Mimi vs Verica
by sashafight

Verica once again stood in locker room she already was familiar with. This time they gave her green bikini to wear which only complimented her figure. She never liked her breasts , always thinking they were to small but she knew she had great ass and perfectly shaped legs. Right now she was not here for beauty contest. Oh no, she was here for much serous reason. Just like two weeks ago when she one her debutant boxing match and earned a money , she came here tonight to take even more. She need money for sure, every student girl needs money, but she was aware of one fact – There was not enough money in world to make her do what she would despise. And in her first match she had it all. She was on her knees twice, she was hitting and was hit, and at the end she hated Nina for standing so strong against her. But one girls had to win and Verica merged on top. She pounded her gloves looking cute and tough in mirror. They better bring another bitch tonight.
Meanwhile in opposite lockerrom Mimi, a platinum blonde , finished her last preparation. It was her first time ever and she was excited. Mimi did not needed money, and was here tonight to fight. As hard as it takes. As fan of Anime and all that was Japanese she felt she had an opportunity to live what her heroines went true. An underground fighting ring. Although she was natural brunette she died her her platinum bringing high contrast on her dark eyes. Refusing offered bikini she pulled out her own , black with white skeletons over her 34c breasts. She looked amazing standing 5'6'' 116lbs and recently turning 20. And that is when they called her.
Verica walked joyfully waving and jumping to crowd as girl in hot tight black bikini announce her. -Ladies and gentlemen , for second time here, and hoping to bring her score to 2-0 , at 5'6'' 113lbs and 19yo we bring you one of cutest fighters in this arena, give us a hard applause for this treasure , one and only Vericaaaaaaa....
Verica slide between ropes as two blondes helped her. Like in previous fight they will be standing in her corner. She greeted audience with gloves in air then did a couple of boxing moves to show how much she progressed.
-And now as her opponent, I have an honor to introduce this hot little blonde , and when I say hot , I mean burning hot, in her first ever boxing match, standing 5'6'' 116lbs and 20years old , give us applause for new girl Mimiiiiii....
Being a show girl, like she always was, Mimi entered wearing a black gray and white plaid mini skirt , and bunny ears on her head. She screamed like excited , as she posed on her way to ring. There she ripped of her skirt staying on black panties, and threw her ears in crowd.
Verica knew she had to work much more on her entrance. That dumb blonde almost took all of crowd on her side.
Ivona called them to stand in middle of ring. This gave chance for girls to better look at each other.
-Girls, you know rules, we will allow a little rougher , but only hit with your gloves and not below waist.
Mimi and Verica looked at each other , eye to eye, completely forgetting Ivona. Verica tried hard not to look at her opponent's bigger breasts, and Mimi was pleased with how well they were matched
-Bitch , hope you fight better then you look - Verica taunted Mimi.
-Haisha- Mimi replayed in her style with one of word she learned in Japan. She then pushed Verica , which made Verica pushed her back and fight would have started there if Ivona did not steeped in and sent them away.
Both girls started at once. There was no waiting, circling, warming up. Mimi went with fast jab, that Verica blocked , but when she send her cross Mimi already stepped back making her miss , and leave her ribs unprotected for Mimi's uppercut. Verica send another hook which landed on Mimi unprotected face forcing her to retreat. Then she followed Mimi with right cross but Mimi ducked and let it go over her head , quickly rising up with uppercut at Verica belly. This time Verica was retreating when Mimi send one of her fast jabs, Verica blocked it with an ease, but as she was to retaliate Mimi already stepped back making Verica miss , and then jumped with punch of her own in Verica rib, repeating her tactic from start of a fight. Berica raised her hand in guard and waited for Mimi to attack again with jab, countering with her jab, but Mimi was already back and just when Verica's hand reached high distance Mimi saw opening and used it well. Verica was mad as Mimi was mowing fast front and back. She did not wont to chase her and she hopped for Mimi to get tired soon, but right now she had trouble with Mimi's tactics of hit and run. And as Mimi missed her jab, Verica faked a left cross leaving her left side open. Mimi quickly used this but Verica sedn a hard right uppercut at Mimi's ti inflicting her a pain that froze her for a second. Nad that second was long enough for Verica to push her towards rope and follows her with couple of body shots. Mimi covered most of them but bell saved her at the end. Both girls went to theirs corner.
Verica realizes Mimi is good tactician and just some dumb blonde. Unlike her first fight with Nina in which was question of who is in better shape skill will be deciding winner today. That blonde is going to her nerves anyway and Verica decides to attack even more. In opposite corner Mimi realizes if she moves to much she will not have energy for a finish of a fight. She smiles in oprder to taunt Verica and send her a kiss. To her surprise Verica sends her a kiss to and then shows her that she is going to make her sleep.
Bell rungs and both girls are on their feet. Just like in round one fight starts form start. Verica decides to go with a fake jab, but to her surprise Mimi lowers her guard stopping her uppercut to tits and sending a hard hook at Verica pretty little face. Verica's tail flies in air as she is struck and Mimi uses this to send body shots to Verica who is defending herself . Left , right , left Mimi throws punches at side of Verica's body, but Verica blocks well and just when Mimi stops send a fast jab to Mimi's face escaping from the ropes she was leaning her back to. Mimi dazzled but still follows. Blonde is now throwing punches at Verica who is going back away and away. But experienced fighters would see that most of punches miss and that Verica is good at dogging . Just when Mimi stops , a little tired , Verica attacks her and roles are turned now Mimi is retreating while Verica tries do to as much damage as she can. Verica manages to push Mimi to corner hoping to cut her escape space but far away from surrendering Mimi grabs Verica in clinch and both girls continue to fight exchanging body blows and twisting each other trying to turn the other one with back to corner.
-Bainshupu- Mimi continues with insult on Japanese.
Crowd is cheering as blonde and brunette are fighting in a total no holding back boxing match. Bell marks the end of round but Ivona has hard time to separate fighters. Girls from corner come out and soon five girls are separating two combatants locked in a grip.
As she sits in her corner Mimi is pleased. This fight is truly out of one of her fantasies and Verica is just a first class bitch. Right now Mimi only wants one thing and that is to win. Verica sitting in her corner imagines in her head a fight between Nina and Mimi. For some reason she is excited and not knowing why she realizes she has just reach another dark side of her mind. Next week she will be here to watch no matter what happens tonight.
As the ball ring again both girls are on their feet. Whole crowd is watching without a blink of an eye as this two warriors exchange blows in combat. And this time pride between two young amazons stops them from running. Instead they exchange blows each waiting for other to quit and back out. Mimi sends a right hook, Verica uppercut, Mimi goes with hook at belly and Verica punishes her with cross at face...Mimi misses her cross and Verica uses this to give her hard punch in ribs, but misses an uppercut to Mimi's chin and now Mimi has initiative with uppercut of her own right under Verica's chin. Verica covers her face and as Mimi tries to step to side and send a hook at brunettes ribs pushes her with both arms , making her loose balance and fall to ropes. As Mimi is bounced back Verica throws right cross hitting her in tit again. Mimi screams, but before she can react Verica sends one more uppercut this in belly. Mimi grabs Verica for waist and both girls fall down and continue to roll on floor .
Fight, fight, fight...crowd cheers
Ivona follows both girl but decides not to stop them, she just stand close and repeats
-Hits with gloves only ladies, gloves only , now let's see who is tougher.
And fight continuous on ground with both girls trying to stay on top , punching each other whenever they can. Insults are flying as all you can see is brunette's and blonde's hair rolling on canvas. Body to body, green bikini to black bikini, two young girls desperately fought for supremacy.
Ivona knee it was not unusual for this to happened, especially between two young hot heads like this. Crowd even wonted this to see , and was feasting this scene. Bell marked the end of round and girls from corner came in right away and separated them.
But Mimi and Verica knew it was far from over.
Verica goes in with a a fast jab but Mimi step to side grabs her and rolls her toward corner slamming Verica's back on post. Without any hesitation she goes in with body shoots giving her opponent two hard shoots before Verica grabs her and roll her to corner. Once again Verica takes initiative and continues with punch to young blonde body. Mimi cover her belly leaving head unprotected and when Verica goes with mighty punch to KO her she ducks down and Verica misses loosing balance and hitting a corner post. Mimi send hook to her unprotected ribs but Verica rolls around launching a back fist from turn to Mimi's head. Both punches land , Mimi's in kidney and Verica's in head, forcing both girls to stop for a second with look of unhidden hate in their eyes. And once again they grab each other and try to out wrestle with gloves only interfering with their plans. They roll on floor while being cheered going back and forth. Ivona has no wish of to stop them as the audience is really enjoying this. Girl with hate and passion continue to roll and suddenly they slide beneath ropes falling out of ring. They land hard but Ivona just gives sign to continue as both girls are still not ready to surrender. Verica and Mimi push each other out of the way Verica still on her knees sends a hook to Mimi's chin, and Mimi punches her back. They rise on their feet and just continue they fight in middle of crowded room. Mimi sending a hard uppercut to young teens belly, but in next second blonde is hit by powerful blow to her ribs. Bell marks the end of a fight but girls just pretend not to hear it and continue they blows exchange. Girls and mans from audience cheer for a fight to continue as they are witnessing an epic battle between two young gladiatrices. Soon girls in corner have they hands full in separating this two beauties. Kicks , screams and insults are exchanged as they are carried away.
-Ladies and gentleman, we do have some wild cats tonight. This have been four amazing rounds and yet we still see no one prevailing, so what we are going to do is this. Both ladies wont to fight, am I right?
Yeeeh....loud scream shows approval.
-Well who are we to stop them. Let them fight and let them fight wild. We started as boxing, like we almost always do with new ladies but we will end as catfight , and by the house rules.
Even more screaming from members of audience.
-So ladies, you have a minute to think about this. We will double your money , plus an little extra for yes, and you'll have chance to finish this and show us who is winner without any interfering .
Blonde and brunette stood quietly in their corners. Just eying each other. Verica knew this is chance for her to get money no matter of what and at same time to teach this blonde a hard leasson. Mimi felt her honor is being on test. She's not gonna back out and let this bitch win. Oh, no, she had another plan.
When minute passed Ivona took mic and asked.
-So, ladies , what will it be, continue to box, go home, or show us who is better woman?
Without any words both ladies took of their gloves. A thunderous applause wen true the room.
-Ok, ladies, approach me-
Verica and Mimi were once again standing face to face. Two extraordinary handsome girls in black and green string bikini, with hate in their eyes stood calmly with every muscle showing tension of anticipation for a fight.
-Ladies, rules are simple. No hitting on ground, unless you are lying to. No finger to eyes, and no punches to throat. Hairpulling is desired, so is trash talk. If you fall and it takes to long or fight is in stalemate position we will stand you up and let you go at it again. It will be finished with KO or surrender. If you have any bad blood leave it here, don't let me find you fighting in parking lot after this.
Both girls nodded their heads in aprowal.
-Now fight.-
Just like that both girls grabbed each other hair and start to shake heads side to side. Mimi hissed
-Fushidarana on'na
-You dumb slut, speak English
-Bimbo- Mimi replayed. Both girls tried to push other to corner but Mimi had better stance and just as she leaned Verica back Verica dropped her hair loose and slammed knee in Mimi's belly. Mimi bend her back as she lost some air , while Verica stepped on side and slammed a hard hammer fist in her back. For first time Mimi was on her knees when she grabbed Verica for ankle making her fall. Verica hold on for rope when Mimi continued to dragged her for legs toward middle of ring. She kicked until she released one of her leg and then pushed Mimi quickly standing up. Mimi regained her balance and rushed at Verica, two hot bodies collided and struggle was once more on floor. This time both ladies on their knee with hands in opponent's hair screaming from pain.
-Fuck you-
-You slut-
Verica managed somehow to get in better position and pushed Mimi to her back. She then climbed on opponents body hoping to stay in control. But Mimi closed her mighty legs around Verica's waist making brunette in pain. Verica was in panic for a moment or two, as she felt her opponents squeeze. Then she slapped Mimi over her 34c breasts forcing her to cover her breast and release grip. Verica get away fast and Mimi turned her back to rise which Verica used to grab her for blonde hair from behind and bring. Mimi screamed in pain and anger when she noticed she was close to post and pushed her both legs against it making Verica fall hard on her back.
Mimi and Verica were once again standing face to face with fist in front of face. Mimi faked a jab and then kicked her in belly, young girl was pushed on the ropes and when she flew back Mimi waited for her with belly punch. Brunette fall on her knees and Mimi jumped at her putting her legs over her and riding her like a horse. They both fall but Mimi had her in leg squeze again.
-M mm, Verica grasped for air
-Surrender-Mimi screamed as she felt Verica's nails on her thighs. Surrender.
Not being able to move Verica knew it was over and taped out. Mimi raised her arms in victory while Verica start to cry. Tears came in to her eyes after a long time as blonde was posing with Ivona holding her hand high. She refused towel and went straight to locker room.
At leas she will get paied.
That evening as she checked her facebook she noticed one new fried request. She hold her breath scared when she saw it was Nina.
She thought for a while and then added her. Soon chat started.
Nina: I am glad I find you
Verica: And now?
Nina: I need a rematch.
Verica: another boxing fight?
Nina: Not this time. A catfight.
Verica held her breath, and then typed...Yes