Jill takes on B1 and B2
By Magoo

My name is Barbara, I am 67 years old, 5’5”, in great shape, broad shoulders, big tits, slim hips, and strong legs. Magoo is teaching me to wrestle. I resisted this for a long time but it became obvious to me that if I wanted to keep him around, I would have to at least share his fetish. After watching several of his videos of women wrestling, I was hooked. I wanted to feel another woman struggling between my legs. He taught me a number of holds and then arranged for me to wrestle with some younger women. Some were better wrestlers but I was much stronger. Once I got them between my legs they were done for.

The toughest match I have had to date was with B1. There are several Barbaras in our circle so Magoo gives us numbers. I am Barbara-2, or B2. B1 is our local fitness instructor. She is blonde, sexy and about 4 inches smaller than me but very strong. She is also about 10 years younger. The advantage I had was she hadn’t wrestled since she was a teen and I have been doing it regularly. She got 2 quick submissions out of me with a simple headlock without even taking me down – God her arms were strong. The third fall I got a tit smother on her. She managed to break it but while she was struggling to get her breath I took her down and body scissored her. Magoo says no one is going to withstand my body scissors once I get it locked on. I held her loosely, enjoying the feel of her tanned body between my thighs. Then I turned on the muscle. She immediately slapped my thighs to indicate submission. I held her for another couple seconds then let her loose. We only take about 10 seconds between falls. This gives the person who punishes the other early a chance to dominate throughout. B1 was barely on her feet and still trying to recover from being between my thighs when I was on her again. I took 2 quick falls and then in the sixth, finished her off with a pin and another tit smother. With her breathing warm air between my tits and her belly squirming against my crotch, I did not want to let her go. Magoo had to pry me off her. B1 had enough but we always agree to a number of falls before we start and we had agreed to 7. I wanted my last shot. She was struggling to get up when I dove on her, pushed her face into my crotch and clamped her between my thighs. It felt so good. Magoo had to get a choke hold on me to get me to release her.

Now that I had beaten everyone that I wrestled, Magoo said he was bringing in someone who might be able to beat me. Barbara-1 had brought her. Seems the woman is a relative of B1’s who had been wrestling and weight lifting since she was very young. I was dressed in tank top and shorts, bare feet. Magoo likes these shorts which are tight around my thighs. He says they really set off the full, round, firmness of my thighs. When I entered our wrestling room, she had her back to me talking to Magoo and B1. She was short and slim, though her arms and legs seemed to ripple with muscle. She was dressed only in a pair of underpants, short blonde hair and very tan. Her skin seemed incredibly smooth. I wondered if Magoo had brought me a young girl to wrestle. Then she turned and faced me – hardly any tits, but they were as tan as the rest of her body – her body was that of a young girl but her face said she was as old as I was. I was immediately turned on. I wanted to feel that wiry body between my thighs. She extended her hand to me and I took it – then found myself on one knee as she applied pressure. Her hand was larger than mine and her arm muscles rippled as she crushed my hand. The look on her face was mean as she said, “My name is Jill. Let me explain the rules.”

“There will be 10 falls, each lasting at least 2 minutes. If I can’t have you begging for mercy in 5 minutes, you win the fall. We will allow kicking and punching but I won’t punch you in the face unless you hit mine first. You will want to go out in public tomorrow. Choking and smothering are allowed. No biting or anything else that is likely to do permanent damage. She eased up on her grip and I stood up. She was still holding my hand. Suddenly she spun and came up behind me, forcing me into a hammer lock. I screamed. She cut that off with an arm around my neck, choking me and pulling my head back onto her shoulders. “We start right now”, she told me and drove a knee into the back of my thigh. My leg would not hold me and when I started to stumble she slammed me to the floor on my back. Then grabbing my hair she pulled me to my knees and got a headlock on me, slowly walking me around the room. She had my temples in the crook of her arm and the pressure she was putting on was unbelievable. I began whimpering in pain. Magoo and B2 were calling her encouragement as she dragged me around. Suddenly she burst into motion and I ended in a reverses headlock under the opposite arm, my face buried in her armpit. She bends my head back, forcing me to the balls of my feet, then again begins dragging me. I clutch at her bicep and forearm. The bicep is like a rock. The forearm like a piece of steel. I hear B1 shout “hangman, Jill”. Jill responds, “Should I break her neck?” B1: “Nah, just hurt her bad”.

Another burst of motion and I end up with the back of my neck on her shoulder, one hand under my chin, the other on my forehead, pulling my head forward. Then she bends over and forces me to the balls of my feet. I hear myself screaming. She just may break my neck. I slap at her hands desperately to submit. She cranks on the pressure a little more then asks, “2 minutes gone yet?” The reply is “yes” so she lets me go. And lowers me gently to floor where she pulls my head against her belly and uses very strong hands to massage my neck. I clutch at her wiry forearm muscles and feel an urge to suck on her nipple.

She grips my tit and stands me up, pulls me forward, gets a leg in front of mine to trip me then slams me down on my chest. The next thing I know she is on the floor with me, my head is scissored between her knees and I am looking down the back of her muscular calves. I grip one of the calves and she rotates her feet slightly flexing the calf muscle. I am turned on at the feel of that calf in spite of the pain in my head. She holds me for a time, the pain getting worse – it feels like my head is going to crush. Then she relaxes her legs and bends her knees slightly. I know what is coming – I do this myself. She resets her feet and snaps her legs out straight. Oh god it hurts. “I give up, I give up”. I slap at her calf to indicate submission. Still she squeezes. My eyes start to blur. Through the haze I can see B-1 smiling at me. I know what is happening. I am being punished for the time I didn’t let her go when she gave up. “Magoo, please, it hurts so much. Make her stop”. Magoo and Barbara confer and then Magoo and Barbara both get on the floor. Magoo lays down facing the back of Barbara’s legs and puts his head between her thighs. Barbara clamps on a scissors and the 2 lay there watching the action. Watching the little blonde’s big thighs tighten up on Magoo actually gives me a twitch in my crotch. As Magoo clutches at Barbara’s thigh I know they are leaving me to the mercy of this woman. Just as my eyes clouded over enough so I could no longer see Magoo and Barbara, the calf I was holding onto relaxed and the pressure on my head eased. In some perverse way I was disappointed and I clutched at Jill’s calf.

I can’t believe how turned on I am. I begin sucking on the inside of Jill’s calf. I still can see nothing but blurs. I hear Jill’s voice tell me, “only 9 more falls to go”. She rolls me on my side and grips my head lightly between her thighs. Even without applying pressure her legs feel so hard and smooth. I begin caressing her thigh and try to bury my face in her crotch but she tightens up a little to keep me where I am. She pulls my bra off one shoulder, exposing my tit and begins to caress it. I put my hand on top of hers, pressing it into my tit. “Harder Jill”. Jill begins to squeeze my tit and massage it roughly. It hurts but it turns me on. I feel the hard muscle rippling in her forearm. She puts the other arm between my thighs pulling me toward her. Her cheek rests on my thigh, her bicep is pressed into my snatch. I begin squirming against it. I can smell the sex in Jill’s crotch. I move my hand from her arm to feel the hardness of her thigh. She readjusts the scissors and tightens it. It hurts. “Oh God, Jill, I’m going to come. Yes, yes, hurt me more.” I feel her body go rigid as she adds more pressure. I begin to orgasm. Suddenly Jill releases me and pushes me away. I am caught in the middle of an orgasm. I scramble to get in contact with Jill but she grabs my throat and pins me to the floor. One of my hands grips Jill’s muscular forearm, the other goes to my snatch to finish the orgasm. My eyes are still blurred but I can see Jill smiling at me through the haze. “Now it’s my turn” she tells me. “Still 9 falls to go”. I expect her to jam my face into her snatch but she stuffs my tit back into my bra and helps me to my feet.

She gets in a boxing stance and begins jabbing at my tit. My vision is still foggy – I can see where she is but I can’t see her well enough to avoid those punches. The punches are coming so often. She just seems to be flicking light punches in there but it hurts. Then I try to hit her but she skips away then steps back in and delivers a powerful punch into my tit. O Lord, that hurt. I cover my tits with my arms but she drives a punch under my arms that feels like it is going to drive that tit into my face. And again. I try to hug her to me but she backs me off with another fist planted straight into the tit. Always the same tit. “I give up, please, no more”. Suddenly she goes berserk, slamming punches into my body and thighs, driving me back into the wall and continues pounding me. Then an erotic moan and her motion becomes erratic, her breathing heavy. She is having an orgasm. She wraps an arm around my head and buries her face in my neck. Her free arm is still throwing punches but there is no power behind them. I feel her hot breath on my neck and she begins sucking on it. Her free hand begins gently caressing the tit that she has just punished so severely. My hands begin exploring her hard, smooth, shoulders and back. She backs away, a look of passion on her face. “Eight more”, she breathes.

Jill grabs my neck in both hands, her thumbs pressing on my windpipe. She forces me to my knees and orders me to take off her pants. I can’t breathe. I grab at her underpants and begin to pull them down. She spreads her legs and smiles at me as I struggle to get her pants off. I get them just below her thighs and then in desperation I rip them off. She releases her grip on my neck and punches me between my tits. The power of that punch sends me onto my back. Jill leaps on me and gets me in a schoolgirl press, my wrists pinned on either side of my head, her knees in my biceps. She grinds until I moan in pain. I try to get my legs around her head but she leans out of my reach. Then she slides forward and holds her snatch above my face. I try to get my mouth on it but she has it out of my reach. Then she begins peeing on my face. She lowers her snatch to my mouth, grips my nose forcing me to open my mouth and continues to pee in my mouth. I am choking on her pee. Will it never end? Her thighs keep my head locked in a face up position. I swallow several times but it still comes. Finally she finishes and begins rubbing her snatch in my face. I manage to roll over dumping her to the floor but I want to get back to her snatch. There is no pubic hair. I begin licking and sucking her snatch, clutching tightly at her legs. Her body arches. She kicks free of me and figure fours her legs around my head, grinding her snatch in my face. As she begins to orgasm she straightens her legs into a scissors. I clutch her hard thighs. It hurts but I want it. This little woman is thoroughly dominating me and it turns me on. Her orgasm ends and she releases the scissors. I lick the inside of her thighs and nibble at her snatch. Suddenly she grips my neck between her thighs. My chin is on her pelvis, my neck pressed between her thighs. She is on her side, leaning on one elbow and watching my face. The expression on her face is one of pure dominance. There is no smile – just a “you don’t stand a chance” look on her face. I can’t believe how turned on I am. I want to feel those slim hard thighs apply the pressure. My one arm is pinned under me. With the free hand I clutch her thigh. I want to feel the pain when she tightens up the hold. I only hoped I could stand the pain and I wouldn’t pass out. I have gotten this very hold on Magoo and when I applied max pressure he immediately slapped my thigh to indicate submission. But my thighs are much bigger than Jill’s and when I apply the pressure, the thigh expands up and down, the top of my thigh pressing up on the head while the hamstrings press down on the shoulder causing a painful stretch of the neck. Jill’s thighs tighten on my neck. They are like steel bands. I struggle to breathe and can feel myself losing consciousness. Then I am out.

I come around slowly. I am sitting up with Jill behind me, her legs are grapevined around my legs, my bra is off, she is caressing my tits. She sticks her tongue in my ear, takes it out and says, “7 more”. I look at Magoo and B1. They are naked and Magoo is lying between her legs sucking her tits. B1 sees I am conscious and says to Jill, “bring her over.” She rolls Magoo off her and rolls to her side, opens her legs and starts giving orders. “I want her face in here” as she points between her thighs. Jill forces me in there and B1s legs figure 4 around my head, as she begins to gently grind her pussy in my face. Then she tells Magoo, “Get over here and let me lubricate your tool”. I can't see it but I guess she is licking it. “Now stick it in her butt”. Magoo, complies, lying at my side and driving it in. It hurts but it is not the worst pain I have suffered today. B1 must have done a good job lubricating. Then I hear her say to Jill, “Come lie here and I can get you in on the fun.” “Spread those legs, I want to do you with 2 fingers.” I knew what that was about, one finger inside on the g-spot and the thumb on the clit. “Alright now, lets do it, lets see who can have the most orgasms.” I don''t know how long we were at it but there was a lot of motion and moaning, occasionally a quiet period when all of a sudden someone would burst into motion again. Who had the most orgasms? Darned if I know, I know I had 2 with a little lelp from my fingers. B1 had at least 4 because every time she did her legs would shoot out into a scissors and crush my head. I know Magoo had 2 because at one point I could feel him go limp but he came up again. After a quiet period Magoo backed out and the rest of us came apart. Jill said to me, “We still have 7 more falls. How about we get some submissions out of B1. I'll go first”

With that, Jill stands up and helps B1 to her feet. B1 is somewhat wobbly, those orgasms took a lot out of her. There is a look of fear on her face when she sees the cruel smile on Jill's face. B1 drives into Jill and the 2 go down but Jill came up on top, wraps her arms around B1's head then rolls B1 over on top of her and locks a figure 4 scissors around B1's waist.

There are still 7 falls to go. Keep an eye on this site. Jill will take us both on next. If you would like to take on any of my women, throw me a challenge. Hint, Lori is willing but the weakest of them. But she loves to be abused.