Grand Torino

By wolfboy

Claire makes her first title defence against an experienced Italian opponent.

Claire’s first defence was to come against an experienced Italian brunette with a bit of a reputation as an unconventional catfighter. The curvaceous Italian Lia Canetto held an edge in experience over Claire, she was also known to mix up her tactics a bit, using sexfighting to turn opponents on and distract them before punishing them more conventionally. As her manager, I’d done my best to talk Claire through what to expect as well as getting Debbie to talk to her also. I knew that she had struggled with similar tactics when they were employed by Kara Foster in one of her earlier matches. She had rallied to win that match though and I hoped that experience would serve her well in this match.

Fight day saw an expectant crowd gathered in the main fight room at the Smythe mansion for what would be the first lightweight title match to be held there. As the champion, by the time Claire made it to the ring, Lia had already been waiting for a couple of minutes. The Italian looked unphased by the whole thing though, patiently leaning against the ring ropes as the ring announcer began to make his introductions. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, tonight sees two firsts for the Smythe organisation. It is our first lightweight title defence and also the first officially sanctioned loser gets fucked match. At the end of the contest, one of these two young ladies will be on the receiving end of a strap-on in this very ring! So first of all, our challenger hails from Torino, Italy and she is Lia Canetto. Lia is 29 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 132lbs. Her measurements are 34E-25-37 and she has a catfighting record of 14 wins and 2 defeats.’

Lia stepped forward to acknowledge the crowd, but for the time being she kept her short, black kimono style gown in place as she returned to her corner. ‘And her opponent is the Smythe lightweight champion, Claire Voss’ the announcer continued. ‘Claire is 23 years old, 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 123lbs. Her measurements are 34DD-25-35 and she has 5 wins from 5 catfights.’ Claire stepped forward to take the applause of the crowd as she slipped off her gown to reveal her fight outfit; white sheer hold up stockings, white lace boy shorts and a white lace bra. At that point, her opponent Lia removed her kimono to reveal that her chosen fight outfit was impressively minimalist. The Italian simply wore a pair of black fishnet stockings and a black lace suspender belt but was otherwise naked. If Claire was thrown by that, she barely had time to show it before Lia challenged her ‘fight me naked Claire, this match is no holes barred after all. What do you say we make it that way from the start?’

Claire gave no verbal response, but she stepped out of her boy shorts as she unclasped the white bra and the crowd would be treated to the sight of two naked vixens battling it out for the title. With that, the bell rang and the match was underway, the two women trading long range punches before Lia took the early initiative driving Claire back to the corner post where a knee to the body slowed Claire for long enough for Lia to intertwine her right leg around Claire’s and as the two women ground their pussies together, Lia locked her lips around Claire’s right nipple, licking and sucking as her body held Claire against the corner post. It was a first experience of Lia’s unorthodox style for Claire who looked to fight against it but the Italian had her well held against the post. As Claire’s nipple started to stiffen from Lia’s constant attentions though, the Italian surprised her by biting down hard before a second knee lift to the stomach dropped Claire to her backside in the corner. A strike with the thigh to the face drove Claire back against the corner post again before the Italian went to her long jet black hair to bring Claire back to her feet.

Claire found herself whipped to the opposite corner, hitting hard against the corner post but maintaining the presence to sidestep Lia’s attempted follow up. The two women instantly came back together, Claire grabbing Lia’s brunette hair while Lia wrapped her arms around Claire’s waist in a loose bear hug. Lia’s tongue started to work on Claire’s nipple again, but this time Claire was able to control her head by pulling hard on her hair. Lia let out a moan of frustration and then fired a punch into Claire’s stomach that Claire took before firing back an elbow around the back of Lia’s neck dropping the Italian to a knee. Still using the hair to control Lia, Claire brought her back to her feet before looking to introduce the Italian’s face to her knee, but Lia was wise to the move, blocking it by catching Claire’s leg and as she swept away Claire’s standing leg, Claire crashed to the mat. Claire’s grip on Lia’s hair ensured the Italian came down with her, but it was a definite advantage to the Italian who held the top position as she straddled Claire’s stomach. Claire used the hair to bring Lia’s face into her breasts; Lia instantly went back to work on Claire’s nipples while she slowly worked her legs around Claire’s again, this time securing a grapevine. Claire moaned as the grapevine went on, shrieked as the Italian’s teeth sunk into her aroused nipple and just like that her grip on Lia’s hair was broken.

Continuing her apparent pain and pleasure theme, Lia forced Claire’s hands to the mat above her head before delivering a short head butt to Claire’s right breast and then her tongue once again weaved it’s magic around her right nipple. Claire was out of her element a little at this point, but managed to work a hand free to pull Lia’s face clear of her breasts by the hair but that earned her a stinging slap to the face in return while the Italian continued to work the grapevine in drawing pained protests from Claire. Lia meanwhile looked to shift position, managing to secure a cross pin on Claire. Claire’s right arm was trapped between the Italian’s thighs, though she was able to get her nails into Lia’s ass almost immediately. Unfortunately for Claire, Lia was able to find a target for her nails as the dug into her right breast inflicting further punishment on Claire’s aroused but pained body. Adding to Claire’s confusion, Lia shifted her head down towards her crotch, licking her body before sensuously whipping her hair against Claire’s exposed pussy. As Claire’s hips rose to the sensual attentions of Lia though, it was curtains for Claire as the Italian sunk in a crotch claw to add to her already effective breast claw and it only took a few seconds before Claire’s resistance was broken and she submitted to go 1-0 down in the best of 3 submissions contest.

The Italian brunette was in no mood for an instant break either, delivering a stinging chop to Claire’s breast and a short punch to her crotch as she climbed off her. It earned her a bit of a rebuke from the referee, but there was no scope in the rules for a disqualification and she knew it. It did mean that Claire was late back to the corner, giving me scant time to remind her that she needed to make it a fight if she could. As the bell rang for round 2 though, the onrushing Lia gave her little time for that as she caught Claire in her own corner, delivering a one-two to the body and then gracefully monkey flipped Claire to the mat. If it was graceful on Lia’s part, the landing from Claire could hardly be described in the same way as she hit hard, but at least retained enough of her senses to roll clear of any immediate follow up from the sexy brunette who was happy to bide her time for now. There was a brief exchange of long range attacks, the Italian’s height serving her well as she was able to redden Claire’s cheeks with some accurate slaps. She found herself well punished though as she ventured into range and Claire caught her with a couple of accurate kicks to the body. That backed the Italian up for long enough to allow Claire to get a grip of her brunette tresses, pulling her into a side headlock before hip throwing her down to the mat.

Claire lay on top of Lia working the headlock hard, but Lia was already probing for an opening. First she tried to latch fingers onto Claire’s breasts, a move that Claire put paid to with a vicious crank on the headlock. She was unable to stop Lia from sliding two fingers in to her pussy though and as the Italian started to work them rhythmically inside her, Claire was forced to break the headlock to get clear of her opponent’s effective fingers. Claire broke free, but Lia grabbed her ankle, tripping her face first to the mat and she was quickly on Claire, tying her legs up into a figure four before reaching for her long black hair, pulling on that to arch her back painfully. ‘Bitch’ Claire muttered under her breath, but she was also looking for her own way out and as Lia strayed into range, Claire struck hard with two elbows into her side. The Italian didn’t see the first one coming, and unable to block the second, she was stunned by the blows as she rolled off Claire. Clearly winded, Lia struggled to all fours only to find herself kicked in the side by Claire to add to her problems. As she got back to her knees again, Claire trapped her in a standing head scissor, allowing the Italian to stay on her knees as it presented her ribs as a perfect target for some heavy body punches as Claire pummeled her rib cage a number of times. The impact of knuckle on flesh drew some pained yelps from Lia before Claire quickly switched holds, tying the Italian up in a full nelson and rear body scissor with which she pulled Lia right back to the mats.

Now it was time for Claire to put her powerful thighs to good use as she snapped them tightly around Lia’s ribs. Adding a bit of hair pulling to her full nelson as well, Claire started to grind the Italian down with the scissor hold and was soon drawing a moan of pain from Lia each time she flexed her thighs. It still wasn’t quite enough to put the Italian away though, but when Claire switched her full nelson for a straight forward choke hold, it was soon the end of Lia’s resistance as she tapped the mat to signal her submission and after just over 10 minutes of action, the bout stood at 1-1.

Claire looked a bit more confident now as she reached the corner. She still wasn’t able to relax completely though as Lia was a very capable opponent, something I reminded her of before the final fall started. This fall started a little slower than the previous one had; Lia was not so keen to rush Claire as she had been at the start of round two while Claire also looked to pick her opening at first. Spotting a chance, Claire delivered two hard body blows, taking a stinging jab to the face in return though that rocked her back against the ropes. Lia saw that as her chance to attack, punishing Claire with a knee to the body and some slaps to both face and body as she reeled against the ropes. Claire clinched with Lia looking to tie the Italian up and that seemed to play into Lia’s hands again though as she slowly ground her thigh into Claire’s crotch while she continued to land the occasional short punch to the body. Claire groaned, possibly from a body shot or possibly from the more sensual attentions of the Italian, but she fought back again with a short head butt to the chest that forced Lia onto the back foot and Claire waist locked the Italian before lifting her to attempt an atomic drop. The Italian showed surprising speed though, jumping up and wrapping her arms around Claire’s head, she forced her to carry her full weight, at least until Claire plunged forward, driving the Italian into the mat and breaking the hold.

Taking advantage of her position, Claire delivered a fast knee strike to Lia’s crotch before grabbing her hair and bringing her back to her feet. A hair held throw sent Lia sprawling across the ring and as she made it back to a seated position, Claire caught her in the chest with a low drop kick. That bowled Lia backwards through the ropes and onto the floor, but Claire wasn’t in the mood to let up as she followed Lia through the ropes to grab her hair and throw her back into the ring. That didn’t go quite to plan as Lia planted her arms onto the ring apron before delivering an elbow to the pit of Claire’s stomach, and as Claire dropped to a knee, Lia climbed back into the ring under her own steam. Claire looked to follow her in, but as she ducked between the ropes, Lia was on her with a double handful of hair and knee lift to the breast followed by a big bodyslam to drop Claire in the centre of the ring.

Immediately, she looked to trap Claire in a reverse ‘69’ head scissor only for Claire to manage to block that as she forced the Italian’s legs into a tight figure four and then, Claire was able to wrap her legs around Lia in another tight body scissor. Claire’s thighs had the power to trouble the Italian, particularly as she rolled her onto her side and maintained the figure four. The Italian let out a cry of frustration as she was trapped but once again she found Claire’s crotch as a ready target, first chopping it hard with the edge of her hand before sliding her fingers into Claire’s pussy once again. It only took a few moments for that attack to break the resolve of Claire’s scissor hold, but Claire maintained her figure four and found her rivals crotch as a target as well, two short punches taking their toll on the Italian who broke off from her own, more sensual, crotch attack to try and break Claire’s. In doing so, Claire finally was able to secure a winning submission hold as maintaining the figure four, she grabbed her rivals hands and as she rolled Lia onto her belly, she secured a perfect surfboard hold. Sitting on the Italian’s legs, she wrenched her arms into a painful position, twisting the as she pulled Lia’s chest clear of the mat. The Italian was game, she had no intention of submitting easily, but she also had no way out and Claire knew it, biding her time and slowly, surely, increasing the pressure until the Italian admitted that she had had enough and submitted to give Claire her first successful title defence.

Claire rolled her opponent onto her back and said to her ‘wait there you little bitch, I’ve got something for you now’ as she returned to the corner to retrieve the strap-on she intended to use on her vanquished Italian foe.....