Bashka Demolishes Sarah

by Magoo

This match was proposed to me by a guy who signs himself, nnnn nnnnn. His address is I assume he is a Brit by the fact that his e-mail address begins UK. I don't think he ever sleeps.

Bashka is 38 years old, 5'10 and about 140 pounds. She has toned thick legs and a solid high butt, a slight tummy and slim shoulders and arms. She also has big (size 8) feet and hands. She wears her long long blonde hair tied into pigtails to wrestle, usually in a royal blue speedo tankini, barefooted She has a 34 b chest with quite saggy pale white breasts with small pink perky nipples. Bashka will wrestle topless.

Sarah: I am 42, a very attractive brunette with an impressive body of 38dd-28-40 weighing 165 pounds. And I'm not very modest either. I have big, well shaped legs and a prominent yet firm ass. While not muscular, my entire body is firm. And my legs are even stronger than they look. I am 5'5” tall. I will wrestle/fight naked. I have found if I wear clothes people will use them against me. We will wrestle until one of us submitts. Submission can be vocal or tap out. We will wrestle until both of us want to quit. After a submission there will be a 10 second break and the winner can attack again. After one of us gets 5 submissions, she will be the one to make the rules. I would like to have punching and choking but I guess I will have to get 5 submissions before I can add them. We get down to our wrestling uniforms – for me that will be naked.

We will wrestle in our empty bedroom Only our men will be present. Our men will be in the room with us. They will not interfere unless one of us is in danger. Magoo will film it. We'll let the women call the match.

Sarah: Those are some pretty sorry looking tits on such a tall woman. I wish we were allowing punching. I would like to beat them a little flatter. I meet you in the center of the room and lunge at you trying for a headlock. Suddenly you aren't there and then I feel my cheek against your side with my temples crushed in the crook of your long arm. Then you really turn on the pressure. I can't give up yet, we just started. You ease up a little and and then clamp down ever harder. I reach up and grip your bicep. There is not much of a lump there. It is more like a steel pole. You adjust a little and pull me across your hip, My feet leave the floor. Again you tighten the headlock.

Bashka: I get the stocky brunette in a tight side headlock lifting her on her tiptoes forearm tight across Sarah's windpipe choking her. I throw her over my hip in a motion smooth from practice as she lands on the bare carpeted floor with an audible thump my torso falling right on her chest. I have Sarah firmly held still in my headlock facing down looking at her reddening face as I continue to crush her neck in my tight headlock. My long legs are spread wide for balance to stop her from rolling me off her. My right breast is inches from her nose as my pink nipple hardens in pleasure as I feel Sarah squirm in my crushing headlock. We are both panting, you more than me, so far neither of us has said a word since we started wrestling.

Sarah: I can't breathe. So much for no choking. I guess this has just turned into my kind of match. I tap on your shoulder to submit. tYou tighten your grip on my neck even more. Then you let me go and get up and stand over me. counting ten with your fingers.

Bashka 1, Sarah 0.

Sarah: I roll quickly away from you. The pressure of your arms on my temples has my vision blurred. I jump to my feet and then stand there wobbling. Suddenly that 5'10 inch body of yours looks gigantic. I guess you got to 10 because suddenly you launch your body into mine driving me across the room into a wall. Another headlock and hip toss and again I bounce on the carpet. You come up behind me, grab my chin with your hand and slam the back of my head to the floor, drop on me and pull my face into those little sagging tits. I manage to use my greater weight to roll us over so I am on top of you but with both arms around my head, you bunch up your tits around my face. Again I find it difficult to breathe but for some reason those little tits turn me on. I want to get loose and use my fists on them.

Bashka: I pull your face into my chest as you roll on top of me grabbing your hair with both hands determined to make you tap again, bitch. I heft my long legs up around your thick waist and cross my ankles scissoring you around your waist. I yank your head viciously to the right and swing my legs to the right too before tightening them properly to try to put us on our sides lying in the middle of the room facing each other so I can try and apply my body scissors properly to get another submission from Sarah. Im grinning at dominating this supposedly tough woman in front of my man.

Sarah: I hear Bashka's man holler. “Crush her Bashka baby. Make her beg for mercy.” Your legs get even tighter” I can hardly breathe. You tell me, “I want another submission out of you sweetie. I'm going to let you get from my between my tits. I want you to suck each of my nipples and then beg me to let you go.” With that you release my head but still keep your arms around it. At the same time you tighten those legs even more. I put a hand down on your thigh to feel how hard it is. That muscle turns me on. I begin sucking on one of your hardened nipples. It is oozing. I go to the other and suck on it. Then I gasp out my surrender - “Please Bashka, relax your legs. I give up. Can we stop now.” Again you tighten your legs, then release me. You tell me , “No way we stop now. Remember your rule, both of us have to agree to quit. I plan on getting 5 submissions and then I get to make all the rules. I'm going to have you beg for my man to fuck you up the ass after each submission.”

Bashka 2, Sarah 0

Bashka: I can see my man's bulge growing in his jeans as I get up he is grinning. I go over to him rubbing his crotch as he cups my small breasts rubbing my nipples as my pink tongue slips in his mouth. Then I push him quickly away as I need to deal with this fat bitch first. As I turn away Sarah is standing on the other side of the room arms up ready. I walk towards her slowly my arms out. We feint at grasping each other a couple of times circling both pulling away quickly. Then I lunge at her decisively trying to get my arm over behind the back of her head to pull her into a side headlock again. This time the bitch quickly ducks under my arm and gets behind me getting both her hands up under my armpits and interlaces her fingers around the back of my head in a standing full nelson hold. I feel her big saggy tits against the back of my rib cage and her lower belly against the top of my bum as she closes against me using her strength to push my head forward away from her.

Sarah: Now here is where I can use my size and strength. I run you forward into the nearest wall, your head hits first and then your chest. That felt good on my breasts as when you came to a stop my breasts pressed into your back. I begin to back up for another run but your feet come up and used the wall to violently push me backwards. I take a couple steps and my feet get tangled and I go down ,still holding on to you. I go over quickly with your back still against my front. My full nelson got lost in the fall. My arm wraps around your neck in a choke – remember you made this ok. You manage to get your body turned on me. I try to scissor your waist as you go sideways but as I bring one leg across you you manage to grab my foot and give it a violent twist. Aiiiii, damn that hurts. I free my foot but your fist comes down like a hammer on one of my tits You roll to your hands and knees. I try to roll away but that same hand grabs my other tit and squeezes hard as you pin me to the floor. Again I roll hard but you must have been anticipating that because the next thing I knew, you had my legs folded into a figure 4 leg lock. You lean hard on my leg and all I can do is scream “I give, I give”.

Bashka 3, Sarah 0

Bashka: I Stand up over you starting the count verbally not planning to give you any respite this time after that hard fought third fall "1...2..." I want a quick fuck from behind by my man after I get another two submissions then I will use this fat whore for fun until she submits the match to me. Takes a couple of steps back from you counting "3...4...". Watches the fat bitch get her knees as she turns to face me. "Kill her baby, make this fat pig your bitch!" My man yells encouragingly, I keep counting grinning widely "5...6...7..." Sarah is up facing me hands on hips panting but looking pissed and evil, taking a few steps back away from me. I am primed ready to leap at her when I finish the count "8....niii... .ooooooffff!!!" Sarah tackles me around the waist before I get to the ten count leaping at me with her thick arms around my waist. I go down hard to the carpet on my back winded. She gets astride me sitting on my belly yanking my head by my left ponytail in her right hand, her left hand landing a couple of heavy stinging blows to my cheek. My right cheek aches now. I use my hands to try to defend my face and kick up with my long legs to try to get my feet around under her arms to lever backwards and off of me

Sarah: I manage to snag one of your legs with my arm. I slide forward on your body and bring your lower leg forward and pin it above your head. I change hands, grabbing your hard calf in my hand. With my free arm I begin pounding on your thigh with my fist. Suddenly you go berserk, you roar and manage to throw me off. After a brief scramble on the rug I find my face pressed into your Tankini, My head locked between your thighs, looking a long way up at your snarling face. I grip your thigh with one hand and it feels like a smooth boulder. The pressure of those thighs is incredible but I don't want to waste another submission. I don't want you to get your count up to 5. And the smell of sex coming from your crotch turns me on. Suddenly your thighs relax and you figure 4 your legs around my head and begin grinding that Tankini into my face. You scream loudly, “Yessssss. You are obviously orgasming. As you peak your legs again shoot out straight and again apply unbearable pressure. I tap on your thigh to submit. I see your angry head shake no. Your legs get tighter, I black out. I wake up with my face now buried in your pussy. A figure 4 lock keeps me in tight but I can see a smile on your face. Finally you release me and say “That was fun sweetie. You look good with cum on your face. I'm going to give you that fall because I didn't release you when you tapped out.” I ask, “Can we stop now.” You respond, “No sweetie. Your rule said we both have to agree to stop, and I have another orgasm in me.”

Bashka 3, Sarah 1

Bashka: I get up legs wobbly from my orgasm stepping over to my man to hold onto as I step out of my sweat and cum sodden briefs. My pubes are shaved clean with a occasional red angry welt of razor rash where I have been too aggressive with the razor. I have big visible flaps to my pussy the whole thing looking like some kind of Godzilla sea creature enemy. I give my man a big wet kiss as he slips two fingers into me rubbing my wet clit. I hardly bother about Sarah, this bitch has turned out so far to not be a match to me. Then I pull him out of me and I turn to face you stark naked as well. You stand across the room face red and flushed sweating heavily, hair a tangled mop but still ready to fight, hands up bunched into fists. I put my fists up too and we approach ready to trade blows. You throw an over head right which I block with my forearm, counter attacking with a right cross into the side of your big swinging tit.
I aim a left cross at your jaw but you draw back at the last moment leaving me swinging at air. As I follow the blow through your fist slams into my right cheek again rocking me. My head goes all woozy and I see stars after taking such a hard punch to my throbbing cheek. Then you are on me grabbing me around the shoulders and ramming the back of my head against the wall again as I grasp onto you in a bear hug trying desperately to avoid getting hit in the head again until my vision clears .

Sarah: You had to squat some to get that bearhug on me.. Your hard nipples press into my tits sending a pulse of eroticism through my body, Then you stand up straight lifting my feet from the floor. I try to throw a punch at your head but then I realized your log armed bearhug has my arms pinned to my side. I squirm but can't get loose. Then you throw me to the floor and pin me there with a shin across my neck across my throat and begin pounding on my chest with one of your big fists. I manage to roll aside but when I do you grab me by the hair, pull me up to my feet, and push me forward, slamming my face against the wall. You then use my shoulders to turn me and go to work pounding me with those big fists. My arms drop to my side as you batter my tits. Then you deliver a tremendous blow to my belly that doubles me over and causes me to sag to my knees. You force my head between those long legs and push me down so my neck is clamped just above your calves and apply a standing head scissors. I can still breathe but I know what you're doing – cutting the blood flow to my brain. I will soon pass out but not without an erotic experience. Already I feel a twinge in my crotch. I get a grip on those sexy, muscular calves. Yes, Yes, Yes, but eventually blackness.

Bashka 4, Sarah 1

Bashka: I stand away from you as you lie there counting to ten on my fingers to the cameraman Magoo. At eight you start moving a little. At nine I am pushing you onto your belly leaning down over you. At ten I sit across your back facing your head, legs either side of you. I scoop my hands under your chin and interlace my fingers as you slowly come around. Then I yank your head back as far as I can, the back of your head touching my chest in a nasty camel clutch. You start to scream.

Sarah: Please, please, no more, I give up.

Bashka 5, Sarah 1

Bashka: Now isn't that submission good news. I have 5 wins. 5 submissions, 5 times you have begged to me to stop hurting you. Now what has it won me – I get to make the rules. Now that I have punished you over and over, I want to demonstrate a little boxing for Magoo's camera. Don't expect him to help you. look at the bulge in his pants. He is enjoying watching me torture you. Now I want you to find out what I do best with these long arms and big fists. I use your hair to drag you to your feet and back you into a corner and then go to work on your body with my fists. I begin with a rapid jabbing of your big tits with those fists. Wow does this turn me on. In fact so much that I want you to give me an orgasm. I grab your nipples with my thumbs and fingers and pull you away from the wall and knock you down with a powerful punch along side your head. I am on top of you right away, pressing my pussy into your face. I roll onto my side pulling you with me, figure 4 my legs and begin grinding my sex into your face. Yes! Yes!, I'm cumming Sarah, sweetie. I want more. I grab your foot and give it a violent twist. You try to scream into my sex. Finally I wind down. Would you like to do this again tomorrow Sarah dearest?

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