Black Cat Vs. Mary Jane Part II
By Diavolo

Peter Parker’s bruised body raised and lowered slowly as he breathed in deeply until slowly exhaling, his battered body showing how badly it needed a full night’s rest. Mary Jane looked upon the sleeping face of her once proud man, his breathing now even audibly labored from the punishment it received from Black Cat. Her look was not one of concern, or even pity, it was of disappointment and disgust. She as well was all too familiar with the pain and anguish the powerful body of Black Cat could dish out, but she was angry and wanted payback for the severe beating she received, whereas Peter had become almost submissive towards his opponent that had such a decisive and clear victory over the man. Granted, Mary Jane understood and on some level respected the amazing power the woman had, and was just as surprised as her boyfriend was as to just how far extent it was, but she didn’t feel submissive or worse, weak, the only thing she felt is fuming, burning desire for revenge. For the first time in her life, she thought as she lightly pushed a few strands of red hair away from her blackened right eye still feeling its tenderness from Black Cat’s one sided beating, she felt vengeful.
It was almost dawn and the red haired beauty slowly got up out of bed, her body still having small aches and pains from the severe, one sided beating from Black Cat, and of course her more recent visits. Black Cat decided that she would make her beaten foes her sexual toys, and every few days would come by and use the her and her so called super hero boyfriend anytime, and any way she wished. Lately though, Mary Jane felt like the sexual episodes were becoming more and more one sided against her. Her mind wondered to their last encounter with the white haired tormentor.
Black Cat had swung into their living room window in their small New York City and stood in the middle of the floor like she owned the place. Black Cat’s tight and revealing black suit made her hate her even more. She wasn’t sure if it was because how good and perfect her body looked in it, or how Peter looked at her in it, and out of it. Regardless, he jealously helped add to the seething anger she felt towards the tall, and perfect looking feminine specimen in front of her. Black Cat had yelled at Mary Jane to stand in front of her with her hands behind her back. Her voice was calm, but commanding and she pointed the spot right in front her as she said it. Mary Jane walked slowly over towards the taller woman following her orders. Black Cat lunged forward, grabbing the smaller girl by the hair on the back of her head and threw her roughly to the ground.
“When I say to come here, you come here fast and without that bitch look on your face! You got it, you pathetic bitch?!” Black Cat yelled the words down to Mary Jane while pointing her finger at her. Mary Jane understood, but was more focused on the sharp point on the end of the finger inches from her face. The white gloves of Black Cat still possessed the pointy tips that Mary Jane unfortunately knew all too well, feeling the deep and painful scratches from them all too often.
“And I told you, bitch, that I don’t want to see you with clothes on, I like my slaves completely naked,” Black Cat continued as she reached out at her slave. Mary Jane’s hair was grabbed roughly, and then felt her body thrown violently to the ground, she then felt a tug on her loose fitting flannel shirt, then a sharper, harder one, so hard it partially lifted her body off the ground until suddenly she fell back down to the hard wooden floor. Mary Jane felt the shirt rip off her body and her full and firm naked C cups spill out of garment. She then felt her soft sweat pants split down open over ass, Black Cat easily ripping the material with no effort.
Mary Jane now looked back over her body as she was on all fours, the top half completely naked, and the bottom half only had tattered pieces of clothe covering her thighs and calves. Her ass was fully exposed, Black Cat looked down and smiled.
“Now come over here, my little Spidey slave, or I’ll squeeze that dick of yours until you cry tears of pure pain!” Black Cat yelled the words and no sooner had they left her mouth than Peter was hobbling over to her as fast as his beaten body would let him.
“You see, bitch? You see how your pathetic man comes over so fast? That’s how I want you to be. Now he’ll get rewarded, and you’ll get…punished,” said Black Cat bending down showing off the massive cleavage from her DD’s before whispering the word “punished” almost seductively in Mary Jane’s ear. Mary Jane shuttered at what punishment she would be receiving next. “Spank that little bitch’s ass until I say stop,” said Black Cat to Peter Parker firmly, “and if you move an inch from that spot you little red haired slut, I’ll press my claws so deep in your tits you’ll wish you were born without them. You hear me?” Black Cat bent down again showing off the large amount of cleavage she had, she loved shaking her much bigger and fuller chest to the smaller chested girl. She knew it bothered her and added a certain insult to injury. Mary Jane did hate that the girl had bigger tits than her, she knew it was petty, but having a woman basically make you her slave, and her show off her body that was much better than yours, drove the stab humiliation even deeper. The downed girl then felt the sharp end of Black Cat’s right pinky lightly run across her left tit, circle her nipple, then pinch it firmly. Even with Black Cat running gently across, the red haired model could still feel how sharp her claws were against her sensitive, soft breast. Mary Jane shook a little, not only being angry at how much the slight touch turned her body on, but how obvious it was to Black Cat. The taller, dominant woman just smiled slightly without saying a word, enjoying how much she controlled her obsession’s one true love.
Mary Jane pressed her hands down on the hard wooden floor and closed her eyes, waiting for the hard impact of her boyfriend’s stiff hand to come hard across her soft, plump ass. Black Cat looked down and wanted to see more of a target for Peter’s hand. She grabbed Mary Jane by the hair again to hold her head steady and raised her right hand high. She suddenly came back down with it right across Mary Jane’s face. Even Peter shuttered at the violent slapping sound on Mary Jane’s face. The smaller girl let out a sharp yell, wanting to hold it in, but couldn’t, she also couldn’t hide the tears that had welled up in her eyes, or the large hand print that showed as a deep crimson on her fair skinned face. Black Cat smiled and said, “Now when I tell you to stick your weak little ass out, you stick that ass out as far as you can until your back hurts, you understand?!” Mary Jane just nodded yes as she gave an angry, glaring look at the smiling woman above her.
Mary Jane looked down, but before she did, she gave her captor a look over. No matter how this sadistic woman was treating her she couldn’t at least acknowledge the incredible shape the bigger woman was in. Her tall body didn’t have a flaw on it, it was all lean and toned muscle from her shapely calves to her defined shoulders. Her legs were long, and her tight black suit showed off how her thick thighs had every bit of perfected muscle definition without taking away their femininity. They were long and looked very powerful, her leg muscles moving as she walked. Her waste was tiny with visible abs, and her arms averaged size, but very toned with every ounce of them being muscle. Even her shoulders were developed to the point of balance between strong and sexy.
Mary Jane then looked up again as she was grabbing her boyfriend by his crotch through his boxer short and telling him to spank her ass as hard as he could. She then told him that if he didn’t she would throw his body to the ground and use her spiked heel to press his dick until he cried for mercy. She watched angrily as her weak looking boyfriend agreed silently and obediently by just nodding his head. Black Cat smiled at him and kissed his right cheek, leaving a perfect deep red lipstick stain on the submissive man’s face. Mary Jane now had another slight glimpse of the white haired vixen as she walked her slow and confident walk by, and again almost hated the woman’s perfect shape. An hourglass would have been an understatement. Her large round ass stuck out from her body and sat high, showing how much muscle and how toned it was, her chest was the same story, only bigger. Any woman would kill to have the breasts she had, thought Mary Jane. Her large 32DD chest sat firmly and almost unmoving on her body. They were round and almost pure white, and very full. The large v cut in the center of her costume showed the entire center of them, the two firm, large mounds of flesh pressed together in a show of cleavage so big, it looked like you could get lost in them. They were so big they even stuck out from the sides of her body. The fact that the very low cut and revealing suit even held the large mounds in was miraculous within itself. Mary Jane also knew were not only big, but in shape as well, so in shape she used them as a weapon as well. Mary Jane learned this fact the hard way from their last encounter.
She saw Peter walk past her and stand behind her. She stuck her ass out far, so far that everything from her ass to her pussy was exposed. Black Cat smiled and said, “That’s my good little bitch, stick that nice round ass out nice and hard.” Peter looked down at the perfect ass, and gave the fair skinned plump cheeks once last look before bringing his hand down hard across it. The slap echoed through the apartment and Mary Jane let out a loud cry of pain. Black Cat continued her big smile and said, “Again.” Peter obeyed and slapped the now red ass cheek hard again. Again the slapping sound echoed clearly through the small apartment. Mary Jane yelled again. Over and over, Peter slapped the weaker girl’s ass until it was almost completely red, each time Mary Jane’s yells of pain got louder and louder. The smack over the girl’s ass sent what looked like shock waves out from the fleshy cheeks, cheeks that got redder and redder with every blow. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity for Mary Jane, Black Cat put her hand up to halt Peter’s spanking and took a look at his handy work. “Nice job, my little Spidey slave,” she purred in his ear. “He really did a number on that weak little ass of yours, huh?” Black Cat asked as Mary Jane looked back and her jaw drop at how red her ass had become.
“Now for obeying me, my little Spidey slave, I’m going to give you a treat, although your pathetic girlfriend is going to have a hand in this,” said Black Cat as she smiled evilly down at Mary Jane who was trying to gently rub away the pain in her ass. Black Cat grabbed Mary Jane by the hair on top of her head and pulled her roughly up to her knees. Mary Jane again yelled loudly as she was forcibly brought up from all fours to her kneeling in front of Black Cat. “Help me undress, bitch,” said Black Cat as she sat down on a chair and stuck her boot inches from Mary Jane’s face which still had a now even brighter red hand print on it. Mary Jane saw the point of the heel inches from her and wanted to get it off as quickly as possible as it looked like it could cause some serious pain. Black Cat smiled at the quickness that Mary Jane had obeyed her command, and it turned her on even more then she was.
Black Cat loved dominating the two people that cowered before. To be in control of the man she wanted for so long and the woman he passed her over for gave her a sexual and overall high she had never felt before, she felt powerful, she felt, free.
Black Cat took off her sharply clawed gloves, slowly pulled her costume over her shoulders, wiggled it down her arms, and finally to around her waist. Both her onlookers’ jaws dropped. Black Cat’s tits spilled out of their restraints, and the perfect 32DD’s were on display. They were large and full with slightly dark, dime sized nipples sitting on two huge mounds of flesh. Black Cat smiled at the two as they ogled her chest. Even though at this point both had seen plenty of her womanly assets, they still couldn’t get over how perfect they were. How could tits of that size be so firm and full? They barely moved, even when Black Cat stood up and shook her chest a little at them saying, “I know, right? They are just a perfect pair, aren’t they?” The huge tits shook a little, but as soon as Black Cat was done having her fun, they stopped swaying like two huge pendulums and sat resolutely again on her chest.
“Now, bitch, help me with rest of my costume,” said Black Cat as she put her waste inches from Mary Janes face. Mary Jane pulled the woman’s black costume down, and couldn’t do it at first. She pulled and pulled, but the costume was so tight on the woman’s body, and her ass was so round, she couldn’t get the material over it at first. “Pull harder, you pathetic whore! Or is my ass too much for you, even with both of your hands?” Black Cat yelled down at Mary Jane, almost laughing at how she couldn’t get her costume over her ass. Mary Jane pulled harder and harder and felt that the woman’s ass cheeks were near unmovable they were so firm. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Mary Jane was able to start to pull the costume off. She pulled it half way over
Black Cat’s ass, the bulbous cheeks pushing hard against its spandex restraint. Peter couldn’t help but look on and enjoy the view, Black Cat’s perfect huge naked tits hanging out and her half naked ass wanting to squeeze out of the tight spandex costume.
Mary Jane finally pulled the outfit down to Black Cat’s ankles. For a second Mary Jane was less than inch from Black Cat’s pussy, only the extremely thin material of the taller girl’s g string between her and her captor’s womanhood. Black Cat smiled as she looked down and stepped her feet out of her costume at her feet.
Black Cat’s next movements were sharp and without warning. She grabbed Mary Jane by the back of her hair, spun her around and pulled her head back so just Mary Jane’s head was on the chair behind her with her face looking up still on her knees. Mary Jane yelled in pain, but the yells were quickly muffled as Black Cat whipped her leg around Mary Jane’s body and sat her ass right down on the smaller girl’s face. Mary Jane saw the two round large ass cheeks come down on her face sending her into darkness. Mary Jane’s muffled yells could be heard, that is until she felt Black Cat put her left hand on her right tit and squeeze slightly. Mary Jane quickly got quiet. “That’s right, you little bitch. I’m going to suck your man’s dick dry while you lick my ass and pussy, and if I hear so much as peep from you I’m going squeeze and scratch your tits until my ass is covered in your tears, you hear me?!” Mary Jane just started licking as almost immediately, as she had already felt Black Cat’s abuse on her tits in their previous battle. Black Cat immediately got hot. “Get over here, my little Spidey bitch,” yelled Black Cat and Peter stood in front of the sitting Black Cat and took his already rock hard dick into her mouth.
Peter moaned as Black Cat’s warm mouth took every inch of him in, Mary Jane heard his moans of pleasure and almost couldn’t take anymore. Peter saw the large tits in front of him being slowly brought around his dick as, and as the warm mounds engulfed his member he almost couldn’t believe it. The large tits made his erection almost disappear between them. He then felt the two massive mammories slide up and down his shaft, just the head of his dick visible. Black Cat slurped and sucked at the head of Peter’s dick up and down, over and over, Peter moaned louder and louder. Mary Jane suddenly felt Black Cat’s hand run down her stomach. Peter saw her arm run down MJ’s stomach, but quickly lost track where he was again as the feeling of Black Cat’s expert skills on his member took over. Black Cat gently squeezed Peter’s balls as she simultaneously rubbed Mary Jane’s clit and entered her pussy. The two moaned loudly at the same time and Black Cat couldn’t have been more excited. She was getting them both off at the same time while controlling both of them completely at the same time. She almost couldn’t stand the domination and control she had that moment.
Mary Jane could feel the pussy on her face get suddenly even wetter. Oh my god, she thought, this strong bitch is getting off to us getting off!! The thought quickly left her head as Black Cat pressed her ass even harder down on the red haired girl’s head, and feeling her tongue go deeper insider her, Black Cat pumped her fingers deeper inside Mary Jane’s pussy while quickly working her clit with her thumb. Mary Jane instantly got hot, bucking her hips now, her body begging to cum. Black Cat pulled Peter’s dick out of her mouth and squeezed the dick hard in her hand. Peter yelled loudly and felt Black Cat push on it, backing his body up a little. She pulled Mary Jane’s body up by the fingers she had in the girl’s pussy until she was where she wanted her.
Holy shit, thought Peter, she is controlling where we both by my dick and Mary Jane’s pussy, how strong is this girl?! Peter quickly lost the thought as Black Cat started expertly stroking his hard cock. She grinded her hips hard down onto Mary Jane’s face, whose head at this point felt like it was going to crush under the pressure. This went on for a few more moments, when she suddenly felt Peter ready to go. She stood up off Mary Jane’s face, and the red haired girl took in a much needed gulp of air. Peter noticed her entire face was glistening as it was covered in Black Cat’s juices. Black Cat saw this too and smiled. She then stroked Peter even faster, gave the head of his dick one last lick and pulled away, pointing his member at Mary Jane’s face. Peter came hard and his load shot all over Mary Jane’s face, neck and tits. Black Cat pumped the soaking wet pussy of Mary Jane one last time and rubbed her own clit as fast as she could. Mary Jane suddenly bucked her hips one last time and came hard, her juices dripping to the floor. Black Cat made herself cum last. She held down Mary Jane’s head on top of the chair face up by the hair on of her head, pulling it roughly down. Mary Jane yelled and noticed a look come over Black Cat’s face, a look of pure pleasure. The stronger girl’s body seized up and she all of a sudden squirted her cum all over Mary Jane’s face. Her juices spilled onto the already covered girl’s face, so much in fact that Mary Jane couldn’t take all of it. She felt it pouring on her, and between having Peter’s cum already on her face and her mouth and then having Black Cat’s as well she started to sputter and choke.
Black Cat let go of the girl’s hair and Mary Jane instantly bent over on her knees coughing, cum from the two people above her flew out of her throat and flew down onto the floor. Peter’s jizz and Black Cat’s cum also dripped from her face and tits in long sticky strands. She noticed the floor was already wet and realized quickly and embarrassingly that it was her own cum. Black Cat placed her foot on the back of the girl’s neck. Mary Jane felt the foot and then felt it quickly push her down to the ground, her face pushed right into her own cum. Black Cat said, “Look at you, how pathetic. You couldn’t control yourself as I was satisfying your man and you came right on your own floor. Why don’t you at least clean it up. But since you’re so weak and pathetic, I want you cleaning it up with your body and tongue.” Mary Jane felt the foot of Black Cat on the back her neck pushing and pulling her around on the floor, her tits pressed hard down as well feeling her own cum cover them. She stuck out her tongue as she was told and humiliatingly licked her own cum off the floor while her tits were flattened like pancakes sliding across the hard wooden floor.
Black Cat smiled at the humiliation. She pulled Mary Jane up by her hair and slapped her tits hard, sending her right back down to her knees. The slap was loud and Mary Jane’s tits being all wet from everyone’s cum made the slap even louder. “Look at how wretched you two are. The not so amazing Spiderman my obedient slave, and his sad looking girlfriend covered in everyone’s cum whimpering on the ground.” Mary Jane was near sobbing as she covered her right tit that had a large red hand print on it now from the hard slap. She felt her body covered in everyone’s juices, so much so, it felt thick on her skin. She suddenly looked up at Peter who did nothing, this turned her sadness quickly into anger and wanted revenge even more now.

Weeks prior, from the day after Black Cat’s savage beating and subsequent humiliation of Mary Jane the red haired model had been sneaking out at night and putting the word out for a creature she knew was stronger than Spiderman and Black Cat combined. Venom. She knew if she found him she’d be making a deal with the devil, but at this point it was better than being humiliated every couple of days by that scantily clad whore. She wanted revenge and her mind clouded her of anything else.
Weeks went by with no word, until she was sent on a modeling shoot uptown. The shoot was quick and after she was done she went back to the dressing room, disrobed and showered. She felt the hot water hit her skin and she instantly felt calm and relieved. Suddenly, she thought she heard a thud outside of the shower.
“Hello?” Mary Jane said loudly, but there was no response. She poked her head out of the small shower stall and saw nothing. She grabbed a towel and held it with one hand in front of her naked body taking a few steps forward. All of sudden she heard a deep, guttural breathing behind her. She froze, dropping her towel in fear, for she knew what was behind her. The shadow got larger and she felt a large hulking mass get closer to her naked body. She slowly turned around and saw the terrifying form of Venom behind her. He towered over her and his hulking mass was covered in a thick black goo and muscles. Huge muscles on every inch of the beast’s body. She again froze in fear and as the horrid creature’s face neared hers, the large teeth and long grotesque tongue lap inches from her face it spoke.
“What do you want with me, lover of my enemy?” The beast’s voice was deep and angry, so very angry. Mary Jane froze, and Venom became impatient. “What?! What is it you want from me?! Are you looking to set up a trap for your weak boyfriend?” Venom said the words and it was the second time someone called her superhero boyfriend weak. At this point, she was beginning to believe the words.
She started to contain her fear as best she could and slowly started speaking to the imposing and fearful black creature in front of her. “I…I have something you might want to know,” Mary Jane said, barely getting the words out. “What could you know that I could possibly care about,” Venom asked, getting impatient now. “I know that Black Cat is tormenting your nemesis,” said Mary Jane regain her composure and a little courage, “I know that she is doing your job for you.” “Why should I care if Peter is getting tormented by another hero? What makes you think that wouldn’t be something I’d want to hear?” Venom backed away a little, curious to hear the young woman out, admiring her courage to stand and talk with him face to face. Mary Jane’s courage grew more and more and her words flowed more freely, “Well,” she began, “It seems that you want to see him beaten and broken and so far you have been unsuccessful and failed at every attempt.” Venom lunged forward angrily, but noticed the small red head didn’t budge. Mary Jane’s body wanted to run in the worst way, but she used every ounce of nerve she had and didn’t move. “You can be angry all you want, but I know that a woman is doing a man’s job right now, and succeeding where you have failed. She thinks she’s the only one that can defeat Spiderman, and is getting high off the power doing it. Which means she thinks that everyone else who wasn’t able to do what she’s done, make Spiderman bend to her will, is weak compared to her.” Venom was quiet for a moment and let the words sink in. Oh my god, this might actually be working, thought Mary Jane. “Why don’t you take care of this yourself and stop this so called tormentor of your lives?” Venom being cautious now, feeling as if something wasn’t right. “She’s…she’s too strong. I did stand up to her, but she easily defeated me. I don’t like admitting it, but she has me beat in every facet, every attribute. She’s better than me in every way,” Mary Jane hated saying those words, but she knew they were the truth. Venom saw strength in the girl and respected her for it. “I know you could defeat her, and I’ll do anything you ask in return,” Mary Jane now completely confident speaking to Venom. She actually started to see a human side to the massive monster that stood before her. Venom stared at her for what seemed like forever and said, “I won’t get involved in this, I want my revenge on Spiderman to be one on one, no one else involved.” Mary Jane sighed, but Venom continued saying, “However, I will do something that will help both of us. I will give you the symbiote for a short while. I will give you the power to defeat Black Cat. You can then face her head on. You won’t have the excuse of her being more powerful and then you can see who is truly the better woman. If you win, you get to turn the humiliation around on Black Cat, and I get to see Spiderman humiliated even more by having his girlfriend fight his battles for him. The blow to his ego will be all I will need in return. If you lose, though, I still take back the suit and you have to live with the knowledge that this woman truly is better than you in every way.”
Mary Jane stood motionless for a moment considering the offer. She wasn’t quite sure how the symbiote suit would change her, and even so the memories of what Black Cat had done to her the last time they fought sent shivers up her spine. Her anger trumped all of that though. “Yes, your offer is fair. I will borrow the symbiote suit, battle Black Cat and return it after I’m done, win or lose.” Venom smiled his horrible spiked teeth smile and the symbiote started to melt off his body. More and more the thick black ooze dripped from his body revealing his skin underneath. It dripped off his body more and more and Mary Jane saw the human underneath the monster. She had to admit he had a great body even without the suit, and there was a now a certain human element to him as she looked into his real eyes. The thought, however, quickly left her mind as the black goo lapped its way towards her. She instinctively started backing away, but Brock said, “No, don’t run, if it senses you don’t want it, when it attaches itself, it won’t be a good bond.” His voice was completely human now, and almost weak sounding, the man underneath the ooze was feeling the strength leaving his body and he wasn’t used to it. Mary Jane saw a man now, not monster. Her attention diverted as the goo attached to her foot. It felt sticky, but surprisingly warm on her bare foot. As soon as the symbiote felt the skin, it gave it a jolt. The rest of the goo quickly sped up and started sticking to Mary Jane’s calves, then up her thighs, then her hips. Mary Jane stood still but was surprised at how quickly it was clinging to her. She immediately began to feel a change in her. The symbiote sensed her anger, and vengefulness, and most of all, her negative feelings towards Spiderman. Mary Jane felt like a warm sticky syrup was climbing up her body now, her stomach was completely covered at this point and it was oozing over her full breasts, slowly engulfing them. Mary Jane now started to feel angrier and angrier, and also much more sexual. The symbiote was bonding to her not only physically at this point, but also emotionally. It passed through her body smaller and smaller, bonding with her DNA. Mary Jane felt different all over, the warm ooze covered her neck and she was no longer afraid of it, she wanted it, yearned for more it.
“Yes! Yes! More! All of it, give me every last drop!” Mary Jane’s voice started to change and become more confident as the power engulfed her psyche. That wasn’t the only thing changing. As the symbiote continued to bond with its new host, it fed on what the host wanted. Mary Jane felt the goo on her womanhood and breasts, she loved the way it felt and touched her body. Her senses were all heightened now, even touch, so when she ran her hands up and down stomach, then over her breasts a wave of pleasure shot through her body like a lightning bolt. She moaned in pleasure, Brock saw this and slinked away as he pulled himself up to a sitting position, he saw how much the red haired girl enjoyed the suit. Suddenly, Mary Jane felt her skin in certain areas stretch, and her body become bigger. Her arms became more muscular, her stomach muscles popped each of her abs out a little bigger, her thigh muscles suddenly started to bulge out. She looked back behind her and saw not only her calf muscles become more defined, but her ass as well. Her two cheeks grew a little bigger and when she touched her ass it felt like rock. Oh my, she thought to herself and as she turned around she felt her chest getting bigger as well. The black ooze covering her tits started expanding out more and more. Mary Jane’s look of shock as she saw them expanding before her very eyes turned to a huge, almost evil smile. Her breasts grew and grew past her C cup size to D cup, then bigger and bigger to finally stopping at what she guessed was a full DD cup. She turned to look at herself in the mirror and saw a side reflection. Her whole body was more muscular, but still feminine in every way, more so. Her ass was bigger, her thighs were too, firmer as well. Her arms were larger with more definition, and her chest, was most definitely bigger. She looked at her large breasts now with almost disbelief. They were larger and fuller, full enough to stick past the sides of her body. Mary Jane loved what she saw and as the last ooze covered her face she saw the same spiked tooth smile and long, grotesque tongue she had seen on Brock before, only this time, she loved it. She loved how intimidating she looked, it turned her on even more.
“Be careful with it, if you let it, it will change you into something you may not like,” Mary Jane heard Brock’s voice behind her. She just nodded, almost ignoring the comment saying, “What do you think?” “Well, you’ll definitely turn heads,” said Brock, noticing how much more voluptuous she looked. Mary Jane smiled and said, “But, how can I walk around like this, I’ll draw too much attention?” “You can hide it if you concentrate. It will pull through your pores and lay dormant in your body until you call it out, or you get worked up enough.” Mary Jane closed her eyes and calmed herself, she concentrated on pulling the suit back inside her and it worked. She smiled, then suddenly flexed, her now stronger muscles looked big and great on her and the symbiote quickly covered her body again. She loved every minute of what was happening. “You have webbing too now, don’t worry about learning how to use it, the suit does all that for you,” said Brock. “Thank you,” said Mary Jane. “Don’t thank me, just hold up your end of the bargain,” replied Brock. “Also,” he continued, “the symbiote despises weakness of any kind, it attached to you so it sees strength in you, but the moment it senses weakness, it will slowly start to detach itself to find better host. Understand?” Mary Jane just nodded, ran to the next room and jumped out the window. She started falling, but felt no fear, she stretched out her arm and a web came out clinging to a nearby building, swinging her around. She felt strong and the tightness of the suit on her new stronger, and more voluptuous body made her feel stronger sexually too. Mary Jane loved the feeling and swung around Manhattan for a bit, getting used to the suit. She then quickly remembered why she got the suit to begin with. Her mind became angry and she instinctively started swinging towards hers and Peter’s tiny apartment.

Mary Jane swooped into the bedroom window and quietly landed on the thick carpeting covering the floor. Everything felt more vibrant, almost alive. She silently went to her dresser and pulled a drawer open pulling out some clothes. She concentrated and made the black suite disappear. She ogled herself one last time in the mirror behind her bedroom door, loving her new bigger ass, stronger looking body, and huge, fuller looking tits. She looked down at the clothes, a small red sports bra that she usually wore under a t shirt and a tiny black thong, she usually saved that for a special occasion with Peter. She thought this was definitely a special occasion with her man. She squeezed into the sports bra and thong, having major difficulties. She quickly saw that both items were clearly bought with a smaller girl’s body, she had strong, woman’s body now. After a few minutes of struggling she managed to fit both items on. She took a look at herself at the mirror and almost laughed, how did I ever fit into these, she thought. Her tits were stretching the sports bra to its max, her tits spilling out over the top, bottom, and even the sides had her breasts squeezing out. She turned to the side and almost couldn’t believe the sight, her ass looked fantastic. The two cheeks stuck far and firm from her body and seemed to swallow the thong till you could only see the band around her waist and a small sliver of material that disappeared between her ass cheeks. She smiled and was amazed at the way she looked. Her body looked toned, strong, and more importantly, ready. She was ready, for revenge.
Suddenly, she heard a female voice say, “Where is she, where is that bitch?!” And a smack with a loud thud. She knew right away who it was a what happened. Black Cat was angry that Mary Jane wasn’t there, and when she didn’t get the answer she wanted, she struck Peter, probably knocking him to the floor or up against a wall. Mary Jane just smiled, feeling no remorse for her weakened man at this point. She threw on a thin white robe, flung open the bedroom door, and walked out.
The slamming door startled both Black Cat and Spiderman. They both looked over at her, and although she was wearing a robe, there was something different about her. Mary Jane walked confidently towards Black Cat. She saw Peter just getting up from being knocked to the floor and brushed his face with her hand. “You ok, my little hero?” She asked the question almost condescendingly and didn’t stop to her stroll to ask it, or wait for an answer. She walked right up to Black Cat and stood toe to toe with her. Black Cat was taken back a little by the smaller girl’s sudden change in personality, and she definitely didn’t like it. Black Cat looked her over and it seemed like her body got bigger, if nothing, definitely her breasts.
“There’s something different about you, you little bitch, did you get bigger tits while you out?” Black Cat laughed as she said this, but Mary Jane didn’t falter and stood right up to Black Cat. She stood as close as she could, so close that her tits were touching the bigger girl’s. Peter looked on and saw the two girls standing toe to toe. Black Cat was taller than Mary Jane by almost a whole head, even so Mary Jane stood right up to her, Black Cat’s tits sitting almost on top of Mary Jane’s. Man, her chest does look bigger, he thought.
“I did go through some changes recently, Black Cat,” said Mary Jane seductively, looking the taller girl right in the eyes, “I just wanted to be more like you. So strong and powerful, and so sexy…” Mary Jane ran her finger on the outside of Black Cat’s large left breast and moved her own chest around, rubbing on Black Cat’s own massive chest. “I’m impressed with the way you handled my hero back there, how amazing it is that you have him under your complete control. But, then again, men are weak, women are stronger, I think we both know that. For men, sex is a weakness, for women, it’s a tool to gain control,” Mary Jane said these words and Black Cat knew instantly that something was wrong. Not only in the way Mary Jane was acting, but something in her eyes. The bigger girl then saw Mary Jane lift herself up onto her toes and starts rubbing her tits all over hers. Peter couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Black Cat felt her nipples get hard, especially now feeling Mary Jane’s hand now reaching under tight costume through her plunging neck line and openly groping her left tit. Black Cat also started feeling Mary Jane’s nipples get hard too and she pushed the smaller away.
Mary Jane’s blood starts to boil now. Black Cat rips open the Mary Jane’s robe and finally sees the body underneath, her jaw dropped. My god, she thought, look at her!! She saw a perfectly toned and strong body, not to mention a new huge set of tits. She saw how the red sports bra was stretching out to its fullest, Mary Jane’s new breasts wanting to burst out. “Do you like what you see, or are you afraid?” Mary Jane said as she suddenly threw her robe to the ground. Peter’s jaw also dropped at the sight, her tits, ass, legs, arms, everything looked bigger and stronger. “What did you do?” Asked Black Cat, still in awe. “Here, I’ll show you, bitch,” said Mary Jane. And with that she started to let the Venom suit take over. She started breathing deeply, and flexed her whole body, every muscle seemed to grow and look very strong. Black Cat took a step back and just in time, as Mary Jane stuck her chest out and the sports bra that was already stretched around her big tits, started ripping and then suddenly flew off like a rubber band, flying to the ground. Mary Janes naked new huge tits spilled out for everyone to see. Black Cat couldn’t believe how big they were, and how great they looked. Man, they look firm…and strong, she thought. The thong stretched as well, but didn’t break. Mary Jane turned around to face Peter for a second, and Black Cat saw how the black lacey underwear disappeared in the red haired girl’s ass. Holy shit, even her ass looks great now, thought Black Cat, it looks a firm as her tits. Mary Jane gave Peter a wink then both onlookers saw something even more jaw dropping. Small drops of black ooze started appearing on her skin. The drops got bigger and bigger, then started slowly pooling up and connecting with one another. Mary Jane’s skin started turning slowly black and shiny, like a latex suit. Her legs, stomach, arms, and chest were smothered by the thick black goo. It climbed up her neck then enveloped her whole head, her red hair disappeared as well and the last thing to go was Mary Jane’s beautiful face. Black Cat saw it replaced with something familiar. Large spiked teeth started to grow and long, grotesque tongue did as well.
“You like?!” Mary Jane yelled at Black Cat, her voice even sounding different now, like an animal’s. Her whole body was shiny and black, like it was covered in tar. It clung to her very tightly, so tightly that you could see every contour and curve of the now voluptuous body. Even her pussy was outlined in the tight goo. Black Cat was stunned, Peter looked on and only whispered, “No…” He knew what she had done and hated himself for it, he knew it was his lack of courage that forced her to do something as horrible as take on the Venom suit. Mary Jane’s attention turned to Peter and anger seethed from her, the symbiote suit amplifying her rage and want of revenge. She saw Black Cat’s zipline hanging from her belt and snatched it off her body with incredible speed. Holy shit, thought Black Cat, this girl is not only bigger, but way faster, even with my speed I couldn’t stop her from stealing my zipline. She then took a few steps towards a shocked Peter and sent out the zipline fast. Peter put his hands up in defense, but the strong line wrapped around his body anyway. Mary Jane then quickly pulled and tightened the zipline around Peter’s body. The muscles in her whole body tensed as she pulled the line taught and Black Cat saw just how strong the woman had gotten. The muscles bulged out from her, every one defined and well developed. Peter felt the rope squeeze around him to the point where he yelled in pain. His arms and legs were trapped, wrapped tightly together feeling one last tug making it difficult for him to even breathe. Mary Jane walked over to him confidently, her horrifying Venom face inches from his saying, “You just wait there, I’ll be done with you in second,” she turned her attention to a stunned Black Cat finishing with, “the girls have to have a talk.”
Mary Jane quickly ran over to her voluptuous adversary and sent out her strong left leg, the muscles in her thighs tensed, her heel struck Black Cat right below her large chest. The taller girl was sent flying back; the pain was so great it barely had to time to fully register in her mind when she felt something on her right hand. She felt her body swing in a semi-circle through the air. Mary Jane had webbed her hand before she landed and swung her around the apartment. Black Cat’s back hit the opposite wall hard, her head following completely dazing her. Black Cat slid down the wall, but Mary Jane was on her. She sent out a hard right kick, this time landing right over the woman’s chest. Black Cat yelled in pain as her tits pressed against her body suddenly, her body with nowhere to go as her back was already against the wall, her breasts absorbing the entire impact. She covered up her chest in pure instinct. Mary Jane jumped and landed both her feet on either side Black Cat’s upper body, sticking to the wall. Black Cat looked up to see Mary Jane’s horrible looking face inches from hers, the spiked teeth looked terrifying. Then, without warning, the long tongue lashed out and licked under Black Cat’s chin. The slimy appendage slithered across her neck then down her chest, lapping the exposed ample cleavage of the woman’s DD’s. Just as this made the cobwebs clear in Black Cat’s head she saw the tongue disappear and the hulking black mass rear back. She started raining down lefts and rights onto Black Cat’s face, wanting to pummel her in the worst way. Black Cat took everything she had and reared back with her right glove, getting her claws ready. She blocked a punch coming down with her left hand and sent her claws right for Mary Jane’s left breast. She got her target, but something was wrong. She looked up at Mary Jane smiling her horrid, spiked tooth smile instead of reeling in pain, and then she slowly looked down. The Venom suit had grabbed her hand and protected the flesh beneath it. Black Cat didn’t give and dug her hand in as far as she could, trying to scratch at the large naked tit underneath. Mary Jane was impressed with the woman’s resolve, but was growing impatient. She sent down another hard right, this time landing it squarely on the left side of Black Cat’s face. Black Cat didn’t waver and sent her other clawed hand to the Mary Jane’s other tit. Man, this girl is tough, thought Mary Jane as the hard blow felt like it would have knocked somebody out cold, Peter was right.
However, the suit caught her other hand too, and although both of Black Cat’s hands were over the girl’s bulbous tits, the suit stopped her from getting to them. She tried her hardest, and dug and dug, but then heard Mary Jane say, “You are a dirty bitch of a fighter. Well two can play that game!” And with that she lunged forward with her own hands, latched onto Black Cat’s massive mammories and squeezed down hard. Black Cat had no protection as her hands were caught in the thick Venom goo over Mary Jane’s chest and she felt her own chest being squeezed. The pain was excruciating and Black Cat yelled in pain, Mary Jane smiled as she had felt her own tits punished by the same woman many times before. The revenge made the suit feel stronger. Mary Jane concentrated and squeezed down harder, Black Cat yelled in agony louder, and knew she had to focus. She concentrated and tried to flex the muscles in her breasts as best she could. Her genetically altered body made her strong as well. She tensed the muscles in her chest as much as she could, turning the soft mounds in stiff muscles. Mary Jane was almost in disbelief, she felt the girl’s huge tits, which should be soft due to their size, get amazingly strong. She squeezed down with her hands as hard as she could, and although she was inflicting pain, she had trouble holding down. How is it possible that this girl is stopping my hands from clenching down by just tensing her chest, Mary Jane thought in disbelief, I mean how strong is this girl?! Mary Jane didn’t like what was happening and abandoned the attack. Black Cat just looked up at her, hid the immense pain she was feeling in her massive mammories, and gave her a knowing smirk. My tits alone just held you off, Black Cat just thought it, there was no need for saying because they both knew. Mary Jane became frustrated and angry, grabbed the woman’s breasts, squeezing down so she had good hold on them, and threw her across the room by the firm DD’s. Black Cat screamed in agony, no matter how strong anyone’s chest is, nobody can withstand that pain. Black Cat didn’t even brace herself for the impact as she was covering her chest in agony. She hit hard wooden floor hard and tumbled forward until her body came to a stop. Black Cat was in a ball in pain when she felt her body being lifted by the back of her collar. Mary Jane lifted the woman up with one hand above her head then sent her left foot up straight up in the air performing a perfect standing split, sending her foot right into the hurt woman’s stomach. A loud oomph was sent out from Black Cat as the air was shot from her lungs. Peter looked on to see his monstrous girlfriend holding up Black Cat high in the air by just her leg, the white haired woman’s body slumped over listlessly on the end of her foot. Mary Jane held her there for a second showing off her amazing new flexibility. She then tensed her strong thigh muscles and sent her leg forward, throwing the hunched over woman like a bullet into the next room.
Broken cabinets, smashing plates, and banging pots and pans rang loudly from the tiny kitchen. Black Cat’s back smashed against the upper cabinets breaking the wood and throwing everything everywhere. Mary Jane loved the sound and looked over to Peter saying, “Now that didn’t sound good, did it?” She laughed a little then finished, “Let me finish this pathetic bitch off, then I’ll come back and we can talk.” Peter didn’t like the sound of that and watched as his grotesque looking girlfriend took her time, strolling towards the kitchen. Her walk was confident, a little too much, she now had an air of cockiness to her that Peter never saw in her before. Peter knew all too well that over confidence could be an Achilles heel in a match against Black Cat.
Mary Jane walked through the door of the kitchen and expected to find Black Cat on the floor in a near unconscious state. Instead she found a wreck of a kitchen and before she could turn to her right to find Black Cat perched on top of the counter in the corner she saw a metal blade come flying at her. Her now quick reflexes allowed her to move out of the way fast, but not fast enough as the blade flew by slicing right through the thick black goo covering Mary Jane’s right arm and cut the skin beneath. Mary Jane yelled in pain and grabbed the wound which was quickly covered back up in the thick ooze. The symbiote must have been not happy as well as the scream of agony from Mary Jane carried with it a high pitched terrible sound, like something an inhuman monster would make after receiving an injury. Black Cat just smiled thinking, so you can get through the monster above to get to the girl below. As soon as resolute vixen knew she could hurt her adversary, she knew she had a chance at defeating her. She continued her big smile which only made Mary Jane angrier, and threw another kitchen knife at her opponent. Mary Jane was ready this time and caught the knife midair, throwing it to the ground where it stuck with a loud thud. Mary Jane lunged forward towards Black Cat who was all too ready as well. The two got tangled up, both of their toned and voluptuous bodies slapping together, their tits sliding across each other’s. Mary Jane could feel how firm Black Cat’s were and suddenly got oddly turned on. Black Cat felt the black goo against the open center of her costume, the sticky liquid felt warm against her cleavage, but more importantly as the two collided after a second break apart, she felt that her tits might still be firmer than Mary Jane’s even with that black ooze on top of her. The thought quickly left however as Mary Jane’s speed and strength allowed her duck under Black Cat’s left arm and slither behind her.
Holy shit, thought Black Cat, I’ve never had an opponent get the slip on me like that. Black Cat wasn’t always the strongest in a fight, but she was usually the fastest which led to most of her victories. Fighting an adversary that was just as fast or in this case even faster, was something she was not used to. I’m going to have to slow her down somehow if I’m going to stand a chance, she thought, maybe I can distract her by hurting her pride like I did Peter, and then go in for the kill. The thought was struck out of her head, literally, as Mary Jane slipped her arms around Black Cat’s and applied a full nelson. She then arched back, then quickly bent forward, sending her rival’s head down hard onto the counter top in front of her. Black Cat was in a daze and the loud thud her head made on the counter top made Mary Jane smile.
“I liked the sound of that,” Mary Jane said deviously, “let’s do that again.” Black Cat tried to fight her off, but couldn’t and with her arms trapped she had no way of blocking her face from being slammed forward again. Mary Jane shot over once more and again Black Cat’s face hit the counter top. She was in a daze when Mary Jane did it once more for good measure, although this time her tits hit first. This made Black Cat snap out of her dazed state and scream in pain. Mary Jane smiled again, and slammed her tits once more on the hard stone surface. Black Cat yelled again, this time even louder. Mary Jane now held her down, Black Cat feeling Mary Jane’s own massive tits press on her back as hers were being pressed down on the cold stone counter top. An onlooker would have seen the mountainous masses squishing between her body and the stone slab, the huge mounds of flesh having nowhere to go but out to the sides. Mary Jane pressed down more and more as she felt her opponent struggle and let out grunts of pain. She loved every moment of it.
Without warning, they both heard a ripping sound. Mary Jane let up a little and peaked around the trapped right shoulder of Black Cat to see that the girl’s tits were being flattened so much and stretching out the sides of her tight costume to such an extent from them having no place else to go, that it actually made small tears in the sides. The flesh of her massive DD’s squeezing out through the rips in the fabric. Mary Jane laughed saying, “Damn, I’m beating you right out of your costume, huh?” She continued to laugh, and this gave all the time an angry Black Cat needed. She lifted her left spiked heel cover foot and slammed it into Mary Janes left calf muscle. Mary Jane shrieked in agony. This made Black Cat smile now, and as she felt the full nelson finally loosen up, she turned sending an elbow to the distracted girl’s face making her take a few steps back. Black Cat then sent her spiked boot straight up in the air in front of her body, showing off her flexibility. The long leg sticking perfectly up in the air in front of her landing the point of her boot right under Mary Jane’s chin. The ooze covered girl’s head snapped back and she let out another shriek of pain. Black Cat wasted no time now, and having an extra second, spun around then sent her right leg straight out. Her strong leg muscles tensed and delivered a perfect and devastating spinning side kick to Mary Jane’s chest, right below her tits. The move was surprising and sent the woman flying backwards, through the door of the kitchen and back into the living room. Peter, who was still too weak and injured to interfere, saw Mary Jane flying through and tumbling until she stopped. Man, thought Peter, how strong is Black Cat?! I mean she took a pretty good beating there, and she’s still able to send her opponent flying around from one of her attacks like a rag doll. Peter realized he had underestimated the powerful woman and was almost glad he was too hurt to join in the battle.
Black Cat ran over to Mary Jane as fast as she could to keep up the offensive. She got to her hunched over body and went to grab her by the head, but was met with a sudden back hand right to her left cheek bone. The attack surprised her and hit her so hard her body spun around. Mary Jane’s plan of playing possum worked and jumped up. She too wasted no time now, extending her own claws from the Venom suit. She then lunged forward and raked her left hand down the back of Black Cat. The pain was unbearable, so much so that time seemed to stop for the taller woman and she fell to her knees, reaching back behind her instinctively from the pain. Her costume now had four rips in the back from each of the four long, razor sharp nails from Mary Jane’s left hand. You could see through the new tears in the costume four long scratches in the fair skin of screaming woman. Black Cat was almost sure she was bleeding, but didn’t care at the moment as she was too focused on the pain. Even Peter felt bad for her, and he knew it had to hurt, because he had seen the woman take a large amount of pain and never falter. Mary Jane took her time now grabbing the agonizing woman’s hair in one hand and the material covering the downed woman’s ass in the other, and pick her up like she was holding a duffle bag. She then tossed the woman across the living, her body slamming against wall, then sliding to the floor. She hit so hard there was a large section of broken sheet rock from where her body hit. Black Cat stirred, but very slowly, it looked like that had done it, she looked almost out.
Again, Mary Jane took her time walking slowly and seductively towards Black Cat, ready to finish her off. She had a plan of punching her in the temple so hard she would be out for good, Black Cat had other plans however. She was completely dazed but heard her opponent’s footsteps coming closer. She knew she wasn’t conscious enough yet to look and plan her attack, so she would have to rely on sound and luck to get this right. She heard Mary Jane stop in front of her and reach down, and gave it all she had. She sent out her long, strong leg in a side kick as hard as she could. The maneuver worked as the pointy heel of her boot landed right into Mary Jane’s stomach. All the air her body had in it left instantly in an audible oomph. The pain was immense as Mary Jane partially doubled over from the sudden attack. Black Cat used all her strength and stood up, sending a quick knee to Mary Jane’s face as she did. Mary Jane’s head snapped up and back, only to have Black Cat follow up again. She jumped up high, dug her claws into the ceiling, swung forward hard, and landed both her knees right over Mary Jane’s tits. Mary Jane fell to the ground screaming her terrible, monstrous scream. The Venom suit not happy at the attack.
Peter couldn’t believe what he was seeing. How could she come back from an attack like? Peter thought after seeing her being tossed like a rag doll he thought for sure Black Cat was done for. This girl’s amazing, Peter just couldn’t believe it.
Black Cat then flipped herself upside down in a hand stand, grabbed Mary Jane’s head between her thighs, clamped down, then twisted her body. Mary Jane felt the strong, steel like thighs clamp down on her head like a vice, and her body twisted along with the muscular masses and as Black Cat let go with her strong thighs, the smaller girl’s body flew across the room in the air, finally landing down hard through a small table. Mary Jane was the one now who was barely moving. Black Cat strolled slowly towards her saying, “You put a hell of a fight, but you’re still no match for me, bitch. You just felt an ounce of what my thick, strong thighs can do, you definitely don’t want the full thing.” Mary Jane barely heard her and started to get up slowly. “No,” said Black Cat, “you still want more? You are dumb, aren’t you. Well that’s ok, because I can kick your ass as long as you want me too. I can go all night, but I guess you and your pathetic man already know that.” Black Cat then turned around, putting her ass inches from a dazed Mary Jane who was on her knees now and feeling the throbbing in her chest. Black Cat then snaked both her thighs around her downed foe’s head, but made it so her face was pressed against her ass. She then said, “I don’t think you’re ready for this, just let me know when you’ve had enough.” And with that she squeezed her thighs together. Mary Jane’s face was buried in Black Cat’s ass and had her thighs starting to slowly squeeze the sides of her head.
Oh my god, her legs feel like steel, thought Mary Jane as she pathetically slapped and pulled at the thick muscles on Black Cat’s legs. She began to get desperate as not only was her head starting to hurt, but she was having trouble breathing. Black Cat’s big round cheeks were so big they engulfed her face to the point where you could barely see it. Her face pressed deeply in the cheeks cutting off her oxygen supply. “Wow, even with that disgusting suit I’m beating you, and with just my ass. How pathetic could you be, you red haired bitch?” The words from Black Cat cut through Mary Jane’s ears, even though the words were muffled from the ass of her attacker, they still hurt. The trapped girl got her claws ready and found Black Cat’s thighs. Black Cat felt the sting immediately and quickly grabbed Mary Jane’s wrists before they could do anymore damage. She looked down to see there were now four holes in the costume covering her thighs with four small puncture marks in each one. Black Cat was pissed saying, “You fucking bitch, how dare you mark my perfect legs!” She then pushed her ass back even more and tensed the cheeks. Mary Jane felt her face being crushed now as well and her back being bent backwards as was still on her knees and trapped. What the hell?! Mary Jane thought, is this girl really beating me with just her ass?! Mary Jane panicked, and all of a sudden the thick ooze of the Venom suit covering her head started to peel away slowly.
Oh no, what’s happening? The thought raced across Mary Jane’s head and then she remembered what Brock had said, if she panicked or if the suit felt weakness, it would reject her. Mary Jane tried to get her composure back as fast as she could, but by then the suit had peeled away completely off her entire head and down her neck. Mary Jane struggled, but the more she did, the more Black Cat clamped down her amazingly hard and strong thighs. Man, thought Mary Jane, this girl’s thighs are almost unreal, it feels like my head is going to pop! The suit begins to peel away more, it now flowed so far down it was passed her shoulders and showing no signs of stopping. No, I can’t be put out by just this girl’s big ass and thighs, thought Mary Jane, and she thought quickly. However, not quickly enough. As Black Cat pushed her ass back more and more, she noticed Mary Jane’s defenseless tits and pussy. She sent two hard punches down to Mary Jane’s large DD’s sending out a muffled scream of pain from the girl. Black Cat then looked at the young girl’s pussy, and took her time. She licked her lips raised her right fist over her head, letting go of Mary Jane’s wrist for a second, and sent it hard down, right onto the screaming girl’s womanhood. The screech that was let out from the girl shoved deep in her ass was cringe worthy. The blow was powerful, but it gave up Mary Jane’s hand, who quickly and out of pure panic, sent a web up to the ceiling which she pulled on and used as a sling shot, sending them both flying upwards.
Black Cat was not expecting the attack and her face suddenly hit the ceiling above her, hard. She then fell to the ground with a loud thump. Mary Jane landed on the ground on her feet, but quickly fell to her knees holding her aching pussy. The pain was almost unbearable and she was gulping in air. She knew another few moments and she would have been unconscious from being suffocated by Black Cat’s round ass. She felt hurt and humiliated, again, from the hands of Black Cat. When she finally regained her senses she looked down and saw the suit had stopped dripping off her, but had slipped all the way down to half way down her massive tits, just above her nipples, barely covering them. Even the where the symbiote had covered the sides of her full tits had slipped off, showing the light skin on the huge round mass. She was angry now at how Black Cat made her lose some of her costume. She slowly and painfully got to her feet, ignoring the pain in her full DD’s and tight young pussy and made her way over to Black Cat, who was still laying on the floor, hardly moving.
Mary Jane walked over to Black Cat and stopped, a little more cautious this time as she didn’t want a repeat of before, the heel digging into her earlier still left an ache from where she was kicked. However, this time, Black Cat wasn’t bluffing, she was completely out of it, scarcely moving. Mary Jane smiled as she looked down at the listless woman, she enjoyed her handy work so. She then saw the large thighs of Black Cat that had caused her so much pain so far. “Let’s see if you can’t take some of your strength away, Black Cat, and it seems to me these legs of yours are far too much trouble then what they’re worth,” said Mary Jane smiling. And she got the claws on her right hand ready and came slashing down on Black Cat’s big muscular thigh. Her claws cut deep and long, making four scratches from the outside of defined leg all the way to the backside. This brought Black Cat out of her state of disarray and shot her straight up, screaming at the top of her lungs in a high pitched yell while holding the newly formed slashes. The pain was almost unbearable; at that moment she didn’t care about anything except holding on to her thigh trying to make the excruciating pain stop. She looked down and the cuts were deep, blood trickled down from them and ran under her tight costume.
She was in agony, and as she looked at the severity of the wound she became angry. That was short lived however, as Mary Jane had plenty of time to set up her next attack. She sent two webs from her hands that shot past Black Cat and webbed to the wall behind her, she pulled on the webbing like two large rubber bands then slung herself forward like a sling shot, sticking both her feet out in front of her. Mary Jane shot through the air and landed both of her ooze covered feet right over Black Cat’s chest, just above her tits. Black Cat’s lungs collapsed and the air rushed out of them, her body flew back and she hit the TV on the wall, smashing it. Black Cat fell to the ground, pieces of the broken TV falling on top of her. She moved a little and heard the glass from the screen fall off her. Her head was throbbing now and she could feel her lower back doing the same. That’s going to leave a nice bruise, she thought. She rolled over to try and get ready for the next attack, but was once again too slow.
Peter looked on in awe, even though at this point Black Cat was getting her ass handed to her, she was still trudging on. He had never seen anybody with as much resolve as hers, man, woman, or beast! She hit that TV with such a force it looked like it would have put maybe even Venom out, and she was still going! He watched though now as Mary Jane swung over to the downed full bodied vixen and stood over her. Mary Jane lifted her left leg and stomped down hard on Black Cat’s stomach, the heel hitting her rock hard abs. Black Cat felt it, but flexed her muscles just in time to soften the blow. Mary Jane almost couldn’t believe it, she stomped down with all her might and although it made an impact, it wasn’t much. Her abs are immensely strong, thought she thought. Black Cat knew she was in a weakened position, however she tried to use it to work on Mary Jane’s psyche. She knew that the symbiote suit made you strong, but also messed with your head. She already noticed some of the suit dripping off her, maybe it wasn’t just hurting her physically that weakened it off her, but hurting her pride as well.
Mary Jane lifted her leg once more and sent it crashing down hard two more times on Black Cat’s stomach. Black Cat felt it, but didn’t show it. Mary Jane was getting frustrated now thinking, this girl couldn’t be that strong, could she? She then picked her foot up once more placed it over Black Cat’s tits, that even when she was laying down, they were firm enough to seem to defy gravity and hold their shape straight up in the air. Black Cat fought at the powerful leg, but it was too strong and Mary Jane began applying pressure downward on the enormous mountains of flesh. Black Cat fought at the legs, but suddenly felt one of her arms kicked away. Mary Jane then stepped on her wrist, trapping one of her arms to the floor, and increased the pressure on her tits. Mary Jane now leaned forward and pressed more weight down on Black Cat’s tits. Black Cat focused and tensed her chest as best she hard as she could to resist the attack. Mary Jane was amazed, she was pressing down hard, but it felt like she was pressing down on two immovable objects, it was insane. Black Cat felt the foot on her tits, and the pain was there, but there was no way she showing Mary Jane any of it or giving up. She looked up and smiling at opponent said, “Is that all you got? It seems that my tits are even stronger than your whole body, and that’s not good. I mean so far, I’ve taken all you have to dish out and still just my amazing and,” Black Cat paused looking down at her massive mammories, “let’s say much bigger than average, tits are holding you back. You are so pathetic, even with that powerful suit, you still can’t defeat me. You are so weak.”
The look in Mary Jane’s face said it all, she was angry and hurt, just as Black Cat wanted. She smiled, and she felt her adversary’s foot press down harder, Mary Jane putting all her weight on the leg now. Black Cat’s tits started to squish down against her, the large mounds of flesh starting squeeze through the rips of fabric that had torn from before, now making the rips bigger and bigger. Black Cat was in pain now, Mary Jane smiled, but not for long. The downed girl concentrated and flexed the muscles in her huge breasts as hard as she could, and to Mary Jane’s amazement started to actually push her leg up! How is doing this?! Mary Jane thought as she felt her leg being pressed back up. This is not possible, she thought. Black Cat just looked up at her and said, “Seriously, that’s all you got?! I really am holding you off with just my tits, and you have your whole body. You really are pitiful.” Mary Jane seethed with anger and suddenly let up her attack. Black Cat was relieved as the pain in her chest was becoming almost unbearable, luckily her opponent did see it. It was short lived, however, and she heard Mary Jane say, “Not strong enough for you, huh? You think you’re so tough, well try this!” And with that, Mary Jane stomped her leg down on the open wound on Black Cat’s thigh, Black Cat shot up screaming in pain. Mary Jane immediately followed the attack up by sending her knee forward, slamming it into Black Cat’s right tit. Black Cat screamed again as the huge DD was slammed against her body from the hard knee.
Mary Jane just looked down and smiled saying, “I guess those things can be hurt.” Black Cat didn’t hear what she had said as the pain in her leg and tit had clouded everything around her. Mary Jane then grabbed the long white hair of Black Cat and was about to pick her up by it when she felt an excruciating pain in her side. Black Cat lashed out at her attacker out of pure anger and sunk her sharp claws into the right side of Mary Jane. The ooze there had become thinner and the claws dug deep into the upper side of Mary Jane, right over rib cage. She screamed and back handed the woman, knocking her away. She backed away a couple of steps holding he side in pain. She looked down and noticed the symbiote didn’t cover up the wound, it left four blank circles exposing the flesh and puncture wounds. Mary Jane was pissed and as she looked up, she noticed Black Cat was just as angry, she too was holding painful parts of her body. Her right tit and her slashed thigh. The two composed themselves and went at it like two animals.
Mary Jane attacked as fast as she could, sending up a right roundhouse kick. It was fast, because Black Cat could barely see it, the speed was faster than she could ever be. The foot connected with Black Cat’s left arm, sending a wave of pain through her. Black Cat didn’t like not being faster than her foe, and definitely wasn’t used to it, but maybe, she thought, she could be smarter. She figured Mary Jane would be predictable and send another kick. She was not only right, but ready. Mary Jane sent another round house kick, but this time saw Black Cat duck under it and send a hard punch on the large muscle on the back of her thigh. Mary Jane reached down at the leg in pain, this gave Black Cat all the time she needed. She sent a hard right cross to Mary Jane’s face, then a quick jab, snapping her back, followed up by a mean right hook to the side of her face shooting the whole head to the side. As Peter looked on it looked like Mary Jane’s head was going to twist and fly off her body. Mary Jane was dazed, and Black Cat took advantage, not letting up. She sent a hard right to the lower ribs of her foe on the left side, then did the same with her right, working on her body. She knew it would slow her down if her body was sore. Black Cat then sent her right fist straight forward, right over the center of Mary Jane’s stomach. Mary Jane let out a grunt of pain, lowering her hands to protect the battered midsection. She was too slow, however, and Black Cat sent a quick right to her lower right side, then again, then again, then again. She hammered away at the girl’s soft spot right below her rib cage. Mary Jane lowered her arms more now, and Black Cat saw her chance to execute what she was setting her up for. Black Cat took a step back and got ready. She then twisted her hips and through a devastating left hook forward, right into side of the exposed area of Mary Jane’s right tit. The fist connected with the soft flesh and pounded into the big mound of flesh. Her fist dug deep, the small hand almost being swallowed by the mountainous mass before flying off it. Mary Jane’s right DD bounced off the fist and ripped right out of the symbiote suit, flying to the side looking like it was going to fly right off her body, splatters of black goo went everywhere. Mary Jane screamed in pain covering up the struck tit. Tears flowed down her face and Black Cat said, “Wow, I didn’t know I could beat that costume off of you! I mean how weak to you have to be to have the symbiote suit pounded off you!” Mary Jane reeled in pain and was hurt by Black Cat’s words almost as much as the throbbing she caused in her tit. Black Cat noticed the symbiote was dripping more down her body and knew her plan was working. She then stepped forward and kneed Mary Jane right in her stomach, the ooze feeling thinner over the girl’s body now and the red haired girl doubled over in pain. Black Cat then sent another knee up, only this time right over Mary Jane’s other tit. Mary Jane shot up again screaming in pain, only this time because of her other breast. Black goo again shot everywhere, small splatters landed on Mary Jane’s neck and under her chin, some even landed on Black Cat’s chest. She realized that she had beat the other tit out of the symbiote suit as well, making both of the girl’s voluptuous tits completely naked and exposed. The taller woman looked down and wiped some residue that left on her knee and smiled at her handy work. The thick black ooze was thinning and running lower now over Mary Jane’s body, her stomach slowly being exposed more and more by the second. Not to mention Mary Jane’s tits were now fully on display for everyone to see. Black Cat did have to admire them a little. They were and big and firm, sitting high on Mary Jane’s chest. They looked perfect, except of course, for the newly formed bruises on them. There was large bruise on the right sight of the thick right tit and an even larger bruise over the center of the left one. “Man, those things are huge,” taunted Black Cat, “but they certainly aren’t strong, and definitely not as strong as mine.” Black Cat took her fingertip and poked it into Mary Jane’s right breast, pressing easily into the soft flesh. “I mean, they’re firm, but nowhere near mine,” continued Black Cat.
Mary Jane was pissed now and sent out a quick punch right over the center of Black Cat’s face. Her head snapped back, and Mary Jane followed it up with a right hand across her adversary’s left cheek. Black Cat stumbled back a few steps and saw another fist coming just in time. She ducked under it and noticed the now exposed flesh of Mary Jane’s entire right side. The symbiote had shrunk all the way down to her waste, just above the red haired girl’s pussy. She shot back up with an uppercut to the left side of Mary Jane’s exposed lower ribs. The blow was devastating and Black Cat swore she heard a crack. Mary Jane shrieked in pain and doubled over. Black Cat was almost sure she broke one of her ribs. The taller girl wanted to go in for the kill and as she did she was struck with a hard blow that seemed to come out of nowhere. Mary Jane had sent the back of her fist hard across Black Cat’s head, landing it right over the temple on her left side. Black Cat saw stars as the strike hit perfectly. Mary Jane saw the stunned girl stumble back a few steps and knew this was her chance to go on the offensive. She knew her side was hurt badly and had to make this count. With the ooze only covering her from the waste and below on her body, it luckily still covered her wrists and hands. She pulled her right fist back and sent it forward as hard as she could, landing it into Black Cat’s stomach at the very top of her abdomen in to her diaphragm. Even with Black Cat’s strong abdominal muscles, the hard hit plus her not expecting it sent a wave of pain up her body and also doubled her over. Mary Jane then crouched down, half way on her knees, balled her fist again, and sent the hardest uppercut she could into Black Cat’s face. The blow hit contacted with perfection and devastation as Black Cat’s face snapped back, her whole body then quickly following. It looked like she was just hit with a truck her body shot up so violently. Peter looked on in awe at the hard blow. Black Cat fell to the floor, landing on her round ass, her head slumped down with her face buried in her own massive tits.
Mary Jane was breathing heavy as delivering the blows took a lot out of her, however, she knew then that receiving them had to be far worse. She looked down at Black Cat who was breathing, but not very deeply. She realized that Black Cat’s head slumped forward as it was buried the woman’s face in her own enormous round breasts, so much so that she was smothering herself, unable to lift up because she was near unconsciousness. Mary Jane laughed saying, “Now that’s embarrassing! Who’s pathetic now, I mean I hit you so hard that your face is buried in your own tits, and you’re smothering yourself out!” Mary Jane laughed harder, but then her side shot a terrible pain up her body, reminding her of her badly hurt side. She rubbed it and knew something had to be broken.
The red haired girl stood up then lifted Black Cat by her hair all the way to her feet and heard her take in a deep breath. “I could have let you smother yourself out cold,” said Mary Jane whispering in the dazed girl’s ear, “but I want to have some more fun with you. I didn’t think it would take this long or be such a battle to beat you, which I clearly have, so I’m going to have some fun with you for a little while.” She sent out devastating knee to the dazed girl, sending her crumpling to the ground, lying on her back, motionless. Mary Jane then snaked her legs around the downed girl, putting her strong thighs under her back and over the seemingly impervious large round breasts. Mary Jane smiled as she heard a moan from Black Cat as she was coming to and squeezed down. Black Cat instantly felt the pain of Mary Jane’s strong thighs clamp down on her bulbous DD’s. She screamed in pain and Mary Jane loved every minute of it. These things can be hurt, she thought, which means this girl isn’t invincible, which means, she thought more, deviously, she can be beaten. She clamped her thighs down harder and Black Cat cried out in pain, pathetically pounding at the concrete feeling thighs. She then felt her wrists grabbed and the hold get even tighter. She screamed louder in pain and her tits squished against her body hard. She yelled and yelled, and when Mary Jane felt she had enough she let up on the hold and kneed her under her chin. Black Cat’s head shot backward, again get struck in her already bruised chin. Mary Jane then grabbed her hair roughly, lifted her back to her feet and said, “Now I’m going to finish you.” Black Cat barely heard the words, and felt her arms being brought straight up in the air above her head, then felt them being stuck there. Mary Jane lifted up her arms and webbed them to the ceiling by her hands and wrists trapping her there in a defenseless state.
Mary Jane then lifted the woman’s slumped head up, now noticing small trickles of blood coming from her nose and a large black and blue on the left side of her face by her eye which already had begun swelling. Black Cat let out a groan and Mary Jane took her clawed left hand and slashed her diagonally down the front of her body, from right shoulder down across her huge chest and ending by her left hip. The pain shot through the trapped girl’s body instantly and she screamed in pain. “Good, I wanted to wake you up for this, I don’t want you missing out on all the fun because you were almost unconscious,” Mary Jane spoke the words in a monotone way, she was all business at this point. The scratch left four tears into Black Cat’s costume and four red painful red lines, the ones across her stomach were a little deeper as small spots of blood appeared here and there. “You know this costume is protecting you too much,” said Mary Jane, “let’s get rid of it so you can feel everything I have to give you.”
Mary Jane then took either side of the plunging neck line that Black Cat had in the center of her body in each of her hands and ripped it open as far as it would go. The loud tearing sound woke Black Cat up even more as she felt the front part of her body completely naked now. Mary Jane had ripped it far open and then suddenly pulled the tattered pieces down completely ripping them from the one-piece costume. Mary Jane wanted to humiliate her like she had been doing to her for weeks, and that moment had finally arrived for her. There she stood in front of a bound Black Cat, the top half of her body completely naked just like hers all the way down to her waist. Peter looked on and saw the two women, both of them completely topless, their large naked breasts inches from each other. He almost couldn’t believe his eyes.
Mary Jane ran her hand down the naked skin of Black Cat on the outside of her body right below her enormous left tit. “You know, your tits are amazing, I do have to say that,” said Mary Jane, “I mean they’re so big and firm, it’s a shame I’m going to have to fuck them up.” Black Cat was coming too more and more and was now struggling at the bonds covering her hands holding her to the ceiling, but the webbing felt thick and strong. “Go ahead, struggle all you want,” said Mary Jane smiling, “you look pathetic doing it, and it’ll make this more fun.” The shorter girl then sent a hard right hook into the soft lower part of Black Cat’s body sending a pain filled grunt from the woman. Mary Jane just smiled. She sent another to the other side just for good measure, and again another grunt came from the trapped woman. Mary Jane was taking her time as she ran her left hand from Black Cat’s neck, down between her colossal mammories softly, then continued to her stomach feeling the woman’s tight and hard abs, stopping her hand right below her belly button. She looked Black Cat right in her eyes and then sent a hard punch right over her navel. Black Cat’s face winced in pain, Mary Jane just smiled. She sent another one, but this time Black Cat had time to tense her muscles and the smaller girl’s fist hit with a thud. Black Cat felt the blow, but didn’t want her adversary to know it. “Is that all you got?” Black Cat taunted Mary Jane. The small red head couldn’t believe it, she had this girl completely at her mercy, beat her with everything she had and not only is she still conscious, and taking her even more punishment, but she’s taunting her now as well! Mary Jane was in disbelief.
That’s it, thought Black Cat, keep working on her psyche as I work my claws through her webbing. Mary Jane became angry now sent blow after blow to Black Cat’s midsection. Her fists hammered down on the hard muscles of the taller woman’s stomach and sides. Black Cat did the best she could to hold up, but after a while Mary Jane felt her soften up. As she did, she looked up and smiled at her opponent. “You still feel weak to me,” said Black Cat. Mary Jane then picked her leg up and sent a round house kick to the large slash over thigh. Black Cat yelled in pain. “And let’s not forget about these lovely things,” said Mary Jane as she took both her hands and caressed the outside of Black Cat’s DD’s, gently stroking them. Mary Jane then sent hard punch right over the center of the right tit. Black Cat didn’t move, and Mary Jane noticed how firm they felt against the blow. It’s like hitting a body bag, thought Mary Jane in disbelief. She couldn’t believe she was intimidated by a woman’s tits who were displayed defenseless before her. She then sent a right hook to the side of the other tit. Black Cat felt it, but didn’t want to show any pain even though there was plenty of it.
Mary Jane then sent a hard slap over the right one, the large mound of flesh shot over from the blow, leaving a hand print on where it was stuck. Mary Jane liked what she saw and started slapping the girl’s massive DD’s over and over, the round masses flying off her hand every time she struck them, Black Cat started to have tears well up in her eyes. “You felt that, didn’t you, bitch?! I mean look at them, they’re all red now,” Mary Jane said laughing. Black Cat had a look of pure anger in eyes and Mary Jane said, “Oh, don’t worry, I can dish out as much pleasure as I can pain. I would love to embarrass you and make you cum just like you did to me.”
Mary Jane then walked behind her opponent and stood there, taking a long look at her ass. “And look at this perfect ass, it’s just begging to be spanked,” said Mary Jane and she sent her hand across the round cheeks hard, a loud smacking sound echoed throughout the apartment. She felt how firm it her backside was too; she was so amazed at how this girl was built. Every inch of her was toned and strong. She sent her hand down again, then again, then again, spanking the girl harder and harder. Black cat felt her ass and back of her thighs start to sting more and more with every blow. An audible grunt of pain could be heard after every loud smack.
“Oooh, I think you might like that a little bit, let’s see what else you like,” said Mary Jane as she put her hand on the inside of her left thigh as she stood behind her. “Get off me you little bitch,” yelled Black Cat, but Mary Jane raised her hand up a little higher. “Why, are you afraid of cumming from my hand?” Mary Jane asked the woman just as she put the tips of her fingers over the thin material covering Black Cat’s pussy. She breathed in deeply and Mary Jane smiled. She reached her hands around and pressed them on Black Cat’s stomach from behind and slowly ran them up the fit girl’s body, stopping at her tits. She took each large mass of flesh in her hands and squeezed. She squeezed harder and harder until she got a moan of pain from the woman she despised so much. Black Cat eventually did just that and Mary Jane then squeezed her nipples. She played with them roughly between her fingers and felt them get hard. Mary Jane said, “Ah, so you do like a woman’s touch, huh?” Black Cat was angry at her body betraying her as she didn’t want her foe to know that she was being turned on. Mary Jane then took her right and placed it over the thin material covering Black Cat’s pussy again and began rubbing it back and forth. Black Cat felt her adversary’s naked tit press on her back now and rub up and down, she could feel Mary Jane’s nipples on her bare back and it turned her on. Mary Jane then prodded her fingers a little deeper now and pinched the girl’s right nipple with her other hand. A moan of pleasure was sent from Black Cat. Mary Jane knew she was turning her on good now. Black Cat hated herself for letting out the moan, but it was almost unstoppable.
Mary Jane doubled her efforts now and rubbed her pussy faster, suddenly she felt a wetness on her fingertips and looked down. Black Cat was getting so turned on, so much so that her wetness bled through the material between her thick thighs. Mary Jane smiled, got as much of the wetness on her fingers as possible then brought them up to Black Cat’s mouth, rubbing it on her lips. Black Cat was furious now at being forced to taste her own wetness caused by this little bitch. She worked at the webbing holding her hands as fast as she could now.
Mary Jane now concentrated and the symbiote’s ooze started pulling from her body. Black Cat felt the warm thick liquid ooze onto her thick thighs, feeling syrup on her legs. She then felt it climb farther and farther up her legs and reach the inside of her thighs right below her pussy. What is happening, she thought. Mary Jane then pulled her right hand away from fondling Black Cat’s tit and grabbed the girl’s already torn black suit right above her ass and rip in opposite directions. The costume split open easily exposing Black Cat’s beautiful round ass cheeks. Mary Jane continued to pull to expose the woman’s tight shaved pussy as well, the black thong hung, dangling from her side, barely hanging on to the bound up girl’s body. Black Cat clenched her teeth in anger, and began to say, “What the hell are you doi-“ But her words were cut off by the feeling of the symbiote reach her now naked pussy. The thick gooey substance felt like a controlled spilled bottle of thick liquid, all different drips flowing towards her womanhood. Black Cat could do nothing but try and hold out.
She felt the ooze reach her pussy and flow around it, caressing it. Then it started to push itself inside her wet pussy lips. Black Cat moaned louder in pleasure and felt herself get really wet now. Mary Jane walked around and look Black Cat right in the eyes, she maintained her eye contact even when she took her left nipple in her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. She then did the same to the other nipple. After she was done with that she just started licking and biting the firm massive masses everywhere, Mary Jane burying her face between the large tits. The oozed now flowed more and more from Mary Jane’s legs and Black Cat felt it now flowing freely inside and out of her, it was like she was somehow being fucked by water. It was an odd, yet immensely powerful and pleasurable experience. Her head threw back in passion now, her unable to contain the façade of composure and moaned loudly. This only made Mary Jane suck and lick her tits harder, adding a hard slap here and there for good measure. Black Cat loved the way the small hand felt as it smacked against her large tits and suddenly felt the ooze start to flow over her ass as well. It squeezed the cheeks together and plunged itself between them. Black Cat now felt a rhythm of the thick liquid going inside and out of her now dripping wet pussy. She moaned louder and louder. Mary Jane realized that the symbiote was feeding off her opponent’s pleasure. For just a moment Black Cat felt bonded with the strange ooze, like they were in a partnership.
The moment was short lived, and after what seemed like an eternity, and also just in time, she managed to claw her right hand out of its webbed restraint. She crashed her fist down hard over Mary Jane’s naked right tit. Mary Jane did not expect the blow at as she was in the moment sucking on Black Cat’s tits and screamed in pain, covering the hit mammory. Black Cat took her moment of reprieve and felt the ooze leave her body completely as she slashed the webbing covering her left hand. Finally, she was free. She jumped up and sent both her feet into Mary Jane’s exposed stomach with all her might, forcing every ounce of air out of the small girl’s lungs. She flew back like a rag doll across the room.
Mary Jane was not expecting the attack and set up no defense for it, she took every ounce of the blow and now laid crumpled up into a ball in the center of the living room. Black Cat saw she wasn’t moving much and fell to one knee. She held her stomach and chest as they ached terribly. It hurt to breathe as she took in labored breaths. She ran her hand down her scratched thigh and as she looked down she saw large bruises has started to appear around the wound. She looked at her stomach and saw the deep scrape from Mary Jane’s long nails across her abdomen. She also looked at the sides of her midsection which had bruises on them as well. She took her time and got to her feet, she looked over at Mary Jane to make sure she wasn’t coming to and saw she was still in the same state as before, curled up in a fetal position moaning in pain.
This made Black Cat feel a little better, at least she’s in pain too, she thought. She poked her head around the back of her body and saw the scrapes on her back, she started to get angry now, and when she looked down even further, she saw how red her ass was. Red tiny hand prints from her attacker could be seen all over her exposed ass. Anger swelled up inside her. She then looked down at her tits which ached as well. She saw that not only did they have tiny red hand prints from where Mary Jane smacked them around like they were her play toys, but also small bruises on the sides of them from where the painful punches found their targets. The strong woman ripped off the tatters of her costume and as she did felt how soaking wet the pieces of clothe hanging from between her legs were. She couldn’t believe how close she was to cumming, hard. Black Cat was really pissed now and shot her attention to Mary Jane was just coming around and managed to get herself up to her hands and knees.
As the cobwebs cleared Mary Jane was in a state of complete disbelief. She had hammered on this girl with everything she had, she even had her to the point of humiliation! Even still, she fought back, and had enough left to deliver a blow that flattened her to the ground. Mary Jane felt tired now, and weaker. She wasted a lot of her energy in the fight, and pounding on the bound up Black Cat. She looked up from her position and saw Black Cat, completely topless, walking confidently towards her. She looked almost goddess like, thought Mary Jane. Here she was tired from pounding on Black Cat with everything she had, and she was the one that was tired. From the strength that she was delivering her blows, she would have thought she could have taken down a whole gang of people. Yet, here Black Cat was, a little beat up, but walking tall and confident. She had red marks and bruises here and there along with some scratches, but the way she acted it was if she was fresh, like nothing had happened. Mary Jane was in shock and awe.
Black Cat saw the look on Mary Jane’s face, and loved every minute of it. Black Cat sent a hard round house kick to the side of the downed girl’s face snapping her head to the side, the rest of her body following. Mary Jane laid on her back, breathing heavy, again in a daze. Black Cat could have done anything she wanted to the defenseless girl at that point, but decided to tease her instead. “Look at you, you pitiful, pathetic, weak little bitch. You had me at your mercy and you still couldn’t beat me, or my,” Black Cat ran her clawed hands over her somewhat battered tits, “perfect body. There’s nothing you could possibly to me to stop me. I’m too strong for you.” The words resonated in Mary Jane’s ears and she knew she had to get herself moving as laying there almost completely naked at the hands of this woman was not a good thing. She moved her left arm, but as soon as she did Black Cat sent a tight fist down into her stomach, driving it deep just above her navel. The skin to skin contact made a loud slap and Mary Jane’s body shot off the ground and a grunt of pain was sent from her lungs. Black Cat then sent the other fist down again, only this time directly over the center Mary Jane’s left tit. The large mass seemed to almost swallow up Black Cat’s fist as it sunk deep inside it.
The pain sent through her massive DD was unbearable for Mary Jane and as soon as her lungs regained air from the strike to her stomach, she screamed out in a terrifying yell. It echoed throughout the apartment, and was like nails on a chalk board to Peter’s ears. He couldn’t believe Black Cat had that much fight left in her. Mary Jane curled up on her side, holding her painful tit her hands. Black Cat then slapped the other uncovered naked tit hard, sending a loud slap now echoing through the wrecked living room. Mary Jane screamed again and felt herself lifted up by her hair, Black Cat spun and kicked her in her left side hard, sending the girl flying across the room.
Again, Mary Jane laid in a fetal position on the floor this time whimpering in pain. “Get up,” yelled Black Cat, “you weak, pathetic bitch!!” Mary Jane fought through the pain as best she could, and somehow slowly made it to her feet. She had no idea how as the pain her tits and side were excruciating. Waves of pain emanated out of the struck areas like electric shocks. She got ready the best she could and the two walked towards each other.
Faint sounds of police sirens could be heard in the distance getting louder and louder, closer and closer to the Manhattan apartment building. Someone must have heard all the ruckus and called the police, thought Black Cat, who was now standing in the center of the living room ready and waiting for her slow moving and tired looking opponent. Finally, thought Peter, gotta give it to New York neighbors, you have to have world war III happening for any of them to call the cops.
Mary Jane mustered all she had left and ignored the pain the best she could and was determined to put down this seemingly impervious woman. The two went at it like animals. Black Cat attacked first, sending hard punch towards the side of Mary Jane’s right tit. Mary Jane took a gamble and figured she would attack her aching mountainous tits first, they were so much bigger now, and such a good target. The gamble paid off as she blocked the predictable attack and sent a hard right to Black Cat’s face, which snapped to the side. Mary Jane then ducked down and sent her tiny fist into the battered and clawed abs of her foe, she noticed they felt a lot softer now that she wasn’t tensed and ready for it. She smiled a little as her beating on them must have finally taken its toll. Black Cat sent out an oomph, and as Mary Jane shot back up, she sent an uppercut to the underside of the other girl’s bulbous left tit. Black Cat stumbled back and yelled in pain. Mary Jane just smiled. I guess this girl has some fight in her left, thought Black Cat. The two went at it again, Black Cat again on the offensive. Mary Jane waited and saw the other woman’s massive thigh left to attack. She must be wearing down, thought Mary Jane, her attacks seem to be getting slower. Mary Jane lowered her fist to block the attack, but realized the kick never came and Black Cat was only faking. The smaller girl looked up too late and saw a fist come crashing down on her face. The gloved hand smacked over her left cheek and blood and spit flew from her mouth. Black Cat smiled and as she grabbed the dazed girl’s hair to give her a knee to the face, she felt fist strike her in her midsection in her diaphragm.
Black Cat stumbled back again, again amazed of the fight this girl had in her as well. Mary Jane went on the attack this time and took a step forward, not letting Black Cat catch her breath as the oxygen was forced from her lungs. She sent a punch straight out landing it right in center of the woman’s chest between her now sweaty DD’s. Her fist struck her sternum and Black Cat’s body caved forward. Mary Jane saw the woman’s arms drop and knew this was her chance, she sent out a hard kick to wounded thigh and as Black Cat dropped to one knee, she saw Mary Jane’s knee come forward and strike her face. She saw nothing but black and stars. She then felt two hands grab her on the sides of her head and, in her state of darkness, shot out her fist upward, hoping to hit something anything. Her attack out of desperation paid off as it hit Mary Jane’s lower stomach, just above her pussy. She grabbed her stomach and was again shocked at the strike. Every time I think I have this girl, thought Mary Jane, she comes out of nowhere with an attack. She was sure she was close to having her this time and regained her fighting stance. Black Cat did the same, this time favoring the injured right thigh, Mary Jane could see more blood coming from the wound now.
The two went at it again, Mary Jane attacking first with a kick to Black Cat’s side, it struck the girl’s ribs, but the woman retaliated with a right hook to the side of Mary Jane’s face. Mary Jane then sent a hard right cross which hit the taller woman in left tit, and she winced in pain, giving back quick jab to the girl’s face and a knee to her right side. Back and forth the women battled sending devastating punches, then knees, then kicks. Blow for blow the woman attacked each other, giving everything they had.
Black Cat finally saw Mary Jane tire and wear down first as her punches were slower now. She knew she had to play smart as although Mary Jane was slowing down, she knew she had some strength left, enough to do some real damage. She blocked a few of the red haired girl’s punches. Mary Jane felt herself tiring, but dug deep and gave everything she had. Black Cat suddenly took a right hook to the side of her face and her head snapped to the side, she felt another hit in her right tit. Mary Jane felt Black Cat’s tits not tense as much now, but still feel like she was hitting a strong mass. How firm are this woman’s tits, thought Mary Jane as she wondered how much it would take to wear her down now took a step forward to continue the attack. Black Cat side stepped the girl’s slow moving knee and sent a hard right hook to Mary Jane’s left tit. Her tits felt even softer now, and her hand dug deep into the soft round flesh. Mary Jane screamed in agony and instinctively covered up the hurt area. Black Cat sent a hard knee to Mary Jane’s side, the taller woman’s hard thigh making Mary Jane crumple over. Black Cat then sent a hard upper cut to Mary Jane’s stomach. She looked from her bent over state and felt Black Cat grab the hair on top of her head, push her body down and saw her powerful, muscular thigh come flying up and crash over face. Mary Jane’s body shot up, she looked like she was unconscious, but still standing. Blood poured from her nose and the right side of her face of swollen. Black Cat took her time, stepped back, and spun, sending out her right leg hard landing it in the center of Mary Jane’s chest between her fair skinned, round tits. Mary Jane flew back and crumpled to the ground, barely moving.
Black Cat then took her time and walked over to the downed girl. She grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head and the thick goo covering the back of her thighs. She then amazingly lifted up the listless girl over her head and spun around to look at Peter. “Look! Look at your pathetic girl, you guys are both pitiful! Even with your spidey powers and her suit from Venom, Venom! Your sworn enemy who we both know is much more powerful then you’ll ever be, even with this slimy disgusting suit she couldn’t beat me!” Black Cat yelled the words to Peter with a look of complete domination on her face. She then brought her body down, putting her knee up first, slamming Mary Jane’s body on it. An audible crack could be heard and Peter knew that another of Mary Jane’s ribs must have broken. Mary Jane let out a groan of barely conscious pain. Black Cat now heard the cops right at the apartment door, pounding on it tell them to open up. She didn’t care, she didn’t even care that the wooden floor beneath them was creaking terribly and was broken up everywhere from the huge battle that had just happened. She picked up Mary Jane one more time and threw her to the ground hard, more of the floor breaking. Mary Jane was barely made a sound this time, Peter looked on in horror at the beating his girlfriend was receiving.
Black Cat then looked down at her fallen foe and jumped high in the air, she brought both her knees down and landed them right on Mary Jane’s back. Mary Jane’s body absorbed the impact, hard. Unfortunately, so did the floor. The floor suddenly gave way and crashed to the apartment below, again that floor broke, and they fell for what seemed like forever until they both landed on a hard concrete floor.
Neither one of them moved for a few minutes. Mary Jane landed hard on the ground, the spot of where Black Cat landed her knees tightened up which made her entire back pulse in excruciating pain.
Black Cat came around first and looked around. She noticed they had crashed all the way to some sort of sub-basement of the apartment building. She looked up and high above she saw police and neighbors peering down through the hole. It was too dark to see them and they knew it would take a while to get down there, let alone try and find an entrance. The police knew all too well that the underground in some of these old New York City apartment buildings could be like mazes. Someone could spend days down there and not find a doorway. A rope would have to be lowered, but then SWAT would have to be called in, and that would take time as well. Black Cat and Mary Jane were down in the dimly lit, dungeon like basement all alone, just the two of them to finish their long and tumultuous battle.

Mary Jane started to stir and she realized she had lost consciousness, she didn’t know for how long. Her back had an agonizing pain that seemed to radiate through the rest of her body. She pushed herself up to all fours, her body feeling heavy as her arms felt weakened from battle. As she got up to her knees her newly acquired big chest felt heavier as well, her back that used to feel strong, was feeling feeble not being able to hold up the weight of the huge mammories. Not to mention the pain that was almost unbearable emanating from them. She looked up and saw Black Cat had already gotten to her feet and was standing over her. Mary Jane didn’t know how long the amazingly resilient woman was standing there, but she knew she could have put her out at that moment, but didn’t. It wasn’t like she was toying with her, it was more that she felt the woman had more punishment to dish out. Mary Jane slowly rose up, her whole body aching, unfortunately, it wasn’t fast enough for Black Cat and she felt the hair on the top her head pulled suddenly and lifted to her feet. Mary Jane swung her right hand, the attack was very slow, but it still managed to strike Black Cat in her stomach making the woman send out a grunt of pain. She let go of Mary Jane’s dark red hair and took two steps back.
“You bitch! You just don’t learn your lesson, do you? Well, I’ll give you this, you’re a lot stronger than your pathetic and weak man. He didn’t put up a quarter of the fight you did, not that you could stand a chance with me any way. I mean look, the symbiote doesn’t even want your fragile and pitiful ass,” Black Cat said. Mary Jane looked down and noticed almost all the ooze gone now. It had slinked down to past her waste and only covered her up to mid-thigh, everything above was completely naked, her pussy and ass on display for anyone to see. Even the goo covering her hands and dripped off, making her lose the ability to web and produce her sharp claws she used to abuse her opponent.
“Aaaww, is the little girl sad she lost her costume,” said Black Cat, “well then here, we’ll finish this as equals. Not that you’re anywhere near my equal. You belong under my feet, which is where you’re going to end up.” And with that Black Cat without hesitation started tearing off what was left of her costume. She kept tearing strips off more and more until finally she was completely naked except for her white boots and gloves. She then took her time, bending over and removing each boot, placing it aside, then then did the same with the gloves. Mary Jane was almost relieved as the points on her boots and claws on the gloves had inflicted so much damage and pain to her throughout their violent combat. “There, all done, now we can finish this,” said Black Cat.
Mary Jane looked at her and had to admire her body. Her tits were big, full, and firm, sticking past her body with perfect small nipples, and every inch of her was toned, muscular, and feminine. With her costume off she got a look at her legs better and saw how big and strong her thighs actually looked. And from the angle she saw how perfect the cheeks of her ass looked, again firm and strong like the rest of her. She had battle injuries on her, but her stance showed how confident and strong she was.
They both squared off with one another. Both did have plenty of injuries on them though as they looked at each other closer now. Black Cat’s face was swollen on her right side by her with a dark bruise over it, and her mouth had a small trickle of blood coming down the corner on the right side, which she wiped away with her right forearm, making a red smear on her arm. A visible bruise could be seen under her chin that was dark color now. Her tits had red hand prints almost all over them and small, light bruises started to appear on the sides of both of the colossal orbs. There was a larger bruise slightly darker in color over the right one, and there was a large red mark on her sternum directly between the massive DD’s. She had four large slashes diagonally across her body from Mary Jane’s claws, the deepest part being of it being over her stomach where small drips of blood had poured out before she clotted. There was also a large, deeper slash over her left thigh, and to make it worse, there were dark bruises all over and around the wound. Her ass felt hot, and with good reason, as the spanking she received earlier left red handprints all over it which now turned a dark crimson. Mary Jane looked more battle beaten than the roughed up Black Cat. Her face was also swollen, only more so. Almost her entire right side had swelled up, so much so that her right eye was partially shut. The upper left side by her cheek bone was also enlarged, a large bump stuck out from her once symmetrical and perfect model face. Blood came down from her nose, she didn’t even bother to wipe it at this point as it felt broken anyway and knew it would just keep bleeding. Her body was a complete mess. She had small and big scratches everywhere, partially from Black Cat’s claws, and partially from being driven down through two wooden floors. The splintering wood scratching her almost everywhere. Her tits had bruises on them as well, but worse than Black Cat’s. The black and blues were much darker and larger, and just like Black Cat as well she had mark between her large fleshy tits, but hers was again a darker and larger bruise. Her stomach wasn’t scratched as badly as the other girl’s, but it did have deep red marks all over it. Her upper thighs were just as bad with huge welts and discolorations on almost every inch.
Black Cat stood confidently favoring her injured thigh slightly, staring at her smaller, badly beaten opponent. Mary Jane stood there as well, but she was hunched over, her whole upper body and back in excruciating pain. Her breathing was also much heavier and more labored than her foe’s, something Black Cat noticed immediately. The two then went after each other almost simultaneously, both wanting to finish the fight the victor.
Black Cat sent out a hard right fist to Mary Jane’s already battered face and it lands squarely, almost sending the girl right down right there. Black Cat then realized that this girl had little to nothing left. She pulled Mary Jane up by her hair and felt an agonizing pain her injured thigh, Mary Jane had sent her knee up into it hard. Black Cat screamed in pain and covered her hand, Mary Jane sent out a punch to her stomach sending air out of Black Cat’s lungs. This fucking girl still has fight left in her, thought a surprised Black Cat and didn’t want to make the mistake of underestimating this girl anymore. Mary Jane then sent a hook to the biggest target she could, landing it on the left side of Black Cat’s left tit. Her blow contacted, but it was like hitting a rock. She couldn’t believe it. Black Cat felt the hit, but it was much weaker now, and she hid the pain it sent through the already injured mammory. She just looked up at the awe in Mary Jane’s face and went on the offensive. She led with a quick jab to the girl’s face, then as she was stunned for a quick moment, sent up a hard round house. The muscles in her legs and ass tensed and she connected on the right side of Mary Jane’s body, right over her already broken rib. Mary Jane shrieked in pain and dropped her hands to cover up her pain filled side. Black Cat then saw her chance and started raining down blows over her body over and over, the fists coming to fast for Mary Jane to stop, feeling her stomach being pounded on. Finally, Black Cat sent out a straight punch right over Mary Jane’s naked left breast. Another shriek came from the smaller girl, it was cut off however as Black Cat sent her head forward, smashing the screaming girl’s face with a perfect head butt over her already bleed nose. Blood poured down out of the girl’s nose and she feeble attacked sending another punch to Black Cat’s tits. Again, the punch hit their target, but it was like hitting an impenetrable mass.
“I told you my body, especially these were too much for you,” said Black Cat as she pointed to her naked and firm tits, “I mean definitely better than yours. But let’s find out, huh?” With that she grabbed Mary Jane’s upper arms in her hands, at this point the smaller girl feeling very weak. She then said, “Let’s have a tit battle, whoever wins can claim the best tits out of the two of us.” Mary Jane was hurting badly, but didn’t like being man handled by the bigger woman. The anger was short lived, however, as Black Cat turned her body to the side and smacked her tits against Mary Jane’s. Both set of enormous breasts were covered in sweat making the loud smacking sound they made even louder. The blow as Black Cat’s left breast hit Mary Jane’s knocked the smaller girl’s tits flying to the other, as they seemed to bounce off the taller girl’s like a ball hitting a wall, Black Cat’s breasts too firm to even move an inch. Mary Jane screamed in pain and Black Cat swung her huge chest again, this time on the other side. Another loud smack was heard, and again Mary Jane’s tits went flying to the side, sweat now shot like a spray off the huge orbs. Again and again and again Black Cat swung her firm, tensed chest, slapping them against her opponent’s. Mary Jane started begging for her to stop and even tried to knee the taller girl in the pussy.
Black Cat felt the blow and let go of her foe as she covered up her womanhood. Mary Jane sunk back a few steps and covered her chest rubbing it as they pulsed in even more intense pain. “You dirty bitch,” said Black Cat, “well I can be dirty too, whore.” Black Cat walked quickly towards Mary Jane who sent out a weak and pathetic looking punch. Black Cat suddenly disappeared from Mary Jane’s view. She had shot down in a perfect split, then sent an uppercut into Mary Jane’s naked pussy. The pain was too much her and she screamed as loud as she could, the horrible yell echoing loudly off the basement’s cement walls. Black Cat wanted to humiliate the girl as much as she could and after letting her yell in pain on the ground holding her pussy for a few moments said, “Let’s go for walk, I like to walk my slaves.”
Black Cat then reached down and grabbed Mary Jane by the hair, who was all but beaten at this point. She lifted her up to her knees and placed her head in-between her firm tits. Mary Jane was thrust in darkness, and even in her bewildered state she could feel the last of the ooze drip off her body. She was completely naked now. She then felt as if her head was in a vice as Black Cat tensed the muscles in her chest and squeezed down. Mary Jane weakly slapped at the massive mammories, but it was a pathetic attempt as Black Cat was still way too strong at this point. Black Cat then started walking backwards, Mary Jane being forced to follow. Holy shit, thought Mary Jane, is this girl holding my head in with just her tits and now making me crawl on my knees?! She was right, Black Cat was walking the girl around like a pet using just her tits to hold her head in. Mary Jane tried and tried to pull her head out, but to no avail. “Just my tits are too strong for your whole body, you’re such a pathetic whore,” said Black Cat almost laughing. When she was done walking her “pet” she finally let up the muscles in her tits and Mary Jane dropped to the ground, her head pounding like it had just been in a vice. Her knees were also scraped up no from her dragging them across the concrete floor. Black Cat sent her open hand down and smacked Mary Jane hard in the face, so hard it knocked her all the way to ground.
The red head then felt Black Cat sit on her already painful back and she yelled in pain. Black Cat ignored this grabbed both of her legs, bending them under arms. Mary Jane was trapped and realized her pussy was wide open and completely exposed. Black Cat then took her right hand ran it roughly over the girl’s womanhood, she felt Mary Jane shutter. “Oooh, my little whore likes that, huh?” She said in low voice and started making slow circles on her pussy and clit, Mary Jane got wet fast. “You almost made me cum, I just want to return the favor,” she said and then stuck two fingers in the girl’s wet pussy. Mary Jane moaned in pain and pleasure as she felt her legs pulled wider apart. She felt completely helpless as her pussy was being expertly worked over by Black Cat. She then felt the warm tongue of the girl lick deeply and slowly across her womanhood and it forced a loud groan of pleasure. Black Cat smiled and started lapping between the girl’s legs like an animal. Over and over the warm tongue ran across and inside the girl’s pussy making it wetter and wetter. Suddenly, she stopped and Mary Jane was panting heavy.
Black Cat said, “Do you want me to make you cum? Will you beg for it?” Mary Jane couldn’t take the frustration and screamed out, “Oh god, yes, yes, please I’m begging, I’m begging to make me cum.” Black Cat then reached over and grabbed her torn and tattered thong, she felt it was still wet from her own juices from before and smiled. She twisted her upper body around and shoved the wet thong in Mary Jane’s mouth. “You’re going to keep my panties in your mouth and taste my juices while I make you cum, or else,” said the bigger girl. Black Cat loved the humiliation and then without warning lowered her enormous right tit onto the dripping wet pussy before Mary Jane could protest. She pushed her hard nipple inside the girl and Mary Jane gasped, the thong going deeper in her mouth, tasting more of Black Cat’s wetness from them. At first she didn’t know what the soft but firm mass was inside of her, but then she quickly realized what was going on. Oh my god, this girl is fucking me with her tit! The thought quickly left Mary Jane’s brain as she felt the hard nipple slip inside and out of her gushing pussy. Black Cat worked her tit harder and harder inside the girl, once in a while running up and down flicking her nipple on the girl’s clit. Mary Jane bucked and screamed with pleasure. Her wetness now flowed over her ass and down her stomach and back. She didn’t care as the pleasure was too much for her to handle. Then when Black Cat felt she had had enough she reached around and rubbed the girl’s clit with two fingers while pushing her strong tit down, deep inside the girl. Mary Jane got suddenly silent and her whole body quivered. Black Cat let up and pulled her nipple out of the girl who immediately shot her juices up in the air, cumming hard. Again and again she came, her pussy like a geyser. Mary Jane moaned and screamed over and over never orgasming as hard as she just had before. Black Cat just threw her legs to the ground and stood up with complete indifference, like forcing her opponent embarrassingly cum took no effort for her.
Mary Jane’s body shuttered and convulsed uncontrollably orgasming over and over. Black Cat looked down at her and said one word, “Pathetic.” Mary Jane was in tears at how intense the orgasms made her body feel. She barely felt Black Cat push her bare foot on her shoulder, flipping her over onto her back. She then knelt down, pulled the saliva soaked thong out of her mouth, and smacked the girl in her face hard, hard enough to make her come around. Mary Jane definitely felt the hand fly across her already bruised and painful cheek. She then heard Black Cat said, “I’m nowhere near done with you yet, you weak little bitch.” Mary Jane saw the bigger girl’s hands come at her and put her arms up weakly in frail attempt to defend herself, but it was no use at this point. Black Cat easily knocked her hands away. She then reached down and grabbed both of Mary Jane’s battered tits in her hands and squeezed, hard. Mary Jane screamed and feebly tried to pry the steel like grip of Black Cat’s fingers off of her sensitive tits, but it was not use, her hands were like vises on her DD’s. Black Cat squeezed down so hard she could the enormous mounds of flesh spilling out between her fingers as her hands went deep inside the titanic tits. She then stood up, and as she did, pulled the glistening sweaty tits with her. Mary Jane screamed as loud as she could, her whole body being pulled up by just her tits. She frantically pulled and pried at the impossibly strong grip on her large chest, but to no avail. Black Cat finally brought her to her feet and said, “Now, I asked you something before and didn’t get an answer, whose tits are better, mine or yours, huh? My perfectly firm and amazing tits, or your clearly weak and pathetic ones?” Mary Jane screamed, “Yours are, OH MY GOD!! YOURS ARE!!” Black Cat smiled as she had the girl completely at her mercy now.
She then let go of her grip and watched as the girl instantly slumped to the ground. “Oh, I’m not done with you yet,” said Black Cat coldly and grabbed the girl by the throat. She lifted her up with hand, again Mary Jane unsuccessful at prying the hands off her. Black Cat then walked forward and slammed the girl’s naked body against the rough concrete wall of the dirty basement. Mary Jane felt her body pressed hard up against the cold, coarse cinder block wall. Black Cat then grabbed both of Mary Jane’s arms that started to pathetically scratch and pull at the hand that was around her throat. Both arms were brought high above her head and held there, the taller woman using her left hand over the wrists of barely standing girl, pinning them above her. She then brought her body closer, so close that their tits were touch. Mary Jane felt the firm flesh against her tits and couldn’t believe how unmoving and strong they felt. The red head looked at the mountainous masses and noticed how shiny and slippery they felt. Then she realized why, it was Mary Jane’s own cum on the woman’s tits. Black Cat using her tit to fuck her and then her squirting so much of her juices out must have covered the perfect tits completely. She then felt the massive tits press against her own harder and harder. The two masses of flesh forced together, squishing out from the sides as they pressed together. Black Cat’s tits felt as hard as they pressed against hers. She looked down and noticed that her tits were pressing against her body while Black Cat’s weren’t moving, maintaining their perfect round shape. Black Cat move forward more and more and Mary Jane watched as her once round tits were flattening against her body like two huge pancakes. She began to scream in pain, her already battered tits now taking even more punishment. Black Cat actually felt some pain too, but didn’t show an ounce of it as she wanted to humiliate her as much as she could.
“You see? You see who the better woman is here by far? Look at you, your body all beaten up even if with your weak, pitiful body having the symbiote suit! And now I’m beating you with just my tits! Admit it, who is better, me or you and your pathetic body? Or should I use my tits to crush yours completely?” Black Cat said the words inches from the trapped girl’s face. Mary Jane yelled in tears, “You are!! You’re better than me!” Black Cat just smiled, pressed her tits a little deeper into Mary Jane, the strong orbs of flesh now crushing Mary Jane’s almost flat now. Mary Jane screamed louder and then felt Black Cat let up. She didn’t even care at that moment the humiliation this girl was putting her through, she just cared that the pain had stopped.
Black Cat held her arms above her head and put her lips next to Mary Jane’s right ear and whispered, “Now, I want you to kneel down in front of me and lick my pussy until I cum, and you’re not going to stop until I tell you too. Do you understand my little slave bitch?” Mary Jane fought at the hand retraining both her wrists, but she felt very weak at this point and then she felt Black Cat place her free hand over her right breast and her left tit over her right tit and squeeze. She felt both her DD’s send waves of pain through her whole body now and she looked into Black Cat’s eyes and just nodded her head yes. Black Cat smiled and released the girl’s arms. Mary Jane slumped over a little and felt Black Cat’s hand on her right shoulder pushing her down to her knees. The red haired girl’s face was less than an inch from the girl’s womanhood, looked up at the woman in her eyes and licked the shaved pussy. She felt her head being pushed forward by Black Cat’s right hand, burying her face in waiting pussy. Mary Jane started slow at first licking lightly and using her lips on the soft flesh, but the hand on the back of her head turned into a fist and felt her hair being pulled hard. No words needed to be said and she dove her face in as deep as she could, at this point afraid of any more pain and completely submissive. She lapped the now wet pussy deeply and periodically sucked on her clit with her full luscious lips sending waves of pleasure up Black Cat’s body. Mary Jane started to hear moans from the dominant woman and the hand in her hair pull harder. Mary Jane now licked as deeply and as fast as she could, the pussy so wet now that steams of liquid could be seen running down the inside of the girl’s thighs and soon enough down her own chin. More and more the smaller girl licked, harder and harder until suddenly Black Cat froze up and went completely silent, she then moaned deeply and a flood of cum came from her soaking wet pussy. Mary Jane choked and sputtered on the liquid, her entire face, chin, neck, and even her tits were covered in Black Cat’s cum as it ran down the beaten girl’s body.
Black Cat then pulled the girl up by her hair and said, “Now lick, lick my whole body clean.” Mary Jane said nothing and just started licking as the woman had ordered. Black Cat smiled at the girl’s obedience and felt her on her tits first. Mary Jane licked the massive orbs everywhere, suddenly getting some help as the back of her head was grabbed once again and her face pushed deeply into large chest. Her face was forced all around in the cum covered tits, she then felt her head forced downward over her abdomen, feeling the scratches she gave her earlier over tongue. Black Cat winced, but didn’t care and pushed the girl’s head down more over her hips, then her thighs. “That’s right, get all this sweat that you made me have from dealing with your weak ass,” said Black Cat as Mary Jane just continued to lap at the soft flesh. She then was forced down to the woman’s feet and licked every inch of both her feet on her hands and knees.
Black Cat still wasn’t satisfied and turned her body around and said, “Now lick my ass.” Mary Jane felt her head pushed into the large round cheeks, her head feeling how firm the bulbous masses were, the large cheeks pretty much swallowing the girl’s head. Mary Jane licked harder now, her face pulled out between the cheeks for a few moments and she licked the soft, but firm masses of flesh, then forced back between them. She licked Black Cat’s ass deep and heard her start to moan again. Mary Jane was having trouble breathing and tried to pull her head out from between the hard mounds of muscle, but it was no use and decided to lick harder, hoping that would let her out. Black Cat moaned louder and came again, this time her juices streaming out onto the concrete floor.
Mary Jane’s head was finally released and she fell to the floor trying to catch her breath. Black Cat took her by the hair and rolled her body on the ground, Mary Jane feeling the cold and rough floor scratch against her already sensitive and injured skin. “That’s it, bitch, I want you covered in my cum,” said Black Cat and Mary Jane felt her body rolled around in the cum that freshly landed on the floor from her attacker’s pussy. Suddenly, she was brought to a stop. Black Cat then squatted down, placing her ass and pussy over the girl’s face, holding it there for a second saying, “Alright, you weak bitch, I’m pretty much done with. I’m going to use my ass and pussy to finally put you out, I mean just to show you how pitiful and feeble your body is compared to mine. So when you wake up you can know that not only did my stronger and better body beat you, but just my ass and pussy did as well. How embarrassing for you. I will say that you put up a much better fight then your boyfriend and you’ve gained much more respect from me, but that won’t stop me smothering you out.” Mary Jane tried to fight off the ass coming slowly down on top of her face, but it was not use, the firm cheeks still felt strong and when the large mounds of flesh lowered completely on her face, it swallowed it up completely. Her large ass was plenty big for the girl’s small head, her fleshy cheeks squeezing down also pinning the girl’s face upward. Soon enough Mary Jane’s hands that were slapping feebly at the ass slowed and then stopped.
Black Cat slowly got up and looked at her handy work. Mary Jane’s body looked beaten in every way with scratches and bruises everywhere, and her whole body glistened in the dim light, covered in her victor’s cum. Black Cat couldn’t have been happier at that moment, so soundly beating an adversary that seemed to be her physical equal. She really started to feel like she was unstoppable, her feeling of confidence at that moment had never been higher.
The moment was short lived however as she suddenly saw a large figure jump down into a dark corner of the room. Black Cat got in a fighting stance somewhat nervous now as the figure seemed to get larger and larger as it came towards her. Her body was aching and run down from the hard battle she just fought and knew she wasn’t at one hundred percent. She got ready the best she could and the figure stepped out of the darkness. Venom’s massive body stepped into the light, his large mouth full of large sharp teeth snapped at Black Cat. She jumped back, frightened to her core, but did her best to put up a brave front. A small pool of ooze that was left from the Venom suit that was on Mary Jane started to flow towards the enormous man. An odd thing happened though, as it flowed passed Black Cat it stopped, just for a moment in front of her until Venom let out an angry hiss, the ooze then streaming towards him. It connected with his foot and blended in with the rest of his costume.
“I see the suit touched your body and connected with it,” said Venom, walking closer and closer to the red haired woman lying on the ground slowly coming out of unconsciousness. “I also see it didn’t help this girl defeat you,” he continued. “It takes a lot to put me down,” said Black Cat, running her right hand down the front of her body, running it over her naked tits, down her exposed stomach then ending at her ass which she gave a smack. Venom was taken back at the girl’s confidence and lack of fear, usually people would be cowering in front of him at this point. Black Cat was frightened, but was doing her best to hide it. “Confidence can kill,” said Venom. “Not if you can back it up,” Black Cat retorted back quickly. Venom them shot his body forward, bringing it close to Black Cat’s and said, “You have a wicked tongue, and you’re not all brave, I can smell some fear on you little girl.” Black Cat froze up in terror, but saw Venom take a glance at her naked body. This made her feel more at ease. Maybe there is a man under that suit, thought Black Cat, and if there is a man, I know this body and mind can take him, but not now. I’ll need to be at full strength to do it. She had had a taste of the power that the Venom suit could bring her, and wanted it badly. “Well, what little girl like myself wouldn’t be scared of a big, strong man like you,” said Black Cat coyly running her finger down his massive and firm muscles over his chest, “and you would be amazed at what I can do with my tongue. Just ask her when she comes around a little more.” Venom was now almost at a loss at the self-confidence of the smaller woman. Venom looked over to where Black Cat was pointing, walked over to Mary Jane who was up to her knees at this point, picked her up with ease throwing her over his huge shoulder and turned back to Black Cat. “Be careful with your words, they are too big for such a tiny girl,” said Venom. “Tiny?! Well, I’ve never heard any one describe my body that way,” said Black Cat as she lifted her chest a little, bouncing her large DD’s just a little bit. Black Cat saw Venom was silent for a moment, but it said volumes to her. He still is just a man underneath all of that, and that means I can take his power. Venom then finished with, “Take my advice, be careful.” And with that he slung a web and disappeared up the whole in the floor.
Venom swung down several New York City blocks until he found a rooftop that was secluded enough for him. He laid the now fully conscious, and fully naked girl down. “I gave you the symbiote to defeat Black Cat, and humiliate Spiderman. You did neither to hold up your end of the bargain,” said Venom calmly, but with intensity. Mary Jane was beyond terrified at what the grotesque man might do to her and gulped. “I know, but you don’t understand! You don’t understand how strong she is, I gave that girl a beating that would have put down almost any man I know, and she took it and still beat me, and with seemingly no effort!” Mary Jane said the words and they surprised Venom. Maybe there’s more to the woman then I thought, he pondered. “Still a deal is a deal, and you didn’t hold up your end of the bargain. Now, I’m going to put the humiliation on you. I’m going to leave you here with your naked and beaten body for everyone to see. Your walk home in public will be your punishment.” Venom then slung a web and shot away.
Mary Jane was relieved and shocked. From what Peter told me he’s a monster, thought Mary Jane, I mean he could have killed me right here if he wanted to, or at the very least inflicted more pain on me, but he didn’t. Maybe there’s more too him then what Peter saw. The thought quickly left her head as she did now realize she had to get home naked and bruised. She looked down over it and noticed how badly she was beaten, she couldn’t even walk without limping and holding her broken ribs. She did notice however, that she kept what the Venom suit had given her, a set of large DD tits, a bigger, rounder ass, and an incredibly toned and strong body. She definitely didn’t feel nearly as strong as she did when she had the Venom costume, but for sure stronger and more voluptuous then before she had it on to begin with.
She peered over the building’s ledge and saw the street, over a hundred feet below. She started sobbing as she had to march naked all the way through the city’s streets, naked, hobbling, and beaten. Suddenly she heard a swoosh sound behind her, it was her man, Spiderman. “Let’s go home,” is all he said, and she was never happier to see him than at that moment. She picked her naked body up and swung away with Peter saying, “Your body feels a little heavier, did you ummm…maybe gain some weight in certain areas?” Mary Jane smirked at the typical snarky remark from her man and simply said, “Shut up, Peter.” And they both swung away fading into the New York City skyline.
Black Cat made her way back to her hideout, grabbing some of Mary Jane’s clothes after knocking out two police officers who tried to stop her. The clothes were tight and her tits and ass stretched the thin fabric fully. She tore the clothes off her and stood in front of the mirror that hung in her bathroom. Her body was cut and bruised, and she was angry about it. The victory over her strong opponent helped, but she wanted more strength, more power, she wanted the Venom suit. “If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll have that suit,” said Black Cat sternly. She imagined the power of her body and that suit, what she could do, what she could have. She smiled a big devious smile and ran water for a much needed long, hot shower, already planning her next move.