Supergirl VS. Green Lantern & Superboy: Epilogue

The hot water steamed from the shining silver showerhead in the back area of the Justice League’s head quarter’s training room. Supergirl felt the warmth spray down over her naked toned body and a sensation of complete relaxation came over her. Her battle with Green Lantern and Superboy took a little out of her, although not nearly as much as she had thought it would. Her body was tired and she winced a little as she rubbed thick soapy water over abdomen feeling their tenderness. She smiled though as the feeling of beating two of the strongest heroes at once far surpassed the feeling pain anywhere in her young strong body.
She rubbed her small hands on her stomach and brought her hands up slowly on her body over large DD breasts, taking and her time rubbing the thick suds all over chest. She looked down and smiled a little thinking, these are things that distract people, just a pair of huge tits. Well, she thought some more, they also end up destroying them as well. She smiled bigger and grabbed the large mounds of flesh sticking far from her body roughly, loving the feeling. She let her left hand fall down over her thick, strong thighs and rubbed a small bruise she had there. She giggled a little as she remembered how she got, smashing it onto Green Lantern’s. Smashing it so hard in fact, Supergirl thought his head was going to fly off it snapped back so hard. She felt her nipples get hard and she bit her bottom lip. Just the thought of the power she felt after beating two men at once, and two superhero men at that was sending a surge through her body. She didn’t know what made her feel more amazing, completely and fairly annihilating two men in a fair fight, or the power she was going to have.
Her hand disappeared between her thighs now and she stroked her young pussy lightly once. Her huge chest heaved up as she took a deep breath of pleasure deeply in her lungs as she simultaneously let out a soft, quick moan. She rubbed the soft lips deeper now and felt larger waves of pleasure stream through her body. The defined abs on her midsection tightened up as her body was seizing up as she came closer to an orgasm showing even more of the amazingly strong muscles underneath. She used her near impossible flexibility skills and stretched her leg straight up in the air, resting the back of her heel on the wall while keeping the other planted firmly on the ground. She remembered how she sent up a surprise kick in this fashion during the match catching her opponent off guard and another ripple of sexual desire tore through her. She now plunged her small fingers deep into her wet pussy and she yelled out in pleasure loudly. Her small yell echoing through the training area. She worked her fingers slowly and then a little quicker. Her pussy was so wet her fingers easily slipped in and out of her. She became more and more turned on now, flashes of her fighting two stronger male opponents and then slowly winning as the match went on was too much for her to handle. She pumped her fingers hard inside of her now and grabbed roughly at her enormous tanned tits with her other hand. She felt an orgasm coming and she pinched her small dark nipple hard. She screamed at the top of her lungs and came hard. She pulled her fingers from her dripping wet teenage womanhood and rubbed her hard clit roughly as fast as she could. Her hand moving at such a super speed it looking like a blur. The pleasure seemed to last forever and streams of cum ran down the inside of her thighs as she continued to scream louder and louder. Her body convulsed and she finally stopped smiling, almost laughing as she felt so good. Her mind suddenly flashed an image of Superman, and not in the way she imagined. He was standing tall in his proud and stern stance. She got lost in thought, as a wave of calm swept over her. Little did she know, however, there was trouble brewing back with Powergirl.
Powergirl was trying to secretly contain her thorough enjoyment in dominating Superboy and helping Supergirl win the match against two superheroes that always seemed to treat her with an almost dismissive manner. The reason for the treatment was the real reason why it always seemed to bother her. Just because she happened to have a large hole cut over her chest and under that hole cut in the tight spandex outfit just happen to be two immensely gigantic breasts. For so called superheroes, they sure do act like Neanderthals sometimes, thought the well-endowed woman as she watched over the beaten and submissive men. Which is why gaining control over Superboy with such ease, and using the very assets that they ridiculously brushed her aside for was an empowering and pleasuring unlike any she had ever felt. No matter how hard she tried to contain it, Superman could see how much she loved the current domination over him.
She had flown in without a stitch of clothes on and ordered Superman to stand in front of her. Superman heard the woman’s voice and immediately picked up a tone of authority in it. Superman walked into the room and stood in front of Powergirl saying, “Powergirl? What’s going on? Where’s Supergirl, and what happened with Green Lantern and Superbo-“ He was cut off abruptly by Powergirl’s now stern voice saying, “You should know what happened by now, Superman. Those weak male heroes were no match for her.” Superman was completely taken back. Had Supergirl really taken on both of those heroes by herself?! How did she do it without any help? He glanced down at Powergirl’s chest and noticed a small smear of blood on the side of Powergirl’s colossal naked right tit. “Did you actually help that teenage girl take on two heroes for no reason-“ Superman was cut off again, this time physically as Powergirl unexpectedly sent her left hand across her body and landed the back of her hand across Superman’s left cheek. The loud smack echoed throughout the apartment and Superman took a step back the blow was so hard. Powergirl like this as she didn’t realize she could make him back up from her blow like that. She smiled quickly then put her stern face back on and said, “Mistress Kara put me in charge of you for now, so follow me or else.” Superman was shocked at how she was suddenly so submissive to Supergirl’s orders. A short while she wanted to escape under control.
“Powergirl listen,” said Superman calmly rubbing his sore cheek, “Supergirl doesn’t have to control you like this. We gave our word that we would be under her control if she beat us, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it or buy into it.” “That’s right, we gave our word, to a teenage girl who said she was stronger and better than all of us and I’m following it, I mean she did just beat two more strong heroes, when are we going to start believing what she says? And her name is Mistress Kara, not Supergirl.” Superman shot back with, “Yes, she did beat us, but I’m clearly the strongest out of all of us,” he then put his right hand on Powergirl’s left shoulder comfortingly, “and once our time with her is up we can, together teach her a lesson.” Powergirl glared at him angrily, but then took some traits from Supergirl and looked up at him smiling saying, “It looks like she’s the only one who taught any lessons around here. I mean, didn’t she throw you around those docks like a rag doll, and then beat you into submission with ease?” Superman got mad, but before he could say anything Powergirl grabbed his hand on her shoulder and reached her other hand out and grabbed Superman’s crotch. The move surprised him and he tried to step back, but Powergirl suddenly clenched down on Superman’s balls. “Mistress Kara wants you to follow me back to headquarters. Now, we can either do that with you following me, or I can go and get her, explain to her what happened and you get carried unconsciously there. Unless you think you have enough fight in you to take both of us on.” She then stepped forward and pushed her massive tits against his chest, then pushed them forward. Superman felt the warm gigantic masses press against his own naked chest. He reached down to try and pull Powergirl’s grip from his balls, but Powergirl shoved her chest out hard and pushed his whole body back as she released her grip. Superman stumbled back and barely caught his footing again.
Powergirl couldn’t believe what she had just done! Did I just push back the man of steel and show dominance over him?! She thought the words quickly then quickly regained her composure. Although she did just push back the man of steel she could feel how firm and strong his chest was as she felt a small ache in her tits when she pushed against it. She didn’t want this become a blow for blow bought, he seemed weak now, but Powergirl knew how strong the man could be. She was hoping her intimidation show worked, and as soon as she saw his face, she knew it did. His shocked look said everything. She smiled and said, “Let’s go, right now!” Superman followed her to the window in the leather slave outfit Supergirl made for him and watched as Powergirl flew off into the night sky completely naked. He flew off behind her, almost not believing how much the once timid Powergirl flew around completely naked with no hesitation or reservations about it.
Supergirl had just finished with herself in the shower and had stepped out, putting a towel on her. She used her X-ray vision and looked through all the lockers for something sexy and revealing to where for her new slaves. She found a white bra and panty set in Stargirl’s locker. She ripped off the metal lock like it was paper and opened the locker door. She held up the panty’s and took a look at them. Well, thought Supergirl, she definitely doesn’t have a body as voluptuous as mine, noticing how small the white thong would be on her bigger ass. She slipped the thin, small material on and then held up the bra with one finger. She’s smaller than me on the bottom, and waaaaaayyyy smaller than me on top, thought Supergirl smiling. Stargirl’s C cup bra barely fit over Supergirl’s massive DD’s. She stretched the thin white material over her firm and enormous chest and barely got it clipped in the back. Supergirl then walked over to the mirror next to her and took a look at herself. She giggled a little at how much fuller her ass and tits were over Stargirl’s. The thong completely disappeared into ass and the thin cotton barely managed to cover her tight teenage pussy, some of her womanhood even peeking out from the sides. The top was no different, the white material was stretched to its max and was now almost completely see through as the cotton was stretched thin across her massive mammories. Large amounts of flesh spilled over the top, sides and bottom of the bra. Supergirl just laughed as she started walking towards the training center feeling her tits bounce, knowing the bra was doing nothing for support. Supergirl didn’t care though, she knew her young, teenage, Kryptonian body was plenty firm, no matter what or who was on her.
She entered the large room and stopped immediately in a state of shock. Superboy was nowhere to be seen and standing in the center of the ring was a bloodied and battered Green Lantern, hunched over in pain, but standing. She noticed he had found his ring and put it back on in a feeble attempt to still win the fight. Supergirl shot her voice over to him saying, “Give up, green bitch!! You already lost! And pathetically at that! You just look even more pathetic now!” Supergirl laughed and floated up into the air, then landed inside the ring next to the ropes. Green Lantern couldn’t help but notice her outfit that covered barely anything. Her body was so perfect; he was almost mad at it. Mad that this small, perfect teenage body had beaten so decisively and easily. I mean, she doesn’t look like she has a scratch on her, or has any aches in any way, thought Green Lantern. Her body looked flawless. When Supergirl felt the glowing green man had taken enough of her in she said, “You lost fair and square, what you’re doing now is just pathetic.” Green Lantern said nothing, and Supergirl heard something behind her and got on guard. She whipped her head around and saw Supergirl sitting on a stack of training mats holding his chest in pain. He looked up and noticed Supergirl glaring at him. He quickly said, “You don’t need to worry about me, Supergirl, you won fair and square. You had some help from Powergirl, but not much, you did most of the work on us. I’m not happy about it, but I have to respect it. I’m yours, for now.”
Supergirl smiled and turned her attention back towards the battle damaged Green Lantern. She then said, “You see? Even the younger man can see you both have been beaten, and if you couldn’t both beat me in your best states, what makes you think you can take me on now?” “Because it’s right,” said Green Lantern. “What’s right my green little bitch?! That you treated the woman on the team like second rate heroes, and now you realize that you’re weaker than us, especially after seeing the youngest one wiped the damn floor with you?!” Green Lantern got angry and his body glowed a brighter green. “Alright,” said Supergirl, “You can have another shot, but I’m not going to go easy on you, and I’m definitely going to go harder on you after I win. Win again that is, I guess.” Supergirl giggled like a schoolgirl after she said this, and once again used a superheroes overconfidence against him. Green Lantern predictably lunged forward towards his smaller adversary.
Supergirl was more than ready and dodged the man’s incoming right fist. His attack was much slower now and she smiled as she sent a quick jab to the man’s already battered face. His head snapped back as sweat blood flew from it quickly. Supergirl just smiled and played the smart game. This man had a lot of determination, and she wanted to break it completely so he too would be hers. Green Lantern sent out a right hook hard, but Supergirl ducked under it like a professional boxer and sent two hard fists into his abdomen. Supergirl felt her fists hit the once hard midsection like lightening feeling his flesh was soft and weak now. She smiled as she saw Green Lantern wince in pain. His midsection was so badly beaten from the previous battle that the small fists from the girl felt like they were driving into his spine.
Green Lantern then put a large green fist of energy around his right arm and threw it at Supergirl and then felt it stop. He felt good at first feeling as he finally got a hit in, but then he saw Supergirl holding it with both her hands, stopping it before it hit her body. He was in as much shock as Superboy watching on. She held large green fist in both her hands then threw it off to the side. Green Lantern couldn’t believe she stopped the immensely strong attack and felt the young girl’s hands on his shoulders. He was too off balance from the previous attack and Supergirl was too fast for him try and stop whatever was coming next. Supergirl then viciously drew her head back and smashed it on Green Lantern’s face. Superboy watched on as Supergirl head butt Green Lantern, hard. His head snapped back so hard it looked like it was going to fly off his body. Blood and saliva flew in a large arch from his face as he stumbled back eventually bringing his head forward. He leaned forward put his hands in front of his face and felt nothing but blood flow on top of them. His nose was definitely broken. Supergirl couldn’t believe the man was still on his feet, but she also noticed the green field around him was weakened once again like in the previous match. She then took two steps forward and kneed the hunched over man in the center of his chest following up with a hard right kick to Green Lantern’s chest. His body shot back and he hit the mat hard, tumbling across it like a bouncing ball. Supergirl was all business now and shot over to him.
Green Lantern was up to his hands and knees, but Supergirl didn’t let him get any farther. She put his head between her thighs firmly and roughly. Green Lantern looked down at the ground on all fours as he felt the inside of the young girl’s warm thighs press against the sides of his head. He felt her muscles tense and then a sudden pain shoot through his body. Supergirl squeezed her steel, well defined thighs against the man’s head hard. She heard him scream in pain and when she did she saw his open body below her. She sent two hard rights down on to him, then a left. Green Lantern was bellowing in pain and with each hard punch blood flew from his mouth. Supergirl felt her fist hit Green Lantern’s already broken floating rib on his right side and he shrieked in pain. Supergirl let up and loosened her grip on her thighs. She watched as Green Lantern’s body dropped to the ground like a dead weight.
“I’m too strong for you, green bitch,” said Supergirl, every part of my body can beat you, I don’t have to use my strong arms, or my perfectly defined strong legs. I’ll tell you what, I’ll even stop defending myself, you can do whatever you want, the only thing that I’ll use to stop your attacks is my perfect teenage body. How’s that?” Green Lantern said nothing as his head felt fuzzy and his body was reeling in pain. Supergirl heard the groans of pain and became impatient as she looked at the man on the ground below her. She continued talking down to him saying, “Ok, that’s not enough for you to get up and finish the fight like a man? Well, I’ll make it even easier for you, if you can take my top or bottoms off of my body, then I’ll let you win the fight, and I won’t even use my hands, legs or feet. How’s that?! I mean, I can’t make it any easier for you than that, green little bitch.” Green Lantern heard her calling him names and his anger swelled up inside of him. He weakly got to his knees and grabbed the nearby cables around the ring. He slowly pulled himself up to his feet and got into a feeble fight stance. Superboy looked on in fear for the hero, but also had some hope. He thought to himself, I mean if all he has to do is rip off those bottoms or top, then it shouldn’t be too hard, those things look like they’re already ready to rip off on their own!
Green Lantern poured a green energy around his fists and sent out two jabs and an over hand right to Supergirl, who easily dodged the attacks. She put her hands behind her back and held onto them by her wrists and giggled saying, “Here, so I don’t cheat.” Green Lantern also noticed that her chest stuck out even more than it already did now. Supergirl looked at the superhero gazing at her large DD chest and smiled saying, “Oh, I know their so big, way too big for this tiny top that you have to take off. Well, here, I’ll make it even easier for you.” And with that she stuck her chest out more, stretching the thing piece of cotton stretched between her enormous tits even more. Green Lantern stared at the flimsy material between the girl’s cleavage. All he had to do was grab it, it looked ready to rip so easily anyway, he thought it wouldn’t take much. He sent out two more punches, but felt them hit nothing but air as the teenage girl dodged his attacks with her hands behind her back yet again. However, this time as his hand missed, Supergirl swung her large chest back and slammed it into his fist. The massive mound of flesh felt like steel as it hit and sent shooting pain through his fist and into his wrist.
Green Lantern pulled back his hand and winced in pain. Superboy’s jaw dropped in disbelief. He watched as Supergirl swung just her tits alone, slamming one into a bigger man’s fist actually hurting it like she was swinging two mounds of steel at an attacker. I guess that is what she’s doing, thought the young man. Green Lantern couldn’t believe it either, but sent out more attacks. More and more he swung as the seemingly slippery girl glided by and dodged his every attack. Supergirl waited for the right moment and as Green Lantern swung another punch, she dodged the slow attack from the battered foe easily once again, her body moving sideways to the left quickly, her huge chest moving with it. She then suddenly snapped her body back, swinging her chest back as well and slamming onto the man’s fist once again. Green Lantern yelled in pain as this time it felt like his wrist sprained badly as the massive weight and rock hard tit smashed onto his hand. Those things must be solid muscle under that soft flesh, thought Green Lantern.
Supergirl just smiled and said, “Wow! Are just my breasts too much for you?! I guess they are, I mean not only can’t you even take a single measly piece of material off them, but it looks like they’re beating off your attacks all by themselves!” Supergirl laughed and Green Lantern had a look of anger on his face, he didn’t like being taunted and humiliated, or admitting that she was right. The pain in his hand didn’t lie. He looked over as he heard Supergirl then say, “Here, since you can’t do it yourself, I’ll show you how easy it is.” Supergirl then took in a deep breath pushed her chest out. A loud ripping sound was heard and Green Lantern noticed tiny tears in the stretched thin material over Supergirl’s enormous tits. Her tits seemed to grow even bigger right in front of him as the tears began to get larger and larger. Both her nipples popped through the white cotton bra as mounds of flesh poured through the tears. Suddenly, he saw the middle strap rip and in a flash it tore completely in half, the tattered clothe snapped from her body into the air and floated slowly to the ground. Both Superboy and Green Lantern looked on with jaws wide open.
“You see,” said Supergirl giggling again, “you see how easy it was. I mean just my tits ripped it off. I told you my body was more powerful then you, but maybe you still need more proof.” Green Lantern was busy ogling the set of perfect eighteen-year-old DD tits displayed naked in front of him. He had just seen them not too long before, but was still astonished at how firm and high they sat on the young girl’s small frame. “You done staring at what you can’t beat?” Supergirl asked coyly as she made Green Lantern stare above her chest for the first time in a seconds. Green Lantern snapped out of it and started throwing hard punches at the now topless girl. He threw a quick right, but Supergirl slid to the side and moved out of the way, she then swung her naked chest back and slammed it into Green Lantern’s now unprotected face. Green Lantern felt the firm chest hit his face like two cannon balls. His mind went dark for a second and when his head came back around he felt another hard hit from the chest on the other side of his face. He stumbled to the side like his head just hit with a sledgehammer. Superboy couldn’t believe it, Supergirl held her hands behind her back and was beating Green Lantern with just her tits!
Green Lantern desperately lunged forward, but Supergirl ducked under his arms and back up on the right side of him. The man could see out of the corner of his eye the large mounds of flesh coming back at him again. They slammed into the side of his head once again, this time Supergirl tensed the muscles in them even harder and Green Lantern’s legs buckled and he fell to his knees. Supergirl quickly pressed her chest forward and pushed the man’s head between her gigantic tits. Supergirl watched as she looked down and watched as the man’s squeezed between her massive DD’s, almost disappearing in between them. Green Lantern felt himself put in darkness, then panicked as he realized where he was. He went to pull himself out, but felt the two large firm orbs press on the sides of his head. Supergirl tensed the muscles in her chest and felt each large breast push harder and harder on the man’s trapped head. Green Lantern pushed on Supergirl’s firm stomach feeling her defined abs in his hands trying to get his head out from between the large masses crush his skull. The pressure only poured on more and he screamed in pain. Supergirl smiled, and she only squeezed her tits together more using her upper arms.
Green Lantern now became desperate and put his hands on Supergirl’s naked tits. His hands barely fitting around a quarter of the huge mammories. He tried to pull them apart with all his might, Supergirl holding up her promise and not using her hands to pull the other man’s away from her exposed tits. She squeezed down as hard as she could, Green Lantern trying with everything he had, but he wasn’t moving the colossal pieces of flesh an inch. Supergirl then mocked him saying, “You can’t even move my perfect tits enough to get your head out from between them, and now it looks like just my tits are going to put you out!” Green Lantern panicked now as he found it hard to breathe and suddenly felt Supergirl pour on the pressure even more, his skull feeling like it was going to implode. He started pounding on the girl’s tits. Over and over the fists struck the steel like DD’s. It felt like he was punching two rocks. His hands actually started to hurt.
Suddenly, Supergirl let up and the man’s head slid out from between Supergirl’s tits. Supergirl laughed as she watched him slowly try to get to his feet as he took in deep gulps of air. “Not much air in there, huh, my green little bitch? But there’s plenty of muscle. I can make them feel as soft,” Supergirl said as she then squeezed her untended tits with her hands softly, massaging them in front of her downed opponent, “or as HARD!” Supergirl saw Green Lantern sloppily lunge forward toward her. She amazingly shot downward in a perfect split, dodging the attack, then pushed her hands on the mat floor springing back up leading with her chest out. Her tensed tits slammed into the underside of Green Lantern’s chin in an uppercut style attack. The bigger man’s head shot backward as he felt two heavy weights slam under his jaw. His body flew back and his back landed on the ropes keeping him up. Supergirl just stood there, knowing she could take him out any time, but wanting him to know that too. He definitely did. She also noticed that although the man was barely on his feet, he was still on his feet. She was amazed at his resilience.
Supergirl took her time walking towards the barely conscious man and said, “Do you still think you can stop my tits, green bitch?” Green Lantern saw the slightly bouncing chest come towards him as the young girl walked over to the nearly downed man. Supergirl walked up close to him and started pushing her tits on his chest. Green Lantern felt the pressure immediately, his lungs closing off restricting air. Supergirl whispered softly in the struggling man’s ear saying, “Can you, green bitch, can you stop just my perfect hard chest from beating you yet again? Go ahead, try anything you like, I still won’t use my hands.” Green Lantern felt humiliation like he had never before. He formed a piston and drove it into Supergirl’s stomach. She wasn’t expecting the attack and winced in pain sending her back a couple of steps. He then poured green energy over his hands and put up a wall of energy between him and the again incoming naked tits. Supergirl pressed her tits up against the wall hard. Green Lantern saw the titanic tits press up on his force field, squishing the orbs against it like it was on glass. He pushed and poured all his energy forward. He felt the force just keep coming, like it was unstoppable. The wall started moving closer and closer to him as did Supergirl’s tits. Soon enough the tits pressed up against his near transparent force field were right on top of him. Supergirl started to see small cracks in the green wall and she smiled. She looked him dead in the eyes and thrust her chest forward.
The whole wall shattered and Supergirl’s tits that were squashed up against the wall popped back instantly to their original perfectly round shape. Supergirl put them inches from Green Lantern’s face and said, “You see, even must my tits are more powerful than all of your green lantern energy. But, I’m not done humiliating you yet, and you still haven’t taken me down, even with my hands behind my back.” Green Lantern felt spent, using a lot of his ring’s energy trying to stop Supergirl’s tits from crushing him. He recomposed himself and started throwing attacks, Supergirl knew he was almost done and could toy with him even more. Green Lantern started threw a hard right at Supergirl who lunged right and slammed her right tit into the man’s fist. Green Lantern felt the strength of the girl’s chest once again as his fist felt it like someone just hit it with a hammer. He sent out another attack, and again Supergirl stood with her hands behind her back and shot her chest forward hitting it hard against the man’s fist. Superboy couldn’t believe it, Supergirl was now actually stopping Green Lantern’s punches with just her tits! Green Lantern threw out one more hard punch, and again it hit Supergirl’s right tit, only this time there was a snap. Green Lantern had broken his hand against the incoming tit. Supergirl smiled and lunged forward, her tits again wrapped around the distracted man’s head and again she squeezed down. Only this time she twisted her body and threw the man almost ten feet across the ring. Superboy was astonished, she just threw Green Lantern’s body across the ring with just her tits!
Supergirl watched the man tumble and as soon as he came to a stop she was on him again in a flash. She pushed his head between the kneeling man’s tits once again and actually stood him up with just her tits. She then twisted her body and threw him by her chest once again. Green Lantern rolled on the ground again. Supergirl stood across from him this time and said, “Wow! I guess I’ve proven that just my tits are better than your whole body and that stupid ring!” She laughed as she loved humiliating the man, tossing him around by literally just her teenage tits. She walked slowly over to him and said, “Get up!” He moved too slowly for her, so she reached down and pulled him up to his knees. Green Lantern groggily looked forward and in his daze as he was eye level Supergirl’s waist saw the thin piece of cotton that barely covered her pussy anyway was moved to the side displaying her perfect teenage womanhood. She leaned down to him, dangling her huge chest in his face shaking them a little saying, “If you’re not man enough for these,” grabbing her massive tits, “than you’re definitely not man enough for this.” She ran a finger over the exposed pussy slowly. “But I can prove that to you too.”
She pulled the dazed man up to his feet, he stood there barely holding up on his own. Supergirl turned her back on him and walked away slowly about fifteen feet. She then ran forward and jumped into the air. She bent her legs and opened her thighs wide. The last thing Green Lantern saw before his head being slammed to the ground was Supergirl’s pussy slamming into his face. Supergirl landed on top of the man, pussy pressed firmly onto the man’s mouth and nose. Green Lantern couldn’t breathe and the blow to his head put him out. He felt his face get slapped hard as Supergirl leaned up pulling her pussy off of his mouth. She noticed the green light around his body was dim it was pretty much gone, he was nearly completely spent. “You see, green bitch? If you’re not strong enough for my tits, then you can’t handle anything else. I mean, just my pussy put you out. In a matter of seconds, no less!”
Green Lantern looked up and saw Supergirl easily rip the stretched cotton panties off her body and shoved them into his mouth. He then felt her slither down his body and rub her pussy on his dick. He became hard almost instantly. Supergirl rubbed her pussy a little to get it wet slipped the man’s member inside her. Green Lantern moaned and reached to pull the sweaty cotton panties from his mouth. Supergirl grabbed his wrist and squeezed her pussy around his dick. Green Lantern yelled a muffled yell through the torn cotton in his mouth as he felt like his dick was in a vice. Supergirl said nothing as he felt the man’s arm lay back down to the ground. Supergirl smiled, she knew she had broken him at this point. She started expertly riding the beaten man, Green Lantern moaning loudly as the young girl’s tight pussy felt dripping wet as it rode up and down on his erect shaft. She slid herself up and down the man’s large dick, now making her tits bounce as she bounced harder on the man below her. “You’re mine now,” she said down to him. She rode him harder and harder, she felt him about to cum and squeezed her pussy once again onto his dick. Green Lantern screamed in pain and wanting for release. “Tell me, tell me you’re mine, that you’re my slave, or I swear I’ll hold you hear about to cum while squeezing your pathetic dick all damn day!” Green Lantern belted out a yell and then Supergirl took her panties from his mouth. He screamed out, “I’m yours!” “Are you my slave?!” The teenage girl said as she squeezed her womanhood even harder as she reached back and stroked his balls. The man could feel his body wanting to cum badly, causing him extreme pain. He yelled out, “I’m your slave, I’m your slave!!” Supergirl then let up and slammed her dripping wet pussy onto his shaft twice more. Green Lantern came hard; the release was more than either one was expecting.
Supergirl then pulled her body up slowly, the now spent dick sliding out of her pussy slowly. She put her pussy on his stomach and slid slowly up the almost unconscious man’s body, sliding both of their cum up his midsection and eventually onto his chest. “Just remember, this is the day,” whispered Supergirl into the man’s ear as she leaned down, her chest inches from his face, “this is the day that not only did I beat you twice, but I beat you with just my body. Just these tits,” she squeezed them roughly in his face, “and the rest of this body.” She slid her hands down her sweaty firm body put them over her pussy, rubbing it slowly. She then lowered herself down, placing her chest over his face, smothering him. Green Lantern struggled feebly, but Supergirl put his arms under her bent legs. He was getting weaker when suddenly a booming female voice, “STOP! STOP RIGHT NOW!”
This even startled Supergirl who shot up and looked over. There landing in the center of the ring was Wonder Woman. Supergirl took precautions as she knew how strong and a good fighter she was. “He lost this fight fair and square to me, and now I’m going to finish it!” “She’s right!” Superboy shouted as he took his time struggling to get up from the beating he received from the young girl earlier. “We both lost fairly to her.” “Well, even so, the way you’re fighting isn’t right. You shouldn’t be naked on top of your opponent after you beat them!” The older woman was serious. “You should if you do it right,” said Supergirl coyly. “Get off him,” said Wonder Woman again. “He’s mine, and I’ll finish him the way I want,” said Supergirl. With that she grabbed him by the hair on the sides of his head, tensed her chest, and slammed his head twice into her tits. Green Lantern felt more bones in his face break before becoming unconscious. Wonder Woman looked on in awe as she had never seen anything like it. Supergirl stood up and looked over at her saying, “If you think that was amazing, you should have seen me beat him with my hands behind my back, just using my tits!” Wonder Woman was confused and looked over to Superboy who just nodded in agreement.
Just then Powergirl and Superman showed up. Wonder Woman saw Powergirl naked and Superman in his slave outfit. “What is going on here?!” The woman yelled angrily. Powergirl got a nod from Supergirl and she explained the whole thing, how Supergirl had single handedly taken out almost all the strong heroes from the Justice League. Wonder Woman almost couldn’t believe the made up sounding story, but the proof was in front of her. “This has to stop,” she said firmly. Supergirl spoke up saying, “What, my fairly beating these heroes with little to no effort, or them always being overconfident and looking down on the female heroines?” This took Wonder Woman back and she had no response.
“If these so called heroes were really strong enough, they would have won their bouts against me and not lost their freedom to me fair and square,” said Supergirl. “Wait, they voluntarily put themselves as slaves to you on the line if they lost?” Wonder Woman yelled out in astonishment. “Yes, that’s what I’m saying,” said the small teenage girl, “they were so confident that could beat me that they put themselves up as a bet. How much more overconfident and conceited could heroes be?!” Wonder Woman couldn’t say anything, because she would have had to agreed. She looked over at Superman with a distained look. He looked ashamed and was going to speak up when Powergirl grabbed his face and slapped it. Wonder Woman couldn’t believe what she just saw. “But Superman, you’re more powerful than Powergirl! Why don’t you stand up to her, you didn’t lose a bet to her too, right?!” Supergirl had an idea pop into her head and she grew that coy smile on her face. Superman knew that she scheming and saw what her plans did so far, he also knew he wasn’t going to like whatever was coming next. “I’ll tell you what, Wonder Woman,” said Supergirl skipping her naked body closer to Superman and Powergirl, her firm tits bouncing slightly as she did, “if you really think that. I mean, if you really think that Superman could Powergirl, then why don’t we let them prove it. In six months if they agree to have a bout, then they should prove it themselves.” Wonder Woman said, “We’re heroes, we shouldn’t be wasting time fighting amongst ourselves.” Supergirl said, “Well I’m not going to go back to being submissive, it’s clear that I’ve earned their submissiveness, whereas they never earned mine to them.” Wonder Woman again couldn’t argue, but still thought it was wrong. Supergirl was smart and knew she had to up the ante. “They have to fight under their own free will, and if they do, I’ll give their freedom from being my slave. They still respect me as the new leader of the Justice League, but they’ll be above all these other weak asses.” Before Wonder Woman could speak, Powergirl shouted out, “I’LL FIGHT! I’ll fight him!” Superman looked over to her with surprise. Wonder Woman now looked at Superman who saw her look of distain. He now felt obligated to fight for fear of looking even more cowardly and weaker than he already did. “I’ll fight too then,” he said in his stern voice.
“Great!” Supergirl said, “I’ll even let them wear their old costumes as a sign of good faith.” This made Powergirl feel even better now. She could almost already imagine actually taking down Superman, the man she respected the most and she once thought was the most powerful being in the universe. Wonder Woman said, “Well, it is under their own free will, but I’m not sure of you being charge.” “Well,” said Supergirl, “so far there’s been no one to stop me.” Everyone’s eyes fell to Wonder Woman who now also felt obligated to back up her honor. “Are you saying the choice I have is to follow you or leave the Justice League?” “Or you could prove to me that you’re better than me and take my place,” said Supergirl coyly yet again. She said the words, but still kept her distance. She was hesitant about Wonder’s Woman’s strength and skill. “But that could be for another time, Wonder Woman,” said Supergirl, “for now let’s focus on the upcoming battle.” Wonder Woman nodded in agreement and said, “See you in six months right here.” “We’ll be here,” said Supergirl sternly. Wonder Woman floated away, but not before taking another glance at Supergirl’s perfect naked body. Her tits are bigger than mine! She tried to let the thought of how much more amazing the young girl’s body looked, a lot more amazing than what she had originally thought.
Supergirl motioned to Superboy and said, “Get this beaten piece of meat cleaned up by the time I get back.” Superboy simply said, “Yes, Mistress Kara.” He walked over to Green Lantern and looked down at him. His face was bloodied, had cum covered all over his stomach and chest, and he had clearly visible broken bones. He looked over to the smaller eighteen-year-old girl who did this to him in still disbelief of the events he just witnessed. Supergirl said, “Bring him to me.” Superboy picked him and slumped him over his shoulder and walked over to her obediently. Supergirl slipped his power off his finger and whispered in the groaning man’s ear, “Only heroes should have this.” The flickering green light that was barely visible faded and Superboy took him back to the locker room.
Superman followed him back to help attend to his wounds. Powergirl looked over to Supergirl, not caring about Green Lantern at all saying, “I’m not one hundred percent sure I can take him, Mistress Kara.” “Then we’ll train you to be one hundred percent sure,” said Supergirl calmly. Powergirl felt a swell of confidence in her. If she could learn to be powerful like her, she knew she could be unstoppable. Supergirl just smiled down at her and lifted her right leg onto the middle rope. “Now, that pathetic green bitch didn’t get me off, why don’t you finish the job,” the small teenager said, spreading her thighs even farther apart displaying her small pussy even more. Powergirl climbed into the ring and knelt down obediently and slowly put her mouth on Supergirl’s already wet pussy. She felt the back of her head pulled forward, her face pushed deep into the pussy in front of her. Powergirl began licking as fast and as deeply as she could, Supergirl moaned loudly immediately at the sensation running through her body. Powergirl thought, well, I guess you do have a weakness. The bigger girl grabbed the girl’s firm ass cheeks and pulled herself even deeper, reaching her tongue as deep as she could inside the young girl. Supergirl’s body almost couldn’t handle the wave of pleasure running through her and she couldn’t even make a sound. Superman and Superboy suddenly heard a loud yell of passion come from the training center which halted their work on Green Lantern for only moment before tending to the man.
“Very good, slave,” said Supergirl, now let’s start talking about your new training for your important fight coming up. Powergirl stood up wiping the cum from her mouth, chin, and chest that poured onto her from Supergirl. She then just nodded in obedience and smiled at her new trainer.