The Padded Room
by paulbird

I wanted a woman to wrestle my wife and she eagerly agreed. "Then here is a little gift" as I handed her the bag. I purchased a blue nylon bikini for her. It looked so small but I new it will cover her body as it stretches to the max. I loved her tummy hanging over her briefs. Now I was going to watch it on the cameras I had hidden in the walls. there were three of them. I purchased a used wrestling mat at the gym and had it spread out in the empty bedroom. The walls were covered in padding as well. There was no way to escape as the door knob was removed and the combatants were trapped inside. No where to run. In fact it was a padded room. I cranked up the heat and it had to be close to 90 inside. Stains marked the mats and walls from past matches.

My wife was not a tiny woman. She was 58 years old and stood at 5'5" and tipped the scale at 179. Her belly protruded and she had cellulite on her thighs. Her 42 double D's were always a target for her opponents.

There was something about watching a woman twisting my wife's body, fat as it was, like a pretzel. that turned me on. I think she secretly liked it too although she'd never admit it. A lot of times she was in a hold she knew she wasn't getting out of but refused to give until Her foe increased the pressure. Sometimes I would see a woman release a hold only to apply it on her again until she screamed I give I give. And sometimes I would see a wet spot form between her legs. Sometimes it was a large spot of pee, other times a smaller spot of juice escaping from her love hole.

Our neighbor, Ann, was going to referee. She was wearing a striped black and white one piece suit. She was there to count the submissions on the board. Also to put her lovely body into the video. I was always hoping to get her to wrestle my wife one day in the padded room. Better yet wrestle me in bed.

It was to be a best 2 out of 3 match. No time limit

My cock was hardening at the thought of the match. She came in wearing a waist length robe tied at the waist. She looked unwittingly at the camera as she slowly untied the knot and opened up the robe revealing her body. The light blue suit was too small but I planned it that way. The top areoles peeking from her bra. The crotch and leg part of the suit digging in to her thighs that rubbed together. I could clearly see her camel toe where the suit went between her legs. She took the robe and tossed it into the corner and waited for the door to open. Her opponent a large blonde came into the room dressed in a black robe. Barefoot. She had to weigh at least 165 and stood 5'9 inches tall. She removed the robe tossing it and revealed a small red bikini. She was a tall girl with huge tits that barely fit into the bra. I paid the escort service so I never knew who they were sending but I was really pleased with this one. I told them to make sure she was a fighter. The bathing suit showed her assets clearly. Her nipples clearly protruding from the material. My wife knew the only time the door would open was when one of them was spread out helpless on the floor or submitting the match.

My wife was mildly shocked, as her usual opponents were more her size. This girl on the other hand was taller and younger, at least in her early 40's, and seemed more muscular. Ann said wrestle. They began to circle one another hands out. Then they locked up in the referees hold. The taller woman had the advantage as she moved Karen back into the wall. My wife was wise and grabbed the side of Paula's briefs and spun her around so she was on the wall. She pushed back on the taller girls chin then put a fist hard into her stomach. Paula gasped and raised her knee doubling over at the waist.

Karen moved back. Come on let's wrestle,she said. As Paula came out rubbing her red belly moving to her right in a circle. Karen rushed in catching her around the waist and running her into the wall but this time Paula managed to wrap her arm around her foes head. Karen's head was under her armpit facing the floor. Paula's arm came down across her opponents back. It sounded like a bass drum.

She smashed her again across the back. Karen arched. It was all the time her opponent needed as she got behind her and locked her in a full Nelson. Karen's arms waved in the air. I was impressed with the red bikini girl as she had my wife's face looking down at her twin mounds of flesh captured by the twin blue cups. My wife never had competition that seemed to handle her as easily as this girl. I knew I wanted to see her wrestle again. Do you give? Ann asked. She shook her head no. Then her head was bent down even more and she moaned. Ahhhhhhhh. Paula forced her over to the wall and ran her head into it three times. Although the wall was padded it still wasn't meant for having your head rammed into. She dropped the hold then punched her hard in the right kidney. It must have hurt because Karen put her hand to the back and the spot immediately turned red.

Paula pulled my wife away from the wall lifting up on her head. Then caught her in a front face lock. I caught a glimpse of my wife's face grimacing in pain as she turned her in circles. She had her head turned sideways and Karen was trying to pull it out from her arms. Karen was frantically trying to slap at Paula's body as she did Paula would jerk her head up, move her a few feet, then jerk up again. "Give!!! Paula screamed. "Give!!". But she mumbled no. Then she lifted up on her head almost pulling Karen's feet off the mat spinning her around as she did. Karen reached between her legs and dug her fingers into her red covered crotch. Paula screamed then let go of the hold. Backing away rubbing her hurt spot slowly. Gritting her teeth.

Paula rushed grabbing my wife's curly hair, pushing down on my wife's head while bring her shapely leg up, her knee catching my wife on the forehead. She flew back hitting the mad hard. Paula quickly rushed in grabbing my wife by the ankle turning her over to her stomach. Then she took her legs and bend them at the knee catching her in a double toe hold. Ann went to see if she wanted to submit, as she did Karen began to scream. Toes!! Toes! Paula was back bending Karen's chubby toes and then biting them. Ann found Her big toe and the one next to it completely in her mouth. Ann said break the hold and she did after all there was $500 at stake and a disqualification ended that.

As Karen lay there trying to move Paula grabbed both legs and twisted them into a scorpion death lock. Tangling Karen's legs with her arm she pulled back. Karen helpless, her legs pulled back lifting her hips off the mat began pounding the mat screaming no! no! no!! Paula was demonstrating her strength on her opponent. While Ann was on the mat asking if she wanted to surrender Paula grabbed the front of Karen's blue briefs pulling them, giving her more leverage and increasing the pressure on the fat girls back. She almost had her panties down enough that the pubic hair and twat were in danger of becoming visible. The pressure on her neck was mounting. She actually did look like a scorpion the way her body was being twisted, her flabbily legs useless. You could hear the briefs ripping as Karen, eyes closed, screamed out her surrender. Paula let go and the briefs went back to covering their treasure beneath them.

Paula went over and grabbed Karen's hair beginning to lift her up but Ann moved in, grabbing her wrist and taking the hand out of the hair. Paula looked into Ann's eyes menacingly. then moved back to her corner fists clinched. Karen crawled to the corner rubbing her neck she slowly stood up. Ann raised Paula's arm for the camera and then Paula jerked it out of Ann's grasp.

After 5 minutes Ann signaled and yelled, wrestle. They moved out of their corners. Karen was quicker this time as she rushed in pulling down on Paula's head and capturing her in a side headlock. Paula's face disappearing into the side of her huge tit. As she was paraded around the ring I zoomed the camera in on the taller girls ass. The suit was getting wetter from the heat and was becoming more like a second skin by the minute. One side ran up and disappeared into her ass crack. Sweat was dripping off all three women to the mat. There were no windows and the padding on the walls made for great insulation. They were now wrestling in an oven with no way out. Karen for her size was very agile. Rolling to her right she fell to the mat taking Paula's head with her. Where the head goes the body follows and she hit the mat hard. One leg up the wall the other on the mat. Time for the camera to zoom in on the red strip between her creamy thighs. Tiny pubic hairs appeared out each side. There was a sexy mound in her panties, unlike my wife, she wasn't shaved. But there was the indentation of her pussy with a little darker spot of red. A sign of wetness. Now both legs went up the wall kicking as one of my wife's massive tits smashed into her face. She was trying to roll her off. She reached up putting her hand under Karen's chin trying to force her head back.

Karen's weight kept Paula pinned so Karen removed Paula's hand from her chin and scissored it with her legs, then continued to grind away on her foes face and head. Paula's blonde hair pasted to her face as was my wife's. Paula's face was turning red as Karen now put her knuckles into Paula's forehead and rubbing them up and down hard. Paula was now squirming and moaning. My second camera caught her hand between Karen legs pinching the fat on her thighs just under her blue suit but it didn't seem to matter as she concentrated on the forehead, Paula was now frantic to get away. As she kept the hold on. Paula's free hand tried to reach my wife's hair between slapping the mat in pain as the knuckles continued their work on the same spot. Karen landed a fist into the area as well then went back with the knuckles as her victims body was trapped in spasms of pain, her bare feet were pushing on the wall. She was weakening now as Karen rolled on to her face with all her weight. The huge mound of flesh, like a blob, slowly covering her mouth and nose. Paula's nails digging into my wife's arm drawing blood from the scratches. Her feet kicking the wall. Muffled screams. Finally her arm dropped to the mat as one leg went limp and fell, then the other. Ann rushed in trying to see under the tit but the blondes face was part of it now. She lifted her arm and it fell back to the mat. she repeated the process. Only her hair was visible as her face was sandwiched by Karen's arm and her massive tit. She was out cold. Ann knew it and began tapping Karen's shoulder but she wouldn't roll off her face. Finally in desperation she grabbed her ears and pulled back. Karen immediately let go grabbing for Ann who wisely moved away.

Ann helped Paula to a sitting position. She was taking in deep breaths trying to regain the oxygen the monster breast kept from her. Karen was in the other corner her tit out of the bra. I moved the camera in for a closer shot the huge nipple and breast hanging downward as the tit had seen better days. Karen stuffed it back. It's bumpy dark areola and large nipple disappearing into the cup.

I scanned the camera to Paula's forehead. I knew she was trying to open a wound. It was completely red and raw from her knuckles. It was a tactic she used often to end a match early.

It was the third fall and both girls came out a little wary of one another. They slapped each other's hands both looking for an opening in the other's defense. Karen knocked Paula's hands away and wrapped her arms around her waist. She squeezed hard while Paula pushed back on her face. Then Karen lifted her off her feet. Paula's feet went behind Karen's legs as she bent over Karen's face as it pressed into her small stomach bulge.

Paula reached down and grabbed the strap of her opponents bra yanking it upward and it came apart. She took the clasp and used it on Karen's ear pushing it into its canal. Karen screamed grabbing her ear. Then rushed in yanking the front of her opponents bra yanking her around with it till it finally failed. Paula's tits were firm. The nipples protruding from her 36c breasts jiggled as she hit the wall. She wrapped her bra around her fist and went in grabbing Paula's hair then slammed her fist into her forehead and again. Finally she succeeded getting a small trickle of blood. Paula fell back into the wall grabbing her head. but as Karen came to finish the job Paula managed to kick her hard between her flabby thighs her toes dug into her sensitive pussy. Karen's mouth opened wide as her hands went between her legs. Paula pulled Karen forward then slammed her fist hard into her tit. Her hands never left her twat but she turned around in a circle and was dropped kicked into the back sending her into the wall then falling backwards face up on the mat.

Paula stepped on her tit using it for a step as she walked over her. Karen screamed rolling to her stomach and received a stomp to the back of the head. She straddled her then sat down on the back of her head facing her feet grabbing her arms and pulling up on them. Karen screamed again as her bare toes pounded the mat. She pulled back on her arms forcing Karen to get to her knees. Her face sideways under Paula's nice ass. Ann bent down do you give? No she screamed. Ann looked at her. Her eyes closed her huge tits laying in the puddles of sweat which formed little lakes on the mat. Paula raised up then dropped down her ass smashing Karen's head farther into the mat. She left go of her arms and got off her head. Karen began to get up but was kicked in the head again. Paula then lay length wise on top of her sliding her hand under Karen's body. then the real screaming began, as she dug her fingers into her right orb. She pulled her to her side so the camera could pick up the intensity of the hold. Her nails weren't cut and a close up showed 5 ice picks digging into the tit. Karen could do nothing except watch in terror as her right arm pinned back by Paula's leg her left pinned under her own body. The hand pulsated on the fleshy boob as if it were a fish trying to escape. She took joy pinching and twisting the huge nipple pulling it as far as it would go, like a circus balloon then let it snap back like a rubber band. She was twisting the nipple turning her tit into a licorice stick as the shrieking filled the room. Then she went back attacking with the claw hold. The pain was too much. I give!! I give up to the hold! Without Ann even asking. Ann touched Paula and she released the hold. Karen was crying now knowing she had lost entire match. her tit swelling as she lay there. I could see her suit briefs soaked and the puddle spreading under it wasn't from sweat. Ann raised Paula's arm and they left when the door opened leaving Karen rocking back and forth on the mat holding her tit in pain. The heat intensified the odors from the match in the small room and was making her gag. Then the door closed.