Padded room 2
by Paulabird8

I called the phone number I was given. It was hard to talk to a stranger and tell him that I was interested in wrestling another woman in the padded room I heard so much about. He asked me my age weight and height and asked me if I would be interested in wrestling someone in her early 50's. I asked if she has wrestled before. He said not with his club but she was on the waiting list so evidently wants to and she was next up. If you text me a photo I'll send it to her and hers to you. I went upstairs oiled my body and put on my white bikini and sent him a picture of me flexing and one of me laying on the bed. I was a cheerleader and played basketball and soccer but always wanted to wrestle. I did boyfriends but it always ended up as sexual to them.

I got her picture in a one piece blue suit bending over front and back. She had huge boobs and a nice ass for a larger girl. I liked the suit with the slight hint of a camel toe between her legs and secretly hope she would wear it. I wondered what she thought of my photo. I tried to give her enough angles of my body and let her decide. I don't think I'm a lesbian but her flabby body, older face and the color of the bathing suit may have made me rethink that position.

I remember when I was young, after swimming with my cousin, we went into the bedroom to change. We both had our wet bathing suits on. "Want to try something?" she said. "I like to watch wrestling on TV!". "Want to try a hold?". "Sure" I said. "What kind of hold do you have in mind?" "This kind"!!!! with that she threw me back on the bed maneuvered her body and in seconds had my head trapped between her thighs then crossing her legs tightly around it. I was shocked at first and struggled to escape but the way I was trapped there was no way. She was older and stronger than I was. She had me such a position that I was looking the cleft of her ass, my mouth inches away from her pussy. I knew immediately it was something we should not be doing and she knew it too but she still grabbed my hair and pulled my face hard right into her crotch. I stop struggling slowly and wrapped my arms tight around her stomach in a bear hug. Up to that point we were wrestling. But before I knew what I was doing, a strange feeling overcame me. I opened my eyes peering into the tight blue spandex my nose pressing into her ass crack. Before I could stop myself, I began kissing the dark blue strip between her legs. Smelling for the first time another's pungent sexual odor. Then she lifted my leg and put her head between my legs and with her hands urged me to cross my ankles and squeeze. Locking her head between my white thighs. I felt her doing the same thing to my strip as I did to hers. I put my fingers into her hair forcing her face into pussy and ass as she had mine. How many times I wish I had a photo of the hold we each had on the other. Our hips involuntarily began to move taking each other's head with them. We lay like that in our wet bathing suits for at least 15 minutes moaning in pain and pleasure until we heard her parents come home. Then reluctantly we released each other. I later found out I was not the only girl she used the hold on. From that day forward every time we see each other, we still smile.

I was always to timid to ask a woman to put a bathing suit and and wrestle me but I knew I had a chance when I read about the padded room in a section in combat art magazine. I had nothing to lose so I thought. It was the day of the match. I bought 5 different bathing suits. I loved the one that covered my breasts then opened up revealing my belly then dipping down between my legs. It was a monokini with a tiny strip connecting the bra and the panties. It was a python brown print. I went to a tanning booth and have to say I looked pretty good. I headed to the address. A bigger lady introduced herself and I told her my name. "Oh our new wrestler is it?" She directed me to a dressing room. I began to undress I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be. I left my dark red thong on just in case my suit didn't hold up. I had straps that crossed my back so thought it would be somewhat secured. I was showing enough skin as it was.

I was told this woman I was taking on knew how to wrestle before I signed the contract. I sat there at the desk in my bathing suit reading the paper. It mainly said by signing this contract I 1. had agreed to wrestle one Rene Marie Abordeen! 2. I was wrestling at my own free will. 3 that they were not responsible for any injuries that might occur. And 4 that I knew I was being filmed as I wrestled no matter what happened. I signed the paper, then was told to wait in another room with the TV and a couch. I sat there trying to stay calm but the excitement was building inside of me.

A girl came to the door and said are you ready. I nodded and was handed a waist length robe which I put on and followed the girl. As I walked I could see the a different woman putting on her robe on then sitting at the desk signing the contract. The door opened and I walked in the padded room. It was larger than I thought you could do three somersaults from one wall to the other. The smell was the first thing to get me, it smells like body odor. The overhead lights were like heat lamps. And the room was stifling the air stagnant and sweat was already forming on my body. I had stood in the far corner I looked at the walls, they were stained as well as the floor. There were four 2 by 2 foot square red sections on each wall that were free zones. If you touched one of them you were immediately freed by your opponent from the hold. In order to make sure of compliance there would be a shock from a small electrical suppository which we each had to insert in our ass. The room looked like it wasn't cleaned between matches. Stains covered the walls and floors and I knew my body would not be clean for long.

Suddenly the door opened and in stepped my rival. This girl was not the one in the picture. She was a gorgeous woman with long white hair, about the same size as me with beautiful white creamy skin.. All of a sudden I was feeling a warm feeling between my legs. I visioned her long legs wrapped around me. Both of us were barefoot. A voice said "ladies take off your robes". The room had slits in the wall to put in our robes. I took it off slowly, untying the waist for the camera bending over folding it showing clearly my python skin covered ass. The robes were silk so wasn't really hard to put them in. Then turned took a deep breath and looked at my opponent. I never saw a woman with so little on in attire, so white. Her hair tied back with weird eyes and tattoo of a rose and skull on her shoulder. She had on a tiny black bikini which contrasted against her white skin. By looking at her suit I knew she was all woman as the suit showed everything it was meant to hide. Obviously this girl was set to wrestle someone else, but she looked at me with a wicked sneer on her face.

The voice introduced us for the video as we came out holding up our hands and turning in a circle for the camera, as it panned up and down our bodies, then stepped back. Finally a bell rang and a voice said "wrestle" and we came out of the corners and began circling. I taunted her, "you're too cute to be wrestling". She didn't reply just kept moving opposite me..

She was faster than she looked as she came in grabbing me getting me back into the wall. I could feel her leg trying to get between mine but it wasn't happening. She moved back grabbing my suit pulling me towards her then locking me in a bear hug her toned arms lifting me off the mat. My legs went behind her thighs as I could feel my breasts pressing into her face. Oh she was digging her knuckles into my back. This was hurting. She pulled me out to the center of the room then ran dropping me at the last second and rammed me into the wall. Ohhh I was sandwiched and flattened between her body and the wall, then she picked me up in the bear hug again. I could see myself in the high monitor her bulging arms had me at her mercy the heels of my feet kicking into her ass. This was a far cry from the wrestling match I had so long ago. I grabbed her hair pulling her head back then grabbed both her ears and twisted hard. She screamed then dropped me. "Bitch" she said holding her ears. She did have an accent but couldn't tell if it was Russian or Ukrainian . I wondered where they got her from. This was no Rene Abordeen.

I knew I should not have twisted her ear as she was coming back toward me looking angry and we circled once again this time locking up. She was strong but I learned a few tricks from my boyfriend as I quickly moved behind her and locked on a full Nelson. She moaned slightly. I looked at the monitor and saw her thinking about getting free but jerked her head down harder as she peered into her tits. "I didn't learn to wrestle yesterday bitch". I pressed into her ass and it excited me. Suddenly she bent down quickly and I lost my balance and fell to my side. She was on me immediately getting me in a headlock. She lay across me pulling my head up into her right tit. Ow this hurts I mumbled. Sweat was dripping from her body to my face. My legs were moving trying to find a way out and from the films I saw I knew the camera was closing in on the spot between them.

My hands were running up and down her body looking for a way out and she squeeze my head mercilessly. I put my hand under her chin and pushed back at the same time raising my leg trying to get her head under it, but all I got was her forehead and my leg slipped off. I was kicking wildly trying to free my head. I finally got to my side trying to get my leg over her when suddenly she caught it in her legs scissoring it. I was trapped my head and leg in different positions my body being twisted as all her weight was squishing my tits. I managed to roll somewhat and wrap my arms around her head bringing our faces together. I felt her rapid breathing on my face. We rolled the other way and I managed to scissor her leg as well. Looked like two worms in a death struggle fighting to the end.

The only way out was to punch her in the ribs. I hit her the first time and she groaned, her arms loosening around my head. I hit her again in the same spot,my head popped free. Finally her legs open and we rolled to opposite sides of the room. I could see the red mark forming on her ribs. We began to circle once again. I went to lock up but she dove in grabbing my left leg pulling it out. I fell back against the wall sliding down. She pulled me out to the center of the room held my leg then kicked me with her toes to the back of my thigh then again. Her toenails dug into my skin and I gave out a shrill scream. "You like Natalia hurt American whore?" she screamed with a Russian accent.

"Fuck" as tears came to my eyes. She took my foot turning it. I tried to keep from turning but couldn't and ended up on my stomach then she quickly put me in a double toe hold. One leg over the other and pushing down. "Do you give?" Of voice boomed out of the speaker. "No", I screamed back. The albino bitch put pressure on my feet. She had her hands on both sets of toes digging her nails into them. I pounded the mat with my hands then looked back to see the white she devil smiling as she worked over my legs. I got to my elbows, head and sweaty hair hanging down trying to figure a way out of the hold. I wanted to hurt her as much as she was hurting me. I saw the red safe square to my right but was out of reach. Right now she was resting just keeping the pressure on my legs. She wanted to end the first fall and got up. I felt the pressure let off my legs somewhat as she was turning trying to straddle my back facing my legs. I tried to move reaching out for her leg but missed. Then I felt her leg go into the mix with mine then lifted me up in a sharpshooter lock. No no no please as she was putting pressure on my back finally sitting down pulling trying to break me in two. She grabbed the side of my suit as well scraping her nails into my skin. I couldn't take it and wave my surrender. Even though I was in pain I actually saw on the monitor my suffering. I was like a fly wrapped in silk by the soviet spider, she had the hold applied perfectly, her bare feet pressing in the mat pulling my legs back. The voice said "say I submit to the hold!".. "Fuck you" I screamed. "I give!". The pressure was getting greater her ass was on my shoulders still pulling back, she was breaking me in half. "Fuck, fuck, I submit to the hold" I screamed between sobs. Immediately she released the hold and I lay drenched in sweat, completely spent.

The Russian moved to her corner. I got to my knees holding my back. "I'm going to have to dig deep to have a chance.", I thought. I sat in the corner my head between my legs. The Russian was doing handstands against the wall. Her pure white body in contrast to the dingy yellow pad. My monokini was stained with touches of black from what was left from other women on the mat. I got up shaking my legs and the bell rang. We circled. I challenged her to a test of strength. I held out my left hand and she took it I held out my right she went to grab it before she did I slapped her hard across the face then twisted her arm down and locked her wrist. She screamed and stood on her toes trying to take the pressure off her hand. I raised her arm ducked under it and twisted her arm. She grabbed her shoulder as I bent her hand back with both my hands in a wrist lock. I adjusted her arm so she bent forward at the waist then slammed my leg into her tits. She dropped to her knees like a rock and I twisted her arm behind her in a hammer lock.

"You no like American kicking your white ass?" I said. I got her flat on her stomach as I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Her black bikini turned into a thong as it disappeared between the pure white cheeks of her ass. It was too much to resist as I grabbed the bikini and pulled wedging her pussy with it. She yelled out in agony. Somehow I was so excited hurting her with the panties I didn't realize how close to the wall she was as her foot touched the red square. The buzzer went off and I released the hold. I had no idea what the thing is my ass was capable off and didn't want to find out. I had to wait 60 seconds till the buzzer sounded again. The Russian got to her hands and knees and was in the process of getting to her feet when I got behind her and slammed my fist really hard between those pearly white thighs and into her black cloth covered twat. She rolled over and over hands between her legs. American or Russian, pussies are the same and it hurts when they are mashed. She ended up on her back her hands still between her legs as they were bent up to her stomach in a fetal position. I grabbed an ankle stretched out her leg then quickly dropped down scissoring her other leg with mine then began pulling her apart. The bikini was no more than a string as it dipped between her pink pussy lips and ass cheeks. "Het het pozhaluysta het" (no no please no) she screamed in her Russian accent. "Too bad so sad!" I replied as I began to pull her apart. I didn't want to wrestle her I wanted to hurt her. She grabbed at her bra pulling it up and over her tits. Two white mounds of flesh with little pink nipples were hard from the battle. Was she offering to surrender?. I pulled harder and her hands went to her white hair. "No escape bitch". "Do you submit to the hold?" the voice said. "Da da" she cried out. " I submit to the hold"! The second fall was over. I later found out that the club she belonged to pulled off their bras to surrender.

We had a five minute rest period between falls. She crawled to the corner rubbing her twat then pulled off her bra tossing it aside. . "I wrestle you like woman to woman yes?" She said. As I looked at her luscious white body I decided to take the challenge and began to remove my suit if she was going to wrestle topless so was I. I started to pull my monokini down over my legs just then I felt my hair being pulled hard. Just as I felt the yank I heard a different kind of sound and watched the albino turn spinning in circles her hands clutching her ass then hitting the wall and then falling to the floor rolling over and over. Finally as the buzzer stopped so did she as she ended up on her stomach breathing heavily holding her ass. Guess she found out what happens when you break the rules. I watched as I tossed the suit in the corner now standing there naked except for the red thong.

The rest period was over the Russian got to her feet still wobbly holding out her hand asking me for mercy. I slapped it away and grabbed a handful of her white hair putting her head under my arm squeezing her head lifting up on her neck making her rise on her toes. Her hands were moving all over my body. I moved her about the room keeping her away from the safe spots on the wall then rolled back taking her with me. As she flew over me she ended up hitting the mat hard on her back with me rolling on top. I quickly adjusted my body and shoved her head between my thighs and locked my ankles. I settled back on my elbows watching her headless body buck wildly into the air. Behind I saw the white hair coming out of my tan thighs. Between her neck and her hair I knew where her face was. I hoped she was enjoying the view. I adjusted my legs trying to get her head closer to my love nest but she resisted clawing at my ass with her nails. I retaliated taking one of her petite pink nipples in my fingers stretching her tit in all directions before letting it snap back in place. Her legs spread searching for my head but I pushed them away. Getting my face squashed into her sweaty pussy was not my idea of fun. I raised up putting more pressure on her head, she let out a muffled squeal. My ankles were burning. I had to loosen my ankles they were going numb when I did her head popped out. She quickly straddled my stomach. Her hands immediately went to my tan orbs digging her nails into them. I screamed trying to buck her off hoping whatever went off in her ass did again.

That's when I made my major mistake. I raised up my legs up trying to get my heels into her shoulders and pull her off but I missed. When I tried again she was ready as she caught my legs under her arms then bent forward getting her hands behind my head pulling it up. My chin tight on my chest looking at her pink pussy as the thong wasn't covering it as I was being compacted. My bare feet kicking in the air. My hands slapping at her back digging my nails into it but nothing fazed her. I couldn't breathe. I saw the video later my ass in the air my legs coming out bend at the knees under her arm pits, feet waving helplessly over her back my knees almost touching my shoulders in her compacter hold her hands locked behind my head pulling it I was doomed trapped, bondaged by her body. I waved my hands submitting. "Do you submit to the hold" the voice said. I couldn't talk but waved my hands and feet as she applied even more pressure. All of a sudden she was off me. I unfolded my body then just lay there. I felt my hair being pulled forcing me to my feet. She put a hand between my legs one around me up paused then slammed me into the mat. It hurt as I arched up. I opened my eyes as she straddled my head then sat down. The heels of her feet keeping my head straight as her ass accepted my nose her pussy my mouth. I couldn't breathe. She put all her weight on my face. My hands were frantically pulling at her thighs pinching them. Suddenly a fist slammed hard into my stomach. All the air rushed from me and when I took a breath to recover I sucked air from under her and tasted sweat and whatever else was coming from her body.

She turned to her side locking her ankles. My face buried between her creamy white thighs and her pussy ass combination. She adjusted her legs so her calf was forcing my head up even tighter into her. "You like?" She asked. Then I felt her hands rub my stomach softly relaxing it. Then came her fingers digging low into my stomach in a claw hold. I screamed although it was muffled by her body. My legs kicked frantically but her hand kept digging deeper and lower finally her fingers bypassed my red panties and began invading my pussy with two of her fingers while her thumb pushed down from the outside. I slapped wildly at her ass digging with my nails. Finally her legs opened up and they moved away, clearly she was more interested in her uterine claw. I lay there watching helplessly unable to resist. I head the voice. I mumbled "I submit to the hold". She pulled her fingers out from inside me and put them in her mouth. Then she mounted my face pulling her panties to the side pulled my face into her. Involuntarily my tongue entered her hole as her hips moved humping my face. My lips found her clit and after a few minutes she screamed and her fluids flooded down on me.

Finally it stopped. I lay there unable to breathe as the Russian stood up, then put her foot on my face then pushed it into my mouth. Fearing the shock. I grabbed her ankle licking and sucking her salty toes . Finally after five minutes of making love to her feet the lights went out and the door opened. The ordeal was over. I lost!