Chun Li VS. Ryu: First Tournament Battle

By DiavoloM

Chun Li’s eyes flickered open as the bright morning sun made its way over Beijing’s busy skyline. Not even the well developed Chinese city could block the awesome power of the morning sun. Its light struck upon the closed dark colored wooden shudders of Chun Li’s tiny apartment, worked its way through the slats, and laid on the young girl’s closed eyes, forcing them open. She winced and turned her head, the beautiful light brown pupils constricted and then slowly refocused themselves, her gorgeous eyes now big and round as they normally were. She pulled her upper body up, turned and almost leaped out of bed, her body felt tensed, strong, and beyond ready. She walked toward the long mirror only a few feet away that hung on the tiny bathroom door that looked like it was going to fall off its hinges. The sun raised a little higher letting in even more light and Chun Li stood, admiring herself in front of the mirror. She normally wasn’t so vain, but she had earned a little self recognition, she had trained her body hard in the past 8 months, to say the least. It paid off. Her long light brown hair was not in their buns that normally rested on the sides of her perfectly round shaped head, instead it fell at its full length, all the way down to her waste, just above her round, firm cheeks that stuck proudly from her body. She had on a tiny; slightly see through, white tank top that was stretched to its max, her dark brown nipples almost visible, and a pair of light pink colored shorts, which barely covered any of her voluptuous ass or thick strong thighs. The 5’7” girl didn’t have an ounce of fat on her; every inch of her body was tight and toned. Her long graceful arms were slightly big for a girl her size and as she raised them to lift the hair off her well defined shoulders you could see the muscles in them tighten up from the slightest movement, showing how much hard work and training she put into them. They looked bigger and stronger than a normal 25 year old’s were, but then again she wasn’t using them like a normal 25 year old would. As she her eyes moved down her body, she smiled at her reflection. Her large 32D chest sat high and proud, sticking out from her body with out a flaw on the fair skinned breasts. She did more pushups then she’d like to remember, not to mention all the training and it was worth it. They looked and felt firm and strong; she had never felt them like this. She was always proud of her large chest and the way her breasts looked, but they never looked as good as this. She felt them with her hands and loved feeling how physically powerful and dense they felt, but still retained some bit of softness as they stuck out from her body, even her small dark nipples seemed firm as they as well were standing at attention. She worked her eyes lower and stared at her abdomen, her chiseled eight pack looked solid and well defined every bit of muscle of noticeable as her mid section, from her sides to the front, didn’t have an ounce of flab anywhere. She opened her right hand and ran it lightly down her body, feeling her soft skin and that covered the firm muscles of her abdomen on every inch of her tiny delicate fingers. She moved both of her small hands over her body now, lower and lower, gasping a bit when she grazed softly over the thin material covering her completely shaven womanhood and then smiling as they moved down to her thighs. Not too long ago, Chun Li wouldn’t have been this comfortable or this confident with her body, but those eight months seemed like a lifetime of lessons and hard fought battles. She felt strong, especially when she squeezed her thighs now. She was most proud of them. She had always been known for her strong, thick thighs, but they never seemed to be enough to finish the hard battles. Those days are over now, she thought, smiling confidently to her reflection in the dirty mirror. She had worked on them and trained them the most and it paid off, every strike from the bamboo pole from her unyielding master, every squat of lifting heavy stones in wooden buckets tied to a long, thick branch strapped across her shoulders, every strike on the hard bark of thick, ancient trees that seemed to feel weaker as time went on, her being able to chip the bark and even the wood off them now like they were paper. Everything paid off, she pushed and pulled, and struck her legs against every stone, every bit of wood, all the while stretching what she thought was her already limber legs, to now a flexibility she didn’t even know she was capable of. She looked upon them now and loved every inch of them. They were huge and unstoppable looking now, before they were intimidating, now they were jaw dropping. They were thick, so thick that they were too wide to fit their amazing mass in the thin mirror on the back of the creaking door. You could see the muscle groups in every square inch and as she turned to look at them from the side, her legs flexed a small amount, and even with that small amount you could see the strength in the still feminine looking legs want to bulge out. They were perfect without a flaw on them, she bent her left leg slightly and flexed as hard as she could, the whole leg, even the calf muscles tensed up and grew, the muscles in them getting so tight it seemed like they wanted to burst through the soft skin covering them. She smiled a wide smile and even took notice of her ass that was now in view as well. The almost endless seeming amount of squats she had done also made her ass bigger and more toned. It stuck proudly from her body and she tensed the muscle in it several times and released, making the muscles in them get suddenly huge and swell looking immensely well-built, then suddenly look like just a firm ass again. The tense and release also made them bounce a little, making the young girl giggle a little. She felt her ass with her finger tips, pressing them in as she made her ass firm again and smiled, she did the same with her thighs, and they felt impenetrable. Chun Li smiled even wider. She was going to either win this whole tournament, destroying Bison completely, or at the very least give him a battle that would make him earn his victory, so much so that he would remember it for long, long time. If I lose, I at least want his bones broken and face bleeding so he knew and remembered who I was. She looked at herself one last time before stepping into the bathroom for a long hot shower and thought one thing, she was ready.

From the moment she stepped out of the shower and dried off her firm naked body to the time she boarded the private jet, landed and trekked to the remote island in Japan seemed like all a blur to her. It felt like a few grains in a fast moving hour glass. She found herself in front of another mirror, this time it was hung on a stone wall in a large open underground room. It looked ancient, Chun Li thought, looking around at the old architecture, each stone put perfectly into place. She had always admired the old ways. She had dressed herself in her traditional Chinese fighting outfit. Her long hair was up in two pristine white buns on each side of her head and her body was mostly covered in a shiny, light blue material with gold engraved designs on it. It covered almost her entire upper body except for her arms, which were completely exposed except for small blue ruffled pieces of material on her shoulders. She was happy about this as she worked hard on her well defined, muscular arms and wanted to show them off. It had a wide white strap of material that covered her midsection, and even though her chest was covered, her large 32D’s had grown firmer and even larger and seemed like they wanted to bust right through the thin blue clothe. Her lower body was a different story. Only two rectangle pieces, a foot wide, of the blue material hung down to her knees on the front and barely past her ass on the back of her body. They showed off her strong legs perfectly as the thick thighs were only covered in the inner parts, the middle and outer edges of the well built legs were visible. Even her ass was partially exposed now, it grew out just like her chest did, now firmer and fuller than before, it was only covered in the center of the two large and round cheeks, the sides of the large ass could never fit under the thin blue clothe hanging down loosely over them. Luckily she had long black stockings on to cover not only her legs, but also her round bulbous cheeks. She didn’t want to her foes to know how strong she had gotten, she purposely trained and asked to be trained so she was immensely stronger, but still somewhat hidden, and she accomplished just that. To look at her thighs, you could tell they were big, but they still looked like a soft woman’s legs, even her ass, which you couldn’t miss as it stuck far out from the small Asian woman’s body looked firm, but not overly muscular. She was more than happy with the results and now that she covered them in the dark stockings, she ecstatic at the results. The dark, thin material covered the legs but was still somewhat see through making it equally provocative and deceiving. Chun Li smiled her biggest smile and spun in a circle like a ballerina. The two pieces of clothe over the bottom half of her body floated up and you could see everything underneath. There was a thin piece of material that barely went over her stocking covered pussy and slipped back behind her, disappearing between her bulging spherical cheeks and reappearing towards the middle of round ass, the small amount of clothe hardly covering a quarter of the fleshy mounds, only hiding the center of cheeks and not much else. I’m sure this will distract Ryu as well, Chun Li thought, secretly liking the sexuality of her costume, dark stockings over a round ass, especially mine, could put any man on his knees begging to even look at it, let alone touch it. She took one last look at her self, made sure every thing was perfect, even her long white, spotless, and shiny boots that came up past her calves all the way to the back of her knee, and then slowly and confidently made her way up the ramp to the fight ground above.

The sunlight of far off setting sun blinded her for a second, but her quick eyes adjusted rapidly and took in the large open ground before her. The open arena was large, at least fifty by fifty feet and it made a perfect square in outlying stones that were larger and slightly darker than the ones the encompassed. The whole area, although ancient, held up amazingly. Each one foot by one foot stone inside the fighting plaza was a very light brown color, they were worn by weather and fighting, small stains of old dried blood could be seen here and there, but they kept up surprising well for their age. The whole place had high dark colored, almost black walls at all four sides. They must be at least forty feet high, thought Chun Li looking around now. The only wall that had any windows cut in them was the one facing the sunset. It had three rows of small, perfectly cut circles in them, one at the top, middle, and bottom. Chun Li knelt down and looked through one of the circles in the bottom row that was at knee height. Off in the distant she saw an early glimpse of the past as there were ruins of what was once an old building far off. It looked beautiful in the low setting sun and enjoyed the moment, but it went by quick. A large sudden pounding noise came from behind her and she noticed the tunnel she came out of was unexpectedly blocked by a huge piece of rectangle stoned, lowered by four strong men in ragged gi’s. She didn’t focus on that for long though as she heard another large noise across the way as the same type of boulder lifted. She got into a ready stance and thought that this might be a trap. She had gotten the invitation to this tournament from a scroll that was written in her native language, and she jumped at her chance to get revenge on Bison, who had nearly killed her in their last meet. He only let her live out of sheer amusement, as he loved watching her suffer on the ground beneath him, bleeding, bones broken, and whimpering in pain. She used to lay awake at night thinking about how he ran his large hand between her legs as she laid there, beaten within an inch of her life, not being able to do anything to stop his cold flesh against hers. Never again, she thought to herself that night in the hospital, never again. It was the only thing that kept her alive that night, the doctors said, her pure determination and anger. A wide, dark figure appeared out from behind the large boulder and as soon as he came into view, the large stone was dropped behind him. He looked back over his shoulder and then Ryu’s eyes looked over at Chun Li, who was staring right back at him. The last time they met, and the time before that, and the time before that Ryu had defeated the younger and smaller Chun Li, but this time was different. She was better trained, more mature, more focused, and much, much stronger. As Ryu and Chun Li walked slowly towards each other, Ryu’s eyes widened ever so slightly, Chun Li smiled. Even the extremely disciplined Ryu had to notice a difference in her body, Chun Li thought, and decided add to this distraction. She bounced her body a little more as she walked, her large chest now bouncing in almost slow motion with it, exactly what she wanted it to do. Come on, take a gander, I know you want to, Ryu, Chun Li thought to herself. Sure enough, Ryu’s gaze worked down and took a look at the large and full D cups coming straight at him. This will be your down fall, thought Chun Li as she looked with a determined stare now at her larger foe. The 35 year old Ryu was definitely bigger than Chun Li, his loose fitting white gi couldn’t hide his large chest muscles that bulged out from his body, and the sleeves of the traditional garb were cut half down his arms, showing off his large biceps and forearms. Ryu was one of the most disciplined and focused fighters Chun Li ever faced, she knew if she could beat him, she would have a very good chance of going the distance in the tournament. The red piece of clothe around his forehead was tied tightly in the back, and his bare feet gripped the ground tightly. Come on, I’m right on you now, thought Chun Li, take another look. Chun Li then saw Ryu’s jaw almost drop when he saw her close up. Her chest not only looked bigger, but her thighs, which secretly always scared him a little bit anyway, the power they had the ability to possess, looked even bigger as well! Chun Li spoke the first words, “Long time, Ryu. Is there something wrong with my outfit?” Chun Li spun around on just the tip of her right boot showing off her balance and the two small pieces of clothe on the front and back of her body lifted up, revealing her small, but noticeable camel toe, and her even bigger looking, very firm looking ass cheeks, the small piece of clothe that once covered a little of the bulbous fleshy mounds had now worked its way a little between, the ass too much for the little bit of thin material to cover the large, firm cheeks. The dark, stocking covered ass of Chun Li was perfect, and looked strong on top of it. As the younger girl finally stopped spinning and stood in front of him, he no longer saw an immature tiny young girl, but a determined and focused looking opponent. Those thighs are unreal!! The thought instinctively running across his mind, those things look like they could do some real damage. Chun Li smiled as she knew her well developed body had already intimidated the larger man. However, Ryu knew his experience and superior strength would let him win this match. “You’ve been training since last we met,” Ryu said, taking yet another glance at the voluptuous body in front of him. “Yes,” replied Chun Li simply, “Master Yen was very proud of me.” The name ripped fear through Ryu’s core. “Master Yen?! I thought he wasn’t training any one anymore, let alone know where he is to ask him to train,” Ryu was almost visibly shaken now. “Well, I found him, and he trained me. He trained me until he thought I’d break, I didn’t,” Chun Li said the words smoothly and coldly, loving every second of Ryu’s fear. Master Yen was trained in a forbidden and dangerous art, so dangerous in fact, he found that it was hurting too many people in the world so he disappeared for many, many years, until that is he heard the name just moments. Ryu almost couldn’t believe it, but knew Chun Li was no liar, and could tell by her body and confidence that only Master Yen’s training could have done both so well. Ryu not only looked at the body as voluptuous now, but also more formidable. Chun Li knew for sure she had him already fully distracted, the fight’s pretty much over for you already, my once torturous foe, it’s my turn now, Chun Li thought almost angrily. She didn’t hate Ryu, in fact when she was younger, she had feelings for him, but he dismissed her, treating her as a bothersome little kid. Even after she developed, he was way too disciplined to get involved romantically with anyone. She had always admired this quality and even at this moment she still did, but he stood in her way of justice, and that was all there was to it. Unfortunately for Ryu, Chun Li also felt she had to send a message out to everyone else in the tournament, message of fear. She figured if opponents were fearful of her before their matches even started, she would have a much better chance of getting through them. A sudden loud banging sound could be heard and both of their attentions were drawn sharply from both of their deep thoughts. They looked up at a large, ancient bell that was rung by a large wooden post held by two of the men that opened and closed the tunnels to the arena. Suddenly, an elderly man stood up, and Chun Li noticed there were three others, just as old as him at all sides of the four walls. The man that looked in his 80’s then spoke sternly in a thick Japanese accent, “The match will begin when the bell rings again. There will be three rounds, the length of each will be determined in the ancient way, the sun. As the sun sets it will cross each layer of circles cut into the walls.” the old man gestured weakly towards the old stone cut outs. He continued in his steady and disciplined voice, “When the sun has completely set past a layer of circles, the bell will ring and that round will be over. Each round will be won by either bringing your opponent to unconsciousness, or if you are both left standing, it will be decided by us four judges. The one who has won the most amount of rounds will be the victor. There is no giving up, you must fight your all until the round ends or you are left unconscious. Once the victor is declared the stones will raise and the fighters may leave tournament fighting area. You must fight all three rounds, however, even if you have lost the first two, this is an honorable battle and you must finish the fight with the same amount of honor you both have started with. If no winner is declared after the three rounds, you must fight in the dark without any judges until only one is left standing. Also…be warned…if either fighter conducts themselves dishonorably and is proven too weak as a fighter to have been allowed in the tournament, the fourth round, or as known to us, the dark round, will commence regardless. The stones will close and they will be left at the mercy of the honorable and triumphant victor. Left to do with them as they wish.” He gestured again, but this time to the many pairs of shackles hanging at all different heights on the opposite wall as the one with the cut out circles. Ryu shuddered a little and could only imagine the torture that had gone on in this arena of pain. “Do you both understand?” The elderly man’s voice asked. “Yes,” both fighters answered boldly at the same time, both eager to get the match started. Ryu glanced at his master who was sitting on one of the walls watching his pupil get ready for battle. “Then begin!” The old man shouted as loud as he could and the two raggedy dressed men rang the bell. Both fighters stared at each other in a sudden ready stance, the setting sun gleaming on them both, the warriors ready to battle each other for victory.

Round 1

Ryu barely moved, waiting for the usually over eager and younger Chun Li to make the first over zealous attack as she normally had done. Chun Li didn’t move. Ryu was shocked at the stillness of his opponent. He then saw her actually take a step back and bend low at the knees in a crouching ready stance. This was new for Ryu, and as he looked on at his steady foe, he noticed how much bigger and toned she really looked then their last encounter. Ryu decided to move forward and make the first attack, he wanted to rid his mind of these negative thoughts and stay focused on the battle at hand. Unfortunately, Chun Li noticed the look on the older man’s face and noticed him again looking her over. You’ve got in his head, she thought smiling to herself a little, you don’t have to do much physically to distract him, he’ll do it all himself now. Chun Li smiled bigger; Ryu noticed this right before he threw his first attack and it threw him off a bit. He sent out a quick round house kick with his right leg, aiming for Chun Li’s head which was now at waist level to him as she was crouching so low. Ryu’s moment of unfocused thought made his first kick just a split second off, for the now well trained Chun Li, it was a lifetime. The kick seemed to be coming in slow motion and she stretched her flexible legs down even more, both of the strong limbs now in almost a complete split making her able to easily duck under the incoming foot. Ryu was amazed as he hit nothing but air, it seeming as Chun Li had disappeared. She didn’t. Chun Li pushed off her strong legs and reappeared like magic after Ryu’s foot had passed over her spinning her body like the wind, bringing up her back right leg. The hard wooden heel of her long, glistening white boot struck Ryu in the right side of his jaw with a devastating hit. Ryu saw darkness for a second as his head snapped to the left and stumbled back a step. What was that?! Ryu said to himself confoundedly. It had felt like he had just been kicked by a horse. Chun Li smiled as Ryu rubbed his jaw; her kick was executed perfectly, bending her leg at just the right moment, just as she had practiced it with Master Yen a thousand times. Ryu knew Chun Li could have followed that up with a devastating combo, but didn’t which also added a mental element to the attack. She’s so much stronger, and so much more disciplined! Ryu knew after the first hard felt, and well planned attack, that he was fighting an almost completely different Chun Li then the one he had so many previous experiences with. The female combatant got back in her ready stance and as she saw the larger male get a serious look on his face, she knew the fight was really on now. Ryu inched forward cautiously now, taking his smaller and younger fighter much more seriously. The two went after each other almost simultaneously. Ryu sent out a strong, but controlled side kick, Chun Li dodged it quickly by side stepping it and came around with a partially closed fist aiming at the left side of Ryu’s face. Ryu blocked it, followed with a quick downward jab at the crouching opponent, which was met with an open handed block from Chun Li’s swooping arm that she rapidly brought across her body like a swooping bird. The block hit Ryu’s wrist and it actually hurt it a little. Ryu could see the different style of fighting now, and began to be a little nervous as he had never fought against this style of fighting before. Chun Li sprang forward with her front left foot, aiming it for the large muscular left thigh of Ryu. Ryu knocked the attacking foot away with his right arm, quickly jumped and brought his heel of his right foot down on top of Chun Li’s left shoulder. The pain instantly shot through her, and before she could regain her composure, Ryu had landed, stayed crouched and sent out a side kick with his left leg landing it into Chun Li’s chest, hitting her sternum right above her large 32D chest. Chun Li stumbled back and saw Ryu not follow up, he waited for a second before attacking again. Chun Li saw Ryu’s discipline coming out now, one of the main attributes that made him such a great warrior, she also knew from his looks earlier that he was distracted by her own “attributes” that she had trained for so long to make so absolutely perfect. Before Ryu attacked he saw Chun Li’s full lips part and say quietly and calmly, “Not bad….for a white belt.” Ryu was angered by this, being called a white belt after all his years of training, especially from the younger Chun Li. He lashed out now and the two exchanged attacks. Ryu sent fist after fist at the crouching Chun Li, she rose up and lifted her front left leg, keeping it bent in front of her body, blocking the incoming attacks. Ryu’s fists felt strong and forceful, but did little against the calf and thigh of Chun Li’s leg. Ryu then backed off, sent front kicks at Chun Li as quick as he could; Chun Li twisted her body back and forth while alternately raising her knees, blocking every kick that came at her. Ryu tried not to show in his face how amazed he was at the young girl’s strong leg muscles. Every time one of his strikes landed, it just hit with a thud and nothing more. It’s like hitting stone, he thought, astonished. She then patiently waited for a pause in the older man’s attacks and sent two hard punches at him. Ryu quickly felt a hard hitting punch in his stomach, then another one quickly in over the center of his chest. Ryu backed up for second, but had no time recover, Chun Li swooped her left hand around Ryu’s right arm and landed it hard against his ribs on the right side of his body. The tiny fist landed hard and didn’t feel small at all. Chun Li’s attacks were extremely pinpointed, and instead of hitting with a broad fist, it seemed she had learned to focus the entire strength of her attacks to a small area for maximum effectiveness. Ryu continued to feel the pain from the blows making it harder for him to concentrate. Chun Li didn’t let up and sent out a hard roundhouse from her right leg, it extended out quickly and the upper thigh muscle tensed and bulged out before it hit, Ryu catching the huge mass in the corner of his eye. My god, did I just see that?! Was that her thigh muscle under that stocking?! Ryu’s thought was short lived though as the tiny boot covered foot of Chun Li landed on the side of his left thigh. The pain shot up his leg like electricity, he instinctively brought down his right hand to protect the painful thigh, which proved to be a mistake. The young woman snapped her round house out, but hadn’t brought it down; she kept it bent in the air. She took her time and when Ryu saw the large bent leg in front of him, he knew it was too late to block it. Chun Li took her time and snapped the leg out, landing the front of her boot on the left cheek bone of Ryu. Ryu’s face immediately felt the pain and his body twisted to the right, his head bouncing off the hard hitting kick. Ryu was in a daze for a moment, but Chun Li didn’t let up yet, and she waited until Ryu’s body was sideways, his broad back wide open to an attack. The 25 year old girl sent another round house kick, she still not putting the hard hitting leg down yet. The hit landed hard in the middle of Ryu’s back, his body arched in reaction, his body switched focus from his face to his back. Chun Li then amazingly and seemingly effortlessly jumped high in the air, spun her whole body to the left and snapped her right leg out. Her leg spun around her body and the heel of her foot landed on the back of Ryu’s head. The large man stumbled forward and onto his knees. His thigh, face, chest, head, and back all were sending shots of pain through his body. Chun Li leaned down to him and whispered in his ear, “You better do better than this, my little fighter, not only is your master watching, but the judges as well, you don’t want to make them think that a tiny girl is mopping the floor with you. It would look so disgraceful.” Ryu got angry and sprang up ignoring the pain. Chun Li wanted exactly this, he wanted to keep him unfocused and take no time to rest, and she wanted him to wear himself down, physically and emotionally. Ryu’s thoughts weren’t that he should slow down and stop underestimating his smaller and younger female rival, they were of anger and revenge. Chun Li saw this on his face and smiled. Ryu hated the small smirk over the younger girl’s lips and wanted to knock it off. She slowly crouched down again in her low stance, and made herself ready for the next attack. Ryu sent out kick after kick, Chun Li swaying from side to side, either side stepping the attack, making Ryu miss completely or block it, knocking hard in the ankles and feet of the strong man with her strong legs and arms. Ryu felt the hands of Chun Li hit his feet as they almost effortlessly and easily knocked his kicks away, however they didn’t feel like hands. They felt like stone hitting his feet over and over. Ryu then jumped up and sent his foot down in a jumping side kick. His foot landed over the forehead of Chun Li and it knocked her back. He then sent out a straight punch, his tightly balled fist landing hard over the white clothe that covered his female challenger’s midsection. Chun Li felt the hard punch and now remembered how hard Ryu hit. She did feel, however, how much her training paid off, as the strike didn’t feel as it used to over her now much stronger stomach. Ryu didn’t back off and sent a quick front hit landing right over the center of Chun Li’s face. Chun Li’s head snapped back and she raised her body to prevent from falling backwards. Ryu sent out a spinning heel kick to the right side of Chun Li’s head, Ryu saw Chun Li’s arm come up like lightning to block and couldn’t believe how fast or how strong the block felt. She then sent out a straight punch of her own landing it again over Ryu’s chest. Ryu was to slow to block the incoming fist from the smaller foe. Chun Li again and again sent her tiny, fists out, over and over they hit Ryu’s chest. The clenched hands landed in small areas on his chest, but they were precise and felt like stones hitting his ribs and sternum. Ryu started backing up, but Chun Li didn’t let up. The fists kept coming and then Ryu jumped up in the air to avoid the attacks. Chun Li flashed a quick smile as this is what she was waiting for. The one good thing about fighting and losing to Ryu all those previous times was that she was not only learning his movements, but his timing as well. As Ryu jumped high in the air above her, she jumped up herself, grabbed Ryu’s upper right arm by his shoulder and threw him hard down to the ground. His body hitting so hard it actually bouncing once before coming to rest. The stone ground hit his whole body hard and it ached as he still tried to catch his breath from the many punches Chun Li punished his chest with. Chun Li landed and walked confidently toward her downed opponent, taking her time. Ryu rolled away and got back to his ready stance. Ryu then charged up and sent a blue ball of energy at the incoming Chun Li. The ball of energy flew at her fast and landed hard over her unprotected body. Chun Li didn’t see the attack coming at all. Ryu took advantage of the moment and jumped in the air again forward quickly. He spun his body and landed his foot over the right side of Chun Li’s face. Her head snapped to the left, her body following. Ryu then expected his challenger to fall to the ground, but she somehow remained balanced on her feet. Ryu couldn’t believe it, and actually got nervous when Chun Li brought her face back around, looking her eyes piercingly almost right through his. Both fighters had taken hits so far, but Ryu was feeling them as his opponent didn’t seem phased at all. He had sent her his best attacks, but she wasn’t even breathing heavy. Chun Li’s body felt warm from the incoming blast of energy from Ryu, but other than that it still felt strong and her muscles tight, still fresh for battle. She glanced over at the top row of circles and noticed the sun was almost past them. She then yelled over to Ryu who was rubbing his painful feeling chest, “You usually have me out by now, what’s wrong, can’t knock me down in the first round? How’s it going to look that you couldn’t out knock a girl ten years younger than you out? I mean look at you, you’re even breathing heavy already, and I feel great!” Ryu let all his training dissolve and let his anger get the best of him. Chun Li wanted this; she knew she had to knock him out in the first round if she was going to break him mentally in the others. The bigger man charged up again, and sent out yet another blue ball of energy at the taunting young female. Chun Li suddenly saw the blue energy ball come at her and she quickly ran straight at it. Ryu couldn’t believe it and before he knew what was happening Chun Li performed her series of perfectly planned moves. She rolled under the energy ball, pushed up with her strong arms, and kicked out with her even stronger legs, landing both boot heels under Ryu’s chin. Ryu’s body was hit with a force so great it knocked him off his feet. Ryu got his feet as quickly as could. Before he could get ready Chun Li had already landed on her own feet and sent a flurry of punches to Ryu’s unguarded stomach. He barely stayed on his feet, being only kept on them by the upper cut style punches to his midsection. Chun Li finally let up and the dazed fighter fell forward, embarrassingly right into the young girl’s huge chest. His face landed right on top of the two 32D’s, and they were the only things keeping him up on his feet at the moment. Chun Li wanted to get the judges on her side and said, “Look at this so called great warrior! Landing his face in my breasts like a weakling! You call him a fighter?!” Ryu was barely conscious, but heard what was being said, he started to lift himself up, but suddenly felt his back in tremendous pain. Chun Li had clenched both her fists over her head and cracked them down over Ryu’s already painful lower back. It forced his face deeper in thin blue clothe covering the massive mammories of Chun Li muffling his screams of pain. As he started to lift his head up, he felt it forced back down, the firm, but at the same time soft, tits of Chun Li pressing into his face, making it hard for him to breathe. Chun Li had brought both her arms across the back of his head, holding it firmly against her strong chest. She then yelled up to the judges above, “Fine, if your fighter wants to fight dirty and bury his face in my breasts dishonorable, I’ll help him!!” Chun Li then whispered in Ryu’s ear, “You look so weak…your head buried in a younger girl’s breasts, putting it in both of them yourself. Disgraceful. And on top of it, they’re the only things holding you on your barely conscious feet right now. How pitiful…” Ryu struggled to pull his head out, but then felt Chun Li’s knee hit his stomach. The girl’s thick strong thigh lifted and it was sent as hard as the young girls could into Ryu’s stomach. Ryu had never been struck so hard. Again, another knee came up, every ounce of air rushing from his lungs, Chun Li feeling his warm breath push through her blue outfit onto her naked breasts. She liked the feeling, but ignored it and sent another hard knee up. Another and another and another, over and over his stomach was struck, finally Chun Li stopped, only because she wanted to. She lifted Ryu’s face out of her full chest and his mouth was gaped open, his body almost convulsing at it tried to gulp in breath. She held his face in her hands and said, “Here, you want a better look at what is going to destroy you this match?” She then grabbed the back of his head and smashed it hard on top of her hard knee and thigh that she swung up as fast as she brought the man’s head down. Chun Li then grabbed his right arm, twisted her hips and flipped him over her shoulder on the ground hard, his back landing in pain. He weakly put his arms up as he saw Chun Li standing over him. She just smiled down at him, easily swatting his arms away, she could hear his lungs still trying to take in air, he looked so pathetic to her now, she loved every minute of it. She then rolled him over, twisted both his arms behind his back, and left him up painfully by them until his face was at knee level for her; his shoulders instantly shot a wave of pain through him. He then heard Chun Li’s voice say, “Here’s your close up of my amazing thighs, thighs you are in no way trained or strong enough for.” She then tensed her muscle in her right thigh and her leg suddenly bulged out. Ryu’s jaw dropped, Chun Li loved the look on his face at that moment, her hard training had more than paid off. Ryu saw the already impressive thick thigh turn from a young girl’s big, but normal looking leg into a bulging mound of muscle. Chun Li slowly squeezed the muscles in her leg, slowly so the trapped opponent, whose face was brought inches from the thick upper leg, could see how strong they looked. Her leg got swollen and grew to almost twice in size, muscles inside the leg seemed to grow and get bigger and bigger and harder and harder. Ryu could hardly feel the pain his shoulders as his arms were twisted more, Chun Li clamping down on the hold, he was too amazed at the sight before his eyes. As Ryu saw all the lines of the defined large muscles of the leg finally stop growing he stared at them in awe, almost not seeing the girl’s tensed leg draw back and then slam in his face. Chun Li slammed her tensed upper leg into the man’s open face hard, and his head instantly snapped back, then forward again. Unfortunately she had her other thigh ready and tensed as well and sent that forward even harder. Ryu’s arms were trapped behind him leaving him defenseless as he was hit with just the thigh muscles of Chun Li. They were harder then he ever would have expected. They felt solid, solid like two boulders. Over and over his face was smashed, feeling like they were fists from a man twice his size, not legs from a girl half his size, not to mention a decade younger. Chun Li loved the dominance and slammed her tensed thighs into the downed man’s face. She suddenly stopped and looked up at the judges, wrapped her right leg around his face and let go of his arms. Ryu was barely conscious as he felt the stocking covering the back of Chun Li’s upper thigh and ass press roughly against his face. Chun Li’s ass so protruding and round, that just right cheek was enough to engulf Ryu’s entire head and press his face so deep in the large mass he couldn’t breathe. The dark stocking felt like sand paper as suddenly he felt the leg bend and strength as Chun Li tightened her strong leg. Ryu’s head went from being beaten to crushed in an instant. He could just about make out Chun Li’s words as she yelled again up to the judges sitting high on their perch, “This is what you call a warrior?! Is this suppose to be some kind of dishonor to me, sending such a weak, pathetic fighter to me?! He doesn’t belong in an arena with me; he belongs at my feet beneath me as he is now, as my pupil!” Ryu heard this and struggled as much as he could, but he felt weak now. “Look at you in front of these judges and your master,” Chun Li said, speaking down to him quietly in his ear again, “I’ve let your arms go completely and you still can’t get out from my leg. My leg and even my ass are holding you down, and even with your arms unbound, you can’t break free.” Ryu started pounding his fists onto Chun Li’s thick legs, exactly as she wanted him to. Chun Li just smiled and raised her hands in the air in a victory type manner. The judges looked down and saw Chun Li was holding the larger man down with no hands, her arms stretched high above her head. They also saw the man’s clearly larger arms punching and pounding franticly at the younger girl’s leg, having absolutely no effect. It was like a child punching at a larger adult pathetically and with no result. Ryu’ head felt like it was going to pop as Chun Li really cranked down now. His face pressed even harder against the large cheek, squishing against it roughly, making it pretty much flat. Man, even this girl’s ass feels like stone, thought the struggling Ryu as the bulbous cheek kept feeling harder and harder against his face. He was struggling to breath beneath the large mound of flesh. “Ok,” she said dominantly, “I’ve put enough of a show on, and although I could have put you out minutes ago, I wanted to play with you, like you’re a new toy, my toy, but I grow tired of my new toy now. It’s time to put my new toy away.” Ryu then felt the large thigh grow even more as Chun Li tensed her leg even more now, the muscle growing larger. Ryu’s lack of oxygen from this mouth and nose being, at this point, buried deep in Chun Li’s one cheek, and the fact that his head felt like it was about to pop made him go limp. Chun Li then sent two hard punches to his midsection, landing right over his naval. Ryu moaned in pain and with one last pump of her leg muscle, Chun Li put him out. She felt him go completely limp and slowly raised up to her feet. The judges looked down and the one who spoke in the beginning looked at them in unspoken agreement nodding slightly. He then stood up and said, “Round 1! Chun Li!” Chun Li stood up and jumped up and down next the downed, unmoving foe. He finally came around, and as he felt the pain in his body and head, he saw the sun just pass through the top layer of circles. He laid on his stomach and looked up, his body feeling weak and needing a few moments to bring itself to its feet. He saw Chun Li jumping up and down and knew he had lost the first round to his smaller and younger female adversary. He couldn’t even last the through the first round completely before being knocked out, he felt angry and humiliated. Chun Li stopped jumping, bent her body over and jiggled her large tits a little bringing them just inches from his face saying, “You see what beat you so easily, my once feared foe? You see these things shaking in front of you that could have knocked you out if I let them? The powerful and great warrior Ryu not only not being able to beat a young girl in the first round, but not even able to last, her beating you by using just her tits and thighs, how pathetic and pitiful. You are so weak, Ryu. How did I ever look up to you?” Ryu was angry, angry that he had been beaten him so easily, so easily by a smaller, younger girl. Even his attacks did little damage to her. Chun Li knew she had trained hard and brought her body to near perfection, but for it to beat him so easily in the first round, said a lot to her. At that moment, she lost some respect for him and at the same time knew how to handle the rest of the match. Her taunting knew it would invoke a response from the groggy and already almost beaten man. Ryu got angry at the words spoken to him from Chun Li, especially her bending down in such a dominant manner to say them. His anger betrayed him again and he swatted at Chun Li from the ground. Not only was this against the rules, the judges were clearly unhappy with him attacking after the round was declared over, and so weakly as well. Chun Li easily jumped over his swiping hand and then suddenly and effortlessly spun her heel around, knocking it right into Ryu’s left temple. Ryu was knocked instantly unconscious. Chun Li looked up at the judges who had no problems with what Chun Li just did, as she was only protecting herself. Ryu’s limp, lifeless body laid on the hard stone ground. Chun Li took her time and walked to her side of the arena, waiting several minutes before Ryu even started to come around, let alone make his way to his feet, which took yet another several minutes. Ryu wobbled and staggered from side to side and as the cobwebs cleared, he couldn’t believe what just happened. He normally beat Chun Li every time, and although she was a good fighter and it took some effort, he always came out on top in a clear win. This was completely new for him. She took me down almost effortlessly and gracefully, like a highly skilled warrior, thought Ryu. Her attacks were not only so much stronger, his hands rubbing his chest and stomach, already feeling the welts from the pinpoint attacks made on his body, but done with such ease and accuracy. She put me out, and with just her thighs, and if she wanted to, just her breasts! Ryu was dumbfounded, and didn’t know what to do. He could only regain his composure and fight with everything he had left, which didn’t feel like much. His face was already swollen on both sides, his nose was bleeding, his head had a massive thumping in it from being crushed, and it found it hard to breathe from the punishment his body had taken already. Chun Li’s knees to his body, when his face was buried embarrassingly in the younger girl’s chest, felt almost harder than anything he had felt before. Almost, that is, until he felt her thighs against his face. The hard flesh felt like it was from something almost not human they were so big and so strong. Even her ass felt so damn strong and firm. He felt belittled and was in a great deal of pain. Chun Li could tell by the look on his face, and although she had plenty of time to rest up, Ryu didn’t. They both suddenly heard the large bell above them ring again, and round two had already started. Ryu had just brought himself around and knew he had no more time to rest up. He composed himself as best he could and walked painfully towards the young girl at the other end of the high walled arena. He noticed she stood there, proudly and confidently, waiting for him to come to her. He knew this was a completely different Chun Li than he was expecting.

Round 2

Chun Li stood tall with her hands on her at her sides, resting on the stocking covered thighs that bulged out from under the thin strips of blue material that waved in the wind on the front and back of her body. She no longer sat low in her ready stance, her confident that Ryu had too much beaten out of him to mount a strong attack. Ryu had to admire the sight; he even noticed the small blue bit of material covering her womanhood as the wind blew the front part of her outfit away. She had a slight camel toe as the tight material pressed firmly against the young girl’s womanhood. Ryu tried to snap his mind out of the gutter, but the girl’s thick thighs were an amazing sight, and his eyes naturally followed up the 25 year old’s body to her large chest that protruded proudly and firmly from her chest. Chun Li noticed this and loved every second of it, she then pushed on the sides of the massive 32D’s, squishing them together under the thin blue material and then letting go. They seemed to want to push out from costume even more then they already did, and as she let go of the full fleshy breasts they instantly snapped back to their resting position on her chest. Chun Li showing off the amazing firmness of the massive mounds of flesh that looked like they just ached to be naked. “They’re amazing, right?! I know, I used to be so embarrassed of them, but who could be embarrassed of these perfect and firm tits?!” Chun Li shouted the words over to her clearly tired opponent. Ryu saw Chun Li was toying with him and snapped out of it. “Enough games, Chun Li!” Ryu shouted this and looked angrily at Chun Li with a heated glare and continued, “Let’s see who the real, better warrior here is!” “Gladly,” said Chun Li, her look was more of a focused one, and her voice was calm and confident, strong. So calm and confident that it actually sent chills down Ryu’s spine. She couldn’t be the stronger one here, could she? He asked himself this question, but before he could ponder an answer, Chun Li walked with a sure stride towards him, the look in her face saying she was not even close to being done dealing out punishment. Ryu got as ready as he could, protecting his midsection with his right arm, and putting his left one up for attack, ready for battle.

Chun Li wasted no time and started the second round strong. With Ryu’s right arm down, protecting his midsection and his chest heaving from breathing heavy now, she felt she could take him apart easily. She led with an open handed chop, her hand straight out, fingers pressed tightly together. The muscles in her strong, toned arm tensed at the last second and as Ryu brought up his right arm to block it, he felt it do almost nothing. The younger smaller girl’s arm knocked right passed the big forearm of the larger man and the blow landed right on the side of his neck. Ryu felt the blow immediately and the muscles in his neck tensed as they sent a wave of pain through him. Chun Li saw the grimace on his face and knew he was distracted for a second; a second was a lifetime for the now well trained and experienced young girl. She shifted her weight back on her right leg and the last thing Ryu saw before being attacked was the younger girl’s strong left leg raising up. Chun Li lashed out her left foot and struck the taller man in the head with amazing speed. Chun Li’s amazing flexibility took the man off guard. Her legs were almost in a straight line with her left leg up in the hair. She then sent the same foot out again without putting it down, then again, then again. Over and over her she sent out her strong leg, her thick thigh growing even more when she struck her opponent, the muscles tensing at their max. Ryu tried to block the incoming onslaught, but the legs looked like a blur coming at him so fast. Ryu had seen this lightning kick from her before, but this time it not only was much faster and ridiculously stronger, but her pinpoint accuracy was near amazing. The heel of her boot covered foot struck in exact points on the body that caused the most amount of damage. The blows were instant, his head, his chest, his stomach, back to his head, then his chest again. Over and over the attacks came. Suddenly the attacks stopped and Ryu was wobbling. His nose was bleeding even more than before and his white gi had tares in it everywhere. “Wow, I’m beating you so hard, that I’m knocking the clothing off your body!” Chun Li said, antagonizing her opponent. Ryu was still swaying and Chun Li continued saying, “I guess I’m not the pushover you remember, huh, Ryu? It looks like you can barely stand, like you’re going to fall over. Well here, maybe I can help you to the ground!” Chun Li ducked down quickly, swept her leg in a circle, and connected it with Ryu’s ankles. Ryu felt his legs knocked quickly out from under him and he fell on his back hard. His body felt a shock wave of pain as it felt the ancient stones strike his falling body. Chun Li then stood up quickly, and brought her right leg straight up. She stood there balancing on her left foot, holding both of her hands on the back of her right thigh as it pointed straight up in the air. Ryu barely saw the sight as the sun flickered in his eyes, but he was amazed none of the less. He caught a glimpse of the thin piece of material covering her near exposed pussy before Chun Li sent her leg down as hard as she could. She brought the full power of her muscular leg down to the fall man. The heel of her boot struck him right over the center of his chest. It was the hardest he’d ever been hit. All the air instantly left his body, and he even spat up a little blood. He rolled on his side and moaned loudly in pain. The judges looked down on him disgracefully. Chun Li saw this and took advantage of it. “Again, this is what you send me to fight?! I thought this was suppose to be a challenging fight, is this man not man enough to take on a smaller, younger woman?!” Ryu couldn’t concentrate on the insult as his chest was throbbing in pain. Chun Li then bent down and slowly undid the knot in each of her long boots and patiently unlaced each one. Her opponent still rolling from side to side in pain on the ground. She then slipped off each boot and placed them to the side of the arena. “Here, I’ll take off my boots to make sure I give him an even match!” Chun Li yelled this up to the judges as she pointed at the boots that now sat on the side of the arena. She then confidently walked back over to Ryu who was still on the ground. She lifted her small right stocking covered foot and pushed him over on his back. She then ran it up his chest and onto his face, pressing on it firmly. As he felt Chun Li’s stocking covered foot squish his cheek in, he felt the nylon of the stocking feel rough on his face. He then heard her whisper down to him, “Is this better, you weak little fighter, you think this will make it easier for you? I’ll tell you what, why don’t you kiss my foot? If you kiss my foot right now, I’ll stop bringing you so much pain from my superior body and call the whole match off. One little kiss. Go ahead, just kiss it, kiss it once and all this pain can stop. Just show me and everyone else that I’m clearly the better fighter here.” Ryu became furious and adrenaline mixed with anger fueled his body. He swept his right leg out and caught the off guard Chun Li. She wasn’t in any stance and it was her turn for her body to hit the stone ground hard. Her right shoulder blade hit first it sent a ripple of pain through her back. Ryu got to his feet as fast as he could and sent down a hard right fist the right side of the small girl’s body slamming into her floating rib. Chun Li yelped in pain and Ryu felt a pleasure in her agony. He sent down another hard fist with his other arm and struck the ribs right below Chun Li’s full left tit. The pain shot up her chest as the air left her lungs. Ryu then lifted his right foot to stomp down on his younger opponent, but she rolled away and the foot hit nothing but air. Chun Li got to her feet, but Ryu was already in the air coming down at her and kicked her right in the center of her chest hard. Chun Li was dazed and absolutely amazed at the man’s stamina. She had delivered him a tough beating so far and he still was fighting hard. Chun Li covered her chest as the center of it throbbed now and as she looked forward she saw her opponent land then duck beneath her. She knew she had to get step quickly to defend herself from some type of attack, but she was too late. Ryu at mustered all his energy and his fist was glowing blue with energy. He then shot up from his crouched position sending his glowing blue fist up like a blur blue light. The fist shot up the center of her body, running up her stomach, between her firm tits, and then finally connecting under her tiny chin. The attack hit so hard it lifted her off her feet and she flew back at least ten feet. Her body landed and didn’t move. Ryu was almost out of breath now and took in deep breaths as his angry looking face looked over at his motionless opponent. He then turned to the judges and his master above him, waiting for them to ring the bell, announcing he had won the round. He heard nothing. Out of the corner of his eye he suddenly saw movement. He couldn’t believe it. Chun Li was stirring and then slowly getting to her feet. He was amazed, and honestly a little frightened. He yelled over to her, “Stay down! You know you’ve been beaten!” Chun Li got to her feet and in a steady voice said, “Why, is that all you got?” Ryu’s jaw almost dropped. Chun Li had trained hard and taken hard beatings from her unrelenting new master, and it paid off. Her body was tough and could take much more punishment now, unfortunately, her clothing couldn’t. Chun Li saw Ryu’s look of disbelief and was happy, but she also saw his eyes wander downward. She looked down and saw his fist had sliced her costume almost in half. From her belly button all the way up was ripped open. The white sash that covered her stomach now revealed her tight strong abs underneath and the thin blue material covering her massive tits was also ripped. Both of her large breasts were half naked. From just after her nipples and beyond the entire inside of her breasts were completely exposed. The soft skin of the inside of her naked breasts was completely visible. “Impressive, I know,” Chun Li said, unaffected by the center of her body being naked, “I tried to cover up my hard body so you wouldn’t be intimidated, but I guess there’s no covering it up now.” Chun Li walked towards Ryu and he saw the almost naked breasts bounce ever so slightly as they came closer to him. Wow, those things are firm, he thought, I thought it was her outfit holding those huge things up, but it was just her! Chun Li smiled at her distracted opponent and before he could get himself ready she attacked. She sent out a back fist and landed it hard on his face, snapping his head. Ryu stepped back and got angry. The two went at each other like animals. Chun Li sent up strong kicks and knees, all the while her tits bouncing around, somehow managing not becoming fully exposed as the material now very loosely covered them. Ryu sent out punch after punch, kick after kick. The two of them would connect with each other once in a while, but ignore it and go on. They were two fighters determined to take the other down. As the judges down from above they saw the two adversaries performing their lighting moves as hard and as fast as they could. Unfortunately, it was at that moment that Chun Li saw her perfect moment to end the round for her. Ryu sent a low punch at the smaller girl’s abdomen and Chun Li swung her hips sideways, bringing her large round ass around, hitting him in his stomach. Ryu’s fist hit nothing but air and then suddenly it felt like a piece of hard stone just hit his abdomen. The air rushed out from him as the two protruding, firm cheeks stuck his midsection devastatingly. Chun Li lifted bent over, lifted her whole body onto her hands like a gymnast, performed a split in mid air, then spun her legs around as fast as she could. Her right foot hit Ryu’s face first, then suddenly another one came around and another. Chun Li used her amazing arm strength and spun her body around with her legs in the air in the flawless split. Chun Li’s stocking covered feet wheeled around over and over striking Ryu hard every time. Finally Ryu fell to his knees. Chun Li pushed off with her arms, back flipped, and landed back on her feet like she could defy gravity. Chun Li looked down at her foe that was almost unconscious on his knees with a bewildered look on his face. She smiled at her handy work. Ryu was near defeat for the second round. His face was battered and bloody, and his costume was beginning to wear like his body was. It was torn to shreds; the top part of his gi had only a few thin pieces of material holding it on him. She also noticed as she looked down, her stockings were ripped to shreds. The material was stretched to its max when she first put the dark stockings on and now in the previous move and with her legs hitting Ryu’s face over and over they bulged out too much for too long couldn’t hold up anymore. Chun Li thought nothing as she reached down and ripped the already torn material from her legs. Through Ryu’s barely conscious state he saw the bare legs of Chun Li for the first time now without their black stocking covering. He was amazed. The definition and muscle in the smaller girl’s thighs was amazing and sent a chill down his spine at just how strong looking they were. “Impressive, right?!” Chun Li yelled down at him. “Here, why don’t you feel how strong they can be?!” She then sent out the hardest round house kick she could to the side of Ryu’s head. It looked like the man’s head was going to fly off his body. She lifted him up by his hair and he clawed pathetically at Chun Li’s outfit. She sent a right hook to his left temple and as he fell down, he held onto one of the tatters of Chun Li’s outfit. A large rip was heard and as Chun Li looked down at her costume in shock as it was ripped down even more. Now even the thin material cover her pussy tore away and the outfit was completely open in the front. Chun Li looked down at Ryu and said, “That pissed me off. It’s time to put you out.” Chun Li pushed her pointer finger on the man’s forehead and easily pushed him the rest of the way to the ground, his body giving no resistance. She then put a foot on either side of the groggy man’s head and crouched down, her ass inches above Ryu’s face. She then brought his arms above his head and held them their, Ryu feeling her nails digging into his forearms. Chun Li then put each of her massive thighs onto either side of Ryu’s head. Ryu weakly looked up and saw a small thin piece of blue material hang an inch above his face, and as his eyes followed it up, he saw it was the only thing was covering Chun Li’s young, now naked, pussy. The small blue material hung down from deep between the 25 year old’s ass cheeks, the end a torn and tattered piece of clothe. Suddenly, Ryu saw the two round cheeks and pussy come down hard onto his face. Chun Li tensed the muscles in her ass and slammed it roughly down onto Ryu’s face. Ryu felt the large, firm; fleshy mass hit his face like it was steel. Chun Li brought her firm bottom down again, and then again, and then again. She loved humiliating him slamming her ass down onto his face. She then quickly stood up and said, “The judges are going to see me put you out with just my ass, what do you think that’s going to look like to them?” Before the thought could register in his brain, he saw Chun Li jumped up in the air, stuck both her legs out in a perfect air split, and bring her pussy and ass down hard onto the large man’s face. Chun Li landed it perfectly and sat there. She looked down and noticed that she delivered the blow so hard, that blood shot from the larger downed man’s face, making splatter marks on the inside skin of her thick thighs. She sat there smiling with her legs spread far out in the perfect split, sitting on the now unconscious man’s face. The judges saw no movement from the larger man and Chun Li heard the large bell ring. She slowly stood up, walked to where she had put her boots and ripped her torn outfit off the rest of her body. Ryu laid unconscious for several minutes before coming to.

Round 3

Ryu woke up not knowing how long he was out. He slowly moved his arms and then his legs. He felt wet and as he touched his face he realized it was blood. Chun Li had broken his nose using just her ass; he had severely underestimated his now extremely well trained opponent. He got to his knees and realized his outfit was gone and as he realized he was completely naked, felt his bare skin on his chest. He felt pain. She broke at least two of my ribs as well, he thought and as he got to his feet he looked across and saw Chun Li, who was now also completely naked. She looked amazing. She stood only a few feet away, with nothing on but satisfied smirk. He put his left hand flat on the ground and pushed off; his body struggled to stand up. After a few moments of struggling, he finally got to his feet. As he stood there one arm completely across the center of his body, and the other wiping his face clean of the blood that had poured from his nose, he saw the goddess like young girl with her hands on her bare hips staring almost through him with her piercing eyes. She was unclothed like Ryu as well, but definitely didn’t look like him in any way. His body was bloody and almost completely beaten. He had bruises everywhere; both sides of his face were swollen, so bad in fact he could barely see as it made his eyes almost completely shut. He limped when he walked and it was excruciating to even breathe with the broken ribs, he struggled with every breath. He spent almost everything he had in the last round and knew he didn’t have much left. Chun Li, however looked fresh like the battle had barely started, and her body looked almost unreal. Now that it was out of the clothing over it, it looked even more impressive. She had a small bruise on her right cheek and another one over the bottom half of her right, lower ribs. Also, her skin was slightly red on the upper left portion of her body from his energy ball he threw at her earlier, but other than that, she looked perfect, and strong. Her long defined arms were not as big as his, but still had good size, and even better definition, it looked like she was flexing even when she wasn’t. Her large tits sat high and firm on her chest, sticking out with hardly any movement at all; the muscles beneath the soft flesh were worked until they were at their peak. Her stomach was equally impressive. She had a well defined eight pack, so well defined that you could see each tightly packed muscle clearly as they not only were firm, but stuck out a little from her body as well. His gaze then went to the lower half of his body and his jaw dropped. Her ass large, but strong looking. Each cheek was round and curvy, and very well toned. He couldn’t believe how far it stuck out from her body, and how high it sat as well, looking almost unreal in its firmness. Ryu’s eyes then slowly made it down to the younger girl’s legs and he almost dropped back down to his knees. They were colossal. Each thigh was bigger than his own almost two fold, and the definition of muscle in them was amazing. The upper thigh of each leg looked almost not human as the muscles in it were so strong looking that the muscles looked like they wanted to pop out of from the soft looking skin that covered them. Even her calves popped out from behind; again the definition in them was an amazing sight to see for Ryu. “Impressive, right?” Chun Li shot her voice over to her clearly hurt opponent. She loved Ryu eyeing her even after she had delivered him so much pain and punishment. Men, she thought to herself, smirking. She continued her badgering saying, “I see you couldn’t make it all the way through the second round against me either, that’s really pathetic. Although I guess if you couldn’t make it through the first, there was little chance your weak body could make it through the second.” Chun Li had been standing still for quite some time, letting her weakened opponent get a good look at the body she had trained so hard for. “This is the body that’s better than yours in every way, this is the body that’s been destroying you so far, and this is the body that going to teach you the lesson about challenging me again.” Chun Li’s voice was cold and even, it sent chills down Ryu’s spine as he heard them. “Oh, and I noticed I’ve been beating you so badly that I almost beat you right out of your silly gi, so I took the liberty of removing it. And since I thought you would think it unfair for you to be naked and not me, I removed mine as well. I can tell that you didn’t mind one bit.” Chun Li smiled bigger and ran her finger down her firm naked body. Ryu didn’t respond and he heard the third and final bell ring out, signaling the third and final round. He noticed she hadn’t taken off his red headband, but the thought quickly passed out of his mind as he saw the punishing girl come at him quickly. Chun Li immediately walked quickly towards Ryu, Ryu reluctantly inched his way forward, hobbling slowly. Chun Li reached her prey and suddenly stopped, Ryu got into the best defensive position he could. His right arm was still across his chest, feebly trying to protect his broken ribs and his left hand up protecting his battered face. Chun Li paused, smiled slightly, and as she saw Ryu with a questioned look on his face, trying to figure out why she was smiling, she sent out a series of kicks. Ryu blocked them the best he could, but most of them got through, punishing the sides of his head and the soft spots on the sides of his body beneath his ribs. She stopped her onslaught and smiled again. Ryu got angry and yelled, “Why are you smiling? Do you think this is a game?!” Chun Li responded, “No, definitely not, but I know something you don’t, something you’re not going to like.” “Yeah, what’s that, Chun Li?!” Ryu shouted back as loud as his hurt lungs would allow him. Chun Li looked deeply into his eyes and said quietly, “I’ve been holding back this entire match.” Ryu’s jaw dropped and Chun Li immediately sprung into action. She quickly put all her weight on her back left foot, then like a flash of lightning sent her right foot forward as hard as she could. The side kick came at Ryu like lightning and hit him square in the stomach. The blow forced every ounce of air from his lungs as he flew back at least fifteen feet. Ryu tried to yell in pain, but with no air in his lungs only silent gasps on an agony ridden face could be seen. The judges and Ryu’s master looked down on him in disgrace. Chun Li ran towards her downed challenger, pushed off with her strong legs, jumped high in the air, higher than Ryu had seen anyone ever jump, then come down, landing both her feet hard on Ryu’s right thigh. He sucked in just enough air to let it all out in a scream. His leg surprisingly didn’t break, but the muscle in his strong upper thigh felt like it did. He instantly knew some ligaments were either stretched or torn in his knee as well. He went from holding his stomach to his leg, screaming in pain. Chun Li backed off and let the man scream in pain, she almost enjoyed the roll reversal. She was taking apart an opponent that had, for so many years, given him so much trouble, but now that she had trained so hard, was basically mopping the floor with him. Ryu fought through the pain and managed to get to his feet. He put all his weight on his left leg, as his right was almost useless now. Chun Li walked quickly towards him, ready to take him apart even more. Ryu sent out a few easily blocked punches, and Chun Li got her body closer and closer to Ryu’s. Ryu had never seen her fight to get this close to him before, as in their previous fights she always kept her distance. Ryu threw out some blows, but felt them blocked almost before he could throw them. Then he felt the young girl get close enough to quickly wrap her leg around his injured left one. He had a second of dread, he didn’t know what was coming next, but he knew it was going to be bad. He was right. Chun Li tightened her leg muscles and in a show of amazing flexibility brought her and Ryu’s leg around and straight up. There both combatants were each standing on one leg, their other legs wrapped around each others, straight up in the air. Ryu yelled in pain, but tried to fight through it. Chun Li then said, “Let’s see who’s more flexible.” Ryu knew he was flexible as well, but now with his injury and Chun Li’s new found amazing training, he wasn’t so sure. Chun Li’s leg was already straight, sticking high up in the air, but now she started to pull it towards her even more. Ryu could feel the muscles in his groin stretch to their max and he started to grunt louder and louder in pain. The strong leg wrapped around his was too much and he couldn’t fight against it as it stretched more and more, pulling at his groin. Chun Li looked amazing as she stood in a standing split bending more and more with every second. Her legs now almost making a very slight “u” shape. Ryu’s cries of pain were very audible at this point and he also felt something else. The two were completely naked and in their current position, Ryu’s dick and balls were pressed firmly against Chun Li’s pussy and left inner thigh. His manhood instinctively grew erect. Chun Li felt this and smiled. She then put her right hand on the back of her outstretched leg and pulled on it, bending it even more. Ryu yelled loudly in pain, not believing how flexible the smaller girl was. He also felt his dick getting harder and harder as it pushed more and more against the young girl’s soft pussy. Chun Li felt it too and said, “Ooooh, be careful, Ryu. My body is clearly more flexible and stronger than yours physically, and that means it’s definitely better sexually.” Ryu wasn’t used to this kind of attack and Chun Li suddenly pulling harder didn’t help. Ryu tried to push away with his arms, pressing his hands just below the younger girl’s large firm tits. Chun Li just smiled and pulled the stretch deeper. The pain in his leg was excruciating now and Chun Li’s chest was suddenly brought closer to his. Her naked tits pressed his chest and she quickly stuck her chest out as much as she could and tensed the muscles in her firm 32D’s. Ryu felt the large, round, warm mammories suddenly feel very firm and press on his arms that her trying to push her away. The massive tits squished hard against his upper arms and before he knew it, he was trapped. He couldn’t believe it; his arms were trapped against his body, just by this girl’s tits! Chun Li just smiled. Ryu’s leg was killing him, and with Chun Li’s naked firm tits against him his dick got even harder. Chun Li then said, “Yum…it seems you like pressing against mine young, firm, and voluptuous body huh?” Ryu said, “I’d like to-“ But he was cut off as Chun Li reached around with her free arm and pressed his hard dick even more against her pussy. Ryu was shocked and Chun Li just smiled at him. She stroked his dick expertly and rubbed it on her naked, shaved pussy. Ryu said, “What are you doing?!” Chun Li just ignored him and now pressed his dick just between her pussy lips. She shuddered a little and then heard Ryu moan a little. She knew now was her chance. Her hand around his exposed member suddenly tightened down like a steel clamp and she pulled hard at it. Ryu yelled in pain, and before he could yell again, Chun Li suddenly pulled her leg even more, her body arching backward as the leg in the air came with it. Chun Li’s flexibility was amazing as her legs made almost a complete standing “u”. Her ass cheeks tensed and Ryu’s leg suddenly made a loud popping noise, he cried out even louder in pain, small tears welled up in his eyes. Chun Li smiled suddenly unraveled her leg from her screaming opponent’s, but held on to his member. Ryu’s arms were free, but worked frantically at prying open the steel like grip the younger girl’s small hand had on him. Chun Li then grabbed the man in a head lock with her free arm and then amazingly left the man above her head. There was the younger, smaller girl, her one hand around the bigger man’s dick, and her arm around his head, holding him on her shoulders. Chun Li had her once stronger rival on her shoulders and at her mercy. She then squeezed down on his dick one last time as hard as she could and spun him around so he would scream as all the judges looked on. He was being displayed like a piece of meat. The smaller girl then jumped both there bodies in the air, her strong legs pushing off the ground hard, then releasing her captured opponent before coming back to the ground. Ryu flew high in the air for what seemed like forever before suddenly hitting his back hard on the stone ground. His whole body was in an extraordinary amount of pain. He barely lifted his head when he saw Chun Li walk slowly, almost seductively, towards him. Chun Li then sent a swift kick right under his chin, snapping the older man’s head back, blood shot out from his mouth in a quick spray. She then backed off and turned his back on him, looking up to the judges. “Is this what you send me?! Is this one of your great warriors?! Am I too much for your very best competitors?! Why do you disrespect me with this lump of weak flesh, who can barely call him self a man?!” Ryu was still screaming in pain and heard none of the terrible insults aimed at him from Chun Li. She then turned her attention back to Ryu and said, “Get up! Get up you pathetic loser!” Ryu struggled to get up, only managing to get to his knees, and as he did he saw Chun Li’s hands start glowing blue. She then said, “I have learned some new tricks as well, Ryu.” And she charged her own ball of energy and sent it flying at Ryu. Ryu couldn’t believe his eyes; she had mastered the focused ball of chi. The small ball of blue flame streaked towards him, he wasn’t quick enough to move out of the way, but he was able to put both his arms across his body to block the incoming attack. The ball of energy hit his arms and instantly burned; he was knocked back as he skidded across the rough ground on his bare knees from the hard blow. As he lowered his arms the skin on them felt tight, and he knew without looking at them they had to be bright red with at least first degree burns. He saw Chun Li come towards him quickly and he got ready as he heard her say, “Nice block, but do you really think by this point you are any match for me?!” Ryu tried to ignore the comment, but deep down he knew she was right. He worked his way slowly up to his feet and got ready the best he could. He decided to go on the attack with everything he had left. He sent out a left punch, and then in a flash he saw Chun Li bring up her right foot even faster than he could connect with his fist. Chun Li, however, was fast enough to connect. Her foot spun up and hit his fist with amazing accuracy, and pain. Ryu’s fist instantly opened in reaction and a shot of pain was sent up his arm. Ryu almost couldn’t believe what just happened, but didn’t want to think to much and he kept going, just wanting to end the fight. He sent out another fist, this time his right, but Chun Li again sent up her foot to knock it away. This time, though, she hit it even harder. She sprang off her strong left leg, tensed the muscles in her right at just the right moment and snapped her right foot out. The muscles in her thigh bulged out as she connected with the fist and a loud crack was heard. Ryu yelled in agony as he felt the pain instantly. He was almost certain there was a hairline fracture in his hand. Chun Li looked at him and smiled, she knew it too. As Ryu held his right hand with his left he was astonished at not only how strong Chun Li’s legs were, but how amazingly quick and accurate she was with them. He was beginning to realize the younger girl was out of his league from the beginning. Chun Li then put her hands in front of her, inviting him to a test of strength. Ryu would normally have had no problem, but after seeing what this girl could do and now his fractured hand, he definitely didn’t want it in the tough girl’s fingers. “You see!” Chun Li yelled out to Ryu’s master sitting above, “Your star pupil is a coward and is afraid because he knows how much stronger and better I am! Me! A woman, and a younger one at that!” Ryu felt disgraced and knew he had no choice but to put his hands up in a test of strength to preserve his honor. The two interlocked fingers on both hands. Chun Li’s hands felt soft, except for the small calluses just below her fingers, proof of how much training she had been doing. Suddenly the younger girl’s hands clamped down around his, and his already painful hands started throbbing. He pushed back with all his might, but then Chun Li started pushing with her legs, and it felt like an immovable force was pushing on him now. Every muscle in his body hurt and the pain in his injured leg now started to grow even more. Chun Li pushed and pushed and before long instead of pushing up on the taller opponent, she started pushing down, Ryu weakening before her very eyes. Chun Li was getting off on her dominance over the bigger man. As soon as she was above him she knew it was over. Her well-built legs pushed even harder and Ryu sank down even more. The sight was amazing to see, the smaller, younger Chun Li bringing the larger Ryu to his knees with a test of strength. Both the muscles in their naked bodies tensed and glistened from the layer of sweat on both of them. Ryu was on both his knees now barely holding on when he saw the flash of Chun Li’s evil smile. He knew something bad was coming. Chun Li suddenly bent her left hand and the already partial broken hand of Ryu completely snapped. The loud breaking sound was audible for all to hear and Ryu quickly let out a shriek of pure pain. He sunk even lower to the ground. Chun Li then sent out a hard knee from her thick right leg and smashed it into his face. Ryu’s head snapped back and more blood poured from his face. He fell backwards almost motionless. He started to move his arms and legs, but Chun Li was quickly on him. She jumped and planted her thick ass hard down onto Ryu’s unprotected stomach. His midsection had taken it’s toll in the long battle and the hard muscles in Chun Li’s backside felt like a ton of bricks just fell on him. He “oomfed” loudly. “Are you so weak compared to me that even my ass is too much for you?” Chun Li inched herself down millimeters from Ryu’s face as she whispered the words in his ear. “I didn’t hear anything from you, let’s see if I can’t prove it to you then?” Chun Li then put her hands on the large muscles of Ryu’s upper arms, pinning them to the ground She then lifted her whole body up in the air slowly, and put her legs straight out from either side of herself. She balanced her self on Ryu’s arms and performed a perfect split mid air just inches above his stomach. Ryu was amazed at the sight. Chun Li had trained her body so well, it was perfect. Her naked body holding a full split mid air above him was almost unreal to him. The best was yet to come however, as Chun Li flashed her quick, small smile. Ryu didn’t know what was coming next, and it frightened him. “Don’t worry, my little fighter, you look so scared. Why are you so afraid of such a young little girl like me?” Chun Li said this as the pinned man saw her strong leg muscles tense even more in there split, he saw her amazingly lift her body higher and higher, her ass raising in the air slowly until she reached to a point to flip herself upside down. Ryu couldn’t believe it. Chun Li had lifted herself above him, upside down, pinning his arms to the ground, looking down at him in a full split. She held it for a second, then smiled, and then quickly brought herself down, letting gravity take over. She let the full force of her strong body land perfectly onto Ryu’s stomach. Chun Li tensed the muscles in well toned ass as hard as she could and the two large round cheeks hit hard on their target. Ryu’s body lifted off the ground a little from the impossibly hard maneuver. Ryu once again had the air ripped from his body. His stomach muscles seemed to want to break apart, he two cheeks feeling unbelievable hard, like rock. Chun Li just looked down at him and said, “Did you like that? Well, here, I can do it again!” She then kept her split and raised her body up like before, Ryu still in disbelief at the fact that she could even do it. She again suddenly brought her body down in her full split and landed her tensed firm ass onto Ryu’s stomach. Ryu’s moans of pain were almost pathetic sounding now. His body had little to no air, so the sounds that did manage to come out of him were weak and dismal sounding. The judges looked down, and for the second time in this clearly one sided match, the larger man was being beaten with only the younger, smaller, female opponent’s backside. “See I told you, I told you I was too good for you now. Now, admit it, admit my ass and legs are better than your whole body.” Chun Li said the words angrily down at her wheezing opponent, but still heard nothing. “Fine, maybe you just need more proof!” Chun Li then snaked her legs through the inside of her arms, keeping herself lifted in the air. She now had her legs straight out in front of her in a mid air sitting position. She then started to rock her body a little back and forth like she was on a swing. Ryu was still in awe at the limber abilities of the smaller girl. He struggled at the grip she had on his biceps, her nails now digging in hard into his skin. His attempts at escape were futile as his body was still struggling for air and was in too much pain from the previous beatings of the match. Chun Li then, without warning, swung herself violently forward. Ryu saw the back of the girl’s legs swing just above his face quickly. He then saw a large shadow coming towards his face. Although Chun Li’s legs missed his face, her large ass wasn’t as it stuck out too far from her body. The two cheeks hit his face hard, the two mounds of flesh had so much muscle it felt like he had been hit with a sack of bricks. His head shot back and the back of it hit the ground. Chun Li’s body back and she opened her legs, peaking down between them. Ryu was in a daze. “Wow! It looks like my ass is too much for you! This is the second time in this match that I’m beating you with these firm and hard cheeks. Although, I can’t blame you for losing to them, they are quite perfect and,” Chun Li lowered her arms, sitting on the man’s chest for just a second to give both her cheeks a loud smack with both her hands, then squeezing the large mounds of flesh, “full.” Chun Li laughed hard as she lifted herself back in the air above the dazed man after smacking her cheeks to add insult to injury to the all but beaten man. Ryu’s eyes slowly opened and as he looked up he saw Chun Li’s muscular thighs spread open, hovering above him, giving him a perfect view of her shaved pussy. Chun Li saw this and said, “You like what you see, Ryu? You could have had that anytime long ago, now it’s just out of your reach, literally, not that you could handle it anyway. Although, that gives me an idea, here, you want it, have it!” Chun Li then spread her legs as wide as she could through her arms, the outside of her legs pinned up against her inner biceps. She the swung herself yet again, only this time Ryu saw the young girl’s tight pussy heading for him, with nothing he could do about it. The young girl’s womanhood raced toward his face and hit him hard. Chun Li yelled out a little as the sensitive area hit the man’s face. Ryu’s head knocked back. Chun Li laughed even louder down at her opponent. “How embarrassing!! Even my pussy is beating you down now!” Chun Li could barely get the words out through her laughter. Ryu did feel embarrassed and angry. The blow hurt, not as hard as when her ass did, but psychologically it hurt more. Chun Li then swung her hips and hit him again with the humiliating strike. Again, and again, and again her pussy smashed against his face, each time she yelled louder and louder. Ryu felt his face get wet and realized it was from the pussy beating his face. Oh my god, she’s actually enjoying this! Ryu thought, in astonishment, she’s actually getting wet from it! He fought to stay conscious. There was no way he was going to let a girl’s womanhood put him out. Chun Li felt how wet she had gotten and decided to let up, she knew how weak she became when she got excited. Ryu felt this as her grip on his arms had loosened. He decided to give all he had in his next blow. His eyes were almost swollen shut, and Chun Li’s juices in his eyes made them even blurrier, but he hoped blind luck would help him out. He wiggled his right arm free and knew he couldn’t use his fist anymore since it had broken. But he did throw up his large elbow. Luck was on his side. Chun Li lowered herself at the exact moment Ryu sent across his elbow and struck her right in the temple. The blow was unexpected and knocked her into a quick realm of darkness and pain. Chun Li came around as quick as she could and rolled away expecting a follow up attack, there was none. Chun Li stood up, shoulders squared, and looked over at her adversary. Ryu’s strike hit well, but he was still on the ground, the beatings he had received were too much for him, and with the recent pounding on his face of Chun Li’s firm ass and pussy, it was too much. He managed to roll onto his side, but that was about it. Chun Li looked over at him and was almost sickened. She walked over to him slowly saying, “Is the so called mighty Ryu so weak that he was taken down by just girl’s pussy?!” Ryu was too focused on getting to his feet than concentrating on the humiliating comment. He never made it. Chun Li was angry at the hit she had received from him, her head still throbbing. She pushed her foot down onto his right shoulder, forcing him back down to the ground. Ryu just looked up weakly at Chun Li before she quickly stomped down onto his chest twice with her strong left leg. Her heel digging deep into him. He moaned in pain and Chun Li swiftly sat down behind him, put her legs out in front of her, bracing the heels of her feet on two of the slightly raised stones of the arena floor. As her legs made a “V” shape in front of her, she grabbed the dazed man’s wrists and pull them towards her. Ryu instantly felt his shoulders burn in pain. She crossed him arms above his head and pulled them more and more. Ryu sent out sounds of pain as his arms crossed unnaturally more and more above his head. Chun Li smiled at the sounds the larger man made. She then lowered herself forward, essentially bending her body in half. She bent down until her face was right over Ryu’s. “Can you beg, my little Ryu? Can I hear you beg me and the judges to stop the match? Are you at the point that I always knew you were, weak? Weak, and begging for mercy?” Chun Li didn’t let Ryu answer, she just pulled his crossed arms more, and he yelled louder. “You’re sounding too pathetic, Ryu, let me silence you a little.” Chun Li said this then pulled her body forward even more, until she was completely bent in half, her large tits hovering over Ryu’s face. She then slowly lowered them onto him, his eyes widening and head thrashing about trying to prevent it, but it was no use. Chun Li’s large tits engulfed his head and he was suddenly in darkness. Chun Li pulled his arms even more and muffled screams were heard from under her glistening chest. Ryu could taste the small beads of sweat on Chun Li’s tits as they squished harder on his face. Chun Li just smiled, the yells from Ryu’s mouth reverberated in massive mounds of flesh on her chest. Ryu was finding it hard to breathe and after a few minutes, Chun Li felt him get limp. She said, “Oh, don’t go out yet, you pathetic little nothing, I have more fun for you. Unless that is, you do what I say. I’ll tell you what, if you suck my tits, I’ll let you go.” Ryu said nothing and with look of agony on his face as his shoulders burned. “No? Are you sure, Ryu?” Said Chun Li and she pulled his arms more, he screamed loudly and just looked up into Chun Li’s eyes. “I’ll take that as a yes”, she said smiling. She then lowered her right tit right above Ryu’s face and said, “Lick it.” Ryu refused and she let go of arms, Ryu tried to pull himself free, but realized they were trapped between her stomach and thick upper thighs. Chun Li grabbed the sides of his cheeks rough with her right hand a squeezed hard, forcing Ryu’s mouth open. Chun Li then lowered her large, firm, round flesh into Ryu’s mouth. Ryu felt the large tit run across his tongue. Chun Li felt her tit in the man’s mouth, but he refused to suck it. “Fine, you don’t want to obey, I’ll make you suffer. These tits almost put you out, it was only out of my mercy that I let you up. You can’t handle both my amazing tits, let alone one, but if you think you can, here, take it!” Chun Li finished and shoved her tit deep into the open man’s mouth. Ryu felt her tit being forced deeper and deeper into mouth. He then felt her nipple get hard and slip deeper down, then into his throat. Chun Li felt him try to push it out of his mouth with his tongue and only smiled. She slapped him hard in his battered face and said, “Take it! Take all of it!” Ryu couldn’t stop the warm mound of flesh and he felt the nipple reach deeper down his throat. He started to choke and his face turned red. Chun Li didn’t let up and pushed her chest harder on top of him. Ryu couldn’t breathe at all now and gagged. Chun Li then felt pain as she felt Ryu clamp down, biting the firm flesh in his mouth. Chun Li yelled in agony, and quickly clamped both her hands together and slammed them down in one solid fist. They found there target as they hammered down right onto Ryu’s exposed dick that laid on his stomach. Ryu screamed in muffled pain, unleashing his toothy grip on Chun Li’s tit. She then forced it even deeper into his mouth. Ryu’s eyes watered up, and the large, firm breast pressed so deep into his mouth, he felt like he was going to swallow it. Chun Li looked down beneath her chest and saw Ryu had turned blue. She lifted up quickly and Ryu coughed and sucked in air loudly. He gulped in large amounts of air and felt dizzy. Through the haze he saw Chun Li lean down to his ear, her body still bent in half, and said, “Now. Lick. My. Tit.” Ryu saw the large breast come toward his face, it glistened even more now, it covered in his own saliva. She put her now hard nipple an inch from lips. Ryu obeyed and stuck out his tongue. He licked the dark nipple above him and saw the young girl shudder. “More,” she said simply. Ryu flicked his tongue rapidly and then started sucking on the large D cup. Chun Li loved every minute of it. Not just the pleasure of having her tit sucked, but forcing one of her greatest adversary’s to do so. Suddenly, Chun Li shuddered real hard and let up. She brought herself back to a sitting position, satisfied with taking and breaking the man before her with just her one tit. “Well I told you I’d let you go, and I keep my promises,” Chun Li said, enjoying every minute of her dominance, “but I didn’t say in what capacity.” Chun Li then violently and without remorse pulled the man’s arms by the wrists as hard as she could. Ryu felt the pain instantly. One shoulder felt like it had just tore a ligament, and the other completely dislocated from his body. Ryu yelled and screamed in pain. His arms were utterly useless now, and they both knew it, only Ryu was in too much pain to focus on it. Chun Li stood up, put her foot on the all but beaten man’s chest and raised her arms in the air in a complete display of victory and dominance. Ryu rocked from side to side, still yelling in pain, his shoulders in complete and utter agony. Chun Li had saw that the match still had a little time left in this final round. Ryu then barely raised his head at the almost godlike Chun Li standing over him and flipped himself slowly onto his stomach. He started to slowly crawl to the opening he had not so long ago proudly come out of. He inched his way slowly and feebly towards it. The judges and his master looked down pitifully at him. “Please end the match, master!” Ryu yelled out. His master got up, turned his back and left the arena. “Master! No! Please don’t leave me!” Ryu yelled out pleading to his master. His master was completely disgraced by him and continued to leave. Chun Li then said, “Pathetic.” Chun Li looked down at her weak prey and said the word loud enough for him to hear. She then put one foot on either side of Ryu’s body, and lowered herself slowly down onto Ryu’s lower stomach. He had a look of pure fear on his face now, and begged Chun Li for mercy. She raised her fist, and Ryu could do nothing, his shoulders and battered hands rendered him defenseless. Chun Li sent down two hard punches onto the man’s chest. Ryu felt another break and he again screamed in pain. Chun Li then backed her ass down a little more until it sat right above Ryu’s exposed manhood. She then bent her legs and sat on them, her whole body resting on Ryu’s. Ryu then felt his dick being played with by Chun Li’s foot, then the other. Ryu weakly moaned out, “What are you doing?” Chun Li replied, “Shut up, my little slave.” Ryu then felt his dick placed between Chun Li’s ass cheeks, and she started to raise and lower her body. Ryu felt himself being stroked between the firm round ass of Chun Li. He moaned and tried to wiggle away, but then felt Chun Li’s feet press against his balls. “No, no, no, Ryu. You don’t move an inch,” Chun Li said this firmly, Ryu obeyed. Chun Li then stroked faster now, and expertly rubbed his balls gently with her feet. Ryu moaned in pleasure and as he did he felt Chun Li tighten down her cheeks, her firms ass pressed hard as it stroked his dick. How is she so good at this, thought Ryu, the pleasure the only thing keeping him conscious at this point. Chun Li shook her ass quickly now, Ryu feeling the soft skin between the young girl’s ass slide up and down his shaft and the pleasure was too much for him to hide. Chun Li looked up at the judges once more and said, “Look! Look how weak your so called warrior is! His arms can’t even fight off the backside of another warrior! Look how he moans in disgraceful pleasure from it!” Ryu took all his might and tried to raise his body up, but Chun Li just reached forward, put her right hand tightly around his throat and said, “Relax, I’ll let you know when I’m done with you.” Ryu felt the grip of the hand around his throat tighten even more and Chun Li’s ass move faster up and down on his dick. He then felt Chun Li squeeze the base of his balls tightly between the balls of her feet and said, “Beg me. Beg me to let you come.” Ryu moaned in response, and Chun Li stroked her ass cheeks faster and faster on his now throbbing member. Ryu moaned and wanted to cum, but Chun Li’s feet wouldn’t allow him too. The pain grew now as his balls ached in pain more and more with every passing second. He yelled loudly now in pain and pleasure, “Please! Please! I beg! I beg for you to let me cum!” Chun Li responded, “Are you sure? Are you sure that I’m your new master now, that I’m the better warrior, more superior to you in every way possible?” “Yes! You’re my new master!” Ryu screamed his answer, all the judges and his master hearing the words echo loudly off the arena walls. Chun Li smiled a big smile. She lifted herself up, letting the erect penis fall from her ass cheeks and onto Ryu’s stomach. Ryu looked down and saw Chun Li kneeling, her pussy few inches above his stomach, his balls between Chun Li’s feet, painfully preventing him to cum. Suddenly, he realized what was going to happen next and pleaded, “NO! No, please, no!” But it was inevitable. Chun Li let go of Ryu’s balls with her feet and cum shot out from his throbbing dick. He had never cum so hard. Chun Li quickly started stroking Ryu’s dick with her feet and the amount of cum that came from the man below her stunned Chun Li. His cum shot forward, landing on his stomach, chest, neck, some of it even reaching chin. He was mortified, and Chun Li didn’t let up. She stroked him hard and long, and Ryu just kept cumming. By the time she was done, Ryu’s stomach, chest, and neck were covered in the warm, thick, white, milk, creamy liquid. Chun Li looked down and laughed, Ryu’s body shuddered and twitched uncontrollably beneath her. Ryu came so hard it actually hurt his already aching body. “Let’s go, you pathetic worm, your master has to show these judges how much I’ve beaten you.” Ryu just moaned a low sounding, “No.” “Oh, yes,” replied Chun Li quietly. She then sent two hard punches to each side of Ryu’s face, blood shot in spatters in either direction from his mouth and nose. She then flipped herself around, sat on Ryu’s upper thighs, and looked back over her shoulder. She looked into Ryu’s barely conscious eyes and licked her hand seductively. She grabbed a hold of Ryu’s dick once more, this time it was completely flaccid at it had been milked completely dry. She placed it back in-between her cheeks, but this time she kept pressing it in. As Ryu groggily looked on he saw his dick amazingly disappear between stunning and solid cheeks. Chun Li pressed the dick in until it couldn’t go anymore, then she smiled over her shoulder at Ryu. Ryu was afraid of what she had in store for him next. Chun Li then tensed the muscles in her bulbous ass squeezing down more and more until she couldn’t squeeze anymore. Ryu felt the grip of the large round mounds of flesh press down, his dick felt like it was in a vice between the fleshy cheeks. Ryu felt the pain immediately and yelled, Chun Li smiled. Then Ryu saw something astonishing. The young girl put both her feet on the ground and started pushed off with her strong legs. Ryu couldn’t believe it. As Chun Li raised up more and more, Ryu felt his dick being pulled with it, him unable to pull it out between the amazingly strong ass of Chun Li. As he felt his member being pulled from his body and was forced to raise up with it. Ryu thought there was no way he could get to his feet, the pain in his body at this point felt overwhelming. Chun Li squeezed her ass together even more and Ryu saw the muscles in her cheeks and thighs bulge out. He felt his manhood squeezed and pulled even harder as Chun Li was unrelenting, standing up higher and higher. Ryu’s hips pulled up with it, to at this point, the center of his body was completely raised off the arena floor, the heels of is feet and his upper back and head the only thing left touching it. The pain was unbearable. An onlooker would have been amazed at the sight, almost all of the great warrior’s body being lifted up off the ground by just his dick, a young girl using only her ass to do it. Ryu was mortified, but in too much pain to care about it. He managed to painfully reach forward, grab Chun Li’s hips for leverage and pull himself up. “That’s it, my little slave, get up. We’re going to go for a walk, “ Chun Li said and waited for her weak challenger to stand up on his own to feet. Ryu then felt her clamp her cheeks even more and pain shot through her body. My dick feels like it’s being crushed, thought Ryu. Ryu’s arms weakly raised and tried to push on the smaller girl’s lower back to pull himself free, it was too painful and of no use. He then frailly put one hand on each ass cheek. He gripped down as much as he could and tried to pry the firm ass apart. Chun Li didn’t even try and stop him, she just let her ass do all the work. Ryu couldn’t believe how firmly solid, not to mention how round each cheek was. Chun Li whispered back at him, “It’s no use, Ryu, that thing is too much for you, just like my ass, tits, legs, and pussy was. You are pathetic.” Chun Li then yelled up at the judges, “You see?! He can’t even pry the most sacred part of himself from just my backside. I’m not even fighting him off with arms or legs! Why would you disgrace me with such a puny and pathetic man you call fighter and a warrior?! Here! I’ll show you my dominance over this man!” Ryu felt humiliated from the words and the combination of the pain coming from his squeezed member left him defeated inside and out. Chun Li then put her right leg forward, still squeezing with her ass cheeks and pulled Ryu behind her. Chun Li started walking forward, Ryu being forced to by only his dick! Ryu fought as hard as he could, but the pain was too much, and Chun Li just pulled him along. Ryu walked painfully behind her, his face battered and bleeding, bruises all over his body as it glistened with his own cum his opponent forced him to make on himself. Chun Li walked and walked, parading him around for the judges to see. Ryu’s pride left is body completely. Chun Li finally stopped after five long minutes and reached one of the walls of the arena. She then twisted her hips as hard as she could, as her body snapped right, Ryu’s body was pulled by his dick with it and Chun Li realized the muscles in her ass. Ryu felt an amazing amount of relief, but only for a moment. His body slammed hard against the stone wall. He felt himself slowly slide down it, but Chun Li was quick. She grabbed him by the throat when he was at her knees. Ryu weakly fought at the hand that now didn’t feel like one of a small girl in her mid twenties, but one of a superior, and much better warrior. “Let go of my hand,” she said coldly, “I’ll tell you what, slave. If you lick my pussy now and make me cum, I’ll end this.” Ryu feebly resisted, but felt the grip around his neck tighten and then Chun Li backhand him across his face like he was nothing to her. Ryu just nodded yes. Chun Li replied, “That’s a good little slave.” She brought his face closer to her hips then lowered her pussy onto the man’s face. Ryu licked slowly at first and felt the young girl’s pussy get wet fast. Chun Li moaned and pushed herself deeper onto the kneeling man’s face. Chun Li didn’t feel like Ryu was licking fast enough so she pressed her foot on Ryu’s balls, Ryu immediately knew what to do without being told. He licked as fast and as deep as he could. Chun Li’s body shuddered violently and pressed even harder down onto the beaten man’s face. Ryu was having trouble breathing now, his nose and mouth pressed so hard against the soft and now gushing flesh. Chun Li’s wetness streamed from her body, running down her slave’s face and the inside of her thick, muscular thighs. She moaned louder and louder until suddenly she seized up and came hard. She pulled Ryu’s face away from her pussy and rubbed her clit hard, shooting her juices all over Ryu’s face. She screamed, “OOOOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEESSSS!!! FUCK YEEEEESSSS!!!” Ryu’s felt Chun Li’s cum land on his face and eyes. He was temporarily blinded from it, but could taste the young girl as she continued to make herself squirt, landing on his mouth. His face and hair were soaked by the time Chun Li was done, he could even feel it running down his neck. Ryu thought she was finally done, as he saw her body get weak, so weak that she could barely stand. Ryu wished he knew this weakness of hers earlier. Without warning the small girl got a burst of strength and lifted Ryu by his hair, high up, all the way until he was standing on just his toes. She held him above her head like that for a few seconds until she got her composure back. She then suddenly spun around a speedily sent out her right foot high, catching him with a side kick right to his throat. She held his whole body up by just his throat with her right foot. She again showing off her amazing flexibility by pushing up higher and higher, raising Ryu’s body higher and higher on the hard stone wall. Chun Li stopped when her legs were in a completely straight line, her one foot on the ground and the other straight up in the air. She held him there, Ryu weakly struggling against the foot on his throat as it choked him out slowly. The smaller girl could feel her own cum and Ryu’s come on the bottom of her foot as it pressed hard onto the man’s throat. Chun Li enjoyed every minute of it, and when she saw he was almost out, she let go, quickly jumped in the air, spun around and caught the man as he was falling to the ground her left heel, striking it perfectly across his jaw. The bigger man’s head snapped to the right and he was unconscious before he hit the ground. Just then, in perfect timing, the large bell rang, signaling the end of the final round. Ryu didn’t care about anything except that the match was over. He tried to get to his feet, but couldn’t, he was too beaten. He then started to crawl towards the opening he came in from thankful that it was over.

Final Round

The head judge then stood up and said, “It is unanimously decided that…CHUN LI is the clear winner of the match!” The bell rang triumphantly again, Ryu’s pride hurt as he heard it and paused on his knees, stopping his pathetic slow crawl back to his opening. He looked over his shoulder and saw Chun Li just as she raised her strong, long arms above her completely naked body, she looked magnanimous. Her body looked perfect and strong, without a flaw on it, whereas Ryu knew his naked body looked battered and beaten in every way. Blood, bruises, and swelling covered his face, his body had black and blues, large purple welts, and the combination of his own and Chun Li’s cum all over it. He had never felt so disgraced. He could barely get his body to move to where it had to go out of the arena as both his shoulders burned with pain, and him being barely able to crawl, let alone stand as his one leg was useless, thanks to Chun Li’s pounding and hyperextension of it. “Where you going, loser?!” Chun Li yelled loudly over to him, “If you were at least half as strong, fast, or...,” Chun Li then kept her hands in victory over her head and lifted her right leg high up into the air, “flexible as me, you wouldn’t be on the ground like a groveling, pathetic loser.” Ryu knew she was right, but was still just happy the match was over. He still couldn’t believe how strong and well trained she had become. He started to slowly and weakly make his way to his exit again when suddenly the heard the judges speak again. “It is further decided that this match of honor was not conducted so by one of the contestants. We, as the judges of this tournament, give our sincerest apologies to Chun Li, as we are expected to give every warrior a worthy opponent. It is clear, that she did not have one in this obvious one-sided match.” Ryu’s heart dropped into his stomach as he knew what was going to happen next. “So we give Chun Li our apologies, but we give her adversary nothing, not even mercy. The ancient rules stand, and since no honor was conducted here for Chun Li, she is allowed to do as she wishes with her losing challenger.” Ryu yelled out a pathetic and degrading, “NO!” Chun Li just smiled at the fear and weakness in the man’s voice, him being truly afraid of her, the smaller and younger girl. “Thank you, most honorable judges. I will punish him as I see fit,” Chun Li yelled her response up the judges as they nodded in silence back. Ryu pitifully tried to drag his beaten body to the opening in the ancient wall only to look over to see one of the servants cut the thick ropes holding the large stone above it. Ryu again yelled out, “NO! Please, no!” Chun Li loved the pathetic man’s feeble cries as he watched the judges disappear in darkness. Ryu looked back over his shoulder at the confident standing Chun Li, her hands on her hips and her smile looked almost evil as night fell on the arena, the moonlight the only thing lighting her face. Ryu put his hands up in mercy, but Chun Li quickly walked over to him and grabbed one of his wrists. Ryu felt his shoulder burn as he was not only unable to stop being dragged like a rag doll across the rough stone ground, but the pain in his shoulder as well. She pulled him over to the wall covered in shackles and stopped. Chun Li grabbed him by the throat and hair, lifted him up to her eye level inches from her face and said, “I’m going to fuck and beat you like you’ve never been fucked or beaten before, and you better make sure I enjoy both as much as I can…or else.” Ryu just nodded with a fearful look in his eyes. The young girl then grabbed one wrist and locked it around the weakened man, then did the same with the other. Ryu’s arms were high above his body, his shoulders and chest in compete agony. Chun Li then began stroking his dick gently, then sent a hard right hook to this left side. Ryu yelled in pain. Chun Li just smiled. When she felt him get hard she lifted her leg straight up in the air, placing it between her large, firm D cups. She leaned forward and Ryu felt the erect nipples and tense tits of Chun Li press against his chest. More and more she pressed forward, the muscles in them so strong they actually hurt his own chest muscles which were battered by this point. When he felt the back of Chun Li’s muscular and solid feeling calf on his chest, he felt her stop pushing forward. She then placed his hard member slowly into her pussy, which was wide from the perfect standing split. They both moaned and suddenly Ryu felt a slap across his face. “You keep your fucking mouth shut, you hear me Ryu, my little slave?!” Chun Li said the words with anger, her face inches from his face. Ryu just nodded yes. She continued with, “I’m going to fuck you now. Real. Fucking. Hard. And if you make one goddamn sound, I’m going to shove my fist into your ribs, and the other into your balls. You hear me?!” Ryu replied weakly, “Yes.” “Yes, what?!” Said Chun Li, angrily. “Yes, master,” said Ryu. “That’s good, very good, my pathetic little slave,” said Chun Li smiling her evil little smile. Chun Li started pumping her pussy onto Ryu’s hard dick. Ryu felt the wet, soft flesh and couldn’t help but moan loudly. “Is this too much for you, slave?!” Chun Li said, and sent a fist to his ribs, then another to his balls. Ryu screamed in pain as tears flowed down his face. In the distance you could hear a woman moan with pleasure, then every once in a while a man’s, followed immediately by the man’s screams of pure agony. You could hear this series of noises go on for hours…