Jackie Punishes Dottie
By Magoo

Jackie is my cross street neighbor. She saw me sitting on the porch one evening and stopped over with a glass of wine in her hand. We sat on my futon, at opposite ends and talked. Dottie showed and got a little nasty. Jokingly I suggested they should wrestle before they got into a cat fight. I was very surprised when they agreed.

Jackie, is tall, probably 5’9” and around 130 pounds, very slim but solid looking. Long legs which I fantasized around Dottie's waist. Dottie is very muscular at 5’3” and 145 pounds. She wears a 36D bra. Jackie was probably 5 years younger than Dottie’s 62. They are both blonde but at their age they needed help. I know Dottie was a graying raven before she went blonde.

They agreed they would wrestle until both of them were ready to quit. This guaranteed that one woman can mot escape early. After a submission there would be a clean break and they would start again. Dottie asked if choking was allowed. Jackie countered with, “if we allow punching”. I could see punching would be an advantage to Jackie with her long arms. She could keep Dottie at a distance. Though I fully expected Dottie to dominate with all her hard muscle. They finally agreed anything goes except scratching, eye gouging and biting or anything that would leave visible damage other than bruises.

We rearranged the furniture in my living room to protect TV, bookcase and windows and came off with a somewhat 5 sided ring about 10’ by 15’. Most of one side of the ring was open but I would stand in that area. Jackie stripped to bra and panties and coaxed Dottie into the same. As soon as Dottie kicked away her shorts, Jackie came at her and got her in a headlock which surprised me because I was sure she would start off punching. She wrapped her arm around Dottie's face and got Dottie's temples trapped in the crook of her arm, then turned on the pressure. Her arms still did not look all that muscular but they did get definition. She led Dottie around the room a couple times then brought her over to me. She tilted Dottie's face up to me and there were tears running from her eyes over Jackie's arms.

“Give up, honey?”, Jackie asked. Dottie responded with a whiny “Noooooo”. Jackie just smiled and really cranked on the hold. “Yes, yes, I give up, please no more”, from Dottie. Jackie released Dottie and stepped back. “This is going to be fun” she said as she threw a jab into Dottie's tit. “I can't see”, moaned Dottie who was blinded from the pressure on her temples. “Wait till I do that with my legs, sweety.” As she tossed a couple more jabs into Dottie's tit. Then she really blasts one into that tit and sends Dottie back into the wall. Jackie follows her and continues blasting away at Dottie's tits. Dottie covers up with her arms and Jackie delivers a roundhouse into Dottie's belly. Dottie doubles over and sinks to her knees, wrapping her arms around Jackie's legs and burying her face in Jackie's thighs. Jackie reaches down and unhooks Dottie's bra and removes it. She reaches around and grabs one of Dottie's tits in each hand and massages them gently. “Ummmm, I'm going to love sucking on these.” Then she jams her thumbs into the gap below Dottie's ears and applies pressure, forcing Dottie to tilt her head back and look up at her. “While you're down there, honey, slip my panties off”, as she really digs her thumbs in hard. Dottie gives a squeal of pain and slides Jackie's pants to her ankles. Jackie's crotch is shaved. She kicks the panties free of her feet. “I guess I forgot to tell you honey, I used to wrestle professionally. Occasionally in a ring before a crowd but usually in a studio where I could be a mean as I wanted. And these legs you think are so skinny, my victims used to call them bands of steel.” With that Jackie slams a knee into Dottie's chest and sends her sprawling on the floor.

Suddenly Jackie is on top of Dottie. She pins Dottie's wrists to the floor then plants her knees on Dottie's big tanned biceps. She is smiling down at the pain on Dottie’s face as she grinds her knees into Dottie's biceps. Dottie tries to bring her muscular legs up and catch Jackie's head between them but Jackie has her chin down on her own chest and Dottie's legs just drop to the floor. Jackie keeps on punishing Dottie's biceps for several minutes. Suddenly she just stands up and offers Dottie a hand to get her to her feet. Jackie taunts, “Let's box now honey and she begins dancing around throwing jab after jab into Dottie's face. Dottie can hardly lift her arms. Her face is turning red and starting to swell from the barrage of fists. Dottie gives a whine and charges toward Jackie. Jackie just steps aside and Dottie ends up bent over the back of a couch. Jackie grabs Dottie’s underpants and pulls them to her ankles. She gives the panties a twist to lock them onto Dottie’s ankles and uses them to drag Dottie off the couch. Dottie hits the floor hard and Jackie uses the panties to drag Dottie across the carpet. Dottie rolls onto her side to protect her tits. Jackie takes a look at those tits and grabs Dottie's hair and pulls her to her feet and backs her to a wall. She slams a hard uppercut into Dottie's belly, causing her to double over. Jackie quickly removes her own bra and throws it across the room. Her small hard tits look more like pec muscles than tits. Jackie grabs Dottie under Dottie's chin and slams the back of Dottie's head into the wall, bends her knees and forces her hard, muscular tits into Dottie's, then wraps her arms around Dottie in a bear hug and lifts Dottie up so that her feet leave the floor. Jackie begins squirming to push her hardened nipples into Dottie's tits, her slim hard muscles flex as she grinds into Dottie who is struggling to breathe. Dottie grips Jackie's bulging biceps then wraps her legs around Jackie's waist, locks her ankles and tries for a scissors but can't straighten her legs. She figure 4s her legs around Jackie and pulls Jackie into her crotch. Dottie slaps desperately at Jackie's bicep to give up – she can't talk.

Jackie tells Dottie, “I'll take that as a submission. But we will not be done for a long time. I am way too turned on.” Jackie releases Dottie and sets her down so her feet are on the floor. Jackie tells Dottie, “I'm not too bad with my feet either”. With that she spins 360 degrees and drives the top of her foot into Dottie's muscular calf, taking that leg out from under her and putting Dottie down on her back. Jackie immediately grabs Dottie's head, twists it so that Dottie is on her side, drops down beside Dottie then locks a head scissor on Dottie just in the indent between her knees and her calves. Dottie is looking toward Jackie's heels right over Jackie's calf muscles. Dottie grips Jackie's calf muscle and tries to relieve the pressure of Jackie's legs. Jackie tightens up a little more. That calf grows. Dottie cries out in pain but she begins caressing that calf. Jackie tightens up even more. Jackie tells Dottie, “You seem to like my calf.” She releases Dottie's head. “Give those calves a little loving now. With that, Jackie releases Dottie's head and rolls her onto her belly. She flexes her calf and Dottie begins licking and sucking on it. Suddenly Jackie again springs into action, wrapping a leg around Dottie's head and figure 4's Dottie's face into her crotch and begins grinding on Dottie's face. “Yes, yes” she screams. Her legs shoot out straight, her ankles lock and her muscles harden. Jackie strains and every muscle in her body becomes apparent. She grabs hold of Dottie's ankle and begins sucking on Dotties big, tanned calf muscle. A weird scream escapes Dottie as Jackie begins to orgasm on her face. Her muscles tighten up even more. Her forearms bulge as now she begins crushing Dottie's calf with both hands. Jackie shouts, “yes, I love these big calf muscles”. Eventually Jackie's orgasm finishes. Then she looks over at the bulge in Magoo's pants. “You enjoying this Magoo?”

“Give her an orgasm” I reply.

Jackie smiles as she gets to her feet, grabs Dottie's hair and stands her up. Dottie has no idea what Jackie will do. She just stands there with her arms at her side – she has lost the will to fight. Jackie drops to one knee and pulls Dottie across her shoulders. She stands up and I expect to see her spin Dottie but she works her hand between between Dottie's thighs and pokes a finger into her crotch. From the angle I am sure she is searching for Dottie' g-spot. She slides in and back slowly then my guess is she has found the g-spot and is tapping on it she pushes that finger all the way in. Dottie starts squirming and moaning – I guess Jackie did it for her. Jackie sets Dottie on her feet and Dottie just sort of melts to the floor. She reaches down and strokes her crotch. Jackie tells Dottie, “I guess there is no sense doing any more today. Let me know when you want to take me on again. Dottie reachs out and caresses Jackie's calf and kisses the top of Jackie's foot. “I love you Jackie”.

I don't think you would have your woman take on Jackie, but if yes, let's do an e-mail match. But what I would really like to see is muscular Dottie punished by your woman. Send me an e-mail.