Night of Champions
Dave Alan

So here we are again, in my basement with two beautiful women ready to do battle. I’ve had the good fortune to watch my girlfriend Judy in a couple of really good catfights against some very tough women, but tonight may be the toughest to date. Tonight she’s going against my ex sister in‐law, Kristin. Kristin is about 5’8” probable 150 Lbs, blue eyes with curves in all the right places. She has long blond hair and giant fully round breasts. For tonight’s fight she’s dressed in a dark blue very tight cat suit with no bra. Her large full breasts stretched the top portion of her cat suit to its limits, her nipples were poking out and full erect. She was excited and ready to fight! If you’ve followed any of my catfight stories with Judy you already know she is about 5’7” a little slimmer than Kristin and has short blonde hair. Judy was dressed in very tight white spandex bottoms and a white sports bra. She was so sexy, the white attire against her tanned body just made her even more beautiful. This fight was a long time in the making, ever since Judy beat the shit out my ex‐wife Teresa her sister Kristin swore revenge and tonight was the night. I tried to set this up for a long time but it seemed we could never come to an agreement on a date let alone the rules. But finally the time had come. Both girls agreed on an anything goes fight with 3 minute rounds followed by 5-minute rest period between rounds. It would go on until 1 girl admitted defeat and then the loser becomes the winners slave for the night. Both girls were using UFC style fighting gloves and both had their finger nails trimmed so they could not scratch each other. Both women had cross trainer workout shoes.

We were ready to begin, I was getting a hard on just thinking about what was about to happen next. Both women went to opposite ends of the room. Judy was slapping her hands together getting herself pumped up. Kristin had a cold death stare with those ice blue eyes. I shouted fight and instantly Judy rushed Kristin and swung wildly at Kristin’s head. Kristin side stepped her and quickly brought her knee up and caught Judy in the stomach. Judy doubled over and fell to the floor, Kristin spun around and jumped on Judy’s back. She grabbed Judy’s short blonde hair with her left hand and snapped Judy’s head back. Then she punched Judy in the side of head with her right. The punch caught Judy in the ear and stunned her. Kristin sat on Judy’s back and started swinging wildly with both hands hitting Judy in the head and side of her face this went on for almost a full minute. Judy covered up as best she could but some of those punches were landing. Luckily for Judy Kristin started to tire and stopped punching, that gave Judy time to regain her senses. Kristin grabbed Judy’s wrist and was trying to pull her arm away so she could hit her again. While Kristin was trying to move Judy’s arm away Judy bucked and got to her knees and at the same time she reached over her shoulder and grabbed Kristin’s long blonde hair and pulled her over her shoulder. Kristin flipped over onto her back with Judy still holding her hair. Judy still needed a moment to collect herself so she let go stood up and backed away. Kristin rolled over and stood up smiling, she shot me a glance and winked. Both were breathing heavily, I kept looking at both girls watching their breasts going up and down with each breath. Wow, they both looked so sexy. They came together and traded punches, Kristin threw two quick jabs that Judy easily blocked. Judy threw a straight right that caught Kristin on the cheek that backed her up a step but didn’t do any serious damage. They circled each other slowly each looking for an opening and then Judy rushed Kristin again. This time as she came in she faked with a right and when Kristin went to block the punch Judy caught her with a left hook. Kristin stumbled backwards and Judy followed with a high front kick that landed right between Kristin’s huge breasts. As Judy’s foot connected with Kristin’s chest she folded like an accordion. Kristin stumbled back against the wall while Judy stayed on the attack. Judy had her pinned against the wall, she grabbed Kristin by the face and slammed her head against the wall and then kneed her right between her legs. Kristin let out a loud groan as she doubled over. She turned to the side to protect herself and Judy kneed Kristin hard on her thigh, she kept doing this over and over again. As I yelled time Judy got in one last shot to side of Kristin’s head. Judy stepped back and Kristin fell to the floor holding her leg. As Judy walked confidently to her corner she came by me and gave me a big kiss and whispered “she’s mine next round”

Round 2 started slower, they came to the center of room both determined to win. Judy rushed Kristin and hooked her leg behind Kristin’s and tripped her to the floor. Judy fell on Kristin with her full weight and quickly got control. Judy sat up on Kristin trying to gain control as she moved up on Kristin’s chest. She was sitting on Kristin’s giant breasts and had both of Kristin’s arms pinned above her head. As they struggled Judy managed to get Kristin’s arms pinned to her side and under Judy’s legs then she put Kristin’s face between her thighs. Kristin bucked and rolled to her side, Judy quickly grabbed Kristin’s hair and pulled her face in her crotch. With her left hand she was pulling Kristin’s hair to keep her face firmly planted into pussy and with her right hand she punched Kristin repeatedly on the back of her head and neck. Kristin managed roll over and get to her knees with Judy on her back on but still had Kristin by the hair with her head between her powerful legs. Kristin reached around and punched Judy hard in the kidney. Judy let out a yell and had to let go. Both women rolled back and were now on all fours staring at each other breathing heavily. They slowly stood up and circled each other again trying to catch their breath. Judy went in for the kill, she came at Kristin and threw a hard right but Kristin leaned back and the punch missed. Kristin followed with a left hook of her own and caught Judy right on the chin she quickly followed with a right to her jaw. I saw Judy’s eyes roll back as she fell backwards onto floor. Kristin jumped on her, Judy had somehow managed to roll onto her stomach before Kristin pounced on her. Kristin sat on Judy’s back and with her right hand grabbed Judy’s right arm and twisted it behind her back. With her left she grabbed Judy’s short blonde hair and pulled back as hard as she could. They were both right in front of me, Judy’s breasts were popping out of her sports bra, god I just wanted to reach out and touch them! Kristin then let go of Judy’s hair and wrapped her arm around Judy’s neck and started to choke her. Judy rolled over and was now lying on Kristin but Kristin still had Judy around the neck. Kristin was on her back with Judy lying on top of her but on her back also. Judy moved to the side and elbowed Kristin right in the rib cage. Kristin let go of the choke hold but as Judy was trying to stand up Kristin tackled her and punched her hard in the kidney and then another punch in the side of the head and rolled her onto her back. Kristin got on top of Judy and just kept on swinging. Judy was on her back again trying to cover up. I yelled time! This time the end of round saved Judy. I figured they were about even so far. I was not allowed to talk or touch either during the break. Both were just about spent but neither was going to give up.

It was time for the third round to begin, both of them wanted to end it soon. Kristin was still limping just a bit, I’m sure she had a giant bruise under her leotard on her thigh from round 1 and Judy was still trying to get feeling back in arm that Kristin had twisted behind her back in round 2. Again, they circled each other slowly. Judy threw a round house right and Kristin ducked as Judy’s right hand grazed her head. As Kristin came back up she connected with a right upper cut to the stomach of Judy. As Judy doubled over Kristin hit her in the side of the head with a left. Judy stood up dazed and then stumbled backward against the wall. Kristin rushed her and pinned her to the wall. Kristin had her left forearm pressing against Judy’s neck and was hitting her in the stomach with her right. She must have connected on at least 5 or 6 shots to the mid‐section before removing her arm from Judy’s neck and then she threw 2 quick shots to the face. When she stepped back a bit Judy was powerless to defend herself. Kristin wound up and threw a powerful right that connected flush on Judy’s cheek. This snapped Judy’s head against the wall and both her arms fell leaving her wide open. One more shot just below Judy’s breasts and my beautiful girlfriend fell to the floor. Kristin stood over her and shouted “Had enough bitch!” Judy could not even respond, she just moaned. I couldn’t believe it was over, Judy had never lost before and I thought she never would. Kristin lowered herself onto Judy and raised her hands in victory, she stayed like that for a minute then quietly said to Judy “now you’re mine”.

Kristin stripped Judy naked while she lay on the floor, there was no resistance. Then she got undressed herself, she grabbed Judy by her short blonde hair and pulled her up to her knees. She pushed Judy’s face into her pussy and told Judy to start licking. Judy obeyed her master. After a few minutes she had Judy lay on her back and lowered herself onto to Judy’s face and said “you know what to do”. Kristin reached back and pinched Judy’s hard erect nipples as Judy licked her. Then Kristin turned around and placed that big ass right on Judy’s face “lick my asshole bitch” she said. While Judy’s tongue went deep into Kristin’s ass Kristin leaned over and started kissing and licking Judy’s wet pussy. This also went on for a few minutes, I was having a hard time controlling myself. They separated and Kristin laid down on her back and told Judy to start at her feet and work her way up. Judy did as she was told, Kristin had won and to victor goes the spoils. Judy kissed Kristin’s feet and started licking her legs, slowly working her way up. When she got to Kristin’s thighs she concentrated on the inner thighs. I could see a giant bruise on Kristin’s outer thigh where Judy had kneed her multiple times, that was going to take a few weeks to heal. Judy may have lost the fight but she did some damage, both were going to be sore in the morning. As Judy was finishing with Kristin’s now wet pussy she went straight for her breasts. She started with the underside and the sides and Kristin’s large breasts. Slowly working around in circles closing the circle then finally getting to the hard nipple. Judy sucked hard on Kristin’s right nipple while carefully caressing the left, Kristin was moaning in pleasure. The suddenly Kristin pushed Judy off of her, stood up and grabbed Judy by the hair and pulled her over to me. She threw Judy to the floor and said “I want to see you suck your old man’s dick”. I was already hard a rock and was not going to argue with that. Judy got her knees and slowly pulled down my shorts, she gently grabbed my shaft and kissed the head of my penis. Then she opened her mouth and took about half to start. She slowly took me in and out of her mouth each time going a little deeper. Kristin kneeled down behind Judy and started kissing her back and reached around groping Judy’s beautifully full breasts. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I exploded in Judy’s mouth. I don’t think Judy was ready for this as I usually don’t cum that fast. Judy choked for second but being the true professional she was she kept going. Kristin grabbed Judy’s hair and firmly pulled her head back away from my now limp dick and whispered something in her ear. One last pinch of Judy’s nipples and Kristin got up and went upstairs. I could see Judy had tears in her eyes and was quietly sobbing. I sat down next to her and held her. She whispered “I’ll never lose again”. I whispered back “I’ll setup the rematch”.