Title: Watching Fiona taking a beating from Tracy at the Thai Boxing club.
Author: Striker

I just wanted to share with you the fact that I have just seen Fiona in another full contact Thai boxing match. Fiona has been boxing training for a couple of years with a local club who actually have their matches in an old church hall. She looks like a model not a fighter, as do a lot of the women at the private gym she works out at. She is actually quite skilled though, and to keep up her qualification she has to take part in a minimum full contact fights a year. These are usually with girls or women from other clubs in the area. Full contact just means it is the type of Thai that allows you to use your elbows and knees as well as kicks and punches. Now, Fiona likes the training and keeping her model body as firm and hot as she can. She knows she looks hot, and it can make other women a little jealous I guess. She does not like to fight for real though. I think it is the thought of those big sweaty lesbians rubbing themselves against her in the ring. For my part I quite liked it the last time I saw her fight, losing to a tattooed girl with cropped hair who did a lot of close in work on my girl!

Yesterday I saw Fiona fight another tattooed girl, altogether bigger and harder looking. They fight over 3 rounds with the winner having to either knock her opponent out or beat her so badly that she cannot continue. I wondered if Fiona wore protection and asked. She wears similar protection to males inside her cute skimpy shorts but just wears a sports bra up top. She has tried the inserts but was always adjusting herself and said they were uncomfortable. So effectively her rubbery firm c cup boobs are covered only by a very thin layer of lycra! No wonder you can see her nipples hardening during the match from getting rubbed against, entirely against her will.
Full contact fights are in a ring rather than on mats. A bit like boxing. It looked a bit odd in a church hall. There were a couple of junior matches, then Fiona's fight against a girl called Tracy. Except for me, and I'd come because I'd been at the gym with her earlier and had offered to drive, most of the others there were either guys who set up the ring or friends of the other girls fighting. Tracy had a following of the roughest looking girls I have ever seen. I saw Fiona before and she pointed out Tracy amongst them. Fiona was not looking forward to this. Her flawless skin, stunning figure and model looks and hair looked at odds with the sweaty boxing environment to me. Oh yes, no head guards for full contact either, so either the girls wear their hair up, or at least have it in a pony tail. Fiona wen with the pony tail.

When they entered the ring changed it was Fiona who drew all the eyes at first. Her curves, her flawless smooth skin slightly tanned, that little black sports bra looking like it had been spray painted onto her high racked boobs. The oh so sexy abs and tummy completely bare. Those thighs, the legs, just to die for. She looked just so incredibly hot in her Muay Thai gear. Tracy looked a bit taller and heavier, white skin, tattoos, short hair and a taut almost male looking body. Her eyes were fixed on Fiona's face. I heard the guys making noises for Fiona and Tracy's friends cheering her on from their places around the ring. I sat a little further back but had a good view of all the ring. The ref was a guy in his 40s maybe who looked like he'd been and done it all. He called them together. I noticed Fiona was blushing under everyone’s attention.

Round one of three. Tracy was surprisingly fast, and had soon got her hands on Fiona, pulling her head down with one arm. Clinching in boxing gets broken up, but in Muay Thai is used to allow you to work close in on your opponent. Tracy pulled Fiona against her and used her elbows on her. Then she used her knee into Fiona's thigh. She manhandled Fiona across the ring into her corner, where her supporters were standing, and sent a punch into Fiona's side. I saw Fiona screw her face up and try to guard, but Tracy had her measure and hit over the top into Fiona's face, snapping hit to the left. Wow this was a tough start. I was hoping Fiona would find an answer to the other girl's strength, but she didn't.

Tracy hit her again low, ploughing her fist into Fiona's gorgeous stomach. Usually you don't focus on body punching in Thai because of the risk of counters, but Tracy had Fiona where she wanted and looked like she was going to try and soften her up in this first round. Fiona melted back into the corner, face tilting up and eyes closing. Tracy hit her again, drawing back the fist slowly, then driving it into Fiona's gut. That gorgeous woman just opened her lips in a silent gasp, arms trying to find the ropes to steady herself. Tracy slowed her attack, waiting a moment, then moved forwards until her body met Fiona's, white belly on tanned tummy, and again she cocked her fist. Using her left forearm across Fiona's throat, Tracy fired in short hooked punches into Fiona's side, moving up the ribs until eventually her fist was smacking into Fiona's chest.

I Heard Fiona scream through her mouth guard and guessed that Tracy was working a breast over. She was, but at the scream she moved back to Fiona's belly, stepping back and lashing it with rights.

The ref was watching closely, and I fully expected him ether to break the girls or stop the fight even though we were only in round one. He moved to the side though, showing no desire to stop Tracy from continuing to work Fiona over.

Tracy had to pull Fiona up from her knees and reposition her in the corner with a little outside help from her second. The ref waved her on. Tracy pushed into Fiona her eyes ablaze, mauling her, using her knee to hammer into Fiona's sleek thigh, her sweaty body pressing against Fiona's curves. Again she used her elbow to work into Fiona's sports bra, grinding it into the oh so obvious hardened nipple. I'm sure that is illegal, but well, not absolutely sure. In the last half minute Tracy punched straight into the weakened breast with no qualms. Fiona quivered and cried out, her voice audible over the general background yells of support for Tracy.

Tracy half turned Fiona on the ropes and beat her big ham like fist hard into Fiona's pliant body, pounding my girls sculpted belly, and crushing those firm round breasts, punching the nipples hard into each quivering mound inside the flimsy sports bra.

I couldn't believe the ref was letting Fiona take so much punishment. Surely he should stop this. I looked at my watch.....just a few more seconds to survive. A couple of punches lashed full into Fiona's face right at the end of the round jolting her head back twice and starting a bleed from my girls upper lip.

Then the bell and Fiona was assisted back across the ring to her corner one hand to her mouth, tears in her eyes.

She had had enough it was obvious but the ref went over to her and said something to which she nodded. I think she would only have to fight again if she didn't complete this one. The bell went for round two.

Tracy walked quickly over to where Fiona had taken a defensive stance against the ropes. She moved in and pulling Fiona forwards used her knee to hammer up into the nipped in waist. Fiona gasped audibly, and was given no time to recover. Tracy hammered her elbow down into Fiona's neck sending the beauty to the mat. That move was illegal I learned afterwards. Tracy leaned down and dragged Fiona to a seated position next to the ropes, then fired her knee repeatedly into Fiona's pretty face, smashing it back into the ropes again and again. The blows looked brutal. Fiona head lolled to the side after Tracy stopped and there was more blood trickling down from her nose.

The ref went to look and helped pull Fiona back to her feet, laying her against the ropes. She shook her head and placed her slender arms along the rope to hold herself. the ref stood back and nodded to Tracy, who moved forwards working her shoulder muscles. The bigger girl drew back her fist, and drilled it into Fiona's left breast, spearing the nipple deep into the rubbery mound, and unbelievably tearing Fiona's bra top open in the process! Well not quite tearing it completely open, but enough to give everyone a good view of most of her left breast including the gorgeous looking dark brown nipple. I had never seen Fiona's breast before and felt very aroused now. Tracy laughed and swapped a knowing look with the ref, who casually waved her on. Fiona was soon crying out sexily as Tracy began to work over the contents of Fiona's half ripped bra top. Tracy curled right hooks directly into the bared curve of breast meat, smacking the breast into Fiona's ribcage. She aimed at the gorged nipple punching into it with rights. Again and again Tracy shook Fiona with a mix of rights to the nipple, leaving Fiona a sobbing mess half way through the round.

By now all Tracy's supporters were wanting blood. They made so much noise cheering Tracy on that I could barely hear Fiona's screams as the punches hammered into her gorgeous body. Fiona was beaten almost senseless in round two, taking an amount of kicks too, to the mid section and ribs mostly. She had to be hauled up by the referee on to occasions and splayed against the post. Tracy bounced from foot to foot punch after unopposed punch smashing home into Fiona's slick torso. Tracy used her knees again on the belly, hammering them home into the toned sexy flesh. Then again she targeted Fiona's chest, swinging punches into the quivering breast she had almost completely bared by now. A little more close in work with her elbows and short curling uppercuts and she succeeded in baring the breast completely. Even now the ref did not stop it. He took her to her corner when the bell rang, allowed her a minute to try and refocus, then set Tracy loose on her again for the final round. Unbelievably he let Fiona continue even though her left breast was completely bared, with the stubby dark nipple such an appetising target.

In the third round Tracy openly worked on the top, jerking and yanking it until by the end of the fight almost all of Fiona's right breast was visible too. The referee allowed Tracy to do whatever she wanted, so the bigger girl took her time breaking Fiona. She took each breast and worked it over right in front of the referee, making Fiona scream. So many punches struck those amazing rubbery firm mounds! Tracy beat Fiona's belly too, hammering her big fists into it, Fiona crying, tears streaming down her cheeks. Near the end Tracy sat across Fiona down on the mat in a totally illegal way, beating punches down into the beauty's belly, breasts and face until the final spark of consciousness was almost extinguished.

Then she hauled the near senseless and almost topless woman to her feet, and pushed her back against the post. I groaned when I realised that Tracy had not finished with Fiona yet. There was another minute to go. Tracy slowed right down, choosing her punches with care and waiting to watch the effect of them. One punch to the lower abs, the right fist tearing up into the curve of Fiona's lower abdomen. The next, a knee striking sweetly between Fiona's glistening thighs. Next cam a huge swinging right which crunched into Fiona's ribcage. This was followed by a left uppercut to the bared underside of Fiona's right breast. Tracy waited a few seconds as Fiona settled, then continued. The next was a right hook into the nipple of Fiona's bare left breast, compressing the full firm mound against that sleek ribcage and grinding into the helpless nipple. Tracy raised an arm in the air to salute her supporters who were all crowding round by now. I had to move closer to see what was happening, a sick feeling in my gut.

Tracy then slammed her fist hard into Fiona's taut belly, aiming at the navel. She liked that and spent a few seconds punching Fiona in the belly two fisted, before being tempted back up the torso to punch those two perfectly formed squidgy breasts. To the end, Tracy worked entirely on the near naked breasts, working the breast meat over again and again while poor Fiona passed out. Even then Tracy continued to pulverise Fiona's breasts as she hung senseless in the ropes, until at last the bell sounded.

Tracy raised both arms high and jumped around the ring in delight having won. Fiona slumped to the mat. In the melee that followed Fiona was dragged up, and with the referee departed and no more scheduled fights, Tracy's supporters and her second were able to continue the fight with the lovely Fiona. Clearly the most beautiful woman Tracy had ever had the chance to fight. She wasn't going to let her go so easily.

Fiona was supposed to be getting a lift back with a friend of hers who should have arrived by the end of the fight. In fact she was a little late. By the time she arrived Tracy's supporters were each having a go at mauling Fiona. They had brought her round by throwing water over her, so her wet body now looked even sexier as the tattooed shaven headed girls mauled her around in the ring. Fiona's friend was shocked to say the least, and pushed forwards to see them taking Fiona in a half nelson for their friends to punch. They had ripped away the remnants of Fiona's top by now, and had removed her shorts and protective gear, leaving her in a black thong. Caroline watched speechless as the girls now began to work Fiona over in the ring, kicks and punches thudding home into Fiona's amazing thong clad body.

Yu can probably guess that Caroline, almost Fiona's equal in beauty, was soon being stripped to her panties, and soon they were hammering the beautiful Caroline around the ring too.

My favourite move was after Caroline had been beaten senseless and lay on her back. Fiona was propped against the ropes. Then Tracy lifted Caroline by her legs and swung her topless body sideways so that it smacked wetly into the topless Fiona, belly and breasts slapping together. She used Caroline's bare torso to beat Fiona with, smacking the two women together. Caroline's full firm breasts smacked into Fiona's rubbery breast meat, their wet bellies slapped together too. Tracy then lay Fiona out and slapped Caroline down on top off her. She held Caroline and worked her up and down over Fiona's glistening body, embarrassing Caroline and Fiona, working one beauty up and down over the other beauty. Then she pressed Carolines breasts onto Fiona's and worked her roughly from side to side....both Caroline and Fiona gasping....unbelievably erotic.

Later when it was all calmer, I checked out Tracy and found that she was only 19 years old. She looked older. She had a track record of getting into trouble with the police for beating up women, almost always pretty ones, so she had taken up Thai boxing so that she could beat up women legally and even have her friends cheer her on. She looked out for the hot women from the posh side of town who boxed more as a fashion accessory than for the sport, and Fiona was the pinnacle of her achievements so far. So pretty, and such a beautiful body. Rubbery firm from all the gym work.

I talked to Fiona after the fight, not letting on that I had seen the after fight events. I knew she was having a rough time. Her partner had left her years before after the birth of her daughter when she was just 19. He had not been ready for the responsibility, and Fiona had not found anyone else since that she trusted. Her young daughter now boarded part time, and the school fees were crippling. It was a real struggle to make ends meet and to keep the mortgage being paid on her smart 4 bedroom house.

Fiona had been determined that having a child should not spoil her figure, and spent a lot of time in the gym honing her gorgeous model body. She looked better now in her late twenties than she had at 19.

She spent much of her time with her friend Caroline, herself a gym fanatic, married, but with a bit of a thing for Fiona. The two were close. Caroline would kiss Fiona full on the lips when meeting or leaving and Fiona would allow it with a smile. Fiona liked Caroline but had always stopped short of encouraging anything more than a flirtatious friendship.

Regarding the fight. Fiona had been offered and had accepted a sizeable payment to stay quiet about the fight with Tracy, and had been offered further payments to return to the church hall and put herself in the ring again. The money was too good to turn down. Caroline too had been offered money and had accepted it, mostly because of the thrill she had experienced at her close contact with Fiona. It gave me something over both women.

For Tracy the possibilities were intoxicating. She had loved fighting Fiona, but also liked the idea of fighting Caroline too. Or maybe a 2 on 2, with her and her friend fighting Fiona and Caroline.

Meanwhile I organised it for Caroline to go round to Fiona's for practice.