The Video
by Paulabird8

I got a call from Jim, he sent over a video. It was sort of a scouting report. It was from another wrestling club called Sizemore and Jim wanted to schedule a match with me wrestling one of the women. I just finished doing laps in the pool and took the DVD up to my bedroom fixed a drink and lay on the bed on my stomach. I loved looking in the mirror at my body, the way the bathing suit tightened as it dried.

The video started out showing a series of photos of various women caught in unique holds usually with the aggressor having their victims bent in odd positions, legs spread and as usual there were lots of photos of the women's crotches. The camera then zoomed in on the empty ring. The words came up from the bottom.

143 lbs. 132 lbs
5'7". 5'6"
32 yo. 30 yo
Personal trainer and. Security Officer
MMA fighter

Jeri the first one up the steps climbed through the ropes and went to the far corner. She had a really nice body with brown hair to her shoulders. An orange suit cut out at the stomach and sides showing her toned abdominal muscles. Her suit was high on the hips and low in back with crisscross straps. Her perfect tits fit nicely in the suits cups. Showing a nice cleavage and a slight camel toe between her legs. She pulled on the ropes then leaned back in the corner waiting for her opponent to enter. I liked the way the suit fit her. Suddenly i felt warm and hoped that I would get the chance to wrestle her.

Then Ashlee came up into the ring she had a beautiful ass as the camera showed as somehow they slowed the video down and zoomed in on it as she climbed through the ropes. She glanced over and Jeri and then looked away going to her corner. She was gorgeous a beautiful body inside a skin tight black one piece suit with a little police badge type emblem on her hip. She had blue eyes and blonde hair down to her shoulders. Jeri's hair was in loose curls while Ashlee's hung straight. Ashlee's suit did not have cups for her bra it was just material over her tits and the shape of them stood out perfectly nipples erect and ready to take whatever punishment dealt out by her opponent. Ashlee's thighs were larger and I was hoping to see them used to full advantage on Jeri's head. Both women were barefoot. Jeri's nails painted orange to match her suit.

Both girls came to center ring for their instructions. They both had little black vests that were open. I liked that addition, for some reason it made me tingle when I took my jacket off revealing my body to the men in the audience. The referee did a quick job checking for weapons then the girls shook hands and went back to their corners taking the vests and tossing them out of the ring. Turned and faced each other.

The bell rang and immediately they came to center and locked up. Jeri was a tad bigger but Ashlee's powerful legs took command and forced Jeri back into the ropes. The ref yelled break Jeri held her arms up but Ashlee put her arm under the brunettes and flipped her hard across the mat. Jeri's suit slid up her ass as she slid she sat there and stared at Ashlee. The cop moved in to follow up but Jeri was like a spider and pulled the hapless blonde down to the mat by her leg catching her immediately in some sort of leg split. Her knee on Ashlee's right leg then stretching her left with her hands splitting her and the camera was quick to take advantage, zeroing in on the black strip between the blondes thighs as little blonde hairs protruded from the sides. Ashlee pushed up with her arms behind her as if she was inspecting the damage being done to her body but Jeri jerked her legs farther apart and she fell back to the mat slapping the mat in pain. Finally after about 4 minutes of torture Ashlee kicked her leg out of Jeri's hands and put a bare foot into her face and pushed sending the brunette somersaulting back into the ropes. Ashlee got up rubbing the inside of her thighs as Jeri untangled herself from the ropes.

Jeri got up and this time she stayed away and didn't want to lock up but crouched down with her hands extended Ashlee did the same both girls looking for an opening. Quick as a flash Ashlee had the right wrist of Jeri ducked under and had her arm up to her shoulder blade in a hammerlock. The camera zoomed into Jeri's face, her teeth clenched, eyes closed, then down to her feet on tip toes trying to alleviate some of the pressure on her arm.

From what I read both women seemed to be clean wrestlers who usually fought against women who were villains. Jim told me they both wanted to win this match to see who would face me. The men in the audience seemed to favor the blonde in the black bathing suit. So far I couldn't tell who was the better wrestler.

Jeri somehow ducked down under Ashley's arm and reversed the hold, now Ashley's arm was being forced up her back and she was on her pretty tip toes. Wow in an impressive move she added a half nelson to the blonde. Ashlee gritting her teeth trying to absorb the pain one arm waving helplessly above her head the other up the blondes back. "Give?" The ref asked. "No" was the reply. Jeri adjusted the hold applying more pressure. "Ask her ref" Jeri said but before he could the blonde shook her head no.

Jeri dropped the hammerlock and now applied a full nelson. Jeri so far was obviously the better wrestler tying Ashlee's body in knots. Ashlee still on tip toes as her neck was bent down looking into her cleavage. Suddenly Ashlee forced Jeri to lose her balance and they fell into the ropes. Ashlee smartly stuck her leg over the bottom rope. "Break" the ref said. Jeri looked at her for an extra seconds before releasing the hold and backing up.

Ashlee stepped back into the ring rubbing her neck glaring at Jeri who is strutting around the ring. They both come together in the referees hold this time Ashlee pushes Jeri's arm up slams her hard with an open hand to the back the locks her in a side headlock. I can actually see her muscles bulge as she applies the pressure. Jeri's hands go to her hips feeling for a weakness. Jeri cries out as Ashlee really applies the pressure Jeri drops to one knee but is quickly back to her feet. Suddenly Ashlee turns and takes her running to the corner ramming her head into the turnbuckle Jeri falls backwards holding her head now it's Ashlee strutting as she picks up Jeri and locks the headlock back on. If I wrestle her I'm going to have to watch for the headlock I thought.

Most headlocks are a wear down type hold but Ashlee's looks more like she could force her opponent to submit using the hold. Once again Jeri's head met the second pad on the corner post. When Jeri fell backwards it looked like her ear was bleeding. I rewound it and saw it was true. I paused the film and I could see the pain on Jeri's face as she pulled herself up using the ropes walked her around the ring shaking her head. Quickly Ashlee had her locked in the hold for a third time. Jeri was getting desperate as she grabbed the back of Ash's thigh but all she did when that happened was to spin her in a circle the brunettes feet trying to keep up. Jeri had enough grabbing at her arms she grabbed the back of the suit into a wedgie and spun around throwing Ashlee into the ropes. When she bounced off Jeri was ready and punched her low into the stomach. Ashlee did a complete forward somersault hit hard on her back then rolled to her side holding her stomach. Jeri jumped across her chest going for the pin. The ref got down and began the count 1, 2,.. Ashlee's hand was between Jeri's legs. She grabbed her suit and flipped her off. Ashlee had upper body strength and began to sit up but like an anaconda Jeri's legs came up capturing the blonde cop's head and pulling her back down on the mat. Ashlee's chin was caught behind Jeri's knee her hands frantically trying to pull the leg off but Jeri had the hold locked on. Ashlee bridged but a fist to her belly ended that.

I could feel warmth growing between my legs as I watched the blonde in the skin tight suit rolling back and forth captured in another woman's legs and in obvious pain. Jeri grabbed one of Ashlee's legs opening her up. I could clearly see her pussy opening through the material. My hand began feeling my tits through my bathing suit. I stopped the video and put a pillow between my legs and looked in the mirror. To me the pillow was the bleached blondes head between my thighs, my ankles crossed pretending I could see her body in that bathing suit pulling at and struggling with my legs on the bed. I needed a drink.

I turned the video back on. Ashlee shook her leg loose and somehow maneuvered her body so she was on her knees her head still trapped but she managed to roll Jeri to her stomach. Jeri knew she couldn't hold her much longer so tried to get away but Ashlee grabbed her ankle and pulled her back. Jeri tried to shake loose but quick as a wink of an eye Ashlee had her leg folded up in a toe hold one hand on her ankle the other on her toes. Ashlee's nails dug into the soft area on the bottom of her foe's foot under the toes forcing them down causing a squeal from the brunettes lips. Now it was the ref on his stomach asking Jeri if she wanted to "give". She had her face buried in her arms sobbing but she softly said "no". . Ashlee pushed Jeri's heel into the cheek of her rounded ass. Ashlee pounded her fist into Jeri's other ass cheek Jeri's head came up screaming as another fist from the cop came down.

Jeri reached back trying to grab Ash but she was too far back. She tried to rock to her side. Ashlee let go of the foot and rolled up as Jeri rolled to her back and locked on the headlock again this time on the mat. I heard Jeri scream "No" as Ashlee's arm went around her head.. Ashlee was on her side laying just above her rivals tits forcing Jeri's head up into her side , her victims eyes inches from the soft tit and its taunt nipple. Jeri's legs were spread nicely one straight out flat on the mat the other bent at the knee open enough that the camera operator got a close up of her love tunnel and the small dark orange spot in the middle of it. I felt my own wet spot forming between my legs. The open spot on Jeri's stomach moving in and out with her breathing.

The match seemed like it was getting a little more vicious as Ashlee rubs her knuckles on Jeri's head reddening it. Jeri had enough reaches up grabs a huge handful of blonde hair and pulls Ashlee frees Jeri's head and quickly once again Ashlee's head is between Jeri's long legs this time between her thighs facing the roundness of her ass. The camera moves in on the blondes face distorted as Jeri amps up the pressure. Ashlee's legs seek Jeri's head but she pushes them away. Ashlee's eyes shut tightly her white legs trembling on the mat. I remember my first date with my boyfriend when we were in our undies while my parents were gone. He had me in a similar hold. He kept me in it for the longest time while I fought off his hands trying to put a second much different hold on me. Just as he began to succeed on his second hold the car pulled into the driveway.

My mind returned to the video. Ashlee was frantically pulling at Jeri's thighs but just then Jeri put her legs in a figure 4 position reaching back and grabbing her foot. The blondes face disappeared into the orange crotch of her rival. Ashlee was kicking wildly her arms around Jeri's waist pulling at her suit. She gave a huge kick with both legs and somehow reached the ropes. She quickly crossed her ankles on the bottom one. The ref told Jeri to break the hold but she still pulled on her foot the blonde had muffled screams grabbing her suit slapping and pinching her legs. The ref counted 1. 2. 3. 4. Then Jeri relented opening her legs and grabbing Ashlee's hair pulled her head out the pushed her out of the ring with her bare feet on her hips and face.

The blonde fell about 3 feet luckily the floor outside the ring was padded as well. The camera ran around to the outside filming Ashlee as she lay there legs in the air, her face red as a beet, hair plastered to her face, suit ripped on the side and a small section of fat pushed through it. She got up,stumbled a bit, then tried to climb back into the ring but a kick to the face sent her sprawling. The ref pushed Jeri back as Ashley got back up to her feet. She got on the apron of the ring and when Jeri rushed in again but this time the blonde was ready she grabbed her leg as Jeri fell back she pulled it out of the ring raised it then slammed it on the ring apron twice. Jeri rolled around holding her left leg.

Quickly she scampered up the steps and through the ropes picking Jeri up by the hair slammed a uppercut into her camel toe. Jeri's eyes were wide as moons as she dropped to her knees then her face. Ashlee got behind her and as her opponent lay face first on the mat sat down grabbed each of her ankles then put her right foot between Jeri's thighs right on the orange strip protecting her twat from view. She pulled on her ankles while pushing with her foot Jeri let out a scream as she was up on her elbows the camera zooming in on her face. Eyes shut tight mouth open screaming Ashlee pulled her foot back the jammed it in again and that brought out another scream. The ref wasn't even asking if she wanted to give up. He stood watching and by the bulge in his pants was becoming more involved then ever in seeing the match continue.

Ashlee stood up Jeri was frozen in position. Ashlee bent over and grabbed the straps crisscrossing Jeri's back pulling them stretching them finally they broke. She pulled Jeri up by the hair pulling her suit down revealing her beautiful white creamy 36c tits. She was standing their helpless as Ash wet her finger making an x on the nipple then slammed her fist into it. The tit exploded from the punch. The camera showed it in ultra slow motion. First the nipple pushed in then like a meteor the rest of her boob expanded squished by her fist. She fell back into the corner the top part of her suit uselessly hanging down. Ashlee pinned her against the post. Standing on the bottom rope, holding her by the hair, she fired fist after fist into the brunettes head. Jeri tried to fight back grabbing Ashlee's crotch but had no strength left. Ashlee got off the rope pulled her head down then knee lifted her in the tits. The MMA girl looked like she came out of the octagon as blood flowed from her head. She came out of the corner and fell face first on the mat. Ashlee rolled her over and she straddled her opponents face looking down at her tits the one bruised much bigger. The blonde had her knees on the brunettes shoulders then sat back. She made sure using her feet on each side of her head that Jeri's nose was positioned perfectly as it slowly disappeared in between Ash's ass cheeks. She felt the material give some and the nose hit its intended target. Grabbing her hair pulling her head up tight to her crotch and grinding on her face. The ref counted to 3 and the match was over last screen was Ashlee making a muscle pose sitting on her defeated foes face as the screen faded to black. Looks like I was going to rassle the blonde.