Revenge is good
by Dave Alan

Well it looks like we have another challenger for Judy and this should be great. Years ago when I was married to Kathy she had three very close friends, Judy, Carmen and Sharon. If you've been following my stories you already know that I'm with Judy now and she loves to fight with other woman, I'm not sure if it's a "mucho" thing or she just likes to beat other woman up. Either way I love to watch. There is something very sexy about watching the woman you love humiliate another woman and see them get into provocative positions. Anyway back to the challenge, Sharon had heard that Judy had already beaten the shit out of Kathy and others and told everyone who would listen that that would never let that happen to her. Of course when I heard this I had to stroke the fire (so to speak). I got word to Sharon that Judy said she was not even worth her time but if she thought she was woman enough she would be happy to not only beat the shit out her but would humiliate so bad that she will be afraid to show her face in public again. Once Sharon heard this she quickly contacted me to set a time, place and rules. After some back and forth both Judy and Sharon settled on the following. The fight would take place in our basement as the other fights had, this would be a 3 part fight. First the two would fight in a boxing match, three 2 minute rounds or until one of them quit. Second part would be a wrestling match, again it would be three 2 minute rounds or until one of them surrenders. And if needed, the last would be a UFC style fight where anything goes. If one of them wins the first two then the third would not be needed. Also, the loser of night will be the winners slave for the rest of the night. 

Let me describe both women for you. Judy is about 5'7" slim, short blonde hair and best legs and ass you've ever seen. Sharon is about the same height and weight and has shoulder length brown hair. If I had to say there were any differences besides the hair color I would say that Judy has bigger breasts and Sharon has a bigger ass. But both women are very sexy.  The night before the fight I was in the bedroom and Judy was watching TV in the other room. I was thinking about the upcoming catfight between them and started to play with myself. Sometimes once you start you can’t stop, I was standing next to the bed in shorts only. As I stroked my penis with my right hand I lightly caressed my balls with my left. I started to get hard while thinking about how Judy was going to humiliate Sharon. I was fantasizing about Sharon on all fours and Judy grabbing her by the hair and pulling her to me and having her suck my dick. I once had a very short fling with Sharon that lasted about two weeks, she basically decided I was not for her. I don’t take rejection very well so the thought of her being forced to suck my dick in humiliation excited me even more. As I got more excited with my little fantasy and just before I was ready to cum I noticed Judy watching me. Judy always did like watching me play with myself. I looked over at her and she said “are you thinking about tomorrow’s catfight?” I said “yes”. She then walked over to me and started kissing me and slowly licking me on the neck and chest. She slowly worked her way down until she was on her knees. I was rock hard. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so she was looking up at me. She started licking my inner thighs and balls, I held her head by her hair as she started take my penis in her mouth. At first she took just the tip of my penis in her mouth then about half way as she gently squeezed my balls. Damn Judy gives the best blow job ever! Then all of a sudden she took the whole penis in her mouth, in out, in out. It didn’t take long before I came, shit she is good! She stayed on her knees for a while just licking my thighs and then my stomach while messaging the back of my legs and ass. I never really knew what a good blow job was until I started seeing Judy 

That night Sharon came over with Carmen, as I said before Carmen is a friend of Judy, Sharon and my exwife.  The four of them used to hang out all the time years ago but now not so much. I used to fantasize about the four of them in a catfight tournament, usually I had Kathy fighting Carmen then Judy fighting Sharon and then the two winners would fight. Just about every time I would have Judy winning it all. So tonight I get see Judy and Sharon fight for real, I can hardly control myself. It was time to get this party started.  I brought Carmen and Sharon to the basement and showed them where Sharon could get changed. I went upstairs to the bedroom where Judy was getting ready. I asked if she was ready and she just looked at me and smiled, I knew she was. We went down to the basement. As I cleared everything from the room I thought, I really need to get some cameras down here. Sharon and Carmen came out of the other room, Judy looked at Carmen and said “you're next”, and Carmen snarled “you don’t want any of this”. Sharon was wearing white spandex pants and a white sports bra that along with her dark made her very sexy. Judy had on my favorite outfit. It was black spandex with a low cut black bra, wow she was even sexier than Sharon. I had purchased two pairs of official boxing gloves and head gear. As much as I love watching two woman fight I don’t really want anyone to get hurt, at least not too bad. It took a little convincing but both women agreed to wear the headgear. I helped Judy with her gloves and headgear and Carmen helped Sharon with hers. As I helped Judy I reminded her about we talked about last night. I had told her that during this first boxing match that she should concentrate on hitting Sharon in the stomach and body, don’t worry about trying to knock her out by punching her in the head. I explained that with the headgear head shots won’t do much but going to the body will wear her down fast and by the second round she be ready to quit and won’t have anything left even if she hits you. After we finished putting on the gloves and headgear I had both come to the center of the room. We went over the rules once again. This first bout would be a boxing match of 3 two minute rounds. Carmen would be the time keeper but other than that there were no rules. If they kept fighting after the end of each round I would separate them. There would be a 5 minute rest between rounds. If one of them wanted to quit the first part of the fight would be over. We would wait an hour and go to the second part which was the wrestling match. It was finally time to start. 

Both women went to opposite sides of the room. Carmen signaled start and it was on!  They came to the center of the room and circled each other slowly with their gloves up.  Sharon threw two strong jabs to Judy’s head with her left, both connected. I think someone has been working with her to teach her some of the basics, damn she looked good. Judy’s head snapped back twice as the jabs connected, this stunned Judy for a second and Sharon took advantage. She stepped forward and hit Judy with a round house right that connected to side of Judy’s head. This wobbled Judy for a second and she stepped back just in time to dodge another shot from Sharon. Sharon smiled at Judy as she threw a left hook, Judy ducked and came back up with a beautiful upper cut to Sharon’s soft belly. Sharon doubled over and Judy hit her again in the head with a quick right and left. Sharon went down to one knee and delivered a strong upper cut that landed right between Judy’s legs. Judy backed off and both women took their time collecting themselves. They started towards each other again this time much slower, Sharon threw a right jab that Judy blocked to the side and fired back with a straight right hand that connected flush on Sharon’s face. Sharon raised her hands to cover her face and that was all Judy needed. Two quick upper cuts to Sharon’s stomach and Sharon backed up to the wall. Judy kept punching Sharon head, body, head, and body. Oh my god I wanted to grab my penis, and then all of a sudden Carmen yelled time! Judy backed off and went to her side of the room, Sharon slowly worked her way back to her side holding her stomach. After the 5 minute rest both were ready to go again. Sharon looked like she recovered from round one and when Carmen yelled “Fight” she rushed Judy and started swinging wildly. Judy was ready as she blocked or ducked most of the punches and just let Sharon keep punching. Sharon connected with a few but as we discussed she had nothing behind them and Judy knew this. Sharon started tire quickly and Judy took advantage. Judy fired off 2 quick jabs to Sharon’s head then went to work on the body just like we talked about. Judy had Sharon against the wall and Sharon’s hands were outside of Judy’s body so she could not block any the body punches Judy was hitting her with. I could see the look of fear in Sharon’s eyes. Judy backed up a step and Sharon tried to throw a punch but it was slow and had nothing on it. Judy easily brushed it away and threw a beautiful combination that connected to either side of Sharon’s face. Sharon dropped her hands as Judy kept punching her in the stomach. Judy stepped back again but this time Sharon just fell forward on all fours, Judy asked “are you done bitch!”, “I got more if you want it”. Sharon just waved her off in defeat. Judy came over and kissed me passionately, she was breathing heavily and I could feel her heart beating. It may have looked easy but it took more out Judy than she expected 

After an hour of rest for both they were ready for the second challenge, wrestling match. Judy was smiling and goofing off while we got things ready but Sharon was mad. I warned Judy about this but she calmly said “I’ve got this, don’t worry sweetie”. We all came together in the basement again and went over the few rules they had agreed on earlier. There would be three 2 minute rounds again, no punching or kicking. This was a submission match one girl had to make the other submit to win. Carmen would be the time keeper again and I would have the same role to make sure they break up once time was called. Judy was still acting silly and telling Sharon she done and once she won this match it was over, Sharon was going to be her slave that night. I could see that Sharon was getting madder and more determined. Again I warned Judy but she was having too much fun to listen. That’s one the things I love about Judy, she making jokes and having fun. The two went to the opposite sides of the room again and Carmen yelled “Wrestle”. They came to middle and reached out with their hands, Sharon slapped Judy’s hands away and dove for her legs and tackled Judy. Judy rolled onto her stomach and Sharon got on her back. Sharon grabbed Judy’s right arm and twisted it behind her back and with her left arm she wrapped it around Judy’s neck and started choking her. Judy quickly rolled over on top of Sharon but Sharon still had her in a choke hold. Judy raised her left hand and elbowed Sharon in the side and she released Judy from the choke hold. Judy scrambled away holding her neck. They both got to their feet and rush each other, Sharon put Judy in a headlock and threw her over her hip. Judy came crashing down on her back with Sharon on top of her. Sharon let go of Judy’s head and quickly climbed on top of Judy and put her in a school‐girl pin. Sharon was sitting on Judy’s chest and had both of Judy’s arms pinned to her side. She grabbed Judy’s short hair and pulled her face into her crotch. Sharon rode up and was almost sitting on Judy’s neck. Judy’s mouth was covered by Sharon’s pussy. Sharon started yelling “eat me bitch”. Then she would slide back a bit and let Judy breathe but keep control of her. Sharon slapped Judy in the face a couple of times and kept asking her how she liked it. This went on for a minute and then Carmen yelled “Time”. Sharon wouldn’t get off of Judy, I went over and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off. Carmen started yelling saying I was interfering. I told her to shut the fuck up or she would be next. She started to come at me but stopped and then helped Sharon to the other side of the room. Judy got up slowly and I could see that all the silliness was now gone. When we got back to our side of the room Judy looked at me said “her pussy smells I see why you didn’t stay with her long”. I couldn’t stop laughing, I love Judy’s sense of humor. I told her how much I loved her and I wanted her truly humiliate her more than any of her other opponents. I looked over and could see Sharon smiling with confidence now. It was time for round two and again Sharon rushed Judy. Sharon drove her head into Judy’s stomach and pushed her against the wall. Judy double over and with Sharon standing in front of her she put Judy’s head between her legs. Sharon was standing with Judy bent over in front of her, she had Judy’s’ head between her legs so Sharon was looking down at Judy’s back. Sharon made Judy get down on the floor and sat on the back of her head, and then she rolled Judy over so Judy’s face was in Sharon’s ass. Judy turned her face to the side so she could breathe. Sharon grinded her ass down hard on Judy’s face then she quickly turned around and tried to sit on Judy’s chest again. This time Judy sat up and tried to roll over on her side. Sharon again got Judy’s face between her legs but this time they both were on their sides. Sharon squeezed so hard I could see Judy’s face turning red from the pressure. Judy managed to get up on her knees while Sharon still had her head locked between her legs but was laying on her back. Sharon had to lighten up a bit and Judy managed to move up on top of Sharon. Sharon now had Judy around her waist with her legs but she was still on her back. Judy pushed Sharon’s head onto the floor and Sharon had to let go with her legs. Judy climbed on top of Sharon and put her into the same schoolgirl pin Sharon had her in before. Judy climbed on top of Sharon and grabbed her long brown hair and pulled her face into her pussy. Sharon didn’t like that at all and it showed. Sharon finally rolled out of the pin but Judy still had control. Sharon was lying on her stomach with Judy on top of her. Judy sat up on Sharon’s back and grabbed her hair and pulled as hard as she could. Judy pulled so hard that I thought Sharon’s back would break. Judy was yelling “how do like that, are you ready to quit”. Then Carmen yelled “Time”. I still don’t think it was 2 minutes but we’ll never know. Third and final round started slower than the first two. Both women circled while trash talking. Judy tried to put Sharon in a head lock but she escaped and got behind Judy and brought her to the ground. Sharon was top of Judy again. She was sitting on her back and had a handful of Judy’s short hair and this time she was the one trying to break Judy’s back. Then she would reach around and slapped Judy in the face from behind. Judy tried to reach back and grab Sharon but Sharon grabbed her arm stuck it under her leg, now Judy was in real trouble. Sharon turned Judy’s head to the side and slammed her head on the floor twice. Then she wrapped her arm around Judy’s neck and put her in a choke hold again. This time Judy was not getting out, after a minute Judy had to tap out. Sharon let go and Judy collapsed on the floor with Sharon still on top of her. Sharon licked Judy’s face and said “I’ve got you now bitch and when I win the last match your boy over there is going to eat my pussy while you watch”. Sharon walked over and hugged Carmen and I went and helped Judy up. I could see tears in Judy’s eyes and she whispered how sorry she was in my ear. She felt she had let me down, she had never given up before to anyone. I kissed her gently and told her how proud I was of her and that I loved her no matter what. 

During the hour break Carmen came up to me said that no matter what happened in the final match she wanted to be Judy’s next opponent. I told her that she would get her chance but I already had her next victim selected. I had arranged another long time fantasy of a mother‐in‐law vs daughter‐in‐law fight. It’s the classic very young against a more mature woman, the fact it was Judy’s daughter‐in law makes it even better. I’m just a little afraid someone may get hurt because there’s true bad blood between them, but that’s for next time. Let’s get through this one first, Sharon was proving to be a very real challenger. 

The third and final match was about to begin and this was the deciding match. This was going to be a UFC style fight where anything goes. I told Judy before the match started that Sharon has never done this before and you’ve been in a few so you have the advantage but don’t underestimate her, she’s got a mean streak in her. 

We took a 2 hour break this time and each woman took a shower and cleaned up and they were ready to go. We all met in the middle of the room again for the final time to go over the rules, which there were none. Both Carmen and I promised not to get involved no matter what, there would be no time limit just until one admitted the other was the better woman.  They both had smaller boxing gloves like with the fingers cut out, like the ones you see UFC fighters wear. They went to opposite sides of the room and Carmen yelled “Fight”. It was on. They both rushed to center of the room and started throwing punches wildly. Each connected a few times but not directly. Then Sharon caught Judy with a beautiful right hand to side of her face. Judy was stunned and Sharon rush her and knocked Judy onto her back.  Luckily Judy rolled to the side as Sharon tried to jump on her. They both got to their knees and grabbed each other, Judy was a little stronger and she wrestled Sharon to the ground. Judy climbed on top of Sharon and punched her hard in the face but Sharon bucked her off. I could see that this wasn’t going to take long as they were both spent already for a very long night. They got to their feet both breathing very hard. They slowly walked toward each other, Judy faked a blow to Sharon’s face and when Sharon went to block it Judy threw a great upper cut to Sharon’s belly, as Sharon bent over Judy fired another shot that caught Sharon right in the ear. This rocked Sharon and Judy charged her, she had Sharon against the wall throwing punches left and right, I don’t know how Sharon was still standing. Judy knew she had her beat now but Sharon wouldn’t go down and Judy wanted to punish her. Judy punched her one last time in the belly and Sharon went down on all fours. Judy kicked her in the side and Sharon yelled in pain and rolled over saying she had had enough. Judy grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to Carmen and said “this is what will happen to you if you think you can beat me”. Then she dragged Sharon to the middle of the room and threw her down on the ground and rolled her over on her back. Judy pulled Sharon’s white tights off and spread her legs and shoved two fingers in Sharon’s pussy while holding her down. Sharon could not fight anymore and just let Judy do what she wanted with her. Sharon was crying for Judy to stop but it was humiliation time now. Then she rolled Sharon over on her stomach and ripped her bra off. Judy sat on Sharon’s back and pulled her by the hair and said show my man your tiny tits. This is by far my favorite position to see Judy in. Sharon had tears streaming down her cheeks and could not say anything. Judy nodded her head towards Carmen and said “get her out of here, I want quality time with this bitch. I went to Carmen and said, time for you to go, we’ll call you in the morning and you can come and pick Sharon up. Carmen reluctantly agreed and we both went upstairs, at the door she reminded me that she wanted to try her hand at beating up Judy and if she won she was going to take me as her trophy. I knew she didn’t stand a chance against Judy but said we work something out in the future. As I closed the door I thought, we’re starting a real Fight Club for woman here. All my adult life I fantasized about women fighting and now I’m seeing it for real. Damn life is good. 

I went downstairs and found Judy and Sharon naked with Judy sitting on Sharon’s face, Judy was saying “lick my pussy loser”. Sharon did not resist and Judy loved it. Then Judy moved down on Sharon and started sucking her tits while fingering her, I think Sharon actually like it. Judy then asked me to come over and join them. As I got undressed Judy again grabbed Sharon by the hair and sat her up, then she told me to lie on the floor. She instructed Sharon to suck my rock hard dick as Judy sat on my face. Before I came she pulled Sharon off of me and laid on her back, she made Sharon kneel between her legs and eat her as I entered Sharon from behind. I couldn’t help it as I pulled out I drove it deep into Sharon’s ass. I could hear Sharon whimpering, not in pain but pleasure. Judy held Sharon’s head between her legs so the sound was a little muffled. I came in Sharon’s ass, revenge is good sometimes. Both Judy and I went upstairs to get cleaned up and left Sharon on the basement floor. What a night!