Pauline vs Marian

This was an e-mail match. If you have a woman that would like to take on Marian or Dottie, send me an e-mail.,


Hi Magoo,

I want to match my wife against any one of your old women. Her name is Pauline, she is 71 5'4" 150lbs, short dark brown and gray hair, mostly gray. She has a nice ass, still but is flabby, is 40dd tits and a big, very busy pussy that won't quit, very pretty face and average strength.


Marian is 5' tall, 105 pounds, 68 years old, blonde, very muscular arms, small breasts, big thighs but small calves – but I have been caught between those thighs and I always do what I am told. She is a tough West Virginia redneck and very fit. She also beats the much bigger and muscular Dottie just to get turned on. She is actually looking for a women who can dominate her.

Marian wants to do it. In fact I'm going to let her call the match. She has never lost a match. I like the size of your wife and I really hope she beats Marian.

About the only rules I would like to see is no use of the teeth or nails. I don't want to get blood all over my spare room. The room is empty except for floor carpeting. Marian likes being nude. Her breasts are small but she claims her nipples are wired directly to her crotch so Pauline might get an advantage there.

Marian: “Lets get it on, Sweetie. May the best woman win.” I offer you my hand to shake . You grip it and suddenly I feel pain. I struggle to break your grip but I can't. You force me to my knees then launch a foot into my tits that sends me sprawling on the floor.

Pauline: You are lying there, legs and thighs spread wide apart. You're in pain. I smirk with glee as you moan a little. I walk around the mat in no big hurry and remove my one piece bathing suit. There I stand, legs apart in all my mature womanly glory. I approach you, still lying on the floor and begin to stomp your belly with my right foot. you grunt every time my heel finds its target, but as I raise my foot to come down on your head, you grab my ankle and turn it viciously, and I fall on my ass on the mat next to you.

Marian: I scramble to get on top of you but find my waist clamped in a body scissors. I grip your thigh and calf muscles. I try to pry your legs apart but you only clamp down tighter. Those muscles grow in my hands. I feel you unhook my bra. I agreed to naked so I have no problem with that. Your hand caresses my little tit. Your thumb and finger caress my nipple. An electric current goes through my body down to my crotch. I am turned on. But I can't breathe. I struggle harder to budge your muscular legs. I can't break the hold. I slam a fist into one of your big tits. They are hard for an old lady but I feel your legs loosen.

Pauline: Ever so slowly you pry my legs apart and roll free as you slam your fist into my naked pussy. Aarrroogg, I groan and you slam that same fist into my belly. I double up on the floor, but you grab my hair and yank it back, straightening out my whole body. Even with the pain, desire shoots through me and I know I'm hot for you. but I am determined to hurt you, crush you, then have you. You straddle my hips and begin to pumch and slap my face. You slap me hard across my face several times. You are a strong old woman and I know I have a battle on my hands.

Marian: This naked body of yours turns me on. I again slap once forward and another back hand but you manage to grab my wrist and now with both hands begin twisting. With my free hand I manage to deliver a punch to your throat which causes you to let me go. I jump to my feet and pull you by the hair to your knees. You are gasping for breath. I put my hands on either side of your head and dig my thumbs into the soft area under your chin. I tilt your head back and give you a big wet kiss. “Take my panties off, bitch. I want to feel your skin with my pussy. You desperately pull down my panties and I step out of them and dive forward, slamming the back of your head into the carpet. I try to facesit you but you use your bigger body to twist and dump me. With luck I manage to get your head between my thighs, your face burried in my pussy. I clamp down tight. “Feel how hard these thighs are, bitch”. I want you to feel what I can do with these thighs. I grind my pussy in your face, then tighten up a little more. Again, grind and tighten. And again. “I'm not done yet honey.” I doubt whether you can hear me with my thighs covering your years. Again I tighten. Lord this feels good but I don't want to finish you too soon – but I do want to cum. I switch my legs to a figure 4 and really start to grind. Your face is all wet from my juices.

Pauline: Oh Marian, you strong bitch. You've got me. Your thighs are like steel vices and I feel like you are going to pop my head like a ripe grape. I struggle to survive those powerful thighs which are crushing me like a constrictor. My nose and mouth are buried in your hairy pussy with its enormous labia churning against my wet face. I become intoxicated by your essence. It is a combination of your strong and acid pussy juice mingled with your sweat and pee. I am overcome and love it as I try to fight off the pain you are inflicting on me. I don't know how much longer I can hold out without totally surrendering to you and letting you own me. My labia are also getting very wet, my juice spilling over my clit, which is now hard and erect. You now begin assaulting my very bushy crotch and ass with hard chops. I can't grunt or groan because my face is covered with your gorgeous womanhood. I, too am on the verge of totally letting go and cumming, but I can't let you totally destroy and humiliate me. I must fight on.

Marian: “Yes, Yes, I am Cumming.” My legs shoot out straight. I lock my ankles and turn on the pressure. The look of fear in your eyes from between my thighs turns me on even more. Finally I wind down. But now I really want to hurt you. I release your head and jump to my feet. My legs won't hold me. I drop to my knees. I take a feeble punch at one of your big tits. Again you grip my wrist and begin twisting. I roll to relieve the pressure and find myself with my head between your big thighs.

Pauline: I put on the pressure now that our roles are exactly reversed. I have you in a frontal thigh lock and the more I squeeze the more your eyes bulge out. I work you into position so that your face is trapped in my hairy crotch. I increase the pressure as we both struggle and squirm, like a python and an alligator, only you are the helpless gator. You flop your own legs and torso from side to side hoping to break my powerful grip on you, but to little avail. Now your nose and mouth are buried deep in my crotch and snatch. I am reaching a very high level of arousal and my slimy juices drench your entire face. Saliva runs down your chin as you open your mouth to breathe. Now you are subjected to my strong womanly essence and you love it in spite of the pain as my thighs crush your head and face. My clit grows like a lady cock and we both perspire in our desperate struggling against one another. Little by little you reach down and with your right hand seize my pussy. You begin to squeeze it turning my saturated labia. Aahhh, I groan. You keep up your grip on my pussy, ever increasing the pressure of your bony fingers. Now you begin also, to alternately crush my engorged clit between your strong thumb and index finger. Unghhh, I grunt. The pain is killing me and slowly the pressure of my thighs holding your head and face in my groin begins to weaken. My thighs slowly spread apart, allowing you to fully pry them widely apart and jump to your feet. You are enraged and grab me by my hair, pulling me to my feet. On my feet, I swing a punch at you wildly, but you block it and counter with a savage fist which you drive deep into my belly. Ufffffttaa, I cry, the air gone out of me. You pull me up right by my hair and head again. I swing, you duck under my blow and counter with a brutal uppercut under my chin. My head goes slowly backward as you send me to the floor. I'm totally dazed, my arms and legs spread widely apart. You look at Jon and Magoo with a smirk on your wet face as you stand over me. You are smug and arrogant and our two men know it and both our men have rock hard cocks under their pants.

Marian: “You big bitch. I'm going to destroy you now.” I drop on you driving my shin into your throat. Now it is your turn to see what this skinny little redneck can do”. As you clutch at my thigh, I use my fist like a hammer on one of your big tits. You are still using your hands to move my shin off your throat. Finally you wiggle out from under my shin but, as you do I jump to my feet, jump in the air and plant a knee into your belly which causes you to double up. Again I get to my feet, grab your hair and force your neck between my knees. You drive forward and take me down but I lock my ankles and apply the pressure. You are looking down the back of my legs. You clutch at my calf but I grab your hand and move it to my thigh, “Feel this sweetie, this is the muscle that is doing all the damage. Again I start applying the pressure in increments. Every few seconds I increase the pressure. Your fingers explore the bulge in my thigh. I can feel your struggles weakening as my knees cut the blood flow to your brain. I reach my hand between your thighs and find your other hand on your sex. I think I will help you. I grab the cheeks of your ass. You tighten them up as I massage them but you are slowly struggling more weakly. I ease my legs a little to allow some blood to to your brain. I don't want you passing out on me. I work my index finger into your butt. Then I pull your hand away from your crotch and work my long finger into your pussy. I rub my 2 fingers together with nothing separating them but that thin membrane separating your 2 openings. You begin to squirm and whine. I know you are enjoying it. When Magoo does this to me it is almost immediate orgasm. Your body tenses. I kiss the hardening muscle in your thigh. I love to feel your muscles get hard. I clutch at one of your calves with my free hand. Suddenly your legs figure 4 around my neck. The calf I was feeling is pressing against my throat. I gasp for breath. It isn't working. Your legs tighten up even more. My hands grip your thighs, I can't budge them. My eyes are blurring – I'm passing out – nothing. As I come to, my arms are hanging uselessly at my sides. I realize I am standing, your hand on my throat holding me against the wall. There is a big smile on your face as you look down at me.

Pauline: I gave you enough chance to beat me. Now I'm going to destroy you. Jon lied when he said my strength is average – he calls me a brute.

Marian: A fist explodes under my ribs. With your hand still pinning me to the wall, a fist to the side of my face nearly takes my head off. Now my face is buried between your tits, your arms around my head. Again I can't breathe. I grip your biceps. They grow as you increase the pressure. Suddenly you grab my shoulders and slam my back into the wall. A knee comes up hard between my thighs, I double over. You get me in a headlock and hip toss me across the room. I try to get up but find myself falling again to the floor. I roll on my back and look up at you. There is an evil smile on your face. You are stroking your clit.
Pauline: “Ready to see how strong I really am?

Marian: You extend a hand to me and help me to my feet. Again the headlock, but this time but this time you clamp my temples in the crook of your arm. The pain is unbelievable. I grip your bicep. It is so big and hard it turns me on. You squeeze even tighter. My knees buckle. As I hang there you add even more pressure. Then you let me drop to my hands and knees. Suddenly my temples are between your knees – standing head scissors. I try to push you off balance but you grab my hips and lift me up so my legs don't touch the floor. Your scissors gets tighter yet, and then you drop to your knees and roll to your side, increasing that scissors even tighter. Then you let me go. I struggle to my feet, I can't see.

Pauline: “Poor baby. You can't see. Well I'm not done yet.” I get to my feet and put my arm between your thighs, I lift you to my shoulders and begin flexing my bicep into your sex. Then slowly I begin to turn in an airplane spin. Faster. Faster. I drop to one knee and put you on your feet. You stumble around. Then drop on your butt. I crawl on top of you, sit on your chest and pin your wrists to the floor. I sit on your face, rubbing it with my pussy. “Suck it bitch, let me feel some tongue. Yes. Yes. I'm cumming bitch.” I grind it into your face. Then I let you go. My cum is all over your face. “How did you enjoy the beating I just gave you.” You again bury face between my thighs. Magoo didn't lie. You were looking for someone to give you a beating. I push you away and stand up, grabbing you by the head and pulling you to your feet. You can barely stand. I can fix that. I put my entire body into a huge punch to the side of your head. You are out cold. “Give me a call when you want another beating honey.”