Joan on Lori
by Magoo

I'm Lori. I am 50 years old, 5’5”, 130 pounds, fairly tough but soft, not in the greatest shape. Joan is 68 years old, 5’6”, slim and hard. She looks like she should weigh about 110 lbs but actually weighs the same as I. Her face looks like her age which is is 68 but her body is like a slim teenager, unmarked and unwrinkled. Her body does not look muscular when relaxed but I have found out the hard way that when she uses those muscles, they stand out clearly. My husband is Magoo (not his real name, he picked up Magoo because he squints while looking at a computer screen), he is 60. I found out a couple months ago he was sleeping with Joan. I wanted to fight her. I felt confident. Joan is not terribly bright, skinny, old and awkward. Magoo encouraged us to fight. We got together one Saturday morning. We were both barefoot and dressed in shorts and t-shirts. I took a terrible beating. Joan has long. thin awkward looking hands, that when balled into fists, felt like hammers pounding into my body. We had cleared out a small bedroom for the fight and she just followed me around the bedroom pounding on me. She finally cornered me, clamped one of those long hands on my throat, forced me back against a wall and began pounding away at my boobs. My arms were too busy trying to pry that hand from my throat to protect my body. Then she began driving uppercuts under my ribs. The first 2 or 3 blows caused me to gasp. Then it just seemed there was nothing left to gasp with. Strangely enough, I remember watching Joan’s legs as she used them to drive those upper cuts into me. The sight of those leg muscles flexing turned me on. She let me sag to the floor in the corner. I knew I was beat and thought the fight was over. I sat there, barely conscious, gasping air into my lungs. Then Joan clamped those claws around my ankles and dragged me to the middle of the room. She rolled me onto my belly - I wanted to stay doubled over but she forced me flat. My belly screamed with pain. The next thing I knew she had my legs pinned with a shin across the tops of my thighs and her hand clamped on my ankles. She began using her free fist like a hammer on the backs of my calves and thighs. I found out later that Magoo had told her that my legs were more shapely than her thin ones and she was determined to punish mine. I could hear Joan moaning in what sounded sexual as she pounded my legs. The pain in my belly made it difficult to try to roll over but after repeated blows to my legs, I finally ignored my belly pain and twisted my legs out of the pin. I started to sit up but as I did Joan climbed on me, straddled my waist, rolled over pulling my waist between her thighs, and clamped a body scissors on me. She wrapped both arms around my neck pulling my cheek in against her small hard breasts. Feeling her tits against my face caused a sensation in my crotch. A hard bicep under my chin tilted my head back so Joan could look in my face. The look on Joan’s face chilled me. It was at once mean and erotic. Joan was breathing hard. She was obviously turned on. She had my waist clamped between her thighs but was not exerting any pressure. Her legs were bent, the back of her calf pressing against my hip, pulling me in tighter to her crotch. She ground her crotch against my side. Then her legs straightened, tightening her thighs on my waist. The gyrating of her pelvis intensified and I could feel my face contort as I was again struggling to breathe. The look on my face only turned on Joan more and suddenly her body went rigid, her thighs crushing my waist and pulling down on my hips, her arms pulling up on my head. I could not breathe, my spine screamed with pain as my body was stretched. I heard a strange gurgling squeal escape my mouth, and Joan seemed even more turned on at the look of panic on my face. My hands went to the leg that was across my stomach. One hand clutched Joan’s thigh, the other her calf. I could do nothing to relieve the pressure on my body and actually found myself caressing the hardness of Joan’s leg muscles, my fingers exploring the bulges and crevices, My crotch was tingling and I found myself wanting Joan to squeeze me even tighter. I got my wish. Joan began to orgasm and her body alternated between squirming her crotch against my side and increasing the pressure of the hold. Her eyes were locked on my agonized face. Finally as her orgasm wound down, she relaxed her hold on me and just held me tight in against her body. She kissed me deeply on the mouth then just held me for several minutes. After several of these sessions, it has become apparent that, whenever Joan scissors me with a body part against her snatch, I can expect to be punished until she orgasms. She has orgasmed on my thigh, calf, upper arm, face and body. The worst is the body scissors. No matter if she scissors my waist, lower ribs or chest, I can’t breathe. I have passed out several times between her thighs. My favorite is with my face in her crotch. She will figure 4 my face into her wet snatch and grind away at it. I can smell the sex oozing out of her snatch. Then she will straighten her legs and crush my head between her thighs. It is excruciating pain but I can feel the muscles in her buns and thighs with my hands and it turns me on so much I once had an orgasm with her. Actually she might have been sucking on my snatch at the time. When you are in such pain and ecstasy it is hard to remember what happened.
Finally she released my head and pushed me from between her thighs. I thought she was done with me but then she started a wrestling demonstration, putting me in one painful hold after another, demonstrating her total dominance. Her favorite holds were ones where she could watch the expression on my face as she applied the pressure. She finished by peeling off her tee shirt and bra and ordering me to suck on her tits. I complied hungrily, fascinated with the way her nipples hardened and her small breasts seemed to grow. They were very solid, more like pecs with swolen nipples. She pulled me on top of her and figure 4’d her legs around my waist, pulling me tightly into her crotch. She did not hurt me until he was ready to orgasm again when she repeated the body scissors/stretch she had used on me earlier. When she finally released me, she stood up and stood looking down at me. I was so turned on by the dominant look on her face that I reached out and started caressing her calf. Then I put my head between her legs and began kissing her calf. Then I put my head between her knees and begged her to get a head scissors on me. “Please Joan, I want to feel your muscles”. But she pushed me away and said “We’ll do this again in a couple weeks.”

The end result of this beating was that I found myself turned on by what Joan was able to do to me. And Joan was turned on by the beating that she gave me. We agreed to fight every other Saturday. Magoo quietly tapes the matches but stays out of the way. After a match he puts me in bed and makes me as comfortable as possible and then goes off to make love to Joan.

Today is our 5th session. Joan has made preparing for these matches her entire life. Magoo has told me her routine. In the 13 days before our match she spends 5 days at the spa in a boxing group. She does aerobic boxing with the group where the most important thing is to get the most power into a punch. My body can attest to the fact that Joan has learned this. After she finishes with the group, she works out on the heavy bag. She gets turned on pretending it is me. 4 days she lifts weights and rides her bike. She spends an hour each time on her bike, getting turned on by imagining me crushed between her legs, using the muscle and stamina she is building on the bike. 2 days Magoo goes down and works out with her. They watch videos of women wrestling and then Joan will pick several holds to work on. Afterward they watch tapes of her beating me up and make love. Magoo says she is an absolute animal in bed when watching those matches. 2 days she rests. The day before a match she spends taking a couple long baths and preparing her body. She wants Magoo and I to be as turned on as much as possible so we will not want to stop the matches.

I am trying to prepare for the matches but Joan leaves me so sore after a match that I can’t really work out for about 10 days. I do manage to get a couple days of aerobic exercise and Magoo spends one day working with me on holds. The only time I get to use a hold is when Joan agrees to let me have an advantage. She is careful not to let me get any hold that she might not be able to use her superior strength to escape from.

I am naked. In our 3rd and 4th matches, we wore only underwear but in the 4th, Joan used my bra to tie my elbows behind me, pulled my panties over my head and proceeded to use my body as a heavy bag. I couldn’t see where she was and she just danced around me pounding on my upper body and thighs. Worse, I couldn’t watch her muscles flex as she boxed me. She actually had an orgasm while punching me after which she removed the pants from my head, used a headlock to take me down, and pinned me with her body, her arms around my head, forcing my face into her chest. With her small tits, she couldn’t completely cut off my air but breathing in the air that I had just breathed out was causing me some distress. After an orgasm Joan likes to rest a few minutes with me squirming against her crotch. And I squirmed as I struggled to get more air and Joan just rested on top of me, her legs spread wide, her pelvis pressed against my belly. After her rest she untied me and went through her routine of punishing me with one painful hold after another - and she had 3 more orgasms in the process. In any event I decided to go naked so she couldn’t use my clothes against me again.

Joan enters the room in a white robe and boots. She peels off the robe, she is also naked except for boots. Her body is oiled. She stands with her legs spread, hands on her hips, showing me her body. She knows that it turns me on. My eyes are drawn to the boots. They are actually black wrestling shoes, and they come just far enough up her legs to give a little lift to her calves, which only makes them sexier. The contrast between her white body and the black boots also adds to the effect. Joan sees me staring at her legs and offers an explanation for the boots. “When I scissor you, it hurts my ankles and I can’t apply maximum pressure - now I can. Also, sometimes you have been able to slide my feet apart and escape. The boots tend to stick together. You won’t slide them apart. Would you like to give it a try?”

I want my head between those legs. I want to run my hands over those sexy, oiled calves. I want to feel how much new pain Joan can deliver. “Yes, please, I want to feel your legs.” I drop to my knees in front of her and begin caressing the hardness of her calves, kissing the inside bulge. She still stands with her legs spread, allowing me to suck on her calf and lick the oil off the inside. After about 30 seconds she grabs me by the neck with her legs, drops to her knees pushing my face into the rug, then rolls to her side trapping my temples between the hard inside of her knees, locks her feet and applies the pressure. Her legs tremble as she strains to apply the pressure. “Oh god, it hurts, Joan. So much more than before you had the boots.” Joan bends her legs slightly, resets her feet and again applies the pressure. It hurts worse than before. I try to slide her feet apart but the leather seems to stick on itself and I can’t budge them. My head feels like it is going to collapse. Again Joan relaxes and resets, applies the pressure, this time she begins rolling her hips slightly, causing her knees to grind into my temples. I should be able to slide my head out from between her oily knees but it dawns on me that her knees are not oiled. I try to beg her to stop but I begin sobbing, the tears running off my face onto Joan’s leg. Joan trembles slightly and I know she can feel the tears. It turns Joan on to cause me to cry. It turns me on when Joan causes me to cry. Through all this pain I am caressing Joan’s calf, feeling the hardness flex as she grinds in the head scissors.

Then Joan releases my head. I bury my face in Joan’s thighs but Joan wraps her hands around my neck, and stands up, dragging me to my feet. I suddenly realize I can’t see. That vice like pressure on my temples has blinded me. “I can’t see.”

Joan says, “Magoo couldn’t see after I got that hold on him. I let him eat me while he still couldn’t see. You I am going to box.” Joan begins pounding on one of my tits. I try to protect it with my arms but she drives an uppercut under my arms that sticks in the tit and actually raises me to my toes. I try to back away in a circle so that I don’t get trapped by a wall but Joan keeps following me delivering hard punches to my face and body. I move forward to try to clinch with Joan but she drives a fist up under my ribs, doubling me over. She slams a boot into my calf, takes my leg out from under me and I drop hard on my buns. She slides in behind me and puts her legs around me. I am expecting to get crushed in a body scissors but she works her boots behind my calves and grapevines my legs. She tells Magoo, “get the oil and a towel”. My vision is returning and I am able to see Magoo’s form leave the room. While we are waiting she begins caressing my tits with those long fingers. The one tit is sore from the pounding she gave it but it hurts good as Joan gently squeezes it. As clumsy as Joan is, her fingers work magic on my body when she chooses to. Magoo returns with the bottle of oil and hands it to Joan. She squirts some on her fingers and continues to stroke my tits. Magoo must have warmed it in the microwave because the oil is warm. With one hand still working my battered tit she moves the other hand to my crotch and begins stroking. I moan in ecstasy. Joan’s long fingers are working their magic. Joan tells Magoo, “put it inside her.” I can now see clearly and I watch as Magoo inserts the neck of the bottle of oil in my snatch. Then he begins squeezing the bottle, causing warm oil to enter my body. I have never felt such a sensation. Then Magoo stops squeezing the bottle and it expands drawing the oil out. Another great sensation. Again Magoo squeezes. Joan whispers hoarsely in my ear, “Magoo did this to me earlier and my come is in that bottle.”

Oh god, I am so turned on, I want Joan’s juices in my snatch. I respond, “Yes Joan, I want your juice inside me. I want you to hurt me.” Joan’s tongue is forcing itself into my ear, one hand caresses my battered tit, the other strokes my clit just above the neck of the bottle. “I’m going to come, Joan..” Joan never lets me have an orgasm unless she is hurting me. Will she body scissor me and crush my waist, squeeze my tits, get a strangle hold on me? Joan lays back on the floor, pulling me back with her. My buns are on her pelvis. Her legs straighten, the backs of her knees pressing my knees towards the floor, her boots under my ankles keeping them off the floor. Joan’s leg grapevine has turned into a double leg bar - trying to reverse my knee joints. A sharp pain begins in my knees, backs of calves and hamstrings. Magoo continues in my snatch, squeezing and releasing the bottle of oil. My god do my legs hurt. I want the pain. I scream, “Joan, hurt me more.” I grip her wiry thighs as she increases the pressure. My fingers explore the curves and crevasses in her thighs. I am still coming. I never had an orgasm like this. Both of Joan’s oily hands are now on my tits, massaging them violently - I don’t even feel pain in my tits.. There is only so much sensation my body can feel. I can hear myself screaming. Is it the pain? The ecstasy? I try to push against the bottle in my snatch but Joan’s legs do not allow me to move. My orgasm has stopped, but there is still a fantastic feeling in my snatch. Is it the warm oil that Magoo is still moving in and out of me? The hardness of Joan’s thighs in my hands? The pain? Oh God the pain. It hurts so much. “Please Joan, it hurts too much.”

Joan nibbles on my ear, plunges her tongue into it, grinds it, sucks it out, then whispers, “What hurts the most?”

“My knees, my calves, my thighs, my legs, my tits. Oh God I don’t know. Please let me go.”

Joan tells Magoo, “Fill her up.” Magoo then begins to try and put as much of the oil and fluids in me as he can. I forget the pain at the fantastic feeling as that oil seems to swell up inside me. All I can think of is that that oil has been inside Joan. It is some of Joan’s juices inside me. I want Joan inside me. Little do I know that Joan has plans for that as well. Finally Magoo has squeezed as much of the oil into me as he can and removes the bottle.

Joan’s legs seem to get tighter around mine. Her fingers frantically massage my boobs. Her breathing is quick, she is moaning. She is having an orgasm. The pain in my legs is too much. I begin sobbing. At the sound Joan tightens her legs a little more. I am still clutching her thighs. Then finally her orgasm winds down. Joan relaxes. Joan folds her arms across my boobs and holds me against her as she recovers from her orgasm. Her legs unwind from mine and she presses her calf in against my oily snatch. I grab her calf and feel it. It is soft now as it presses against my snatch, not at all hard as it is when Joan scissors me. I want to bend my knees, plant my feet on the floor, lift my butt and grind my snatch into Joan’s calf. My legs hurt too much to bend. “Joan, my legs hurt, I can’t bend them.” Joan sighs, jams her tongue in my ear and works it around. Then she rolls me off her. She lays me on my back and kneels next to me. She presses on my belly with her hand and forces oil out of my snatch. Her other hand is between my legs catching the oil. She begins oiling my thigh, using those long fingers to work the oil into my skin. She works her way down my leg to my knees and then my calves, massaging and caressing out the pain that she has just caused. Again she presses my belly to get more oil and begins working my other leg. She carefully bends my legs at the knees all the while working those magic fingers around the knee. I am lying on my back on the floor, knees bent, both feet flat on the ground, Joan is kneeling facing my shins, massaging my calves, her eyes locked on my tits. I can tell by the look on her face she is getting turned on again. She helps me to my feet. I stagger a little. She helps me walk a couple steps then pulls me sideways against her, my upper arm between her tits. She roughly massages my tits as she bunches her tits against my upper arm. She is breathing heavily. She turns me to face her.

Joan wraps her arms around my ribs. squeezes me tight, looks me in the face and kisses me. Our nipples are pressed together, her hard tits pressing into mine. Then she says, “Now I am going to fist you”. I don’t know what she means. Is she going to start punching me? “First I want to squeeze some more of that oil out of you”. She puts a leg behind mine and pushes me away, sending me to the floor on my buns. Dropping to her knees beside me she grabs one of my tits and uses it to push me to the floor on my back. Her oily hand on my tit slips off but she keeps me pinned with the hand on my chest. She kneels on my belly. Oil oozes out of my snatch. I squeeze my thighs together to keep it in. I know Joan’s come is in that oil and I want to keep it inside me. She hammers a fist on my thigh. I keep them closed. She hammers my tit with the other fist then works her fingers between my thighs and squeezes the inside of my thigh. I have to open up to let her hand slip off. The oil oozes out. She works her thumb into my snatch and follows it with 2 fingers. The hand on my chest moves to my snatch and she uses her thumb to flog my clit while she forces the fingers of the other hand in deeper. Suddenly it dawns on me what she means by fisting. me. “My god Joan, no, you can’t do this to me”. I look at Joan’s face and the passionate look on her face turns me on. Suddenly I want her hand inside me. I spread my thighs and plant my feet on the ground, trying to push myself into Joan’s hand. The knee in my belly keeps me from getting my buns off the floor. I reach around Joan’s thigh, grip her forearm and try to pull her in me. “Yes Joan, I want it, Oh god it hurts, no, yes, please do it.” My hands slide down Joan’s oily forearm. That only turns me on more as my hands slide over those hard muscles. Joan’s fingers work my snatch - she has all five entered and is trying to work in the last set of knuckles. I grab her arm above the elbow and pull it toward me. It hurts terribly but her hand slips in. Her fingers gently explore the inside of my snatch. Then she balls her hand into a fist and begins slowly rotating her fist inside me. She takes her knee off my belly and plants her foot next to me. Then she begins pulling up with her fist, lifting my buns off the floor. My thighs clamp shut on her wrist. I don’t want her fist to slip out. I glance at her leg as she strains to lift me. Her calf muscle is straining. I reach out and caress it. Then I squeeze it. It is hard. I can’t hurt the muscle. I am touching the floor with just my shoulders and toes as Joan pulls upward on my snatch. Joan looks at my calf as I caress hers. I know my calf is straining. Joan reaches for it and caresses it. “Oh Joan, hurt me, squeeze it hard.” Joan complies. It hurts as she works my calf in her powerful claw. The pain turns me on even more. My hand goes to my snatch and I begin flagging my clit. The look of passion deepens on Joan’s face and she moves my hand, putting her on thumb in its place and begins massaging me violently - her fist still turns in my snatch. I remain on my toes. My hands caress Joan’s forearm muscles. I’m going to come. “Oh God Joan, yes, yes, yes, I”m coming.” What a fantastic feeling. I strain to push myself further onto Joan’s fist. I am in heaven for what have been at least a minute, then I gradually relax..
Joan also relaxes and lets me settle my buns on the floor. She still has that passionate look on her face. I am expecting her to begin pounding on me. Instead, she kneels beside me Her fist is still in my snatch and she begins caressing my breast. Those hands of hers are exciting - they can deliver such pain - or such an exquisite feeling. Again I am getting turned on. I have already had two orgasms today. Unlike Joan, I have never before had back to back orgasms. I think I am about to have my third. Joan orders me to spread my legs. I grip her fist tight with my thighs. “Please don’t take it out yet Joan”. Her fist tightens on my tit, I cry out. “Spread them”, she orders again. I do so reluctantly. Joan straddles my thigh and then uses the fist inside me to again lift my buns off the floor. She then pulls me toward her. I wriggle toward her, not wanting the fist to come out. My thigh touches her snatch and she settles down on it. Her knee is under my buns and I rest on it. Joan clamps my thigh tightly between hers and begins squirming her snatch on it. Her fist rotates in my snatch. Her thumb goes back to my clit. I am going to have that third orgasm. Joan is going to come with me. I have never seen such an erotic look on her. She is panting like an animal. Even as I have my third orgasm I want it to be good for Joan. I flex my thigh and wiggle it against her snatch. She grips it tighter with her thighs. Joan is coming with me. “I love you Joan, I love you.” This orgasm lasts longer than the others. We both wind down at the same time. Joan unballs her fist and slides her hand from me. She dives on me, keeping my thigh clamped tightly between hers. She rolls over pulling me on top of her. She kisses me deeply. Then she relaxes and pushes my face gently away from her. She whispers, “Let’s go to bed”. I am surprised but I just nod. She rolls me off her and helps me to my feet and leads me to my bedroom. Magoo brings in Joan’s bag of sex toys. He just smiles. Apparently he has suspected this would happen. He leaves.

Joan and I made love for more than 2 hours. I had one additional orgasm. Joan had many. Joan had many thick soft ropes in her bag in addition to a dildo, vibrator, nipple clamps, and many others. I don’t know if we used them all, but we used many. We took turns tying each other up and forced the tied person to perform sex acts. Mostly Joan told me what to do. She had me use the nipple clamps on her. Joan is a bit of a crybaby but she gets ecstatic when you cause pain to her tits. She was rough with some of her sex, but only really hurt me once. She used short ropes to tie tightly around each thigh and calf. Then she reverse headlocked me, forced me to my toes and walked me around the bedroom. My leg muscles flexing into those ropes was excruciating. But then she untied me and oiled my whole body, those magic hands felt especially good on my legs. After she got me oiled, she orgasmed on my calf. Enough for now. I can’t wait for our next session.

If anyone would like to do an e-mail match with me or Joan, send Magoo an e-mail.