Black Cat Vs. Mary Jane Watson
Part I


A half dozen winded New York City cops sprinted in through the two six foot glass doors like a wave off a rough surf, their uniforms looking like droplets of water spreading out over the large black colored marble floor from above. The alarms were still ringing loudly, piercing the ears of not only the police officers, but the frightened civilians and the even more frightened tied up guards. Their faces had looks of pure terror on them. The Metropolitan Museum of Art was having a special display of rare and precious stones from around the world including everything from middle eastern sheik’s rings necklaces to ancient Egyptian artifacts, one of them a bracelet said to be worn by Cleopatra herself. It was complete with a ruby the size of a human eye, hence its name, “the red window to the soul”. The lead officer looked around at the large open room before him and knew right away who was responsible; she had left her signature loud and clear. Not only was it left messy and chaotic, broken glass from the cases which once held the priceless gems and the guards roughed up with a scratch across one’s face and another ripped across the other’s chest, but the mark on the wall said it all. The chubby security guard with the slash across his chest was checking his shirt noticing four deep claw marks torn through his cheap brown button up shirt, his even cheaper clip on tie cut clean off his body. He barely saw the girl as she burst into the gallery in broad daylight and quickly took out his partner with a slash across his face. He had drawn his night stick and was about to clobber the scantily dressed woman in black, but she was lightning fast and not only kicked the short black stick from his hand, but slashed him across his chest as well. Looking down now, the robust man was thanking his stars she hadn’t gutted him all the way through. Even his partner wasn’t too bad, he didn’t require any stitches, and he was just in shock is all. She only wanted the jewels, thought the lead officer as he was gazing up at the wall, more police pouring in to calm the situation. The overweight guard followed the officer’s gaze and saw four scratches etched deep into one of the stone pillars on a slant with another four scratched in the opposite direction making a large X. Black Cat had struck again for the eighth time this month. Where is Spiderman?! The officer thought frustratingly, he would have usually stopped this sort of thing by now. He saw a quick shadow flash directly above him, he quickly looked up and saw the voluptuous vixen sitting on the skylight above, enjoying her view of the mess she made. She was then gone in a flash. The officer yelled out quickly as he and several other officers ran to the roof, but even during his courageous pursuit he knew he would be too late. I’m no match for her speed, or most likely, anything else she has in her arsenal, the outclassed man thought sadly.

Black Cat swooped in through an open window in an old warehouse along side East River long abandoned and forgotten through out time. The 5’10” woman threw her brown sack that overflowed with precious jewels towards a corner of the plain, run down room. It landed with a loud metal sound landing on a heap of other priceless gems and money. Black Cat walked her confident stride to a half broken mirror and sighed at the reflection. Although any one, man or woman, would be hard pressed to sigh at the sight reflecting back. Her tall, slender and strong body looked flawless, and every curve was visible in her skin tight, thin black suit. Her body was muscular and toned, but still somehow kept its feminine shape and feminine is definitely what it screamed. Her thin waste was accentuated by the large chest that sat high and firm on her body. Her 32DD’s were barely contained in the tight black suit as it had it’s signature “V” cut right down the middle to just above her navel. Black Cat pushed her large breasts together, pushing the large cleavage out even more, the firm fleshy mounds pressing against one another, Felicia making them look even bigger and more accessible then what they already were. She then turned to the side, whipping her long bright white hair that ran down to just past her shoulders, and pushed on the left cheek of her ass. Her full backside stuck from her body in the same manner as her chest, firm and round. She released her hand and toned cheek immediately popped back to its voluptuous form. She then picked up the bracelet with the ruby she had just stolen and held it up to body; she noticed it was as red as her full lips on her face. She sighed again. Black Cat wasn’t upset with her newly acquired assets or her body; she was upset with wasting it. It had been two months since her dominating triumphant battle with Spider-Man and she had been growing bored. She had taken New York by storm, breaking into banks, jewelry stores, museums, anything she could think of, and at first it was heaven. With no Spider-Man to stop her she had had free reign over the big and lucrative city, and she had taken full advantage of her time. She started stealing more and more at night, and then when that stopped doing it for her she started stealing in broad daylight. No one could stop her. She was too fast and too strong for average people to stop her genetically enhanced body, and she knew it. However, the truth of the matter was still there and as she snaked her body out of her skin tight black suit, she couldn’t quite figure out why she wasn’t happy.

She turned on the water to the old shower and the pipes made a loud banging sound as the water slowly sputtered out of the ancient shower head. She waited a few minutes and stepped her naked body into the steaming shower and took a deep breath as the hot water flowed warmly over her voluptuous body. She felt the large mounds of flesh that protruded from her chest, always proud of her DD’s, then ran them slowly and roughly down her stomach then around to her ass. She rubbed the toned cheeks that jutted out from her body then onto her firm thighs. She felt how hard they were and loved how strong they always felt, she wasn’t even flexing and they still felt like rock. Her small hands then were brought up her thighs and over her exposed womanhood. She moaned as she lightly played with her shaven pussy and for some reason the overweight guard that tried to stop her had said something that stuck in her head and was bothering her all day. “Why don’t you just grab what you really want and go?!” Felicia then pressed her fingers slowly inside herself and let out a quick “oh” of pleasure. She loved the power her body had and taking down Spider-Man was the best pleasure she had ever gotten. She had without a doubt beaten him, hands down, completely fair, just her against him, and she came out on top. In more ways then one she laughed to herself slightly. I beat him with this body not only physically, but mentally and sexually as well. She worked her fingers a little faster in her now wet pussy, and as she came closer to climax she rubbed her clit and thought, not only did I beat him I humiliated hi-. Just then Felicia stopped what she was doing right before she was about cum. Holy shit, she thought surprised as she peaked over at the Spiderman mask she took as souvenir from her fight, I’m getting off to completely humiliating him for not wanting me over that red headed bitch Mary Jane, not just to beating him to a pulp.

Black Cat jumped her naked body out of the shower, breathing heavily she was so excited. Her skin was flushed and she jumped around grabbing things to get dressed into. She had her suit in one hand and was about to get dressed when she saw the bags of money in the corner. She ran over to them, ripped one open reached in and grabbed a handful of cash. She then glanced in the mirror and saw her reflection as she bent over to pick up her white boots. Her naked body was completely bent in half, her large tits hanging from her body, money floating down around her from when she quickly ripped open the bag. She hadn’t been this excited since she showed that weakling, Spider-Man who was boss. She stood up and her chest heaved up and down, Felicia noticing her small dime sized nipples were fully erect as they stood out from her body in excitement. She smiled the biggest smile her full lipped mouth would allow. She then started pulling the tight one piece leather costume over legs and was having a hard time. She pulled and pulled and realized her body was pumping with so much blood from her excitement; it made it almost impossible to pull the skin tight material on. She tried to calm herself down, but knew she was too excited for that to happen.

She then glanced over toward the partially open door of the bathroom, and through the small opening saw a clear bottle laying on its side on the shower’s edge. That might do it! Black Cat thought to herself and sprinted to the bathroom. She grabbed the clear, shiny bottle of body oil off the ledge and held on tight as it almost slipped right out of her small hands. She smiled a devious smile and poured a small amount of clear liquid on her hand then bent over and rubbed the shiny liquid onto right foot. She did the same with her other foot and then poured more on her calves, then higher onto her thighs. Black Cat walked out of the bathroom and cleared the dusty mirror with her hand, leaving a streak across it as she did. She gazed at her legs as they looked like they were an angel’s, light reflecting off the now glistening lower half of the strong girl’s body making them almost amazingly unearthly. Felicia flexed and turned her hips, checking out her shimmering legs as she muscles in them tightened. Wow! They look even stronger, she thought as the baby oil made them not only shine like a goddess’, but the defined lines of muscle were even more noticeable now. The excitement got the best of her and she unscrewed the top of the slippery bottle completely off quickly dumping the bottle over and pouring its contents all over her massive and high sitting firm DD’s. The shiny fluid poured over the top of the heaving tits, Black Cat now breathing heavily in excitement as the moment unfolded. The shimmering oil slowly oozed around the sides of the massive orbs, and then started to flow under until Felicia rubbed her delicate fingers over her large breasts, rubbing the liquid in thoroughly. The slick and slippery feeling over tits was something she almost couldn’t contain. The liquid was slightly thicker than water making it stick to her skin perfectly, and as the excess from it streamed in small rivers from the top of her large chest over the sides of the round mounds of flesh making it’s way to the bottom, it clung to the bottom and fell off in long sticky like strings before dripping to the ground. She rubbed her warm feeling tits roughly and meticulously, slipping her small, soft hand between the massive DD cups making it completely disappear between them. She did not want to miss one square inch of her perfect tits. She then poured the rest of the bottle down her back, rubbing in as much as she could reach on her own. She turned around and saw the clear, slippery fluid oozing slowly down her hour glass shaped back towards her perfectly round ass and she helped spread it down with her outstretched, pressing fingers. She massaged the oil in hard with her finger tips over her solid feeling ass. The feeling of her fingers pressing deep into the firm flesh of her cheeks made her instantly wet. Not yet, Felicia, she said to herself, patience, they’ll be plenty of time for that later.

Black Cat then snapped her body around and grabbed her costume again, this time slipping it on slowly over legs. The black leather now smoothly glided over her slick, oil covered legs and she managed to pull it up to her waste this time. She then took another look at herself. Her costume was only half way on, the black material clung to her thick strong legs like a second skin, the top half of her completely naked. She gazed at the top half of her naked body in almost awe, she always admired her body, but now that it was completely covered in oil it shined and glistened like an actual goddess’. Her tits reflected light off them, Felicia touched them gently noticing how slippery they felt now. “Well, at least I won’t have to worry about anybody grabbing onto these things now,” she said almost snickering. She pulled the rest of her costume over body and slithered her now oily, slippery arms easily through the sleeves and pulled the black leather over her exposed tits, covering them only up to just past her nipples, leaving the insides of them and center of her chest exposed. She gave one last look at the sliver of shiny skin over the center of her body and smiled. No man, or woman for that matter, could resist getting distracted by me now, Felicia thought to herself. She gave a quick smile before grabbing the Spiderman mask, shoving it on the inside of her costume, and her trusty zip line and darting out the window, lashing out a line, and swinging off into the now dark New York skyline.

Mary Jane had been on nursing duty weeks on end now, nursing of course the badly battered Spider-Man back to health. He had come basically crawling home one night completely naked, barely making it home saying only, “Help me…” very weakly. Mary Jane’s shocked look on her face said everything Peter Parker needed to know about how badly he looked. His face was battered with a broken nose, two black eyes, the left one so badly beaten it was swollen to a point it was closed shut, not to mention he had bruises and scratches all over it. His body was just as bad with large welts and black and blues everywhere, Mary Jane also noticed both his web shooters were missing. The red headed girlfriend gasped at the beaten sight of her lover, and quickly bent down to his aid. She slowly helped him to bed where he had been laying ever since.

Mary Jane didn’t mind helping her hero boyfriend, but she had now missed several modeling opportunities because of it and couldn’t help but start feeling a little frustrated. She knew dating a super hero would have its drawbacks, but her patience was starting to wear thin, especially since he wouldn’t tell her what happened. Every time Mary Jane would bring it up, Peter would snap at her and tell her that it was his business, not hers. She had never seen him like this and it was bothering her. She also noticed his manhood was battered a little too. Who would do something that to another man, she thought? Peter was feeling much better, but was still no where near 100%; the constant agony was brought down to a dull constant pain, which was fine with him. It was still a lot better then that first, long night of suffering. The beating he sustained was not only painful, but humiliating as well and he just wanted to put it behind him. He had hoped Black Cat did too, but he knew the horrible truth that Black Cat with all her pride and gleaming self confidence that she would never put what had happened behind her. The thought nagged at him constantly.

“I have to go for an interview now, Peter. I should be back in a little while,” Mary Jane yelled from the bedroom as she started to get changed. Peter peaked through the bedroom opening at his loving girlfriend. Her long red hair fell from the top of her 5’7” body all the way to the lower part of her back, just above her round, firm ass. Her slender body wasn’t muscular at all, but was fit and firm. Mary Jane glanced over and saw Peter looking at her. Her piercing green eyes stared back at him and the small freckles on her face rose as she smiled her pouty red lips at him. Peter loved her and was thankful he had her in his life. Mary Jane opened the bedroom door fully and stepped into the light wearing nothing but a thin pair of white panties that covered most of her ass, but not all, her plump cheeks poking out just a little at the sides, and a pink lacey bra that showed an ample amount of cleavage from her 32C’s. Mary Jane knew for sure what these photographers on these modeling sets wanted to see, and she didn’t care as long as she didn’t have to go completely nude and it got her the job, and Peter definitely didn’t complain about the low cut clothing. Mary Jane ran over to Peter, bouncing her fair skinned body closer to his, her firm tits bouncing slightly with her. Peter had to admit she had a hell of a body on her, but for some reason his mind flashed quickly to Black Cat’s. It’s definitely not like Felicia’s body though, he thought. The quick flash in his mind showed the larger tits, stronger, tighter body, and fuller hips and ass than Mary Jane’s. He immediately felt guilty and smiled at his girlfriend who sat next to him on the bed. She knew Peter for years and could tell when his mind wandered to someplace bad.

“What’s wrong, Tiger? I know this has been rough for you, why won’t you tell me what’s wrong and who did this to you?” Mary Jane asked whole heartedly, empathizing with Peter’s pain.

“I can’t, I don’t want to tell you what happened M.J. I’m sorry, but I just think it’s better this way,” Peter tried to get off the subject as fast as possible.

“I don’t like secrets, Peter, you know that. Not between us, now why won’t you tell me what happened?” Mary Jane getting annoyed again at Peter constantly avoiding her questions, especially after she took care of him this whole time.

Just then they heard a female voice loudly say behind them, “Probably because if I was the secret of some woman’s man, he’d want to keep it from his thin, pale, weak little girlfriend too!”

Black Cat had swung through the window and suddenly put her presence right in the middle of Peter and Mary Jane’s intimate moment. Both lovers looked at the sight of Black Cat in their apartment with completely shock, and amazement. The voluptuous woman put her hands on her hips and stood proudly in front of the two. Peter’s mouth gaped open as he looked on at full bodied girl. No matter how many times he saw her, he couldn’t help but a gawk at her full curves. Her tight, dark black costume showed off every curve and feature, and the signature split down the middle of her costume seemed to get lower every time Spider man saw her. The material of her shiny leather suit was stretched to its max over her, now glistening, huge 32DD breasts that seemed to want to be bursting out of their tight entrapment. The center of her body was completely from her chest, the opening showing the center of her massive mammories almost to the nipple, all the way down to just below her belly button. Her tits now even seemed slippery and shiny due to the ample amount of oil Black Cat had poured on herself, adding to the already amazing features. She took a few steps forward and as she did, the light bounced not only off her shiny black suit, but also her shiny and almost shimmering skin. Her fair completion looked wet, dripping wet like she had just stepped out of a bathtub full of baby oil.
Black Cat loved the attention; even Mary Jane stood on and looked in awe at the woman before her. Her tits are huge, she thought, and she is muscled and toned everywhere, even her ass is bigger and rounder then mine! She was also wondering how the slippery looking mounds managed to even stay in their tiny tight confinement. Mary Jane noticed too the glistening look of the skin on the center of her chest. Her tits and stomach look something more than human, almost goddess like; she thought more as the light bounced of the thick oil on the formidable looking woman’s skin. Her body looks strong and muscular enough that it’s built for action, but not too big, she still has that womanly figure. Mary Jane looked the woman up and down and didn’t see a flaw on her, but she did notice a couple of other alarming things. The woman had white gloves and boots on. The gloves came to very sharp looking claws at the ends of her finger tips, and while the boots looked innocent enough with there small line of white fur except, their were hard points on the end of the four inch heel. Mary Jane shuddered a little at the thought of what those things could do on a woman as fit as her.

Mary Jane snapped out of it, but it was far too late for Black Cat not to notice that both of her onlookers gaped at her voluptuous body. Black Cat just smiled and took a step towards the both of them, smiling bigger as she saw Peter still in a quite of bit of pain from their last vigorous encounter. She loved that Spider-Man, one of New York’s greatest heroes, was still laid up in bed due to the rough and relentless beating from her own two hands, and other parts of her as well.

When Black Cat felt her onlookers had enough gawking time, she walked forward quickly and confidently, stepping right up to Mary Jane. She wanted to intimidate the already surprised Mary Jane as much as she could; knowing the dominance over the red head would excite her to no end, especially doing it right in front of Spiderman. The final step she took brought her right up to Mary Jane as close as two people could get, so close that their breasts were slightly pressed against one another. Mary Jane was shocked at the move and before her body had time to react Black Cat started talking to her, Black Cat’s full, bright red lips inches from her face.

“It seems you’ve been cleaning up after my nice handy work here, huh?” Black Cat said matter-of-factly as she gestured over to Peter, who was half in shock and half trying to get his aching body to react to the situation at hand. “I’d say I did a hell of job, almost a perfect job if you ask me, of mopping the floor with your pathetic weakling of a man over there, and without too much effort either. The hero of New York, huh? I’d say more like the chump of New York, he went down too easy, and in more ways then one. How can a city’s hero be taken down so easily, although you don’t have to take my word for it, there were plenty of onlookers to witness the laughable attempt your man had at a fight against me and my,” Black Cat ran her clawed fingers gently up her hips, over her stomach, and then cupped her large, shining breasts, squeezing them firmly before finishing with, “perfect body.”

Mary Jane felt the firmness of white haired vixen’s breasts against hers even more as Black Cat squeezed the massive flesh, pushing it even more onto Mary Jane’s own C cups. Oh my god, she thought, not only are they ridiculously huge, but they’re also firm as hell! She even felt the full bodied girl’s nipples start to get hard as Black Cat enjoyed every moment more and more.

Black Cat felt her erect nipples press deep into the smaller breasts and said, “Back up, little girl, I need more room.” As she said this she took a deep breathe in and pushed her chest out hard, Mary Jane felt her C cups press against her chest causing a small amount of pain to shoot up her body, then felt her body pushed back. She actually stumbled back a few steps from the chesty move. Holy shit! Thought Mary Jane, did this girl just push my whole body back with just her tits?! Black Cat just looked on and smirked then said, “Wow, it seems I’m way too much for your girlfriend too, eh Spider-punk?”

Mary Jane could barely process all the information that was being laid on her in such a short few moments. This voluptuous woman bursts in barely dressed, gets uncomfortably close, so close her breasts are touching this woman’s she doesn’t even know, as she proceeds to tell her she’s the cause of her boyfriend’s near hospitalized state due to a beating she dished out with her own two hands! It was almost too much for Mary Jane, and there was no way for her to hide the shock on her face as she looked over at her man still struggled to get up and help her. She saw his face as he started to explain, but it was too late, she could figure out the story before he made a sound. Peter looked so weak to her at this moment as he physically struggled to get out of bed, and verbally try to sputter out words to try and explain how a man who fights multiple hardened criminals at a time gets beaten by one woman. Although, this woman definitely didn’t seem to be your average, run of the mill girl on the street, she thought as she rubbed her breasts a little as they still ached from being pushed back by the larger set of standing in front of her

Black Cat saw the look of horrid astonishment in Mary Jane’s eyes and let out a quick laugh. Peter didn’t tell her what happened; Black Cat would have given all the money she’d ever stolen for this moment. “You didn’t tell her?! You didn’t tell her did you?!” Black Cat yelled out with a huge smile on her face. She continued saying, “What’s wrong, Spider-bitch, didn’t want to tell your love what really happened? Were you too embarrassed to tell her that you got your ass whooped and handed to you by woman, and in front of a bunch of other New Yorkers?! Did you tell how badly I beat you, with every all parts of my body, you weak little bitch?”

Spiderman couldn’t take anymore, and he mustered every bit of strength he had as he jumped up and lunged at Black Cat. Black Cat, however, was at full strength and was more than ready for her oncoming attacker; she saw Peter’s face get angrier and angrier with every word she spoke. She smirked as she saw the chiseled man leap into the air at her in just his boxer shorts and the well built woman smoothly sent out her sinewy right leg. The bottom of her pointy heel on her furry white boot landed squarely over the center of the young man’s incoming chest sending him instantly down to the bedroom floor. Peter moaned in pain loudly on his hands and knees, one hand holding the throbbing pain in his sternum. Black Cat was on him in a flash, Mary Jane shocked that a human could move as fast as she was moving. Peter’s head turned to look up to see what attack was coming next, but it was too late as he felt a hard hit on the left side of his cheek. Black Cat backhanded him hard in the face, so hard it sent the WebCrawler all the way down to the ground now. Black Cat then smiled as she knew at this point she could basically man handle the so called hero and bent over grabbed the downed man by the back of his neck and the bottom of his boxers, clenched down tight, then lifted him swiftly up into the air, right over her head. She held him there for a second for Mary Jane’s sake, wanting her to see her clear dominance over her supposed man. Mary Jane looked on in horror as she saw her man lifted high in the air in the arms of this black suited, shimmering woman. Black Cat flashed her a quick smile then threw him down hard. Peter moaned again in pain, Mary Jane looked upon with a look of pity disappointment; she almost couldn’t bare to see her man looking so helpless and weak. She was almost angry at him.

Black Cat wasn’t done yet and flipped her body upside down on her hands in an effortless front flip, landing her pointy boots onto Peter’s back. Peter yelled loudly in pain, the sound making even Mary Jane shutter in empathy. The full bodied woman then placed each of feet on either side of the downed man’s body and flipped him over with ease like he was a sack of sand and spun, crouched down putting her plump, round ass inches from Peter’s face. She then slithered her thick, muscular thighs around Peter’s head. Peter had been in this situation before and was about to beg his attacker not to do what came next, but it was too late. Black Cat Squeezed her legs, pressing them together as hard as she could. Peter’s face instantly got red as the pressure on the sides of face felt like his head was in a steel vice. Mary Jane looked on and felt like she had to do something, so she mustered all her strength, balled her hand up in a fist, and sent it down hard into the back of the black cad woman’s thigh. Her fist hit with sound flesh would against a leather wrapped stone. Mary Jane felt like she just hit stone as the tensed strong leg of Black Cat took the blow like nothing happened. Black Cat just looked back and laughed at the feeble attempt of the smaller girl. Peter was now slapping at the rock hard thighs as they pressed harder and harder against him, Black Cat wanting to show their dominance over the trapped man. The strong woman wouldn’t let up, though, and even reached back, grabbed the young man’s brown hair, and pulled his red face up, pressing it against her ass.
Black Cat laughed some more and said, “You see, your man is no match for me, just my ass and legs can put this man down. How pitiful.”
Mary Jane heard the comment, but was more focused on her man not only being squeezed to the point where it looked like his head was going to pop like a water balloon, but also smothered by the two round cheeks of this incredible woman. Black Cat held this move until she felt her prey weaken and she let up, Peter letting out a moan of relief as his head limply hid the floor below him with a thud. Black Cat stood up over the barely moving man and flipped him over yet again. She then took her time as she grabbed the back of his neck and the bottom of his boxers, then spun her body around once, letting go suddenly, sending the limp man’s body like bullet through the air. Peter’s back hit the hard bedroom wall immensely hard, his head following suit. Peter was in a momentary state of complete blackness, and as his body was slumping forward, slowly falling to the ground when he felt two firm but at the same time soft cushions push on his chest pressing him up against the wall. He came around and looked up to see Black Cat’s face inches from his own, his body felt limp, but felt two firm masses on his chest get firmer and hold him up. Mary Jane looked on and saw that this woman, this unbelievably strong woman, just effortlessly take down her man and now the only thing holding him up were her tits pushing up on his chest!

Black Cat then said calmly and seductively, “Wow, I must have put a good beating on you the last time because taking you out this time was too easy.” Black Cat smiled, her full red lips reflecting almost as much light as her massive breasts that were now inches from Spiderman’s chin and pressing closer by the second. “I’ll tell you what, Spider-punk, if you can release yourself from my ummmm, let’s say titillating hold, then I’ll leave you and your girlfriend alone forever and you’ll never have to see me again. How’s that sounds, Peter, sound good? You weren’t man enough for these things last time,” Black Cat rubbing one of her fingers across the substantial amount of cleavage she had showing, “do you think you’re man enough for them now? Or are you going to show your girlfriend how weak you are compared to me, so weak that just my breasts are enough to beat you?”

Peter felt himself being humiliated again by this woman, and now in front of the woman he loved. He felt some strength and started to struggle. Black Cat was true to her word and used only her large DD cups to restrain the man against the wall. She placed her hands behind her back, grabbing her left wrist with her right hand, pushing her chest out. Black Cat pushed forward harder and harder the more the weakened man struggled. Peter fought back as much as he could, but the more he fought the more he felt the firm masses on his chest push on his body. Peter then started to really sweat as he suddenly realized the voluptuous vixen’s large DD cups were actually pushing his whole body up off the floor! Mary Jane was in complete awe, there was her man, legs dangling now a few inches above the floor, being held up by just this woman’s huge breasts. Peter struggled, panicking now, and suddenly felt Black Cat push her chest forward more and also tense the colossal cleavage more intensely, the muscles beneath the soft flesh hardening with every moment. The two fleshy mounds felt harder and harder as he felt them push on his chest like two giant boulders compressing his body. Peter pushed on Black Cat’s shoulders and Black Cat pushed back, pressing her chest forward, her hands still firmly behind her back. Peter now felt the air being pushed from his lungs and he was struggling to breathe. Both Black Cat and Mary Jane could hear the man effort to breathe, one woman laughed and the other gasped.

“Come on, Peter, is that all you got? Are just my tits trapping and beating you right now?! Let’s go! Try harder, your girlfriend is looking on thinking on how weak and fragile you are.”

Peter struggled more and more, harder and harder, pushing on Black Cat’s shoulders, feebly trying to pull her from side to side, but it only made him look more pathetic. Black Cat’s massive mammories pushed more and more out of her costume, the shiny round flesh squished a little bit out more and more as it pressed hard on the bare skin of the man’s chest.

Peter felt Black Cat push even harder now, the firm flesh pressing harder on his lungs and he struggled to get oxygen. He felt darkness fall over him for the second time in minutes, his back pushed up against the now hard feeling wall behind him. Black Cat pushed one final time, this time looking right at Mary Jane, her eyes piercing the red head’s as she squashed her tits against the weakening man’s body.

Black Cat looked on at the near limp Spiderman and said, “Pathetic. Look at your man, copper top! Your weak man!” She let up her pressing hold, Peter’s body slumped to the ground and the tall, strong woman’s tits instantly filled back out to their round, perfect shape showing their firmness. “Look at how frail and weak your man is, barely moving on the floor beneath me as he struggles for breath after being beaten by just my tits. What a disgrace.” Mary Jane looked away in embarrassment.

Mary Jane heard her man being called pathetic twice hurt, but after all the nursing she had to do for him, finding out he was beaten by this woman in front of her, and now seeing him being beaten by this woman again, and this time by just her breasts, almost got her to thinking she was right. She snapped out of it though and ran to the bedroom.

“Well, it looks like this was all too much for you girl, huh Spider-bitch? Let’s set up for some more fun, shall we?” Black Cat said this then grabbed a chair from the nearby kitchen, placed it next to Peter who was up to his hands and knees at this point and roughly picked the man up, placing him in it. Black Cat then took out her zipline from behind her back whipped it around Spiderman’s seated body. She then slowly and calmly, stretched the line out and, taking her time, looping it around and around the weakened man’s body. Peter felt the familiar feeling of the zip line cable wrap around his body, and as he was about to try and break free he felt it cinch around him tightly. Black Cat pulled the cable hard, the line wrapping like a boa constrictor around Peter, from his stomach to his chest, his arms firmly trapped at his sides.

“Now this is much better, isn’t it? I can take my time and have fun with you, and this time have your bitch girlfriend watch,” Black Cat said this and smacked the bound man across his face hard. She smacked him again on the other side of his face, then again, again, enjoying every minute of her dominance. She bent over, her ample cleavage hanging just inches from the almost unconscious man’s face, the big chested woman even shaking the shimmering mounds for her victim, the large shiny orbs shaking from side to side, hitting each other in quiet, wet slap as they shook vigorously. There was no onlooker, however, as Peter’s head was drooping down now, him being unable to even keep his own head up. Black Cat placed her finger under the man’s now drooping head, placed her finger under his chin and pushed up, raising his head slowly so she could look him in the eyes. She then quietly said, “Do you know how much weaker you have to be then me for just my tits to beat you? You are no match for me in any way, shape, or form. I am completely and utterly better than you in every single way, my little slave.”

She was about to smack him again when he heard a stern woman’s voice behind her say, “Who did you call a bitch?!”

Black Cat turned and before she could say anything felt familiar sticky substance hit her face. Mary Jane had run to get one of Peter’s spare web shooters and came back just before her man was about to get beat some more.

Black Cat then felt a punch across her face and thud in her midsection. Mary Jane had punched the woman in her face and kicked her as hard as she could in the stomach, in the same manner as she had done to her man. However, as Mary Jane’s bare foot hit the dazed woman’s midsection she felt her foot hit nothing but hardened muscles. Geez, thought the smaller girl, how tough is this girl?! She gave the taller girl everything she had in that kick and it felt like it was hitting a block of wood!

Black Cat used her claws and clawed the webbing from her face. She looked over to see a furious Mary Jane clearly ready for a fight. She walked slowly and seductively over toward the bound up Spiderman, bent over at the waste showing off her massive tits again to the dazed man as the shiny mounds poured out from the cleavage of the outfit and said, “Hold that thought, Spidey, I’m going to mop the floor your girlfriend for a little while, then I’ll be back. Unless you want me to beat on you some more?”

Peter’s eyes got wide with fear and as he was about to say no, Black Cat took off her gloves and shoved them deep in Peter’s mouth. Muffled, inaudible words were all you heard.

Mary Jane again was disappointed in Peter’s apparent weakness towards this woman, especially at her own peril now. The red headed girl saw the bigger woman turn her attention back toward her and walk towards her. Her presence was like that of an unstoppable force and it put fear in Mary Jane’s body.

Black Cat stopped a few feet from her and said, “That was pretty brave there, little girl, more brave then this heap over here.” Black Cat motioned towards the struggling Peter who still had muffled sounds coming out of him. “I’ll tell you what,” she said, “if you can beat me in a fair, or unfair, fight” Black Cat chuckled at this before continuing, “then I’ll leave you and your little spider boyfriend alone for good. However, if you fail, and I defeat you, then I get to have the both of you for as long as I want, do with whatever I want, whenever I want. Deal? Or are you a bitch a like your man?” Mary Jane hesitated, and Black Cat knew just how to push her over the edge.

“I know I must be intimidating to someone who isn’t, let’s say, as voluptuous as me,” said Black Cat as she reached slowly inside her costume, Mary Jane fearful of what she might pull out. Just then she saw Peter’s Spiderman mask, or what was left of it, it looked like a tattered rag in the bare hand of strong woman. Mary Jane’s was shocked once again, realizing now this woman was so strong she actually took a piece of her man’s costume home as a trophy. Black Cat held it in her hand as she continued on with her proposal.

“I took this the last time your man and I met, and if you can take it from me then I’ll leave you two along for good,” Black Cat smiled when she finished saying this.

Mary Jane’s anger out weighed her fear and she said, “I said, don’t call me a bitch!! And if you want a fight, then let’s do it!”

“Wow, you are a lot braver then your man, huh? Well, let’s see if you’re a better warrior then him as well,” said Black Cat as she wanted to throw her opponent off and knew just how to do it. She then grabbed each side of her costume, right where it was barely covering her chest, and peeled the tight leather back slowly. The shiny leather made a distinctive sound as it peeled off the even shinier flesh below. Mary Jane’s jaw dropped as the curvy woman pulled back the black material to reveal her massive DD cups underneath. The two naked breasts fell out of their confinement and bounced perkily on Black Cat’s chest. Black Cat just looked on at the reaction of not only Mary Jane, but Peter as well. Mary Jane couldn’t help but fully admire the sight before her. The large, round orbs glistened as the oil that was liberally applied so much reflected the light as it dripped off the bottom of the massive breasts. Mary Jane couldn’t believe how big they were, and not only the size, but how firm they were as well. She expected them to show some sag because of their gargantuan size, but there was none at all, they sat high and stiff on the young woman’s chest. The small nipples stuck out fully erect like two small caliber bullets in the center of two slightly dark, quarter sized areolas. Even Peter looked on now, who although saw them more then he’d ever care to admit to MJ, in complete amazement to how perfect they were.

“It seems your weak man wasn’t man enough for these, let’s see if you are,” said Black Cat as she shook her chest at Mary Jane, the large mounds of flesh barely moving as the strong muscle underneath the soft flesh was as strong as it could be. “You don’t even have to beat me to win this fight,” she continued, “all you have to do take your man’s mask out from between my, let’s say, my best looking muscles. If you can do that, then I’ll leave and never bother you or your pathetic man again, but if you can’t then it’s the same deal as before, I make both of you my property!”

Black Cat checked out her competition and also couldn’t help but notice the young girl’s sensuous body. She had fair skin and a small round ass with narrow hips and firm C cup breasts. Black Cat shuddered at the thought at making the young girl moan in pleasure as she made Spiderman watch.

Mary Jane felt Black Cat’s eyes on her, checking out every inch of her body, she didn’t like it and just wanted this whole thing over with. She said quickly, “Ok, enough stalling, let’s do this!”

“Let’s”, said Black Cat calmly and she slipped the tattered mask between her slipper breasts making it almost disappear. All you could see before she finished slipping it deeply between her cleavage was a little red material coming out the top the and the bottom, her large, strong tits firmly holding the mask in place. She then pulled her costume back, covering the shiny orbs and got ready for battle. Mary Jane tried to snap out of it and do the same.

Black Cat lunged out first; Mary Jane didn’t even feel she had time to react as the fist came at her like lightning. The blur of the bigger girl’s hand landed hard on the left side of Mary Jane’s face, right over her jaw. Spiderman looked on as the blow hit his girlfriend and his heart sunk. He knew that Mary Jane was no match for the enhanced, super natural body of Black Cat; he only hoped the fight would be over quickly. However, as he saw Black Cat whip out a reverse sidekick, striking his love’s stomach hard, he knew that it wasn’t.

Mary Jane doubled over, and as Black Cat was going to strike her again, she saw the young girl slump down to the ground, gasping for air. Mary Jane felt the sharp heel hit her toned stomach hard, so hard and deep it felt like it hit her spine. She didn’t think of going on the defensive, she thought of nothing but the pain from her stomach.

“Well, it seems this wasn’t much of a fight, was it?” Black Cat said this and flipped her downed opponent over on her back with her foot, she looked on as her adversary finely managed to get some breathe in her.

“I’m sorry, maybe it’s cheating with these pointy boots on, let’s take them off and see how you do, huh?” Black Cat looked down at Mary Jane who was coming around now. She watched as Black Cat took her time taking each boot off her body revealing her small, bare feet before placing the white fur boots neatly to the side. At this point, the fluffy boots looked nothing more then painful weapons to Mary Jane.

Black Cat saw Mary Jane try to get up and she quickly front flipped back over to her, and before her opponent could get up, smack her hard across her face with her right foot coming down across her face from the front flip, snapping her head down to the ground. Mary Jane felt a trickle of blood fall from her mouth in her near unconscious daze before being kicked in her face again onto her back, then suddenly feeling a horrible pounding sensation on the center of her chest. Black Cat had raised her strong left leg up and slam her heel down on her sternum. The pain was immediate, and Black Cat liked what she saw, so much so she did it again, then again. Peter saw the hard muscles in the stronger woman’s legs flex every time she brought down her foot. Man, those thigh muscles are immense! Peter thoughts went back to those same muscles battering him; he shuddered in empathy for he pain his weaker girlfriend was going through. Black Cat laughed as Mary Jane started to have tears of pain well up in her eyes. Black Cat then looked evilly down at her opponent who clutched her chest, trying feebly to protect herself from the pain. She saw she had stomped down so hard that she actually tore the thin piece of material that connected both cups of Mary Jane’s bra, so she flicked the material open, Mary Jane felt her two firm breasts fall out on display for whoever to see. Black Cat smiled when she saw this and stomped down, this time her target was Mary Jane’s right, exposed breast. The bare heel of the bigger woman found it’s target right over the center of the downed woman’s tit. The force came down so hard that Mary Jane suddenly felt her right breast flatten against body. She let out a blood curdling scream that sent shivers down Peter’s bound body. The pain was almost too much for the young girl to bare, but Black Cat enjoyed every minute of it, so much so, she decided to do it again, only to the other tit. Mary Jane felt the naked foot of Black Cat suddenly slam down on her other breast and she let out an even louder scream. Spit flew up from Mary Jane’s mouth as she yelled in pain. She screamed and screamed, but suddenly she was muffled.

“You’re making too much noise with your pathetic screaming, you red headed bitch! You need to keep it down or the neighbors will call the cops,” Black Cat said this as she shoved her bare foot into Mary Jane’s mouth. She slid it deeper and deeper until half her foot was inside her opponent’s mouth. Mary Jane hated this moment, her tits were thumping in the worst pain they had ever felt and now she felt the girl’s foot that caused so much pain in her mouth.

The smaller girl felt the foot of the bigger girl slide slowly across her tongue, towards the back of her throat as she heard Black Cat say, “Listen to me, no matter what happens in this fight, you have to keep it down or someone will call the police. Now, you’re going to keep it down, aren’t you?!” Mary Jane felt fear as well as Black Cat’s foot reach so far in her mouth it was reaching her throat and she started to gag a little. Black Cat even wiggled her toes a little for good measure to help make her point. Mary Jane nodded yes and felt the foot pull slowly out of her mouth, the bottom of it sliding slowly back across her wet tongue. Black Cat then took the saliva covered foot and rubbed it all over Mary Jane’s left breast. Mary Jane felt the slimy feeling foot rub her tit and her nipple got instinctively hard. This didn’t go unnoticed and Black Cat smirked as she pinched the girl’s nipple between her big toe and toe next to it. Mary Jane fought the urge to let out a little moan of pleasure, but couldn’t.

Black Cat said, “Ooooh, you like getting beat on by me? I always knew you red heads were the kinky ones.” Black Cat laughed and then slowly pushed her foot down onto Mary Jane’s naked, and now saliva covered tit saying, “Now, who’s the better woman? I’m going to press down until I hear the answer I want to hear, or I’ll flatten this thing so hard you’ll be screaming and begging my name to stop.”

Mary Jane hated this, she hated the amount of pain she was in, she hated how quickly the girl that was kicking her ass caused her pleasure, she just hated how weak and vulnerable she felt. That all left though as she looked up through her blurry, tear soaked vision at the thigh of leg on pressing on her breast. Black Cat’s thigh was pure muscle and the harder she pressed down the bigger the muscle got. How strong is this girl?! Mary Jane thought this as she tried in a feeble attempt to punch and claw at Black Cat’s leg, her foot causing more pain by the second on her breast. Mary Jane tried to hold out as long as she could, but Black Cat’s leg muscles felt like steel.

Black Cat pressed down a little more and heard Mary Jane say, “Ok! Stop! Please, stop! You’re the stronger woman!” Black Cat smiled and continued to press down, so much so that Mary Jane’s tit was pretty much flat against her chest.

“Tell me I’m the better woman!” Black Cat yelled down at her adversary.

“PLEASE STOP!!! OOOOOHHH GOOOD PLEASE STOOOP!!!” Mary Jane screamed loudly, but Black Cat wouldn’t let up.

“Just tell me I’m the better the woman, you little bitch!” Black Cat yelled down at Mary Jane, enjoying her torture too much to worry about the noise.

Mary Jane just yelled out a single word as tears streamed down her face, “NEVER!”

Black Cat let up and stood over her downed opponent, somewhat shocked. She couldn’t believe how much pain this smaller girl was willing to take. She bent over, showing off her massive cleavage and said, “Well, you are a tough one, aren’t you?” Mary Jane said nothing and sent up her right foot hard. It found it’s target perfectly as it landed over the center of Black Cat’s right tit. Black Cat screamed in pain.

“Pay back’s a bitch, huh, you big titted whore?!” Mary Jane yelled as she shot up with a hard upper cut under Black Cat’s chin. Black Cat was taken back and the blow under her chin actually hurt a little. Black Cat recovered quickly, however, and knocked Mary Jane back down to the floor, she was on her downed foe quickly, angry at the painful blows she had just received. She got down to her knees and straddled her body sending down two hard fists, a left then a right over the girl’s face. Mary Jane felt like she was hit with a truck on both sides of her face. Black Cat then sent down a devastating punch into the woman beneath her stomach. Mary Jane gasped for air, her face throbbing. The red head then sent a weak punch; again trying to hit the right tit of Black Cat, the fist landed with a dull thud as it hit the firm mass, the larger chested girl was ready for the attack this time.

“You have more fight then your pathetic man does, I’ll give you that, but you’re still no match for me, you weak bitch,” Black Cat said and she grabbed Mary Jane’s wrists, holding them above her head. “It seems you like my tits so much, let’s see if you can beat them, I’m going to let you go, and I’ll let you try and beat them all you want. I’ll keep my hands on my hips just like this,” and Black Cat did just so, “and you can have at them all you want. Go ahead, you weak little bitch, let’s if you’re woman enough to beat my DD cups.” Mary Jane mustered all her anger as Black Cat tensed the muscles in her breasts. Mary Jane sent out her hardest hit in her weakened state and as her right fist swung around it slammed into Black Cat’s shiny, oil coated left tit. It hit with a smack, but no reaction from Black Cat. Mary Jane couldn’t believe it; she felt like she just hit a body bag, she couldn’t believe how firm it was. Mary Jane then went with all she had, swinging her fists as hard as she could, slamming them into the seemingly impenetrable masses. Black Cat just sat there sticking her chest out, absorbing every blow. Mary Jane then saw the tattered mask deep in between her tits and grabbed at it. She tugged on it hard, but Black Cat tightened the muscles in her chest even more and the material didn’t move. She tried to grab at the massive orbs, but they were so well oiled that her fingers just slid off the slippery, shiny masses. Black Cat felt the small fingers of Mary Jane grab and press against her slippery tits as the girl tried to pry her breasts apart and couldn’t help but feel turned on at the feeling. Mary Jane then gave up trying to pull the strong masses apart and decided to pull at the mask again, but to no avail, it was like pulling at rag in a clenched dog’s teeth, it wouldn’t come free. Mary Jane tugged and tugged, Black Cat holding in just by using her tits. Black Cat laughed with a big smile on her face, she loved the look on Mary Jane’s face, the look of pure disbelief. She then twisted her body to the right, and then snapped it to the left making the massive mammories sticking out from her body swing with her, the sides of her tits smacking Mary Jane hard across her face, sending her back down to the ground. Mary Jane was shocked at the blow; it had felt like her face was just punched.

“See, neither one of you is strong enough for me and my body, I deserve to make the both of you my slaves,” said Black Cat. Mary Jane said nothing and she went to swing her right fist up, but Black Cat caught it and quickly pinned both her arms stretched out from either side of the red head’s body. The limber vixen then pushed down on Mary Jane’s upper arms and spread her legs out in a perfect split, holding it in mid air as her arms planted her firmly up their. Mary Jane was in pain, but did have to admire her adversary’s flexibility. Her legs are in a perfect straight line, and in mid air, Mary Jane felt like she was well out of her depth with this woman now. She started to feel a nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Black Cat then lowered herself down slowly, laying her thick, strong legs across each of Mary Jane’s arms, pinning them to the ground. The leather clad woman’s pussy also now almost touch Mary Jane’s chin as her ass cheeks rested painfully on the woman’s battered tits. Mary Jane winced in pain as she felt the round, firm ass press the leather covering it onto her already C cups. Black Cat smiled as she looked down over Mary Jane’s body, twisting herself to take a look at the model’s sexy flat stomach and legs. Black Cat then licked her lips saying, “I wonder if Peter treats this body the way it should be treated.” Mary Jane started to get even more nervous now as Black Cat started to get more confident. She had never been so dominant over another woman before, and she was beginning to like it.
Black Cat then reached under her right thigh and worked her fingers under her own inner leg muscles to find Mary Jane’s breast and said, “Does he, does he make you moan as loud as can possibly moan, Mary Jane?”

Mary Jane felt Black Cat’s hand find what it was looking for and squeeze. As Mary Jane felt her right nipple being pinched she said quietly in a soft moan, “Please, no.”

Black Cat just smiled and laughed a little saying, “Please no, what? You don’t like what I’m doing?”

Black Cat then ran her finger nails up and down Mary Jane’s exposed stomach, and she felt the girl beneath her breathe in suddenly.

“Oh, did you like that? You know, I can dish out as much pain as I can pleasure,” Black Cat said as she looked into Mary Jane’s eyes and took her right nipple and squeezed harder.

Suddenly Black Cat shot up and said, “I’m not going to need this anymore,” and she peeled away the material covering her large tits. The massive mammories spilled out once again and she pulled her tight costume off her body all the way to her waist. Mary Jane just looked up in admiration. The strong girl’s body was perfect, her large tits were firm and there wasn’t an ounce of fat anywhere, her midsection looked amazing, her six pack abs were clearly defined and very firm looking. Black Cat purred and took the mask that was between her tits out, making them bounce a little, and threw it away.

“It seems I’ve already proven that you can’t take this out, my tits are way to strong for someone as weak as you and your man over there,” said Black Cat as the mask dropped to the ground in a sloshing sound. The red material was saturated with the oil it absorbed from the enormous orbs they were between.

Black Cat then ran her fingers just below Mary Jane’s panty line, and a quiet moan was heard.

“You like that, huh Mary Jane? Well then I’m sure you’re going to like this,” Black Cat said as she reached back and rubbed Mary Jane’s womanhood over her thin panties.

“Please don’t…” Mary Jane begged in pleasure, but she was cut off as she breathed in deeply. Black Cat placed her whole hand on top of Mary Jane’s panties and started rubbing vigorously. Mary Jane squirmed and squirmed, but Black Cat squeezed the tit in her right hand hard before slapping her in the face with equal force as her left hand came around.

“Now, I’m going to free your arms, but you’re not going to stop me from doing whatever I want to your weak tits or weak pussy, or else! Right?!” Black Cat said this and gave another hard smack, but this time right over Mary Jane’s now wet pussy. Mary Jane just nodded in agreement and Black Cat smiled.

“You do get wet so fast, don’t you, you must like my touch,” Black Cat said as she went back to massaging the now wet panties of the girl beneath her, Mary Jane now staring at the colossal, shiny breasts swinging above her for some reason getting more turned on staring at them.

Mary Jane then felt Black Cat’s fingers slide underneath her now drenched panties and enter inside her. The girl’s perfect rhythm of her fingers sliding inside and out of her weak feeling pussy accompanied with the squeezing and massaging of her tits from Black Cat’s other hand was becoming too much and she started to moan loudly in pleasure. Black Cat heard this and it made only speed up her fingers. Mary Jane now felt Black Cat’s small, smooth fingers go deep insider making her yell louder. The small fingers worked themselves in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Black Cat now leaned up and brought her other hand back. Mary Jane felt the thumb from her other hand work her clit in small firm circles. The red headed girl couldn’t take much more and her body bucked. Black Cat smiled and felt like she was riding a bucking horse now. Mary Jane screamed and moaned in pleasure louder and louder and suddenly she felt her body pulse. Black Cat knew she was about to cum so she started to slammed her fingers deep inside her and, with her other hand, grabbed both her nipples between her thumb and pointer finger then pulled hard. Mary Jane felt the pain of both her nipples being pulled, but also the pleasure from it. Black Cat pumped her fingers hard inside of the bucking girl, so hard her palm would hit the girl’s clit with a loud wet slap, Mary Jane’s pussy now dripping with wetness. She couldn’t take anymore and orgasmed, hard. Harder then she ever had in her entire life. Black Cat wouldn’t let up and continued to pump the smaller girl as fast and as hard as she could, cum now squirting from Mary Jane’s pussy. The moaning girl bucked her hips hard, begging for Black Cat to stop slamming her pussy with her fingers as cum continued to squirt out at least a foot from her body. Black Cat just laughed and took her hand out of the pleading woman. She noticed that it was soaked in the moaning girl’s cum and rubbed it all over the girl’s smaller tits, then on her face, making her taste her own cum. Mary Jane didn’t even care at that moment; she was just relieved the torture from pleasure stopped.

“You cum almost as hard as your boyfriend,” said Black Cat smiling evilly down at her panting and sweating foe.

Black Cat let up, and figured the smaller girl had nothing left now. It proved to be a mistake. Mary Jane knew her adversary would let up after she came and tried to plan for it as best as possible, and now hearing those words out of the girl who just forced her to cum’s mouth, she was pissed. She raised her right arm, aimed the web shooter on it at Black Cat’s right shoulder, shot a web, pulled with all her might, forcing Black Cat diagonal downward, and sent her hardest right punch to the white haired girl’s face. Black Cat was dazed for moment as her chin smacked hard against the incoming fist. Mary Jane saw this and she used every bit of strength she had jumping up, she put her tits on top of Black Cat’s and wrapping her left arm around her head, forcing it down, right into her own naked breasts. Black Cat was taken back by the move, not ready for it and suddenly realized she couldn’t breathe. Mary Jane then took her arm and started sending fists into the strong girl’s chiseled, bare midsection. Black Cat felt the blows much more now as she was finding it hard to breathe, and when she could get her face out of the soft, fair skinned breasts enough to grab a breath a blow to the stomach would prevent her to. Mary Jane felt Black Cat’s massive tits beneath her own; she felt them shake with every blow she gave the larger girl. She smiled and went even harder with onslaught. Mary Jane felt Black Cat get weak beneath her and just when she was about try and put her out for good with a punch to her temple, she felt a terrible pain shoot up her left tit. Black Cat had sunken her teeth deep into the sensitive flesh of Mary Jane’s breast. Mary Jane screamed in pain and let up her hold. Black Cat took in a much needed breath of air, reached back, grabbed Mary Jane’s soaking wet panties in her fist and looked into her adversary’s eyes. Mary Jane’s eyes widened in fear and simply said, “No.”

“Oh, yes, you bitch,” replied Black Cat.

Black Cat then pulled up hard on the wet panties and the material instantly slipped between Mary Jane’s pussy lips. Mary Jane screamed in pain as she felt the wet material pull deep between her lips. Mary Jane raked her finger nails down Black Cat’s massive tits in desperation and Black Cat screamed in pain and anger. Mary Jane felt the material cutting into her pussy stop, but then suddenly felt a rocking pain under her chin. Black Cat had sent a huge upper cut perfectly under Mary Jane’s unprotected chin. The smaller girl’s head snapped back and she landed on her back almost unconscious.

“You dirty bitch!” Yelled Black Cat. “How dare you scratch my perfect tits, what are you jealous they look better then yours?! Or are you jealous your man wants mine more than yours?!”

Black Cat looked down and saw the scratches weren’t deep and only made the skin slightly red. She was relieved, but still pissed off. She grabbed the dazed girl by her hair and picked her up by it. The pain of being pulled up by her hair brings her slightly out of her daze, but not much out of it, her chin still throbbed in agony. Black Cat then grabbed her by her hips and threw her on the nearby bed. Mary Jane looked up to see Black Cat’s upside down face looking down at her. Black Cat then sent two hard punches to her midsection. Mary Jane moaned in pain and suddenly felt Black Cat’s hand on her panties once again. Before she could try and stop her, Black Cat ripped Mary Jane’s panties right off, leaving her naked on her own bed with Black Cat standing above her, facing her feet, looking down at the upside down face of Mary Jane with complete and utter anger. She then pinned her arms above her head and said, “Now, I want you to tell me my tits are better than yours, and I’ll prove it as you’re screaming in agony,” the voluptuous white hair woman said as she slid her oily body down Mary Jane’s. She positioned her tits right above Mary Jane’s and slowly lowered her shiny, slippery breasts onto Mary Jane’s. The smaller girl felt the firm mounds press harder and harder onto her own breasts, the slippery flesh causing an increasing amount of pain with every inch they were lowered. She started to let out yelps of pain, only making the larger chest girl above her press down more. Peter looked on and it looked like Black Cat’s breasts were swallowing Mary Jane’s, the sight was almost unbelievable. He saw Black Cat look over at him, catching him watching and she pushed her body down hard making his girlfriend scream in pain, all the while looking him right in the eyes. Peter had muffled screams of protest, but could do little else.

Mary Jane then yelled out, “Yours are better!! Your tits are better!! PLEASE STOP!!”

Black Cat let up and said, “You see? You see how the pain stops when you give in to me?”

She then lowered herself back down and started rubbing her body against Mary Jane’s once again. This time felt even more amazing to Mary Jane. Black Cat’s upper body was completely naked and she could feel her oiled up breasts slipping and sliding past hers, both pairs of tits pressing against one another’s. Mary Jane’s body started to shine as well as the oil from Black Cat’s body rubbed onto hers.

“Now, you’re going to suck my tits as an apology for scratching them, and if I don’t like how you’re doing it, well, you’ll find out,” said Black Cat.

Black Cat lowered her massive, naked tits onto Mary Jane’s face and she obediently opened her mouth and took in the massive mammary. The oil covered flesh tasted warm as the slippery skin ran across her tongue. Mary Jane hated that she enjoyed the moment immensely. Black Cat lowered herself down more, then raised up, then performed the up and down motion several times, pushing and pulling her massive right tit in and out of the trapped girl’s mouth. Mary Jane sucked and licked the tit harder and harder, lapping her tongue once in a while across the fully erect nipple. Black then reached forward and took Mary Jane’s right tit into her mouth as well, making an audible sound as she sucked on it.

“Please don’t…” Mary Jane said as she closed her eyes and tried not to become aroused again. “You can’t stop me,” was the only thing Black Cat said and she sucked even harder, pulling more of Mary Jane’s tit into her mouth. Black Cat had almost half of her opponent’s tit in her mouth and started biting it gently, that was too much for Mary Jane and she let out a moan of pleasure. Black Cat let up and smiled, looking into the red head’s eyes, and then licking the trapped girl’s breasts. Back and forth she licked and gently bit the smaller girl’s soft C cups, small moans of pleasure being let out with every touch. “Let’s see how loud we can make you moan, shall we,” said Black Cat. Before Mary Jane could protest she once again felt Black Cat’s breasts lower onto hers, but this time they felt soft. She can make them feel soft and good as well?! Mary Jane thought, who is this girl?! The thought quickly left her mind as she felt Black Cat’s tits rub against hers, up and down Mary Jane felt the bigger girl rub her slippery body against hers.

She wasted no time lowered her large, shiny tits onto Mary Jane’s face. Mary Jane stuck her tongue out and lightly licked at the tits dangling above her head. Suddenly the massive chest lowered itself completely over Mary Jane’s face and she was in complete darkness, unable to breathe.

“See, this is how you properly smother someone!” Yelled Black Cat. “You just need a real woman’s set of tits!” The voluptuous woman also bent over as much as she could, showing off her ass and pussy to the tied up Spiderman. Even Spiderman couldn’t resist staring at her. Black Cat’s ass was perfect, round and firm, and her pussy was shaved and tight. She glanced back and smiled at the man’s stares, she loved every minute of this. Forcing Peter’s girlfriend to suck her tits then smother her with them all while her man ogled her ass, it was perfect.

Mary Jane barely heard her as the move surprised her, Peter looked on to see his girlfriend’s head completely engulfed by the massive tits. Black Cat looked back at the bound up Spiderman and smiled. She was going to have some fun now. She let up her smothering hold on Mary Jane and stood up.

“Now,” said Black Cat, as she raised her tits off of Mary Jane’s face, “we know who’s tits are better, right?”

“Yours,” said Mary Jane simply.

“That’s right,” said Black Cat, “but just to be sure you remember, I’m going to beat you like I beat your man.

Mary Jane was almost out for good and Black Cat knew she could have some fun. She looked back at Spiderman and started to slowly inch her costume down the rest of her body, sliding off her slippery skin one inch at a time. She got the costumer all the way down to her ankle and kicked it off, standing with her legs spread wide completely naked, letting Peter take in every inch of her naked body. She then put her hands on the edge of the bed and pushed off hard sending her body into the air. She performed a perfect split and landed pussy right onto Mary Jane’s upper chest. Air rushed from Mary Jane’s lungs, but she felt a tug at the hair on top of her head and her head was forced forward. She realized she was staring just inches from Black Cat’s naked pussy.

“Lick,” was the only work Black Cat said, and Mary Jane did just that, half in fear, half out of lust, lapping and sucking at the perfectly and shaved pussy laid out before her.

Black Cat started moaning in pleasure and Mary Jane started to tasted her juices from her widely spread open womanhood. She then felt the punishing girl push her ass back even more, then lean her body up so that now the stronger woman was effectively sitting on the weaker one’s face. Mary Jane said something in a muffle sounding voice, but Black Cat just grabbed her right tit in her hand and squeezed. Mary Jane felt the pain and sent out another muffled sound, only this time it was a scream of agony. Mary Jane immediately started licking as fast and as hard as she could at the pussy that was now planted squarely on her face. Black Cat started to grind her hips down hard on top of the girl’s face, gyrating her hips as she now pinched her nipples hard. Mary Jane felt even more wetness come from the woman’s pussy and it got so much that it started to stream down the sides of her cheeks and down her neck. Black Cat suddenly raised herself up and slam her pussy down onto the girl’s face. Mary Jane saw blackness for a second as the naked pussy hit her face hard, like it was punched.

“God, even my pussy is beating you now, how disgraceful,” said Black Cat as she raised herself off of her victim, turned herself around and sat her naked, wet pussy onto Mary Jane’s stomach.

“Now, I’m going to have some fun with your pathetic man over there, but first I don’t think you’re out quite enough for my liking,” Black Cat said smiling her big smile.

With that, Black Cat leaned down once again and swung her large chest, smacking Mary Jane in the face. Mary Jane felt like a bowling bowl just hit the side of her head, and just when her head snapped, another smack hit her on the other side. Black Cat swung her large chest back and forth, tensing the muscles in her chest as hard as she could hitting her downed foe in the face with every swing. Mary Jane, in her barely conscious state, felt humiliated at this point, and the pain from the amazing pair of tits was unbelievable. Only when Black Cat saw a small trickle of blood on her tits did she stop. Mary Jane was almost unconscious with blood coming from her nose all from just Black Cat’s tits. The curvy body of Black Cat stood up, and she struck a pose, sticking her ass and tits out with her hands on her hips, admiring her handy work with Spiderman looking on.

She then turned her attention to the web slinging onlooker, and walked a slow sexy walk towards him, her naked shimmering body getting closer to the bound man with every step. The ferocious feline snatched her clawed gloves from the web slingers mouth and before she could say a word she heard pleads of mercy from the bound up Spiderman.

“Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything you ask,” Peter couldn’t get the words out of his mouth quick enough. He had already been through what this woman could dish out and now seeing the destruction of his girlfriend at the same woman’s hands was enough to put him in a state of pure fear.

Black Cat just smiled at he man’s scared words and said as she laughed, “Oh, what’s wrong Spidey, had enough of my punishment? You realize now that I’m just too much for you, and obviously, your unconscious girlfriend?”

Peter said quickly, “Yes, yes I’ve had enough; I realize now how much better you are than us.”

Unfortunately, his girlfriend wasn’t unconscious; she was in bad shape, not unconscious. Her man’s words cut through her like a knife. His cowardly state sent an anger through her like she never experienced. She felt betrayed and hurt. After all those nights waiting up for him, not knowing if he’d come home alive, after nursing him back to health so many times, he didn’t stand up for himself, let alone her. Especially after this last time, she took care of him every minute, and then when the same woman that destroyed him so utterly was now punishing her just as bad, he still didn’t stand up to her. The betrayal she felt was unlike any other before. However, at the moment she was still fighting to stay conscious. After the beating she had sustained, not to mention the humiliating way it happened, her still feeling her own cum that covered her pussy and the inside of her thighs and Black Cat’s pussy taste still in her mouth, she was having trouble coming to.

“Now,” said Black Cat firmly, “I’m going to remove this zipline, and you’re not going to move unless I say so, right my little slave?!”

Spiderman just nodded submissively and Black Cat proceeded to unwrap the man’s tight bonds. Spiderman felt relief as the tight cable was loosened around his body and he took a deep breath of relief.

Black Cat was reveling in her control up until this point; her whole body tingled as she continued with her dominance asking, “Does feel better, my little slave?”

Spiderman nodded submissively again and Black Cat just smiled. She threw the zipline aside and picked up the oil soaked mask she had kept between her DD’s earlier and stood, shimmering, in front of Peter. She then jumped up, spread her legs, and sat the back of her thick, strong thighs on top of Spiderman’s shoulders, her pussy just inches from his face.

She grabbed the mask in both hands and placed it on the back of Peter’s head saying, “This is what you want, isn’t it? You want this tight, shaved, perfect pussy of mine in your mouth, right? You want my cum all over you so you can show your weak girlfriend how bad you want to fuck me, right?”

“Yes,” was the only thing Peter said, but the one word answer cut through the now coming to Mary Jane like a hot blade. Her heart sunk and she felt completely beaten.

“Good,” said Black Cat, “now lick my pussy, lick it fucking hard and good or else. You hear me?!”

Peter definitely heard the words and before he could respond Black Cat pulled on his mask that was on the back of his head and forced his face deep in her pussy. Spiderman obediently started licking and lapping like his life depended on it. Black Cat immediately started to moan and she pulled on the mask harder, Peter’s face pressed harder against Black Cat’s womanhood and felt it start to get wet. He also felt the slippery thick thighs on the sides of his head. Every time he got tired and slowed down licking the now soaking wet pussy he felt the strong legs muscles tense, and although they were covered in oil, even the slippery coating couldn’t stop the strong thighs from crushing down onto the man’s head. Peter would moan in pain and go back to licking as fast as he could. Black Cat was in ecstasy dominating the weakened hero, especially in front of his girl. She started to grind down on his face.

She then said, “Stick your tongue deep inside me! Do it now!”

Peter felt one of her hands reach back and grab his dick firmly. He looked up in surprise, but only saw the undersides of Black Cat’s massive 32DD’s. However, when he felt the grip tighten down, he needed no further motivation. Peter grabbed each one of Black Cat’s plump, round ass cheeks in each and squeezed. He felt her ass was so firm he could barely press his fingers in the huge masses. He stuck his tongue deep inside Black Cat’s wet pussy as far as he could, pushing on his dominant foe’s ass so he could get as deep inside her as he could. Black Cat definitely felt it as her whole body shuddered in pleasure. Spiderman felt her thighs tense tightly around his head and the grip around his dick squeeze down hard. He yelled in pain, but Black Cat just locked her ankles together and squeezed her thighs harder.

“Shut up and lick,” she yelled down at him.

Spiderman did just that and he suddenly felt the oily thighs press down on his head so hard that he thought his head was going to crush like a grape. Black Cat came hard and quickly let up. She reached down and rubbed her clit making sure she got every last drop of cum out of her pulsing pussy. She moaned and screamed in pleasure and pulled on Spiderman’s dick, getting off on his moans of pain. Black Cat’s cum squirted all over Peter’s face, so much so he sputtered and choked as it seemed to just keep coming. He closed his eyes, and tried to close his mouth, but the strong woman’s cum found its way into his mouth and down his throat.

Black Cat jumped off the choking Spiderman and laughed, “You see, you little red headed bitch, you see your man choking on my cum like the good little slave he is?!”

She turned around to see Mary Jane on all fours, looking up at her man soaked in the cum of the woman who just beat her up and humiliated her. Black Cat just looked down and laughed at the girl’s sad face.

“You see what you get when you date a weak man. Although, I’d have to say all men are weak to me,” Black Cat said this as she took Peter’s mask and started to clean herself off with it.

Peter watched as Black Cat rubbed his mask all over her glistening pussy, glistening from the cum that she forced him to produce, her thighs, and even between her round, firm ass cheeks. She then turned walked towards Mary Jane, who made it up to her knees, and slammed her knee into her face. More blood was forced from her nose. Black Cat looked down at it angrily.

“Look at you, you weak pathetic bitch,” she snarled angrily, “you got blood on my perfect thigh! You’re going to pay for that!”

She then picked up her zipline, turned to Spiderman and said, “I don’t want you to move a muscle from that chair, you understand?! I want you to watch as I destroy your girlfriend.” Peter didn’t move except nodding his head in an up and down motion.

“Good,” said Black Cat as she grabbed the dazed girl by the hair and painfully dragged her to the center of the apartment.

Mary Jane weakly fought at the hand pulling her body across the floor by her hair, but it did little to stop the pain. She suddenly felt her soaking wet panties being ripped off her body and thrown away. Black Cat then wrapped her zipline twice around Mary Jane’s neck, ran it down her stomach, under her now exposed, naked pussy, and back up her back. She then felt her arms being pulled behind her and her wrists bound together. Black Cat stood back and looked at her handy work. Mary Jane could feel the zipline was expertly tied around her so every time she struggled either with her bound hands or body, the cable of the zipline would pull, pull against her naked pussy. At first she fought at the lines, but she could feel the cable work its way between her pussy lips and send a wave of pain through her body. After a while, she stopped struggling.

“That’s it, my red headed little bitch; you get it now don’t you. You’re mine,” whispered Black Cat inches from Mary Jane’s ear.

Mary Jane started to get nervous now and Black Cat could see her start to sweat a little. She only chuckled at this and continued to tease her prey more.

“I’m going to prove to you and your obedient man over there, how much better I am than you. I’m going to beat your body, with my body,” said Black Cat tauntingly, “and there’s not a thing you can do about it. How’s that sound, bitch?”

“Go to hell,” was Mary Jane’s only response.

“Wow, she is tougher than you, slave,” said Black Cat to Spiderman, who just sat there as his girlfriend was painfully tied up essentially by her pussy. She then grabbed the mask she used to clean herself off with and jammed it into Mary Jane’s mouth. Mary Jane felt disgusted as she watched the girl rub it between her pussy lips and ass. She could taste a combination of the voluptuous woman’s body oil, sweat, and cum in her mouth.

“Here, that should keep you quiet,” said Black Cat, “now, every time you’ve had enough of my body punishing yours, just say, moan out in pain, ok?”

Black Cat laughed and ran her finger over Mary Jane’s face, then running it down her neck and around each of her C cup tits. Mary Jane was about to try and something, but the cum soaked rag prevented her. Black Cat ignored this and twisted her upper body to the side, flashed a devious grin, then whip her upper body back, bringing her large tits around with her, smashing them into Mary Jane’s. The bound up girl felt like a wrecking ball just swung through smashed her already battered tits. Black Cat didn’t let up and swung her massive chest to the other side, swinging it back twice as hard. Mary Jane let out another, louder muffled scream. The slap this time from the oil covered DD tits smacking into Mary Jane’s sweat covered C cups sounded like two pieces of wood being pounded together. Mary Jane couldn’t believe how firm they felt and how humiliated she felt at having her tits being beaten by another, clearly superior, woman’s tits. Over and over Black Cat swung her chest into Mary Jane’s, the fleshy orbs smashing into each other sending oil and sweat splattering everywhere. Mary Jane was sobbing in pain finally collapsed to the floor.

“Oh, I’m not done with you yet, bitch,” said Black Cat, and forced Mary Jane to her knees, bent over on all fours.

Black Cat then walked in front of Mary Jane and turned around. Mary Jane looked up with tear soaked eyes to see the larger woman’s naked ass and thighs right in front of her face. Mary Jane looked on at the muscle clad legs and ass, the defined lines of muscles in her thighs and flawless firm ass looked undeniably perfect.

“You know, most people would kill to get this close to my ass,” said Black Cat smiling her evil smile, “but I’m just giving it to you. Unfortunately for you, you’re not going to like it.”

Black Cat grabbed Mary Jane by the hair on the back of her head, tensed her ass, and slammed Mary Jane’s head into it. Mary Jane felt like her face smashed into a rock. Her ass was twice as firm as her tits. Again, Black Cat slammed the girl’s head into her naked ass, then again, and again. Mary Jane’s face was being pummeled just by the bigger girl’s plump round ass. She glanced over at her boyfriend watching her get degraded and beaten by this woman and doing nothing. She was beaten from the inside out. Growing bored, Black Cat untensed her muscles and pushed the girl’s face deep into her ass. Mary Jane couldn’t breathe, and when Black Cat felt her get limp, she let up. Mary Jane slumped to the floor and Black Cat looked down at her hand work.

After several minutes Mary Jane felt a hand smack her hard against her ass and a voice say, “Wake up, bitch. I want you to see something.”

Mary Jane looked up and saw Peter laying on the ground completely naked. Black Cat forced the bound girl up to her knees and said, “You’re going to watch me fuck your boyfriend, fuck him better than he’s ever been fucked before. Except of course, for the last time I fucked him.”

The words cut through Mary Jane and she felt like she couldn’t take any more. However, the zipline was still tied tight around her neck and wrists and the more she struggled, the more she felt choked, not to mention it working it’s way deeper in her pussy.

Black Cat climbed her naked body on top of Peter’s and placed his dick between her ass cheeks. She pressed it deep between the oil covered ass cheeks and started stroking the man with her ass. Moans of pleasure started coming from the man, and Black Cat looked back at Mary Jane with a big smile. Peter’s member started to instantly get hard. She then slipped the rock hard dick slowly inside her pussy, pressing her ass down, making Peter’s dick enter her inch by inch. Mary Jane saw her man’s erect dick disappear inside the woman’s pussy and for some reason started to get a little turned on. Black Cat then started raising her ass up and down on the Peter’s hard manhood. Peter started moaning pleasure, only making the strong woman slam her ass down even harder. Peter felt the wet, hot pussy glide up and down his shaft, every once in while he felt Black Cat pulse her pussy adding that much more pleasure. She smiled every time she did it.

Black Cat was enjoying herself as well, fucking the large erection made her feel in even more control. She started to pinch her nipples and ride Peter even harder. She slammed her ass down onto the man beneath her, making him moan louder and louder. She was slamming down on him so hard at this point that his balls were slamming into her ass causing him pain. She didn’t care at all; the white haired woman kept riding her slender hips up and down, pushing off with her thick thighs, and then coming down. Black Cat felt Peter about to come and she jumped up off the now throbbing cock which shined with her pussy juices. She then turned around and sat her round ass on Spiderman’s chest and slammed her feet around Peter’s dick, preventing him from coming. Peter screamed in pain as his body was begging to be released.

Black Cat yelled, “Beg me! Beg me to cum! Beg me to make you cum all over your girlfriend!”

Peter couldn’t stand it and said, “I beg, oh God! Please, I beg you to make me cum all over my girlfriend!”

Black Cat just smiled and began to work her feet up and down the throbbing shaft. Up and down her feet went. It didn’t take long for Peter’s body to give in. Black Cat heard Peter moan and she used her feet to aim his dick right at Mary Jane. Spiderman came hard shooting his massive amount of cum out, all over his tied up girlfriend. Mary Jane saw the cum fly across at her and land first on her tits. The warm liquid oozed down slowly around and between her tits. Then she felt another stream of thick, warm ooze land on her face, then her stomach, the cum seemed endless. Black Cat was milking Spiderman’s dick for every ounce he had in him, all the while him moaning. The pleasure was becoming too much and he was soon begging her to stop. Black Cat loved this moment, she was in pure ecstasy. She eventually stopped working her small feet up and down Peter’s hard dick and stood up. She slowly and seductively walked over to Mary Jane, who was now covered in her boyfriends cum. She was unable to stop it from completely drenching her. Her hair, face, tits, stomach, and legs all had cum dripping from it. The warm liquid slowly dripped down her body. She was completely humiliated.

“Well, it looks like somebody took a bath,” laughed Black Cat, “a bath in cum I milked from your pathetic excuse of a boyfriend.” She continued saying, “Now let’s stand you up.”

Black Cat pulled her up by her hair to her feet and held her their by it. Mary Jane felt so weak, but she felt angry too. Also, her cum covered body made her slipper as well, slippery to the point where she had secretly worked herself out of her bonds behind her back. She was just waiting for her chance to strike. As soon as she got to her feet, she slammed her knee into Black Cat’s pussy. Black Cat screamed a blood curdling scream and crumpled to the floor. Mary Jane brought her cum covered knee up and slammed it into the woman’s face hard. Black Cat fell to the ground holding her face. Mary Jane was on her in a flash. She didn’t even take the time to wipe the large amount of cum from her body; she just dove down on top of the screaming woman. The two went at it hard. Mary Jane getting on top and raining down fists onto Black Cat’s face. Black Cat eventually blocking some of the punches and the two rolled around and wrestled on the ground fighting to get the upper hand. Mary Jane’s cum covered body rubbed all over Black Cat’s, which was still fully drenched in the thick oil from earlier. The two shiny, naked bodies slid and glided past one another, both girls grunting and screaming. Both got some good hits in, but suddenly one body emerged on top of the other and slid their legs around the other’s body. The woman snaked them higher and higher, until the thick thighs were right over the other woman’s tits.

Mary Jane suddenly froze and quietly said, “No.”

Black Cat responded with, “Oh, yes.”

Black Cat squeezed her strong thighs down right over Mary Jane’s tits, making the red head scream in agony. Black Cat only squeezed down harder. Peter looked on as the two completely naked women were glistening in the apartment’s lights from oil and his own cum. He didn’t even know how to respond to the moment.

Black Cat locked her ankles and pressed her thighs together, Mary Jane’s full C cups suddenly flattened against her chest. Flesh from her tits oozed out from under Black Cat’s thighs, and she loved the sight. She squeezed down more and more, harder and harder. Mary Jane was crying and screaming in pain.

Black Cat screamed, “Hit me in the cunt, will you, bitch?!” Her face was pure anger as she could still feel her pussy throb. “I’m going to finish you off!”

Black Cat squeezed down until suddenly there was an audible pop. One of Mary Jane’s ribs had just snapped. The scream that came from the poor girl was immeasurable. Black Cat just smiled and finally let up. As she did, both of Mary Jane’s breasts were already black and blue, almost every inch of them was discolored. Black Cat eyed her handy work and grabbed Mary Jane by the face.

She bent down at the waist, her large, shiny tits dangling, and said, “Shut up! Shut up and listen to me, bitch!” She smacked her across the face hard, then again. Black Cat then said, “Shut up or I’ll press my firm tits so hard against yours, I’ll go until I break your back!”

Mary Jane quieted down as best she could for the pain she was in. Black Cat then pulled her up by her face until it was eye level with her tits.

“Now, as punishment for being a dirty bitch and hitting me in my perfect pussy, I want you to clean my tits off, with your mouth. Clean the cum from your man, and my sweat and oil from my perfect tits with your mouth, or else.”

Mary Jane said nothing; she just opened her mouth and started licking the massive 32DD’s staring in her face. She brought her warm tongue all over the massive mounds, running it around her nipples, to the outsides, and then she saw Black Cat spread her huge tits apart. Mary Jane knew just what to do and started licking between them. The tasted of Peter’s cum mixed with her oil and sweat was terrible, but there was something inside that made her feel something she never felt before being so submissive to someone so powerful. Before she could finish her thought though she felt the back of her hair being pulled and thrown on the floor.

“I think they’re clean enough, you dirty bitch,” said Black Cat, still angry at being hit in her womanhood so harshly, “let’s finish you off.”

Finish me off, thought Mary Jane, she was covered in cum from her boyfriend, beaten so badly she had a cracked rib and badly hurt breasts, what could be next?!

Black Cat untied Mary Jane and she slumped to the floor. Black Cat slapped Mary Jane’s ass hard and told her put her ass high into the air. Mary Jane submissively did what she was told. The red headed girl suddenly felt something slide into her pussy. Black Cat had grabbed the handle of her zipline and was sliding it slowly into Mary Jane’s pussy. Mary Jane surprisingly felt herself get wet through all the pain she was in and heard Black Cat laugh.

Black Cat smiled and said, “It looks like you like being my little bitch, huh?”

Mary Jane said nothing as she felt the handle being pushed in deeper. Her eyes went to her man Peter who did nothing but watch everything happen to her, even now, while her pussy was being pumped with a twelve inch handle. Inch by inch Black Cat slid her signature zipline inside her foe. She then pulled it out only to push it all the way back in again, Mary Jane moaned loudly. Black Cat smiled and started really working the device on Mary Jane’s pussy. Black Cat felt the girl get really wet now and used her other hand to work the girl’s clit. Mary Jane moaned even louder.

Black Cat said, “Now, work your ass on my zipline.”

Mary Jane obediently did as she was told, and moved her ass that was stuck high in the air up and down, back and forth on the twelve inch handle.

“Harder,” exclaimed Black Cat.

Mary Jane felt a hand smack across her exposed ass and started slamming her ass back against the metal rod. Black Cat smiled and worked the girl’s clit harder making more moans and wetness come from the smaller girl. Suddenly, Black Cat pulled the metal rod out of the girl’s dripping wet pussy and slammed it into her ass. Mary Jane screamed in pain and pleasure.

Black Cat yelled at her, “Fuck it! Fuck it now with your ass!”

Mary Jane’s ribs and tits really hurt now, but was afraid of anymore abuse. She pumped her ass onto metal pole hard. Black Cat worked her fingers inside the young girl’s wet pussy. The pleasure was becoming too much for her to handle. Her pussy was dripping wet with streams running down the inside of her thighs, Mary Jane had never been so turned on. She pumped her as hard as she could now, Black Cat feeling the girl’s plump cheeks slam all the way to her hand. Wow, this girl is taking it all in, thought Black Cat surprised, this girl is really something else. Mary Jane suddenly seized up and Black Cat pushed her fingers deep in her pussy. The young girl came hard, again squirting her juices from her ass. The cum shooting into the air and large arch across the apartment floor. Black Cat continued to pump her until Mary Jane cried and begged her stop. She finally did and Mary Jane collapsed to the floor.

Black Cat climbed her sexy body on top of her and rubbed the red head’s face on her pussy. She bounced her body up and down on the drained girl’s face, making her glistening huge tits bounce and make a loud slapping sound as they did. Finally, Black Cat came as well, all over Mary Jane’s face.

She stood up and admired her handy work. Mary Jane was covered in everybody’s cum in the room, including her own, so much so she looked like she had been dunked in a vat of baby oil. Even her hair was shiny. Her body was badly beaten with red marks and black and blues everywhere, especially her tits. Each one was almost purple at this point over the entire mass. Her face was battered with a swollen eye and bleeding nose, not to mention the broken rib making it excruciating to even breathe. Spiderman just laid on the ground submissively. He caught a glimpse of the big chested woman as she collected her outfit, got dressed and sat in the window looking back.

“I’ll be back from time to time when I want to have fun,” the voluptuous woman said, “and I want you two to perform at your best.”
And with that, she jumped out the window and ziplined her way back to her hide out as happy as ever.

Weeks had passed with Peter and Mary Jane not speaking a word to each other. Mary Jane impossibly upset with him for just sitting and watching her get beaten and humiliated in every way a person can, and Peter ashamed of himself. Every once in a while Black Cat would make an appearance and a sexual escapade would occur. She would usually have sex with Peter and have Mary Jane in a humiliating position. The last time she had Mary Jane’s face below the both of them as Black Cat fucked Peter right over her, so her face would catch all the cum. Black Cat would always have her clean her body off with her tongue after every session. Every inch, very meticulously. Mary Jane hated it as much as Black Cat loved it. The red head knew she had to do something.

She had an idea, but wasn’t sure how it was going to work out. She was going to make a deal with the devil, or at least someone as close as she knew to it. She started lying to Peter, telling him she had modeling interviews, he didn’t care if he believed her or not. She would take the subway or bus to the seediest and darkest places in the city, putting the word out that Spiderman’s girlfriend was looking for Venom.