Straight Up And Down Dolly Destroys Muscular Dottie
by magoo

Dottie is a very muscular 5'4”,140 pound woman with a rather intense disposition. Dolly is a slim 5'10”, 155 pounds, There is no fat on her but she does not look hard. She Has very smooth white skin and is is very pretty with a chronic sweet smile. Dottie often referred to her as being straight up and down with no curves. I was talking with Dolly one day and she told me she used to wrestle for a studio. She was a villain. Her producers loved her smile as she punished her smaller opponents. She said she would like to wrestle Dottie sometime. I told her to suggest it, I thought Dottie would agree and we could set up a ring of sorts in my home. Dottie agreed. We got together to agree to some rules. The rules they agreed to surprised me. Dottie wanted to allow choking. I know from first hand experience that Dottie has a very effect choke with her arms or legs. Dolly agreed if they allowed punching and kicking. Dolly had fingerless gloves. They agreed to a minimum 60 minute match, they would fight barefoot in bra and panties. After a submission there would be a clean break and they would both get to their feet. The first person up could help the other up. They would continue as soon as both were on their feet.

I had built a sort of 5 sided ring in my living/dining room with the furniture. It was, at most ,15 feet across so there was not much room to run. They both got into the ring and I started a timer. They wasted no time coming together. Dolly used her long arms to keep jabbing at one of Dottie's tits. Dottie tried a bullrush and Dolly exploded an upper cut into Dottie's tit that knocked it right out of her bra. Dottie stepped back stunned. Dolly swung her leg and caught Dottie's muscular calf with the top of her foot and took the leg out from under Dottie. Another jab to Dottie's tit sent her slamming to the floor on her back. Dottie lay there stunned as Dolly watched her with that amused smile. Dolly reached a hand to Dottie and pulled her to her feet then went to work on that exposed tit with sharp punishing jabs. She backed Dottie into the only square corner of the ring and began unloading on her body with powerful punches. Dottie tried to cover up but Dolly always found a target. The smile never left Dolly's face. “I give up, I give up”, Dottie screamed. Dolly backed up a bit, held up her hands and said, “You're still on your feet – I guess that's a restart.” Using her entire body Dolly used both fists to blast 3 punches into that exposed tit. Then she grabbed it and drug Dottie out of the corner and using a leg to trip her she slammed Dottie on her back. She went down to her knees with Dottie, still keeping that vice grip on Dottie's tit. Dottie screamed, “please, no more Dolly”. Dolly just smiled, “What do you think of this straight up and down body now, Dottie honey”.

Dolly released Dottie's tit and stood up, looking down at the sobbing Dottie on the floor. “I think I'm ready for some loving. She came over to me and gave me a big kiss, then said, “how about helping me out of this bra and panties”. I unbuckled her bra and removed it, threw it aside and went to work on the panties. I slowly ran them down her legs, dragging my fingers across her smooth silky skin. Those legs did not feel hard muscled as did Dottie's. As I pulled the panties to her thighs I noticed there was no hair on her crotch. Still working the panties with one hand, I began sucking on her upper thigh. She pushed me away and said “you will get your turn when I am done with Dottie. Right now I want loving from her”. I pulled the panties to her ankles and she stepped out of them. At that point Dottie jumped to her feet and tried to dive over the back of one of the couches. Dolly caught her by the foot, twisted it and pulled Dottie back onto the floor. Dolly dove on Dottie, pinned her wrists to the floor and began squirming around on Dottie's belly, still with a smile on her face. Dottie brought her legs up and tried to wrap then around Dolly's head – Dolly was too tall for her. Dolly: “Tell you what Dottie, honey, I'm going to give you a chance to use those muscular legs of yours with a little 69 scissors.“

Dolly then let go of one of Dottie's wrists and grabbed the other and began twisting. She rolled off Dottie onto her side, then still maintaining the twist with one hand, forced Dottie's head between her thighs, pushing Dottie's face between her white thighs, face first into her crotch. She then figured 4d her legs around Dottie's head and began grinding her crotch in Dottie's face. She tells Dottie, “Forgive me if this takes a while Dottie dearest. I want to take my time and enjoy it.” She releases Dottie's arm and grabs dottie's calf, squeezing Dottie's sexy muscle with her grip and pulls the leg in close and hugs her cheek to Dotties thigh while caressing that big smooth muscle with her free hand. “Your muscles have always turned me on Sweetie - too bad you don't know how to use them.” Dolly tightened up her figure 4 and began grinding faster. Suddenly her legs shoot out straight and she locks on a scissors. A weird squeal comes from between Dolly's thighs as she really turns on the pressure and squirms mercilessly on Dottie's face. “Yes, Yes Yes”. Dolly keeps grinding for at least another minute before she relaxes and opens her thighs. Dottie lays there gasping for breath as Dolly sits up next to her and stares at Dottie's cum covered face. She gets astride Dottie's body on her knees and grips her biceps, pinning them to the floor. She lowers her head to Dottie's face and begins to lick off the cum. She tells Dottie, “I've always enjoyed the taste of my cum after I've given my opponent a beating. But I'm not done with you you yet Sweetie, it's time for you to get a boxing lesson. Still keeping a tight grip on Dottie's biceps, she lowers her mouth to Dottie's and gives her a big, long drawn out kiss. Then she releases Dottie and stands up and uses Dottie's arm to drag her to her feet.

Dolly uses her fist like a hammer on one of Dottie's tits. “ C'mon Sissy give me a little fight here.” With that she uses her long arms to pound on Dottie's face and body, dancing in and out, jabbing away, smiling all the time. Dottie tries to cover up but there is always a target open. She is backed up to a wall. She begs Dolly, “Please, no more, I will do whatever you want.” Dolly replies, “I just want to hurt you bad, bitch. How are you enjoying this 'straight up and down' now”. With that she grips Dottie by the throat, slams her against the wall and drives 3 uppercuts up under Dottie's ribs. Dottie doubles over and sags to her knees. Dolly pulls Dottie's head between her knees and clamps on a standing head scissors. She then begins twisting her body in little jerks. Dottie gives a little squeal with each twist. With her back facing the wall she unllocks her ankles and shuffles back until she is leaning against the wall where she relocks her ankles. Dottie's temples are crushed between Dolly's knees. “You are about to experience a 'straight up and down' head scissors, sweetie”. With that Dolly gets up on the balls of her feet and turns on the pressure. Surprisingly there is very little muscle showing in her legs. Dottie grips Dolly's calf in both hands and squeezes. It has no effect – the muscle does not show but it is certainly there. The tears from Dottie's eyes flow down Dolly's legs. Dottie can only whimper. Dolly unlocks her ankles and spreads her legs. Dottie's face drops to the floor. She lies there crying. Dottie rolls on her back and looks up between Dollie's legs. “Please don't hurt me anymore Dolly, let me suck your pussy.”

Dolly reaches down and grabs Dottie by the head and pulls her to her feet. Dottie stands there helplessly as Dolly removes her bra. Then she grabs hold of Dotties panties and takes Dottie's leg out from under her with a kick to the back of Dottie's calf. Dottie goes down and Dolly pulls the panties off as Dottie hits the floor.

“We'll get to pussy sucking later, Sweetie. Right now I want to enjoy those big tits of yours. Dolly again pulls Dottie to her feet and pins her to the wall. Dolly bends her long legs and presses her tits into Dottie's. She wraps her arms around Dottie and then straightens her legs, lifting Dottie's feet off the floor. Then she tightens the bear hug. The breath rushes out of Dottie. Dolly's smile turns into an erotic grimace. She begins breathing heavily. She eases off on her bearhug to give Dottie a chance to get her breath and then tightens up again. She covers Dottie's mouth with her open mouth. Suddenly she throws Dottie to the floor and dives on her. She figure 4s her legs around Dottie's head and pulls Dottie's face into her crotch. She pulls Dottie's thighs apart and covers Dottie's pussy with her mouth while grinding Dottie's face with her pussy. “Scissor me, Sweetie, I want to feel those big muscles of yours.” Dottie locks her ankles and turns on the pressure. Her big hard muscles leap out. Dolly rolls the 2 of them so they are on their sides. Dolly's upper hand runs down the length of Dottie's legs, her fingers exploring Dottie's hard muscle. Dottie really turns on the pressure. Suddenly Dolly's legs shoot out straight, her ankles lock and she and she turns on the pressure. They last like that for about 10 seconds and then Dolly's legs come open. She slaps desperately at Dottie's thigh. Dottie's muscles grow even more. Eerie sounds come from Dolly. Her slaps get weaker. Dolly's legs are bent. Dottie's hands fold them into a figure 4 toe hold. Her arm muscles stand out as she turns on the pressure. More weird noises from Dolly. Then Dottie's legs figure 4 around Dolly's head. She begins to grind her pussy into Dollys face. Her arm muscles flex even more as she adds pressure to the toe hold. “Aaaaiiiiyeeee” escapes from Dottie as she orgasms on Dolly's face. Finally Dottie winds down and and relaxes. She releases her 2 holds on Dolly. Dolly lays on her side struggling to get her breath. Her face is covered in Dottie's cum. Dottie gets to her knees and rolls Dolly onto her back and straightens Dolly's legs. She gives Dolly a long kiss on the mouth. Dottie wipes the cum off her own face and asks Dolly “What happened to your smile, honey. When would you like to do this again? Oh what the heck, I might as well have my fun now.” With that Dottie pulls Dolly between her legs and and clamps a scissors across Dolly's belly. Again Dotties leg muscles bulge. Dolly grips Dottie's thigh with one hand and calf with the other. Dottie only tightens up a little more. Dolly struggles to breathe. She uses her fist like a hammer on Dottie's thigh then grabs Dottie's tit with a vicelike grip. The free hand again come down like a hammer on Dotties bulging thigh muscle and then she gives a violent twist away from Dottie's body and breaks the scissors. Dolly scrambles to her feet still gasping for breath but she is not smiling any more. Dottie tries to get to her feet but but Dolly launches a viscious kick with the side of her foot to Dottie's neck sending her onto her back. Dolly grabs Dottie by the ankles, spreads Dottie's legs and stomps on her crotch, once, twice, 3 times. Dottie screams and twists her ankles from Dolly's grip. Undaunted, Dolly drops to the floor gets one of Dottie's knees locked between between her thighs, puts the opposite ankle on her shouler, then straightens her body intro a split of Dottie's legs. Dottie screams and tries to roll on her side but Dolly jams 2 fingers into Dottie's pussy and clamps her fist. More screams from Dottie as Dolly actually growls at her. Dolly still has an ugly look on her face. Suddenly she releases Dottie, jumps up, grabs Dottie by the hair and violently pulls her to her feet. Dottie's legs won't hold her and she drops to her knees. Again Dolly pulls her up and drives her backwards into the wall where she goes to work on Dottie with her fists and knees. Again Dottie goes face down. Dolly straddles her, hammerlocks her and goes to work on Dottie's upper arm muscles with her free fist. Then Dolly does the other arm. Dottie is not moving. Dolly then crawls backward until she can get her pussy on Dottie's big hard calf muscle and begins rubbing her pussy into it. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, at least 15 times. With each yes she pounds Dotties hard, shapely thigh or butt muscles. Finally she collapses on Dottie. The smile returns to her face. Dottie's calf is covered in cum. “We've got to do this again, honey. What do you think of straight up and down now?” With that she got up and turned to me and said, let's go have some fun.

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