Bambi's First Fight
by Ronin

Bambi was thrilled. As the tall, zaftig blonde climbed into the ring, wearing shoes, a thong, and a pair of boxing gloves, the audience in the sleazy truckers' bar cheered her. There were wolf-whistles and cries of “HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA!!!” She was a little nervous. This was her first boxing match. Her boyfriend, Jack, told her that he had every confidence in her. That gave her encouragement, because Jack had been one of the best ultimate fighters in the city. He had trained her himself. He had retired undefeated, and, more importantly, a wealthy man.
Ever since she first watched her man step into the ring, The blonde bombshell had wondered what it would be like to pit her beautiful, strong body against an equally stunning opponent. She sometimes imagined herself standing over a beaten rival. At other times, she saw herself bruised and slightly bloodied, lying naked on the canvas as the referee counted her out. Either scenario aroused her. The idea of being the triumphant winner, or the pliant loser was equally appealing to her.
Layla Jones was delighted. A very attractive young black woman, she had a Junoesque figure. In her dressing room, an hour before the fight, as she was getting ready, there was a knock at the door. After donning her robe, she went to answer it. A handsome man was standing there.
"Miss Jones? " he asked with a smile.
"That's me, Handsome. " she smiled back.
"I'm Jack Harris. You'll be fighting my girlfriend, Bambi, tonight. "
"Are you here to ask me to take it easy on her? Because I won't. "
"Oh no. I'm here to ask you to be as tough as you can be on her. "
Layla had been a professional foxy boxer for two years. She was known to be particularly vicious in the ring, tormenting her antagonist before finishing her off. This was one of the reasons Layla was one of the most popular fighters in the club.
"You see," Harris continued, "Bambi and I enjoy watching foxy boxing videos at home. She even likes to go to bed dressed as a foxy boxer. I love it, too. Now, she wants to know how it feels to be in the ring. I promised her that I would set it up, if she was serious about it. She has been in training for months. So, I set this match up. "
"So, what do you want me to do? " Layla asked.
"I will pay you $200 a round to carry her through the fight. I will also pay an additional $1,000 if you knock her out in the 8th round. "
"If that's what you want, you got it, Honey! "
As she climbed into the ring to the sound of cheers and wolf-whistles, Layla took her first look at her next opponent. She could not help smiling. It was the type of smile a hungry tigress might have after just spotting a deer. She was a little surprised when the blonde bimbo came over to talk to her.
"Like, I'm so excited! " said Bambi, "I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and my boyfriend says, like, you're like the best foxy boxer in town. Could we, like, have a good, long fight? I want to, like, make my boyfriend happy. "
"Oh Honey, " answered Layla, "after this fight your hunk of a boyfriend will be very happy. I guarantee it! "
Bambi smiled sweetly, and went back to her corner.
The announcer entered the ring. "In this corner, " he began, "Weighing 120 pounds, and measuring 35DD-25-34, a newcomer, Boxing Bambi! "
The crowd cheered appreciatively.
"And in this corner, " he continued, "weighing 127 pounds, measuring an impressive 37DD-29-35, and with an even more impressive record of 12 wins, no draws, and no losses, 4 of those wins coming by knockout, Lethal Layla! "
The crowd went wild. Layla's name became a chant, almost a prayer. She smiled, waving at all her fans. Bambi started to feel intimidated. The announcer exited the ring. The house lights darkened. The bell rang.
Bambi came out swinging. She threw a left jab, then a right cross. Layla picked off both punches with ease. The blonde kept coming on, windmilling punches heedlessly. The black goddess bobbed and weaved, avoiding the blows with little trouble. When there were only a few seconds left, Layla planted a powerful left into Bambi's midriff. She followed with a right to the head. The Blonde suddenly found herself sitting flat-assed on the grimy canvas. Her opponent was standing over her, smiling down contemptuously.
"Is that all you got, Slut? " Layla asked spitefully, "I thought you wanted a real fight! "
The ref, a pretty little Japanese girl, was counting her out. She had gotten to 7 before the golden haired nymphet got to her feet. Layla would have quickly pounced on her again but, the bell rang.
Bambi felt sheepish as she returned to her corner. She had been knocked down in the very first round! This would not bode well for the rest of the fight. Jack was waiting for her.
"Are you alright, Darling? " he asked concernedly.
"I'm OK, Babe. " she answered, "She just caught me with a lucky punch. "
"Listen, don't let her buffalo you. Just concentrate on the basics and you'll be fine. "
She nodded. He gave her a sip of water and a kiss. Then the bell rang.
This time, the blonde beauty was a bit more cautious. She had her guard up as she advanced towards her antagonist. The dark skinned goddess feinted with a right, and landed a solid left to the blonde's bust-line. Bambi let out a small whimper. She had never been hit there before. It really hurt! There was a right to the body, a left to the jaw, and another blow to the breasts! Suddenly, Bambi was trapped in a corner, while Layla pummeled her with left and rights to the towheaded nymph's beauteous body. She knew she had to fight back. She launched a short left into the black belle's right boob. Layla gasped and backed up a step. Bambi threw a right into Layla's gut. Layla came back with a left hook to the head that left Bambi seeing stars.
The bell rang. So ended round two.
The golden haired girl, slightly dazed, went back to her corner. Her boy friend had words of encouragement.
"You did better that time. She really felt that tit punch. Maybe you should just go to the body.. Forget about the head, at least for a while. "
Bambi nodded as he wiped her bodacious body down. The bell rang.
This time, the blonde bombshell struck first, landing another left to Layla's right boob. The black girl grimaced, then came back with a combination to Bambi's head. Her right fist struck Bambi in the eye. The blonde retaliated with a one-two to Layla's fulsome chest. The ebony beauty became angry, driving her leather clad fist deep into Bambi's tummy. The blonde groaned and doubled up in pain. Layla uncorked an uppercut that propelled the blonde into the ropes.
"You like punching my titties, Bitch? " said Layla, "Let's see how yours take it! "
Bambi spent the last minute of the round having her breasts and belly pounded into pudding. Just as the bell rang, Layla smashed her fist into the fair skinned babe's jaw. Bambi felt her universe explode in pain. So ended round three.
Bambi staggered back to her corner. Bruises covered her tender, white flesh. Blood was on her face. Her left eye was closing. Jack was annoyed.
"You're letting her beat you! " he told her, "You're embarrassing yourself out there. You've got to stand up to her! "
Bambi nodded. "Like, I'm sorry, Baby. " she said, "I won't disappoint you. You'll see. "
He gave her some water. The little Japanese girl ordered the seconds out. The bell rang.
This time, the blonde came out determined to clobber her opponent. Unfortunately for her, Layla beat her to the punch. She nailed Bambi with a right cross that rocked the newbie.. The golden haired girl felt the blow all the way down to her toes! Suddenly, her entire body felt as if it had turned to rubber. Her arms dropped to her sides. Her boxing gloves seemed to have turned into leaden weights. Her legs were having trouble holding her upright.
Layla unleashed a barrage of body blows, driving the blonde into a corner. Once again, Bambi was subjected to a drubbing. The black beauty queen rammed punch after punch into the defenseless girl's torso. The blonde's body must have absorbed a hundred unanswered blows. Each time she was hit, Bambi would groan. Layla laughed as she continued to maul the young girl. At last, the bell rang. So ended round four.
Bambi barely made it to her corner. She wobbled like a drunken high school girl who hadn't learned to hold her beer. Sitting down heavily on her stool, she asked her boyfriend in a slurred voice, "How'm I doin', Sweetie? "
Jack broke an ammonia capsule under her nose. It revived her a bit.
"You're doing fine. " he lied, "You're doing just fine. "
He put ice on her throbbing breasts. Bambi sighed in relief..
"That feels good. " she said.
The bell rang.
Layla didn't wait for Bambi to come out of her corner. Instead, she trapped her there, resuming the beating from the last round. Bambi put up a feeble defense, but she soon was helpless before the gorgeous ebon vixen's onslaught. For the blonde, the next three minutes were an eternity of pain and humiliation, as Layla treated her exquisite body like a punching bag. Finally, the bell rang. So ended round five.
Bambi slumped onto her stool like an ill-used rag doll. Jack hurried to do what he could to help her. Layla, in no particular hurry to return to her corner, stood with her gloves on her hips, proudly displaying her unmarked physique.
"Hey Babe, " she said to Jack, "your girlfriend there looks all used up. What say, after the fight, you and I go somewhere? She won't be of much use to you when I'm done with her. "
When Bambi heard this, she let out a moan. She knew she was losing more than just a boxing match. She saw Jack looking at Layla with something like worship in his eyes. The bell rang.
The black amazon let the blonde out of her corner. After throwing a few punches to the body, Layla was sure she was in complete control of the blonde bimbo. Instead of using her gloves, the black beauty used her perfect breasts to thump Bambi's face. She rammed them into Bambi's bruised and battered boobs. The hall echoed with Bambi's cries of anguish. By the end of the round, a tearful Bambi was just trying to stay away from her rival.
"What's the matter, Bitch?" Layla taunted, "Scared?"
Bambi crossed her arms over her generous chest, and shook her head. Layla laughed at her. The crowd started to boo her. She knew she had to do something. She had to make a stand. She rushed at Layla, ready to go toe-to-toe with the dark skinned charmer. This was a bad idea, because as soon as she was in range, Layla crisscrossed her face with left and rights. Bambi was sent into the ropes.
The blonde saw her competitor come towards her, a predatory smile on her face. In wild desperation, Bambi flung her arms over Layla's perfect shoulders. Breasts rested on breasts. Body was held against body. Only a thin, sticky layer of perspiration separated the two gorgeous women. Layla's smile turned sultry as she whispered into Bambi's shell-like ear.
"Let's turn your boyfriend on. " she said to her losing rival. Instead of punching Bambi, she began to kiss and caress the blonde. Bambi, dazed and confused, kissed back. The crowd roared with approval as the two combatants engaged in this erotic contest. The bell rang. So ended round six.
Layla guided Bambi back to her stool. She sat the blonde on her lap, continuing to fondle the pretty blonde. Bambi's eyes were glazed over, both with the beating she had taken, and with desire. She seemed in no shape to fight anymore.
"Hey Babe. " Layla called to Jack, "After the fight, can we keep her? She's a good kisser! "
The audience laughed at that.
The bell rang. Layla proceeded to treat as alternately as a sex toy and a punching bag. Bambi's body was first stroked and then punched. Layla had reduced the beautiful blonde to her personal plaything. Watching his girl getting trounced, Jack was beginning to regret his deal with Layla. Bambi was really getting hurt out there. The African American goddess was literally carrying the blonde. She had one arm around her rival's svelte waist, while with the other she poured punch after punched into the blonde bimbo's body. Bambi's chin was resting on Layla's shoulder. Every time she was punched, she would let out a little whimper. Layla smiled each time this happened. Finally, the bell rang. The black fox helped the blonde back to her corner.. So ended round six.
Bambi was completely out of it. She fell limply onto her stool. Her eyes were glassy and unfocused. Her mouth was bleeding and hanging open. Her once pristine body was mottled with bruises. She was the epitome of defeat.
Jack was truly concerned for his girl's welfare.
"Bambi Sweetheart, are you all right?" he asked, "I'm sorry I got you into this. Let me throw in the towel. "
The blonde bombshell shook her head. "No. " she said, "I'm going to finish this. I won't disappoint you. "
As Layla approached her victim for the seventh round, Jack begged her to stop.
"She's had enough. " he said, "Forget our deal. Just don't hurt her anymore. I'll pay you what I promised. "
"Oh no, Lover. " she replied, "I'm having too much fun with your girlie. I'm going to show you and her what a real woman is like. Anyway, a deal's a deal. You can't back out, now. We have a date later, right? "
When she heard this, Bambi force herself to stand. She knew she had no hope of winning, but she refused to surrender to this beautiful bully. Layla encircled her victim's slender waist with one arm. With her free hand, she spent the entire round twisting and kneading the golden haired girl's breasts. Bambi, her arms hanging uselessly at her sides, was totally defenseless. She could only moan in despair as she took the humiliating beating. Her rival's cruel laughter was all she could hear. The bell rang.
"Next round, " said Layla, "I'm gonna lay you out, and take your man. "
Jack did what he could for his girl, but Bambi looked all used up. She lay slouched on her stool, seemingly unaware of her surroundings. Her mouth hung open, and her eyes were glassy. Once again, Jack broke an ammonia capsule beneath the blonde's nose. It did not seem to have much effect on her. He poured cool water on her well-endowed form. She moaned softly. Everyone in the club that night knew Bambi was doomed.
The bell tolled. Bambi tottered out of her corner, a mere shadow of the vivacious young woman who had begun the bout. A laughing Layla threw powder puff punches into Bambi's pretty face. The beautiful bombshell was completely powerless to stop the dark skinned goddess. Layla hurled an underhanded left deep into Bambi's midriff. The golden tressed girl's eyes widened to size of saucers, and she sunk slowly to the mat. She was kneeling before her tormentress.
"That's where you belong, Bitch. " Layla declared, "At my feet! "
Something came over Bambi. She had been used, abused, and been treated like a cheap toy. This hussy was even going to take Jack away from her. Anger boiled over in her. The blonde launched an uppercut from the mat. It buried itself deep in Layla's pussy. The gorgeous black woman screamed in agony. Suddenly, she too was on her knees. Bambi socked her with a one-two to the boobs, and a roundhouse right to Layla's head. It put the ravishing African-American flat on her back.
The little Japanese girl started the double count, "1, 2, 3, 4, "
Bambi crawled desperately to the ropes. Reaching them, she pulled herself up. Layla's beauteous body lay twitching on the canvas.
"5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! "
A shocked hush fell over the audience. Their favorite lay defeated on the grimy canvas. Then, all at once, a new cheer rang out.
"Bambi! Bambi! Bambi! "
The crowd had a new favorite. Layla was forgotten as quickly as yesterday's newspaper.
The Japanese girl raised Bambi's arm in victory, but the adrenaline rush wore off. Bambi collapsed on top of her beaten rival.