Deb does it to Dottie again
Another instant message bout between Deb and Dottie
by Mr8magoo

Dottie, 66 y.o., 36DD, 145 lbs, 5’4”, broad shouldered, extremely fit and strong, very tan with very smooth skin., platinum blonde since the dark hair started graying. Arms look soft until I flex, then I have a huge, hard bicep. Legs are very muscular. Currently widowed. I am bisexual, probably leaning more toward women. I get turned on beating some sweet young thing but I have also been turned on when Deb totally destroyed me. Then she used me. I have been working hard to get ready for this rematch – I've got more muscle and am heavier and have even done some kick boxing. I've enjoyed watching my opponent's significant others smiles when I destroy them.

Deb (from Don – Deb doesn't talk much): Deb is ,5'1" and 125 lbs. She is a 36D, she is very muscular as well, she does kickboxing at a local gym 6 days a week. Also works with weights. She has very hard abs. Deb prefers to start boxing and is willing to box topless. She prefers bottoms on, either boxing trunks or thong. She is 50 years old. Long brown hair, pretty face. Husband Don likes to watch, prefers private matches.

Dottie: “Lets do it Deb. Fingerless gloves, MMA style. Obviously no scratching or biting. I have no problem with topless and a thong. My last fight was naked. We'll punch, kick or wrestle at any time. Submissions only and an instant restart after a clean break. The match isn't over until we both agree. I was certainly glad that you agreed with me last time. I don't think my tits could have taken any more. Magoo and I both think you have a terrific body. And I am sure he is secretly rooting for you. He likes to see me beat. Let me know if there is anything above that should change. If you have no changes Magoo and I will be waiting for you and Don in the empty bedroom. I plan to be naked – I like to see the bulge in Don's pants when he sees me.”

Deb: “I'm ready bitch. I intend to have some fun.”

Dottie: You guys enter the room and I meet you in the center of the room. You are wearing nothing but a black thong and fingerless gloves and a mean look on your face. Lord that body of yours still turns me on. I want more of it. I throw a punch into your tit that backs you up. It had all of my body into it. I certainly owed you that from last time. I step forward and drive a knee into your crotch that doubles you over and I wrap both arms around your head and smother your face in my tits.

Don: Deb grabs you around the middle and is trying to knee you in the belly. Her tit hurts, no way to harden that up. You are too heavy for her to move and her knees are not effective.

Dottie: I wrap a leg around yours and take you down hard. I keep your face buried between my tits. I spread my legs wide to keep you from rolling me. I may go for a leg grapevine but for right now I want to keep you from breathing. Oooops. With my hands and legs occupied I can't control your hands and I feel them clamp on my tits.

Don: Deb grabs and squeezes those tits, but it doesn't seem to have much effect. She wiggles her face to try to get air, her legs flailing.

Dottie: Lord that hurts -but it also makes my crotch tingle. I run a hand down one of those muscular forearms – it is so hard. You manage to catch a gasp of breath. I again hold your head with both arms and try to hang on a little longer. “Tap out bitch before you pass out”.

Don: Deb taps out, she can't breath or get free.

Dottie 1. Deb 0.

Dottie: That tap feels good. I jump up right away, I want to take advantage of the restart after the clean break we agreed to. But before I am even on my feet you roll away a jump to your to your feet. The pain in my tits is pretty bad as the blood rushes in. You are standing there gasping for breath but your fists are up and ready to fight. I want that body between my legs. I rush you swinging a wild right fist aimed at your head. You throw an arm up and brush it away and step into me with a tremendous shot to my belly. I double over.

Don:Deb stays on you, she hits you again in the belly and then an uppercut to the chin. As your head comes up she rapid fires into your face causing you to move back to the wall. As your ass hits the wall, she grabs you around the neck and fires 2 knees up into your mid-section. Tired herself, she holds you pinned to the wall, resting.

Dottie: I can't believe how quickly you turned this around. You have my arms pinned to my sides, your body pressing hard against mine, your hardened nipples pressing into my chest just below my tits. Those shots to my belly have me gasping for breath, your hot breath is blowing against my neck. I put foot my against the wall and push you back, then use my weight advantage and twist hard but you keep my arms pinned and we go to the floor with you on top.

Don: Deb straddles you and starts punching you in the face. Left, right, left, you try to block, but some are getting thru. She pushes your arms away and continues punching. I look at Magoo to see if he will stop it.

Dottie: Fat chance of Magoo stopping it. I'll bet there is bulge in his pants as he watches this sexy women beating on me. I can't block all your punches with my arms, you have me in a classic ground and pound. My face will be a mess tomorrow. Not able to block your punches I reach up and grab one of your tits and push you back some. Then I swing a leg up around your neck and pull you over backwards slamming your head hard into the floor. I sit up between your legs and secure a figure 4 around your neck. I pull on my foot and pull my calf tight against your throat cutting of your air. Then I begin driving my fist into one of your thighs. The back of your head presses against my sex. I only wish it was your face giving me a big kiss.

Don: Ok, now Deb has to tap out she can't breathe and can't continue.

Dottie 2, Deb zero

Dottie: 2 submissions, lord am I turned on, I ease off the pressure with my legs to let you breathe and roll you from on top of me. You have both of your arms wrapped around my thigh, hugging to your cheek. You are panting for breath. I know what you are doing, you are preventing me from getting the clean break so I can start again. I'm so turned on from punishing you that I don't care. We are both on our sides, your butt is in front of my face. I decide to relieve you of your thong. I manage to work it down past your knees when suddenly you burst into action and come up to your knees. You raise your arms to show a clean break, then as I try to roll away you deliver a hammer blow into my belly. I double up where I lay, gasping for breath.

Don: Deb jumps on you and pins you down. She starts giving you hooks to your sides, her tits in your face.

Dottie: Wow, do you move fast. My worst pain right now is in my gut when you straightened me out. You don't have much leverage for those arm punches to my sides and those firm tits pressing on my face turn me on but I want to win this match after that beating and humiliation you put on me last time. I grab one of those tits and squeeze as hard as I can and manage to roll you off, come to my knees and plant a shin across your throat to keep you pinned on your back with your tit crushed in my hand. You grip my ankle with one hand, my knee with the other and push me straight into the air, then throw me aside. I lose my grip on your tit.

Don: You end up on your hands and knees and Deb is immediately on your back, her legs figure 4'd around your waist, one arm around the front of your neck , the other on the back. She locks them together and squeezes. You struggle to pull her arms apart but but you can't budge them. After about 30 seconds of this you slap on the floor to tap out.

Dottie 2, Deb 1.

Don: Deb jumps to her feet and straddles your still kneeling body. She throws her hands in the air to show a clean break, then grabs you by the hair and slams your face into the floor. Still holding your hair she pulls you to your feet. She runs you across the room and slams your face into the wall. Her fist to the back of your head again smashes your face into the wall. You sag to the floor.

Dottie: I find myself on the floor. I roll on my back to look up to you, You are a blur. Why aren't you attacking? Your face clears and I see you looking down at me with an evil smile on your face. “Please, no more Deb.”

Deb: “No way are we done yet honey. I intend to deliver a lot more pain, while I am having a couple of orgasms.

Don: Deb stomps on your belly. You roll over to protect it and she drops a knee into your your thigh. Your legs curl up and Deb figure 4's your legs, then grabs an ankle and leans into the hold. You scream. Deb smiles. You reach back with a hand to ease the pressure. She locks your ankle between her thighs and adds even more pressure while grabbing your wrist and begins twisting. You give out another scream as she turns it into a hammerlock. She keeps these holds for about a minute, constantly applying more pressure. Then she lets you go. You struggle to straighten your legs, your arm still rests on your back. As your legs unfold she is eying your big calf muscle. Then she pins your ankle to the floor and delivers 3 hammer blows into your calf with those fingerless gloves.

Deb: “Tell you what, hon, I'm going to let you have the first orgasm”. I spread your legs apart and work my long finger into your sex. Then my fore finger sneaks into your butt. I begin rubbing the 2 fingers together inside you against that thin membrane that separates the 2 openings.

Dottie: I don't believe this. In spite of all my pain, I am getting turned on. “Yes, yes, work me harder Deb. I am cumming.” I don't believe how long that orgasm lasted. You remove your fingers. I;m not even sure how it happened but now your legs are figure 4'd around my head. You are grinding your pussy in my face. At first it is a little slow, but you gradually speed it up. Your moves become erratic. Your legs shoot out into a scissors. You are hugging my thigh. I can't believe the pain your legs are causing. I grip both of your thighs with my hands. They feel so hard and smooth. The muscles flex as you squirm your crotch against my face.

Don: Deb finally relaxes her incredibly muscular legs. Dottie only moans. She certainly is not fit to continue the match. Her face is covered with Deb's cum. She stands up, gets Dottie by the hair and pulls her to her feet. Deb drops to one knee, puts an arm between Dottie's thighs and lifts Dottie to her shoulders. Deb goes into an airplane spin, her leg muscles flexing. What muscular calves. Somehow Deb manages to throw Dottie over her head and she lands hard on the floor.

Deb: “How enough yet bitch”.

Dottie: “Please, no more.”

Don: Deb comes over to me and gives me a big kiss, rubbing her bare body against me.

Deb: “We will have to do this again sometime hon, I love beating up these muscular old ladies.

Dottie: If you would like to take me on get back to Magoo He prefers e-mail matches. It gives him something to look forward to each morning.