The Fight That Started it All
David Alan

I’ve had a few requests to tell the story of the night that started it all, the first catfight between my ex-wife and my current girlfriend Judy.  Let me give you a little background first.  When I was married to Teresa she had three very close friends Judy, Sharon and Carmen.  Little did I know that all four of them made a pack that if anything happened in any of their marriages none of them would date any of the ex-husbands.  That pack was made one drunk night a long time ago, things change, shit happens. Anyway, not long after Teresa and I split up I heard Judy had divorced.  I always had a big crush on Judy, a while back we had one long, deep sensuous kiss that went on for about 5 minutes.  But things just never seemed to work out that as we both were married to someone else.  I never forgot about that kiss.  I found out where Judy was working and caught up with her there, one thing led to another and as you know (if you’ve read a couple of other stories) we’ve dating ever since.  Shortly after we first started Teresa heard about us and was furious.  She called Judy and reminded her of the pack, Judy reminded her that was a drunk night and anything said that night was just “whiskey talk” and Teresa should just mind her of business.  Judy told me about the call and that’s when I first started thinking about how great it would be to see Teresa and Judy in a good catfight.

A couple of weeks later I happen to run into Teresa at the store.  She pulled me aside and asked about Judy.  I told her that Judy talked to me about their phone call.  Of course Teresa asked what Judy had said to me.  I knew this was my chance, I told her that Judy had said that you threaten her and you wanted her to stay away from me.  Teresa didn’t deny any of that, then I said that Judy said if she saw you she was going to kick your ass in front of everyone around (I made that part up, but I wanted to get them to fight).  Teresa took a step back and gasped “what, that bitch kick my ass?”.   Then she took a step towards me, arched her back so those giant breasts were almost popping out of her top, pointed her finger in my face and said “You tell that slut of yours anytime anywhere”!  I had her now, I couldn’t wait to get home and work on Judy.  This was going to great.

That night I told Judy about my encounter with Teresa, Judy was livid “she said what” Judy screamed.  “I’ll not only kick her fat ass I’ll humiliate her, beat her like the dog she is”. Judy then looked at me and “set it up, I want that bitch, I never liked her anyway”. She would always walk around shaking those big tits of hers trying to get guys to notice.  I’m gonna slap those tits right off of her. I called Teresa that night and set the whole thing up for the next Saturday night at our place.  They both agreed that I would only interfere if one of them was about to get hurt, “really bad” as both put it.

The day of the fight I moved the furniture in basement to make room for the big event.  I was so excited I could hardly control myself.  There’s something about the thought of two women that you’ve been involved with battling it out.  I told Judy that I wanted her to not beat the shit out of Teresa but I wanted her to humiliate her but I knew how tough Teresa was and if I had to put money on it I might bet on Teresa.  The doorbell rang, it was finally time.  I took Teresa to the basement and showed her where she could change, then went upstairs to get Judy.

Both women glared at each other from across the room, I stood in the middle and motioned for both to come to the center.  I went over the rules that both had agreed on before.  They would fight until one of them would either give up or could not continue, then there would be a 30-minute rest period and they would fight again.  The first to win 2 rounds would be the winner and the loser would have to do whatever the winner said.  Both women looked great, Teresa was wearing very tight white spandex pants with matching white sleeveless top.  Her giant breasts stretched that top to the limit.  Teresa is about 5’5” and about 155 to 160 LBs.  Not thin but in good shape, she has curves where you want curves with thick muscular legs.  Her huge full breasts stood up high for being as big as they are.  Her long dark hair was pulled back into a single pony tail that came down to the middle of her back.  She was ready for a fight.  Judy was dressed in all black, she’s taller at 5’7” and thinner about 135 LBs.  Judy has nice long legs and a great ass.  The black tights she had on was so tight I could not stop staring and the camel toe showing between her legs.  Although Judy’s tits are not as big as Teresa’s they’re still full and perky, she had some great cleavage showing.  Judy has short blonde hair that looked great against her all black outfit.  Both women stepped back after, we were ready to begin.

I stood in the middle of the room and yelled fight!  I almost didn’t get out of the way quick enough, they both rushed to the middle or the room and slammed into each other.  I heard both girls moan as the collided.  With Teresa being a little heavier she had the advantage, she managed to slam Judy to the floor and landed on top of her.  Teresa straddled Judy as she laid on her side and punched her hard on the side of her face.  Judy’s head bounced off the floor, it’s a good thing we have thick carpeting in the basement.  Teresa raised her fist to strike again but this time Judy elbowed her in the gut knocking her off.  Both women were on all fours glaring at each other as they stood, they circled slowly.  Judy threw the first punch, a straight left jab that caught Teresa on the cheek.  She followed with a right cross landing firmly on Teresa’s jaw.  Teresa backed up as Judy was on the attack, right, left, right.  Teresa was up against the wall covering up as Judy swung away.  Teresa made the mistake of covering her head and face leaving her mid-section wide open.  Judy was counting on this, she wound up and fired off a perfect upper cut that connected with a SMACK.  A loud gasp came from Teresa as Judy’s fist was buried into Teresa’s soft belly.  AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHH screamed Teresa as she doubled over and fell to one knee.  Judy reached down grabbed Teresa by her hair and pulled her up then slapped her hard in the face.  Teresa pushed Judy back hoping to give her a second or two to catch her breath.  Judy was also breathing heavily, she must have punched herself out while she had Teresa against the wall.  Teresa stood up straight and took a long deep breath, her white top was drenched in sweat and her big round nipples were poking out.  They came together again, this time Judy reached out and put Teresa in a side headlock.  Then she performed a perfect hip roll and flipped Teresa onto her back crashing on top of her.  Teresa grabbed Judy’s short blond hair and yanked her head back but Judy held on tightly.  Teresa let go and punched Judy in the back but she had nothing left.  Judy sensed that Teresa was about done and rolled her over on her back.  Then she climbed up and just about jumped on Teresa’s round belly.  Then she pinned Teresa’s arms to her side and locked them in with her legs.  Judy started pinching and twisting Teresa’s nipples, Teresa screamed in pain.  Then she let go and slapped Teresa in the face “had enough bitch?” yelled Judy.  Slap! Again Judy hit Teresa in the face.  Teresa finally said she had enough, round 1 went to Judy.

During the break it was understood that I not help or talk to either fighter.  I was so excited replaying the image of Judy sitting on Teresa’s giant tits slapping her in face.  It took all I had not to cum while that was going on.  Both women were refreshed after the 30-minute break and ready to go.  Teresa’s cheeks were still red from the slapping she received from Judy.  I stood in the middle of the room again, checked with each fighter and yelled fight!

Round 2 started slower as both fighters came to the middle of the room.  Teresa made the first move, she went low and grabbed Judy around the waist, picked her up and slammed here to the floor.  Judy rolled onto her stomach with Teresa laying on her back.  Teresa used her weight to control Judy, she pushed Judy’s head into the carpet and sat up on the small of her back.  She then grabbed Judy’s wrists and pulled her arms behind her back.  Judy screamed in pain, I thought she was going to break her back.  Judy’s tits were jiggling and popping out of her thin block top as she tried to escape.  Teresa then moved up and put Judy in a full-nelson, turned on her on to her side and wrapped her thick powerful legs around Judy’s waist and locked her ankles.  Teresa thrust her hips forward, arched her back and squeezed those muscular legs.  Stretching Judy to point of almost breaking, Judy screamed while Teresa just smiled.  She loosened up a bit and applied pressure again and again.  Each time Judy let out a painful moan.  I could see it was getting harder and harder for Judy to breathe as Teresa squeezed.  Then Teresa let go rolled Judy on her back and jumped on top of her.  She came crashing down on Judy’s chest knocking whatever air she left in her lungs out of her.  Teresa pinned Judy’s arms above her head and was pressing her giant tits in Judy’s face.  As she slowly moved up she pinned Judy’s arms under her legs and was now sitting high on her chest almost on her throat.  She grabbed Judy’s short blonde hair and pulled her face into her crotch.  Teresa was grinding her crotch into Judy’s face, forcing Judy’s nose right into her.  “How’s that taste bitch” Teresa yelled.  “I bet it smells better than yours, let’s ask your boy over there”.  Teresa then backed up a bit and WAP, she slapped Judy hard across the face.  WAP another slap, this one left a red hand print on Judy’s cheek.  Judy tried to buck Teresa off with no luck.  WAP another slap and Judy had had enough “I give” she yelled.  What did you say asked Teresa, I can’t hear you?  “I give, now get your fat ass off of me.  Teresa smiled and just as she stood up she slammed down with all her weight onto Judy’s stomach.  Judy let out a loud gasp as all the air in her lungs rushed out.  Teresa got up again walked towards me giggling like a little school girl.  She came right up to me and looked at me rock hard cock under my gym shorts, it was kind of hard to hide.  She grabbed my cock through my shorts and squeezed it as hard as she could.  “You like that sweetie, don’t you?” she asked.  “I know how you like seeing woman fight” she said “I’ll give you a real show next round”.  As she walked away I looked at Judy just now getting to her knees still trying to catch her breath.  I went to her to help her up, just as I started to reach down to help her Teresa spun around and came at me and said “remember the rules, you can’t help either between rounds.”   Again she noticed my huge hard-on in my shorts.  She pulled the waistband on my gym shorts and reached down and grabbed my dick.  I’m one those guys that when I get a hard-on if I’m standing up it points directly up to the sky.  She grabbed my rod squeezed and pulled it down and smiled at me.  “I’ll take care of this later” she said.  Damn that hurt but I almost came right there, hurt so good as they say.  Teresa turned and as she walked away Judy was just getting to her feet still coughing.  Teresa internally bumped into her and almost knocked Judy over.

The last round was about to begin both women had won one round and this would be the deciding round.  I brought both to the center of the room to shake hands but neither was having any of that.  Judy had recovered from the beating she took in the second room and Teresa was now full of confidence.  I signaled for them to fight.  They walked slowly to the center, Teresa made the first move she dove low and rammed her shoulder into Judy’s stomach.  She wrapped her arms around Judy’s waist and then picked her up and slammed her to the floor.  I don’t where she got the strength to do that, she landed on Judy’s back.  She grabbed Judy’s short blonde hair and yanked her head back.  Then she climbed up higher on Judy’s back and tried to get her in a choke hold.  Judy got to her knees reached back and grabbed Teresa’s long dark hair and slowly pulled her over.  Teresa literally rolled right over Judy and on to her back.  Judy quickly sat on Teresa’s face raised her right arm punched Teresa hard in the stomach.  Teresa raised her knees to stop Judy from doing it again.  With Teresa’s knees curled up protecting her stomach Judy started punching Teresa hard on her side.  Each time she connected I could hear my ex-wife moan in pain.  Teresa finally rolled to her side and pushed Judy off.  Judy got up quicker than Teresa and then delivered a perfect kick to Teresa’s mid-section while she was on all fours.  Teresa rolled up in the fetial position.  Judy knew this was her chance, she jumped on Teresa’s back pinned her right arm under her leg, gabbed a handful thick dark hair with her left and pulled Teresa’s head back.  Then she punched Teresa hard in the face from behind.  Smack, smack and smack.  Teresa’s cheek was red and a big bruise was starting to develop.  “Had enough bitch” Judy yelled.  Smack, another hard shot.  Teresa had tears flowing as Judy stayed on the attack.  Judy then leaned back and pulled Teresa’s hair as hard as she could.  I thought she break Teresa’s back, her huge tits popping out and her erect nipples were touching the carpet because her tits were so big.  “I give, I give” yelled Teresa.  “Fucking right you give” Judy yelled. Judy let go Teresa’s hair but stayed sitting on her back.  Both women were spent, then Judy got up slowly.  Standing over Teresa who was still crying Judy bent down and pulled Teresa up by the hair.  Judy stood in front of Teresa who was on all fours, she still had her by the hair.  Judy took off her tights and pulled Teresa’s face into her pussy, “lick this loser” she said.  Teresa was kneeling in front of Judy with her face buried in Judy’s pussy, Judy leaned back against the wall and thrust her hips into Teresa’s face. Teresa was licking hard and fast, I think she was enjoying it well maybe just a little.  Teresa’s huge tits were bouncing up and down as she went to town, damn it was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.  Judy’s eyes rolled back into her head as she let out one those animal groans, I could see her love juices covering Teresa’s face.  Then Judy pushed her back and still holding a handful of hair she dragged Teresa to me and said to me “You want some this baby?”.  “Suck his dick and don’t spill a drop” she told Teresa. Teresa pulled down my shorts and took me in her mouth.  Judy pushed her head down hard and Teresa started to choke.  As Teresa went up and down on my rock hard rod Judy kept her hand on Teresa’s head and made sure she did not come up for air.  It didn’t take long before I exploded in Teresa’s mouth, she gasped but Judy would not let her come up.  Finally, Judy pulled her head up by the hair and threw her to the ground.  Then she gave a long, deep wet kiss as she pulled away she looked at Teresa still laying on the floor.  She smiled and said to me “take this trash out while I clean up”.