Barb Punishes Dottie
by Magoo

This was an e-mail match between Dottie and Barb. It lasted for almost 3 weeks.

Barb: 170 lbs, Blonde body builder. 50 y.o.

Dottie: 5'4”, 62 y.o., very fit and muscular, 36dd chest, 140 lbs.

Rules: Instant restart after clean break after submission. Mostly straight wrestling. After some discussion we allowed body punching. No cat fighting (scratching, hair pulling, etc.) Wrestle until we both have had enough.

Dottie: Barb and I enter the spare bedroom. I’ve got exercise mats on the floor and there are large mirrors on 2 walls. Barb opens a window. We are both barefoot, tank top and shorts. Barb outweighs me by 30 pounds and is much younger and apparently more experienced. I only hope my strength and fitness will help me. I understand that body builders concentrate more on big muscles but aren't all that strong. She and I square off immediately. I lunge at her trying for a headlock but she twists me, takes me down and falls on me taking my breath away. She is between my legs and I try to scissor her but the best I can do is a figure 4. I wrap both arms around her head and pull her into my my 36DDs. She is still able to breathe but It gives me a chance to get my breath - though it is hard with her weight on my ribs and belly. I love the feel of her squirming between my thighs.

Barb: I'm surprised by Dottie's quickness and her knowledge of holds as she gains the takedown on me and quickly takes control of the match. I feel her legs wrap around my waist, damn it, I should have seen that hold coming. And then she pulled me face first into her breasts, making breathing difficult.
I begin letting out light grunts, struggling, as I squirm between her thighs. Breathing hard, I can feel my nipples begin to harden from the body contact and my tank top begins to twist making me appreciate that we are wrestling in Dottie's spare bedroom, which is pretty much private. I say pretty much because I've just met Dottie and I don't know her living situation. I wrestled a friend in her basement over the winter, which was also a private setting, and her aunt stopped by unannounced. I had to release my headscissors early in that match.
I continue struggling between Dottie's thighs, beginning to perspire, I twist so that my back is pressing her tummy. I spread my legs and begin to bridge up, slowly, arching my back, higher and higher. As I arch up, I feel my tank top sliding with me and my right breast pops free. Shit, I really hope that Dottie is o.k. with that.
I continue arching up, bridging, and suddenly Dottie's ankles unlock. I take advantage and quickly roll so that I am now facing Dottie, with Dottie on her back and I straddle one of her thighs for control, close to scissoring it but not quite. My exposed breast bounces free, but I don't want to risk covering it and losing my hold. I lay down against her, holding her right leg between my thighs, reaching up, trying to grab her wrists.

Dottie: That exposed tit startles me and she manages to grab my wrists. She is back on top of me, her weight making it hard to breathe. Suddenly she bursts into motion and rolls me on top of her, wrapping her legs around me and scissoring me. She forces the breath out of me. I can barely breathe. Then she forces my one wrist behind my back and releases the other, forcing me into a hammerlock. Oh god it hurts. I try to give up but I can’t talk. I want to tap out but with the hammer lock and the other arm pressed against pressed against my body by one of her arms, I can’t even do that. I burst out in tears. My head is resting on her bare tit. I look up at her. She smiles at me. “Had enough, honey”, she asks me. I nod my head. She takes her time releasing me. I roll off her gasping for breath. I have a hard time even getting the arm that was hammer locked back in front of me.
She stands up and makes no attempt to put the tit back in. Obviously she intends to take advantage of the instant restart. She reaches down, grabs my head and pulls me to a sitting position. Still trying to get my breath, and with a nearly useless arm, I offer no resistance.. She squats behind me, wraps an arm around my neck in a choke hold and pulls me to my feet and puts me in a side headlock. She has my temples in the crook of her arm – it hurts. I grab her wrist with my useless arm and clutch her bicep with the other. That is one big hard bicep. She begins walking me in circles around the room, really applying the pressure. Then she takes me over to one of the mirrors and turns my head up so I can see myself. The tears are streaming from my eyes over her arms. That bare tit is staring at me. That tit does not so much look like a tit but like a huge pec muscle.

Barb: I work the headlock as I plan my take down move, surprised that I'm able to control Dottie in the match as well as I am. I glance in the mirror to check the headlock and notice my milky white breast is exposed again. Damn it, I should have worn a different top. I really hope that Dottie isn't offended that I'm wrestling with my breast exposed.
I bend into Dottie and press my hip into her thigh, flipping her over my hip and her back slaps the mat as she lands hard. I quickly move on top of her, covering her up in a straddle, mounted tight on her hips, my thighs spread for leverage. My breasts bounce as I struggle to stay on top and I decide to go for a pin. I lay down on top of Dottie and remembering that she wasn't shy about pulling my face into her breasts earlier in the match, I wrap my arms around her head and neck and gently drop my breasts down, against her face, not wanting to suffocate her, but wanting to make breathing difficult. I begin working the pin, with Dottie struggling underneath me.

Dottie: Good lord, that hip toss took the breath out of me. And now she is tit smothering me. I struggle under her body. I try to roll but those 170 pounds are more than I can move. I love the feel of that tit on my cheek but I am helpless to do anything to escape. I begin slapping at her back to submit. I’m going to have to move fast when she gets off me. Instant restart gives her a big advantage.

Barb: I lay mounted on top of Dottie, straddling her hips as I begin to work the pin, wrapping my arms around her head and neck, pulling her tight against me and gaining complete control of her body. Yes! I'm pinning Dottie in her spare bedroom! Grunting lightly as I work the pin, my nipples erect from the body contact, I feel Dottie wrap her arms around my body. Oh, she's trying to bear hug her way out? Suddenly, I feel Dottie tapping my back. I GOT IT! I got the submission from her! I release her head and roll away.

Dottie: As she rolls off me in one direction I roll quickly in the other direction and spring to my feet. Then I stand there gasping for breath. As she gets up I see her swollen nipple – apparently this match is turning her on. Now it’s time to do something that turns me on – her in pain will do it. She advances slowly toward me. I push off the wall and drive into her, slamming my shoulder into her middle and driving her back into the wall. She gives a gasp of breath and I drop to one knee, grab her calves, squeeze them and pull her legs out from under her, dropping her hard on her butt. I want to try to get my legs into play, let her feel those hard muscles.

Barb: Dottie surprises me with her quick move and takedown and my butt slaps the mat as I go down hard. Stunned, my breasts bounce in my tank top. I look up at Dottie and notice that her nipples are erect as well. I quickly lay back, trying to pull away to no avail. Dottie is suddenly on the offense and I'm in trouble for the first time in the match.

Dottie: I grab her ankles and attempt to drag her to the center of the room. She twists away and comes to her hands and knees where she pauses to get her breath. I straddle her head and clamp her neck between my legs in the gap between my calves and knees, lock my ankles, drop to the floor and turn on the pressure. She struggles with my feet trying to separate my ankles. “Forget that, Barb Honey, Even my male friend can’t open my scissors when I get it locked in.” Her hands then go up to my calf and begin squeezing. Heck, that is not going to work. It hardly even hurts. I put an arm between her legs and pull her back up against me. I wrap both arms around that big thigh and hug the outside of it to my cheek, a bicep pressed against her crotch. I flex it so she can feel how hard it is. That big thigh feels great against my cheek. My boobs are pressed against the small of her back and her squirming only turns me on more. My legs are not across her throat but the pressure on the sides of her neck is causing her to breathe loudly. I am certainly slowing the flow of blood to her brain. I wonder if she knows about the erotic effect of lack of blood to the brain. Her nipples were already erect. Maybe I can get her to orgasm. She still clutches my calf. I begin bending my knees slightly and then popping them out straight again. Let her feel that calf muscle flex. “Give it up before you pass out, Barb baby. I own you right now.”

Barb: Shit! She's got me! I knew her legs looked strong and I should have stayed away from them. She wrestled me right into her headscissors before I could get away. Her experience is really showing now as I lay on the mats, my head secured between her legs with Dottie wrapped tight around me. I begin grunting lightly as I struggle, trying to wrestle free. I begin twisting, trying to turn, and feel my tank top beginning to slide again. Damn it! I should have worn a sports bra, this tank top is simply not staying in place. Wondering how Dottie is keeping her breasts contained in her tank top? We continue wrestling and I continue grunting as I struggle. Wiggling, I spread my free leg wide, press my foot into the mats and begin to arch my back slowly, trying to bridge free. Grunting, ugh, umph, as I try to arch my back. Thinking to myself, gawd, I'm being controlled in a wrestling match by a 60 year old. I really hope that nobody sees us right now. And remembering Dottie's earlier comment that she has submitted a male friend with her headscissors, I begin to realize there is no way out. Suddenly I feel a cool breeze on my left breast and I realize that my left breast has slipped out of my tank top. I lay locked in your headscissors, close to submitting, when the door bell rings. Ring, ring.

Dottie: No way I am going to answer that doorbell, I’m too turned on. I continue to pulse my legs and press my big bicep harder into her crotch. “Give it up, Barb or you’re going to sleep.” I reach up and caress her bare boob. “C’mon honey, tap out. If you pass out I may take advantage of you”.

Barb: I can't believe how strong Dottie's legs are. Gawd, and she's 60 years old too! I've been headscissored by 15 year olds to 55 year olds and tapped out, but never a 60 year old like this. I arch my back again, trying to bridge out and suddenly feel Dottie's hand on my exposed breast. Thinking to myself, great, she sees that my breast is exposed and she is trying to cover it up. Arching my back, I hold the bridge and realize escape is impossible, Dottie is wrapped around me too tight. Her legs clamped around my head. I reach up and gently begin tapping my submission on her hip. Tap...tap...tap...tap

Dottie: I give one more very big squeeze with my scissors, listen to her moan, then reluctantly unlock my legs. I rub my cheek against that big thigh and then unwrap my arms from her leg. I sit next to her and run my finger around her engorged nipple. She hardly knows where she is – no sense in starting in on her right away. I stand up next to her, looking down. She reaches her hand to my leg and caresses my calf muscle. “Like that muscle, honey? That comes from a lot of years of hard work. I’ll let you feel it again before we get done here today.” I offer her my hand and help her to her feet. She stands there wobbly and glassy eyed.

Barb: I stand, glassy eyed and wobbly, stunned by the power of Dottie's thighs. My tank top hanging and perspiring, I ask Dottie, "Is it o.k. if I remove my tank top? It's not doing much good". I reach down and pull my tank top up and over my head, tossing it to the side. Standing, with milk white breasts, nipples erect. I adjust my shorts, snapping my waistband and say to Dottie, "I usually wrestle in a thong". I walk to the opposite side of the mats, catching my breath and ask, "ready to wrestle?"

Dottie: So much for an easy win. I approach her with my eyes glued to her boobs. I lunge at her, going for a bear hug, I want to bury my face in her chest, lord this woman turns me on. Where did she go – I hit air, then I hit my head on the wall and drop to my knees.

Barb: I slide out of the way as Dottie lunges for me and I watch her go head first into the wall and land on hands and knees, stunned. I move in quickly behind her, sit on my butt and wrap my legs around her waist, locking my ankles and securing a body scissors from the rear. I pull myself up tight against her back, drop my hands to her hips and slowly bring my hands up her sides, under her arms and then lock in a tight full nelson. Thinking to myself, "I've got her now", I tighten up both holds. Sitting on the mats, I stay wrapped around Dottie, working both holds. My breasts are pinned tight against Dottie's back, my nipples pressing against her tank top. Thinking, "darn it, I wish she would have removed her tank top when I did, her tank is hurting my nipples". My shorts begin to ride up as my inner thighs grip your waist, holding it tight. I begin grunting lightly as I work the body scissors nelson combination, ugh, umph, continuing to perspire.
Talking now...."submit Dottie?" "I got you"......"Submit the hold".

Dottie: I can hardly breathe with those big thighs clamped around me. “Noooo”, I gasp out. I try to wriggle between her legs but I can’t move. The full nelson has me looking at my tits. I feel like my neck is going to break. I try to submit but I am gasping so hard I can’t get the words out. I try to tap out but with my arms locked the best I can do is tap with my finger tips on her head. I do. She ignores me and tightens up even more. I can’t breathe at all.

Barb: Wrapped around you, holding the scissors and nelson tight, I hear you trying to speak and then feel your light taps on top of my head. I release the hold and shout..."YES!"..."I got the submission from you". I slide back, out of your reach, and then slowly stand. My milky white breasts exposed, my nipples erect, perspiring, I step across the mats from you letting you catch your breath.

Dottie: I lay on my back gasping for breath. Thank god she does not take advantage of the instant restart – I am helpless. I manage to get up to my knees, sitting back on my ankles. She still is showing off those tits. I was going to ask her if we could end the match but those nipples excite me. She is a sexy woman. I want to give it one more try. I take advantage of the lack of action to get my breath back. I’ll let her come to me.

Barb: I begin to move toward Dottie slowly, cautiously, crouching as I begin to circle. Continuing to perspire, my breasts exposed, I continue circling, looking for the best opening. Suddenly I move quick, my arm going over Dottie's shoulder, grabbing a headlock. I pull Dottie's head down to my hip, securing the headlock tight. My breast is pressing against the side of Dottie's face in this position, but I know we are just wrestling and she will have to deal with it. Working the headlock, I roll Dottie down to the mats as I wrestle for position.

Dottie: She takes me down with a head lock then rolls that bare tit onto my face. I can’t breathe again. I am already out of breath from the body scissors. Don’t know how long I can last. I reach for her chin and try to twist her off me but she doesn’t move. I run my hand down her upper arm feeling the hardness of her bicep as she applies the pressure. I am turned on from the lack of oxygen to my brain. Confused. Don’t remember what to do. Then nothing.

Barb: I feel Dottie go limp andI roll off of her. I hear a couple gasps for air and then she begins breathing. Wow. I would have had a hard time explaining if she hadn't. I kneel beside her and look at her body. I want to make love to her. I begin undressing her, first her shorts and undies, then her top and bra. Nice looking tits – heck a damn good body. Still on my knees I begin to suck on one of her nipples. With one hand she grips the back of my head and pulls me in tighter. She begins squirming. I reach down and touch her sex. She is wet. I slip 2 fingers inside her and find her g-spot and begin tapping on it. Then with my thumb I find her clit – it is hard. I stroke it with my thumb and continue to massage her g-spot.

Dottie: “Yes Barb, I'm cumming. I love you Barb.” What an orgasm. I would do anything she wants. Finally I wind down. I relax. I still caress her head as she sucks on my tit. Then she moves her head away and and looks down on me. I feel so relaxed.

Barb: “I'm glad you enjoyed that honey. Now it's my turn. I want to hurt that sexy body.” I stand up and grab your head and pull you to your feet. You are like a rag doll but I manage to stand you up. I bear hug you, trapping your arms, pulling your tits into mine. I have to bend my knees a little to meet your tits head on. Then I stand up and tighten my grip on you even more. Your feet struggle to touch the ground. I am looking right into your face, watching your pain. This is what turns me on. I”'m going to hurt you bad now, Dottie.” I push her up against the wall and let go, back up a step and bring a fist down like a hammer on one of her tits. She goes to her knees. I slam a knee into her chest slamming her back against the wall. Again I grab her head and stand her up. I begin slamming one punch after another into that sexy body. Now it is my turn to cum. I grab her and throw her on the floor and dive on her. I push her head between my thighs, figure 4 my legs and begin grinding my pussy into her face. Now I'm hugging her thigh to my cheek. My orgasm begins. Legs straighten into a scissors. Dottie is struggling. She slaps at my thigh. “No way Dottie, not until I'm done. Now you are going to find out how strong body builders are.” I wind down. I release Dottie. She lies there moaning. I see my cum all over her face. “Hey Dottie, wanna do this again?” Probably not. Maybe one of our female readers would like to take one of us on.