Nina vs Tina
by Sashafight


You might say I am princes. It's my daddy’s fault. He spoiled me. All my life I was getting what I want. Jewelery, trips, expensive dresses.. I am use to it. He has a good job and will do anything for me. And he should do that. After all I am his little princes and he is my king. I am kind of brat that makes everyone jealous on instagram and facebook. And I love it. The part of ritch brat suits me right.
But tonight I am not here for money. They can stick they pay where sun does not shine. I am here cause I am bitch. When other girls know I am better it makes my heart warm. So tonight I am going to box with some poor bitch just to show her how hard I am. Last week as I was first time in this club and watched two girls around my age go at it and by 10th round only one stood on her feet. Crowd was cheering for her, she had her arms up in air in a victory pose while poor defenseless redhead girl lied there unable to continue. And in that moment I hated blonde winner. I know I could do better. Those people needed to cheer for me. I should be the one standing with raised gloves over my poor opponent body.
I am fit. I am hot. I am rough. And I love being in center of attention. So tonight I ll give them a good reason for coming here cause now I am entering this ring. And they better prepair for their future queen of ring.


I need this win. I really need this win. Not just the money. Last few weeks have been harsh to me. Verica knocked me down and I just could not get up. All the beating I took and give, all the tears and sweat I spilled during match and at the end I walked away empty handed. But the thing that hurt me the most was my pride. The idea that I have lost and that I was overpowered by some girl no bigger then me stuck in my head and just would not leave me. Looser, looser...word haunted me. I cried from shame defeat has brought me. Am I really that week? Why couldn't I have more strength and rise from that last blow?
If I did not come back here I would have stay looser forever. And tonight is my chance to win my self respect back.
I hope they bring same bitch back. I wont her to taste my gloves once more, but no matter who they put in other corner tonight I am going to give all my strength to win. I owe that to my self.
Bitch that goes in front of me better put up those gloves cause one of us ain’t coming out on her feet.



And they call me. In a few seconds I will see for the first time my rival. Funny we just introduce and already have to exchange blows. Well I guess when two girls enter arena people just must know which one is better and that means one is not leaving until the other falls. I hear announcer calling me.
-Ladies and gentleman in this corner we have young debutant. Only 20 years 5'7'' 114lbs in her first ever match , wearing a pink dot bikini and purple gloves, a girl who likes to be called princes , and boy does she have right, I give you one and only TIIIIINAAAAA... Lets give a big applause for this slugging princes.-
I am here to have fun so I waved with my gloves to audience as I walk towards ring. Two cute brunets were already in my corner , tonight they will stand by me while I beat up who ever walks in to opposite corner.

Here comes nothing. For second time in arena . Well I know what to expect this time. I just hope they don’t bring in much bigger girl. Please be Verica again, please.... I'd like to show that bitch that she got lucky in our first fight. I hear loud voice from arena
-And in opposite corner second time with us, after that unfortunate lost two weeks ago. Her stats are 5'6'' 112lbs and 19 year old , a most beautiful mathematician you will ever see, here hungry for taste of victory ,wearing orange bikini and black gloves, ladies and gentleman I give you our sexy NIIINAAAAA. Come on and welcome her as stands before us ready to do what it takes to score a win.-
Well lets see who is there.

Well would you look at that. My kind of girl. I was eying the girl that confront me. Fit, young, beautiful, with a cheep hair do. Natural brunette with matching brown eyes. She had impressive nice long legs strong and feminine at same time and perfect little round ass to match them. Not very tanned either, obviously can not afford solarium . She does have a nice abs, feminine yet defined, more like slightly marked. Pretty girl, but obviously some poor trash. I can not wait for an applause I'll get after knocking her out and leaving her body on floor of ring humiliated once more.

Tina is a beauty. Dark tanned, obviously from solarium or traveling on some expensive places. She has black, well treated, hair. Obviously died but at a great hair saloon. And her makeup is perfect, pink lipstick, black eyeliner. Expensive stuff not cheep like I use. Nice warm blue eyes only point out her seductive and sharp face. Her body is fit, perfect , and that pink bikini with push up really covers her flack of having her small tits. You can tell that she leads a rich life. Perhaps she is someones pet. I can tell from every part of her body that spoiled little girl had it easy. And I had nothing. Well tonight I ll show that princes who is queen.

And now we are eye to eye as they explain rules. Two minutes round, minute rest, until one girl gives up. Just a week a go I was in audience watching girls slugging out, and now I have a show of my own. Crowd will love me. They will love any two beauties battling it out in arena , after all they came to see one of us or her knees. But I will be their favorite girl. They just don’t know that yet. I hope Nina is ready to kneel before me.

Well judge said what he got to say now it is time for fists to talk. And then she pushed me slamming her body to mine, naturally I returned the favor which only made her mad cause she pushed me back, but I am not giving up to her. Judge had to step in and send us to corners while the crowed love it. This time in my corner were different girls then last time. Well just wait for bell and of we go.

First round

And we are on. My girls are high and firmly set in my pushup bra bikini. I waste no time and go directly at Nina. I try to hit her with hook but she rise her hands and I hit her gloves instead, so I send a right jab but she covers again, and just as I was to send left hook again she lunches uppercut to my belly. Instinctively I doge letting her hook go over my head leaving her ribs unprotected so I send my fist there . ''Princes, princes'' girls from my corner cheer. ''Nina , Nina'' cheer girls from opposite corner. We bot exchange fast blows in middle of ring not moving much.
She trowed a couple of fake shots at my head and went to ribs immediately after I raised my gloves t protect my self. That make me furious. I totally stopped defending and continued to attack and attack... To my surprise she did the same. Fast and fast fist were flaying true air. Some punches landed , some where missed, but crowd got what it wonted. Two wildcats exchanging blows.
I wish I could have seen that. Two girls with no fear going at each other. Swings, hooks, misses, but the round ended to my disappointed with no girl being better. No matter how much I tried to be dominate from start she withstood all my punches and gave me few of hers. I guess I just have to wait next round to teach this trash a lesson.

Second round
Well princes here is fast, and punches hard. My ribs can feel it. But this time I am much smarter then I was in previous fight. I am not gonna chase her. Let her come to me. Let her get tired. One minute rest will soon be over so let see if she has any weakens.
Just as bell ranged she rushed towards me and immediately launched left and right hook leaving her chin opened for my jab. Her hair flew in air as my glove landed on her face and then I let her cover her head and launched a right hook at her ribs . Pushing her more and more towards corner cutting her way out using her as punching bang. I swing with left and right when she grabbed me with both hands an rolled me toward corner pushing my back towards ring poll, and then she started using me as punching bag. Little princes is not weak at all.
One by one she was pounding on my belly while I covered my head and ribs with elbows waiting for her to slow down and when she did I launched a jab straight to her chin and then grabbed and turned her to corner and start paying her back for every punch she landed on me. I felt unusual satisfaction whit every punch that landed her body. Every time my glove hit her that good feeling raised inside me. I would continue if the bell did not stopped me. I guess this round was over for both of us. My belly was thankful for the rest. I guess so was her.

Third round
Fucking bitch starts to get on my nerve. Who does she think she is? Only two round have passed and I already feel burning pain in my shoulders. And she just sits there in her corner with back on poll looking at me and smiling. Oh how I wonted to take this gloves of and continue this fight with no rules. Oh how I wont to see her humiliated lying on all four beneath me.
And here is my chance. Bell marked beginning of third round. This time we started to circle around each other carefully. I enjoyed watching every part of her slim body. And then she mowed in front and step left and then right I took a swing at her head and missed as she ducked. Force of punches took me away and left my ribs opened for her. An opportunity she used well . I stepped away toward ropes but she followed striking me whenever she could. I had no choice but to grab her in clinch. Holding my arms over her shoulder she put her arms around my waist. -Bitch- I hissed at her face. Slut- she replied me. The nerve of this girl. -Bitch. Slut- we were insulting each other.
We were wrestling in middle of ring neither backing out when we both fell. That did not stopped us either. We continued to roll on ground fighting to stay on top and punching whenever we can.

At this moment of fight boxing rules did not apply. There was no fair play just desire for victory. I just wonted to destroy this bitch every way I can. We rolled screaming and hitting. I swear I could kill her in that moment, that s how furious I was.
Judge and four girls from corner separated us and sent us to our corner. And it was not easy. Even separated we continued with name calling. I know by the crowd reaction they will not stop fight . In fact now they wonted it more then ever now. And so did I.

Fourth round

This match has become a war. I wonder if all fighters here are like that. Hot tempered and fighting like wildcats. Well I am not gonna lose. Not to her. My pride would not take it. I had an idea of fighting her again, but without gloves. I started to imagine a total catfight between us right after this match.
Judge remind us of rules once again and we both nodded. Then she send us back and we waited for bell.
I knew she would defend her ribs better now so I raised my arm and send a fast jab at her head. She ducked and send a hard uppercut to my tits. It hurt like hell. I steeped away but she followed. I was almost to ropes when she made a mistake and missed, probably exhausted from punches. It was my time to attack and I used my opportunity well. I would send one punch and wait to see where will she put her arms. Unlike her I did not hit on blind. She cover her belly and gave me a chance of a match. My uppercut her chin. NOW!!! And just like that she was on flore...
1,2... I think she was more surprised then dazzled...3,4..she already was on her knees ….5,6... she raised her arms as sign to continue...7,8..judge gave sign to continue fight.
I approached her but she grabbed me . We pushed each other trying to release our arms and attack opponent...but no luck...round ended as we were hugging each other fighting for domination

Fifth round

Fuck!!! I was on flore. I? How could that happened? How? This fucking bitch humiliated me in front of every one. Nina is gonna pay for this. My jaw hurt but not as much as my pride.
The round started and we came out slowly out of corner. I was already tired but would not give her pleasure of showing that. Instead of that I just focused on defense. Letting her attacks end up in air and waiting for my opportunity from counter attack. I think that make her mad as she was slowly taking more and more of initiative. Attacking fast and moving back , and then after one of her front jabs, instead of moving back she send a hard punch to belly. I was already moving toward her and that literally walked in to that punch. I could feel air running out of my body, when she hit me with left hook then right and I was on ropes fighting to stay in this match. And then she moved back and stepped forward trying to bring her whole body in to one final punch. Well I am not ready for final punch...I ducked and her punch ended in air way way behind me. From force she was thrown and hit the ropes which left her open for a punch from behind in back. And as soon as she turned around I waited with one more punch uppercut in her beautiful little chin. And just like that she was on flore screaming in pain.

1,2... I could see her face grind as she was studding up..3,4...she has not yet raised her arms...5,6... judge talks to her, and she nodes her head...7,8...fight is on but just long enough to hear bell ending this round.

Sixth round
She hit me in back. She hit me in back. Fucking looser. Luckily I was able to stand up and round was almost over but...she plays dirty. Well that's it. I am had it. First I will KO her tonight, and then I am gonna beat her up so badly that she s gonna remember this day for rest of her life. Fucking cunt. I could not wait for bell to ring.
And from first second I attacked. She grabbed me in clinch but this time my arms were down making me easier to hit her repeatedly at ribs while pushing her at her corner at same time. Bitch I was hitting her still mad from her cheep shot. She lower her arm putting it over mine and we were locked in a standing stance again. That s when she whispered in my ear
-Whatever happens in this ring- she said- I am waiting for you in locker room after .
-Fine by me.- there was nothing, I mean nothing, in this world that would make me more glad then those words. A fight without gloves with this rich little princess.
I tried to break free but she hold me tight and we both ended round that way. Hugged and rolled in what was a boxing match just few round ago.

Seventh round
I just could not take this any longer. I work out at gym regularly. But this here takes more energy then I ever imagined. My belly was hurt but not as much as my ribs and shoulders. I was wet from sweat and breathing heavily. That last round really got me. But one thing kept me in that fight. A chance to beat this bitch mercilessly right after.
I never feared the bell more than this time in my life. I raised my gloves and went . I swing a hook at her head seeing that she has lowered her guard but she stepped back and then forward hitting my sour ribs again. And again before I covered them with elbows. And that was a big mistake. Leaving my jaw unprotected for her right hook. I just kissed the flore . I need more rest …
I need more air
I tried to stand up but slipped
Judge was counting over princess Ko ed by this poor cheep slut...
I was on my legs again but the whole ring was spining
GAME OVER Judge stopped the fight. Humiliating me in front of crowd.

She then made me stand next to Nina as the ring announcer brought my shame to the crowd

Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner. In this lovely hard hitting match , winner, and by KO our lovely NIIIINAAAAAAA

My glove was high in air . My hart pumped of joy. Money, pride, it was all good. But most of all knowing that I am better made me luckiest girls in world at that time. And just like that princes bitch was in my face

-Remember my locker room.
Do not worry. I would not forget.

Defeat. Most ugly word stuck in my head. I felt like it was written over my face. Nina is better then you. Nina is stronger. They love her more.
Well we will just see about that.

With 200 euros in my pocket I was full paid and satisfied but I know I have to do one more thing. Without any second thoughts I went straight down the hall. Still wearing a bikini I had in a fight only a robe over it. And now I am right here in front of Tina locker room. She was in side waiting for me still in bikini she fought me. Her body with just few bruisers from our fights looked gorgeous .
-Well- I say- like you wonted. After fight you and me alone. Or are you scared?

Well I was glad when she showed up. I could not let her just walk away after my defeat. No the score had to be settled. I need to prove my self I am better then this bitch. Even if there was no one to see it.
-Well well I am so happy you are here bitch. As you can see Nina here I am and here is my deal. I have 200 euros you put up your money from a fight and we will fight right here with no one to interfere or to stop us. Winner takes all.

I know I had her even without money. But this was to make thing more interesting.

As poor student 200 euros is much, and 400 is like a fortune. But I could lose all. For a moment I hesitated. ..