My First Time
By Jessica B


I was 21 years old, a junior in college…and still a virgin. But that was about to change.

Honestly, it had never really bothered me until recently. It’s not as though I hadn’t had opportunities, I was just never as into sex as everyone else.

If I were the type of girl to compose dream scenarios about losing my flower (I most definitely was NOT that type of girl)…I probably wouldn’t have chosen a frat party. But Kris had promised it would be relatively low key, that we would just hang out and mingle for an hour or two, and then retreat to a room on the third floor. There, he guaranteed that nobody would bother us for as long as it took. Or, as he put it, till I had been “reduced to a tingling, quivering mess.” Such a poet, that boy.

So that’s where we were. Alone in a bedroom. It was very literally just a room with a bed, but I supposed that was all we needed. I was already stripped down to my bra and white G-string panties. I was ready.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m tall, almost six feet, and quite fit, though not particularly muscular. I have a large bust and even wider hips, separated by a rather thin waist. My hair is long, straight, lightish brown and pretty unremarkable. I wish I could say that my best physical feature was my large gray eyes, but pretty much anyone would tell you it was my ass. It’s large, firm, perfectly rounded, and I’m quite proud of it.

Kris was as hard and angular as I was curvy. He was a tan, ripped senior that stood a couple inches taller than me, with midnight black hair and striking blue eyes. And right now, as I stood before him practically naked, he was definitely over-dressed.

“So…ummmmm…you’re picking a strange time to suddenly be shy about your body…” I said awkwardly. He just continued to stare at me (or was it past me?) with a slight smile and a look I didn’t quite understand. He seemed almost distracted.

“Okay…starting to get uncomfortable here.” Still no response. “Ummmm…should we do this some other time, or…”

“What have we here?” asked an all-too-familiar voice. I whirled around in shock to find that the door had been quietly opened behind me. Gathered in the hallway was a small crowd of frat-bros and drunk chicks, and standing in front of all of them…

Rachel. My least favorite person on the face of the Earth. She had been Kris’s girlfriend before I came along. It’s not as though I stole him away, they had split up before I even transferred in to the school. At least, that was what Kris had told me…

The smaller, athletic blonde eyed my scantily-clad body with a smirk. There was really nowhere for me to hide, so I rushed forward to slam the door shut.

“Why Jessica, we only just arrived! Surely you don’t want us to leave so soon?” Rachel planted her foot in front of the door before I could close it, easily foiling my plan.

“Get the fuck out, all of you!” I shrieked.

Rachel shook her head in mock disapproval. “Such poor manners.” She casually walked by me and into the room, circling around me. I turned to face her, forcing me to reveal my…sizeable assets to the crowd in the hallway. I felt the blood rush to my face in response to the ensuing catcalls and lewd remarks.

“Cute outfit you got there, Jess. A couple sizes to small, maybe, but cute…”

I simply glared at her. Kris had drifted off to the side and was providing no help whatsoever.

“You know, white is a very…virginal? Color. Is this your first time?”

My jaw clenched.

“Wow. Surprising! And here, I had always taken you for a bit of a whore.”

She had barely gotten the word out when my opened hand met her jaw with a resounding “CRACK!” To my surprise, she barely even flinched, and before I knew it…

“OOOOOOOFFFFF!!!” She had buried her fist directly into my unflexed stomach. I immediately doubled over and probably would’ve hit the ground had she not given me a rough shove on the shoulders that sent me staggering backwards into the crowd.

I was met with several stinging slaps on my rear, along with calls of mock encouragement. Before I could even recover, two rough hands had sent me stumbling back toward the blonde. “Go get her, Jess! You can do it!” called some random douchebag.

“Oh, back for more are we?” asked Rachel. She grabbed my hair with one hand, the back waist of my panties with the other, and sent me hurtling head-first into the far wall. I managed to brace myself at least somewhat before colliding, but the impact still sent me crumpling to the floor in a pathetic heap of white lace and flesh.

Rachel sauntered over to where I lay groaning on the floor. “Now, I think you owe me an apology, darling.” Which was bullshit, but I also wasn’t particularly in the mood to get the crap beaten out of me in front of a bunch of strangers.

“…fine…I’m sorry…” I muttered.

“Not good enough,” was her reply. She grabbed two fist-fuls of hair and began to lift.

“Owwww, OWWWWW!!!” I cried, scrambling to my feet.

“Try again,” she suggested.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, OWWW!”

“Much better. Still not accepted though.”

With that, she shoved me against the wall and began pummeling any exposed bit of flesh she could find. I covered my body only to get a vicious left hook across my jaw. My hands flew to my face and she gave my breasts a matching pair of quick jabs. Eventually, I desperately resorted to covering my breasts and face with my forearms…which meant that my intestines were turned to mush by a vicious barrage of punches and knee-strikes.

“Rachel, please! I’m sorry! STOP!” I begged, to no avail.

“Kris, help meOOOOUUUUFFFF!” A particularly hard uppercut to my navel silenced this request.

Eventually, she let up and took a step back. I was slumped against the wall, sobbing into my hands and gasping for air.

“I hope I didn’t spoil your romantic evening, Jess.” This drew some mean-spirited laughter from the crowd.

“Even if you couldn’t have your first time tonight…maybe you can have another first!”

She leaned in so her lips were inches from my ear. “How about I give you your very…first…cuntbust?”

Before my dazed mind could even process her words, she took a step back and unleashed a vicious front-kick. The bridge of her foot connected directly with my unprotected womanhood with a sickening, fleshy THWACK.

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!” I howled uncontrollably. A massive cheer went up from the catty girls and horny boys as Rachel stepped back to survey her handiwork.

“Oh…Oh wow…” she looked at me wide-eyed and giggled into her fist. “I have GOT to get a picture of this!”

My eyeballs were bulging and slightly crossed, and my mouth was frozen in a wide “O” shape. Combined with my hands being cupped over my lady-parts, I’m sure I looked completely ridiculous…and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Not a single muscle was responding to my commands.

Rachel even decided it would be funny to pose for a few pictures, holding my head up by the hair and show-casing me like a hunter would display her prized kill. When she finally let go of my hair, I crumpled to the floor, a moaning, sobbing mess. I saw her lead Kris out by the hand. He didn’t even so much as look back at me. I gently massaged my battered crotch, and buried by sobbing face in the carpet.

And there I remained for a very, very long time.