Sarah Destroys Joan
by Magoo

Mark wants a flight attendant to beat up his wife

I and my wife Joan,46, are out at a restaurant celebrating our anniversary when an attractive stranger, Sarah,42 approaches us while we are having cocktails waiting for our table. Joan is a very average looking redhead with a petite 115 pound 34b-28-34 figure standing five foot 4 inches. Sarah is a very attractive brunette with an impressive 38dd-28-40 weighing 165 pounds. Sarah is wearing a black skin-tight sequin dress, tan stockings and 6 inch patent leather shiny black heels. Sarah has thick nylon clad legs and a prominent yet firm ass. While not muscular, Sarah's entire body is firm. And those legs really get me excited. I can just picture Sarah locking those shoes together with Joan between her legs and crushing her into submission. Joan is a rather cocky red-head and I often dream of her being punished.

Sarah is very gracious to us and well mannered as she chats with us. Sarah explains that she is on a flight attendant for an airline and is on layover for the night due to a winter storm. After a short while, Joan receives a call from our 14 year old son who asks if he could have a friend overnight at the house. Joan rebuffs the idea saying he had homework to do and when he was finished with that he could stay up and watch television until they returned home. Sarah and I listened to Joan's conversation. I asked if she would like to join us for dinner. Sarah was flattered yet felt slightly guilty infringing on their special evening. Sarah reluctantly yet graciously agreed and told me to let her break the news to my wife.

After Joan was off the phone Sarah asked if Joan would like to join her in the ladies room. Fifteen minutes later the two women return and to my surprise Joan is sporting a fat lip and swollen eye. Her hair has been messed up and Sarah's arm is supporting the slightly wobbly Joan. I can only imagine what happened in the ladies room but I was certainly turned on by the fact that Sarah must have beat Joan into agreeing that she have dinner with us. I wish I could have watched. In fact I wanted to see more. I suggested we skip dinner and go home and get Joan cleaned up.

I guided Joan to the door but as I did I turned to Sarah and with silent lips and a hand signal I told her to follow us. As we left the parking area, I stalled until Sarah could get behind us. It was only a short distance to home and Sarah passed us as we pulled into our drive. I helped Joan into the house and sat her on the couch. Then the doorbell rang and I let Sarah in. Joan's face registered panic at the sight of Sarah. Our son Nemo appeared in the room at the same time. He was obviously annoyed because Joan would not allow an overnight guest. But then he turned to Sarah with a look of admiration. I know he shares my love of female domination. I asked him if he would like to see Sarah dominate his mother. He seemed somewhat shocked but then said “why not?” He was obviously staring at Sarah's long, muscular legs. Sarah smiled at that but she told Nemo that he would have to leave the room. Nemo was disapointed, but he left. As he left he hollered to me, get your camera out, Dad. That sounded like a good idea even if I didn't let Nemo see the results.

Joan then jumped up and tried to get away. Sarah was on her at the door and got her in a headlock. She turned to me and said, why don't you make us a ring with the furniture. With that she cranked the headlock on and got a scream out of Joan. I quickly rearranged some furniture to a ring about 10 feet on a side with a wall closing one of the sides. The furniture was faced away from the ring so the backs were toward the middle. There was a small opening and Sarah took advantage of it to lead Joan inside. A hip toss put Joan on the floor where she laid, terrified. Smiling down on Joan, Sarah began removing her own dress. She tossed the dress out of the ring then removed her bra - “We're going to have some fun tonight Joanie honey”.

Sarah then dove on Joan, wrapped her arms around Joan's head and pulled Joan's face between her tits. She spreads her legs wide as Joan begins squirming between her stockinged legs. She is still wearing those high heels. The only sound from Joan is an occasional muffled moan. Suddenly Sarah releases Joan and sits up on her belly. Joan is gasping for breath. Sarah tells her, “that's it honey, get some air in your lungs, I don't want you passing out on me. With that Sarah rolls on her side and pulls Joan between her legs, her high heeled feet lock and her legs shoot out straight, crushing Joan's belly between them. Again the air rushes out of Joan. Sarah grips Joan by the chin and watches her face as she again struggles to breathe. Sarah relaxes her legs and lets Joan get some air. Again she tightens up. The definition in her hard legs shows through her stockings. One of Joan's hands grips Sarah's calf, the other grips Sarah's thigh. Suddenly Sarah releases Joan and rolls her from between her legs, scrambles to her feet straddling Joan's body. Aarah announces, “not enjoying this as much as I should.

Sarah grabs Joan's hair in both hands and pulls her to her knees. She steps out of her heels and says to Joan, “I thought you red heads were supposed to be tough. Take my hose off sweety. I want to feel your body against my bare skin. And I want you to be able to feel my leg muscles when I put some pressure on you.” Sarah enforces this with a tremendous knee into Joan's tit. Sobbing,Joan begins to struggle with Sarah's panty hose. The tears are running down her face as she works the hose down. “Faster sweety, I want you to feel my thighs while you suck on my pussy. And I want to feel your tongue on my pussy”. Sarah's crotch was clean shaven. Her hose was now down to her ankles. She digs fingers in just below Joan's ears, then lifts one foot at a time as Joan struggles to get the hose off her feet. After Sarah kicks the hose free she drives a knee into Joan's belly. Joan ends up on her back then curls up into a ball. Again Sarah grabs Joan's hair and this time pulls her to her feet. She drives Joan into the wall and begins to work on her with her fists. “Take your clothes off now honey and I will stop punching you. Joan struggled to comply but Sarah made it difficult. She held Joan against the wall with a grip on her throat with one hand while she slammed upper cuts under Joan's ribs. She releases Joan's throat and Joan sags to the floor. Sarah looks down at Joan and says, “I want that body.” Sarah looks at Me. The message is clear. I enter the ring and begin to undress Joan. Joan just whimpers as she is stripped naked. She lies there looking up at the passionate look on Sarah's face. Joan offers no resistance as Sarah lies beside her and buries Joan's face between her thighs. Sarah figure 4s her legs around Joan's head and begins grinding her pussy into Joan's face. Then she grabs each of Joan's nipples between thumb and forefinger and applies the pressure. Her forearm muscles stand out as Sarah works those nipples. Muffled screams come from Joan. Suddenly Sarah's legs shoot out straight, her ankles lock, her muscles bulge. She screams as she orgasms. “Oh yes, yes, yes.” After what seemed a very long orgasm, Sarah finally releases Joan. Joan's face is covered with cum. Joan lies there whimpering.

Slowly, Sarah gets to her feet, She reaches for Joan's hand and pulls her to her feet. “Look at the bulge in Marks pants. I already had my fun. See what you can do for him”. With that Sarah got dressed and left. Suprisingly, Joan took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom.

If you think you know a woman who can handle Sarah, send me an e-mail – Lets do an e-mail match. Sarah would like to abuse her a little.