by Ronin

Daisy-Mae was thrilled. As the tall, zaftig blonde climbed into the ring, wearing her most alluring lingerie, a black bra and lace panties, she trembled with anticipation. She was a little nervous. This was her first boxing match. Her boyfriend, Adrian, told her that he had every confidence in her. That gave her encouragement, because Adrian was one of the best boxers in the city. He had trained her himself.
Ever since she first watched her man step into the ring, she had wondered what it would be like to pit her beautiful, strong body against an equally lovely opponent. She sometimes imagined herself standing over a beaten rival. At other times, she saw herself bruised and slightly bloodied, lying naked on the canvas as the referee counted her out. Either scenario aroused her. The idea of being the triumphant winner, or the pliant loser was equally appealing to her.
Angela DiNova was in a state of ecstasy. This was not the curvaceous Latina's first time in a boxing ring. She felt at home wearing a bikini with boxing gloves. Angela was a professional female foxy boxer. She was still fairly new to the game but, she had won all five of her first fights. Before this, she'd been an exotic dancer, but she found that she could make more money in the ring. Now though, she would have Adrian's little girlfriend all to herself for twelve rounds, providing, of course, that the bimbo could last long.
She trained at the same gym as Adrian. She thought that he was the prettiest thing that she had ever seen. She had wanted him the first time she saw him, but was a bit hesitant to ever say anything to him, until one day their manager suggested they spar in the ring. Angela was both excited and alarmed at this prospect. She didn't want to embarrass herself, nor did she want to humiliate Adrian. For the first few rounds, things went smoothly, but when they fell into a clinch, Angela blurted out her feelings.
"I love you. " she whispered into his ear, "I really do. "
This so surprised and confused the young man that he lost his concentration and lowered his defenses. The girl inadvertently landed a right to his chin which laid him out flat. The next thing he knew, Adrian was lying on his back in the middle of the ring. His head was cradled in Angela's lap. She was in tears.
"I'm sorry. " she kept saying, "I didn't mean to. . . "
Fortunately for the young man, they were alone in the gym. Had any of his buddies seen him flattened by the girl, he would never have heard the end of it. As it was though, his situation was not that horrible. Angela was covering his face with kisses. He hadn't noticed before, but the Hispanic girl was quite a looker. His head was still ringing, though, and he wasn't all that steady on his feet. Angela helped him to stand, and guided him to the locker room. Although it was against the policy of the gym, Angela got into the shower with Adrian. Very soon, the boy had a very impressive erection. Angela enjoyed it to the fullest.
"There's something I have to tell you. " said Adrian, "I already have a girlfriend. "
"I know. " Angela said, "I've seen that blonde bimbo on your arm. "
"Daisy-Mae can be a bit possessive. She once caught me talking to a girl. We were just talking, mind you. Daisy-Mae goes ballistic, and threatens to kill the girl. "
"Was the girl pretty? "
"What does that have to do with anything? "
"If I were your girl, I wouldn't trust any other girl, either. "
"But you wouldn't threaten them, would you? "
"I guess not. "
"The point is that she is pathologically jealous. I don't even want to think of what she'd do if she found us here like this. "
"You think I should be afraid of her? "
"Well, no. Not exactly. I just think you should be careful around her. "
Angela just smiled.
That night, Daisy-Mae got a call from Angela. The fiery Latina gave the blonde bombshell a graphic description of the encounter between herself and Adrian. Daisy-Mae was livid. She used phrases she she didn't realize she knew. Angela's response was simply to laugh. When Daisy-Mae heard the contempt in that laughter, all self control left her.
"You stay away from Adrian, " she said, "or I'll beat you to a pulp! "
It was what Angela had been waiting for.
"Do you think you can? " she asked.
"You bet your ass I can! "
"Tell you what. There's a boxing ring at the gym where Adrian and I work out. I have the keys. Why don't we meet there in two weeks after hours? "
"Why two weeks? "
"Don't you want to train? I'm sure you want to be at your best when you meet me."
"Yeah, you're right! I want Adrian to see who the best woman really is. "
So, for the next fortnight, the blonde did almost nothing but skip rope, run mile after mile, and work the heavy bag. Night after night, she would collapse exhausted into her bed, dreaming of her victory over Angela, as her man looked on with pride and adoration. She had Adrian show her how to box. The night of the fight, Daisy-Mae had never looked so heart achingly adorable, nor had she felt in better shape. She felt confidence welling in her.
That is, until Angela entered the arena. Almost as gorgeous as the blonde, she exuded a cruel sensuality Daisy-Mae could never hope to match. The statuesque, copper tressed stripper was built, and her tiny red bikini did nothing to obscure her charms.
Adrian was wearing a pair of gym shorts and trainers. His Olympian physique was admired by both girls.
"Are you ready to get your ass kicked? " Angela asked her opponent across the ring.
"I'm gonna make sure you don't bother Adrian and me ever again! " Daisy-Mae shot back. She looked down at where her beau was sitting. Adrian gave her an encouraging smile. She smiled back. Angela did not like this.
"Let's get this party started! " she said.
Adrian took out a compact video camera. He wanted to have a permanent record of this fight. He imagined himself and the winner watching the recording while lying in bed. With one hand, he activated the camera. With the other, he pulled the string that rang the bell.
The country girl came out confidently. She knew her boyfriend had the utmost faith in her training. Which is why she was so surprised when she was immediately tagged with a left jab to her pretty puss. Angela immediately followed up with a left to the jaw. This rocked the blonde belle down to her trainers. Suddenly, her legs felt all rubbery. She unexpectedly found herself sitting on the canvas.
"What happened? " she asked.

"I just knocked you on your silly ass, Honey. " Angela said with a chuckle, "Get up so I can do it again. "
Adrian started to count, "1, 2, 3, 4, "
Daisy-Mae was on her feet. Adrian asked if she wanted to continue. She said yes, although her head was ringing. Angela wasted no time renewing her attack. She peppered Daisy-Mae's pretty face with light left jabs, before unloading a right hook to the blonde's bust-line. Daisy-Mae gasped in pain. She had never felt anything like this before. Angela added insult to injury by ripping the blonde's sheer black brassiere from her magnificent body. Daisy-Mae's DD's were on display for all to see. Another right hook, this time to the head, rocked Daisy-Mae down to her gym-shoes. She found herself reeling into the ropes. Angela was ruthless, treating her rival's body as if it were a punching bag. She pummeled the hapless blonde's tits and tummy with short lefts and rights. All Daisy-Mae could do was to hold on and pray for the bell.
Fortunately for her, Adrian ended the round. Daisy-Mae hung on the ropes like so much laundry. Angela helped her opponent to her corner. The blonde's eyes were glazed. She did not seem to know where she was.
The Latina laughed mockingly, saying, "Don't quit on me now, Honey. We're just getting started. "
On returning to her own corner, the bronze-skinned beauty called to Adrian.
"Come on, Lover. Take my top off. I'd hate to take advantage of the bimbo. We should be equal, don't you think? "
Adrian was quite happy to oblige her. He stripped Angela of her bikini top, exposing her flawless bosom. Daisy-Mae's tits, on the other hand, were bruised and beaten.
"Don't you think mine look better than hers? " Angela asked coyly.
Adrian could only nod in agreement. Tears began to fall from the big blonde's eyes. She was being humiliated in front of her boyfriend.
Adrian rang the bell for round 2. This time, Angela decided to forgo using her gloves. Instead, she rammed her perfect tits into her rival's battered set. Soon, the Latina goddess had breast-bullied the light-haired nymph onto the ropes. Angela continued to slam her breasts against Daisy-Mae's for the rest of the round. Every time the Latina belle crashed her unmarked pair against Daisy-Mae's battered breasts, she would sigh in ecstasy. Daisy-Mae would groan in pain. The blonde tried to fight back, but her attempts were feeble. When the bell rang, ending round 2, Angela left Daisy-Mae hanging on the ropes like a drying towel. In only two rounds, she had reduced the blonde to a fleshy punching bag. Daisy-Mae's body was no match for Angela's.
Adrian helped Daisy-Mae to her stool, throwing water on her, and giving her smelling salts. He turned to Angela, giving her some water.
"Don't you think she has had enough? " he asked the bronze goddess.
"Oh no, mia caro! " Angela replied, "I'm just starting to have fun. She wanted a fight. I'm making sure she gets one."
Adrian could only shrug, and ring the bell for round 3. Daisy-Mae could not get up from her stool. This was not a problem for Angela. She simply picked her rival up, and set her in her corner. She spent the round alternately pummeling or kissing and caressing the big blonde's beauteous body. This was to turn Adrian on, and it worked admirably. Daisy-Mae was helpless. She was now her rival's sexual plaything. Finally, Angela launched an uppercut to the blonde's delicate chin. Daisy-Mae fell tits first onto the canvas. There was an audible splat.
Adrian counted to ten. He could have counted to a hundred for all it mattered. The blonde wasn't moving. Angela kicked her beaten opponent onto her back. Slowly, Daisy-Mae opened her eyes. Standing over her, smiling, was Angela. She had an arm over her boyfriend's shoulder. Daisy-Mae was slightly aroused. As she lie half naked in the middle of the ring, bruised and slightly bloody, she now knew what it was like to lose a fight to another woman. As she slowly came to her senses, she noticed Adrian and Angela in the far corner. They were locked in a passionate embrace. The big country girl's heart broke. She started to sob.
"Adrian, Honey. " said Angela, "Can we keep her for the night? She's kinda cute. "