Sara and the bar maid
By wolfboy

Sara prepares for her Emma with an after-hours match against a German barmaid
The next match I got to see was Sara’s second ‘warm up’ match for the apparently inevitable rematch with Emma. Courtesy of Danny, Sara’s manager, I got through a DVD of the match that she had recently had in Hamburg, Germany along with a covering note that explained how the match had come about.
‘Steve, this one is Sara’s last match which was held last week in Hamburg. The set up looks a bit odd, but we were replying to an open challenge left on the internet by Sara’s opponent in the film. She’s a bar maid by the name of Heidi Kohler who holds her matches after hours in the bar where she works. Don’t be fooled by her outfit either, she just wrestles in her work barmaid outfit. She’s had a decent record of 10 wins and 3 defeats although Sara outweighed her a bit. Heidi is 5 feet 6 inches tall, 138 lbs and 36B-25-36. Anyway; enjoy the match; I look forward to seeing Emma’s next one soon. Danny’
Having read that, I knew that Sara had a 3 inch height advantage and about a 20lb weight advantage over Heidi. Still, I expected that the German girl must have something about her to be issuing open challenges, so as I put the DVD into play, I found myself expectant of an interesting fight. AS the picture faded up on the TV, I found myself looking at an empty bar where the furniture was moved slightly to one side and had been replaced by a decent sized wrestling mat surrounded by a carpeted area of the bat. Standing on one corner of the mat, I clearly recognised Sara, the American blonde looking stunning and confident in a glittering blue mini dress with matching 3 inch high heels. At the other corner of the mats was the unknown (to me at least) German red head who wore a traditional black bar maid pinafore dress over a white shirt and white tights. Topping off her look was a pair of black high heels.
Apparently both women had already discussed rules and neither felt the need for a referee as they were apparently the only two people left in the bar as the action quickly got under way. Neither woman bothered to kick off their shoes as they quickly closed on each other across the mats. Sara looked for the hair, looking to secure control of her German opponent, but Heidi was quick on her feet and she was able to evade Sara’s grasp instead landing a slap to her face. Sara smiled, then again looked to close in on Heidi only to fall victim to the same attack again as she felt Heidi’s hand crash into her face. This time Heidi looked to follow up with a headlock before she grasped Sara’s long blonde hair, looking to flip her to the mat only for Sara to deliver a hard forearm to her lower back which forced Heidi off her. Sara looked to close in on Heidi who had her back to the onrushing American, but it was Heidi who landed the first really telling blow of the fight as she caught Sara with a fast elbow to the chest that slowed Sara just long enough for the smaller woman to sweep her legs away and send her crashing to the mat.
Two fast elbow drops followed, the German sending the point of her elbow in to Sara’s chest again before securing a side headlock down on the mat as she rode her body across Sara. It was a brief advantage though as Sara grabbed a handful of red hair and was able to pull Heidi’s head between her thighs and into a head scissor. Sara clenched her thighs, putting her full power to use on the German as her dress rode up on to her hips to reveal a matching blue g string. The German was agile though, and despite Sara’s clear power advantage she was unable to prevent Heidi’s impressive use of a headstand to escape from the scissor hold. Quickly back on her feet, Heidi dropped another elbow on Sara who was still a little surprised by the head scissor escape. Following up on that elbow drop, Heidi straddled Sara, sitting high on her chest in a schoolgirl pin position as she asked Sara ‘aufgeben Schlampe?’
‘I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about bitch!’ Sara replied, ‘but I think the answers no’
‘It means give up bitch?’ Heidi explained in thickly accented English as she delivered a stinging slap to Sara’s face.
‘In that case, definitely no’ Sara responded as she was able to wrap her legs around the German woman to send her sprawling off her and to the mat. As if on an unseen signal, both women kicked off their shoes and I sensed that the speed of the match was about to pick up as Sara rushed Heidi, taking her to the mat in an untidy sprawl before putting her nails to good use to shred Heidi’s white tights a little. Heidi flailed away with a couple of ineffective body punched before Sara replied with a much more solid one right to the pit of the stomach that seemed to take the wind right out of the German’s sails. Sara clearly though so, pulling Heidi to her feet with a double handful of hair only for the German to knock her hands away from her hair, step back and deliver a lightning fast drop kick that caught Sara flush in the chest. Sara crashed to the mat as her heaving 38DD breasts were forced clear of her dress by the impact of the drop kick. Sara quickly rolled to all fours but Heidi was on her, straddling her back as she looked to force Sara flat to the mat on her stomach and into a camel clutch. Heidi hadn’t banked on Sara’s impressive strength though and she soon found herself clinging on to the American’s neck as Sara got to her fee before plunging backwards to the mat delivering a powerful, debilitating slam to her German opponent.
Heidi had appeared winded before, but now she clearly was as Sara took the time to adjust her outfit, covering her breasts with her dress once more before setting about the German. Heidi was hauled unceremoniously to her feet before Sara whipped her cruelly into the bat that was some 6 feet away from the edge of the mats. The solid wood of the bar caught Heidi across the back before Sara’s fist ploughed into her stomach to leave the German propped up against the bar she normally worked behind. Sara took that opportunity to relive the German of her dress, wrenching down on the shoulder straps to rip the buttons off it before allowing it to fall, bunched up, and Heidi’s feet. A slap to the face from Sara returned Heidi to her senses but she was unable to stop Sara from grabbing a handful of hair before throwing her back to the mats. Heidi started to crawl, perhaps looking to put some distance between her and her American foe as Sara slowly stalked her across the mat before delivering a hard knee to the side of the German redhead. That sent Heidi sprawling on her front to the mat and Sara immediately straddled her back before using a handful of hair to lift her chest and head clear of the mat. I thought Sara might wrap an arm around the German’s throat to look for the submission but apparently Sara wasn’t yet looking to put her away.
Instead, she used her free hand to rip away the white shirt of the German woman to expose her pert B cup breasts before cruelly pinching both nipples between her thumb and forefinger. That drew a cry of pain from the flame-haired fraulein, but Sara was unable to hold her in that position for long and had to allow her to fall back, chest first to the mat. That did give Sara the chance to completely remove Heidi’s shirt now though and with less than ten minutes gone in the match, the German found herself stripped down to just a pair of white opaque tights that were already a little shredded around the thighs. A cruel nail rake down the back from Sara caused another shriek of pain from Heidi before Sara pulled her back to her feet, slipped a hand between her thighs and lifted her effortlessly to deliver a body slam, dumping her to the mat hard.
Sara was looking confident now, but she was perhaps guilty of a little overconfidence as she hovered over Heidi and got herself caught with a sharp punch to the body. Sara moved out of range but then as she came back in, Heidi caught her to the body again before getting to her feet and forcing Sara back behind a fast flurry of slaps and punches which Sara fended off as she gave ground. As Sara’s back touched the wood of the bar, she responded, a straight kick to the stomach doubling Heidi over before a knee lift to the chest put the German on her back in the carpeted area of the bar. Sara grabbed a handful of hair, using it to drag Heidi back towards the mat, the German woman scrambling to get her feet under her as she desperately looked to avoid some painful carpet burns. Back on the mat, Sara brought Heidi back to her feet before delivering a straight knee lift to her crotch. The German’s legs buckled as her mouth went wide in surprise from the impact of that move; Sara’s grip on her hair kept her upright though and enabled Sara to lift her clear of the mat in a crunching bear hug.
The German again cried out in pain as Sara said to her to her ‘I learnt a little bit of German especially for tonight Heidi; beduetet es schlampe verletzt?’
‘Fuck off!’ came the accented reply from the German woman who looked to be in big trouble now, but she resourcefully found herself a way out as she tried to deliver a nasty eye rake to Sara who reeled clear of the attempt but was forced to drop the German woman to the mat as she did so. That move clearly pissed Sara off as she delivered a hard running knee to the chest of the kneeling German fighter to bowl her to the mat, That move really looked to have taken the fight out of Heidi now, but Sara wasn’t ready to let up on her just yet as she delivered a second body slam. Spreading Heidi’s legs as she got back to her feet, Sara positioned herself carefully before delivering a pinpoint accurate falling head butt to the German woman’s crotch as she let out a pained cry of ‘Neinnn!!’
Sara clearly liked the results of that move as she climbed straight back to her feet to repeat the dose, once again drawing howls of pain from the German. Sara immediately removed her opponent’s tights to leave the German completely naked and clearly on the verge of defeat as Sara straddled her, sliding down her stomach and entwining her legs with her opponent’s, slowly spreading them wide in a grapevine as she pushed Heidi’s hands to the mat above her head. I think the grapevine alone might have got the job done to be honest given the increasingly pained cries that Heidi was making, but Sara had one last move in mind as she eased the shoulder straps of her own dress down for reveal her own breasts before plunging forward to engulf the German woman’s face in her favoured breast smother.
I’m pretty sure Emma could have attested to the effectiveness of the smother move from Sara. It looked to me like Heidi was pretty quickly going to be able to do the same as Sara controlled her head with a double handful of hair forcing the full effect of the smother on to her nose and mouth. With her hands free, it was Heidi’s last attempt to get back into the match as she looked to force Sara off her by pulling on her hair. That was ineffective though and quickly Heidi was tapping the mat to signal her submission in what was evidently a one submission match as Sara kept the smother on her German opponent for just a few more seconds to make sure she knew who the boss was. Then Sara climbed off her, adjusted her dress once more, and after retrieving her shoes from where she had kicked them off she strode out of the bar without casting a glance back at her beaten opponent.
It gave me food for thought again ahead of Emma’s inevitable rematch with Sara. Once again the American had looked in good form against an admittedly unknown quantity of an opponent. I knew that Emma was going to need to be right on her very best form if she was going to beat the American again.