Fran Destroys Sarah
By Magoo

Magoo, I think my wife Fran could give Sarah a good fight. She's 44, 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 134 pounds. I'm not so sure about her wrestling skills, but she is physically pretty strong. She has well-developed arms and legs. Her real skill is that she holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She hasn't formally studied in a few years, but I've seen her practice and seen her fight at tournaments. She has naturally strong legs, but all those kicks made them even stronger - nicely toned and muscled. Even though she's never been in a real fight, she's confessed to me that she would "love to kick someone" to see how her skills would hold up in a real fight. I've probed her on this to see how she thinks it would go down, out in the street in an uncontrolled setting outside of class. I don't think she really knows, but she seems confident that she could hold her own. She said she'd "just kick off her shoes and fight barefoot." I'd love to see what would happen if she started using those long, sexy, powerful legs, high kicks and bare feet! So if Sarah thinks she's up to it, let's go! James

Sarah: I am 42, a very attractive brunette with an impressive body of 38dd-28-40 weighing 165 pounds. And I'm not very modest either. I have big, well shaped legs and a prominent yet firm ass. While not muscular, my entire body is firm. And my legs are even stronger than they look. I am 5'5” tall. I will wrestle/fight naked. I have found if I wear clothes people will use them against me.

Rules: This match will take place in Sarah's empty bedroom – nothing but carpet on the floor. It will not be over until both women agree it is. Submissions will be made verbally or by slapping 3 times on anything available. Punching, choking, kneeing, kicking will be allowed. Our men will be watching so it it looks like one of us cannot indicate submission, they will step in. There will be no scratching, biting, attacks on single fingers, eye gouging. A submission will cause a 10 second break before we engage again. If the person who submitted has not recovered the same hold can be applied again.

Sarah: Magoo and I are waiting in my empty bedroom when James and Fran enter. She is wearing a tank top and very brief shorts. She is taller than me but I outweigh her. That is a very muscular looking slim body. I offer my hand to you in greeting and end up down on one knee. My god are you strong. You step into me and blast a knee into chest. You release my hand and I end up on my back with you smiling down at me. I guess we have already started. I see a smile on Magoo's face. I know he would love to see me get my butt kicked.

Fran: I back away to give you a chance to recover from my knee strike. This is only the beginning! I slip out of my high-heeled sandals and toss them to the side. I'm finally going to see if all that martial arts training has paid off. I do a few quick stretches, loosening up my long, tanned legs, not taking my eyes off you. My fingernails and toenails are painted black for our fight. I start circling you in my bare feet, looking for an opening to launch my next attack. I can tell that my husband in particular is excited but nervous - this is my first real fight and he wants to see me win. As I do, I'm sizing you up as well. Make no mistake, I don't underestimate this Sarah. You have a strong body and those legs look dangerous in their own right. I know other women have been squeezed into submission by them. I'm determined to keep this fight from going onto the floor where you might be able to get your muscled thighs around me. I've got to use my hands and feet! With that, I move in and use my signature technique - faking a roundhouse kick to your head. When you go to block, you raise your guard up too high, leaving your side exposed! Without putting my foot down, I re-chamber my strong right leg and drive a sharp, hard kick into your ribs with my instep, making you cry out in shock and pain!

Sarah: Ouch, that hurt. I back up a couple steps and then charge into you. I’m not sure what happened but I find myself face down on the floor. I expect you to pounce on my back but nothing happens. I get up on my hands and knees but before I can get to my feet your foot comes up between my thighs and crashes into my crotch. I roll quickly away and again attempt to get to my feet when the top of your foot slams into my head. I manage to grab your foot and twist it hard. You go down on your back. I come up quickly and dive on you, wrapping both arms around your head and bury your face in my tits. I roll onto my back taking you with me. I clamp a scissors on your waist. Fortunately it is slim enough for me to straighten my knees and really turn on the pressure. I feel your breath escape between my tits. I grip your head even tighter. I don’t want to want you to get a chance to inhale.

Fran: Unnnnngh!! I'm being crushed and suffocated at the same time! A few seconds ago I was kicking your ass and now you have the upper hand...I have to escape these holds! I feared those legs and now I'm trapped in your lethal scissors. I manage to get my legs under me, my feet flat on the floor and try to power out of your powerful legs, but it's no use. I manage to straighten up for just a second or two, then wind up back on my knees. My hands reach up around to your wrists, as your hands are clamped behind my head, pushing my face between your ample tits. My arms are strong enough to pull them apart a bit and I manage to pop my head out, gasping for breath! You look at me with renewed confidence, looking right into my eyes as you reset your ankles and flex your bare feet behind my lower back as you crush my lower waist and ribs with your firm, strong legs! My breath is shallow and my sides are aching with intense pain. Your eyes and smirk say, "those kicks aren't much use now, are they bitch? Try getting out of these legs!" But I can't! I lean as far back as I can, trying to loosen the hold, trying to free my trapped waist but your legs are like bands of steel, a crushing boa. I catch sight of James out of the corner of my eye and he looks worried, but shouts encouragement, yelling at me to get out of your legs. My hands reflexively try pushing your flexed thighs, which are now rock hard and full of power - I'm afraid that if I don't escape soon, I'll be forced to submit! I'm at the end of my rope as you relax for a split second, then squeeze again with more strength, your thigh muscles standing out, showing a last ditch effort I try digging an elbow into your inner thigh, to see if I can loosen your legs...

Sarah: I can’t believe you had the strength to break my hold on your head. But that elbow is not going to do you any good. I want to make sure I get this submission. I smile at you and remind you, “this match won’t be over until we both agree. Give it up now and save something for later”. Then I release my scissors. As you scramble to get off me, I grab your head and twist it violently. Your body turns to the point where I have one leg under you and the other across your belly. I figure 4 my legs and pull your body tight into my crotch, give it a couple grinds – wow that feels good – I wish you were naked too. Then my legs shoot out and clamp you tight. Again the breath rushes out of you. I throw one arm over your throat and and grip its wrist behind your neck – I don’t want you grabbing my wrists again. I flex my bicep to put more pressure on your throat. I whisper in your ear, “C’mon, give it up now sweetheart. If you pass out now, I will have you in a new hold when you wake up.”

Fran: I hear your whisper and although I want to resist and try to fight my way out of these holds, I realize it's pointless...your grappling skills are too good. Your strong legs are squeezing my waist without mercy and that bicep is cutting off my breath. I slap your flexed thigh 1, 2, 3 and indicate my release me and get to your feet. Magoo was excited to see you get dominated, but this first fall belongs to you. But this isn't over yet! I roll away, massaging my throat and aching ribs. I am slower to get to my feet than you, as your choke and leg scissors sapped some of my strength. James shouts to remind me that I only have 10 seconds to recover. I look across the room, where you look ready to take me on again. I slip out of my brief shorts and flip them across the room off the end of my toes. I'm now in my tight tank and purple bikini bottoms that show off even more of my long legs. We run towards each other but I quickly stop, chamber my left leg, bringing my knee almost all the way to my chin and power a side kick into your abdomen with my heel. Your abdomen is hard, but I feel my foot bury itself pretty far in, knocking the wind out of you. I grab your arm and hip toss you to the floor. Time to start using some wrestling holds of my own! You try to get up but I swarm over you, taking you down sideways, snaking one leg under you and another over your midsection. I quickly lock my slender feet and begin to squeeze you in a body scissors. I am perpendicular to your body and pin your left arm to the ground. I am trying to keep my upper body as far away as possible so you can't punch or grab at short brown hair is far out of reach. I try to keep your waist as close to my crotch as possible, trying to maximize my leverage as I crush you with my long, sexy legs.

Sarah 1, Fran 0.

Sarah: Keep it close? – you’re grinding your pussy against my waist. I have my free hand gripping your calf and I can feel that muscle flexing. That really turns me on. I glance at Magoo and he is really enjoying this. He is not used to seeing me on the receiving end of any punishment. I slide my hand up to your knee and search for the pressure point behind your knee. I can’t feel anything but muscle. I try desperately to twist out of your legs but I can’t budge them. I can’t breathe. I try to say I give up but I can’t. Then you grab my pinned arm with both of hands and start twisting it. It feels like it is going to come off at the shoulder. I slap desperately at your calf. I try to scream but nothing comes out. You give another twist to my arm but then unclamp the body scissors and release my arm. I roll from between your legs and onto my hands and knees. I finally struggle to my feet and move over to the farthest wall from you and lean against it. I look back at you, still sitting on the floor, smiling. Magoo is also smiling as he counts of the 10 seconds, six, seven eight … I can’t help but wonder if you are going to take off more clothes. I can’t believe how much your body turns me on. I wonder if you would like to do mutual head scissors – 69 position.

Sarah 1, Fran 1.

Fran: We've each shown that our legs are our best asset in this battle so far. I agree that it's time for a mutual test of strength! Head scissors it is. It's getting hot in this bedroom. What I thought was going to be a quick domination of sexy Sarah is turning into a real give and take - but I think I have what it takes to eventually come out on top. I peel off my tight tank and toss it to the side. My toned body is glistening with sweat. I let you get a good look at my flat tummy and pert breasts. Time to get into position. I'm nervous because this will be a test of wills as well as leg strength. You've shown me that you have great skills and a killer instinct. Though my legs are a little longer, you definitely have an advantage in that your thighs have more muscle. Plus, my legs are a little tired from squeezing out a submission on the last fall. As I peeled off my tank, I was reminded of your leg power, as my ribs are still sore from the pressure of your waist scissors! I'm just going to have to outlast you to go up 2 to 1. You approach from the other side of the room - though I bested you the last fall, you exude confidence, knowing that the next encounter will allow you to bring those legs fully into play. James nods his approval and tells me to just keep the pressure on no matter what! I

69 is each lying on our side facing each other.

Sarah: We each get on our sides, I face your thighs and you face mine. I put my head between your thighs and you lock me in. I pull your head between my thighs. The heck with waiting for the men, I figure 4 my legs around your head and begin grinding my sex into your face. You realize what is happening and scissor my head tightly. I want to keep massaging your face with my pussy but the sudden pain in my head causes me to straighten my legs and apply my own scissors. We each only really have one arm free. You clutch at my thigh with your free hand. I grip your bikinied bottom with mine. It feels like a small boulder. You begin pulsing your legs. I am turned on by your flexing muscles and your crotch in my face. I take advantage of my extra 30 pounds and roll you on top of me. Your toes are now pressing into the floor to take away some of your leverage. Suddenly you figure 4 your legs and pull me in tight. I struggle to breathe. This catches me unaware and then you roll me over into our original position. Your fist explodes into one of my breasts. Your legs shoot out straight again. You’re crushing my head. “I give up”. Then it dawns on me I am trying to talk into your sex. Again I slap desperately at your thigh. You tighten up some more, then you let go. I roll to my back. You sit up and smile down at me – you grip one of my nipples between your thumb an forefinger . You ask, “does this feel good honey”. I hate to admit it but it sends pulse right down to my sex. I would love to get your face down there again but I scramble away and get to my feet.

Fran 2, Sarah 1.

Fran: I'm feeling strong and confident...up 2 to 1 after winning our leg battle. Your thighs were every bit as powerful as I expected, but my toned gams managed to squeeze out a submission. That last fall was especially satisfying, dominating your face and head with my hot, strong body. We're both on our feet now and your arms are raised in a boxer's stance. I really don't know how to box - I learned how to punch and block in my martial arts classes. But that's how you want to go at it next, so I'll keep fighting hard! You are bouncing and moving with great agility; I'm circling you with my arms and hands close to my body, fists clenched. I try a straight punch which you easily avoid and catch me with a hard jab into my side. Owww! I stumble backward and try again, this time trying a knife hand to your throat. You block that away and snap a fist into my jaw. I'm dazed with pain for a second and stumble back, almost losing my footing. I touch my jaw and feel a small scrape. My pretty face now has a mark! I'm getting angry! Though we agreed to box, I try to bring my feet into the action once more. I can't match your hand speed, but I might be able to end this fall with one of my long legs and powerful kicks. I step in and try a hook kick to your head, trying to bring my foot over your guard to nail the side of your head with my bare sole. But my kick is not quite fast enough and you move your head back just in time to avoid my foot. I'm shocked when it whizzes past and doesn't make contact. I try to pivot and follow with another kick, but you grab my ankle - hard! I'm hopping on one foot trying to pull free from your grasp when you let go and drive a hard punch into my belly in one motion, knocking the wind from me and sending me to the floor on my back...

Sarah: I Jump onto your body, straddling your chest. I feel your breasts moving against my crotch and it turns me on. I begin a classic ground and pound on your face. You scream that you give up. I don’t stop, I’m so turned on. My fists hurt but I want to punish you. I feel Magoo and James grab me and lift me off you. As they do Magoo says “you just lost this fall honey when you didn’t quit when she gave up. Both James and Magoo agreed that you should be given some time to recover. As they lift me from you I grab your bran and rip it off. I want to feel your sexy bare body between my legs. My fists are so sore I am afraid to punch you again.
Fran 3, Sarah 1

Fran: I am helped to my feet by James as Magoo leads Sarah to the opposite wall. I'm dazed and a little unsteady. I can taste a little blood from a cut lip and James tells me there's a bruise over my right eye. I'm up 3 to 1, but the last one was given to me. I want to earn the next one and make Sarah pay for beating on me after I told her I'd had enough! I see her shaking the soreness out of her hands on the other side of the room - we both look a little banged-up, but I got the worst of that last exchange. I don't bother to retrieve my bra, as I see it ripped and tossed in a corner. Time to finish this fight once and for all. I've had enough time to recover. I can tell that you're on the defensive and will do anything to stop me from winning. I briefly make a mental note to try to avoid your legs, as your hands are weak and tired right now - you'll try to use those legs to your advantage. We lock-up again, this time in a test of strength with our hands clasped together, facing each-other and I manage to twist those sore wrists, bringing you down almost all the way to your knees. Suddenly, you quickly slide your feet forward and out from under you - before I can move back, I find my upper waist trapped in your legs once again. I shriek with pain and frustration! Your face is a mask of desperation as you try to crush me into submission with your powerful thighs as I stand above you with bent knees. My breath rushes out, but I won't give up this fall! I lean forward, which momentarily increases your leverage. This causes my ribs to ache with intense pain as your flexed feet quiver with effort behind my back and your knees dig into my sides. Our hands are still clasped together and I raise your upper body up, slamming your back against the floor. This knocks the wind from you, causing a brief loosening of your scissors and I escape your sweaty thighs, gasping in the air that was squeezed from my body. I back away from your legs and then dive on you, rolling you over and twisting your arm behind your back. I place a knee into your lower back as I lean down and whisper into your ear, "how does this feel, babe?"

Sarah: “You’re breaking my arm” I feel your fist explode into my tricep muscle – then again. Then you really crank on the hammer lock. I scream. “I give up, I give up” The tears run from my eyes. You release my arm but when you are climbing off me you stumble and drive your knee into my back again.

Fran 4, Sarah 1

Sarah: The tears have clouded my vision. 10 seconds have elapsed and I see you advancing on me. You drive your shoulder into my chest and take me across the room and slam me into a wall, drop to your knee and jam you’re your arm between my thighs, pull me across your shoulder, stand up and begin an airplane spin. You set me down gently on my feet. I am totally disoriented – I am staggering. You wrap your muscular arms around me in a face to face bear hug. You lift me off the floor. Your hardened nipples are pressing into my breasts. Again I feel that twinge that goes all the way to my crotch. My ribs feel like they are going to crack. I gasp, “Please, no more, you win.” You set me down on the floor, I collapse to the rug. You smile down at me. “I think your rules said that it isn’t over until we both agree to quit. I’m not ready. I’m enjoying this too much. One, two, three, four, five …”

Fran 5, Sarah 1

Fran: I decide to give you a full ten count before I go on, now that you've given up. I can still taste blood from your pounding fists and want to punish you some more with my hot, slender body. You offer almost no resistance. I get behind you and you make a feeble attempt to crawl away, but I haul you back under your arms. I whip my long right leg around you, my thigh at your right side and my calf across your belly under your tits. I hook my left leg over my right ankle, forming a triangle with my legs, hopelessly trapping you. You lean your head back, pleading "no more, please, no more." But you know what's coming. I grab the top of my left foot and lean back, flexing that right leg and pulling back with all my strength to crush the last of the fight out of you. I grin with satisfaction at making your breath escape the way you made mine with your thighs...but I've proven that I have the better legs after all, haven't I? I whisper into your ear, "that's right, honey, moan for me!" I grind your lower back into my crotch and I'm getting really hot, dominating you with my strong legs. A groan of pleasure escapes my lips as I continue to grind and pull. I then release the triangle lock but quickly ensnare your waist in a classic, straight scissors. My legs pump straight out and I lock my sexy feet in front of you, flexing slowly, squeezing with slow, intense pressure. That's right, babe...look at those dominating, tan legs! Tell me how much you love my muscles, tell me how much you love my defined, flexing thighs and maybe I'll release you...I love the pained expression on your face as I forcefully pull your head back and squeeze you some more!

Sarah: You pull down on me with your legs and up with your hands on my head. Then you wrap an arm around my neck and really turn on the stretch. I whine in pain. “I love your muscles, Fran. Please let me bury my face between your sexy thighs. I want you to grind your bikini bottom in my face. Why haven’t the men tried to break us up? I glance at them and they are both smiling and rubbing their crotches. I guess they love the sight of your sexy muscles too. Suddenly you begin to really start humping my body in earnest. You must be going to orgasm. I wish I had my face in your crotch right now. “Pleeaassse Fran, let me suck your insides out. I want to feel those butt muscles tighten up.”

Fran: Oh my God I'm soooo turned on! I'm almost there as I grind my crotch into your lower back. I release my legs from your torso and in a flash you're on your hands and knees in front of me, ready to go to work. I finally pull those bikini bottoms off for you and give you a view of my nice sex. As I toss them aside, I see my black, high-heeled, strappy sandals within arms reach on the floor, almost right where I'd slipped them off when our match began. I quickly grab them and slip them back on my feet. Kinky! I glance over at James and Magoo and their eyes practically roll back at the sight of my sexy, naked body, long legs and high-heeled feet in the air, ready for Sarah to go down on me. I feel like a goddess that's about to be pleasured by her beaten slave! I pull you into my crotch and run my hands through your hair as your tongue flicks out, licking the folds of my pussy as I moan with pleasure. Sarah! You're so good! I grind your face harder into my crotch and lock your head between my thighs, squeezing you tight! As I do, your hands come up to caress my flexing, feminine thigh muscles. I bring the heels of both feet in and dig them into your firm butt cheeks, pulling your entire body even harder into me. I'm almost there! Don't stop! You reach under my sexy ass, which I realize is flexing hard as I squeeze your head, throbbing my inner thigh muscles against your cheeks and ears. I reach down to massage the top of my pussy, making small circles with my fingertips as I moan louder and louder. You are licking me with long strokes and clutching my ass cheeks which feel as hard as coconuts in your hands. I raise my right, long leg and point my toes hard, giving you, James and Magoo a grand finish! You look sideways and continue to lick. Then you start to caress my muscular leg, running your hand over my firm, tensed calf and over my smooth, strong thigh - admiring it, worshipping it. My high heel is making my leg look extra shapely for you and the men. "Oh, Fran! Flex that sexy leg!" I oblige and slowly rotate my pretty foot at the ankle, causing my calf muscles to flex. I can't hold out any longer! The sight of my leg in the air, your worshipping caresses and your soft, licking tongue make me explode with an intense orgasm! I'm almost screaming as wave after wave of pleasure wash over me as I buck my hips into your face, coating you with my womanly juices.

Sarah: Finally your body relaxes. I get on my hands and knees and begin working my way down your legs, kissing them, trailing your cum over your sexy muscles, I get to your knees and gently roll you over onto your belly, I begin sucking on your calf. Then I move on down to your feet, I remove one of your sandals and begin licking your sole. I work my tongue between your toes. Suddenly you burst into motion. Your legs clamp my neck just below your knees. You tighten up. After a few seconds my head starts to swim. I am looking down your calf muscles. I grip one in each hand. Then I feel your finger enter me. You find my g-spot and begin tapping on it. With your legs cutting off the blood to my brain I I know I am going to cum. Apparently you know how the lack of blood to the brain enhances sexual feelings. Yes, yes, I am cumming. I try to scream but nothing comes out. Then blackness. When I wake up there is still a throbbing in my crotch. Magoo is tending to me. You and James are gone. Magoo explains he loaned you one of my robes. She would like to wrestle you when she returns it. She said holding you with her legs is much sexier than kicking you. She is going home and watching wrestling videos.

Looks like Sarah is not as tough as she thought. Would you like to challenge her?