A guy named Dave proposed a wrestling match between his wife and Dottie.  

Dave:   My champion is my wife, Lady Rose. She is 60 years old, 5'5"..145 lbs, 36B chest, with brunette, but slightly graying hair. She has very strong legs, due to her jogging for years. They are extremely shapely...her best asset, and the legs are accentuated when she wears her black fishnet hose. Her skill is trying to trap her opponent in her legs, and making them tap out. She wrestles "clean".  I think she could defeat Dottie in the AM and DD in the PM.

Dottie   68 y.o., 36DD, 140 lbs, 5'4" broad shouldered, extremely fit and strong, very tan with very smooth skin., platinum blonde since the dark hair started graying. Arms look soft until I flex, then I have a huge, hard bicep. Legs are very muscular. Currently widowed. I am bisexual, probably leaning more toward women. I get turned on beating some sweet young thing but I have also been turned on when an older woman totally destroyed me. She was about 5"” taller than me, but had no visible muscle. Then she used me.

Magoo:   We negotiated some rules.  It would be straight submission wrestling.  There would be no time limit.  The match would not end until both women agreed to end it.  Pain would dictate the length of the falls.  There would a 5 second break after a submission and the match would continue unless the woman forcing the submission had negotiated some kind of action from her opponent.  They would wrestle naked so neither woman could use clothes as an advantage.  The match would take place in our spare empty bedroom, nothing but carpet on the floor.  Magoo and Dave would watch but would not interfere except to break a hold after a submission or if it was obvious that a woman could not submit.

Dottie:   Magoo and I were waiting in the bedroom when Dave and Lady Rose entered.  She was naked also.  That is one powerful looking body.  I can see one place I don't want to be and that is between her thighs.  “We both know the rules Hon, let's get it on.”   I move to the center of the floor and you meet me there.  That is one evil smile on your face.  I offer you my hand and you grab my wrist, duck under my arm a get me in a hammerlock, then drive me across the room, tits first into the wall.  You crank up the hammerlock then whispers in my ear, “"Pleased to meet you honey."  I'm planning on a couple hours of enjoyment at your expense.  I can't wait to get that face of yours between my thighs.  Too bad we didn't allow for punching.  I would love to work out on those big tits of yours."  With that you release my arm and back off.  I turn to face you and you still have that evil smile on her face.  Suddenly I find myself in a head lock and you are walking me around the room.  You stop in front of Magoo and twist your grip so he can see my face.  My temples are are locked between your upper and lower arm.  Then you really crank on the pressure.  I burst out in tears that run down my cheeks and over your arms.  Magoo just smiles.  My one hand grips your bicep which feels like a smooth rock.  My other hand has hold of yourr thigh.  You raise to your toes and flex the thigh.  This turns me on but I can't stand the pain of the headlock.  I try to submit orally but my mouth won't work.  I tap on your bulging bicep.  Then you really turn on the pressure and hip toss me to the floor.  My eyes are all blurry from the pressure on my temples.

Lady Rose:    I release my punishing headlock as I execute a neat hip toss, taking you to the floors. Before you can react, I get behind you and slap on a nice chin lock and ratchet up the pressure. I allow you to get to your feet, as I parade you around the room.  
Nice work yells Dave as he claps in support of my effort to wear you down.  Your hands desperately slapping my thighs,looking for some kind of opening.   Then a sudden elbow to my gut, from you, stuns me, and  a second elbow to my gut forces me to release the chin lock as I collapse to the mats. My wind has been suddenly lost as I am gasping for air. You are on me like a cat, wrapping your legs around my torso in a vicious body scissors making the ability to catch my breath more difficult...

Dottie:  "You're not the only one with  thigh muscles honey.  Feel how hard these are."  One of your hands grips my  thigh, the other is on my calf .  You are squirming, rubbing your side against my pussy.  You are actually flexing your stomach muscles.  You are breathing much smoother.  You caress my calf.  Your squirming against my pussy is turning me on.   I reach for your head.  I want to kiss you.  You smile.  Then both hands come up and grab my wrist and start twisting.  I open up my legs and try to roll up on you to relieve the pain in my arm.  Your legs snake around me.  Now I'm in the scissors.  I can't breathe.  I can't speak. You still have a grip on one arm and the other is trapped between our bodies - I can't even tap out.  Then you release my arm.  I can't control it.  You squeeze even tighter with your legs.  You whisper to me, "I'm going to let you go now.  I'm going to stand up and I want you to stay on your knees and give my left tit a good sucking."  You let me go and stand.  I struggle to my knees and look at your tits.  The nippels look huge.  I take one in my mouth.  I work my tongue on it.  I use my other hand to caress the other tit.  These things aren't tits, they are too hard, they are huge pec muscles.  I gently nibble the end of your nipple with my teeth.  You begin squirming.  I grip the cheeks of your ass with my hands.  Even these are muscular.  I can feel them flexing.  

Lady Rose:   "Oh Yes! Yes!"  I am almost there.  I want to feel your mouth on my pussy.  I wrap my arms around your head.  Your hands grip my biceps.  You are not breathing. "If you want to breathe again you will 69 with me.  Tap me on the shoulder to agree.  I want to feel those muscular thighs of yours on my head while I cum on your face."  You tap and I throw you to the floor.  I am down next to you tucking your face into my pussy.  I figure 4 my legs and pull you in tight to my crotch.  I put my head between your thighs. "Tighten up bitch.  I want to see just how strong you are."  I grip your thighs as you apply the pressure.  Those flexing muscles really turn me on.  I begin to massage your face with my pussy.  I wanted to make this last but now I want my orgasm.  It's coming.  "Yes. Yes".  My legs shoot out straight as I lock on a scissors.  "I love You Dottie"  As I begin to cum you release my head.  I kiss you on your thigh.  You are slapping desparately at mine.  Finally I wind down.  I ease off on the scissors.  I bury my face in your crotch and begin kissing it,  I release your head and look back at you.  Your  whole face is covered in my cum.  I move up to your head and begin kissing you in spite of the cum.  

Dottie:   I wrap my arm around your head and pull you in tight.  Finally you stop kissing me.  I try to pull you back down but you resist.  You tell me "I think our men need some relief."  With that you get me in a hammerlock and press me to the floor.    You ask, "Which one wants her butt.  Dave speaks up first.  You invite him over, scrape some cum off my face and use it to lube his cock which is huge and he already has out.  You then make me get on my side and instruct me to curl up on thr floor.  Dave plunges that thing into my butt.  I give out an ungodly scream.  Then Magoo comes over ready for some attention.  His is not as big as Dave's.  He knows right away what to do and lies down an puts it in my mouth.  After they have both have had their fun, you send them out and pull me to my feet.  

Lady Rose:  After they leave I stand in front of you and tell you "My body wants a little loving before we get done."  

Dottie:  I look up at you as you stand there with your legs spread and all your muscles on display.    I want this woman so bad ...  I start at your feet and work my way up, sucking and licking at your calves, your thighs, your butt.  It turns me on when you flex each of those muscles as I work my way up.  Finally I am standing in front of you and begin to kiss you deeply.  You bear hug me with your arms, pressing your pec muscles into my big tits.  "Can we do this again, but without the men around?"

Lady Rose:  I give you my evilist smile, "Sure honey".
You'll have to contact Dave to get a match with Rose.  But if Dottie turns you on, I am Mr8magoo@aol.com