Sarah takes it to a little Asian
by mr8magoo

I recently got an email from a guy who calls himself AsianJobber.

Jobber: My Asian wimp, Ann, is very pretty and fragile looking woman. She is only only 4 foot 11, 105 pounds, none of it muscle except in her legs - they can be deadly, 35years old, Malaysian, she has thin arms and a belly that sticks out more than her tiny A cup tits. Her short legs are thick around the thigh and that is all the muscle she has. She would love to do a match with Sarah. I would love to see Sarah kick Ann's tanned ass and then play with Ann’s tiny pussy.

Magoo: Sarah is 42, a very attractive brunette with an impressive 38dd-28-40 weighing 165 pounds. Sarah has thick legs and a prominent yet firm ass. While not muscular, Sarah's entire body is firm. And those legs really get me excited. I can just picture Sarah locking those ankles together with your asian jobber between her legs and crushing her into submission – many times. I had no problem putting Sarah against this woman. I would love to see Sarah really punish her. When I told Sarah about it she was game so I invited Jobber and Ann over for a match. We have an empty bedroom with nothing but carpet on the floor. We went to the room and Jobber and I began settling on rules. We decided they would fight naked. I have some MMA gloves (padded knuckle but mostly fingerless. They would continue to fight until they BOTH agreed it was over. Sarah loves that rule, it allows her to really punish a woman. A hold would be surrendered after a submission but there would only be a 5 second break before a restart. Choking would be allowed. Biting, scratching or anything that might draw blood, would not - except for punches to the face. I could tell from the smile on her face that Sarah was really looking forward to this match. As the 2 women undressed, Ann was tossing one insult after the other at Sarah. Sarah just smiled. The women are ready.

Magoo: Jobber seems to have left me alone with these sexy women

Sarah: I lose my clothes in a hurry. I can’t wait to get this pretty little woman between my legs. She throws me a challenge, “ Come on whore, let's see what you've got". She drives into me, with her shoulder right below my tits. I stumble backwards and my head hit the wall first. I see stars. She backs off and goes into a spin, the top of her foot slamming into my big calf muscle, taking my leg out from under me. I fall to the floor where she drops on my throat with her knee. Keeping me pinned with her shin across my throat, ahe begins punching me in the face. One, two, three, four. I use my bigger size to roll from under her. She leaps to her feet and delivers a vicious kick to the side of my head. I am lying stunned, face down. Her knees hit the floor. Those hard muscular thighs on either side of my head. Her legs figure 4 around my neck, a hard calf pressing into my throat. She flops on my back, her small hard nipples pressing into my lower back, her cheek resting just above my butt. She begins grinding her pussy into the back of my head. As she pumps I am able to get little gasps of air. Then suddenly she screams, “yes, yes, yes”. Her legs shoot out straight, her ankles lock, and my head is trapped between her thighs. I grip her thighs, they are like smooth blocks of stone. And then they squeeze even tighter. And even tighter yet. My head feels like it is going to crush. The pain is unbelievable. I try to say I give up but my mouth won’t work. Again she tightens more. I release one of those unbelievable thigh muscles and begin slapping at the floor. Again she tightens – then after a few seconds she releases me. She rolls me onto my back and sits on my lower chest, her knees straddling me. I can hardly see. But I do see her hands as she counts to 5 on her fingers.

Ann: I sit on this loser white woman's chest, her big tits before me. with one finger I count "ONE!" and punch a tit with my other hand :AAAHHH!!" goes Sarah "TWO!!" and I punch the other tit, harder "AHHHHH!!! you fucking bitch!!" screams Sarah. "Come'on, what you gonna do? you big fat pussy! Thre-wha?!?!?!" before I take another punch to Sarah's big tits her legs come up and wrap themselves around my neck, choking me. My hands come to Sarah's legs to get them away but they are wound up too tight! "Whats the matter hon?" Sarah taunts "Can't talk?" All I can do is choke, my mouth make a grugglling sound. I struggle and Sarah takes the opportunity to release her arms and grab my tiny asian A cup tits "AAAAARRRGGGGHHH!!!!" I scream as Sarah twists my precious nipples, my face full of pain "Give up!!" Sarah yells. I want to submit but can't hands are flailing everywhere, my teeth bared. My nipples hurt so much from the twisting "give up or I am gonna wreck your pathetic excuse for tits, Loser!" threatens Sarah.

Sarah: I use my figure 4 choke to pull her backwards and slam her head into the floor. Her legs are still bent in 2. I get a quick grip on either of those 2 rocks she has for thighs. I don't want them around my head again. I find myself staring into her clean shaven pussy. It is covered with cum from her earlier orgasm on the back of my head. My hair must be full of it. I wonder if I can give her another orgasm. I release one of her thighs.I try to hold her leg in place with with one of my arms while I poke my long finger into her searching for her g-spot. I can't reach it. The heck with it. I roll us onto our sides. Her legs squirm free. I shoot my legs out straight, lock the ankles and turn on the pressure. I'm sure she can't hear me with my thighs covering her ears but I shout out anyway, "Hey Ann baby, lets see who has the strongest legs." Then I begin licking at her enlarged clit but her legs figure 4 me in tight and she begins massaging my face with her pussy. No real pressure yet but I know I'm going to have problems if she starts to cum again. Oh oh, here it comes. Her legs shoot out straight and again she scissors my head. Well now we will find out who has the strongest head scissors.

Ann: Those long legs of hers don't stand a chance against my thigh muscles. I tighten up some more. she is gripping my thighs. No, one hand is actually carressing one of my thighs. That only turns me on more. I relax my legs a little then really tighten up. I am squirming violently on her face. Her legs come open as my orgasm begins again. She uses those long legs to roll us over. I am face down on the floor, her big hard tits pressing into my back. One of her hands moves to my butt. She tries to get a grip on it. Fat chance. That thing is hard. My orgasm is stronger. She begins slapping at my butt to submit. "Stick your finger in there cunt", I scream. I feel her finger move to my opening but I doubt if she will get in. "Yes, Yes, Yes," What a fantastic orgasm. My legs go limp. I am pinned by her weight. I manage to squirm out from under her. I roll her on her back. I'm not sure she even knows where she is. I get on my knees and look down on her. Her face is covered in my cum. That is one long sexy body. I think I'm going to enjoy working it over a little more - hell, a lot more.

Sarah: I see Ann looking down at me. I've got to do something to turn this match around. I try to leap to my feet and end up on my back on the floor. She is on top of me. A flurry of motion and her legs drop on me. One across my tits the other on my neck. She is gripping my wrist. I find myself in an arm bar. Her body arches to increase the pressure. I beg. "No Ann, No. I give up. Please let me go I'll do anything you want." I grip one of those hard thighs. She arches even more. I scream. Then she relaxes and releases my arm. Her legs come off me. Before I can move she is on her knees. Her fist comes down like a hammer on one of my tits. I try to use my punished arm to roll away. It won't work. Another hammer on my tit.. I use my legs to roll away.

Ann: Before Sarah can get up I am on her again. As she tries to sit up I grab her under the chin and slam the back of her head on the floor. Again I use my gloved fist to hammer one of those big hard tits One of her arms comes up to protect her tit and I grab it by the wrist and pin it to the floor at her side. The arm that I just finished torturing lays helplessly on the floor. I grab that wrist too and pin it to the floor also. My knees are already on her shoulders. I move forward a little, my ankles keeping her face looking up into my muscular butt. I settle my butt on her face and then squirm around a bit until the nose is right in my asshole. I wish she had a longer nose. I squirm some more but then she uses those long legs to squirm around until she dislodges me and tries to get to her knees. Again I grab her chin. This time I push her head between my thighs that she is so fond of.

Sarah: I find my neck crushed between her thighs. My throat is not touched so I can still breathe a little but I know what will happen now. The lack of blood to my brain is going to turn me on and then I will pass out. I reach up with my hand and caress her thigh. It is so hard and smooth it turns me on even more. She squirms up into me and presses her hardened nipples into my back. More turnon. Then she twists her legs a little and it feels like she is trying to twist my head of. She says to me, "Open up those legs, bitch and I'll really turn you on. She gives my head another twist. I scream and open my legs. Her finger enters my pussy and searches for my g-spot. She finds it and begins tapping on it, then begins stroking it. "Yes, yes, Ann. I love you Ann. I have an unbelievable orgasm. Her thighs tighten up even more - and then nothing.

Ann: She has stopped squirming. I guess she is out. I release her and get to my feet. I watch her body. I will say it turns me on. Those long muscular legs are very sexy. Let me punish them a bit. I stretch her out on her belly. She is starting to come around. I fold one leg so the ankle is behind the other knee. I fold the botttom leg over the ankle of the other leg. The calf of the upper leg is bulging some more. I grip it as hard as I can and get a whimper. I want more than that. I grab the foot that is in the air and twist it while leaning hard on that foot. She lets out a high pitched scream. "Scream some more honey, it really turns me on." I begin swinging the foot in my hand from side to side. I am getting one scream after another. I jump up to my feet still holding her foot in my hands. I twist her over onto her back. I dive on her, wrap both arms around her head, pulling her face between my little tits. I bunch them up to cut off any chance of her getting a breath. She is squirming violently. My legs are spread wide to keep her from rolling me. She just doesn't have the strength she had earlier. Her body squirming against my crotch has me on the verge of another orgasm. "Yes,yes, you bitch", Again I begin to cum. I get on my elbows and lift my tits slightly from her face. She gasps for breath. I don't want her passing out until I am through with her. I am still in an orgasm. I pin her wrists to the floor and raise myself some and continue grinding my crotch against her body. Finally my orgasm winds down. I slide some and plant my knees on her biceps for a schoolgirl pin. I begin a slow grind. She has quieted to a whimper. Her face is a mess. I release one of her wrists and drive a series of punches into her cheek. "one, two, three, four." I feel one of her legs slam into my shoulder as she tries to wrap it around my head. Then again. I manage to grab her ankle with my free hand and pin it to the floor just above her head into sort of a half matchbook pin. The back of that big, snooth, sexy thigh thigh staring up at me. I slide forward and cover her mouth with my pussy. I want another orgasm. I release her ankle and hammer that thigh with the side of my fist. Again. Then that leg comes up and wraps around my neck and slams my head to the floor. Her calf presses in gainst my throat. The leg I did so much damage to can't come into play but she uses her hand to grip her ankle and pull her calf into my throat. I use both hands to try a pry that calf off my throat but I can't move it. We are both on our backs. Her back is on the floor and my back is on the front of her. I try to wrap my legs around her head but but she is too tall for me. She is using her upper arms to keep my legs spread apart. Then I feel her fingers working into my pussy - it feels like all of them, She works them in and out the suddenly pushes hard until all the knuckles are inside. I have heard of fisting but I never experienced it. Now I feel her fist rotating inside me. Oh yes. It hurts, I can't believe how good it feels. But I can't breathe and eventually there is nothing.

Sarah: " Ok Magoo, you can have her now. I'm gonna go take a long shower. I hope we made Jobber happy.

Magoo: If there are anymore little Asians out there who think they can beat Sarah, bring em on.