Supergirl VS. Green Lantern and Super Boy
By Diavolo

Supergirl sat on the edge of her bed wearing nothing but a small pair of tight white cotton panties that were cut high with small fabric as it barely covered her young tight pussy and only a quarter of her round, bulging ass cheeks. The top of her was covered only by a small white t shirt that only concealed her body just past her full chest. Her bedroom was like the rest of her apartment, extremely clean with everything in its place, every inch was tidy without a spot of dirt or dust anywhere. Even so, she had Powergirl bent over in front of her on all fours scrubbing frantically away with a small scrub brush, a large soapy bucket at her side that she occasionally plunged the sponge in to soak it. Powergirl’s arms were soaking wet and gleamed in the light showing her defined strong arms, the muscles bulging with every scrub of her brush. Supergirl looked around and smiled as she loved how neat and clean everything looked.
“Wow, this place has never looked so good!” Supergirl exclaimed continuing with, “I never had time to keep this place neat, but now that I have not one, but two super slaves to do it for me, I don’t have to worry about it! Do I, my little bitch slave?” She laughed a little as she watched Powergirl’s ass wiggle as she scraped the wooden brush across the floor in front of her. Supergirl pressed her bare foot against the large right cheek in front of her and shook her ass cheek with her foot. The larger woman at her feet said and did nothing as she just continued to scrape the small wooden bristled block across the floor feeling her large ass cheeks being wiggled by the teenage girl’s bare foot. Supergirl watched the large round cheeks jiggle as the woman worked and still noticed some light bruises on them. It had been almost two weeks since their battle, and Powergirl’s humiliating loss, and there were still signs of her horrendous beating from the hands of the smaller, younger girl. Her body had fading red marks and black and blues all over it and small cuts on her body from it, not to mention darker bruises on the woman’s huge E cup tits. Supergirl had made sure she pounded them the most.
Supergirl now had Superman and Powergirl under her complete control and she was loving every single minute of it. Both of these so called strong superheroes had battled the her, a teenage girl half their size, and lost in probably the worst and as humiliatingly way possible. Not only physically, but sexually as well. Both of the heroes felt embarrassed and their egos had been completely shattered. They were both at her mercy of the younger girl and Supergirl was in heaven, loving every minute of it. She had treated them like her slaves in every way, forcing them to do everything from cook and clean, to receive her abuse when they disobeyed her, to satisfying her sexually whenever she called for it. They were both forced to bend to her will and this kept Supergirl in state of pure euphoria. The power made her feel more alive than ever before, and she enjoyed every moment.
Powergirl hated being submissive to the smaller, teenage girl, but she lost soundly, fair and square and now felt as if she had underestimated the younger girl the whole time she knew her. Now she was being forced to do things against her will and punished harshly by the girl if she didn’t obey, and she was too weak to stop her. What made matters worse was that Superman, the strongest hero alive, or so she thought, went right along with it. She once looked up to him and admired every aspect of the great hero, but since his battle with Supergirl, he was so weak and submissive. Almost too much, the aching woman thought, her body still having pains from taking the horrible beating from the hands of Supergirl a couple weeks before. She suddenly felt her ass pushed on by the bare foot of Supergirl hard, and her body was forced to the ground. Her body made a loud slap as it hit the wet floor below. Powergirl shot back a nasty look at Supergirl as the front side of her body was now completely covered in the soapy water that was on the floor below her. Supergirl took her right hand and without warning brought it down in flash over the exposed bottom of Powergirl. The loud smacking sound echoed throughout the tiny apartment. Powergirl yelled in pain as her ass was already hurting. Powergirl looked back at her naked cheeks and noticed a small red handprint for her left cheek.
“Don’t ever look at me like that, weak, pathetic bitch! I fucking own you, own you!! Do you hear me?! I proved you’re not nearly as strong or as powerful as me and now you’re mine. I want you to do what I say, when I say, and without any bitch look! You got, slave?!” Supergirl yelled the words at the woman as she picked herself back up to her hands and knees, soapy water dripping from her near naked body. “I don’t want my slaves disobedient, I want them quiet and knowing they’re less than me,” said Supergirl, “That’s why I made you guys wear those slave outfits.”
Powergirl quietly and obediently went back to scrubbing, hating that Supergirl reminded her of the thing she was forced to wear. Supergirl thought her “servants” should wear the appropriate outfits, something to remind her and them that she is above her two beaten heroes. She found a black leather dress in her closet and thought that that would do just fine for the material. The leather was thick and high quality, which also gave it a nice shine to it. She then cut off strips and pieces in different shapes and smiled. She told her two obedient servants to go into her tiny bathroom and put on their “new clothes”, and, “that these would be the only things they were allowed to wear.” Both looked at the tiny pieces of leather tossed to them and then did what they were told. Superman came out and had on a piece of leather that just covered his manhood with two very thin straps coming off the sides going around his waist. His ass, along with the rest of his body, was completely naked. Powergirl hesitantly walked out next, her outfit looked much more degrading. First it had a thin strip that strung tightly around her neck like a collar. This collar had two slightly thicker straps coming down off the front of her body and one off the center in back. The two strips in front came down her body and over her ample E cup chest only cover a small sliver of flesh down the center of each full tit, barely covering her nipples. The straps continued down her body, over her stomach, and met as V shape low on her waist, just above her pussy, scarcely covering her womanhood. The strap that came off the back of her neck ran down the center of her back and disappeared in between her large cheeks, her large ass swallowing the piece of leather completely and then connecting back to the two straps over her pussy. The two of them looked like something out of a medieval slave dungeon.
Supergirl had looked the two of them over and smiled her big smile, “Look at how ridiculous you two look, but I like it! You guys underestimated me, and now look at you, you look so silly! Two great and amazing heroes! Yeah right! More like two little bitch slaves!” Powergirl welled up with anger on the inside when it happened, but noticed Superman only hung his head in shame making Powergirl all the more furious. She hated how submissive and compliant he was to her commands.
Supergirl looked on as Powergirl continued to scrub her floor as she watched the large cheeks shake from side to side as she worked. Her large ass almost completely naked except for thin piece of uncomfortable leather between the large mounds of flesh. She smiled and said, “Man, you do have a big ass, it’s no wonder I liked beating on this thing so much in our battle! I mean, if you can call it that. Really, I just tossed you around and beat you like a punching bag.” Supergirl then poked her finger into her right ass cheek deeply. Even her finger felt like steel as it pressed deeply into the bigger girl’s right cheek. “Watching you shake that ass in front of me has gotten boring, maybe if it was as tight and firm as mine I wouldn’t become so uninterested so fast. This is what an ass is supposed to look like,” said Supergirl as she jumped off her in flash and turned her body around. She pulled the thin cotton material of her small white panties up, and the soft white cloth disappeared between her ass. Powergirl turned around on her hands and knees and looked up at the ass that Supergirl was now shaking a little in front of her. The round flesh shook and Powergirl had to admit that it was toned and pretty much perfect in every way. The eighteen-year old’s two round healthy cheeks stuck out from her body without a flaw on them. Both cheeks were firm and sat high on her waste with a line of muscle running on the outside of them. Powergirl hated how amazing the younger girl’s body was.
Supergirl then exclaimed, “Hey! Super-bitch! Get in here now!” Superman was then seen rounding the corner and standing in front of Powergirl at attention with his hands at his sides. Supergirl smiled as she looked on the near naked man, his body also perfect in every way. Man, muscles on top of muscles this guy has, thought Supergirl admiring the perfect male specimen before her. “You tell me who’s ass is better,” said Supergirl as she slowly bent over putting her hands on her bed, sticking her ass out at the two obedient slaves before her. “Mine, or this weak little bitch at my feet?” Even Superman had to admire Supergirl’s perfectly round, flawless ass, even her skin was perfect having a light tan. “Yours is, Mistress Kara,” was Superman’s response. “You’re damn right it is, but I like how quickly your answered,” said Supergirl. She then used her right pointer finger and motioned him to come closer to her. He obeyed and as he walked over he saw her take off her white panties slowly, inching it down her strong thighs and toned calves until she wiggled it down to her feet. Superman glanced at the young girl’s defined thighs and how they showed off the muscles underneath when she moved. He shuddered a little as he remembered what those same thighs had done to him, the damage they did to his body was much worse than he ever could have expected. She stepped out of the discarded article of clothing and stood there with just the small t shirt stretched over her huge DD tits.
She looked down at Powergirl and said, “I want you to feel what a real woman’s ass is supposed to feel like, not like you haven’t felt it before. I’m sure you remember how I shoved it in your face and pretty much knocked you unconscious with it, right?” Supergirl then flexed the muscles in her ass and it instantly got tight, showing the hard and powerful looking muscles underneath the soft, tanned skin. Powergirl remembered all too well, memories quickly flashed in her mind of the two cheeks looking as strong as they did now pounding on her face and tits. It felt like an anvil it was so strong. Superman couldn’t help but admire them, how strong this girl really was all this time. Look at just her ass, he thought, every inch of it is toned and when she flexes the muscles underneath, it makes them look almost unreal. Supergirl then ended her little “show” and grabbed Powergirl roughly by her blonde hair on the top of her head and shoved her face in her ass. “Now, lick and worship my perfect and better ass.” Powergirl felt an instant jolt of pain as her hair was tugged and she was pulled face first into Supergirl’s waiting ass. As it hit it felt like she was hit with concrete, the two cheeks so hard it actually felt like she was punched.
Powergirl did as she was told and licked hard and fast, her tongue lapping between her cheeks as face was forced deeper between them. “Deeper!” Exclaimed Supergirl, and Powergirl shoved her tongue as far as she could in the full ass cheeks. Supergirl bent over spreading out her legs and Powergirl tasted her pussy now. This was a frequent occurrence for her now, Supergirl loved having Power lick her pussy until she came on her face. Powergirl’s tongue had full access now to Supergirl’s dripping wet pussy as she spread her cheeks wide apart. Supergirl wasn’t fully satisfied with this and pulled Powergirl’s hair again, this time pushing her away. She sat on the edge of her bed and spread her legs wider and wider until she performed a perfect split on the edge of it. Her flexibility was amazing and the two older heroes both had to admire it. The muscles in her legs tensed and Superman still couldn’t get over how thick and strong her thighs were. He remembered his head being trapped between and he actually shuttered a little as the pain came flooding back for a moment. It had felt like his head was going to pop off his body. She had a large bump of muscle on the top of her thighs and a long line that ran in the inside of her thighs showing that they didn’t have an ounce of fat on them.
Supergirl took both her hands and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips open and said, “Lick.” The one simple word had Powergirl on it in a flash. She started licking at the displayed pussy and when she felt Supergirl’s right hand give her left tit a caressing, but firm squeeze she began lapping as fast as she could. “That’s right slave, you know how much I love punishing those big, ridiculous tits of yours so make sure you lick my pussy goo-“ She was cut off by a sudden wave of pleasure ripping through her body as Powergirl’s tongue hit her g spot. She moaned and simultaneously grabbed the leather material over Superman’s dick and pulled it to the side. She then grabbed him by his already fully erect member and tugged at it, pulling his body closer to her. Superman sent out a grunt of pain as his manhood was handled so roughly, but then felt the quick feeling of pleasure as he felt the warm mouth of Supergirl slowly surround it. He moaned in pleasure involuntarily. Powergirl hated hearing Superman’s moan of sexual ecstasy as she was being manhandled and forced to make the eighteen-year-old girl cum. Supergirl then slid her lips up and down the large, erect shaft, taking her time, then slowly picking up the pace. Powergirl continued to lick and felt Supergirl’s pussy get wetter and wetter, her juices now running down the older woman’s neck.
This went on for a few moments until Supergirl felt Superman about to explode. She quickly pulled him from her mouth and started rubbing her clit. She came all over Powergirl’s face, squirting her warm juices all over the kneeling woman’s face. Supergirl then jerked off the man of steel’s dick fast at a super speed. It was so fast that her hand was just a blur on his dick. Superman felt his dick in pain a little at the heat from the friction from Supergirl’s fast moving hand as it stroked his cock at an incredibly fast rate. It ended soon enough, though, as he saw Supergirl lift up her tight t shirt and expose her enormous right tit. The sight of the perfectly round and firm colossal DD cup was more than he could handle. He watched the teenage girl pinch her nipple and he suddenly exploded his hot white cum hard. Supergirl pointed the engorged member at Powergirl’s face and watched as the large amount of warm goo landed all over her face and tits.
Superman felt spent and almost collapsed from cumming so hard. Supergirl just smiled and said, “You still can’t help yourself around these things, huh?” She then lifted her shirt fully, exposing both of the massive tanned tits and squeezed her full, ample chest, caressing them to tease the man of steel even more. He couldn’t deny how flawless they looked. He couldn’t believe how the large mounds of flesh could sit so high on her chest and be so firm at the size that they were. Supergirl then turned her attention to Powergirl who was covered in hers and Superman’s cum.
“Look at you, all dirty and covered in everyone’s cum. You look like the dirty whore that you are. You should clean yourself up,” said Supergirl before turning to Superman saying, “Take that bucket of soap and water and pour it on top of this dirty whore, I doubt it will help, but we can at least try.” Supergirl smiled and watched as Superman picked up the bucket filled with soapy water and slowly poured it on top of Powergirl’s head. Powergirl was fuming with anger at not only being so embarrassed, but at Superman for just bending to her will to help in her humiliation. Superman hated doing it, but he gave his word to Supergirl that if she won their match, he would be her slave. Powergirl did have to admit, although she hated to, that she was amazed and admired the girl’s power. She hated to admit even more that she was jealous of it. The thought quickly left her mind though as the sudden shock of the soapy water hit her body. The cold, soapy water flowed over her head and down her near naked body. The large amount of water flowed over her head and neck, down her body over her tits, stomach, and legs. The suds made her whole body look slimy and slippery. She couldn’t hide the look of anger on her face.
Supergirl said, “Oh, I don’t think she liked that very much, supes, but there’s nothing she could do to the man of steel, or is there?” Supergirl coyly asked the question as she reached on her bed and grabbed a tattered piece of red clothe. Supergirl had taken a piece of what was left of Superman’s cape after their hard battle and kept it as she liked to call it, “a reminder of how badly she destroyed him.” Superman then watched as she used his once proud and flowing cape to wipe her cum off of the inside of her thighs and pussy. She then tossed the torn cloth to the side like it was rag. Superman started to feel anger well up inside himself as well. Supergirl was setting up the two perfectly according to her plan. She knew that if they kept their anger at each other than she wouldn’t have to worry about the both of them teaming up on her. She smiled her big smile again thinking, man even after both of them lost because of their pride and arrogance, they still are blinded by it. And that’s fine for me, the more big-headed and egotistical they are, the easier it will be for me to control them. She flashed a smile up at Superman and down at Powergirl
Supergirl then said, “There’s no way you could beat Superman, is there, Powergirl? I mean I know I beat him, but that makes sense, I mean look at this body and what it can do.” She then grabbed Superman by his crotch with her right hand and his neck with her left and in a flash lifted him up over his head like he was a sack of flour. Powegirl’s eyes widened at the girl’s show of strength, she easily lifted the man of steel above her head and held him there in a triumphant pose. Superman screamed out as he felt his balls being crushed. Supergirl then threw him to the ground like he was nothing. His body hit hard and Supergirl watched as Powergirl saw how weak he looked in that moment, the man of steel groaning in pain slowly making his way up to his knees. That’s it, thought Supergirl as she watched the look in Powergirl’s eyes, start thinking that he’s weak and you could take him. Supergirl wanted her focus on fighting him, not her. It worked. As Powergirl looked on she no longer thought that Superman was as powerful as she once thought he was. Superman slowly got up, but felt his body stopped as Supergirl put her bare foot on the center of his back keeping him on his hands and knees.
“I’ll tell you what, slaves,” she said deviously, “I’ll let you guys decide who can take the rest of the day off and take his or her silly outfit off until tomorrow. You guys wrestle right here, right now and whoever wins, wins. They can rest for the rest of the day, the only rules are you have to stay on your knees and the first person to tap out, wins.” Supergirl sat there smiling at them as she saw both of them a little apprehensive, but at the same time eyeing each other up. “Well, what’s it going to be, my little servants?” Supergirl asked the question and when saw neither one go after one another she said, “See, I told you, Superman, she’s too weak to take you on.” Superman then said, “Don’t listen to her Powergirl, she’s only tryi-“ The man of steel of was cut off as Powergirl lunged at him.
Powergirl’s body collided into Superman’s and she felt her body hit his chest hard. He let out an “oomph” as he felt the solid body of the woman hit his own. I can’t believe how hard hitting she is, thought Superman, her body feels tougher than I thought it would. Powergirl saw Superman was now on his back and seized the opportunity. She jumped on his body, pinning his large biceps to the ground with her hands. Superman saw Powergirl’s large E cups dangling inches from his face. He couldn’t help but notice Powergirl’s body lately, especially in the outfit Supergirl made her wear. Her large tits and round ass accompanied with her tiny waist was a form that any female would kill for. He lost the thought, however, and tried to put his mind back on the fight. He tried to twist his body, but felt Powergirl’s grip tighten and he was unsuccessful. Man, this girl is strong, thought Superman as he felt the fingers on his biceps tighten down around them causing pain to shoot through them. He felt her grip tighten and her fingers dug deeper into his large upper arms. He then shot out a beam of heat vision on Powergirl’s right forearm, she yelled in pain grabbing the burning spot on her arm, letting up on the downed man. Superman wasted no time and got out of the hold, back to his knees. Powergirl was furious now as she thought the move was a cheap shot. The two squared off again and went after each other.
They locked up and Superman quickly threw down the woman’s weaker arms to the side and wrapped his strong arms around Powergirl’s body. Powergirl felt her arms trapped at her sides as her body was being squeezed down on. She instantly felt how strong the man was as she felt her body being compressed inward making it hard for her to even breath, even her enormous E cups hurt as she felt them being pressed against her. Superman squashed the woman’s upper body with ease, he felt it hard to keep the hold however, as the soapy water he dumped on her earlier made her body slippery and hard to get a hold of. Powergirl wiggled her voluptuous body around, trying to make some room in the bigger man’s steel like arms. Her body’s slick soapy coating helped her manage to squeeze her right arm out of the hold. Superman saw the large tits of Powergirl look shiny like they were covered in oil, and he looked on as they slid and glided against his arms and each other. The powerful woman noticed Superman’s grip loosen up for some reason and she burst her arms free from his grasp. She then grabbed his head quickly and put him in a hard headlock. This made Superman immediately let go of his hold around her body completely as the pressure from Powergirl’s arm was felt around his face and head. Powergirl cranked down on the man’s head and a wave of a new feeling came over her. She always admired Superman’s immense strength, and in some ways feared it, but now as she had him trapped in her arm, cranking down on the man’s head as he grunted in pain, she felt a surge of power, a power she never felt before. There she was having the upper hand on the so called strongest man on earth, with only one arm. Supergirl saw the look on the woman’s face and gave her an evilly knowing look, it’s exactly what she wanted. She not only had them fighting amongst themselves, but also to have the easily manipulated Powergirl to want to bring Superman down as well, she couldn’t have planned everything out more perfectly.
Powergirl cranked down on the hold and took her free arm to cover his eyes, as not to have another shot of heat vision zapped on her. Superman felt like his head was going to implode and as he sent out every grunt of pain, Powergirl cranked down harder. His face was being pressed hard against Powergirl’s massive right tit as well making it hard for him to get oxygen from in and out of his mouth as the enormous mound of flesh compressed against his face. Powergirl felt even more of the dominant feeling as she noticed just her tit was helping put the larger and supposedly much stronger man out. This must be how Supergirl feels, thought Powergirl as she was using her womanly assets to her advantage, Supergirl really does know what she’s doing. Powergirl felt him get weak until she felt his hand reach up behind her and grab the short hair on the back of her head. Superman yanked hard at the girl’s short blonde hair hard. Before she knew it, Powergirl was forced backwards and her body slammed to the floor as she was forced to let go of the hold. She hardly felt the pain as she was more focused on the anger of coming so close to putting the man out cold. Superman was on her, but was a little slower as his body was still trying to suck in the oxygen it badly needed. Powergirl got back up to her knees and impatiently lunged at the bigger man. Even though Superman was a little slower, he was also more patient. He grabbed the fast moving woman’s right arm that reached for him and pulled it away from her violently, her whole body twisted from the tremendous force of the man and before she knew it her back was turned to her opponent. She panicked and tried to spin around quickly, but it was too late, Superman had put his right arm around the woman’s neck and locked it down with his left. Powergirl struggled as she felt the sleeper hold immediately cut off her oxygen supply. Even Supergirl was impressed, she watched how strong the man could be and what he was able to do. It was why she fought such a cautious fight against the man. Powergirl grabbed and pulled at the strong arm around her throat, but it was no use. Superman felt her get weaker and weaker and after a few moments felt her hand tap on his arm. She had tapped out and Superman let up. Powergirl fell to the ground coughing and sucking in large amounts of air.
“Good job Supes!” Exclaimed Supergirl who rubbed his head like he was some kind of pet. “You won so now you can take the rest of day off, not to mention your slave outfit,” said Supergirl pointing at the jock strap like thin leather covering his manhood. Superman gave a sorrowful look down at Powergirl before he left, hating what he was just forced to do. Powergirl on the other hand was furious with the man of steel and it showed on her face as she watched him walk away. She was also partially mad at herself thinking, I almost had him! Supergirl saw the expression on the girl’s face and said, “He definitely didn’t put me down that easily! But then again, you don’t have this young and perfect body.” She ran her hands down her half naked body as she spoke, looking down to the still heavily panting Powergirl. “You almost had him though, I was really impressed. I bet I could show you a few things to help you beat him and most likely anyone else who challenged you, but you probably don’t want to learn anything from some teenage girl.” Powergirl looked up at her and did have to agree with her a little. The smaller, younger girl did beat them both fair and square, maybe there is something she could teach me, she thought. Supergirl jumped off her bed and said, “But if I’m going to do that it’s going to take a lot of work, I mean you are so weak and badly disciplined. Maybe if you’re more obedient and follow my commands to the T for a little while I might consider it.” Powergirl said nothing, but Supergirl could see the wheels turning in her head. The young blonde smiled and grabbed Powergirl by her leather collar tugging at it roughly. The woman below her felt the leather strap press deeply into her neck and she followed Supergirl on her hands and knees. Supergirl walked her like a dog into the living room and before grunts of pain and pleasure could be heard through the bedroom door Superman listened as Supergirl whispered, “I can make you so much more powerful…if you let me.” Loud slapping sounds could be heard followed by quick, short yells of pain. Superman then took his degrading outfit off and rested his tired body on the nearby bed.
Several days had gone by and Supergirl was flying around Metropolis looking for crime. She had loved not only the freedom from not having to listen to Superman or Powergirl anymore, but her now feeling as if she was the strongest hero in Metropolis now. She suddenly heard with her super hearing yells and screams from across town. Her body shot like a red blur across the sky towards the commotion. She looked down and saw a small battle ensuing.
Green Lantern shot out a green blast from his power ring creating a bubble around a car that had caught fire. The lack of oxygen inside the green orb quickly extinguished the fire and he turned his attention back to Superboy who was fighting with one of the three bank robbers, each of them having advanced weaponry. A blue beam of light shot from one of the masked men’s shoulder fired cannon shot out with a loud boom, Superboy barely dodging it. He then swooped in, quickly grabbed the large metal device, crushing it into a clump of twisted metal. He then easily knocked the thief unconscious. He heard a blast behind him and as he looked he saw another would be thief about to shoot a similar cannon at him from behind, luckily Green Lantern saw it and blasted the man quickly with his ring. Superboy gave him a look of thanks and Green Lantern shouted over to him saying, “Watch your back!” He nodded a look of gratitude and as he did he saw a thick red hot beam of light shoot down from the sky melting the third and final criminal’s weapon. Both of the men looked up and saw a small blonde teenage girl slowly floating down. Her small red skirt that barely covered her ass flowed freely in the wind and you could catch a glimpse of the small white panties underneath. As she came lower you could see her tight stomach and the small white t shirt that covered her large, ample chest, the thin white material was stretched to its max over the enormous 32DD’s. Both of the men couldn’t help but take in the sight of young girl and as she walked closer to them you could see her big blue eyes and perfectly golden long blonde hair waving in the breeze.
Green Lantern thought the eighteen-year-old dressed a little too risqué, but compared to the other superheroines out there he really couldn’t say much. It seems having a revealing outfit on is a requirement if you’re a female and have super powers he thought. Superboy on the other hand didn’t mind at all and even commented on the skimpy outfit, “Hey Supergirl! Lookin good as usual!” Supergirl just smiled and said thanks quickly, the charms of the easily amused boy were wasted on her. “Thanks for the help, Supergirl,” said Green Lantern, “but I think we could have handled that last one on our own, and without giving him third degree burns.” “I took him out and probably stopped him from hurting someone else, maybe even you.” replied Supergirl quickly. Green Lantern was shocked at the girl’s quick sharp response, not used to hearing the young girl so short tempered. “We had it under control,” said the man tall man in green and black. “Sure you did, that’s why I just had to save both of your asses,” Supergirl said sharply. Green Lantern said nothing as he couldn’t believe the aggressiveness coming from his high flying fellow heroine. She had a great feeling of confidence inside her after knowing she had defeated both Superman and Powergirl, and didn’t want to hear anything from what she saw as a weaker man. Green Lantern was about to lose his temper and yell back, but Superboy interjected. Supergirl giving a little smile as she knew Green Lantern’s quick temper was sometimes a weakness of his. “Let’s just all calm down, OK? I mean relax. The bad guys are caught, no one got hurt, and we look like heroes once again. What’s not to like about all this?” Superboy stepped between the two before talking and the Green Lantern calmed down. “Fine, let’s all meet back at headquarters. Superman and Powergirl haven’t been seen for quite a while now and I think it’s time we at least start making inquiries,” said Green Lantern.
“No need,” said Supergirl, “I know exactly where they are, but I don’t know if I want to tell you or not after how you just spoke to me.” Both men looked at Supergirl and Green Lantern was the first to reply. “This isn’t a game, Supergirl, if you know where they are then tell us!” Supergirl hated being spoken to like a child and said, “Well, if you’re going to ask me like that, then I’m definitely not going to tell you. And it’s not like you could do anything to me to make me tell you.” Superboy and Green Lantern were taken back by Supergirl’s boldness and arrogant attitude. Green Lantern then said, “There is something we can do and you wouldn’t want me to-“ He was cut off as he felt Superboy lightly touch him on the chest to calm him down and said, “Alright, fine. Let’s not do this here, everyone’s watching us bicker and it doesn’t look good for us heroes.” Green Lantern calmed down as he knew the younger man was right, and he was a little mad at himself for letting the younger girl get to him like that. “Ok, let’s go back to HQ then,” he said and took off in a green stream of light into the sky. Superboy was ogling Supergirl’s large chest that stuck proudly out from her body. Supergirl pretended to clear her throat and Superboy said, “You do look really great, Supergirl.” She just shrugged the comment off and took off into the sky with Superboy quickly in tow.
As they all met up at their headquarters Green Lantern walked straight up to Supergirl saying, “Now, do you know where Superman and Powergirl are or not?!” Supergirl immediately shot a coy look at him and smiled saying, “Maybe…but I’m definitely not going to give them up with you talking to me like that. Maybe if you apologized I’ll tell you. And you should be a lot nicer to someone who can wipe the floor with you.” There was silence. No one had ever heard Supergirl talk like that and the two men were taken back. “Listen,” started Green Lantern, but was cut off. “No, you listen,” said Supergirl proudly now putting her hands on her small and thin waist, “I have them.” “You have them,” asked Superboy, “what does that mean?!” “I could tell you what it means, but since you’re so rude and disrespectful, I don’t think I want to tell you shit!” Both men almost fell to the floor as the teenage girl in front of them sounded like she was replaced with somebody else. “I don’t know if it’s your teenage hormones, or you just lost your mind for a little while, but if you know where they are you have to tell us!” Green Lantern was heated now and yelled at Supergirl. “I don’t have to tell you anything, Green Lantern,” said Supergirl pointing her finger at the taller man, “but you can try and get it out of me if you’re feeling daring. But let me tell you, you’ll be shocked at what me and my hormones can do.” She finished her sentence then raised her hands up the sides of her body and lifted her enormous chest then quickly dropping it. The two enormous, round mammories raised up and dropped back down with barely a bounce showing not only how huge her massive chest was, but also how firm the perfectly shaped giant orbs were as well.
Both men were immediately distracted and taken back. Men are so easy, thought Supergirl, if I knew they were this distracted this easily I would have come out of my shell a long ago and take control of them. “What are you saying?” Superboy said befuddled at this point. “I’m saying that if you want something from me and then ask me like you’re somehow how stronger than I am, then I’m not going to tell you.” “We are stronger than you, Supergirl,” said Green Lantern. Supergirl then took a step forward and stood right in front of the taller man looking up at him with a stern look, the shorter girl’s large chest almost touching his. Green Lantern couldn’t believe the girl’s confidence, she seemed unmoving and a little intimidating as she stood close to him now, although he hated admitting that to himself. He also noticed the young girl’s body up close now as well. Although her face was that of a teenage girl’s everything else didn’t. Her arms were feminine, but looked very defined up close and her entire body didn’t have one ounce of fat on it. Her legs were bigger than he thought as well not really noticing them until now. Her thighs looked strong and thick, slightly bigger than an average teenage girl’s, but you could see when she moved the they were toned and full of muscle. Her calves were even well defined with a line of muscle running down the outside of them. Her big blue eyes stared up at him and he couldn’t help but look at the low cut white t shirt with the large S across it that was stretched out over her huge chest. He was distracted by the ample cleavage staring up at him and thought, god, those things definitely don’t look like your average teenagers, most women would kill to have those things. And as he stared down at the two large tits pressed together under the small shirt, the top part of her breasts looking tanned and flawless Supergirl smiled.
“So, are you going to prove to me that you’re stronger then me or no?! Or maybe you’re having second thoughts now that you’ve had a better look at my body?” Green Lantern snapped out of his daze and felt caught off guard, not to mention slightly embarrassed, and as he was going to try and cover up his gawking at Supergirl’s curvy shape, she cut him off. “Look, if you still don’t think that this body isn’t strong enough after seeing it up close and you think you guys are still stronger than me, then let’s see who wins in an open match, fair and square, you two against me. Or are you two strong men too scared to take on little ole me?” Supergirl asked the men coyly as she ran each of her pointer fingers on both of her hands down the strong, chiseled chests of both men. Green Lantern and Superboy could not believe this teenage girl’s coolness and self-sureness. “We could easily take you on, so why don’t you-“ “Good,” interrupted Supergirl, “then you can prove it. Meet me down in the training center tonight and we’ll settle it there.” Green Lantern spoke up as he felt things were getting out of control way too fast, “I think things are escalating too quickly here.” Supergirl shot back saying, “A second ago you were saying how much stronger you two men are than me and now that I ask you to back up what you say you back down, like cowards? I guess I am the strongest and best hero since I’m the only one willing to prove it.” She saw the anger in both of the men’s faces and smiled, her plan was working perfectly. She knew both of their weaknesses were impulsiveness and anger, and she was needling at both of them perfectly.
Superboy shot back first saying, “Fine! We’ll meet you here tonight!” “Let’s just wait a minute,” said Green Lantern a little hesitant now. “It’s ok guys, you don’t have to show up, but then you’ll never know where Superman and Powergirl are, and we’ll know that you two so called heroes are scared of me,” Supergirl said matter of factly. Superboy was ready to go right then and there, but Green Lantern wasn’t. However, he felt forced at this point to stop Supergirl and whatever she was up to. He wanted to show a front of strength saying, “Ok, if that’s how you want it, fine. We’ll be here tonight!” “Good,” said Supergirl smiling and as she started to slowly float in the air above the two men she said, “I’ll be here too then. Just make sure you don’t wear anything too new, because I’m going to fuck you too up so bad and I don’t want to ruin any new clothes.” She laughed a little as she said this trying to get a rise out of the two men. It worked as Superboy yelled up to her before she shot off saying, “It’s not us you’re going to have to worry about!” And the teenage girl shot away leaving both men almost dumbfounded at what had just occurred. They both agreed to meet back in the training room deep below their training center later on and went their separate ways, both thinking about the upcoming battle with their smaller, but strangely different and defiant foe.
Supergirl flew back to her apartment and landed in the center of her bedroom. She then saw Powergirl who had taken her degrading leather strapped outfit off to take a much needed shower. Supergirl came up behind her and slapped her ass hard. Powergirl felt the sting immediately and heard Supergirl say, “Wash up good, my little servant whore, we have plans tonight.” Superman came in the room and said, “Plans?” There was an uneasiness in voice, almost scared at what she meant by “plans”. “Yeah, super bitch,” said Supergirl, “another two so called heroes think they’re so much better than me as well, but we all know how that turned out for you two.” She laughed at saying this, walked seductively over to the man of steel and grabbed his balls hard. Superman opened his mouth to yell in pain and felt Supergirl grab his face hard with her other hand. “I think you remember what happened the last time a male superhero underestimated me and dared to challenge my strength and power,” said Supergirl as she then squeezed down on the man’s balls harder. Superman sunk down to his knees in pain and grabbed at the girl’s hand. Her grip was like steel and he couldn’t pry it off. Powergirl was almost in awe, this smaller girl half his age just brought him to his knees with almost no effort, the strong hero almost begging with eyes to be let go. Supergirl kept her hand on his face, keeping the man of steel’s mouth open and she suddenly spit in his open mouth. “There, that’s all you’ll get to taste from me, you pathetic little man!” Supergirl exclaimed as Powergirl’s jaw almost dropped to the floor. This girl really does have him under her complete control, Powergirl thought, I wonder how she got to be this way?
The thought faded as Supergirl threw Superman to the ground and turned her attention back to Powergirl. “Green Lantern and Superboy seem to have a problem with my new attitude, I guess everyone would like me to be the submissive, quiet little girl who took everyone’s shit for so long. Well, those days are over and everyone is going to see how amazing and powerful I really am,” Supergirl said, sounding like she was drunk on power. Superman almost couldn’t believe what he was hearing, the old Supergirl he knew seemed to completely disappear. “Now, get cleaned up, because we have a big night ahead of us,” said the teenage girl as she looked at herself in the mirror, making sure she looked as good as she could for her upcoming battle. “You’re going to take both of them on?” Powergirl asked with a voice of complete shock. “Yes,” said Supergirl, “Why?” “Because,” said Superman, “besides there being now two strong superheroes you have to fight, it’s just not right for us to be fighting amongst ourselves. Do you really think you could take on-“ Supergirl cut him off, putting her right foot straight up in the air, showing off her flexibility, placing the sneaker covered foot right over the standing man’s throat pinning him to the wall saying, “What? Take on both of them?! Well, they seem about as egotistical and arrogant as the both of you, so I’m sure I can use that to my advantage once again. Let’s face it, it worked on you two idiots, didn’t it?” Powergirl looked on as the smaller girl never ceased to amaze her with her physical skills. She stood on one foot, the other straight up in front of her, basically doing a standing split with her foot over her head, trapping the much bigger Superman with his throat up against the wall. She heard silence as what she had said, the two heroes knew it was true. She let up and Superman doubled over coughing, trying to get his breath back. Superman still didn’t think she could take on both of the strong men, I mean they were almost formidable to him, but then again, he remembered all too well, the smaller teenage girl did best him. He was also slightly afraid if she did actually win. Who would be left to stop her? How did we underestimate her so much for so long? And where does she stop? The questions bounced around in Superman’s brain until he felt the back of Supergirl’s left hand backhand him hard on his right cheek.
“I’m leaving soon, Super bitch, and I want this place spotless by the time we get back!” The teenage girl yelled, her large tits bouncing a little at him as she shook her finger in his face. He couldn’t help but be distracted by the girl’s mammoth DD cups, and their unbelievable firmness. Usually with a woman’s chest that big they moved a lot more, thought Superman, but not this girl’s, even when she walked they bounced slightly, and held firm to her chest. Although one part of his brain couldn’t help notice her physical attributes, another part was worried about her mental state. It was true he underestimated her power and strength, but what went from a dispute between him and her has was now growing into something much bigger, and more sinister. She has clearly loved having her knew found attitude and feeling of supremacy, thought Superman some more, but how far is she going to take it. He saw Powergirl had finished her shower and she came into the room completely naked. Superman couldn’t help but admire Powergirl’s even bigger tits and larger, rounder ass. The woman hated being gawked at by the so called hero and shot him an evil look. Superman left the room and Supergirl began strapping on the degrading and revealing leather outfit onto Powergirl. Powergirl felt the leather synch tight over enormous chest and between her round ass cheeks. Supergirl finished tying the bottom part of the outfit on the voluptuous woman and gave her ass a quick smack to let her know she was done making the huge mass of flesh jiggle. Powergirl felt the quick stick of the small hand on her large right ass cheek and even more anger welled up inside her
“There, now we’re both ready to go,” said Supergirl finishing up the last strap covering the bigger woman’s massive E cups on the leather outfit, “follow me and don’t fall too far behind.” Powergirl hated that she had to go out in public in her near nude state in her slave outfit, but knew she had no other choice. The only saving grace, she thought, was at least it was at night, less of a chance of people seeing her so high up in the sky in the cover of darkness. The two woman approached the Justice League headquarters and flew inside, Supergirl landing softly in the large nerve center of the building. Powergirl wondered why she had stopped here first, but then she saw the smaller girl make her way over to the screens that monitored all the cameras inside the enormous building. She watched as she turned on the cameras to the training center and turning on the recording devices. Oh my god, thought Powergirl, she wants this whole match videoed like some sort of televised match! Supergirl then sent a quick smile over to Powergirl and motioned for her to walk over to her. Powergirl did just that and the two made their way down to the training center below.
Green Lantern and Superboy were already down in the large room, waiting for their challenger to come down below the giant building’s structure. “What do you think made Supergirl get so big headed and loud mouthed?” Superboy asked Green Lantern as his voice echoed throughout the large room. “I’m not sure, but I’m guessing we’re going to find out soon enough,” he said looking around the training center. The massive room was two stories high and at least a football field in length. It had different areas for different types of training all having six foot walls partially around them. There was a marksman area that had targets set up, another area having a dummy in the middle for hand to hand combat training, the large room even having an obstacle course for conditioning. In the middle, however, was the fighting ring. It was set up almost like a boxing or wrestling ring, but was at least twice the size for starters. The dark blue floor was slightly padded, but not as much as normal ring was, as it was reinforced for sustain heavy hits. Some of the heroes that trained there packed an enormous amount of power, so the floor designed to sustain a huge amount of damage. The three ropes encompassing the ring that were standard on all boxing and wrestling rings were there except for one main difference. Each of the three lines weren’t ropes, they were two-inch-thick reinforced steel cables able to withstand a large amount of force. Each heavy cable was heavily secured to the four concrete and steel posts that stood at each corner of the large ring. The highest of the cables was roughly four feet high and all of them were covered in a thick shiny coating to cover the rough steel underneath.
Both waited patiently and soon enough they saw two dark figures slowly emerge from the training center’s dimly lit doorway, progressively making their way to the large center ring. As they took their time coming closer and closer to the two men looking down at them from up on the ring’s floor both their jaws dropped. Supergirl entered the light first, her tight and toned perfect body emerged from the darkness, her tan skin almost shimmering in it. She had on her usually outfit that showed off her flawless, definitely not typical, teenage body. She had her small white sneakers that covered her small feet, and her red, short skirt that covered just up to her upper thighs showing off her long, defined, and strong looking legs, and the backside was just past her round, firm ass cheeks. Her stomach was completely exposed showing off her six pack abs, each of the muscles clearly seen without an ounce of fat on them over her tiny waste. Her large 32DD chest was barely covered as it usually was with a small, bright white t shirt, the large red and gold S over the center of it stretched out over the full breasts underneath. The half shirt only covered up to the bottom of her chest, high above her tight, tanned stomach. The well-endowed chest of the teenage girl bounced slightly as she walked towards the center of the training room towards the two larger men. Her face came into view now, and both men couldn’t deny she was pretty. Her full lips and her big blue eyes seemed to compliment her very blonde almost gold hair perfectly. Her short red cape that usually ran down to the center of her back flowed behind her as she picked up her pace now, the two men noticing she was pulling something behind her.
The two gasped when they saw what was in tow. There was Powergirl in what looked like an old Roman gladiator leather outfit. She wasn’t naked, but she was as close as one could come to it. Green Lantern saw it had just leather straps about it, two in the front covering her two massive 34E’s and her womanhood, and as they turned slightly, he noticed the large cheeks of her ass were just about completely bare, only one of the black leather straps disappearing between the large mounds of flesh. There was a thin strap of leather around her neck and Supergirl was pulling her along like the bigger girl was a pet she was walking. Supergirl suddenly jumped high up in the air, clearing the thick, high rope of the ring and landing in front of it, Powergirl following behind. Powergirl felt a hard tug at her leather collar downward and she was forced down to her knees, giving out a little yelp of pain as she did.
Supergirl said looking down to her, “I told you I like you below me, slave!” Green Lantern and Superboy looked on in with looks of horror. Supergirl smiled at their expressions and said, “Well you boys were wondering where you’re two so called strong heroes were, well here’s one and the other is mine as well, but I thought she would be much more fun to bring along then that stick in mud Superman,” Supergirl laughed a little as she said this. Green Lantern snapped out of his shock first saying, “What have you done?! You enslaved both Powergirl and Superman?!” Superboy immediately followed Green Lantern’s shouting with some of his own, “But…but...why?! How?!” Superboy sputtering, trying to get the words out of his dumbfounded head as best he could. Green Lantern spoke up again now saying, “Powergirl, why are you letting this happen?!” Powergirl was about to speak up, but as soon as she made a sound Supergirl jerked hard at her collar silencing the bigger woman quickly. Supergirl smiled downward at the woman as she rubbed the pain in her neck from the collar. The dominant teenage girl stood proudly over obedient subservient as she turned her attention back to the shocked men.
“You see? This is what happens when you treat me like a little girl and not your equal. I warned both of them and neither one of them respected me or my strength. Now they are both being punished for their arrogance,” said Supergirl watching both the men stare at her the scantily clad, voluptuous woman on her knees at her side. “This is too much,” said Green Lantern, “No matter what they did you have to let them go.” Superboy followed up with, “I can’t believe you beat Superman in a fight…it’s just…unbelievable. Why doesn’t he just escape from your control?” “Well, believe it Superboy, I beat both of them fair and square, and with little effort, I might add. They had a fair shot at me and they both failed, miserably. And the reason why Superman doesn’t escape is the reason why I won the battles with Superman and this little bitch below me,” said Supergirl as she grabbed Powergirl’s hair roughly and gave it a quick tug, “they’re too weak compared to me.” “That’s enough,” Green Lantern’s voice was louder now as he felt his anger swelling up inside him, “Let them both go now and the punishment will be a lot less then if things go any further.” Supergirl didn’t like the bigger man talking down to her and started to get a little agitated herself saying, “I don’t think I’ll do any of that, Green Lantern, and I don’t think you can do a damn thing about it. But, if you want to, you can certainly try, however, two heroes, both stronger than you have tried and failed. Keep that in mind, oh and as far as punishment goes, you boys are going to be the only ones feeling any tonight.”
Superboy’s younger attitude and impatience was showing now and he shouted, “Well then let’s get this on! I want to pound you into the ground and get this over with! You two versus us, let’s go!” Supergirl saw how heated both the men were and she smiled her coy smile, her plan was working perfectly. Watching how much she threw the two off balance emotionally calmed her own anger and she coolly grabbed a hold of Powergirl and walked her like a pet to the corner closer to her and turned around. Both of the men watched as she made Powergirl walk on all fours behind, Powergirl herself felt like breaking down as she felt so humiliated and belittled. She felt powerless and hated everyone moment of it. Supergirl then said, “Oh, and it’s not Powergirl and I that are going to be doing the fighting, I will be fighting you two alone.” Now both men were really dumbfounded. “There’s no way you could take us both on, Supergirl,” said Superboy. “Well, we’re just going to have to see about that, won’t we?” Supergirl asked and Green Lantern, now ready to quickly tear Supergirl apart and free Powergirl and Superman took a step toward the center of the ring. He calmly said, “Fine, if that’s the way you want it.” “It is the way I want it, I want the both of you to see how much stronger and better I am then the both of you, and if I do that alone then the proof will be clear how much more superior I am to you two pathetic, wannabe heroes. But now maybe that you mentioned Powergirl being in the fight, I might use her, maybe, but just to humiliate you a little more than I already plan to do.”
Superboy’s face shot a look of fury over to his confident and degrading opponent and before he could say anything Green Lantern put his hand on his arm so he wouldn’t do anything rash. Supergirl smiled as she now saw who was the easier out of the two to manipulate. Green Lantern then watched in complete shock as the golden blonde young girl reach down and grab Powergirl by her right breast and squeeze down on it hard. The teenage girl’s small hand had a good grip on the near naked, bare flesh of the huge, fair skinned breast. Her fingers pressed deeply into the soft flesh, her fingers feeling like steel to Powergirl as her hand felt tighter and tighter, so much so the flesh from colossal mammary started to squeeze through Supergirl’s fingers. Powergirl winced and yelled in pain until she was silenced by a quick sharp slap to her face. The slap from Supergirl’s open hand was hard and sent an echo throughout the large room. She then pulled on the massive E cup that was in her hand and Powergirl rose up to her feet with a look of pain, not to mention a hand print, on her face. Green Lantern’s jaw dropped for a second time that night as he watched Supergirl lift Powergirl up by her exposed breast. How powerful is this girl, thought Green Lantern as he still couldn’t process all what was going on? Superboy didn’t need to process anything, he was agitated at what he was seeing and was ready to fight. He figured on a short bout, Supergirl would be severely punished for what she did, and then everything would be back to normal. Green Lantern, on the other hand, had a little more patience and respected the strength that Supergirl had. He didn’t realize she had enough to take on both Superman and Powergirl, and this did make him a little more cautious, however, now she was fighting two superheroes at the same time. A much different situation, he thought.
Supergirl then grabbed Powergirl’s face and said, “Now, I want you to stay outside of this ring and not do a single fucking thing unless I tell you to, understand?!” Powergirl just nodded her head yes and Supergirl smiled as she let go. Powergirl bent over, her large, round sticking out at the two men across the ring for a moment until she brought her other leg over the middle rope and stood outside the ring. Green Lantern couldn’t help but ogle the woman’s body for a moment, her voluptuous curves were so prominent his eyes naturally took a peek. Even after everything they just heard and saw, thought Powergirl, they still take a peek at my ass, they are unbelievable…maybe Supergirl was right, maybe all men did have the same weakness, pompous and arrogant. Superboy couldn’t help but take a quick look at Powergirl as well, he always knew she had a large chest, she definitely never tried to hide, but seeing almost complete nude now, he couldn’t believe how big it really was. The size and look of her ass in the outfit looked different as well, bigger, especially being on such a small waste. Her body looked strong as well, he thought, her muscles were bigger and more well defined than Supergirl’s, even her ab muscles popped out more, showing the large amount of muscle beneath. His eyes widened as he caught a look at her thigh muscles as they tensed slightly as she went through the ropes, they were big, and solid. He could only imagine the damage they could inflict. Powergirl noticed the looks from Superboy as well, however his were looks of awe and maybe even a little fear. She actually kind of liked it, but everyone’s attention was brought back to Supergirl suddenly.
She confidently took a step forward, the girl’s 5’6” body wasn’t very tall, but at that moment with her shoulders squarely back, her legs in a V standing prominently on the firm blue mat, she looked unbelievably strong and assertive. She let them take a good hard look at her hoping it would distract and throw the men off a little more than it already had, she as well looking over the two heroes. Superboy was the shorter of the duo of men at 5’7”. He had similar features to the real man of steel with his jet black hair and blue eyes, but looked much younger, around his early 20’s. He was 150 pounds, not very big by superhero terms, but he was solid through and through. His tight black t shirt with his signature dark red S over his chest clung to his body tightly, showing off his big biceps and chiseled chest and abs. He had on basic blue jeans that covered his strong legs. Supergirl would normally have found him attractive if it wasn’t for his boyish immaturity and impatience. Green Lantern, on the other hand, clearly looked like the greater the challenger out of her two adversaries. Standing at 6’2” and weighing a solid 215 pounds, he looked formidable as he stared back at her with determined blue eyes that contrasted his wavy brown hair. He wore a one-piece suit that was a dark green on his arms and legs and black over the whole center. The suit was skin tight and Supergirl looked him up and down more closely. His body was perfectly in shape just like Superboy’s, but now that he was heated his body had a visible ora of bright green, the ring on his right middle finger glowing with a shining glare. Her gaze naturally sunk down, looking at the glowing ring, her noticing the emblem of the lantern raised slightly over the center of it. What I could do with that power, thought Supergirl, her mind wondering for a second as it dreamed of the power she could have with it. There’s no way he’s giving it up easily, he is probably the most determined and strong willed hero I’ve ever seen, the thoughts crept into her mind as it focused slowly back to the man’s stern look on his face. She knew that out of everybody on the Justice League, or anybody else for that matter, Green Lantern was the most unwavering and resolute. He never gave up, ever. This put him as the biggest threat over the two and she knew she would have to save most of what she had for him. Supergirl decided to keep up on the mental game with the two men to try and weaken them as much mentally before taking them both on physically.
“You boys look a little nervous, you sure you want to do this,” said Supergirl as she took a few steps closer to the two men, now only a few feet from them. “I feel like at this point we’re forced too,” said Green Lantern, “but let’s set up some ground rules.” “Rules?” Supergirl said the word like she was in complete shock. “I don’t need any of them, but if you insist I’ll agree to some rules…if you’re too scared to fight me without them that is,” Supergirl kept driving in insults, trying to throw the both of them off like she did with Superman and Powergirl. Powergirl watched on as if it was deja vu. She hated and at the same time admired how Supergirl could manipulate such well-seasoned heroes at such a young age. Supergirl just smiled her small smile again as she watched the two heroes start to boil over with anger. “It’s you who’s going to need the rules, Supergirl!” Superboy shouted at his smaller adversary furiously. “You can’t take on both of us at the same time, Supergirl, and we need to do this the right way, conduct ourselves as heroes, not a bar room brawl,” said Green Lantern. Supergirl then said, “Fine, we’ll agree on some rules, but for the record, I probably could take you both on at the same time, my body can handle it.” The young girl put her hands low on her hips and ran them gently up the sides of her small waist stopping at her large chest, squeezing the two enormous DD cup breasts a little. Green Lantern’s attention averted a little bit as his eyes slowly went lower, looking on as the young firm breasts were pushed together underneath the tight white top. He snapped out of it, but not before both Supergirl and Powergirl noticed. Powergirl watched on as she saw Supergirl was repeating the exact thing she had done to her, distraction, and then destruction. Green Lantern spoke up, trying to break the awkward silence, not wanting Supergirl to know his momentary lapse, Superboy was almost lost now as he blatantly stared at the teenage girl’s body now. “Stop the games, Supergirl! We need some rules. First, one fighter at a time in the ring or, two on two, the fight can never be one sided with two versus one in the ring.” “I’ll agree to that,” said Supergirl, “but that also counts if one fighter sees the other in the ring losing, no matter what, you can’t blindside the winning fighter just because they have the upper hand.” That sounded fair to the both of them now, as Superboy finally snapped out of his blatant ogling of Supergirl’s voluptuous and tanned body. “And no help from outside the ring, Supergirl! The fighter on the outside of the ring can’t reach in and give the other one a helping hand,” Superboy said.
Supergirl could tell things were heating up and she took a step closer to both men saying, “Ok, I’ll agree to that too, but I want something too. You can’t win by making the other person tap out, only by making the other fighter not be able to go on can you have a victory over that opponent.” Green Lantern didn’t like this and said, “I don’t know about that, it seems too violent.” Supergirl shot back, “Well, if you’re afraid of little old me, then that’s fine,” and she put her hands on her hips and stuck her chest out proudly continuing with, “then how about if one fighter can’t put the other out then whomever has the most tap outs loses.” They both agreed and nodded their heads after a quick look at each other. “Also,” said Supergirl, “the winners are in charge of the headquarters and the JLA, and the losers have to do whatever the winner says. If we’re going to have a bought to see who’s the strongest hero is, then the strongest hero should be running things around here, you know, now that Superman is under my control and isn’t around to tell you little boys what to do.” Superboy’s teeth grinded together as he clenched his jaw and he said, “Fine!” Green Lantern pulled his arm and quietly said, “That seems like a lot of power to be just handing over.” Supergirl overheard him and said, “I thought you guys said there was no way I, just a little girl, could beat the two of you strong men? I mean, if you guys are having second doubts and are afraid that I might beat you too badly, you can just admit that I’m the strongest one here and put me in charge right away…” Green Lantern turned her attention back to her, and spoke up quickly, not wanting her to get the upper hand in the conversation, “That’s fine with us, Supergirl.” Supergirl loved the feeling of easily influence the two men, the power she felt taking control of the situation welled up inside her. The power felt amazing. She decided now was the time to try to and work some more of what she wanted in. “Also, the losers can’t use their super powers until the winner, which will probably be me, allows them to. Oh, and that means no costumes either until they are told they can have their powers back, I mean, what’s the point of having costumes if you can’t use any super powers,” said Supergirl sternly now, her voice more serious. “No costumes?” Asked Green Lantern as he looked over at Powergirl and what she was wearing. If I’m not wearing my costume, I definitely don’t want to be wearing something like that, he thought.
Superboy was barely listening to the younger girl now as he was growing impatient and wanted to get all this over with. “I’ll agree to all of that Supergirl, let’s figure out who’s fighting who first and get this started,” he said quickly. “Sounds good to me, boys,” said Supergirl, the two men hating being called boys by the physically smaller, not to mention, younger teenage girl. “I’ll go first,” she said, “Me too,” said Superboy and Green Lantern gave him a nod of good luck and left the ring, standing on the outside edge. His mind wondered and he couldn’t believe how things escalated so quickly, he almost felt as if he was being tricked somehow, but his anger brought him back to the ring in front of him.
Supergirl was more than ready and she took a step back, putting her hands on her hips and said, “Ok, then let’s get this started.” Superboy got more into a fighting stance saying, “I’m ready.” Supergirl then bent over at her waist keeping her hands at her waist, so much so that it proudly showed off her ample cleavage in the low cut bright white t shirt. “Well, come on then, Superboy, unless you think I’m too much for you,” said Supergirl antagonizing the young man, hoping showing off her large chest through the low cut t shirt would distract him as it did her previous two adversaries. It unfortunately didn’t get the same result as it previously had. Superboy dashed over at super speed and sent a hard left fist over the right side of the smaller girl’s face. The punch seemed to hit the girl in slow motion as Supergirl’s fair skinned young face flew violently to the side. Supergirl felt the pain and impact of the punch immediately, the punch hitting her so hard it lifted her feet off the canvas and made her fly backwards like bullet. She landed on her round, firm ass cheeks in a sitting position with her back leaning on the ropes and her arms down in front of her body, barely moving. Her legs were bent half way as they laid out in front of her, partially spread open, putting her bright red panties on display. Her arms hung listlessly on the bottom rope behind her. Green Lantern’s and Powergirl’s jaws dropped at the amazingly hard punch the young man had thrown. It hit Supergirl so hard that it looked like her head was going to snap off as her body flew up and through the air and back down hard onto the canvas. Superboy looked at her for a moment, catching a glimpse of the tiny piece of shiny red clothe hardly covering the young girl’s womanhood, saw she wasn’t getting up, and turned his back on the downed girl saying, “Well, that was easy, let’s go get Superman and finish all this.” Green Lantern couldn’t get the words out fast enough as he saw Supergirl put her left arm on the middle rope and grab it tightly. She then lifted her body slightly and put her feet underneath her in a sprinter’s position and pushed off with all her might. Her body sprung forward at an incredible rate, her body looking like a blur as she shot over to the young man, and she put both her fists straight out at the last moment. Superboy felt the small fists of the smaller girl strike the direct center of his back, his body almost folding completely backward before he flew off forward. The young man flung forward like a bullet and hit the thick steel cables on the far side of the ring hard, so hard that they stretched to their max, the metal making a horrible creaking sound before snapping back. The cables acted like a rubber band making Superboy’s body now fly back to where it had come from right towards the waiting Supergirl. She was more than ready. She had already gotten her strong legs planted firmly and her right fist drawn back. Superboy saw he was flying closer and closer to the waiting attack, but could do nothing about it as everything happened too fast. The teenage girl stuck out her right hand and clenched it tightly straight in front of her body, her squeezed hand just waiting to impact Superboy’s body. Supergirl’s fist landed right in the center of his stomach, his body hitting so hard it doubled over on the young girl’s fist.
Supergirl held her fist out for another moment, the young man’s feet weren’t even touching the ground as his body was slung over the hard hitting fist like a wet towel. Green Lantern’s eyes widened at how hard Superboy was just hit now, his body limp as the strong looking Supergirl held his entire body up with just one arm. She then drew her arm back letting the listless Superboy drop to the ground in a balled up heap on the ground. Supergirl heard him moaning slightly and she smiled. The hit she received from him really hurt and she was happy about returning the favor. She then took her time grabbing Superboy by his hair, the fingers in her left hand pulling up on the young man’s thick black locks. She lifted his head up, took a second to give a menacing look over at Green Lantern who was in a state of pure shock at the power of the young girl at this point, and then quickly sent her bent right leg up, smashing her knee into her foe’s face. His body flew up in air completely and he landed on his back on the ring’s floor hard, moaning louder now. Green Lantern had saw Supergirl’s thigh right before her knee devastatingly struck Superboy’s face and couldn’t believe how strong and the amount of muscle it had in it when she tensed it. She has an incredible amount of power in those things, he thought as he hadn’t noticed it before, when her leg is tensed it’s like muscle seems to grow from nowhere! He looked on, Supergirl’s thighs looking thick, but feminine now as she wasn’t tensing them, he couldn’t believe how much strength was hidden beneath the smooth skin of the teenage girl’s golden tanned legs and now wondered what other parts of her body, if not all were the same way. He suddenly had much more respect for the young girl he was about to go against.
Superboy put his hand to his face as he started to come back around, he felt his right cheek throbbing in pain as he struggled to take in air, his stomach feeling like it had just been by a truck. The lights above him suddenly disappeared as Supergirl leaned over him, casting a shadow over his face. “Wow! That must have hurt, I know for a fact your body felt that. I already literally beat you to the ground, but I hope you’re not done yet, though, I mean I barely got started on you yet,” said Supergirl as she leaned over the aching young man. He saw the younger girl’s enormous DD’s hanging down over him, wanting to spill out over her tight white t shirt. Supergirl noticed the young man ogling him, her shaking her huge chest had gone exactly as she planned. I was hoping he’d get distracted by me shaking my tits, thought Supergirl, now to rub it in a little more. “Oh, you like these?” Asked Supergirl and she bent over more and stuck her chest out even farther, shaking her chest just a little. Superboy noticed the eighteen-year old’s DD’s being pushed out of their tight restraint from the t shirt even more now, the huge tits wanting to burst right out of their tight white restraint. However, he also saw the big grin on the big chested teenager’s face. He hated how much she loved rubbing in her punishment of him and he used everything he had, swatting his hand upward trying to punch the antagonizing girl. Supergirl knew insulting him would make him do something impulsive rash. Her plan of using his impulsiveness and ego against him was working good so far. The wild, but quick moving fist flew up, but hit nothing but air as Supergirl used her speed and pulled her head back, just missing the incoming blow. “Too slow, Superboy,” she said and giggled with her hand over her mouth. Superboy was furious now and got up as fast as he could, however he was slow getting to his feet and Supergirl sent a quick low punch to his already aching midsection. Supergirl couldn’t believe how solid the young man’s stomach still felt after the beating he sustained so far. His abs felt firm and solid, but she knew he had to have a breaking point. Superboy winced in pain and Supergirl said, “Come on, that was barely half my speed and strength, you’re going to have to be quicker than that if you want a chance at beating me!” Supergirl ran her hand from the center of her enormous chest down her body over stomach, trying to antagonize the man even more. The impetuous young man had nothing but anger in his mind and he lashed out at the smaller girl. Supergirl blocked the strong left punch sent out by the strong young man and took a step back. Superboy lashed out again, this time missing his opponent completely as she leaned back, watching yet another attack fly by her face. Supergirl saw his left side was completely open now and sent out a hard kick with her strong right leg. The tiny white sneaker over her foot connected perfectly with her foe’s ribs on the left side of his body, making him drop his left arm instinctively to protect it. His face showed the pain as he felt his body almost knock over from the hard hit.
Supergirl sent a hard fist out to strike over Superboy’s now unprotected face. She lost her balance, however, as she surprisingly missed as Superboy ducked under the small, but powerful fist. He then sprung forward and drove his shoulder into the stomach of Supergirl. She let out a small oomph and flew backwards, her back hitting the thick steel cables around the edge of the ring. She covered herself up to block any incoming attacks, but saw Superboy was a little slower now as his body had taken some hard hits. I’ve slowed him down already, hopefully I can put him out soon and save most of my energy for Green Lantern, thought Supergirl. Superboy approached Supergirl as quickly as he could and started throwing rights and lefts, Supergirl staying on the defensive dodging and blocking the incoming attacks. That’s it Supergirl, she thought, let him wear himself down. She wanted to keep working on him mentally as well, wanting to keep her impatient enemy off balance. “Don’t let your anger get the better of you!” Green Lantern yelled out at his young partner. An angered Supergirl shot a cold look over at the older man saying, “No help from partners, I said!” She screamed at the man glowing in green light. Her momentary distraction was a mistake though, as she felt a hard fist hit the right side of her face. Her body bent down to the left from the impact of the blow and she covered up the sudden pain in her head. She shot back up as fast as she could and tried to cover up, but was too slow as she felt another hard fist to her abdomen. Superboy couldn’t believe how solid the girl’s abs were, it felt a lot tougher than he thought they would, the felt almost immovable. Supergirl felt the blow though, and knew she had to get out of there, her back being against the ropes made her feel trapped.
She ignored the body shot as best as she could and regained her composure. Superboy continued to throw quick, hard punches at the fast dodging young girl. He couldn’t believe how fast the younger girl was, he was always just a split second too late before connecting his punches. Supergirl ducked and dodged the best she could, some punches would get through her defenses, but Superboy was missing a lot more than he was connecting. She knew eventually he would have to wear down. His chest started breathing a little heavier at one point and she started seeing longer pauses between his punches. Then, her patience paid off. She saw a strong, but predictable over hand right coming from Superboy and she ducked under it, again using her speed, she moved her body so she ended up behind the young man. Superboy looked confused for a moment as the small girl seemed to have disappeared completely. Powergirl looked on as she saw Supergirl send out her left fist, driving it into center of Superboy’s back, the same spot where she had drove in her fist earlier. A white flash of pain flashed in front of Superboy’s eyes and he let out a yell of pain. Supergirl smiled and spun the hero around quickly. Both of her opponent’s arms were behind his back, trying desperately to reach the agonizing pain that throbbed in it and Supergirl saw the unprotected man’s body in front of her, just waiting for punishment. She suddenly started sending out lefts and rights to the man’s chiseled midsection. Superboy tried to snap out of it and cover up, but the girl’s attacks were too fast. The strikes were hard and quick, too quick to try and send out any of his own. Supergirl saw the young man start to wobble a little. She set him up with two quick jabs to his face and when she saw his head snap back a second time she sent out a hard right hook, perfectly landing it on her dazed opponent’s left temple, exactly where she wanted it to hit.
Superboy’s legs got weak and his arms hung at his sides as he looked intoxicating wobbling from side to side to stay on upright. His body finally lost its balance and his body started leaning forward. He fell forward towards Supergirl who had her hands on her hips now in a show of dominance, watching her barely conscious opponent collapse frontward. He would have fallen to the ground if his voluptuous attacker wasn’t standing in his way. Supergirl watched as his face landed right over the massive amount of cleavage that poured over her tight top. Superboy’s face laid buried in the girl’s colossal DD’s, his body partially hunched over, so weak feeling at this point he didn’t have the strength the lift himself up and out of the soft and huge mounds of flesh. Superboy’s arms hung listlessly and Supergirl felt the young man’s body struggle to get air as he was being suffocated between her massive tits. “See! I told him just my perfect breasts could beat him! I don’t even have to do anything! They can beat him on their own!” Supergirl yelled laughing with her hands still on her hips. Green Lantern was astonished at the young girl’s beating of Superboy. Her attacks were quick, strong, and patient, in one word, good. So good apparently that her foe’s body was so weak it couldn’t lift itself from being smothered by just his attacker’s breasts. She then grabbed his head and put him in a headlock, Superboy taking in a much needed deep breath. She then sent up her strong left leg and drove her knee into her foe’s midsection. Superboy let out a grunt of pain only to have the move repeated with Supergirl’s other knee. She sent up her solid legs over and over. He tried to pull his head out of Supergirl’s arm, but his head, that was pressed firmly against the side of Supergirl’s full DD tit, get squeezed even tighter. He not only felt the muscle in her arm press down on his head, but the amazing firmness of the solid feeling tit. Oh, my god! He thought, dumbfounded at the strength he felt from the giant mass on the girl’s chest, those things feel like steel! He sent out louder and louder grunts of pain as felt Supergirl’s knees and steel like thighs smash his midsection like a jack hammer. He sent out weak punches as he realized trying to push his way out wasn’t going to work.
His fists felt weaker now as Supergirl felt them hit her body. Superboy feeling weaker all over as his face was a bright red now from the hard squeezing headlock. One of his blind punches accidently hit Supergirl’s right tit. He felt his fist hit something big and firm and he realized what he just struck. That thing feels impenetrable, he thought! Supergirl smiled and said, “Careful, Superboy!” She laughed and continued, “Not that it would matter, I’m solid all over, and I mean all over, but I’m sure you can feel that now!” And Supergirl squeezed her arm down more, Superboy’s head feeling as if it was going to pop off as it squished even harder against the strong feeling, steel like, enormous tit of Supergirl. She heard him yell in pain and said, “But maybe you need a better demonstration!” She finally let him go and he stood up quickly, but he was clearly dazed. She then saw the man was out of it for the moment as his face was bright red, and decided to humiliate him in front of the people watching. She took her time taking a step closer to him, her body right up against the confused man, so close her large chest was just barely touching Superboy’s. She then, all of a sudden, tensed the muscles in her large 32DD’s and stuck her chest out forward as fast and as hard as she could, the S on her tight white t shirt stretching out to its max. Superboy felt the two enormous mounds of flesh hit his chest and it felt like two wrecking balls had just shot into him. He felt his chest caved in, and every ounce of oxygen in his body shot from his mouth. His body flew backward, his back hitting the ring’s cables and bouncing off quickly. He then saw a quick flash of the ample cleavage of Supergirl, the tan flesh pouring out over her top just before his face smashed into it. Supergirl let it happen, proudly sticking her full and strong breasts out. Superboy slammed against the hard feeling large and firm breasts with a thud, and he felt himself unable to stay on his feet from the impact that had struck his body harder than he’d ever been hit before.
Supergirl saw him grab for the ropes behind him to stay on his feet. “See, I told you these were too much for you,” she said pointing at the large mounds of firm flesh on her chest. Supergirl then started wailing on the young man, sending out hard lefts and rights to the young man’s body, her arms looking like a blur as she sent them out. He felt the punches hit his stomach and chest and he dropped his hands to protect himself. Supergirl smiled and saw her chance, she sent up her right leg, Green Lantern amazed at the girl’s flexibility as she kicked it over her own head and onto Superboy’s face. Supergirl looked on as she watched the man’s head snap back violently, and she smiled. She was really taking her opponent apart now, proving to herself once again how powerful she was. She smiled and wanted to dominate the young man as much as she could, loving the feeling of power it gave her. “Come on, Superboy, you were barely a challenge to me so far,” said Supergirl, “do something to make this at least somewhat of a fight for me! Here, I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you a free shot, go ahead, take it!” Supergirl put her hands on her hips so her body was completely open to any attack the young man wanted to dish out. She knew everyone was looking on at her display of strength and loved how she had an audience as she showed off her supremacy over the young man. Superboy tried to grab the girl with both of his large arms, but was clearly way too slow to do so at this point and Supergirl ducked down under the muscular arms. Green Lantern watched on in disbelief as the young girl shot up like a spring, pressing hard off her flexed legs, sending her body straight up. She stuck her chest out once again, only this time she shot her firm, young breasts upward, landing them right under Superboy’s chin in an uppercut style blow. His body flew upward, his feet actually lifting off the ground over the top rope of the ring, then coming downward, landing hard on the concrete floor below. Green Lantern’s jaw dropped at the sight. He watched as Superboy was being taken out by just Supergirl’s large chest of the eighteen-year-old girl.
“Told you!” Cried out Supergirl as she jumped over the top rope with ease, floated down landing in front of the young man, and bent down yelling in the near unconscious man’s face, “I told you that I’m so much better than your pathetic ass that just my teenage tits could beat you. And now look at you! At my knees, almost out of the fight already, I barely broke a sweat, and look at you! Breathing heavy, panting, like a dog at my feet! In fact, you’re so beneath me, I think you should kiss my feet!” Supergirl yelled at him and she started pushing down on the back of the downed man’s head. Superboy pushed up with his strong arms, trying desperately not to be humiliated any further. His arms flexed, the large muscles bulging out. Supergirl was impressed at the strength the young man had left in him after sustaining such a hard beating. She then felt her legs ripped out from underneath her, landing her hard on her round ass. Superboy then scrambled up her body to try and gain the upper hand on top of her. Supergirl tried to fight him off, but he was on her stomach in a flash. Superboy then gave everything he had and started raining down punches on the girl’s face and stomach. Supergirl covered up as best could, but still some of the attacks got through her defenses. The fists hurt, but she could feel his punches were much, much weaker now, doing little to no damage to her. She smiled as she knew this would be a good time to finish him mentally and quickly said, “Your punches don’t even hurt anymore, Superboy, I guess you are a boy aren’t a real man. I mean, everyone saw me basically take you down with no effort, and even these took you down to your knees.” She then shook her large chest, Superboy watched as the huge mounds shook back and forth beneath him. He saw the large orbs jiggle; they were so firm they still stuck straight out of the girl’s chest even though she was lying on her back. The large chest he once ogled now only looked like something that caused him pain. He hated that Supergirl used just her chest against him, and so effectively, almost taking him out completely with the enormous round tits.
He became infuriated and sent down a hard punch at them. His fist just hit with a thud, the large fleshy mound barely moving. Green Lantern was in awe; he couldn’t believe just her right breast took an open punch from Superboy. Superboy got angry, not only was Supergirl giggling at him after he just threw the hardest punch he could at her chest, but his fist actually hurt a little when it hit! “Is that all you got, Superboy? You’re going to need a lot more for these,” said Supergirl now pushing the two tits together, making them squish against each other and push out of her low cut top even more than they already were. Superboy sent down another punch, and then another and another, each time hitting the solid masses with seemingly no effect. He couldn’t believe it, he was hammering down on the seemingly impenetrable masses, that Supergirl stuck out at him completely unprotected and his punches did nothing! Superboy got angry and wound up for the hardest hit he could send down on the smiling, almost laughing girl. He sent down his fist as hard as he could and Supergirl tensed her chest this time as hard as she could. Superboy’s clenched hand felt like it had just slammed into a piece of solid metal. He shrieked loudly in pain felt a crack in his hand, Supergirl heard it and smiled. He let out another loud cry of pain and held his right hand with his left. Green Lantern and Powergirl looked in absolute amazement. A man just broke his hand trying to punch Supergirl’s unprotected tits, they couldn’t believe how amazing her body had to be to not only stop a punch, but break someone’s hands with just her tits. Even through the pain, Superboy couldn’t believe what just happened, he had just broken his hand sending a punch to Supergirl’s chest.
The thought left his mind quickly, though, as Supergirl reached up and grabbed the sides of his head, and pulled his head downward smashing onto her tensed chest. Again Superboy was being battered by just the teenage girl’s chest, this time his whole face smashing onto the 32DD’s. His face felt like it just got smashed with a cinder block and he bounced off them. She noticed a small trickle of blood coming from his nose, her chest nearly breaking it as it slammed down on her firm tits. Superboy’s look on his face was one of man that was about to be unconscious. Supergirl then reached her legs up and trapped the dazed man’s head between her thighs and squeezed down. Superboy instantly felt the pressure as the strong muscles of Supergirl’s inner thighs tensed up, bulging out crushing the young man’s head. Superboy came to a little and yelled in pain loudly as Green Lantern watched his face squish between the thick legs. Supergirl then brought her legs down, bringing the trapped man down with them, his back hitting the mat hard. She then stood up quickly, keeping the man trapped between her solid thighs. Superboy’s head was face up while his body was in a partial sitting position as he slapped and clawed at the steel like thighs. Supergirl saw the man’s midsection completely exposed and smiled as she clenched her hands together and brought them over her head. She then sent her arms crashing down, slamming her double fisted attack into the man’s stomach. She felt it was much softer now as her attack went deep into the man’s abdomen. He let out a moan of pain as he pulled and pried at the vice grip like legs squeezing on his face. Supergirl brought down the attack once more, Superboy’s stomach feeling much weaker now. She had pummeled the man’s midsection so much now that large tears in his black t shirt appeared over his chest and abdomen.
Superboy moaned loudly in pain and Supergirl just smiled, and just as she was about to send a fist straight to them a blinding red light shot between her legs. Superboy had sent out a beam of heat vision from his now red eyes. Supergirl let up and her thighs and Superboy felt his head finally freed from the vice like grip. He took a second as he laid on his back to rub his head as Supergirl grabbed her womanhood and screamed in pain. He then kicked out hard, landing his foot right between Supergirl’s legs, his foot hitting the soft red material of the panties covering her womanhood. Superboy then shot out another red beam of heat vision, this time right over Supergirl’s face. Supergirl was blinded and felt the hot beam on her face immediately as she held her hands between her legs, the pain in her pussy shooting up her body making her drop to her knees in agony. Superboy also tended to his wounds, rubbing his head and stomach. He pulled himself on the ground towards the ring and used it to very slowly get to his feet. Supergirl’s vision returned, but the pain between her legs was still there. She managed to get to her knees as Superboy pulled his body up. He looked over at Supergirl holding her hands between her legs and limped as fast as he could over to the downed girl. Supergirl looked up in pain just in time to see a knee hit her face. She knocked backwards, back down to the ring floor. Superboy tried to follow up, but was in a large amount of pain himself. He grabbed the teenage girl’s golden blonde hair and sent a punch down to the left side of her face hard, connecting it solidly. Supergirl’s face took the blow and Superboy sent down another fist. This time he felt it stopped right before its target. Supergirl had put up her forearm and blocked it. Green Lantern couldn’t believe the resolve on the young girl as she looked up in anger at her opponent who had her by the hair. She sent out a straight punch to Superboy’s left knee and as he screamed in pain and grabbed the pain ridden joint, Supergirl sent her right foot up, connecting it with the underside of Superboy’s already red chin. The skin was already bruised from Supergirl’s tits smashing into to it earlier. This sent the man to his knees.
Supergirl then floated up in the air slowly, looking absolutely furious, her eyes glowing red looking down at her downed foe. Superboy looked up and it looked like he was staring up at some type of demon. Suddenly a beam of light shot from Supergirl hitting Superboy in his face now. He shot to his back holding his face and Supergirl didn’t waste any time. She swooped down and grabbed the man’s ankles, flew high up in the air, twenty feet over the floor of the large training center, and started spinning around. Her body spun around and around faster and faster until it just looked like a blur. Superboy felt the blood rush from his feet to his head as he felt his body spin at an incredibly fast rate. Supergirl spun him around by his legs until she suddenly let go, Superboy’s body flying like it was shot out of a cannon. His body hit the hard concrete floor once again and he tumbled like a rag doll. Supergirl dashed over to him, picking him up by his feet once again, throwing him like a sack of flour back into the ring. Superboy felt his body fly like a bullet through the air once again. He then smashed hard into one of the thick steel and concrete posts at the corners of the ring. It hit with such force it actually bent in half. He laid there in a sitting position moaning, his body slumped forward. Supergirl made her way slowly over to the slumped man, taking her time. She then spun him around and grabbed him by the throat hard with her left hand and then took her right hand and grabbed the man between his legs. Superboy screamed a high pitch scream now as he felt Supergirl’s steel like grip on his manhood. “You want to be an underhanded fighter and attack my feminine parts?! Well, they, like the rest of me, were too strong for you! However, I think it’s only fair that I return the favor! Although, it seems you definitely aren’t man enough for my underhanded attacks,” said Supergirl and she squeezed down harder on both her legs as well as her hand clenched over his balls. Superboy yelled as loud as his lungs would let him now and Supergirl said, “Give up!” Superboy screamed, “I give!” Supergirl leaned down next to his ear and simply said, “Too bad it won’t help you.” She then lifted Superboy up by his throat and his manhood and started flying upward. Superboy screeched in pain as Green Lantern and Powergirl watched Supergirl lift him up by just his neck and balls. She then paused high up above the ring floor and dropped her opponent’s body. Superboy started falling back down to the ring’s floor and Supergirl darted down after him. She bent her legs and sent herself down with her knees sticking out. They struck the young man’s body midair and drove him downward like a hammer on a nail. His back impacted the ring’s floor with a tremendous impact rocking the whole training center. Supergirl’s knees dug deep into his body and Superboy felt himself hit the mat harder than he’d ever been hit before. He was in immense pain, but couldn’t even bring himself to yell out.
Supergirl landed back down on the ring’s floor gently saying, “You underhanded, dirty fighter. You’re so much weaker than me that you have to fight like a coward!” Superboy just moaned, his body not moving. Supergirl stood in the center of the ring with her hands on her hips, she looked strong and dominant. It appeared she didn’t have a scratch on her, even the redness that was in her face had faded. Superboy on the other hand looked the horrible. The right side of his face was now swollen, so much so his eye was partially forced closed. His nose was bleeding and there was more coming from the right corner of his mouth. The only thing left of his black t shirt were tattered shreds. His blue jeans were torn up as well, through the tears you could see scrapes and cuts. He then slumped his body forward and landed on his hands and knees. He then started to crawl towards Supergirl.
“That’s right, Superboy,” said Supergirl sternly, “come and let me finish punishing you.” Supergirl then got impatient and walked slowly and confidently towards the crawling Superboy, taking her time. She then reached down and grabbed the man by his throat and picked him up in the air. Green Lantern looked as he saw Supergirl lifting Superboy up in the completely off his feet above her head with one hand dominantly. He stared in amazement. She held him up there for a few moments as he weakly grabbed at her arm and hand trying to free himself. She then took her free hand and grabbed the material between his leg. She ripped it away with ease and Superboy’s manhood spilled out, exposing himself to everyone looking on. Supergirl then grabbed his dick and said, “Now. Who’s the winner here?!” There was no response and Supergirl then grabbed his balls. Superboy tried to scream in pain, but he couldn’t make a sound as he was being choked off his feet. She then lifted him up by his own balls and brought his body over her head and slammed him down on the canvas floor hard. Superboy laid there choking, holding his throat and his manhood gasping for breath. “Pathetic,” was the only thing Supergirl said looking down at him.
Green Lantern then shouted out, “He’s had enough!” “I’ll decide when he’s had enough, Green Lantern. You’re just going to have to wait your turn to get my punishment.” Green Lantern said nothing as he didn’t want to break his promise and forfeit the match by stepping into the ring and intervening. Supergirl then reached down grabbing Superboy’s hair and what was left of his jeans, lifted him up at waste level, and then threw him like a sack across the ring. He tumbled across the ring’s floor and landed into a corner. “Now,” said Supergirl as she approached him with a slow sexy walk, “I have to go and do the same thing to your friend over there that I did to you, but I don’t want you going anywhere. I still have some fun things in store for you later.” She whispered the last sentence in the almost unconscious man’s ear. He just moaned in response. She lifted him up to a sitting position by his hair and put his back against one of the corner posts. She then took the bottom steel cable and used her incredible strength to rip it out of the post. She then pulled on it roughly and a loud metal creaking sound screeched through the large training room until the other end of it snapped off the other post. She then took the thick rope of steel and wrapped it around Superboy’s listless body a few times. She stood up and admired her hand work. “There, that takes care of you, Superboy,” she said smiling, putting her hands on her hips. She pulled the cable a little tighter just to make sure he couldn’t get out and a loud moan was forced out of him. “Now that just won’t do,” said Supergirl almost laughing, “I can’t have you making all these pathetic noises from me kicking your weak ass body so hard all over this fucking place. I told you I was too much for you, and now look at you. A so called hero. Pitiful.” Superboy barely heard the words, but heard them none of the less, and they hurt. He started to mumble something, but Green Lantern then watched on with an open jaw as Supergirl reached under her short skirt. He and Superboy then saw her pull her small red g string down, the small string of material that was nestled snuggly between her large ass pulled from between her ass cheeks. She bent over slowly and wiggled them down over her thick thighs and over her defined calves to her ankles. She stood back up and, finally, stepped her legs out of the small bright red material one foot at a time. Superboy felt the soft fabric with the taste of Supergirl’s teenage pussy being forced roughly into his mouth. “That should quiet you down,” said Supergirl smiling and she spun around facing the still shocked Green Lantern. As she spun her skirt lifted a little as it normally did, but this time she had nothing underneath, so there was quick flash of her naked firm ass and her tight, young pussy. There, thought Supergirl, if that doesn’t distract my next fighter, then nothing will. She saw the look on Green Lantern’s face and knew instantly she had succeeded.
Superboy still tried to mumble something even with Supergirl’s panties in his mouth. Supergirl looked over her shoulder and said, “Well, if you’re still not going to shut up, then I’m going to have to make you shut up.” She then lifted the back of her skirt showing a woozy Superboy her bare ass, pulled her hips forward, then shot them back as hard as she could. Superboy felt the bare firm cheeks hit his face hard like a sledgehammer. It was the last thing he felt before the back of his head hit the steel and concrete post knocking him out completely. A small piece of Supergirl’s g string hanging out of his slumped head. “As I said, pathetic. I hope you’re more of a challenge then this young loser,” said Supergirl looking at Green Lantern pointing down at the beaten man below her.
Supergirl returned to her corner and leaned her back against it, putting her right leg up on the second rope, her legs spread open. Her skirt lifted slightly, it just barely covered her young teenage pussy. She stared over to Green Lantern and said, “Are you sure you’re ready for this, Green Lantern? I mean I just took out your so called superhero partner over there pretty easily, basically using my tits to beat to beat him up at one point, and finish him off with just my ass, knocking him the fuck out with it!” She giggled with her hand over mouth after she was done mocking the young, unconscious Superboy. If it wasn’t for Superboy’s unconscious body tied up in the corner, you would have never known she was just in a hard hitting, violent battle. She didn’t look out of breath at all, and didn’t have a scratch on her. However, she was in a battle, one that she completely dominated her other opponent throwing and beating him to a huddled mess in the ring’s corner. A battle, not to mention with one of the Justice League’s strongest heroes. Green Lantern said nothing in response and slowly climbed into the ring, standing across from the fresh looking and ready Supergirl. It’s like everything before never even occurred, he thought, she looks like she’s completely perfect. Supergirl put her leg down and pulled her shirt tight down over her large chest and stuck it out proudly saying, “Well, if you think you’re ready for this, then let’s go. I can’t wait until I show what all of this can really do!” Can really do, thought Green Lantern some more, what was she using only part of her strength?! Supergirl tried even more to get into her next opponent’s head, and she could tell it worked. She smiled at the larger, older man and walked confidently to her waiting opponent. Green Lantern snapped out of his thoughts and got ready for the confident young woman coming towards him.
Green Lantern now saw he had to treat his opponent not as an angry teenage girl, but as a force to be reckoned with. If she really took out Superman and Powergirl with the ease she just took out Superboy, I’d better give my all to stop her, thought Green Lantern. He decided to use patience and try to make sure to not let her get to him mentally as she did with Superboy, making it much easier for her to take the young man down. Supergirl saw the tall man’s power ring glow brighter as she approached him. She said, “What’s the matter, big man, afraid of losing little ole me? I’m sure a big strong man like you can take a weak teenage girl down, right?” Supergirl continued to walk towards her adversary as she spoke, but bounced her body a little harder with every step as she knew this would make her large chest bounce a little more. She looked for a quick distracted look from the bigger man and after a few steps she saw his eyes divert for just a second. Man, her body has definitely filled out, thought Green Lantern, I can’t believe how amazing her body is for just a teena-. Unfortunately, his thought got cut off as Supergirl’s distraction worked perfectly. As soon as she saw his attention diverted downward towards her full, bouncing, 32DD’s she shot forward and sent a hard fist across the right side of Green Lantern’s jaw. His whole body twisted and he then felt a follow up punch dig deep into his abdomen followed up a huge blow to his face. Supergirl then sent her small fist up in an uppercut perfectly connecting. Green Lantern’s body flew up high in the air in a perfect arc and landed ten feet away, hitting the ground with a hard thud. Supergirl wasted no time and dashed over to the downed and dazed man standing over him. She then drove her knee down hard into the man’s stomach, then did the same thing again, only this time with the other knee. Green Lantern felt like someone just hit his stomach with a jack hammer.
Supergirl tried to keep on the offensive wanting to put the man out quickly. She bent down to punch the man in his face, but Green Lantern manifested a huge green fist from his ring and threw it across his body. Supergirl felt it hit the whole left side of her hard and she was pounded right off her feet and flew across the ring landing on her side. Her body pulsed in pain from the blow and was in complete shock. She thought she had the man out for the count and now it felt like she just got hit with an eighteen wheeler. She got up on her hands and knees and shook the cobwebs out of her head. She then got up as fast as she could, not wanting Green Lantern to get the drop on her. She looked over and noticed her large foe was also just getting to his feet, clearing his own head. “I guess we both shouldn’t underestimate each other, huh Green Lantern? You sure do pack a good punch, but do you think it’s enough to stop all of this?” Supergirl yelled over to opponent, turning a little so Green Lantern could see her giving the short skirt covering her ass a little slap. “Stop the games, Supergirl! I’m here to stop you from whatever is you’re up to, and nothing will stop me,” Green Lantern’s voice boomed over to his smaller adversary. Supergirl heard the seriousness in his voice and knew that this man sounded a lot more determined and focused than her other opponent’s. “Fine,” responded Supergirl in an equally serious manner, “if you want all I have to dish out, then take it!”
Supergirl then shot forward as fast and as hard as she could, Green Lantern’s body glowed a brighter green and put up a giant green ball around himself to shield from the impact. Supergirl crashed into the shield and even though it softened the blow, Supergirl still managed to crash through it. Green Lantern’s body still flew back, his body hitting the thick steel cables behind him before falling to the ground. The wind was knocked out of him, but he knew if it wasn’t for his quick thinking shield, the blow would have been much worse. He got back up as fast as he could and stood ready once again. Supergirl would have followed up, but hitting the green ball around him felt like hitting steel as she broke through it, her shoulder pulsing in pain. She thought, man, that was a tough blow, I thought for sure there was no way he could have blocked that, it’s going to take a lot to put this man down. She saw her bigger foe standing back up, and ready for more. Supergirl had no witty remarks this time as she dashed forward and sent her left leg out towards the man to try and use her strong legs to wear down the man. Green Lantern barely saw the fast moving, strong leg coming at him, but it was enough time for him to react. He put up a brick wall of green from his power ring to block the attack. Supergirl’s leg was too strong though, and she crashed through it, however not without slowing the thick leg down. His shoulder was able to absorb the rest of the attack and he sent out an attack of his own. He quickly sent out a blast of green energy towards Supergirl and it hit her squarely in her chest. It was now Supergirl who shot backwards across the ring hitting the cables on the opposite side.
Wow, thought Supergirl as she felt her chest pounding pain, that man packs quite a blow! She got up to her feet a little slow and as she did she looked across and didn’t see her adversary. She then glanced up and saw him floating above her. Supergirl then saw him manifest a large hand that came in quickly and grab her whole body. She felt herself being lifted off the mat while at the same time felt her body being squeezed down on hard. Her body compressed tighter and tighter as she struggled more and more to get out of the large hand’s grip. Green Lantern concentrated to hold on to the strong young girl who was trying frantically to wiggle her way out of the squeezing hand. He then swung the large hand down hard, smashing the teenage girl’s small body down forcefully on the canvas. Supergirl felt her whole body rock as she hit the mat floor hard. She then felt herself being lifted up again, then once more, Green Lantern smashing his large green fist on the ground. Supergirl felt herself being pounded to the ground once more, the impact on her body sent waves of pain through her. She knew she had to do something quick, and she used all of her strength to push outward on the strong gripping hand of energy. Green Lantern could feel it was getting harder and harder to hold on to his younger opponent and tried with all his might keep the hold. However, Supergirl was clearly pushing the fingers open, she felt it and took in a deep breath, pushing outward with everything she had. Green Lantern even noticed her large tits pushing outward from her chest as she breathed in deeply and his quick look divergence in thought allowed Supergirl to break free. Green Lantern snapped out of it and thought quickly. He pulled the large hand back and swung it forward, backhanding Supergirl hard. She shot downward and it hit one of the four steel and concrete corner posts with such a violet hit that the whole ring shook.
Supergirl was dazed as her body slumped forward landing her on her hands and knees. She then saw a shadow on the ground in front of her and knew Green Lantern had flown over to her for another attack. She took a gamble and looked up quickly with red eyes shooting a red beam of light upward. Her quick attack worked and her heat vision took the unsuspecting flying man off guard, striking him in his chest. He dropped to the mat floor with a thud. Both of the combatants took a little while to get up now, both aching from their previous attacks they received. They got ready and stared at each with complete determination to beat the other. Supergirl ran at Green Lantern who was more than ready for his smaller opponent. Supergirl saw another brick wall put up in front of her, but she was angry and smashed through it like it was nothing. Green Lantern couldn’t believe how easily she had plowed through the two-foot-thick wall sending green pieces of it everywhere. However, Supergirl closed her eyes for a second as she went through it, exactly what Green Lantern wanted. He made a thick cable come from his power ring and he sent it out in a flash. It wrapped around the incoming Supergirl’s left ankle and the superhero pulled violently at it. Supergirl felt her leg rip out from underneath her and she slammed to the ground hard. Powergirl looked on and saw the beating Supergirl was receiving thinking that she might actually lose this fight. Supergirl’s head hit the mat first and she saw nothing but blackness for a moment. Her head pounded at the attack, but had no time to concentrate on retaliating as she felt herself being suddenly pulled in the air and whipped around in a circular motion around the ring. Green Lantern swung the girl by her leg with the green glowing line, slamming her body into one of the concrete posts. Her body hit the steel post hard, the air rushed from her body as she made a loud oomph sound. The bigger man then pulled on the whip and once again, swinging the teenage girl around, again her body slamming into a steel post, this time on the opposite side of the ring.
Supergirl knew she had to do something as she was being thrown around like a rag doll, and her body hitting those concrete posts was starting to hurt more and more. She then held on to the cables in the corner of the ring and pulled her leg towards her as hard as she could. Green Lantern wasn’t expecting it and suddenly felt his body thrust forward towards the waiting Supergirl. Supergirl saw the man coming towards him and knew this was her turn to inflict some pain of her own. She shot her right foot out, landing it perfectly over the incoming man’s face. Green Lantern dropped to the ground like a rock holding his face. Supergirl noticed the green cable disappeared immediately. Huh, thought Supergirl girl, I guess his power is based solely on concentration, I could use that to my advantage. Powergirl saw the familiar sly smile appear on Supergirl’s face, and knew she was plotting something, and it couldn’t be anything good for Green Lantern. She grabbed Green Lantern by the hair and pulled him up. The downed man felt the pain in the top of his head as he was being pulled upward. The last thing he saw before total darkness was Supergirl’s knee jet out form her strong thing, smashing him in the face. Supergirl then took the limp man’s body and picked him up.
Green Lantern moaned as Supergirl stood him up and wrapped her arms around his upper body, trapping his opponent’s arms at his sides. He came around but only because he felt himself being squeezed hard, the air from his lungs being forced out. “Let’s see how you like being squeezed until you can’t breathe,” yelled Supergirl, her face just inches from her trapped adversary’s, “the difference is that I was strong enough to get out of your weak grasp, I doubt your strong enough to get out of mine!” And with that she squeezed down harder, Green Lantern immediately feeling the pain as his chest felt like it was in a vice and concentrated on putting up a stronger defense with his power ring. Supergirl saw the man’s body glow a brighter green and felt it harder to squeeze the man, but this made her only squeeze down harder. Green Lantern struggled, but the grip around him was tight. Supergirl saw him struggling now to get air in his lungs, and this made her only pull her arms together harder. Green Lantern felt the grip tighten, but he also felt Supergirl’s large chest that was pressed up against his. He saw earlier how strong the firm mounds were, so strong that she used them as a weapon against Superboy, and now that they were pressed hard up against his own chest he could feel why. They felt firm and the harder Supergirl squeezed the more they pressed in on him, not to mention the more she squeezed down the more of her breasts pushed up and out from the deep v neck of the tight white t shirt she was wearing. Supergirl saw Green Lantern ogle her tits once again and smiled. “Oh, I know, I’m sorry, they’re so big that it’s hard for me to contain them sometimes,” said Supergirl smiling in the face of her opponent squeezing down harder hearing her foe moan louder in pain. “But I can’t help it, I mean, you don’t think they are too big, are they? I mean, they aren’t too much for you to handle, right?” Supergirl asked in a coy way and said, “Well, I guess we can find out!” She then tensed the muscles in her chest and the massive tits pressed firmly onto Green Lantern’s chest, feeling as though they were going to push right through his body. The pain was immense and he let out louder moan of pain. He not only noticed the growing pain from the two huge solid orbs pushing against him, but Supergirl’s cleavage pushing out more and more, the colossal mounds of flesh touching the bottom of his chin now. Supergirl smiled as she loved taking on such a powerful hero with her strength, squeezing the man in her strong arms in her bear hug, not to mention using her chest for added pain.
Green Lantern knew he was in trouble and had to do something, he felt himself get weak as the lack of air was getting to him, his green force field weakening more and more. The teenage girl smiled as she saw he was wearing his emerald shield down, making it easier for her to press on the man’s body. He struggled but only Supergirl tighten her grip and tense the muscles in her large chest even more. How strong are these things, thought Green Lantern?! Supergirl felt her chest push deeper and deeper onto Green Lantern’s, pushing it in farther and farther. He also felt small steel like bolts press against him and he realized that it was Supergirl’s nipples! Oh my God! He thought, even her nipples are causing me pain, they feel like steel themselves! Supergirl saw the green glow around his body was very dim now, her soft flesh from her tits pushing much easier on the man’s chiseled chest. She smiled in his face adding insult to injury and felt the man get limp in her arms. “Almost out, Green Lantern? Man, I thought you’d be a much harder adversary to tell you the truth,” taunted Supergirl. She suddenly felt a sharp pain on the top of her right foot and loosened up her grip. Green Lantern had focused as best he could anyway with Supergirl’s breasts now pressing against his chest and under his chin so hard no oxygen was getting into him, not to mention her arms felt like steel around the rest of him. However, he focused enough where he manifested a long metal, and shot it downward right on top of Supergirl’s foot. Supergirl released her hold and Green Lantern dropped to the ground as she held her foot in pain. She then shot an angry look at the downed man sent out a hard side kick. The leg shot out perfectly straight and Powergirl could see the muscles in her toned thighs and calves tense up as her foot hit her target. Green Lantern felt the small sneaker covered foot strike his chest like a wrecking ball and he shot backward, tumbling across the ring like a rag doll.
Supergirl was beyond angry and made her way over to her bigger foe who just got up on his hands and knees. He saw the incoming young girl while gulping in some needed oxygen and put his ring up as fast as he could. He sent out a huge green net that wrapped around his smaller adversary and brought her to the ground. He got up to his knees, feeling not yet strong enough to get to his feet yet, and created a large steel hammer in his hands. Supergirl fought at the web while on her back in anger and finally got a grip on it. Green Lantern watched in awe as she ripped away at the net like it was nothing. How strong is this girl, he thought? However, it was too late, Supergirl looked up and saw the large end of the steel hammer come crashing down at her. The hammer hit her body hard, so hard it bounced off the mat a little as hit connected. Seeing his opponent hit with the attack gave Green Lantern some strength back as he got back up to his feet and he sent the blow down again. Again Supergirl felt the steel hammer head strike her body with tremendous force. Green Lantern let up and the hammer disappeared into thin air. Supergirl was on the mat grunting in pain as she tried to move, the hammer blows taking their toll on her firm body. Green Lantern rubbed his sore chest and got ready to end the grueling and painful match. His body was feeling sore, especially in his chest and as he looked down he was surprised to see that his costume had been torn. His jaw dropped, however not at the fact that his chest was now red or that it had a large bruise on it from Supergirl’s super kick, but that there were two small black and blues on each side of his body. He realized that they were from Supergirl’s nipples digging into him earlier. He couldn’t believe it, if this is just what this girl’s nipples could do, what could the rest of her do? His disbelief shot him back to how strong her arms felt around him and he knew he wanted to finish this fight as fast as he could. He sent out a large green ray of light that picked up Supergirl’s body and flung it into one of the posts.
Green Lantern watched as the teenage girl’s body hit hard, but apparently not hard enough as the rage filled Supergirl recovered quickly. He knew he wanted to keep his distance and fired three small orbs at Supergirl who was charging at him, her eyes bright red with anger. She quickly dodged the first orb as it flew by her like a bullet, but felt the second one strike her square in the stomach. She felt a charge of electricity flow through her body painfully. Powergirl watched as a green current flowed all over the smaller girl’s body, the current so strong that the electricity crackled with power. Supergirl screamed in pain and as soon as she felt the pain stop another orb struck her body, this time right above her massive chest. She screamed again and another crackle of electricity could be heard as Supergirl’s whole body tensed up from being electrocuted. Green Lantern watched as she fell to her knees and suddenly looked up at him in complete fury. He couldn’t believe the smaller girl was still able to go on after the attacks he had sent out. He then grew a bigger ball from his ring, this one almost a foot in diameter and sent it out over the kneeling teenage girl. Supergirl put her arms up in defense as she felt her muscles too tight to move, still recovering from the shock of the attacks. The giant green ball hit her body and thick streaks of lightening shot out from her. She cried out in agony and she felt her body seize up as the large amount of current was forced through her body. Powergirl had to shield her eyes as the power from the electric attack was so bright it lit up like a green sun. When the light died down, Green Lantern looked on in complete shock as he saw his female opponent was still on her feet. Powergirl couldn’t believe it either, looking on with an open jaw. Green Lantern couldn’t believe it and although the girl was dazed and her hands hung limply at her sides, he knew this girl had too much strength then he was anticipating. He manifested and huge fist that pounded the girl’s body and flung her back to the corner post behind her, slamming her body against it once again. He then sent out three thick steel straps, one wrapping around her ankles to the steel post behind it, one around her waist trapping her wrists at her sides, and one around her upper arms and large chest also wrapping around her body strapping itself to the pole behind the bound girl.
Supergirl came to a little more and looked down at the glowing green steel straps tightly wound around her body, binding her to the pole behind her. She saw how Green Lantern was breathing heavy now and sweating a little more. She knew she was wearing him down, but not without taking some abuse of her own. Her body felt a little achy from the previous beatings and the large hammer that slammed on top of her made her body feel even more painful. However, she felt the throbbing go away slowly and she looked over at her heavy breathing foe, giving him a small, sexy smile. Green Lantern looked on and couldn’t believe it as he saw the voluptuous teenage girl smile at him with a knowing look, letting him know she noticed him checking her out. She should be completely unconscious with the attacks I sent out to her body, he thought, how is she possibly still able to go on?! For the first time in a long time, he started to feel nervous, he wasn’t sure how much more he could dish out to the teenage girl, or how much more he could take. He saw her start to struggle at her restraints and he shot out a ray of green light to help hold the straps on the struggling young girl. He poured on as much as he could from his green lantern ring, but suddenly locked eyes with his smaller opponent. He saw she was still smiling at him and then gave him a little wink. He then watched on in awe as she took a deep breath in and stuck her chest out, both of her large DD cups grew even bigger and the enormous masses of flesh poured over and even under the thick metal straps. Green Lantern fought with all he had, pouring on the power from his ring, but he felt the straps start to weaken. He couldn’t believe he was losing this test of strength and just to this girl’s chest no less. He fought and fought, but to no avail. Supergirl suddenly shot her chest out forward with a quick, bursting thrust, breaking the steel strap around her chest instantly, making it explode violently in all directions. Green Lantern was in complete disbelief at what had just happened. She then squeezed the muscles in her ass making her backside bulge out. Green Lantern still shot his ray from his ring, but not with the intensity he had before, he knew it was no use. After seeing what her chest had done and now feeling what her backside was doing, he felt he already lost the test of strength. The tensed round and firm cheeks of the teenage girl pushed against the steel straps and snapped them like they were made of glass. Her arms were free now and she easily broke her wrists free. She then bent over, showing her cleavage off to her tired looking opponent and took her time ripping the steel strap around her ankles like it was paper. Powergirl looked on with a shocked look as well, not believing how much strength the teenage girl had left after such a beating, ripping through the glowing steel bonds, one with just her huge chest, and another with just her ass! She stood there with her hands raised, shaking her tits, as she smiled showing off her incredible body and what it just did. Green Lantern noticed her tight shirt had small rips in it now, and her short skirt did as well, but her actual skin was still completely flawless. He felt as if he did no damage. Supergirl saw the way the older man was looking at her and hid how much the electric attacks and hard hits had affected her. Her body ached a little more, and she could feel her muscles still stiff from the large amount of current forced through her body. However, she was free of her restraints now and ready to dish out some revenge.
“Well, that has to be embarrassing for you, huh, Green Lantern. I mean losing a test of strength to a teenage girl half your size is one thing, but losing to just her tits and ass, well that’s just pathetic,” Supergirl taunted Green Lantern as she walked towards him. She knew that beating him at that test of strength between the two of them in the way it did had to hurt not only his ego, but his concentration. She was right on both accounts; the befuddled superhero couldn’t wrap his head around how strong this girl actually was. He felt like it was his duty to stop her though, as she seemed to be going on some power driven rampage. “I don’t know what made you get like this, Supergirl,” said Green Lantern in his booming voice, “but it has to stop. You’re just a young girl still, a young girl who is misusing her powers. You need to listen to the older members of the JLA. You have to take orders before you start giving them.” Supergirl became infuriated. She yelled back at him, “Just a young girl, huh?! You mean the same young girl that so far beat three of your so called strongest heroes?! And I have listened to all of you with your condescending tones and too much pride, and I’m just showing you that you guys think too much of yourselves. I’ve taken orders, and so far I’ve done a much better job at giving them. I mean, I’ve taken orders from people who I’ve now beaten fairly and badly, at least when I give the orders now it’s because I’ve earned to do it!” Green Lantern couldn’t believe how Supergirl was talking and simply said, “You need to be stopped.” “Well, so far no one has been able to, including you, unless you think you still have a shot at trying to stop all of this,” said Supergirl as she ran a finger over her full red lips, down over her the center of her ample cleavage to her stomach. She then rubbed her thighs lifting her short skirt a little, Green Lantern’s eyes naturally looking down noticing Supergirl lifting her skirt just enough to barely get a glimpse of her shaven pussy. “Stop!” Yelled the older man. Supergirl just smiled as she knew her distractions were working perfectly so far. “What’s the matter, you don’t want me showing off my body? Or is it you don’t think you can handle this?” Supergirl asked as she ran her right hand on the spot of her red skirt that covered her young womanhood. “I mean you saw what my ass and tits are capable of, just imagine what this can do…” She then rubbed her pussy through her skirt and put one of her fingers in her mouth sucking it as she pulled it out slowly. Green Lantern said nothing as he looked on at the show Supergirl was putting on for him, his mind completely distracted. She smiled and saw that her older opponent’s mind was on anything but the fight. Keep his mind sidetracked, she thought, then start taking him apart, he already looks tired.
Powergirl looked on at the display and was amazed at how well Supergirl handled herself. She could not only fight physically well, but mentally as well. She had to admit that she was impressed with the younger girl. She also had to admit that what she was saying was true, so far she had taken out quite a few heroes fair and square, proving she is so far the strongest out of all of them. She hated admitting all of it, but the truth was the truth. Maybe they all had been underestimating her the whole time. She saw Superboy was coming to and working at the cable around his body. The metal creaking sound he was creating caught the attention of Supergirl who saw him almost out of his restraints. The young man came around more and broke free, tearing the silk red panties from his mouth and throwing them on the ring floor. He heard Supergirl say as he rubbed his throbbing head while getting to his feet, “Hey! Don’t throw them on the ground! They’re too nice for that, and besides, you should feel lucky I even let you touch them, let alone let you put them in your mouth!” She laughed while she said this and Superboy shot back saying, “Wait till I get my hands on you this time!” “The rules are one fighter on each side at time,” Supergirl yelled over to an angry Superboy. “Hey slave,” Supergirl said to Powergirl, “make sure he doesn’t cheat! I can tell already that these weak heroes know they can’t beat me fairly, so they’ll probably be weak and try and fight me two on one, not that I won’t be able to handle the both of them by myself.” She winked over to Superboy who was red with anger now. He started to approach Supergirl, but Powergirl felt that Supergirl was right, rules were rules, no matter if Supergirl was right or wrong in what she was doing. Powergirl shot over to Superboy and grabbed him from behind. Superboy felt the taller woman’s arms wrap around his neck and chest and couldn’t believe the strength they had in them. Powergirl then squeezed down and Superboy felt it started to get hard to breath. He also felt Powergirl’s massive tits pressing on his back. God, he thought, those things feel huge! The taller woman then twisted her body and threw the younger man right over the top ropes, his body landing on the hard ground outside the ring. Superboy rubbed his head not believing how easily he was just thrown into the air and tossed out of the large ring.
Supergirl nodded over to Powergirl who stepped through the ropes, Green Lantern noticing the woman’s large round and firm ass cheeks as she bent over to exit the ring. “You see how obedient I make my slaves, Green Lantern? I going to make you just as submissive, maybe I’ll even make you kiss my feet for putting me through so much trouble to break you,” said Supergirl. “Here, in fact, let me make it easier for you when the time comes,” she said as she bent down and untied both of her tiny white sneakers. She took her time and pulled each one off of her tiny feet, walked over to the edge of the ring and placed them on the side. Superboy looked up at Powergirl and stared at her in her leather strap outfit. Before she looked like a weak slave in the thin leather pieced straps, but now that he had just been handled so easily by her, she looked like a goddess. “Stay there, Superboy, we’re going to keep this fair,” said Powergirl sternly. Green Lantern yelled over to him as well saying, “She’s right, Superboy, if we’re going to win this, it has to be on fair grounds.” “Win this? So far the only thing that you’ve proven is that anything you dish out I can take, and then some!” Supergirl said over to her adversary who was clearly furious at girl’s comment. Both combatants squared off and gave each other a determined glare.
Green Lantern swatted at Supergirl trying to grab the smaller opponent, but Supergirl was too fast and ducked under her adversary’s attack. She sent a hard upper cut style fist right under the man’s ribs as she came up, Green Lantern sending out a grunt of pain as he did. Supergirl noticed that when she struck him his green ora dimmed a little and wasn’t as bright as it was when they first started. He must be getting a little weaker now, thought Supergirl, if I keep up these attacks he should be weak enough to handle as I please. Supergirl smiled as she put her hands up in a boxing style stance in front of Green Lantern and smiled. Green Lantern hated the tiny smirk on the smaller girl’s face and hated even more how much trouble a smaller, not to mention teenage, rival was giving him. He calmed himself as he knew patience was important. Supergirl sent out two quick jabs to Green Lantern’s face and a right hook to his body. Green Lantern’s head snapped back twice and he winced as Supergirl’s tiny fist struck his ribs on his left side. I can’t believe it, thought Green Lantern, her attacks were so fast, I didn’t even see them coming! Supergirl kept up with her assault and saw Green Lantern’s left fist come towards her face fast. She slid to the side, then quickly twisted her body to the other side dodging yet another punch. She now saw a fully open shot to the side of her taller foe’s face and took advantage of it, she reeled back and pounded her fist as hard as she could into the man’s right cheek bone. Green Lantern felt the blow immediately, it felt like a Mack truck had just caved the side of his face in. He stumbled to the right and Supergirl saw another opening. She grabbed him by his hair and forced his body down while at the same time sending her strong right leg up. Her knee slammed into Green Lanterns stomach and a loud, sharp pain was heard as he yelled. She then sent the knee up again, pushing the air out of the bent over man’s body more, then lifted his head up, keeping her hand clenched on the hair on top of his head. She pulled her fist back and drove it right over the center of the man’s face. Green Lantern stumbled back, his body struggling to keep its balance and stay on its feet. Through the fog of pain, the older man couldn’t believe not only how fast her attacks had come, but how hard they were as well.
Supergirl decided to work on his body to slow him down some. She saw Green Lantern’s big arm swipe at her and she easily dodged it, sending a hard punch into his right side just below his ribs. She felt her fist hit the hero’s side and felt she could her punches in deep now that his ora was weakening. She ducked and dodged the man’s attacks and expertly worked his body like a professional boxer. She drove her fists into his body deep like they were small fists of steel, and accompanied with the blows to his stomach from her knee, felt like they were going to put him down for good. Superboy got up to the outside of ring, noticing Powergirl keep a close eye on him so he didn’t interfere. He looked on as he saw the two square off. They were both toe to toe, in what looked like an unfair fight, Green Lantern being so much taller and bigger than his teenage opponent. However, so far it looked like Supergirl was tearing him apart. She dodged and moved her body like a professional and experienced boxer, definitely not like a young girl. She looked like she clearly outmatched her older opponent. Superboy knew though, that Green Lantern was built out of determination and will, he also, however, hasn’t seen him go up against Supergirl like this.
Supergirl could have went over to the stumbling Green Lantern and inflicted huge attacks, but she decided to work on his ego, taking him apart mentally instead. She took a second and watched as the man swayed a little, dizzy from the beating he was receiving and said, “Man! You don’t look so good, is my teenage body too much for you? I mean, I could have taken you apart right there, but that would have been too easy. Thank god people aren’t watching right now, it would be really embarrassing for little ole me to be taking such a big superhero apart so easily.” Green Lantern’s head cleared and knew she was right, he was out of it there for a moment and she could have taken him down, but she didn’t. She’s just toying with you, he thought. He wondered if she was really this strong and could take him down anytime. Supergirl could tell she was getting inside the older man’s head and smiled. Supergirl jumped up and down, her huge chest bouncing up and down with her. Supergirl knew Green Lantern would be distracted at her bobbing DD’s and said as she jumped, “Come on, little man! Come and get me! I’m not done taking you apart yet!” Green Lantern couldn’t believe Supergirl’s huge tits didn’t just bounce right out of the tight white t shirt that held them in. He noticed they didn’t come out because of how firm they were. Even with her bouncing those huge things they only move a little, he thought, how could they be so firm and so massive?! He felt the dime size black and blues on his chest from Supergirl’s nipples and saw Supergirl noticing he was touching his bruises from just her chest. “I guess my body is too much for all you so called superhero men,” she said as she stopped bouncing and pinched her hard nipples poking through her tight shirt, and Green Lantern immediately got his head back into the fight.
Green Lantern approached his younger foe and Supergirl did the same. Green Lantern shot out a laser shot of green from his power ring and Supergirl just barely dodged it as she same towards her opponent. Green Lantern again shot out the same beam of green light, but again he saw the smaller girl dodge it with lightning fast speed. Before he knew it she was on him and ducked down, again sending her small fist into his midsection. Supergirl felt his rock hard abs, but more so the green force field around him still. She knew that the power from his ring cushioned a lot of the blows she delivered still and she still had to work on him more both physically and mentally. She also knew that if she wore him down enough she could control him as she wished. Green Lantern sent out an oomph of pain as Supergirl’s strong fist hit dead center of his abdomen and tried to grab the teenage girl with both arms. Supergirl darted to the side and grabbed the man’s left arm. She then twisted her body and tossed the man over her hips in a perfect judo style flip. Green Lantern’s body twisted upside down and his back landed hard on the mat. He tried to get up as fast as he could, but as he did Supergirl sent a flying knee right into the center of his back. Green Lantern sent out a yell of pain and Supergirl smiled as she saw him fall to his knees grabbing at his back in pain. As soon as she saw the man try and get up she sent out a hard right round house kick to the side of his head. The bare foot of Supergirl connected perfectly on the man’s face sending out a slapping sound throughout the large training center. Superboy looked on and saw the blow hit and it looked like the man’s head was going to fly clean off his head. He couldn’t believe how hard the girl kicked.
Supergirl saw the man’s head fly down and hit the canvas hard. Green Lantern was in a daze, his head felt like it was hit with a wrecking ball. He used everything he had and tried to get up. Supergirl was shocked at the man’s resolve, the kick she sent out looked like it would have flattened a car, and yet this man was still getting up. Green Lantern’s head throbbed and he managed to get himself up to a sitting position, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. Supergirl was on him a flash. She walked over to him, turned around so her ass was facing him, tensed the muscles in her ass and sat back fast, smashing her ass cheeks on to the dazed man’s face. Green Lantern felt like his face was hit by steel as the firm round ass crashed into him. His body was forced back down and the back of his head hit the canvas hard. “Oh, don’t get up too soon, my little green bitch, I’m not done with you yet,” said Supergirl as she was her knees face her feet. Green Lantern looked up through his foggy haze and saw Supergirl was kneeling right above his face with her legs open, getting a perfect shot up her skirt onto her tight and shaven teenage pussy. Supergirl then said, “You like the view? Well here, get a closer look!” She then slammed her ass down and Green Lantern saw nothing but darkness as the younger smaller girl smashed her ass down on his face and sat there. All you could hear were muffled sounds as the large round ass cheeks completely engulfed the man’s face. Supergirl’s red skirt sat around her thighs and ass perfect so it covered the view of the young girl’s ass planted on the man’s face. Supergirl lifted her skirt up revealing everything as she was completely nude underneath her skirt. Superboy and Powergirl looked on and both of their jaws dropped as they saw Supergirl’s plump round ass sitting perfectly over the man’s head, engulfing his face.
Supergirl could hear the protests of her smothered foe and said, “I’m sorry, big man, I can’t hear you under my perfect teenage ass. It must be embarrassing for you to be finished off with just a teenage girl’s ass cheeks.” Green Lantern barely heard the young girl as his oxygen supply was completely cut off. Supergirl saw the completely defenseless body of Green Lantern open and couldn’t wait to exploit it as best she could. She drove her right fist into the man’s stomach and then again with her left, each time getting a muffled yell from under her ass. Green Lantern struggled but only felt the smaller girl wiggle her ass and push down harder, forcing the firm ass cheeks to press down more and more on his face. Green Lantern felt his hair pulled roughly as Supergirl reached behind her and grabbed her opponent’s hair pulling hard. The older man feeling his face forced embarrassingly deeper into the girl’s ass and pussy. Supergirl then said, “Don’t struggle so much, you know you like it under there. Here, let me slow you down from squirming so much.” She then took a deep breath and started driving down both her hands at an incredibly fast rate, her arms looking like blur as they pounded the man’s stomach over and over. Superboy didn’t know how much more Green Lantern could take. Supergirl felt a wetness between her legs as she unexpectedly started to get aroused. The man’s face buried deep between her ass felt good when she pressed down it and the man squirming beneath her didn’t help. She sent out a soft moan of pleasure as her eyes rolled back, she couldn’t help but enjoy the wave of pleasure sent through her whole body. She leaned forward more, opening her ass and pussy more, allowing the man’s face to push deeper inside her. Suddenly, Supergirl felt a blow hit her squarely over the face and she tumbled back. Green Lantern shot his knee up blindly in desperation hoping it would hit something. He had felt her lean forward and knew it was his only chance to escape the smothering hold. He then turned around as fast as he could and manifested a large round ball around Supergirl, trapping her inside.
Green Lantern knew this wouldn’t keep her at bay for long, but he knew he needed some time to recover. He took in several deep breaths as he was on the verge of unconsciousness from lack of oxygen. He couldn’t believe that Supergirl almost put him out with just her ass and pussy sitting on his face. His stomach ached worse than it ever had, it hurt with every small movement he made. He got himself to his feet after what seemed like a long while and looked over at a furious Supergirl. She was still trapped inside the giant green ball but was pounding on it with her fists hard. The sphere faded more and more with each of Supergirl’s seemingly impossibly hard punches. How does this small girl hit so hard, Green Lantern thought? He felt his hurt stomach and was surprised when he felt his own skin. He looked down and saw that his costume was completely torn to shreds over his stomach exposing his six pack abs. He couldn’t believe it; she was actually beating him out of his costume! He knew he had to end this fight soon or he might actually lose.
He refocused and just in time as Supergirl sent one last hard punch at her spherical imprisonment making it completely disappear. “Wow, almost taken out by just my ass and pussy, that’s really humiliating! Too bad you didn’t let me finish on you, your face felt really good buried between my perfect cheeks! Oh, and you better wipe your face off, having your opponent’s wetness on you isn’t a good a look, it’s just embarrassing.” Green Lantern wiped his face off and stared at Supergirl with an angry look. He hated being humiliated and wanted nothing more than to attack Supergirl at that moment. Supergirl saw his face and shot back a cocky smile. There were no words between the two now, just a look of pure anger from the both of them. Green Lantern flew towards Supergirl as fast as he could, and Supergirl did the same. The two clashed hard and tangled up with each other, both throwing and landing hard punches onto each other. Supergirl hit the man in his already hurt stomach with a knee which made him wince, and cover up. Supergirl saw her chance at the man’s open face and took it sending a hard over hand right to the man’s jaw. The two fought more and more and as they did they both flew higher and higher into the air. Finally, Supergirl sent out a right hook which hit Green Lantern over his left cheek, but the man took the punch and followed up with his punch to Supergirl’s left side, right over her ribs. She felt the pain and she was the one who lowered her hands to cover up now. Green Lantern used his power ring and formed brass knuckles on his hands and swung his left arm with all his might. It connected right over Supergirl’s right cheek, her head snapped to the side as she yelled in pain feeling the pain immediately. Green Lantern followed up again with his right, swinging his arm around, connecting again, but this time over the other side of the young girl’s face. Supergirl’s head snapped back the other direction and she saw stars for a moment. The bigger man didn’t let up and wound up sending a hard uppercut style punch to the teenage girl’s six pack abs. Supergirl doubled over as the air shot from her lungs. Green Lantern was almost stunned at how hard the girl’s abs were. They feel so firm, like they actually are made of steel, he thought! Green Lantern hit her in the stomach again, just as hard, angry at how badly she had beaten his own midsection. Saliva flew from the girl’s mouth, but nothing else, she couldn’t produce a sound as the wind was knocked out of her completely. Green Lantern then clenched his hands together and a large ball of energy appeared around his hands. He then looked down at the still hunched over Supergirl and brought the ball of energy down onto her back. Supergirl shot back down towards the ring like a bullet slamming so hard down on the mat floor that the whole ring shook from the violent impact. Green Lantern floated down and landed a few feet from his downed opponent. He was breathing heavy now, and although he put the young girl down, it was not without taking some heavy blows of his own. He rubbed his jaw then his hurting stomach not believing how hard the smaller girl hit or how much it took to put her down.
He then looked over and saw the Supergirl’s arms and legs start to move. No way can she get up from that, thought Superboy who thought that the severe impact would have knocked not just her, but anyone else for that matter, out. “Stay down,” yelled Green Lantern over to his opponent who had worked her way up to her knees. “Never,” she replied in a steady, but tired sounding voice. Green Lantern walked over to her and yelled, “STAY DOWN!” He sent a hard fist over her face twisting her head, then another to the other side. Superboy and Powergirl couldn’t believe the girl was still up on her knees taking the punishment. Green Lantern was getting frustrated now and sent another punch out. However, this time Supergirl caught his fist her right hand. Everyone watching had their jaw drop in complete astonishment, including Green Lantern. Supergirl caught the man’s fist mid attack with her open hand, even after taking an enormous amount of abuse from her larger foe. Green Lantern tried to pull his hand back but felt the girl squeeze down hard. Pain shot up his arm and Supergirl got to her feet. “I told you, no man can put me down, especially not one as weak as you,” she said this and then pulled the man’s fist towards her while simultaneously bringing her other fist forward, slamming it over his chest. Green Lantern let out a grunt of pain as the tiny fist felt like it had dug deep into his sternum. Supergirl then kicked him the stomach as hard as she could and watched as the man flew back. He felt the girl’s bare foot hit his already aching stomach hard and then hit the mat hard, tumbling to a stop.
Supergirl was filled with rage and shot over to her downed opponent. She grabbed him by his hair and left arm and tossed him across the ring. Powergirl watched as the smaller teenage girl threw the larger man like a rag doll across the floor. Green Lantern slammed into the ring’s cables and bounced off. He stumbled on his feet back towards Supergirl not being able to stop. He was met with Supergirl’s strong and hard feeling thigh feel like steel across his midsection stopping him dead in his tracks. The girl’s upper thigh felt like a truck had just slammed into his lower ribs and he dropped to his knees holding his chest in pain. Supergirl then saw him weakly send out his fist and she easily caught the attack, grabbing the man’s arm. She then twisted his wrist and pulled upward all while rolling to the ground in a perfect Jiu jitsu style technique. Before Green Lantern knew it Supergirl had his left arm caught straight out from his body, right between her massive tits, and her legs snaked around his chest. “Now you can feel how strong my legs really are,” said Supergirl loudly, her voice filled with determination. She then tensed the muscles in her legs and squeezed down. Green Lantern felt the pain instantly as his chest compressed inward. He yelled in pain, but this made Supergirl only squeeze down harder. The muscles in her legs bulged out and she could feel the bigger man slap pathetically at the steel like masses. “This is only half of what they can do,” she said taunting the man now, “here, you can feel a little, let me know if you can take it.” She squeezed down harder and heard the man scream in pain. Supergirl knew he would try and get out of the attack by using his power ring as he had done previously in the fight. She knew to keep the arm that had the ring trapped and she did just that. Every time she squeezed a little harder with her legs she could see the ring glow a brighter green, but with her keeping it in the arm bar, she knew it would do nothing. Green Lantern felt as if his chest was in a giant vice, slowly crushing his ribcage, pushing the air from his body. He tried to concentrate and use his power ring, but every time he did Supergirl would squeeze his legs down harder and pull up on his trapped arm, the pain making him lose his focus. Supergirl pulled up on his arm hard adding to the pain, and as she did she noticed it dug deeper between her huge DD’s. She then had an idea. She tensed the muscles in her firm chest and her enormous mounds clenched down around the man’s arm. She then let go of his wrist.
Green Lantern felt his wrist was free now, but still somehow felt his arm trapped. He looked over through the pain and saw his forearm was caught between the teenage girl’s huge breasts. He tugged and pulled, but couldn’t free his arm. He realized that this girl hard his arm trapped by just using her tits! “Come on, little man,” taunted Supergirl smiling at him, “pull your arm free. What’s the matter, are my tits too strong for you? How pathetic, you can’t even get your arm free from just my tits holding it? I’ll tell you what, if you can get your arm free I’ll let you go from my legs, I mean, I know there’s no way you can get yourself out of my perfect thighs.” She then squeezed down more with her legs and Green Lantern yelled at the top of his lungs. He pulled and pulled at his arm, but felt it trapped. It felt like two firm mass pressing down on his lower arm. Green Lantern focused and tried to use his ring to pull his arm free. His entire arm started glowing, using all that he had to focus all his power on his arm. Supergirl squeezed her chest down even harder now as she felt a burning between her massive tits. The energy coming from Green Lantern’s ring was powerful and pulsed, the young girl feeling the heat come off it, but she fought through the burning pain and held onto the arm. She noticed the more Green Lantern focused on his arm, the less he used for the force field around his body and she squeezed harder with her legs. The man yelled in pain, she saw the man’s face have a look of weakness, a look of pure agony and this helped her resolve as she squeezed her chest down even harder. Green Lantern actually starting to feel pain shoot down the trapped limb. Oh my god, he thought, she’s going to break my arm with just her tits! He lost his concentration and his arm stopped glowing. Supergirl then shot a grin down to Green Lantern who was fight for air now, as she knew she had just beaten him yet again in a test of will. “Well, it’s clear you can’t get out, so I’ll just have to let you go, but not without punishing you for letting my tits beat you,” said Supergirl. She then pushed her chest out, pushing on the shoulder of Green Lantern who screamed in agony as it felt his shoulder was going to dislocate. Supergirl then squeezed down with her thighs and twisted her upper body.
A loud crack was heard and Green Lantern screamed with every ounce of air in his body. Supergirl then let up the hold with her tits and the man’s arm fell to the mat, laying there limply. She then unraveled her legs from around the man and he held his chest with his other arm howling in pain. He knew for sure one of his ribs was broken and maybe his shoulder dislocated from Supergirl’s tits. The teenage girl stood over the man writhing in agony beneath her and said, “Wow, look at you. Taken out by a teenage girl, and using just my tits for part of it. You are a sorry excuse for a hero. I told you I was too much for you to handle. I’ll show all these other so called heroes watching how I’ve proven how much better I am then you.” She then reached down with her right and grabbed the man by the tattered remains of his costume over his chest and grabbed the material by his waist with the other. She then almost effortlessly picked the larger man up and hoisted him over her head, holding him there. Superboy looked on with an open jaw as he saw the smaller teenage girl lift up the bigger man and hold him over her head in outstretched arms, spinning slowly around showing off her strength. She then threw him hard down to the ground and kicked him in his stomach sending the man flying across the mat once more, his body landing against the cables around the perimeter.
Supergirl smiled as she looked over at the downed hero who was barely moving, but slowly coming to. “Come on, get up,” yelled the young girl, taunting the older man who was in excruciating pain. He didn’t like being manhandled, but the pain in his shoulder and chest pulsed through his whole body. He grabbed the middle rope with his left hand pulled himself slowly up. He then rotated his hurt shoulder. Well, it’s not dislocated, he thought, although it was in an extraordinary amount of pain and it was near useless. Supergirl saw this and smiled. Green Lantern breathed deeply, his body needing oxygen after Supergirl’s steel like thighs squeezed his body so mercilessly. He noticed it hurt every time he took a breath in, letting him know for sure that at least one of his ribs, if not two were completely broken. Supergirl saw the hunched over man barely standing on his feet and said, “Man, you don’t look so good, I really made you my bitch, huh? I mean even your costume is all torn and tattered, but don’t worry it’ll be mine soon.” Supergirl was secretly impressed that the man even got back up to his feet, he had more resolve than anyone she had faced before. He then heard the man say in a struggling voice, “I still have plenty left, and I’m not the only one with a torn costume!” Supergirl looked down and noticed that the material between her massive tits was ripped completely off, Green Lantern causing it to burn and completely disintegrate when he was trying to get his arm free. The complete middle of her colossal DD’s were exposed all the way to just before her nipples. Her cape also had tears in it now as well as small holes here and there in her skirt. She was infuriated now and said, “Well let’s see who has more left in them to finish this fight!”
Supergirl walked slowly, almost in a sexy manner to the center of the ring and motioned with her finger for Green Lantern to come to her. She pointed to the ground in front of her as if she demanded Green Lantern to come to her like he was a dog. Green Lantern became angry and made his way towards the girl. She noticed how slow he was and how labored his had become. The man finally made his way over to his smaller adversary. Supergirl knew he was weakened and figured this was the time hurt him the most mentally. Green Lantern sent out a slow moving fist with his good arm and Supergirl easily ducked under it and sent a punch to his left inner thigh. He grunted in pain and swung his arm at his younger foe. Supergirl then bent backwards quickly flipped her body backwards onto her hands like a gymnast. She kicked her legs up into the air and as she did she slammed both her feet into the underside of Green Lantern’s chin. The man stumbled back from the blow and looked over as the nimble young girl flipped over the rest of the way and back onto her feet, her skirt flipping up to expose everything underneath for a few seconds. “You’re going to have to do better than that if you want to defeat this body,” she said, taunting her opponent as she stood across from him with her hands on her hips. The heroes on the outside of the ring couldn’t believe how nimble the girl was. She approached the taller man and kicked her leg out expecting to catch him in his already battered chest, but hit nothing as Green Lantern side stepped the girl’s attack. He slipped behind her and wrapped his good arm around the teenage girl’s throat. Supergirl couldn’t believe the speed, or the strength for that matter, that was left in this man. The arm around neck still felt firm and she instantly found it difficult to breathe. Green Lantern squeezed down on the hold and Supergirl grabbed at the man’s arm. She started to pry the firm forearm away from her but then felt a pain in her back as the bigger man sent his knee up, striking the smaller girl hard. Supergirl became infuriated. She reached back behind her and grabbed at the man between his legs. Before Green Lantern knew what had happened he felt Supergirl’s small hand slip under the bottom part of his suit through one of the torn holes and grab his manhood. He screamed in pain instantly. Supergirl then noticed his force field stop glowing for a second and she sent a quick beam of heat vision onto the man’s arm making him let go of his hold. The teenage girl turned around and shot Green Lantern an evil look. There was this smaller teenage girl with her hand down the larger hero’s suit with his balls in her hand. Green Lantern screamed in agony and grasped at the young girl’s hand holding on to his manhood. This made Supergirl only squeeze down more and his grip on the small wrist weakened. “You see?! You see how weak you are compared to me?!” Supergirl yelled in Green Lantern’s face and she sent a hard right hook to the man’s jaw. His whole head rocked from the blow. She loved humiliating the man and said, “You know, you have a pretty nice package down there, why try and hide it?” She then saw a slow coming right hook and ducked under it. She bent all the way down to her knees and grabbed his waistline with her other hand. She then pulled down, ripping a large part of his costume off, throwing the tattered clothe on the ground. Green Lantern’s upper legs and not to mention his dick and balls, were completely exposed. Supergirl held on to his balls and squeezed harder. Green Lantern yelled loudly in pain and was brought to his knees by the smaller girl. Green Lantern used everything he had and sent out a punch landing it over Supergirl’s stomach. The punch hit with a thud. It was enough to make the teenage girl let go of his manhood, but not much else. He felt her abs still feel very tough, even after the beating he had given her, like he was hitting a block of wood. Supergirl felt his punch feel weaker now and smiled. She looked down at the man kneeling in front of her and jumped forward as fast as she could. She spread her legs and the last thing Green Lantern saw before being slammed to the mat on his back was Supergirl’s shaven tight pussy. She had jumped up and spread her legs, slamming her womanhood onto the man’s face. She landed still sitting on his face, trapping the man’s arms under her chins.
“Wow, this is the second time I had you trapped beneath my ass and pussy, huh, Green Lantern? It must be embarrassing for you to be taken out not only by a teenage girl, but just by her pussy, twice!” Supergirl grinded her hips down as she said this, Green Lantern feeling the young girl’s pussy press down on his face, his oxygen cut off even more. He slapped and punched at the girl, some blows landing on her firm ass cheeks. The two round cheeks felt strong, almost impossible for a teenage girl to have. He barely heard her say from being trapped under her ass and thighs, “Don’t even try with that thing,” lifting her skirt and rubbing her ass, “if you couldn’t take my tits or pussy, you’re definitely not taking my ass. But…I guess you don’t have to take my word for it.” She then raised up off the man, pulling her ass and pussy off the man’s face and he took in a much needed breath. Supergirl looked down at the man who was swallowing deep gulps of air and said, “Hope your abs are ready for a pounding.” She then tensed her ass cheeks and slammed them down, crashing them onto Green Lantern’s stomach. The blow hit so hard that his body actually bounced off the mat a little. The air shot from his lungs and he struggled to break his arms free, but they felt trapped under the girl’s strong legs. He saw her raise up and slam her ass down once again, his body again bouncing from the impact. He let out a loud groan of pain and couldn’t take in any air. Supergirl smiled as she knew his midsection was almost completely taken out at this point. She slammed her ass down twice more for good measure, the man’s glowing green ora weakening even more now.
“I guess I’m beating you too hard, huh, Green Lantern? Your stupid green light is definitely fading, just like you, right?” She laughed as she said this and finished with, “Well, if you’re going to get beaten in such an embarrassing way, I can at least show you what is beating you. She sent two punches down to the man’s face and quickly flipped her body around while the man was in a daze. She now was still kneeling on the man’s arms, but this time facing his feet. Green Lantern looked up and saw Supergirl’s thighs spread above him as she lifted up her skirt, purposely giving him a good view of her naked ass and pussy. “Here, now you can see what just destroyed your weak ass abs! I’m way too much for you to handle, little man, your especially not enough for my tight little pussy, but you don’t have to take my word for it!” She yelled down at the man and before Green Lantern had time to react he saw the young girl’s womanhood come down on his face. The girl’s tight pussy slammed down onto his face hard. His face felt like it was just hit with a sledge hammer as Supergirl’s ass and pussy hit him with tremendous force. Supergirl brought herself down again, then again, then again. Over and over the man’s face crashed against the girl’s pussy. Supergirl felt his arms get weak under her legs and stop struggling as much. “Oh, I’m sorry, is my pussy beating you to hard?” She pouted her lips as she mocked him and finally stood up. Green Lantern held his face and just moaned.
Supergirl looked behind her and noticed blood on the back of her upper thigh. She looked down at Green Lantern and realized his nose and mouth were bleeding. She really pounded the man beneath her. Supergirl smiled as she loved the power. Not only beating a strong hero to the ground with just her ass and pussy, but that she had onlookers to witness it. Superboy and Powergirl definitely did as they watched the destruction of the bigger man in such an embarrassing way. Supergirl reached down and grabbed the man by the hair on top of his head pulling him all the way up to his feet. The pain was excruciating as Supergirl gripped his locks like steel pulling him up. She then placed her hand over his dick and squeezed, he screamed in pain, but suddenly felt him picked up in the air. Powergirl looked on as she saw the teenage girl lift the man by his hair and dick, then suddenly toss him across the ring hard. Green Lantern’s body tumbled and into one of the corner’s and he laid there limply.
Supergirl walked a slow, sexy walk over towards her downed opponent. Superboy yelled out, “He’s had enough, why don’t you try me again?!” “I’ll say when you so called heroes have had enough, Superbitch, but if you want another shot at me, then come and get me. And I’ll tell you what, I’ll have Powergirl come in the ring as well, so no rules are broken.” Superboy didn’t hesitate and jumped into the ring. He saw Powergirl do the same, he couldn’t help but ogle her once again. Her body was amazing with her big firm ass and gigantic E cup tits, plus the leather strap outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination. Superboy flew at Supergirl, the younger girl expecting the young man to be impulsive quickly moved to the side, but sending her left leg out as well. Superboy’s face crashed into the girl’s strong thigh and fell to the ground. Supergirl reached down at him, but was surprised as he came up with a hard punch, landing it right under Supergirl’s small chin. She wobbled back and Superboy wasted no time. He drove his shoulder into Supergirl’s midsection sending her to the ground. Superboy walked over the downed girl, still a little slow from his last beating from her. He reached down at her, but suddenly received a kick to the face from the girl’s bare foot. He was stunned for a moment and Powergirl looked on as Supergirl pushed off with her hands and lunged at him with her legs. Her thighs grabbed the young man’s head and squeezed. Superboy yelled in agony and pulled at the steel like thighs, but instantly feeling like it was no use. Supergirl suddenly twisted her body and spun, Superboy’s body going with it. She released her thighs mid spin and Superboy went flying downward, his head hitting the mat hard.
Supergirl was on him in flash. She started sending punches down to the fallen young man and she was surprised that he was throwing some back. Time to put this boy out, she thought, as she felt she was wasting too much time on him. She knocked away one of his attacks and grabbed his head in her arms pulling him upward. Superboy suddenly found himself yet again face first in Supergirl’s cleavage. This time, however, her shirt was ripped and his face was directly on the bare soft skin of the girl’s massive DD’s. It also forced him deeper into the girl’s enormous chest making it impossible for him to breathe. Supergirl squeezed her arms around his head, forcing Superboy harder into her chest, she felt his face press deep between her massive memories. She smiled at the dominance as she felt the young man get weak. She then suddenly felt a jolt of pain in her chest and she ripped Superboy’s face from tits and saw his eyes glowing red. Superboy then took in a deep breath and slammed his fist into the side of Supergirl’s face. She stumbled back and the both of them recomposed themselves as they got to their feet. Supergirl looked down and saw a red mark on her sternum between her huge DD’s.
“You dirty fighter!” Supergirl yelled at her opponent. She looked over at him and saw he had no response, he was actually wobbly on his feet. Supergirl wasted no time as she was furious now and shot over to him. Superboy tried to get for the attack but it was too late, Supergirl drove her fist deep into his already battered body and he fell to his knees beneath her. Supergirl looked over to Powergirl and said, “Come over here and hold him up!” Powergirl did as she was told and Superboy felt the woman’s strong arms once again grab him, this time in a full nelson. Supergirl started sending hard shots into the young man’s stomach and chest. Powergirl felt the impact from just holding Superboy, so she knew his body had to be feeling it. Superboy struggled at the hold as his body was being pounded. He knew he had to do something and he slammed his head back, hit Powergirl’s face knocking her off him. Supergirl ducked under a weak punch he threw and slammed her fist into his exposed balls. Superboy shrieked in pain and fell to the ground.
Supergirl could see the anger in Powergirl’s eyes and smiled. She knew she could use this moment to control Powergirl even more. “Look at how they treat you, at least I earned treating you the way I do, they just assume you’re weaker,” said Supergirl almost whispering in the taller woman’s ear, “why don’t you drag our younger hero here to the corner and keep him there for me, make sure he doesn’t move.” Powergirl grabbed the young man by his arm and started dragging him over to the opposite corner. She felt him struggle, but quickly snatched his body up and slammed him into the corner post. She shot over to him and pressed her body against his, her large tits pressed tightly against the weak man’s chest as she held on to the top ropes for leverage. She loved the feeling of using just her tits to hold him there, she understood the feeling of power Supergirl felt when she used her female body against her opponents.
Supergirl turned her attention back to Green Lantern who was surprisingly back up on his feet. Supergirl took one look at him and could tell immediately his was almost down. She smiled as she looked at his bruised body and torn up costume and made her way over to him. She was impressed with the man’s resolve, but too proud of herself not to enjoy her almost victorious battle. Green Lantern’s green glow was barely visible now. Supergirl knew working on him a little more mentally should do the trick and take him out. Green Lantern swiped at the smaller teenage girl, who quickly and easily dodged the attack. She then backhanded the man across his already aching chest hard. The blow knocked him back a couple steps and Supergirl followed up with a hard kick to his throat. Green Lantern grabbed his neck as his body backed up more and tumbled over the top rope. His body clumsily bouncing off the ring and on to the floor below outside the ring. Supergirl just laughed and flew over the top rope, watching as the man laid on his back in pain holding his throat coughing for air. She landed on the ground and walked over to her downed opponent. She then lifted her left leg and slammed it down on the man’s right knee. Green Lantern yelled as best he could in pain, his throat hurt from the vicious kick. She then sent her foot down again, this time on the inside thigh of the same leg. She viciously attacked the same leg until she saw his hip twist, knowing for sure she pulled some type of muscle in his groin. There, she thought, that should slow him down some. Green Lantern screamed out in pain with a look of complete apathy from Supergirl. She then grabbed the man’s exposed dick and pulled. Green Lantern screamed some more and only felt Supergirl pull harder on his member. Supergirl pulled and pulled until she felt the man forced upward. This girl is pulling her opponent to his feet by just his manhood, thought Powergirl. Green Lantern yelled and yelled and finally was pulled to his feet, barely standing on his own. “Now, who’s dick is this,” said Supergirl. There was no response and Supergirl grabbed the man by his arm and tossed him back into ring like he was nothing. She then quickly grabbed the man by arm and pulled him up to his knees. She then reached down and put his dick on top of the middle rope and placed her bare foot on top of Green Lantern’s member. Green Lantern felt the warm, small foot of Supergirl on top of his exposed manhood and heard Supergirl whisper in her ear, “Now you’re going to tell me who’s dick this is, or I’m going to crush it under my foot.” Green Lantern said nothing and felt the small foot press down, pushing his dick onto the thick steel cable. He screamed in agony as he felt the soft flesh press more and more under Supergirl’s bare foot. “Well?!” Supergirl yelled in his face as she pressed down even harder, feeling the man’s dick squish more between her foot and the cable. Green Lantern saw the muscles in the back of her thigh bulge and was actually frightened of the girl’s legs now. Supergirl saw his ora weaken even more, but didn’t see his fist as it slid past her thighs and slammed into her womanhood. Supergirl yelled in pain and grabbed her hurting pussy. Green Lantern felt the pressure off his dick and dropped to the canvas floor holding his manhood. Supergirl rubbed her pussy and looked down at the man who was completely distracted, holding his dick in pain. She sent out a round house kick, striking the man in the chest hard. He flew across the ring and landed in the opposite corner. He tumbled to a stop and shook his head, trying to clear it. He then grabbed the middle rope and pulled himself to his feet. He knew he didn’t have much left, but wanted to show some resolve after being manhandled by Supergirl in such a humiliating way. This girl almost took my out by just my manhood! The thought passed through Green Lantern’s head quickly as he saw Supergirl staring at him with an angry stare.
Supergirl stood ready and watched as Green Lantern, hunched over slightly, slowly made his way out of his corner and towards the center of the ring. She couldn’t believe the man had made it back up to his feet. She was astonished at the man’s will power. Supergirl also noticed now, that the green ora around her foe was very weak now, pulsing on and then off completely. She then noticed his power ring was glowing brightly and she knew he was going to pour everything he had left at her. Green Lantern looked over at his opponent and saw the determined look in her face as her eyes went from their usual light blue to a dark, bright, red. Her glowing red eyes stared at him and it felt like a wild west show down as to who was going to draw first. Supergirl saw Green Lantern raise his ring and she out a huge red beam of heat vision, Green Lantern shooting a large beam of green light. Both rays of energy collided and formed a ball in the middle. Both combatants felt their bodies being pushed on as the energy from the other was immense. The fighters poured on everything they had and suddenly a large explosion flew through the air. Green Lantern was thrown back, his body landing hard on the ground. He rolled over, his body smoking from the massive amount of energy given off and looked over to see Supergirl, still standing. He couldn’t believe it.
Supergirl saw the man on the ground, his suit now almost completely off him, hers in tatters as well. She walked over to the man who had no ora around him now, just his near naked body lying there. She saw his ring glowing slightly and stepped on the man’s wrist saying, “Well, this thing caused me too much trouble already, let’s get rid of it.” And Green Lantern watched as she bent over and pulled the ring off his finger. She held it in her hand and said, “A sad day for you, huh, Green Lantern. Beaten by a teenage girl, and so badly she took your ring. Well, unfortunately, it’s not over for you yet.” She then tossed the ring to the side like it was a worthless rock and grabbed Green Lantern by his hair bringing him to his feet. She leaned him up against the thick cables as he could barely stand up on his own. She took a step back and said, “Holy shit! I really did a number on you! I mean look at you, the left side of your face is swollen, there’s blood coming from your nose and mouth, I mean you barely even have a costume left!” That’s it, keep working on his psyche, thought Supergirl, he’s almost out, but you don’t want him to get sudden burst of will power now. Supergirl stood there mocking the hero and he hated it, but felt too weak to do anything about it. He pathetically swatted at the smaller girl who knocked his hand away and slapped him in the face. “No, no, no. Don’t do that, you’ve proven to everyone that you can’t be all of this,” said Supergirl and she ran her hands on the sides of her body. She looked on and saw the torn shreds of his costume here and there on her near unconscious opponent’s body and said, “You’re almost out of this thing anyway, so let’s just tear it off.” She leaned forward and tore off what was left of his outfit leaving him completely naked. She took a step back and looked on at the naked man. “Your body is beaten up too! Look at all the bruises and red marks everywhere!” Supergirl laughed as she mocked the naked hero. She then looked at her own outfit that had its own tears and said “I guess my outfit is a little torn up too, not nearly as bad as yours was though. But I don’t want you thinking this is an unfair fight.” She then reached down and grabbed at the tear in her tight t shirt and pulled, ripping it off her huge chest. Green Lantern looked on as her enormous DD’s poured out from their restraint. The massive tits were perfectly round and firm with a slight tan and small dime sized nipples that were full erect. He couldn’t help but look on in awe at the perfect set of tits. She then pushed her skirt down at the waist, wiggling her body as she worked it over her large, plump ass. She stepped out of it and stood in front of him completely naked. Her body looked great, especially compared to his. There was a red mark on her chest, and a few bruises on her stomach, along with some red marks here and there, but overall she looked amazing. From her firm claves to the line of muscle in her thighs to her six pack abs and perfect tits, she was flawless.
“I just wanted to show you what beat you so badly, Green Lantern,” said Supergirl, “but of course a body as perfect as this could be anybody, especially a weak, pathetic man like yourself.” Green Lantern got angry and swatted at the girl’s face. Supergirl easily moved her head back, and felt the man’s hand accidently hit her left tit. “You dirty fighting bitch!” She yelled at him, “How dare you touch my perfect tits without tell you to!” She then slapped him hard across the face leaving a hand print, she then did it again to the other side for good measure. The loud smack could be heard throughout the training center. She then sent her knee up into the man’s already battered stomach and he immediately bent over. Supergirl then grabbed his hair roughly and whispered in his ear, “I’m not done with you yet.” She put her right foot on the middle rope and then the left and stood up. She was standing over the man, her tits inches from his face. She held his wrists and swung her chest, slapping the man’s face with right side of her gargantuan chest, she then swung her chest to the other side and slapped the man again. Her tits felt heavy and firm Green Lantern’s face and he struggled weakly at the small hands holding his wrists, but it was no use. And with every swing of the young girl’s huge and steel like teenage chest, it took more out of him. “You know, I’ve used these things to take out every hero so far, do you think you can handle them?” Supergirl said down to the barely conscious man. She then took her hands off his wrists, as she knew he was much too weak to do anything now, especially without his power ring. She took her one tit in each of her hands and spread them apart, she then leaned down over the weakened man. Green Lantern was thrust in darkness and felt the huge DD’s on either side of his head. “Are you ready?” Was all he heard from Supergirl before she slammed her tits together, smashing them on either side of his head. She tensed the muscles in her massive mammories as hard as she could and the firm masses hit her opponent’s head hard. He had to have felt that, thought Supergirl and she lifted her body up. The man below her grabbed the sides of his head and groaned in pain. Supergirl just smiled.
“I’ll tell you what, Green Lantern, if you can stop just my tits, I’ll leave here right now and we can forget the whole thing, sound good?” Green Lantern said nothing as his head felt like it was just pounded between two anvils. Supergirl then started to swing her chest again, the side of her left breast slamming into the man’s face, he put his hands up in defense, but it was no use, she swung from the other side, and again the huge tits just knocked the man’s hands away and slapped him in the face. Over and over this happened until Supergirl suddenly stopped. “I guess you can’t stop my perfect tits, huh? Well, I’ll give you one more shot since you put up such a good fight for me today.” Supergirl said this and then started slowly lowering her tits onto Green Lantern’s face. Green Lantern pushed on the massive mounds of flesh, but then he touched them they felt like immovable masses, he couldn’t believe it. The pressed lower and lower until they completely covered his face. Supergirl continued to press down and Green Lantern’s head was bent backward, the back of it against the steel post. He felt the massive naked tits continue to press down harder and harder, his head being squashed on the steel post. He started to scream in pain and throw punches at the teenage girl’s DD’s. His hands hit the solid masses, but it felt like he was hitting a body bag. Supergirl just laughed as she looked down at the fists hit the sides of her tits, not even pressing into them. He screamed some more and Supergirl let up, looking down at him saying, “So my body is better than yours, right?!” And she pressed her foot on his dick. Green Lantern yelled out yes.
Powergirl and a barely conscious Superboy heard it too, which is exactly what Supergirl wanted. She then said, “That’s good, now I want you to lick all this sweat you made me have all over my tits, and before you say no, you can feel this.” Green Lantern then felt her grab his dick between her toes and squeeze. He yelled in pain and immediately started sucking and licking the younger girl’s tits. Supergirl just smiled and stuck her chest out so more of her chest was exposed. Green Lantern’s warm tongue unexpectedly got Supergirl aroused and she grabbed the back of Green Lantern’s head forcing it deeper into her huge chest. Green Lantern buried his face in the DD’s and licked as hard as he could, he felt his dick now being pressed against his body with bottom of Supergirl’s foot and a twinge of pain was sent through him. He licked faster and as hard as he could, Supergirl moaning in pleasure as he worked his mouth all over her gigantic tits. Green Lantern felt Supergirl start rubbing her foot gently up and down his now erect shaft. He sucked at her nipples and felt the head of his rock hard member expertly worked with Supergirl’s foot. How is this young girl so good at this, he thought? Supergirl worked his shaft faster and rubbed her chest all over her weakened foe’s face. Suddenly she felt his hard dick seize up and she grabbed the head of his shaft with her toes. Green Lantern felt an enormous amount of pain as he was on the verge of exploding, but Supergirl’s tight grip with her foot was preventing him to do so. The pain was unbearable and Supergirl brought her face inches from his saying, “Do you want to beg? Do you beg for me to let you cum? Beg me, beg me to let you cum.” Green Lantern felt her toes clench down hard and he yelled out, “I beg! I beg for you to let me cum!” Supergirl let up and rubbed his dick with both her feet holding herself up by her hands on the top ropes. Green Lantern suddenly exploded, large amounts of cum shooting everywhere. It covered his stomach and all over Supergirl’s feet. She showed off her flexibility and brought her right foot straight up in the air, rubbing the man’s cum off her foot and onto his chest and shoulders. She brought her foot back down and the same with the other. His body instantly felt weak, and Supergirl felt it. She knew she could do anything she wanted with the larger man now. She climbed down from the ropes and pressed her body against her opponent’s and brought her knee up, just under his balls. She pressed gently and Green Lantern felt pain shot up from his manhood. “Now,” said Supergirl, “I want you to suck my tits some more. The shorter girl had her chest too low for the taller man to reach so she stood up on her toes, grabbed her right tit and lifted it, shoving it into the man’s mouth. She then pushed up on her thigh more, pressing on the man’s balls a little harder and grabbed his dick. “Lick and suck a lot better, or I’ll squeeze your dick until you cry,” said Supergirl, and she felt him do just that. Supergirl started expertly stroking his dick and it became hard again almost immediately. Green Lantern couldn’t believe how well this teenage girl worked his dick in her small hands. She circled the head of his fully erect member with her fingertip and he shuddered in pleasure. Supergirl just smiled. He knew he had to do something as he felt he was about to explode again. He then bit down on Supergirl’s nipple and pushed on her tits hard. Supergirl yelled and fell off on her feet back down to the ground.
Green Lantern then knelt down to punch the girl in her stomach, as he planned to run towards his power ring after distracting her. Unfortunately, his fist hit like it was hitting steel and his hand hurt immediately. He grabbed his hand and looked up. Supergirl was angrily looking down at the kneeling man and said, “My body is too much for you, and now look at you, you had to resort to biting my nipple like bitch to try and win. So pathetic.” Before Green Lantern could respond she grabbed him by the throat and lifted him by it, throwing him back into the corner. She then jumped up again, but this time putting her feet all the way on the top ropes and brought her body down, slamming her pussy on his face. “Now,” she said angrily, we both know that my pussy can put you down, I had fun slamming it on you before, but here’s a reminder just in case.” She then brought her womanhood over the man’s face twice more. Not only did he feel extreme pain, but since she got aroused before, it felt wet as well. Supergirl’s pussy sounded like wet flesh slapping on the man’s face. Supergirl then grabbed his face in her hand hard and said, “Now I want you to lick this perfect pussy until I cum all over your face, and if you don’t, I’m going to break every bone in your body with my legs, ass, and tits, you hear me?!” Green Lantern had already felt what each of those body parts could do and he just nodded obediently yes. She lowered herself down onto the man’s face and felt his warm tongues instantly start licking her already wet pussy. The more he licked the harder she grinded down on top of him. She now knelt down on the ropes, her thighs on either side of his head. He licked her clit hard and she grabbed the hair on the back of his and pulled him deeper into her. His tongue reached deep inside her and she gasped with pleasure. She grabbed his hands and put them on her enormous tits and he felt her nipples which felt like steel they were so erect. He worked her nipples and tits and Supergirl felt his tongue deeper and deeper inside her as she forced his head deeper and deeper between her thighs. Green Lantern actually felt her thighs start to squeeze around his head and the pressure put pain on his already throbbing temples. Supergirl felt his tongue flick her clit one last time and she knocked his hands away squeezing her own nipples hard. She then screamed out and came hard, her juices squirting out, covering Green Lantern’s face. There was so much that when Supergirl finally let up and climbed off the man, he fell to his knees coughing and sputtering as she was choking on the large amount of cum that came from her body.
Supergirl breathed heavy for a few moments then said, “Thanks a lot, that was amazing, I might keep you around just for that.” She then winked at her tired beaten looking opponent and shook her big tits in his face for good measure. Green Lantern tried to respond but was still trying to catch his breath. Green Lantern was still on his knees sputtering when he saw Supergirl step closer to him, putting her feet right under him. He then heard her say, “I told you earlier that when I made you my slave, I’d force you to kiss my feet, well here’s your chance!” Green Lantern at first refused, he had already been physically beaten, badly, humiliated, forced to cum, and now mocked for all of it, there was no way he wanted to finish off such a low night for himself by kissing his victor’s feet. Supergirl saw his hesitation and shot a blast of heat vision on the bare man’s back. He had no power ring on so no force field to shield the blow, his skin burned instantly and he screamed in pain. She then felt her left foot placed on the back of his neck and the heard the young girl’s soft voice say, “Lick.” He then felt the foot pressed down on him and even though he fought it, his arms felt weak, besides he knew her super strength would out match him. It did with his power ring on, there’s no way he could fight her off without it. She slowly lowered her foot until his face was almost touch her foot, he then kissed it as he was told. He felt it still a little wet from when he came on it before. Supergirl then brought her foot off his neck and next to the other one. She didn’t have to say anything this time as Supergirl saw him bring his head down and kiss her other foot. She smiled a big smile and laughed saying, “What a low day for the man without fear, huh? Not only taken down by a girl, but a girl half his size and age, and then made to kiss her feet! This has to be a low point, isn’t it you little bitch?!” She grabbed his hair and forced him forward, keeping him on his knees, walking him like a dog.
He felt his hair being pulled and he went along with it. Supergirl now clenched the man’s dark locks on top of his head and was walking him like a dog to the center of the ring. “Come on, little bitch, I have to finish you guys off.” She walked him some more and motioned for Powergirl to bring Superboy to her. Powergirl grabbed the young man, but he pushed away and swatted at the taller woman. His attack flew across her face with a loud smack. Powergirl instinctively sent a hard right cross over the younger man’s temple. Superboy felt even more weak now and the force of the blow brought him to his knees.
Supergirl yelled over to Powergirl saying, “You should take away his so called manliness. Prop him up and use those big tits of yours to force him to cum.” Powergirl hesitated for a moment, but then remembered the pain across his cheek and how he underestimated his female combatants. She lifted him by his hair and ripped off the leather straps off her body, making herself completely naked. She then tied one of the near unconscious man’s wrists to the top rope behind him, then followed suit with other. Superboy struggled for a moment, but Powergirl just brought up her powerful right leg and slammed her thigh into his stomach. Superboy felt like a truck had just hit him and the straps around his arms were the only things holding him on his feet. Powergirl then knelt down and stroked the man’s dick. Superboy moaned and he grew erect and Powergirl smiled as she like the power of arousing her trapped adversary. She then placed the large dick between her tits, Superboy’s member seemed to disappear between the colossal E cups. Powergirl grabbed her tits and started working them up and down the hard shaft forcing hard moans from the barely conscious young man. Supergirl smiled as she could tell that her slave was enjoying the sexual power she had over the man right now. “That’s it Powergirl, stroke him, and when he’s about to cum force it all over his weak body.” Powergirl felt Superboy’s dick pulse now and small amounts of cum were oozing from it making it easier to glide between her now very shiny massive tits. The light glaring off them from cum slowly bursting more and more from Superboy’s rock hard dick. With her giant mammories lubed she stroked faster now and pressed her tits together harder. Superboy’s moans grew louder and louder until suddenly Powergirl felt a warm goo between her tits. She quickly took the dick from between her breasts and as she did it shot cum everywhere. She pointed it upward and it forced it over Superboy. He came so hard and so powerful that it not only landed on his stomach and chest, but on his neck and under his chin as well. Powergirl stood up and turned toward Supergirl who noticed her tits were covered in cum. “Don’t let that weak, pathetic boy’s cum be on you! Wipe it off and put it back on him, he doesn’t deserve to have his cum on a more powerful fighter. Powergirl liked the compliment and wiped as much of the cum off her now shiny huge tits as she could, her hand feeling good as it glided across the smooth, sensitive skin of her breasts. She then had a handful of the Superboy’s cum which she proceeded to wipe all over his chest, neck and face. Superboy moaned in protest, but she backhanded him across the face hard. The slap echoed throughout the large room. She ripped off the leather straps like they were tissue paper and watched as the young man fell to the ground. She couldn’t help but love the feeling of power at that moment. “Good job, slave,” said Supergirl, “And don’t worry about your outfit, I think you’ve earned a better one. Now throw him over here. Powergirl reached and grabbed the young man by his hair and threw him to the center of the ring with ease.
“Well,” said the naked teenage victor, “it looks like I’m the clear winner in this fight, although it wasn’t much of a fight, was it. I mean, you guys look terrible, and I look like I just had a work out at the gym, and not even a good one at that!” She rubbed her victory in to the two men below her on their knees. However, they both knew she was right, she fairly had beaten both of them single handedly, not even using her partner Powergirl. She stood naked over them another moment and said to Powergirl, “Why don’t you go and grab the tape before we go, I would love to watch this again.” The two men, both struggling to get to their feet, both stopped and looked at each other, then the standing young girl above them. “Oh, didn’t I tell you?” Said Supergirl smiling down at the both of them, “Before I came down I turned on the cameras down here on the ring. I know you guys usually use them to look for mistakes and flaws in everyone’s fighting technique’s, but I’m going to use it for enjoyment! I mean I definitely can’t use it for learning! I beat you two so badly and easily, that I made you guys look like weak, pathetic, training dummies rather than the big strong heroes everyone thinks you are.” Green Lantern and Superboy both pathetically struggled to get to their feet, both dazed, but still trying to fight. “Pitiful,” was all Supergirl said. “I guess it’s time to put you guys out.” Supergirl said this and grabbed both men by their hair pulling on it so they both were inches from her body. She then said to both the kneeling men as she stood over them, “Take a look at the young, perfect, teenage body that beat you so badly today. I don’t want you forgetting it.” She then pulled their heads apart smiling saying, “Not that you could, I mean how could anyone forget such an embarrassing and pathetic loss to someone younger and smaller than you?! Oh, and I don’t want either one of you wearing your costumes until I tell you to, not that you can anyway, I mean I literally beat it off you. I’m going to fly off and rest, but I want you both back here tomorrow morning to do what I say or I’ll show this video to everyone, you hear me?!” The two just groaned in pain. She laughed and said, “All right, it’s time to for you guys to go out, I’m bored with the both of you anyway.” And with that she slammed their heads together hard, both of their faces crashing into each other. Blood shot out from the crash and they both fell to the floor unconscious.
Supergirl looked over to Powergirl and said, “All right, I’m all done with these losers. I’m going to take a shower in the locker rooms, go and bring Superman, I want him here by the time I’m done cleaning off.” Powergirl just nodded in approval. Supergirl jumped out of the ring and grabbed a white towel that was laying on a piece of equipment and said, “You did a good job today.” “Thank you, Mistress Kara,” said Powergirl and Supergirl turned her naked body around and walked away. Powergirl watched the teenage girl’s perfect ass sway from side to side as she headed for the locker rooms. The woman couldn’t believe how strong and amazing this girl was. She just beat up two of the Justice League’s strongest heroes, at the same time! She looked on at the girl in complete amazement thinking, how strong is this girl? She snapped out of her thought and flew off, zipping through the head quarter’s halls completely naked to go and get Superman to bring him back as Supergirl had ordered. Maybe there is a lot I can learn from this teenage girl, thought Powergirl, and she disappeared into the night sky towards the man of steel.