Judy ducked and Jennifer’s fist went over her head. As Judy came back up Jennifer followed with a left and somehow Judy stepped back and the left just missed, so much for the rules. Jennifer’s left was so hard it spun her around and Judy rushed in and punched her hard in the ribs just below her left tit. Jennifer bent over covering her side. Judy grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground and rolled Jennifer on her back. Judy climbed up and sat on Jennifer’s face. Jennifer bucked her off and they got to their knees facing each other. Jennifer reached over and put Judy in a head lock and rolled her onto her back. Jennifer leaned back while still holding Judy’s head and put all her weight on Judy’s chest. Then she took her left arm and elbowed Judy in the stomach. Jennifer let go of Judy’s head spun around and sat on Judy’s chest facing her feet. She moved her big round ass over to Judy’s face and said “lick my asshole you bitch”. Then she tried to punch Judy in the stomach but Judy raised her knees to protect herself. Jennifer then grabbed Judy’s legs and pulled them up over her head. Judy used that momentum and rolled Jennifer over and got to her feet. Jennifer got up smiling as knew she had Judy on the ropes for a second, Judy needed a few seconds to get herself back together so she backed away. Teresa and Karen were yelling for Jennifer to attached, but as Judy had said to me earlier Jennifer was totally winded too. This gave Judy time to collect herself. They came to the center of the room and this time Judy took the offensive, she kicked Jennifer in that big gut of hers and when Jennifer bent over Judy punched her in the side of her tit. Jennifer screamed in pain and went down to one knee. Judy went behind her and grabbed her around the neck in a choke hold. She jumped on Jennifer’s back and tried to wrap her legs around Jennifer but Jennifer was too thick for Judy to lock her ankles. Jennifer got up with Judy still on her back choking her. Jennifer ran backwards and slammed Judy into the wall. She slammed Judy so hard she let go and crumbled to the floor. Jennifer was standing over her face‐down opponent. She reached down and pull Judy up slightly, sitting on her back, she placed both of Judy’s’ arms across her thighs, locking them by placing the arm in the crook of her knees. When she had Judy’s arms where she wanted them, she reached forward, cupping her hands so that her fingers were interlocked under Judy’s chin and leaned back, pulling on her opponent's chin and applying pressure to Judy’s back. Judy let out a scream of pain as Jennifer rocked her back and forth. Jennifer started yelling “I’m more woman then you’ll ever be admit it”. Jennifer finally let Judy go and stood over her, Judy laid motionless on the floor. Jennifer then walked over to Teresa and Karen and high‐fived each, Karen said “you’ve got her now, finish that bitch”. Jennifer slowly walked over to Judy who by now was on all fours. Jennifer came to side of her and wound up to kick her in the side but Judy grabbed Jennifer’s leg and as she tried to kick her and stood up. As she raised Jennifer’s big leg Jennifer started hopping backwards on the other. Judy moved forward and in one quick motion raised Jennifer’s leg over her head and kicked her other leg out from under her. Jennifer fell hard on her back, Judy rolled her over on her stomach and yanked Jennifer’s Bikini top off. The she grabbed Jennifer’s hair and pulled hard. Jennifer’s huge tits were swinging in the air. Anyone who knows me knows that I was about to cum in my shorts the combination of seeing those huge tits bouncing around like that watching my girl take control. Judy then slammed Jennifer’s head onto the floor a couple of times. This stunned Jennifer but somehow she managed to get up with Judy on her back again. Jennifer was close enough to the wall that she used that for support and stood up facing the wall. Judy was still behind her and punched her hard in the kidney and Jennifer went down to her knees again. Judy pulled her onto her back by the hair and jumped on her stomach knocking the wind out of her. As Judy started to move up onto Jennifer’s face Karen ran over knocked Judy off. She got on top of Judy and started to slam her head onto the floor. I was shocked and it took me a second or two to react. I went to Karen and Judy and bent over to get Karen off of her. All of a sudden I felt the most pain that I’ve ever felt before. While I was bending over to knock Karen off of Judy Teresa came up behind me and kicked me in balls as hard as she could. I double over and grabbed my family jewels (so to speak). Teresa jumped on my back and put me in a choke hold, Karen got off of Judy and kicked me in the ribs. By this time Jennifer got back on Judy and was smothering her with those huge breasts. I thought I was going to pass out with Teresa choking me and Karen kicking me. Teresa finally let me go at the same time Karen pulled down my shorts and underwear and grabbed my rock hard cock and yanked. That caused almost as much pain as when Teresa kicked me there. I tried to get up but both Teresa and Karen held me down. Teresa was sitting on my chest and Karen grabbed my balls and was squeezing. I do have to admit that there is something very sexy about being dominated by a woman like that. They were both laughing at me as they did this. I turned my head and saw Jennifer standing with Judy bent over with Judy’s head between her legs and both of Judy’s arms bent behind her back. Karen let go of my cock and went to Judy pulled down her nylons and started slapping her in the ass. With each slap she would put a finger in Judy’s ass hole. While this was happening Teresa was slapping me in the face, this aroused me even more and actually woke me up and I pushed her off of me. As I got up she came at me again, now I’m not the kind of guy that would hit a woman but by this time I had had enough. As she came toward me I side stepped and kneed her in the stomach. Teresa doubled over, I went behind her grabbed her hair and stood her up. I grabbed her right arm and twisted it behind her back and slammed her head against the wall so hard she went down on all fours. I kicked her in the ribs and she went into the fetal position, I told her to stay there and she did. Then I grabbed Karen by the hair and slammed her head into the wall. Jennifer stepped back and that’s all Judy needed. Judy kicked Jennifer in the crotch and as Jennifer bent over Judy kicked her in the side of the head. By this time all three were done.

I went and got some rope and we tied three of them up. I stood by Teresa and Karen and Judy and tied Jennifer’s hands behind her back, she had stripped her naked and laid Jennifer on her stomach. Since I started living with Judy we had amassed some sex toys. Judy went and got a strap on dildo. She knelt down behind Jennifer and rammed the dido in Jennifer’s ass while pulling her hair. “Who’s in control now you fat bitch?” Teresa and Karen tried to get free but there was no way I was going to let either up now. I was still hurting a little from that kick. Judy buried that dido as far as she could and was laying on Jennifer’s back now. Jennifer had tears streaming down her cheeks and was begging Judy to stop. Judy looked at me asked said “what do you think baby, should I stop?” I thought she had enough but wanted one thing first. I walked over to Judy and whispered in her ear. Judy laughed and kissed me deeply. Then she went to Jennifer who was still lying down with her hands tied behind her back. Judy reached down grabbed Jennifer by the hair again and got her to her knees in front of Judy. Then she pushed Jennifer face into her pussy and told her to start licking and don’t stop until Judy came in her face. Seeing Jennifer on her knees with her hands tied behind her back licking Judy’s pussy was almost too much for me. I grabbed Teresa by the hair and shoved my rock hard cock in her mouth and just before I came I pulled out and shoved it into Karen’s mouth and said “finish me off bitch.” It wasn’t so much that I wanted a blow job from either one of them but it was a humiliation thing for both. I wanted to blow my load in both their faces but I’ll settle for just unloading on Karen all over her face and in her hair. Judy finally came in Jennifer’s face, her love juices were running down Jennifer’s face. Judy pushed her away and Jennifer fell on her back with her hands still tied behind her back. Jennifer laid there naked and crying, she was done.