Sylvia is punished by Ruth

By Magoo

Sylvia: She is short at 4'11” but she is very muscular and weighs 125 lbs. 69 years. She works out every day. Wrestles often with her younger sister who makes her beg for mercy. When they box they wear full 12 oz. Boxing gloves. Her sister spars with her for a bit but then really turns on the punishment until Sylvia begs her to stop. Sylvia has almost no tits at all. In addition to being Italian, she spends a lot of time in the Florida sun so she has a very sexy tan. She recently took a terrible beating from DD who used her long arms and fists to have Sylvia begging for mercy.

Ruth: 80 years old. 5'1”, 135 lbs. For a Floridan, she is somewhat pale but her skin is remarkably clean for an older woman. She is a very pleasant person and I was shocked to find out that she was a fighter when she was younger. I was swimming laps in our pool one day and ran into her. She was also swimming laps and she walks long distances and lifts heavy weights. I pulled her up out of the pool and yes she looked strong.

I had been talking with Ruth and the fact that I was seeing Sylvia (again-we had a previous relationship) came out. Ruth shocked me when she said she would love to get Sylvia between her legs. I told her about the beating DD had given Sylvia and that Sylvia had been training for a possible rematch. Again Ruth shocked me: “set up a match between us, I'll let her know if she is ready. How long would you like to see me beat on her?” As I would be turned on watching this I told her, “As long as she is still moving”.

Sylvia agreed to a match with Ruth. She believed she would take Ruth apart. I got the 2 of them together. Sylvia had on shorts and a sleeveless blouse that showed all her muscles. Ruth was dressed in slacks and a short sleeved blouse which didn't show a lot of her. They agreed on rules. Punching, choking and kicking would be allowed. Biting, gouging, or scratching or anything designed to draw blood (except maybe a good punch to the face) would not be allowed. After a submission there would be a 10 second break before a restart. I asked how would we know it was over. Ruth was quick to respond “when we both say it is”. I usually have to suggest this condition but my experience tells me these female combatants want to destroy each other. With that Ruth began to take off her clothes – all of them. She had a very impressive body, pale but hard and her tits, though very small did not sag at all – they must be all muscle. Ruth looked at Sylvia and said, “Are you going to take yours off or do I have to remove them, I want to feel that wiry body between my legs.” Sylvia shrugged and removed her clothes. When they were both naked, I helped them into fingerless MMA gloves.

I'll let the women call the match.

Sylvia: I thought she was just a happy old lady. I had no idea how hard her body would be. I guess we should start. I bring my fists up and move toward her. I throw a jab at her face but my glove brushes the side of her head as she leans to the side and then grips my nipples with her thumbs and forefingers. She walks backwards with a smile on her face, pulling me by my nipples. “These are what they should look like honey”, she says. With that she pulls me into her and drives a knee up between my thighs into my crotch. I double over and suddenly find myself in a side headlock, my temples being crushed in the v of her arm. I whimper as she tightens up some more. I grip one of her biceps. I had no idea she had so much muscle. I bet Magoo is loving this. He thinks my biceps are sexy, he is probably having an orgasm over this one.

Ruth: I ease off with the headlock and pull her chin forward onto my ribs. She had to twist her body so that one shoulder is down on my hip and the other high on my back. I start dragging her around the room. She is forced to step sideways and quite often stumbles. I've used this hold before and I know how much strain it puts on the opponents neck. She is tough though and does not tap out. I could keep on walking but my crotch wants some action. I want to feel her body between my legs. I go back to a basic headlock crushing her temples in the crook of my arm – really turn on the pressure. She whines. I hip toss her. She bounces on that sexy butt of hers. Before she can move I climb on her and pin her wrists to the floor. I press my crotch on her belly as she squirms to get free. No way. Then I begin working my way up her body, up over those almost non -existent tits and get my knees on those sexy bicep muscles. I sit up straight to apply more pressure when suddenly her foot comes up under my chin and pulls me over backwards.

Sylvia: I manage to get my foot under her chin and pull her hard over backward, slamming the back of her head hard to the floor between my thighs. I quickly figure 4 my legs around her neck and press my calf hard into her throat. She want to feel muscle, well here it is. She manages to roll off me but I stay with her and push an arm between her thighs and jam my bicep into her crotch and begin flexing - “you enjoying this muscle honey”. With that I tighten up my legs even tighter around her neck. My cheek is pressed against her butt. Boy is that thing hard. I bite gently on it then lick it and suck on it. I squirm my crotch again­st her throat. I reach down and grab the foot of the leg that is pressing against her throat. “Tap out before you pass out, honey”. Her thighs tighten up on my bicep and suddenly she has my wrist in both her hands. She begins twisting. My god it hurts. She is going to tear my arm off. I open up my legs and she flies into motion. I try to scramble away but she holds onto my wrist, plants one foot against my neck and the other against my ribs and applies an arm stretch and again begins twisting my arm. “I give up, I give up.” She releases me and jumps to her feet. I see her smiling down at me – counting off 10 on her fingers.

Ruth: I am up here gasping for breath but I want to keep control of this fight. She tries to get up but the arm I was just punishing won't support her and she goes down again. My count reaches 10. I am on top of her, my arms wrapped around her head, her face in my boobs. “This is what real boobs feel like, Hon.” This muscular little bitch turns me on. I am ready for an orgasm. Keeping her face between my boobs, I roll with her, pulling her waist between my thighs. I lock the scissors and crush the air out of her. “Feel that thigh, sweety. Bet you didn't expect this old lady to have muscles like that.
Sylvia: That thigh is like a smooth rock. It is actually below my ribs but every time she pumps her crotch against my side it feels like my ribs are going to crack. Then she really clamps on the scissors. The breath rushes out of me. It sort of bubbles between her tits.

Ruth: Yesss! I want her to suck my nipples. She is slapping desperately at my thigh. “No way bitch, now you have me wanting some action on my tits.” I ease the scissors and dig my thumbs in under her ears. I position her mouth on one of my nipples. “Get busy, sweety. That nipple wants you.” She tentatively sticks her tongue out and uses it on my nipple. Then she begins sucking. “Yes! Yes!” It's like there is a connection between my tit and my pussy. I figure 4 my legs around her waist and begin rubbing my crotch into her side. I pull her in tight against me. Here comes my orgasm. I use my legs to pull her in tighter. Again the air rushes out of her but she keeps sucking. “I want this, I want this”. Again my legs shoot out straight – I turn on the pressure. I grind my pussy into her side. “Yes, Yes”. I relax my legs, I feel her suck air in around my tit. I straighten my legs and crush it out again. “Here it comes”. I push her from between my legs. I scramble on top of her and pin her wrists. I grind my pussy into her face. I have never had an orgasm like this one. As the orgasm winds down I slide my butt back onto her chest and settle my knees on her biceps. It's about time I caused some pain to these sexy muscles. She might not have tits but her biceps and calves turn me on. I lift my butt up and begin massaging her biceps with my knees.

Sylvia: “Ruth, please, no more”. I know from the smile on her face as she looks down on me that she has no intention of stopping. It hurts. I can see she is getting more turned on. She shows no mercy for my whimpering. Suddenly she jumps off me. “Get up sweety, I want more of you”, she says to me. I try to stand up but when I push up with my hands my arms won't hold me. “Eight, Nine, Ten” she says. Then she reaches down and grabs my hair and pulls me to my feet. I feel her fist explode into my belly. I double over. I find myself again in a side headlock, my temples crushed in the the crook of her arm. She hip tosses me to the floor. She pins me on my belly with a shin across my thighs. She grips one of my calf muscles in either hand and crushes them. My god this woman is strong. She gets off me. And again she uses my hair to bring me to my feet. My legs do not want to hold me. I drop to my knees – even that hurt. Ruth wraps her arms around my head and pulls my face between her tits. I struggle to breathe. She relaxes her grip and I get my breath. I grip one of her biceps in either hand. Again she turns on the pressure. Those biceps might not be as shapely as mine but they are certainly wiry. Again I can't breathe. I try to crush her biceps but there is no give to them. Again she lets me breathe. Suddenly she jams her fingers into the area under my ears and forces me back to my feet. She backs me hard into the wall then drops to one knee and jams her arm between my thighs, pushes it up so that the bicep is against my pussy and begins flexing it. Then she pulls me across her shoulders and stands up with me on her shoulders. She is still flexing that bicep. “Yes Ruth, I want it”. I lock my ankles and begin grinding my pussy against her bicep. “Yesssss, I'm coming Ruth. It feels so good.” As my orgasm peaks she begins to spin me around. It seems she spins me forever, my orgasm is done. She sets me down gently on my feet. The room is spinning. Her fist explodes in my chest and I fall over on my back. She steps astride me. I grip her calves and look up at her. For the first time I notice her pussy is shaved. She smiles down at me. I can't believe the smooth skin on this old woman.

Ruth: “Have you had enough yet Sweety?”

Sylvia: “Please, yes. Can I suck your pussy for you?”

Ruth: Not yet,

If you have a woman who would like to beat up someone, have her challenge Sylvia. Make sure she goes after Sylvia's sexy biceps and calves. If you would like to see your get her butt kicked, have her challenge Ruth. Let's do an e-mail match.