Verica vs Nina
by Sashafight

I am nervous as I wait in locker room. Already wormed up, I repeat to my self I am ready , I am not scared, I am ready. And I am not scared although mu heart beats like a wild. In a few minutes announcer is gonna call me and my boxing match will start. There will be only one winner cause the fight will be carried on until one girl can not continue. We agreed on that rule. That is why they settled round to last two minutes and gave us one minute break between them. They wont the fight to be long. I guess they wont to get as much fun for their money as they can. And I need their money desperately.

In my locker room is warm and nice. In a couple of minutes I will be out slugging with another girl. One winner and one looser at the end of this evening. I need the money and only winner gets payed. Not much either 20 euros for me just to enter the ring 200 euros for win. I come here to study mathematics not to fight but if this helps me pay the bills then I am gonna do it. And if some bitch is between me and money then she just has to fall. I do not know her but tonight I am not about to make friends but money.

There it is. They called my name. If I don't faint now it s gonna be cool. I am not trained fighter, although I have been practicing for a months now, and this is not a pro ring. This is night club for gentlemen and I am nothing but a broke student of sociology who need to pay her rent. I am exiting locker room in silk robe they gave me and crowd explodes as I enter. I rise my arms to greet them . Reflectors light blinds me for a second as I climb and enter ring.
Ladies and gentleman in this corner standing 5'6'' and weighting 115lbs 19 years old Verica. Give it applause for this young girl in her first ever boxing match.
The crowd goes wild and I like it. I am in center of their attention. They come here for action and action is what they will get from me. Now just to see my opponent.

I am gonna do it, I am gonna do it I repeat as I exit locker room and enter arena. Sits are full , people are cheering and I wave to them as ring master announces me .
And her opponent for tonight standing 5'6'' 112lbs a 19 year , just a few months older, also in her first fight ever, give a large applause for Nina.
I hear them cheering for me and I realize I am really not scared. I will enter ring and fight like a wild cat. I climb the ring , enter my corner and let my silk robe slide down as I look in opposite corner to see my tonight opponent.

And there is she. Like they promised my size and age. Skinny girl, fit by the looks of it. Her belly gives just a hint of abs. They are not fully developed but obviously strong. She stands in her white bikini with blue stripes, the bra covers her small boobs. She has tied her brown medium length hair in a pony tail. She smiles at me looking me straight in eyes.

Interesting girl. Standing opposite of me in her corner, skinny little thing . She has small breast but bigger they mine which makes me kind of jealous. Her white cream colored bikini with orange spots suits her perfectly. Like me she has a pony tail, although I can see she has much longer hair. If I would compare us I would say I have wider hips, and slight more defined abs and shoulder. She has much better legs and breast. Luckily fight is not about breasts.

Ring master call us to the middle of ring. Standing face to face with Nina eye to eye contact. They repeat the rules. Round will last two minutes, one minute rest between them. Fight will be continued till one girl can not fight anymore. There will be no hits below the waist. I am not listening , all I do is look right in to Nina eyes. She pushes me with he chest and I push her back. Now I am certain that neither of us will back out.

Verica will not be easy. She is determined to fight. Surprisingly I am glad. As I look in her eyes I get slightly turned on by idea of our two boxing. Couldn’t find better opponent. I push her just to show her I am not walking away and she pushes me back. Hate goes true her eyes. I am not scared anymore. Now I can't wait for this to start.

OK girls to your corner and when the bell rungs go on and fight.

The gloves we are using are soft and big. They are padded so punch will not be as strong as it can, which is bad because I will not be able to hit Nina hard, and which is good because that means Nina will not be able to hit me hard. Two girls were in my corner one of them with water other massaged my neck.

I am still not sure what to expect. How tough is she? She just sits there in her corner staring at me. I wish she stops. Who does the bitch think she is? She thinks she can scare me? I ll show her.

How though does this girl mean she is? She's no bigger then me. I can take her. And why does she stare right at me? Is she trying some sort of psychology game on me. I bump my gloves and stand up as ring master give us sign that fight is about to start. Ok, easy now hart, we are just here to win and of to the home we go.
Girls in my corner whispered me to win.

first round

The bell rung and we raised our fists and hurried to center of ring. Nina put up the glove towards me as greeting and I bumped her with mine. Next second she attacked me swinging fast with left and right. I retaliated throwing my jabs at her not giving her an inch of space. Most of punches missed and were over the head or ended punching a glove, but the fight was started.
She landed a right hook at my head, after my miss, I gave her back with my right jab, she then missed uppercut at my breast , but my hook passed few inches in front of her nose, her left jab ended at my forehead, my uppercut landed on her belly. She hit me hard in shoulder, I ducked and landed a jab at her breast.
Crowd was in delirium as we exchanged blows and misses. I had couple of lucky shots at Nina, and was already begging to feel dominant when she returned with huge hook at my face and made go defensive. I ducked and launched my uppercut at her belly. Then quickly hit her once more . I saw her face grind as I continued to lunch my fists in her belly. I knew I found her week spot. The fight was furious when the bell rang marking the end. I went to my corner with smile on my face.

second round
This girl was as fast as me. And she landed a few shots in my belly I was summing up round in my head. Luckily I did not make bad impression judging by her look when I landed my hook. Second round was starting and I was not even making sweat. This fight just might be won by girl in better condition. The bell marked begging and I stood up with my gloves in front of me and without any hesitation attacked her at once.
I tried to make a fake blow at belly then reach out with fast jab at chin and it worked. For a second I trow her away, then followed her with right hook, and just as I was to lunch a left uppercut she dodged and hit me we right hand in ribs. I covered with elbow as she continue her streak with left hook at my head. I back down forcing her to miss right cross and counter with left hook at her ribs then followed it with right cross which missed and left me opened for her attack in my belly. Once more I retaliated with right punch at her ribs followed by jab at head. For a second she started to back out and when I stepped in with left uppercut she surprised me with counter short hook at my face . Fucking bitch can really hit hard but that won't make me back down.
Bell marked the ending of second round just in time for me to catch my breath and rest for a next minute. I hopped she was feeling tired cause I know I could not keep up this tempo all night.


third round

Well this fight will not end quickly I thought as girl in my corner massaged my shoulders. Nina is as strong as me and as in great shape. I saw her face a couple of times I hit her in belly so I will continue to push her there. On the other hand she definitively is going against my ribs. I am gonna have bruises tomorrow. Bell marked the end of one minute rest and we were on our feet for another round.

I started cautiously with few jabs at her gloves few times she tried to dodge me and punch me with front jab at belly. And then she faked a left belly punch I lowered my gloves and she came in with a hook that missed my face by and half inch I launched a left jab over her right shoulder but she ducked and lunched a left hook to my ribs . It hurt but I was still fresh so instead of backing out I gave her back right hook at cheek. Her left cross ended behind my head so was my left hook at her ribs . We grabbed each other in middle of ring. I felt her breasts on mine her body worm and wet from sweat . We struggled in middle of ring each one trying to push other to the corner but she was as strong as me. All I could feel was her breasts pushing mine. Tried to give her a couple of shot in ribs and she started to hit my belly. The judge interfere and split us . Once more we circled around center of ring waiting for opening but the bell stopped us.

Fourth round
Well this bitch is not super technical. She is not even skilled she is ...she is just like me...I realize that this is not going to be over soon. I am not going home after a few rounds. Oh no...if I want to go home it ill be after hard fought match. I need to be quicker, to attack more.

And bell once more marked the start of hard battle.

From the first second I have not given her a chance to rest and she surprised me by doing the same to me. I punched at her gloves covering her face , and just as I were to lover to attack her ribs she would send a hard uppercut making me cover my head with gloves till I lover my body and send right direct to her abs. From that moment we continue to slug each other without defense. And just as I would land hook at her face she would do the same to me. We just exchanged blows each of us trying to hit harder. My shoulders start to burn and the only thing that kept me going was seeing that she slowed down as well. Bitch was getting tired, the only problem was so was I.
The bell stopped us.

Fifth round

After four rounds at high tempo I think I need to slow this down. Or slow Nina down which would be better. I watch her as she tries to catch her breath. I saw her abs go up and down as she breath heavily. I hope it hurted cause I had a couple of great shoots there. Perhaps if she protects her abs more I will be able to hit her in jaw. Well let see how it goes.

One more round started and this time both of us did not attack straight on. Instead we circle around center just throwing some light jabs most of each end on opponents gloves. And then I think of an idea I had during break. I launch a fake jab at her belly , she tried to block it and then I launch a hard right hook at her face. SLAM. She stops for a second which is all I need to rise my left arm and attack her with left jab . I saw her covering head now so I change my attack and bring powerful right uppercut to her belly. I practically force her to ropes where she cover her self while I landed three more punches all ending up on her gloves. Just when I was to hit her with right hook she ducked and slide away. I went after her and made her once more go defensive. At that time I forgot I entered ring for money, I forgot I am just a poor student like her, and all I wonted was to be a winner , to be a better girl, to prove Nina she can't hit me and get away with it. I wonted not only to win but to dominate her.
My pony tail flew in air as I kept coming and coming with blows on her. But every time I landed one or two shots show moved away. At the end I almost run her at corner when bell made me stop. I got carried away and launched one more shoot after bell hitting her in shoulder. The judge gave me a warning but crowed went wild as I dominated this round.


sixth round
Fuck this slut owned me this round. The way she tricked me with that fake jab. And she hit me after bell, the dumb bitch. Now I am angry at her. I hate her skinny little ass. I am almost burst to tears as I start to wonder will I be able to confront her. If she repeats one more round like this I might as well go home. But fuck this, I can not stop believing in my self. I need to focus and bring the fight to her.

The round 6 starts and Verica smiles as she thinks she has me in a trouble. She goes with one of her fake shoots at belly and I do not buy it...but it s not fake she hits me hard in belly and I move back she follows me and she tries to aim from my head or stomach. I move forward grabbing her in clinch. We push hard chest to chest face to face .Can feel every muscle on her body. Pushing really hard and I force her to go back towards corner. In a second I thought I had a chance to give her back for beating in previous round. All it was need was to get her in corner and then work her real good. But just as I pushed her at corner poll she twisted to side and pull me of balance forcing me to hit my back on sand bags used to hold rope. Not even sure how many punches lend on me before i got my self back together and grab her close to me once more in round. Once more we wrestled in ring and this time I managed to stay out of trouble and our of her fists. She pushed me back to other corner, but I returned her favor and twist her to side but not strongly enough and we just continued in middle of ring nether of us giving up. That’s the way the bell found us.

seventh round
I had this slut in fifth round but in sixth it all changed. She kept holding me in clinch and I could not continue to pressure her. And I was so sure I was going to finish her now. I already breathed heavily as we had 6 rounds of heavy boxing. Luckily rest was long enogh for me to pull my self together. Previous round turn out to be more of a wrestling match, but now I ll make it fistr again. Bell marked the start.
Right on I wasted no time and just went straight at her. Was mad for previous round and wonted to end this now. To stop her from running I throw fast jabs at her , and she at first could not avoid them. But every time I landed two or three shots she gave one back . I knew I had her, cause every time she get near me she tried to clinch us , but I was better . And then just as throw my left jab and made her lover he guard leaving her open for my right hook she doge. I missed hook and by the time my hand was back in guard she was grabbing me around wast. No that again. And here we were , wrestling, grabbing and holding. Judge had no intention of breaking us up, I think crowd enjoyed hearing us screaming and moaning. And then just as I pushed her away and was aiming for right cross BAM she hit me hard to chin with uppercut. I don't think she even wonted that, she trowed a lucky shot right after I pushed her and it hit me strong and head snap to side, my kneed trembled, not sure what happened all I was seeing was stars ...and just like that I fell. On my knees not able to scream from pain in my jaw
1,2...they were counting, they were counting to me...3,4... I tried to stand up, how did this happened, what did Nina do...5,6...was already up but dazzled...7,8...i rise my hands in guard and judge say FIGHT and just as turn to Nina she is already in my face waving like a mad...i defend my self...start to move back ...i lost control...and she just keeps hiting me over gloves over ribs...I don't think she even looked where she hit she is just furious...For the first time in fight I am afraid ...and bell comes to me as saver....


eight round

I had this bitch now. I had her , I was afraid to admit it was lucky shot. I lost fate in my self previous rounds. But I need this money. I can go home empty handed. Not after all those punches I took. She is not hard. She falls and she feels my fists. She is hurt by my power. Money will be mine . More then money . Victory will be mine. Bell stops me from thinking and I am of to round 8.

From the start it was clear she is afraid. If I was not so tired I would have give her beating of her life. But now even with all the breaks between rounds I was not as fast as I was on start. I attacked wanting to see her on her knees and to go home with money in my hands. Money and pride. But just as I would send a couple of shots , she send one back. It became frustrating. I was there fast left, she blocked, fast right she moved back, and just as I were to send left to her ribs bam I had to cover from her left front jab. And then we repeated the whole thing. This time me giving her left, left , she moved back, toward corner and as I send right hook she doge and step away from me covering her self with left front jab. So I was back on chasing her to corner. And just as I made her back against poll she grabbed me and we struggle again. Whore I whispered in her ear as she punched my abs. Was mad and shaking from anger when bell made us stop. Well bell supposed to made us stop but we still wrestled until judge stepped between us and forced us to our corners. Next round slut. My shoulder muscles were burning from putting my arms up in guard. Was not sure how long would I last.


ninth round

Damn it. She won two rounds in a row. I need to turn this around. I need the money, I need to win...and then ...fuck the money, I can not loose to this bitch. She is my size, and I already gave her taste of my strength...i had her running away...I am not backing out, no way, not t this bimbo. Bell gave me chance to fight her.
Right at start she forced her jabs and I was covering. I moved back till she had me in corner. And then she moved to close which I used and put both hands over her waist . She put her arms around my neck and for a moment or two we wrestled trying to get in better position. I lowered my head on her shoulder and my fist were on her belly giving her fast but not strong punches. She tried to push me away toward corner I let her and soon as her arms were in front of her I send a hard hook over her shoulder marking her chin perfectly. Just as I in previous round she was on flore. Surprised she did not even know what hit her.
1,2...judge counted as she was lying on her back...3,4... she slowly started to raise...5,6...Nina was on her feet not what I was hoping for. And judge gave sign to continue...which I did fast and furios one punch after other...but tired as I was alredy I was slower then at beging of match...Till the end of this round Nina was defending and I was missing


tenth round
My jaw hurt. Girls in my corner gave me water and tried to cooled me. I was out of my self after that shot. It hurt not just jaw but my pride. I almost lost because of one lucky punch bitch gave me.
No, no, I need to focus. I can loose now and go home empty handed. Not after all I was put true to come to this round. Not after all bruisers I will walk out with. Bell gave me one more chance.

But this time Verica had advantage. Not only she recover but she regained morale . It would be much harder for me it it were not for a fact that this was round ten, even if they did last two minutes and rest was one minute still we both were tired. I did not even tried this round. Partially I was scared , but most of all I was tired. We both had no idea what to do in this round. Corner girls took over to cheer for us. Nina Nina Verica Verica they shouted as we stayed on distance Verica had upper hand and was attacking more but other then that we were to tired to fight.

eleventh round
Go don’t let her get away with it girls in my corner shouted at me. I was not. Not sure where to find strength. But when I look all things that happened in this match I was winig I was loosing I took some hard hits no there is no way I am backing out now. The looser gets nothing.
With that on my mind I waited for bell and rushed of to a arena where two young beauties duke it out for a mere pleasure of crowd.
I was to tired to hold my guard and gloves up so I focused on attacking her belly. She did the same. Every time we got close together I pounded at her belly. And then in a split of a second she stepped to side and send a hook to my ribs. I covered with elbow but she continued to another side and forced me to retreat. She had initiative again.

twelfth round
You are good you are better then her a blonde in my corner repeted at me. See you took fight to her again. Focus on her belly she can not raise her arms . I know she had more then one fight and I was getting a good help from here. Bell never came so soon.
Like she said I focus on her belly and breasts. Tired but not dead once more we acted as two Amazonian warriors . I hated her for being able to withstand my punches. And then I don't know how she raised her arm and send a hook right to my face. A strong hard hook from all her strength. All I was to do was to look as it luckily passed by my cheek and ended in air. And then I saw her ribs unprotected and her out of balance and next thing my hook found way to her. And just like that for second time she was down. More out of tired and my push then she was really Koed but judge started to count her once more 1.2...I could see spark in her eyes...3,4, she tried to get up she was wet from sweat 5,6... she was angry and almost with tear in her eyes she raised gloves and we were again to our battle.
Damn bitch how much can she take. I though when boom she hot me right in mouth. Sharp pain just made me angrier. Part of me wished to battle her in dark alley and pull that hair of hers.

thirteenth round
Fuck her . She did it again. I was on ground . I kissed the canvas . I wish I could take of this gloves and deal with her like a girl to girl. No rounds just two of us. My girls tried to calm me down. Play smart she can not have much power left in her. Just out box her little but.
And when the round started we approach each other. One punch then hug. Both of us tried to out push other towards ropes or corner. I could feel her punches at ribs and I know she can feel my punches at her belly. We pushed we pulled . Her sweaty tits were on mine. Not even sure how our heads crashed. And that was final drop. I started to punch her fast and she did dame. In belly ribs head . We grabbed each other and felt on floor where we continued with punches and wrestling. Bell ranged but neither stop It took 4 girls and judge to separate us.

fourteenth round
Nina I am all out of strength. That 13 rounds were killer. This slut Verica has nerve to fight dirty. She is a cheater. A fucking slut.

Wat a bitch thing me on ground. Lucky we have rules other wise I would rip her apart. At that time I just wished to take of gloves and finisher her with my bare hands.

There is bell . And I am of to. Cheered by crowed , cheered by girls from my corner.

We get right to the point. No argue no testing opponent. All that has been done. We rush at each other and exchange blows.

I can not feel my shoulders. They hurt and burn. But I will not stop. Not until I see this girl lying at my feet. I see she send a hard uppercut to my belly and I lower my hand to block it

I send a fast uppercut but just as cower. Once more I try the thing that backfired in previous rounds. I Fake shot to belly and send her a right hook this time...

...right on cheek. My head twist to side. My hair snaps in air I see floor coming to me. And just like that...

...she is done, she is down...
1,2...I want to stand up I wont to continue but my body say enough is enough. I am to tired.3,... All I can see is light and one thought comes to my mind...5,6... I have lost...7,8...she won...9,10


I won I won. It s even better then I thought. This is more then money. This is me being better. I wish I could jump from joy but I am to tired to move. All I see is judge lifting my glove high in air. And then I look at the end of judge other hand and see Nina. A looser.
I go home with money in packet. I have enough for rent for this month . But all this effort and nothing will be left for me. Well I win once I will win again. Soon.

I lost. She is better. I feel so humiliated as judge lifts her glove. As if she is better woman. A stronger. And all this and now I do not even get payed. Tears come to my eye as I walk to locker room. I just lay there on bench crying and sobbing. And then I remember that it is not over. Next week I will be here again. And again. I need money, but I need my pride more...I need to win.