Fran Destroys Sarah – AGAIN
by Mr8Magoo

James: Fran is 44, 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 134 pounds. I'm not so sure about her wrestling skills, but she is physically pretty strong. She has well-developed arms and legs. Her real skill is that she holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She hasn't formally studied in a few years, but I've seen her practice and seen her fight at tournaments. She has naturally strong legs, but all those kicks made them even stronger - nicely toned and muscled. Even though she's never been in a real fight, she's confessed to me that she would "love to kick someone" to see how her skills would hold up in a real fight. I've probed her on this to see how she thinks it would go down, out in the street in an uncontrolled setting outside of class. I don't think she really knows, but she seems confident that she could hold her own. She said she'd "just kick off her shoes and fight barefoot." I'd love to see what would happen if she started using those long, sexy, powerful legs, high kicks and bare feet! So if Sarah thinks she's up to it, let's go! James

Sarah: I am 42, a very attractive brunette with an impressive body of 38dd-28-40 weighing 165 pounds. And I'm not very modest either. I have big, well shaped legs and a prominent yet firm ass. While not muscular, my entire body is firm. And my legs are even stronger than they look. I am 5'5” tall. I will wrestle/fight naked. I have found if I wear clothes people will use them against me.

Rules: This match will take place in Sarah's empty bedroom – nothing but carpet on the floor. It will not be over until both women agree it is. Submissions will be made verbally or by slapping 3 times on anything available. Punching, choking, kneeing, kicking will be allowed. Our men will be watching so it it looks like one of us cannot indicate submission, they will step in. There will be no scratching, biting, attacks on single fingers, eye gouging. A submission will cause a 10 second break before we engage again. If the person who submitted has not recovered the same hold can be applied again.

History: These 2 women fought once before. Fran destroyed Sarah with her superior height strength and ability winning six submissions against one for Sarah. Fran forced Sarah to peform various sex acts on her before she would agree to end the match.

Fran: I head back over to Sarah's unannounced. I use the excuse that I have to return the robe I borrowed, but I really want to fight again. It was a tough battle but I proved I was the better woman. I loved having my legs and foot worshipped. James is with me and can't wait to see me try to dominate you again. I'm wearing jean shorts, a tight tee-shirt and my sexy, black zip-up leather boots that end just below my knees. I already can't wait to squeeze your body between them as you come to the door...

Sarah: It has been a week since Fran gave me such a beating but I still get turned on at the thought of her tall, slim muscular body and the way she dominated me. I answer the door in my bath robe and there you are. Even though you are only 3 inches taller I feel like I am looking up at you. The sight of your body causes a twinge in my crotch. The dominant snear on your face reminds me of the beating you gave me. Suddenly you lunge at me, get me in a side headlock and drag me to the room where we wrestled. You hip toss me and pin me on my back with your boot across my throat. You tell me, "same rules as before". Then you pull open my robe and hammer a fist into my tit.

Fran: My sharp punch causes you to cry out in shock. You roll onto your side to protect your chest but I grab your arm and haul you to your feet. You start to back away with arms raised in a fighting stance, trying to anticipate my next move. I suddenly spin 360 degrees and land a back roundhouse kick to the side of your head, the sole of my boot making contact with a hard smack of leather against skin. My kick sends you sprawling onto your back. You try to sit up and shake off the cobwebs when I leap forward and into your lap, facing you. I push your robe aside and snake my legs around your bare waist from the front so I can see the expression on your face. I place my hands on the floor and raise my upper body into an arch to increase my leverage and lock my booted ankles, loving the squeaky sound of the leather as I flex my feet and squeeze you in my scissors...

Sarah: What are you doing to me so soon? Those long legs of yours Allow you to clamp on a crushing scissors. The breath rushes out of me. I csnstill breathe a little. I grip my hands on your thighs. I feel them harden even more. I throw a punch at your face but you lean into me and my fist grazes off the back of your head.

Fran: Oooh! that was close! I reset my ankles and pour more strength into my thighs, trying to squeeze out a first and early submission. You throw your head back and groan in pain at the increased pressure. But your waist is firm and strong...I'm concentrating so hard on trying to crush you that I don't see your arm cocked back to drive another punch...this one connects with my jaw and I'm momentarily dazed, causing my scissors to slacken as my legs hang loosely around your waist...

Sarah: As your legs relax around my waist I grab your thigh and roll us over. I try to scramble from between your legs but you figure 4 your legs and pull me tight against your crotch. Again your legs shoot out straight. I am lying on one of your of your thighs and the other is across my lower ribs. You tighten up some more. both my hands grip your thigh. Mys rib feel like they are going to crack. I slap desperately against your thigh to give up. Again you tighten, then finally you open your legs and roll me off your lower leg and scramble to your feet and smile down at me. You are counting with your fingers. I scramble desperately to my feet. I am all tangled in my robe, I desperately try to remove it but before I get it off my arms your boot again explodes into my head and I drop.

Fran 1, Sarah 0

Fran: My legs are proving to be my dominant asset in this battle, through use of my martial arts kicks and my powerful scissors. The last time just dropped you with a crescent kick, striking the side of your head with the outside edge of my foot as I brought my long leg up and around in a high circle...I decide to stick with my legs. You sit up and finally manage to get that robe off and toss it aside. But I'm all over you, diving on top as I grab your wrists and pin your upper body to the floor. I grapevine your legs with mine and spread them apart, my superior length giving me the advantage. I nibble your tit and lick the side of your face just to humiliate you further. I look down and remind you that it's not over until we've both had enough! You wail in pain as I put more strain on your hips with my strong, flexible legs, spreading my gams even further apart...but after a few minutes, I feel my thighs begin to tire. You sense this as they begin to quiver, taking advantage of my exhaustion as you start to bring your strong legs in, causing me to lose the hold a bit as you try to escape...

Sarah: Whew, I'm glad you couldn't keep that up forever.I push my hands out to the side causing you to collapse onto me - my face between your hard breasts. I try you free my hands but your grip is like handcuffs on my wrists. I manage to untangle my legs from yours. As your legs come free you get to your knees and slam a knee into my crotch. And again. My wrists are still locked in your grip. I try to use my weight to roll you. I go in the other direction and you help me. You release my wrists and wrap your arms around my head as we roll. Your tits are so hard I wonder if you are even wearing a bra. I saw them last time and they looked like oversized pec muscles. I am still able to get some breath until one of those long legs comes down across my belly. There must be another leg under me because you just locked me up tight. Your legs tighten. Now I can’t breathe at all. I begin slapping at that stone like thigh on my belly to let you know I’ve had enough.
Fran:  I'm sitting up now and have your body totally under my control.  You are sideways with one of my legs cinched up against your ribs and the other across your low back. I'm hugging your upper body and grinding your hard hip muscle against my groin as I squeeze.  I'm so turned on!  I want to keep crushing you but I feel you slapping to be freed...James shouts at me to let you go and I unlock my ankles, releasing you from my scissor hold. I feel you gasp and suck air back into your lungs, air that was squeezed out by my muscular legs.  You tell me you're done as you massage your aching ribs, but I pull you close with my arms and whisper, "I'm through beating you, but you'll worship me before I go - or else."  I quickly stand and tell you not to bother to get up...I pull off my tight tee to expose my small but hard tits and then pull my shorts off and kick them away. You are kneeling on the floor before me, waiting for my instructions. "Now, dear, worship my legs and feet.  Start at the bottom and work your way up..unzip each boot - slowly - and service me properly.  I wore no socks with these boots to give you a nice smell of leather on my skin."  But I warn you that the moment I feel that you're not giving your best effort, your head will be close enough to trap in the vise grip of my legs once again..

Sarah: I can’t give up this easily. I put one foot flat on the floor then drive my shoulder into your belly, taking you across the room and slam you against the wall. I drop to one knee, slam my arm up between your thighs and pull your body across my shoulders behind my head, stand up and begin an airplane spin. Then your elbow slams into the side of my head, and again. I drop to one knee and try to pull my arms free of your thighs. You have it locked in tight. Another elbow to my head. I fall over backwards. You release my arm and before I can move I find my face buried in your crotch, those incredibly hard thighs crushing my head.
Fran: That was a nasty surprise, but I forgot that you are a tough opponent and too proud to just give-in without a real fight. My back hurts from where you slammed me against the wall and my head is swimming from that spin. But I've got you in my legs once again and I'm squeezing your head without mercy! Your face is turning red and I tell you that you're either going to agree to worship me, or else find a way to get out of this hold. It seems like you're trying to get free, but I'm just as determined to keep your head trapped right where it is. Your hands are grasping at my legs, trying to find a pressure point or vulnerable spot. My feet and calves are protected by my boots. But suddenly I feel a shock of pain as I see you digging your knuckle into the outside of my left knee. I try to flex my leg harder to resist, but you are making circles with the hard point of that knuckle and I cry out! I see you smirk because your technique is working. I can't keep the hold on your head! I free your head but realize I have to move quick to get you in another hold. I'm on my hands and knees, facing away from you and rubbing the feeling back into my knee. But you have another surprise in store...I underestimate the time you needed to recover - I see James' eyes widen in shock when you suddenly turn over on your back and grab my booted ankles with your strong hands. My leather is working against me now as it gives you a stronger grip. Before I can crawl away, I feel your thick thighs slap hard on both sides of my ribs, your bare feet locking above my arched back to trap me in a reverse body scissor!

Sarah: Darn, even though you are fairly slim I can’t get a real grip on your waist. I wish my legs were as long and strong as yours. I try to hammer your kidney area with a fist but my forearm comes down on your hip bone. I drive a fist into the back of your thigh but I am in no position to get any power into it. You twist violently and now my legs thighs are locked across your hip bone. Somehow you get your feet under you and drive forward, dragging me on my back. I lose my scissors. You get to your feet and turn toward me, grab a foot and twist it violently. I roll. You twist it back. Then the toe of your boot slams into my thigh.

Fran:  I'm relieved that you couldn't keep the scissors - if you'd been able to clamp and straighten those legs, I'd have been in serious trouble!  I drive another sharp kick into the back of your thigh while holding your ankle.  But you are bucking and trying to whip that leg free from my grasp.  I step in and hug your leg close to my body as I stand, trying to immobilize it. Your steely leg feels like a muscular python trying to escape.  Suddenly I drop back and fall to the floor, still holding that leg.  I quickly force the other leg over its shin and with your foot in my lap, lock a figure 4 over your extended leg.  You howl with pain and struggle to free yourself.  Your sexy bare foot is close to my crotch and it is flexing with effort, trying to escape.  I haul back a little more and I can see you are in a lot of pain, pounding the floor.  I ask, "had enough, babe?  Ready to finally give it up?

Sarah: “Oh god yes, I give up I’ll do what you want”. You release me and lie on your back smiling at me. You tell me, “Get busy with the boots, Sweetie. I notice you still have underpants on. “May I remove your underpants, I would love to suck on your pussy when I get done worshipping your legs”. You just nod your head. I work your panties down off your hips and slowly drag them down your legs using my fingers to caress the hard smoothness of your thighs. I pass over your knees and begin slowly dragging the zippers on your boots. I get to your feet, remove the panties and slowly remove both boots. I bend one of your knees and begin licking the bottom of your foot. I move to your toes and suck on each one. I gradually work my way up your ankle – I am gripping one of your calves. You flex it hard every now and then. I look up at your face, sheer ecstasy. Suddenly you throw your other leg up on my other shoulder, lock your ankles squeeze. My neck is right below your knees. My hands rest on your hard slim thighs. You tighten up even more. The lack of blood to my brain is turning me on even more. You twist so you are on your side. I end up on my side too. You figure 4 your legs and pull my face into your neatly trimmed pussy. You begin grinding.

Fran:  I moan, "that's it, Sarah...perfect!"  I grind harder as you pleasure me.  I pull your head further into my crotch as you caress my flexing legs.  I'm pumping with short, hard bursts as I work my way towards climax.  I run my hands through your sweaty, dark hair as I pant and moan.  I'm faintly aware that my boots are now off and have an idea...I slowly slide my smooth, left leg down your side and find your sex with the sole of my bare foot.  Though your face is lost in my crotch, you know what I'm trying to do.  You raise your leg to welcome my foot.  I caress the outside of your sex, and begin a gentle rub with my toes.  A moan escapes your lips as you pause your licking, but a firm throb with my right inner thigh muscle reminds you not to stop.  You are still in a vulnerable position and my lethal legs are still close enough to crush you in an instant if I'm not satisfied.  Your tongue continues to work its magic while my flexible toes work theirs.  Soon the room is filled with nothing but our moans.  I cum with a shriek, forcing your head further into my sex with my leg and hands.  As I do, I feel you reaching your peak as well and concentrate on pressing my foot firmly into you.  You cum, moaning long and deeply.  We roll in opposite directions, resting on our backs, panting, sweaty and exhausted.  I eventually rise to my feet, gathering my things and take one last opportunity to show my dominance.  You are still laying on your back, but I walk over and place an arched foot on your belly, raising my arms and flexing by biceps.  I pull my shorts and tee back on and take my boots under one arm while taking James by the elbow and walk barefoot from your bedroom, victorious once more!

I can’t speak for Fran, but if you would like to take on Sarah, let me know