Fran does Jackie
by Magoo

Magoo: James has said he would like to Jackie take on his wife Fran. He has made it clear that he would like to see Jackie really abuse Sarah. She has gotten a big head after totally destroying Sarah in 2 matches.

James: Fran is 44, 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 134 pounds. She has had 2 bouts with Sarah and totally destroyed her. She is physically pretty strong. She has well-developed arms and legs. Her real skill is that she holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She hasn't formally studied in a few years, but I've seen her practice and seen her fight at tournaments. She has naturally strong legs, but all those kicks made them even stronger - nicely toned and muscular.

Magoo: Jackie, is tall, probably 5’9” and around 140 pounds, very slim but solid looking. Actually she was a professional wrestler. She won most of her bouts in the ring, but what she really enjoyed was video taped matches in the gym. She would totally destroy her opponent and, so as not to have too short a match, she would make it last a long time. James and I came up with some rules. The women would wrestle naked. A submission would only allow a 10 second break before a restart. Punching and choking would be allowed. No scratching or biting would be allowed. The match would last until both women agreed it was over. I know Jackie liked that rule. She wanted a long time to punish her opponent. The match would take place in an empty bedroom. I James and I would attend but would not interfere. We discussed apparel. Jackie wanted naked, Fran didn't. I suggested a head scissors squeeze off. The 2 women got into a 69 position. Legs locked heads in a scissors. Jackie got a finger into a pressure point behind Fran's knees and the scissors lasted about 5 seconds when Fran relaxed her hold. The two women would be naked. They quickly stripped and faced each other.
We'll let the women call the match.

Jackie: I offered my hand to you before we started. You grabbed it in both hands, ducked under my arm and got me in a hammerlock and used it to run me tits first into the wall. I tried to spin but found myself slammed the the floor on my back. You pinned me with a shin across my throat and began pounding your fist into my tit. I managed to twist out but you dove on me, got an arm across my throat and applied the pressure. I slapped desperately at the floor. You let me go and stood up. I rolled on my back and could see you standing over me, counting to 10 on your fingers.

Fran 1, Jackie 0

Fran: Ha. Seems you may not be as tough as you think. But I'm sure you have plenty of fight left in you, even though I took this first fall pretty quickly. I back away as you get to your feet - God you're tall. You put your fists up in a guard and I do as well - though I'm more inclined to kick than punch. I fire a front kick to your exposed belly with the ball of my slender bare foot. You absorb the blow better than I expected, but double over a bit. As you come up you deliver a fist in a roundhouse punch, connecting solidly with my left side causing me to cry out in pain. Quick as a flash you have me by both my shoulders and snake one of those long legs around the back of my right calf, pushing me backward, pulling my leg from under me and taking me down to the floor...

Jackie: I go to the floor on top of you but when I do you twist your body and end up with a scissors across across my waist. I grab for the leg on top as you turn on the pressure. How did I let you get me in this situation? As I reach down to the leg across my belly you grab my head between your hands, and get your thumbs into the soft spot under my chin and turn on the pressure. I give one final feel to that muscular leg across my belly and grab your wrists and manage to pry them off my head. I didn't realize how hard it was to breathe with that scissors locked across my belly. I can't even let go of your wrists or you will grab my head again. Finally I had to release your wrists and slap at your thigh to submit. You give my belly one additional squeeze and open your legs. You jump to your feet and begin the vocal 10 count. “One two three …. “ Already, I know I can't win this one easily – it's time for a full attack... At the count of 10 I slam my foot into the back of your calf and take you down. I am still trying to breathe but I know I have to go on the attack. I climb on top of you and get you in a schoolgirl press, my knees grinding into your biceps. Then I slide forward and cover your nose and mouth with my crotch.

Fran 2. Jackie 0

Fran: I am frantically trying to free my nose and mouth from under you as I feel your entire weight bearing down on me! A few seconds ago I was squeezing the breath from your lungs with my powerful thighs and now you have the upper hand. I should have seen that kick to my calf coming...I didn't want this fight to wind up on the ground. With my arms immobilized by your weight I can't push you off - but I can try to bridge! I place my bare feet flat on the floor and push upward, using my strong legs in an effort to unseat you and get some air. But your position is stable on top of me and my legs give out, exhausted by the effort. I feel like I'm about to pass out when you suddenly scoot backward, onto my belly. I see this as my chance to escape as I suck air into my lungs and begin to sit up, propping up on my elbows. But you are quick and decisive and as soon as I can realize what's happening, you have leaned back, untucked your legs from beneath you and has ensnared my head in a straight, classic scissors! Jackie is still sitting on my belly, facing me with a smirk as if to say, "no getting out of this one, sweetie!" And she's right! Jackie's bare feet are locked at the ankles behind my skull and her thighs are squeezing my ears, jaw and head with unbelievable pressure. My mouth slowly opens into an agonized expression as Jackie flexes those hard thigh muscles against my head. I groan in pain and my hands come up to feebly try to separate the bands of steel that have encircled my head! Your thigh muscles stand out with effort and your mirk has turned into a mask of concentration as you snarl with effort, crushing my head. I feel those leg muscles and can actually feel the definition in your thighs as you squeeze, letting up for just a split second then straightening again with angry power. I feel like you're punishing me for the prior two falls with those long, sexy legs. Still, I want to try to free my head from your merciless squeeze. I can hear James shouting at me to fight back through your legs that are blocking my ears! Again I try pulling the thighs apart, but yu have had enough of that - syou calmly reach forward and grabs both wrists, trapping them like cuffs as you lean back even further, straightening your lethal limbs a bit more, causing me to cry out in agony! By holding my wrists firm, you have left me with no means of escape...I am panting with effort and at the end of my rope as you continue to punish me with those powerful thighs...

Jackie: I'm not sure why you don't just tell me you give up. Your mouth is open but maybe you forgot with all that pressure on your brain. I don't want you passing out on me so I open the scissors and roll off of you. I get up and help you to your feet. Those hard tits are looking at me. You must be turned on because the nipples are huge. I begin caressing one boob with my hand. That feels like a big chest muscle. It is hard. I get a bear hug on you, pressing my tits into yours. I am turned on. I begin kissing you on your mouth.

Fran: Your strong arms pull me close into your body and our pert tits rub together. At first I resist your kiss as your mouth presses into mine, but I realize there is no escaping this hug so I give in and slide my tongue into her mouth. I'm getting really hot and turned on by your sexy, strong body dominating me - but your hug is starting to hurt. I was so caught up in our bodies rubbing together and Jackie's kiss that I failed to realize how hard Jackie's arms are squeezing my ribs! My breath escapes and I throw my head back in agony as Jackie leans back, causing my bare soles to leave the floor. I am turning beet red and I am struggling to breathe. Jackie pulls those wrists in tight, again forcing the breath from my lungs as our bodies glisten with sweat. I try to shake off your crushing hold and drive a knee up into your side, but your hug has sapped my strength and my knee strike lacks the power I would need to shock your side and escape. You are caressing my neck with your tongue and I can't hang on any longer. I manage to tap your flexed thigh with my fingertips and you release your hold, dumping me on the floor in a heap as I curl up into a ball, holding my bruised ribs, trying to catch my breath. I tap several times on the floor.

Fran 2, Jackie 1

Jackie: I'm sorry hon but I want more of you. I lie down next to you in a 69 position, wrap one leg around your head and use the other leg to figure 4 your face into my crotch and begin to grind it slowly. I have both hands around your thigh, feeling that hard muscle. Then I work a finger into your sex and find your g-spot and begin tapping on it. I feel your body tighten up. My other hand is on your thigh. Those muscles turn me on. I begin grinding your face into my crotch. Yes, yes, yes. I'm cumming. I work my finger faster against your sex. My legs shoot out straight and I crush your head with my scissors. Finally my orgasm winds down. I open my legs. My cum is all over your face. I hug your thigh tight to my cheek and remove my finger from inside of you. Your crotch is also covered with your cum.

Fran: I slowly rise to my feet and wipe your juices from my face with the back of my wrist. My head is again aching from the powerful squeeze you inflicted with your well-muscled thighs. My vision is just starting to clear and I am wobbly from your leg punishment, but also from the intense orgasm you gave me while I was trapped in your hold. You are incredibly tough and skilled, but I've still got some fight left! You don't bother with a ten count because we're already on our feet, ready for our next clash. You exude confidence with a smirky grin, knowing you really hurt me with that scissors. I have to play to my strengths and keep you at a distance, and that means using my martial arts skills. You come in quick for another takedown, but I step back and take hold of your right arm with my hands. By grabbing that arm I leave your midsection exposed and drive two quick, hard roundhouse kicks into your belly with my instep, without even putting my foot back on the floor between my kicks. Your eyes widen with pain and gasp to suck in wind that I kicked from her lungs! I still have hold of that arm and try to pull you to the ground, but instead you just spin past me and as you do you pivot on your left foot and whip your long right leg around in a full circle, looking over shoulder at my head, your foot's target! Before I can block or dodge, you catch me full force across my cheek and jaw with the sole of your right foot. Smack!! Your kick sends me sprawling and I land on my back. You saunter over, grinning..."you're not the only one who knows how to use her feet in this fight, babe. Did you like my back roundhouse kick?" I try to shake the cobwebs off - that was about as hard as I've ever been hit. As I try to sit up, you are already alongside, trapping my left arm to the floor and snaking a leg under my low back and another across my ribcage, under my tits. I know what's coming and I try to tighten my stomach muscles, but you just slowly squeeze the breath from my lungs with a powerful body scissors. "How's that, sweetie? Whether your head or your ribs, I own you with these muscular legs!" I feel the leg across my belly and it's a smooth, flexing python. Once again I'm turning red and struggling to breathe, gasping in pain and agony. James tells me to fight back and free myself, so I try something of a dirty trick, reaching down to Jyour bare soles. Your ankles are locked together for leverage as you crush me - Your toes and feet are flexing with effort. I whisk my nails across those soles, trying to tickle your feet and escape. You briefly briefly squeal with laughter and your legs relax for just a second, but it is not enough time to escape your squeeze. In fact, it only makes you upset - You glare at me angrily, scrunching your soles against my nails and fires your legs out straight and hard, crushing me further as I cry out in intense pain! But I have another idea - through my pain and shallow breathing I find your sex with my fingertips and begin rubbing the top of your pussy, bringing a moan of pleasure to your lips...

Jackie: Oh yes! Get your finger inside on my sweet spot. You find the spot. I love you Fran. I open my legs and release your body. I grab your head and begin kissing you on the mouth. You grab my neck with your hand, but you are still working my pussy. Being careful not to dislodge your finger, I move my head down and hug your thigh against my cheek. I kiss your thigh. Squeeze me Fran, I want to feel your muscles. With your free hand you push my head between your thighs. You figure 4 your legs to pull my face into your sex. Then you straighten your legs and scissor my head. With my free hand I caress your solid butt muscle. I move it to your thigh. It feels so smooth and so hard. I begin to orgasm. My world becomes cloudy, then nothing. I come to and while still lying on the floor. I see you through a fog. You are putting on your clothes. I beg you not to leave.

Fran: I walk over to you, go into a spin and slam the top of my foot under your chin. You lie there crying. I enjoyed this hon. Let me know when you feel better. I would like to do this again.

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