Wrestling Grandmas
By Paulabird8

Before the match Mary removed her top and jeans, kicked off her shoes, stood in the dressing room with pink panties on reaching into her bag pulling out a blue one piece bathing suit. The slim young blonde in the next cubicle watched her. "Who you rasslin tonight", the blonde asked removing her bathing suit. "Some hillbilly from West Virginia, Karen something". "I saw her big ass come in she looks older" replied the girl. "You look like you can handle her!" Mary noticed a brunette limping dressing. The blonde looked as Mary pulled the suit up her legs and over her protruding stomach finally over her large set of 44 D tits. "You win?" Mary asked. "Yeah body slammed her 3 times in a row then pinned her." Maybe someday I'll wrestle you grandma" the blonde said and turned away. Mary looked at her half naked body and thought "I hope so".

It was going to be the main event of the night. It was senior night and the main event was two grandmas battling it out for the senior belt in the UWL. The underground wrestling league. It was the first time for their age group so naturally the winner is champion. Mary headed toward the ring. She saw her opponent already pacing as she stepped between the ropes.

The announcer came out with the microphone and said "In the left corner, at the age of 62, standing five feet four inches, weighing in at 167 pounds, wearing the blue one piece bathing suit from Dallas Texas..Rasslin Mary". Mary was wearing a black jacket with two women wrestling on the back. She steps out of the corner turning in circles holding her hand in the air. "Her opponent in the right corner, 65 years of age, standing 5 feet three inches, weighing in at 151 pounds, wearing the one piece white bathing suit with the black stripe from Huntington West Virginia, Karen the Tumbling Hillbilly".

Karen steps out of the corner slowly removing her jacket tossing it out of the ring then turns and pulls on the rope. The women both had protruding tummies and celulite on their thighs. Both sets of breasts were large protruding from the sides of their confining cups and making great targets for their adversary. The two old ladies were in decent shape face wise for their ages. For some reason men like to watch older women wrestle and torture each other and they hoped they did a good job of it. Mary had gray hair to her shoulders tied in a pony tail Karen had short gray hair.

The women moved to the centre of the ring to get their instructions. The female referee runs her hands up and down their bodies head to toe checking for illegal items. Karen offers her hand but Mary slaps it away. They both move back to their respective corners.

The bell rings. "Get her Tex" someone yells from the stands. Basically it was 85 % men of all ages and a few single women and girls with their boyfriends. Both women come out of the corners as cameras flash and begin circling, then lock together in the referees hold. Mary being the taller has the advantage as she bears down on her smaller opponent. Karen drops to one knee gritting her teeth but she forces her way back up and pushes the Texan back against the ropes. "Break" the referee says. Both women raise their hands and Karen backs away slowly. Mary took a kick at Karen catching her in the thigh. "Ya'll want to play dirty Tex?" As she held up her fists.

Once again they circle each other but Mary was quicker, grabbing Karen's arm sends her flying over her hip and she hits the mat. Mary is surprisingly quick for her size as she never let go of Karen's arm. Sitting down she puts one foot against Karen's cheek the other under her arm pit and sits back. Karen slaps the mat with her free hand the other hand trying to remove her opponents toes from the side of her face, while the other foot cruelly pushes on the side of her tit, her toes pressing in on the cup. Karen kicks and manages to get to a sitting position, but is still locked in the hold. Give up? The ref asks: the Texan was trying to end the match early, but gets no reply. The gray haired bully from Dallas pulls her foot back and rams it into the Ohioans tit as Karen falls back to the mat moaning. It was too early to be in such a predicament. Karen rocked this time her momentum got her to one knee at the same time she began grabbing Mary's toes twisting them. Mary screams and moves her foot
away but smashes it back into her face and back down she goes now beginning to really moan grabbing at her shoulder. Mary torments her by moving the foot on her cheek then rubbing her toes on the old lady's face then back to her cheek. Karen's feet pounding the mat like a drum. "Pull it off Tex" someone in the crowd yelled. That was all the time Karen needed as she rocked to her feet this time Mary's foot slipped off her armpit. Karen immediately frees the foot from her face and dropped on her prone foe. Sweat was already staining marys blue suit. No sound of air escaped marys lips as Karen's body dropped onto her stomach. Their legs were tangled it was hard to see which leg belonged to which woman as they rolled back and forth across the mat. Karen grabs marys hair jerking her head to the side hard. Karen's hand went to Mary's throat, Mary screamed but the referee looked on without taking action. Karen freed her legs then locked her arm around the gray haired woman's head, laying across her body, she had Mary in a head lock. Marys bare feet pounded on the mat as her hands went to Karen's body looking for a way out of the hold. She pushed back on Karen's chin but to know avail as Karen applied more pressure and Mary's hands went back to Karen's arm, trying to relieve some of the torment. Her face was turning red as her knuckles dug into Mary's cheek. As her body moved her legs would spread revealing the blue strip between her flabby thighs. Mary began a soft moaning sound as she tried to get to her knees forcing Karen up with her. Marys hands working to free her head, one on her foes arm the other around her bulging tummy. Suddenly Karen left out a scream as Mary had a handful of suit yanking it up between karens ass cheeks. "She's got my suit ref". There was a ripping sound as the suit had turned more into a string cutting into Karen's sensitive areas between her legs. The ref moved marys hands off the suit, but it remained wedged between karens ass cheeks, a bit of gray hair appeared at the front triangle due to the distortion to her suit. She reached back trying to adjust it. Mary sensed the lessening of pressure on her head with a push to Karen's back pulled her head out.

Karen fell into the ropes and to the mat with Mary on top of her as their arms and legs tangled up pulling each other's hair pinching each other's nipples through the suits. Rolling back-and-forth the white suit on top then the blue and then the white squeezing each other's legs with their own. Thighs rubbing on pussies. Finally they rolled and were tangled in the ropes. The referee broke them up taking their hands from each other's hair and untangling their legs.

They both got to their feet crouching. This time Karen was quicker ducking behind the bully and locking her in a full nelson. Pressing her tits into her back while forcing her head down looking into her cleavage between her two massive mounds of flesh hands clenching at nothing but air. She walked her around the ring. Mary was not used to be bullied and backed Karen into the ropes. The ref yelled break as Karen released the hold Mary spun with her elbow catching the smaller woman in the head. As Karen's hands went to her face as she began stumbling Mary spun her around and locked her into a full nelson. "You like this rasslin grandma?" Now it was the West Virginians head pushed down. Unlike Karen's full Nelson Mary's huge arms were having a real effect on the smaller woman weakening her. She actually picked Karen off the floor and brought out screams from her lips. Kicking her in the back of her thigh she forced her to the corner and rammed her head into the padding of the turnbuckle. The referee tapped Mary and said break the hold she did but not before turning Karen around pressing her body against her forcing her tits into her face then moving back slammed a forearm into her huge chest.

Karen's bra was the worst for wear from the nelson as the dark area of her areola was peeking from the cup. Mary was first to react, as her opponent circled kicking Karen in her paunchy stomach with her toes. Karen fell to her knees then another kick to the face put her on her back crying. "Tears won't help you", in a quick maneuver Mary rushed drown shoving the hillbilly's head between her legs. Clearly Mary was the better wrestler. The little grandma in the white suit began to kick wildly as no women wants her head between another woman's thighs. Karen was laying on her side her nose inches from Mary's huge ass. The girl referee was on her knees asking Karen to submit. But somehow she managed to say "no" with a hillbilly accent. Mary adjusted her legs putting on a reverse figure four headscissors forcing her opponents head tightly into her crotch. Mary reached back and grabbed the smaller woman's hair pulling her face into her ass. Her nose was no longer inches from the massive butt as it was buried into the crack between her cheeks. Mary fingers went inside the bra pulling the West Virginia woman's nipple and huge tit out of the cup twisting it. Karen's hands went to Mary's wrist pulling as she did it stretched her tit out even more. The crowd heard Karen's muffled screams as she and began kicking. Fortunately her knee caught Mary in the forehead and Mary released the hold and rolled over. Her adversary lay there stunned from the effects of the vice like Texans thighs.

While Karen slowly was intent on stuffing her breast back in her cup Mary took advantage grabbing her, flipping her over locking the prone woman's legs in a double toe hold. Karen pounded the mat with her hands not so much due to pain but frustration. But then frustration turned to pain as karens toes were being squeezed. "Toes" she cried, "she's got my toes", karen screamed. As the ref looked as Mary showed her that she was squeezing all her toes at once which as legal. Karen, do you give, the ref asked. No no no was the reply as she reached for the ropes. Mary noticing it got up dragging her foe to the middle of the ring, then reapplied the hold. Karen reached back trying to grab her tormentor but a quick fist to her back stopped that tactic. Karens foot was turning red from the toes being squeezed. Then the unimagineable happened as she shoved Karen's toes to her mouth and bit down. Karens screams filled the arena. The ref began to count 1. 2. 3. And Mary released the hold. The ref pushed her back to the ropes while karen hobbled to the corner the cup of her bra still under her tit, the nipple hardened.

Soon as she saw Karen was up the ref released Mary. No time was wasted as Mary headed across the ring trapping the smaller woman in the corner, once again using her weight, pressing her body against her. She tucked karens head under her arm, grabbed the side of her suit, then falling backwards took her head with her flipping the slightly lighter woman hard to the mat rolling on top of her. Karen landed hard on her back stunned, the bigger woman was now taking charge. Mary rolled her to her side grabbed an arm and a leg while sitting down put one foot into her stomach the other on her right tit then pulled with her arms and pushed with her feet. Karen screamed working with her free hand trying to get Mary's foot off her tit, Mary had the match under control and was now just out to hurt the hillbilly. She moved her foot off her tit and put it under her chin pushing her head back Karen couldn't talk but just made noises as she was pulling at the toes trying to get the foot away, saliva running down her chin. Mary's other foot was disappearing into the fat of the old woman's stomach, the toes working their way into whatever part of her body was under the white suit.

Tiring of that torture she got up picking Karen up by the arm spun her into the corner turnbuckle her back slamming against the pole, then she ran in smashing her with her body. She pulled her out put her hand between her legs rolled backwards with her ending up on top pressing her body on Karen trying for a pin but the lighter girl kicked frantically and Mary rolled off. Karen tried to escape under the ropes but Mary grabbed her leg twisting it rolled her over to her back. Karen kicked at Marys thigh but missed then a size 8 stomp to Karen's lower stomach stopped that. Mary put her foot on Karen's ankle then picked her up her injured foot and spread her. "Oh no", she screamed as her legs were spread wide apart the white strip between her legs barely wide enough to cover the treasure it hid. Mary immediately went to work on Karen's toes again showing the ref as she bent the entire group back. The ref signaled to Karen it was a legal hold.

Karen begged then put her hands between her legs. "Your splitting me" she screamed even though the pain Mary was applying to her toes was far worse. Both her hands then went to her head grabbing her hair trying to absorb the pain to her leg muscles. The ref asked do you give? Noooo was the reply. With that Mary kept applying pressure to her ankle twisting it spreading her even farther with the hillbilly screaming below her. A sick smile then a dirty move as the Texan dropped down with all her weight slamming her knee hard into her adversary's spread pussy. Karen rolled over and over both hands between her legs finally going under the ropes and falling to the floor. Mary was through the ropes in a flash grabbing Karen by the hair lifting her to her feet slamming her arm between her legs grabbing a handful of suit the other around her neck lifted her up paused then slammed the 67 year old into the cement floor.

Karen lay there sobbing then grabbed the side of the ring and slowly hauled herself up as she did Mary bent her back over the ring apron then slammed her fist into the uncovered right tit flattening it into her breastbone. Then she grabbed her by the hair ran her face into the ring apron 3 times. As Karen stumbled backwards not knowing where she was, Mary grabbed her hair, turned her then put her fist into Karen's forehead sending her back down. The ref was counting. 1. Mary crawled under the ropes and back into the ring. The tumbling hillbilly tried to crawl back up, but bleeding from the nose, fell back to the floor as the referee counted her out. Mary leaned over the ropes yelling "Y'all better stay home and rassle the pigs hillbilly!" The referee raised Mary's hand and the match was over. Texas won.