Will revenge be mine?
By Sashafight


Sunny spring day was just perfect for walk and cup of coffee at garden of local coffee shop. A crowd has gathered to enjoy this perfect evening and as sun settled down lovely sound of jazz string orchestra played via speakers. Two girls were sitting at table not talking much.
-Long espresso, please, with milk.-
-Same to me.-
Waiter broke an awkward silence between two young girls obviously from college. Nothing was suspicious about that scene. Both brunets in short summer dresses and converse stars shoes yet careful spectator would notice that they watched each other with mixed feeling of hate and love.
-I guess we can discuss place and time, but we both know that this will happened- Nina said as she took a sip from her coffee cup.
Verica felt excited. Just three weeks ago they met for a first time. They were introduced as opposite girls in a underground boxing match. Young debutantes they were both eager to win for money but in process of fighting they realized they like it. Verica won after Nina could not get up but fight was intense and close. Verica lost her next fight to Mima, and Nina won in her boxing match against Tina. But feeling of unfinished business between them stayed. Both girls wondered what would happened if match was repeated and wanted to fight again. Nina to prove her loss was accident, and Verica to repeat that feeling of being better again. Last week Nina found her on facebook and this meeting was scheduled. Even on chat they agreed no boxing just a catfight until one walks away, and looser is left in shame.
-I am ready and can not wait for it.-Verica replayed and Nina smiled. This was for real, just as she imagine it.
-I even offer you one more deal. I still have half of money from my last fight , do you have fro yours?
Verica nodded as she did not like to remember her catfight against Mimi.
-We put that money and winner takes all.-
-Fine by me. I would fight you anyway, this way even better.
-Bikinis just like in our first encounter. Now for some rules...
-Do we need any?-
-My point.-
-To bad there will be no crowd-
-Yeah, but we can bring some.
-I have a friends who might watch.
-Bring them, and I will bring mine.
Verica smiled one more time. So did Nina. They both wonted to fight now. To rip each other apart. Not sure why but the feeling of competition woke up in first fight
-Where do we do this?
-At my place. Carpet is from wall to wall. It s out of town, could not afford any closer without roommate, and I will emptied it for us to have space.
-Tomorrow then?
And just like that dream came step from realization. Them two again with no one to stop them. But excitement could just wait for tomorrow to begins. They both were so trilled neither wanted to go home.
-You realize you got lucky last time?-
-I was better but you just can accept it.-
-I was the one who sent you to knees first....
-And you were the one who couldn't get up at the end.
-There will be no limits this time.-
-I am counting on it.-
-You are real bitch, you know that.-
-First I am gonna humiliate you then I am gonna take your money...-
-Not this time slut. I'll have my revenge-
-You are pathetic.-
-Just show tomorrow and don't stood me up.-
-I ll show. - Verica rose from chair and Nina did the same. Two girls stood in silence eye to eye in front of hole coffee shop. Some man smiled as they smelled the catfight. Waiters and ladies were shocked all waiting to see what will happened next. Nina pushed her chest against Verica and felt firmness of her foes breasts. Verica did not move an inch looking at Nina straight in eyes with unhidden hate.
-I am afraid I will have to ask you to leave- waiter broke up thing before they started.
Embarrassed both girls left with few exchanged insults in front of bar and each of them decided to prepare best for tomorrow.
Verica decided to visit underground club that night an enjoy. She become a spectator as well as participant.
Fight already was in progress when she arrived. Two blondes were exchanging insults and blows in ring. Hair flew as they rolled in ring wearing nothing but sexy bikinis who were shredded soon. Verica, to her surprise, recognized one as her former class mate. A very quiet and withdrawn girl, almost nerdy. She realized that she could be fighting her soon. Idea of that make her warm and tingly. She liked it. Even better was the fact that girl is not some stranger, but someone whom she worked with, study, shared school breaks. Funny how life goes , one day you are class mates , next day foes. It maker her wet to think about herself in combat against her class mates, girls from clubs, from gym, from college.... Unfortunately blonde lost as her opponent rode her from back pulling her by hair like pony. Images of her riding Nina like a horse stuck in hear head. It would be so glorious to defeat her once more after a long and brutal fight. It had to be long and brutal because of certain trill. Verica did not surprised when she become wet at the image of combat of two blondes. There was something sensual and erotic in a fight. And Verica knew she like it.
On other side of town Nina prepared her room to become arena as she imagined in her head. Old small house on outskirts hasn't had much furniture anyway. She left couch she used as bed, and pushed it away in corner. Closet was much heavier to move, as were her writing desk. At the end beside couch and carpet all was out leaving around 10ft by 10ft space. Tomorrow Verica will come and they will fight. Lately she found her self sexually aroused by though of girl fights. The though excited her so much she masturbated in shower. Image of her and other girl in deadly combat trilled her more then anything. It has been that since her first fight and feeling grew stronger and stronger. Right now she was naked in shower with her fingers touching her magic spot as image of her and Verica growling locked together played in her head. Tomorrow better hurry up.

-I am glad you showed up.-
-Bitch, I am here to win, I am glad you did not escape-.
-From you ? Never. Revenge will be mine.-
-You will be defeated one more time, but as you like it.
-I am not gonna stop till I see you cry-
-You? Make me cry? Here is mine money, and you better have your half.-
Even at the door girls were hissing at each other. Verica came accompaniment by a young girl, with red brown hair Atina. Atina like Verica studied sociology, and was more in to parties then study. Verica knew she could count on her as friend to keep secret and as a help if that is needed. Behind Nina stood Alexandra , skinny smiled blonde, her cousin and loyal friend in all mischief.
Nina pulled out two 100 euros bill and place them on bookshelf in hall, Verica placed her money on Nina's.
-Not much place here yet I have no other, dress up in hall and Lets start this.-
Verica soon changed in her white bikini with green polka dots. Atina complimented her on her cute but. Looking at mirror she knew she was ready. At 5'6'' and 115lbs she was not to muscular, and Nina being close in size meant a lot to her. Her small breast, a thing she could never hate about herself, were easily contained in bra. But her legs had perfect shape and butt make her proud in all workout she has done. Atina slapped her behind as she enter living room to face Nina.
-Go get her, girl!-
Nina was already dressed in orange bikini. With her 5'6'' 113lbs she was not remarkable, but closeness of size of her and Verica was promising interesting match. Nina had slightly hinted abs and Verica was excited by her belly just like in their first fight. She liked the way Nina had a little wider shoulders and smaller breasts.
-Do we dance?
-We do.
Both girls rushed at each other Slaps and fist were exchanged as Atina and Alexandra stood and watched them with unhidden respect. Verica pushed Nina and slammed her back at wall. Then set a knee at her belly. Nina managed to grab Verica for leg and swing her to ground bur Verica grabbed Nina around neck and both girls fell on ground where they continued to roll.
Girls, locked together, rolled to wall and now were hair pulling each other. Occasionally slapping and hitting all over the body. Atina and Alexandra looked at each other not sure what to do. Both girls were determined to win and neither wonted any interfering from side. Nina somehow put her leg on Verica's chest and pushed her away. Verica rolled and send a mule kick from behind hitting Nina's abs as she followed her foes. Once more both girls stood up and this time started more slowly.
-Come on, Veki, you're better then that bitch.
-Go, Nina, make her pay.-
-Shut up, you slut.
-Fuck you...you not telling me what to do.
Nina and Verica circled around each other when Verica send Nina a kiss which provoked young brunette. Nina attacked trying to reach Verica's hair but brunette had the other plan. She send an uppercut at Nina's belly then pushed her with shoulders at wall. What followed was an quick attack aiming her fists in Nina’s belly just when Alexandra though her cousin is in trouble Nina grabbed Verica's hair and pull her head down. Verica screamed as Nina kicked her with knee in head. She covered to defend and when Nina tried again she grabbed her knee , much as Nina din minute ago, but when she tried to trip her Nina hit back against wall and maintained balance. Verica then pulled her for other leg and Nina fall on her ass with back against wall still holding Verica for hair. Verica then started to punch Nina's belly just like in first fight. Nina could not help but scream. She starts to scratch Verica's on her back and reached at her bra ripping it away. Instinctively Verica putted palms over her chest and Nina uses this mistake to pull up her legs and push her over chest making her foe fall. Verica surprised does not how to react and still hides her breast when Nina rises and jump at her. She starts to slap her over face left, right while Verica realizes she has to fight and forget about her being topless. She grabs Nina for wrists and roll her making herself on top again. Nina bites brunette for arm , and Verica releases her hold but before Nina could attack she grabs her for breasts and sinks nails in to them. Nina top does not hold long and it ripped. However she continues to fight as nothing happened.
-Skunk- Nina screams.
-Slut- Verica replay.
Fight continued and both girls got up in catball. With fist full of each other hair , their legs intervene,but neither let go. Breast on breast they could feel each others short breath .
-Let me go.-
-Fuck you.-
Atina and Alexandra thought of separating them but both girls scream no as answer. Neither wanted to stop fight. At this time they enjoyed giving pain to each other. When Verica still angry from marks of Nina's teeth on her arm decided to give her her own medicine and bite her for shoulder. Nina grabbed Verica's bottom and pull them up sinking her panties in between cheeks. Verica screamed in pain as their panties broke...she was naked ...Her claws reached Nina's side and sink in to them leaving marks .Her hands reach till Nina's string on hips and pull them down...She could feel her scalp burning as Nina was still pulling her hair but she managed to pull down panties which prevented Nina from kick on ground...She then raised her hands and sink pinched Nina on nipples of her exposed tits. Nina instinctively moved back which left space for uppercut. Even if lying Verica could give a serious punch to Nina's chin.
That moves was enough for Nina to try to escape and roll herself away...She tried to stand up at same time as Verica did but panties that were hanging from hair knees made her fall. Verica rushed and stamp on Nina's belly. She kicked her again, and again as Nina was screaming form pain.
Verica was mad and furious at her opponent wanting to end her as soon as possible she did not notices Nina's arm reaching for her ankle just as she lifted leg. She fell and roll away. Nina used this to remove panties. Both girls stood there for moment naked, scratched and bruised. Most of other girls would leave. Most would just run and leave it. Not them. They knew this will be fight till finish.
Verica moved forward sending a jab at Nina face. Nina expected fake and did not cover, so Verica used this to slam her shoulder in Nina's belly. Once again Nina's back hit the wall. This time Verica hit belly once and then fearing not to repeat her mistake she ducked down lowering herself on knees and sending one powerful punch to her opponent's pussy.
Nina grabbed for crotch and screamed from pain as she fall down.
-Cheater- Alexandra yelled as Verica.
-We said no rules, now let your bitch take her punishment. -
-Nooo - Alexandra rushed at them and Atina grabbed her for waist from behind and holder her. Meanwhile Verica send one more punch to Nina's face and brought her to ground. Just like she was in previous fight she sit on her back then put her ri9ght arm under Nina's neck and left behind grabbing her right wrist. She lean in back making her opponent scream and suffer as she grasp for air.
-Nina, surrender, to me...
Nina refused to let that word come out of her mouth. Once more she was defeated. Once more she was humiliated by this skinny bitch. She hatted that. She hatted her self for being week now. And she would rather pass out then admit anything to this slut. Light wad dimming air was running out, her back was hurting...Last thing she remembers is everything getting blurry.
When she woke up Alexandra was splashing her with water.
-You ..lost...-
Nina looked at the young blonde and started to cry.