Late Night at the Office
David Alan

I’m in the office working late, as usual when I hear yelling outside my office. I peek out from the blinds which I had closed and see two women in a heated discussion. Both women are absolutely beautiful, Heather who is mid to late 20’s is about 6-foot-tall in flats, long blonde hair and in great shape was arguing with Cindy who is her boss. Cindy is in her mid-40’s, blonde with shoulder length hair and is not quite as tall as Heather but with her heels they were nose to nose. Cindy, being in her forties has had some work done, she had a boob job a few years ago that I must say is fantastic, not outrageously big but very noticeable. In fact, if you took Cindy’s tits and put them on Heather would probably have the sexiest women in the world, in my opinion. I could not hear exactly what they were arguing about but it was getting ugly. It was late at night and I’m sure both women thought they were alone in the office. Like I said they were nose to nose when all of a sudden Cindy pushed Heather back and raised her hands ready to fight. Heather steadied herself and put her hands up as well. They now had my full attention, in more ways than one. Cindy backed up a bit and kicked her heels off, Heather reached down and took her shoes off as well. Cindy was dressed in a very tight form fitting blue skirt that came down to just above her knees, she also had a tight white button down blouse with maybe one too many buttons undone for business dress but I sure liked it. Even with the extra button undone it was still stretched to the limit with those giant boobs. Heather although younger was dressed a little more conservative, if you call very tight black tights at the office conservative. She also had a tight thin red Cardigan sweater.

Both women circled each other slowly with their hands up, Cindy made the first move. She snapped off a quick jab that connected flush on Heather’s cheek as she tried to get out of the way. Heather stepped back but Cindy was on the attach. Cindy came forward a through a left cross that caught Heather on the left cheek. Heather went down to one knee. Cindy proudly walked around her foe with her hands on her hips, probable thinking it was over. As Cindy came around Heather with a smile on her face Heather quickly stood up and landed a vicious upper cut right in Cindy’s mid-section. Cindy had this comical look on her face as she doubled over. Heather stood tall raised both her hands, clasped them together and came crashing down on Cindy’s back. Cindy went down to all fours, Heather stepped back and delivered a kick to one of Cindy’s giant tits. Then Heather jumped on Cindy’s back causing Cindy to crash down on her stomach. Heather grabbed Cindy’s right arm and twisted it behind her back and with her left hand she grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled as hard as she could. Cindy screamed in pain, her giant tits were popping out of her blouse. They were both facing me and I could see buttons on Cindy’s blouse rip apart, her push-up bra stretched to the max. As Heather pulled Cindy’s thick blonde hair she was twisting her head side to side. Then all of a sudden she let go Cindy’s hair and smashed her face into the floor. Heather got off of Cindy and screamed “had enough bitch!” Cindy got to her knees when Heather again grabbed her hair to pull her up. Cindy stood quickly and snapped her head back hitting Heather right in the chin. Heather stumbled back and if it wasn’t for desk behind she would fallen. Cindy had some blood coming from her nose and Heather and bit her lip when Cindy head butted her and blood was running down her chin and I had a giant hard on. This was awesome I thought to myself. They slowly came together again, Cindy threw another jab but this time Heather side stepped the punch and with one swift move she gabbed Cindy’s outstretched arm and pulled her close and put her in a side headlock. Then she did a perfect hip toss and flipped Cindy over and came crashing down on top of her still holding onto the headlock. Cindy grabbed Heather’s long blonde hair from behind and yanked her head back. Both women struggled on floor for a minute or two. Cindy started to tire under Heather’s weight and finally let go of her hair. Heather climbed on top of Cindy and pinned both her arms to her side. She was sitting on those big artificial tits. Then she moved up a bit and grabbed Cindy’s hair on the top of her head and pulled her face into her pussy. Cindy was kicking her legs trying to buck Heather off, her tight skirt rode up to her waist and I could see her blonde bush between her legs. Yes, she was a true blonde. She managed to roll to her side but Heather still and a handful of hair. Heather now had Cindy in a head scissors hold, she crossed her ankles and squeezed. I could see the muscles in her thighs flex in those very tight black tights, damn she has great legs. All of a sudden Heather scream and let Cindy go. I think Cindy bit her on the inner thigh. Heather got up holding the inside of her leg. She let her hand off and I could see a rip in her tights were Cindy bit her. You fucking bitch yelled Heather. Cindy smiled as she got up and spit blood on the floor, I assumed it came from Heather’s leg.

Both women were breathing heavily, Cindy’s white shirt was ripped open exposing her push-up bra. Her beautiful fake tits looked great raising up and down with each breath. Heather’s tight Cardigan sweater was twisted around and riding up showing her very tight sexy abs. Cindy took her shirt off and Heather did the same. I was never so happy working late as I was tonight. Again they circled each other slowly as both caught their breath. Cindy wiped her sweaty hair from her face and Heather did a very sexy head flip to remove her hair from her face. This time Heather reached out and grabbed Cindy by the hair and pulled down as hard as she could. Then she pulled Cindy up and punched her hard on the cheek. This stunned Cindy and before she could recover Heather rushed her and drove into the back office wall. Cindy let out a loud agggrhh as she crashed into the wall. Heather backed up one step then came up with knee to Cindy’s stomach. As Cindy doubled over Heather raised her right arm and came smashed her elbow and the back of Cindy’s neck. Cindy went down to her knees. Heather came around kicked her in the side just under her tits. Cindy rolled over onto her back and Heather jumped on her stomach. Heather knew she had her opponent and was going to take full advantage. She slapped Cindy in the face, right, left, right and another left. Cindy was now in tears. I could hear her pleading with Heather to stop.

Heather rolled Cindy over onto her stomach and undid her bra, then she took both of Cindy’s arms and while sitting on her back she pinned Cindy’s arms under her legs. Then she grabbed Cindy by her long blonde hair and pulled her back. She had Cindy’s back arched as far as it would go. Cindy’s tits were shaking back and forth actually slapping against each other. Then Heather reached around and started pinching Cindy’s nipples. Cindy was still pleading with Heather to stop, she had tears running down her cheeks. Stop, please stop, I’ll do anything just stop.

Heather let her foe fall to the floor and slowly stood up, then she rolled Cindy onto her back and stood over the beaten older woman. Then she smiled and took off her tights and lowered herself onto Cindy. Before I let you go you need to pay the price. She sat on Cindy’s face and told Cindy to lick her pussy. Cindy started to protest but Heather raised her hand ready to slap her in the face and Cindy said OK, OK. I’ll do anything just don’t hit me anymore. Cindy’s face disappeared between Heather’s legs. Heather arched her back and took her bra off and started playing with her nipples as Cindy ate her pussy. I could not hold any longer I came in my pants watching these two beautiful ladies go at it. As soon as Heather came on Cindy’s face she got up and grabbed Cindy’s white blouse and rubbed it between her legs to clean herself off. Then she threw it on Cindy’s face and said, something to remember this night. Heather gathered her clothes and left. Cindy laid on the floor for a few minutes then got her things together and slowly left the office. I may work late every night.